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Natural Sciences Repository Index 237

Index 237 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Wear tolerance, shoot performance, and spectral reflectance of seashore paspalum and bermudagrass

Weather and management impact on crop yield variability in rotations

Weather associated with autumn and winter migrations of rice pests and other insects in south-eastern and eastern Asia

Weather variables associated with infection of tomato fruit by Colletotrichum coccodes

Weathering losses of forage species on the fescue grassland in southwestern Alberta

Websdanea, a new genus of smut fungi

Weed community and species response to crop rotation, tillage, and nitrogen fertility

Weed control in Aloysia polystachya with pre and post emergence herbicides

Weed control in navy bean in reduced tillage systems

Weed control in ramie

Weed control in soybean (Glycine max) with imazamox and imazethapyr

Weed control with atrazine and chlorsulfuron is determined by herbicide availability and persistence in soils

Weed control with reduced rates of imazaquin and imazethapyr in no-till narrow-row soybean (Glycine max)

Weed detection in lawn field based on gray-scale uniformity

Weed ecology and ethics

Weed flora and the relative importance of site, crop, crop rotation, and nitrogen

Weed flora of cereal crops in Canterbury, New Zealand

Weed flora of rice fields in Orissa

Weed hosts of the sugarcane root rot pathogen, Pythium arrhenomanes

Weed infestations in wheat cropping systems as affected by crop residues and their management practices

Weed invasion in new stands of alfalfa seeded with perennial forage grasses and an oat companion crop

Weed invasion of the tropical Mackay coast, Queensland, Australia

Weed management in glyphosate-tolerant cotton

Weed management in northeast China

Weed management in wide- and narrow-row glyphosate resistant soybean

Weed management studies in transplanted lowland rice ecosystem

Weed occurrence and its control in wet-seeded rice

Weed population and crop yield response to recommendations from a weed control decision aid

Weed seedbank estimation, spatial distribution, decline and potential for predicting future weed populations

Weed seedbank response to crop rotation and tillage in semiarid agroecosystems

Weed species diversity in spring barley varies with crop rotation and tillage, but not with nutrient source

Weed suppression by Medicago sativa in subsequent cereal crops: a comparative survey

Weekly aeropollen concentration in Palencia city, 1990-92

Weevil physiology controls the feeding rates of Pissodes strobi on Picea sitchensis

Weight and carcass gain, feed intake, and feed conversion in bovines and buffaloes slaughtered at two stages of maturity

Weight change and fractures in older women

Weight history, glucose intolerance, and insulin levels in middle-aged Swedish men

Weight loss as a predictor of survival and disease progression in HIV infection

Weight satisfaction and dieting practices among college males in Taiwan

Weight, nutrition, lifestyle factors and risk for osteoporosis

Weight-independent cardiovascular fitness and coronary risk factors

Weight-related issues among overweight adolescents: what are health care providers doing?

Weighted means are unnecessary in cultivar performance trials

Welfare of food restricted male and female turkeys

Well-done meat intake and the risk of breast cancer

West Java soybean and vegetable production efficiency

Western Australian fly ash on sandy soils for clover production

Western US streamflow and atmospheric circulation patterns during El Nino-Southern Oscillation

Western blot and immunofluorescence analysis of a human isolate of Encephalitozoon cuniculi established in culture from the urine of a patient with AIDS

Western blot detection of infectious bursal disease virus infection

Western blotting for ginseng saponins, ginsenosides using anti-ginsenoside Rb1 monoclonal antibody

Wet litter and perches as risk factors for the development of foot pad dermatitis in floor-housed hens

Wet-milling characteristics of selected yellow dent corn hybrids as influenced by storage conditions

Wetland classification using optical and radar data and neural network classification

Wetland faunal survey of Sone Gharial Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh

Wetness conditions and redoximorphic features in a microtoposequence on the Texas Coast Prairie

What are the livestock industries doing, and what do they need from us?

What determines fitness when dispersal is limited?

What do physicians know about cryptosporidiosis? A survey of Connecticut physicians

What every author and reviewer should know about the publication process in the Journal of Nematology

What exactly is Trichoderma harzianum?

What is actually happening in agro-food biotechnology?

What is the pharmaceutical industry doing, and what does the pharmaceutical industry want from animal science departments?

What it takes to be a reservoir host

What resources are available to desert granivores: seed rain or soil seed bank?

What satellite imagery and large-scale field studies can tell about biodiversity patterns in Amazonian forests

What should we think of the ecological risks associated with transgenic plants expressing viral genes?

What's so special about figs?

Wheat DNA polymerase CI: a homologue of rat DNA polymerase beta

Wheat MADS box genes, a multigene family dispersed throughout the genome

Wheat anther culture as affected by various cultural changes and supplements

Wheat bran diet reduces tumor incidence in a rat model of colon cancer independent of effects on distal luminal butyrate concentrations

Wheat chloroplastic glutathione reductase activity is regulated by the combined effect of pH, NADPH and GSSG

Wheat coleoptile and root growth and seedling survival after dehydration and rehydration

Wheat cultivar susceptibility to grain damage by the New Zealand wheat bug, Nysius huttoni, and cultivar susceptibility to the effects of bug proteinase on baking quality

Wheat cytoplasmic arginine tRNA isoacceptor with a U*CG anticodon is an efficient UGA suppressor in vitro

Wheat genes encoding two types of PR-1 proteins are pathogen inducible, but do not respond to activators of systemic acquired resistance

Wheat gluten meal inhibits germination and growth of broadleaf and grassy weeds

Wheat grain hardness among chromosome 5D homozygous recombinant substitution lines using different methods of measurement

Wheat grain yield and soil profile water distribution in a no-till arid environment

Wheat leaf rust severity as affected by plant density and species proportion in simple communities of wheat and wild oats

Wheat moisture determination by 1- to 110-MHz swept-frequency admittance measurements

Wheat response to alternative crops on a duplex soil

Wheat rusts and the costs of genetic diversity in the Punjab of Pakistan

Wheat straw and cellulolytic fungi application increases nodulation, nodule efficiency and growth of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graceum L.) grown in saline soil

Wheat straw cover for reducing ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions from dairy manure storage

Wheat straw placement effects on total phenolic compounds in soil and corn seedling growth

Wheat yield loss in response to Italian ryegrass in diverse environments

Wheat yield progress associated with higher stomatal conductance and photosynthetic rate, and cooler canopies

Wheat yields, nitrogen uptake, and soil moisture following winter legume cover crop vs. fallow

Wheat: a new natural host for the Mal de Rio Cuarto virus in the endemic disease area, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba Province, Argentina

When an eating disorder isn't just an eating disorder

When does the spatial pattern of weeds matter? Predictions from neighborhood models

When host choice is a problem for a generalist herbivore: experiments with the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci

When rhetoric hits reality in debate on bioprospecting

When science and politics listen to each other: good prospects from a new school breakfast program in Peru

When to leave the brood chamber? Routes of dispersal in mites associated with burying beetles

Where do we go from here? The challenges of risk assessment for invasive plants

Where malaria is caught in Zimbabwe

Whey protein concentrate treated with heat or high hydrostatic pressure in wheat-based products

Whey protein/casein ratio and nonprotein nitrogen in preterm human milk during the first 10 days postpartum

Whey proteins eluted in reversed phase gradients

White alder forests in European Russia

White and wholemeal flours from wheats of low and higher apparent metabolizable energy differ in their nutritional effects in rats

White anther: a petunia mutant that abolishes pollen flavonol accumulation, induces male sterility, and is complemented by a chalcone synthase transgene

White ash decline hazard assessment and management strategies in Massachusetts stands

White clover clone response to alternative defoliation methods

White clover response to a water-application gradient

White lupin growth, yield, and yield components in eastern Canada: influence of management factors

White root rot of Prunus serrulata caused by Dematophora necatrix

White-tailed deer browse preferences in a southern bottomland hardwood forest

White-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, capture techniques in yarding and non-yarding populations in New Brunswick

Whole blood chloroquine concentrations with Plasmodium vivax infection in Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Whole body and splanchnic metabolic, circulatory, and thermal effects of oral vs. intravenous fat administration

Whole body bone mineral accretion in healthy children and adolescents

Whole body composition of rats determined by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry is correlated with chemical analysis

Whole body fat oxidation is related to in situ adipose tissue lipolytic response to isoproterenol in males

Whole body, adipose tissue, and forearm norepinephrine kinetics in lean and obese women

Whole catchment studies on nitrogen cycling: nitrogen from mountains to fjords

Whole genome scan in chickens for quantitative trait loci affecting carcass traits

Whole genome scan in chickens for quantitative trait loci affecting growth and feed efficiency

Whole leaf thermoluminescence as a prospective tool for monitoring intraspecific cold tolerance in crop species

Whole-bag (water) method for determining water vapor transmission rate of polyethylene films

Whole-blood test for total cholesterol by a self-metering, self-timing disposable device with built-in quality control

Whole-body protein kinetics in marasmus and kwashiorkor during acute infection

Whole-body protein turnover and resting energy expenditure in obese, prepubertal children

Whole-body protein turnover in the healthy elderly

Whole-body vibration of tractor drivers during harrowing

Whole-body, peripheral and intestinal endogenous acetate turnover in dogs using stable isotopes

Whole-egg diet delays the age-related impaired glucose tolerance of BHE/Cdb rats

Whole-plant hydraulic resistance and vulnerability segmentation in Acer saccharinum

Whole-plant water flux in understory red maple exposed to altered precipitation regimes

Whole-season grass response to and recovery of nitrogen applied at various rates and distributions in a high rainfall environment

Wholewheat flour ensures higher mineral absorption and bioavailability than white wheat flour in rats

Why Africa needs agricultural biotech

Why Canny's theory doesn't hold water

Why are there no insects in the open sea?

Why be a honeyless honey mesquite? Reproduction and mating system of nectarful and nectarless individuals

Why do early-emerging tree seedlings have survival advantages?: a test using Acer rubrum (Aceraceae)

Why do mayflies lay their eggs en masse on dry asphalt roads? Water-imitating polarized light reflected from asphalt attracts Ephemeroptera

Why do pathogens carry avirulence genes?

Why does the flower of Lonicera japonica open at dusk?

Why fungal growth is less effective in aspen heartwood than in aspen sapwood

Why has breeding for water use efficiency not been successful? An analysis and alternate approach to exploit this trait for crop improvement

Why is chronic Lyme borreliosis chronic?

Why is it that antimalarial drug treatments do not always work?

Wickerhamiella australiensis, Wickerhamiella cacticola, Wickerhamiella occidentalis, Candida drosophilae and Candida lipophila, five new related yeast species from flowers and associated insects

Widespread occurrence of rhizomania-like disease of sugarbeet in Fars

Widespread occurrence of the bark canker of walnut trees in Mazandaran Province

Wild oat (Avena fatua) seed production in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare) is affected by the interaction of wild oat density and herbicide rate

Wild okra control with bromoxynil and pyrithiobac

Wild ungulate influences on the recovery of willows, black cottonwood and thin-leaf alder following cessation of cattle grazing in northeastern Oregon

Wildlife benefits of the Conservation Reserve Program in Ohio

Wildlife responses to thinning red pine

Wildlife rodents from different habitats as a reservoir for Cryptosporidium parvum

Will biotechnology provide food security tomorrow?

Will climate change affect the optimal choice of Pinus sylvestris provenances?

Will the toad croak? An endangered species decision case

Wilt and root diseases of Asclepias tuberosa L

Wilting effect on fermentation characteristics and nutritive value of mountain permanent meadow grass silage

Wind barriers suppress fugitive dust and soil-derived airborne particles in arid regions

Wind erosion control within Niger

Wind erosion effects on nutrient redistribution and soil productivity

Wind erosion evaluation by digital image processing

Wind speed above and within sunflower stalks varying in height and population

Wind tunnel for spray drift studies

Wind-acclimated thallus morphogenesis in a lichen (Evernia prunastri, Parmeliaceae) probably favored by grazing disturbances

Windthrow in a tropical savanna in Kakadu National Park, northern Australia

Wine intake and diet in a random sample of 48763 Danish men and women

Wine, beer and spirits consumption and cardiovascular diseases

Wing development in parasitized male and female Sitobion fragariae

Winter cold hardiness and supercooling of Metzneria paucipunctella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), a moth introduced for biological control of spotted knapweed

Winter conditioning of third instars of the gall fly Eurosta solidaginis (Diptera: Tephritidae) from western Pennsylvania

Winter cover crops and nitrogen management in sweet corn and broccoli rotations

Winter ecology of bald eagles in the Nisqually River drainage, Washington

Winter greenhouse strawberry production using conditioned plug plants

Winter habitat use of American martens Martes americana within second-growth forest in Ontario, Canada

Winter hardiness and plant vigor of 24 strawberry cultivars grown in Denmark

Winter mortality of common loons in Florida coastal waters

Winter mortality of gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) eggs in Michigan

Winter movements and habitat use by greater snow geese

Winter ornithofauna of the town of Nizhin

Winter rye cover crop following soybean under conservation tillage: residual soil nitrate

Winter survival of transgenic alfalfa overexpressing superoxide dismutase

Winter wheat and proso millet yield reduction due to sunflower in rotation

Winter wheat leaf photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, and leaf nitrogen concentration during reproductive development

Winter wheat responses to bird cherry-oat aphids and barley yellow dwarf virus infection

Winter wheat seedling emergence from deep sowing depths

Winter wheat weed community in the Kosmaj region

Winter wheat yield depression from legume green fallow

Winterhardiness and artificial frost tolerance of white clover ecotypes and selected breeding lines

Wireworm (Coleoptera: Elateridae) incidence and diversity in Iowa conservation reserve environments

With the correct concept of mutation rate, cluster mutations can explain the overdispersed molecular clock

Within plot variability in available soil mineral nitrogen in relation to leaf greenness and yield

Within- and among-individual variation in fluctuating asymmetry of leaves in the fig (Ficus carica L.)

Within- and between-individual variation in energy and macronutrients intake by elderly women in Mexico

Within-host interactions of Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) nucleopolyhedrosis virus and Entomophaga maimaiga (Zygomycetes: Entomophthorales)

Within-host transmission strategies of transovarial, feminizing parasites of Gammarus duebeni

Within-panel variability and selected property relationships of particleboard from single- and mixed-species processes

Within-population genetic diversity of Taraxacum officinale (Asteraceae): differential genotype response and effect on interspecific competition

Within-ring delta 13C spatial variability and interannual variations in wood cellulose of two contrasting provenances of Pinus pinaster

Within-stem variation in tropolone content and decay resistance of second-growth western redcedar

Wnt pathway components orient a mitotic spindle in the early Caenorhabditis elegans embryo without requiring gene transcription in the responding cell

Wnt signaling: a common theme in animal development

Wolbachia as a possible means of driving genes into populations

Wolbachia infections and arthropod reproduction

Wolbachia transfer from Drosophila melanogaster into D. simulans: host effect and cytoplasmic incompatibility relationships

Wolf and dog depredation on livestock in central Italy

Women with recurrent vaginal candidosis have normal peripheral blood B and T lymphocyte subset levels

Wood anatomy of Calyceraceae with reference to ecology, habit, and systematic relationships

Wood anatomy of Resedaceae

Wood anatomy of twelve species with potential for reintroduction on Round Island, Mauritius

Wood ash effects on enchytraeid and earthworm abundance and enchytraeid cadmium content

Wood ash to counteract potential phosphorus and potassium limitations in a Norway spruce forest subjected to air pollution

Wood duck brood movements and habitat use on prairie rivers in South Dakota

Wood failure in plywood shear samples measured with image analysis

Wood fiber derived from scrap pallets used in polypropylene composites

Wood pellets in the Swedish residential market

Wood products investments in Mexico: availability of venture capital

Wood quality of eighteen year old Cupressus lusitanica from Maharashtra

Wood structure of biotically and climatically induced light rings in eastern larch (Larix laricina)

Woodland caribou relative to landscape patterns in northeastern Alberta

Woodwaste biomass cofiring with high sulphur coal for power generation in Kentucky: a case study

Woody communities on cleared wooded areas in northeastern Germany

Woody plant recruitment under canopies of two acacias in a southwestern Texas shrubland

Woody residue management to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus leaching from sandy soil after clear-felling Pinus radiata plantations

Woody species composition of temperate forests along an elevational gradient in Indian Central Himalaya

Woody vegetation survey of Sibley Burr Oak Grove nature preserve, Ford County, Illinois

Wool and liveweight responses to nutrition by Merino sheep genetically selected for high or low staple strength

Wool growth and fibre diameter changes in young Merino sheep genetically different in staple strength and fed different levels of nutrition

Woolly cupgrass management in sethoxydim-resistant corn

Worker honeybee hemolymph lipid composition and synodic lunar cycle periodicities

Worker reproduction and social hierarchies in Leptothorax ants

Workers of Apis cerana reproduce during short periods of queenlessness

Working with canine chromosomes: current recommendations for karyotype description

World food security: the role of postharvest technology

Worm recovery and precipitin antibody response in guinea pigs and rats infected with Clonorchis sinensis

Worming secrets from the C. elegans genome

Wound reactions in the rhizome of Phyllostachys edulis

Wound signaling in tomato plants. Evidence that ABA is not a primary signal for defense gene activation

Wound-released chemical signals may elicit multiple responses from an Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain containing an octopine-type Ti plasmid

Wounding-induced cell wall pH shifts in coleoptile segments of various Poaceae

Wrinkled1: a novel, low-seed-oil mutant of Arabidopsis with a deficiency in the seed-specific regulation of carbohydrate metabolism

X chromosome heterochromatic pattern and nucleolar synthesis in pupal ovaries of Aedes aegypti

X-linked ectodermal dysplasia in the dog

X-ray CT imaging and quality detection of peach at different physiological maturity

X-ray energy spectra analysis of lanthanum in tissue cells of different parts of wheat plant

X-ray microscopic visualization of specific labeling of adhesive molecule CD36 and cytoadherence by Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of lignocellulosic materials treated with maleated polypropylenes

X-ray single-crystal structure of 2(S),4(R)-4-hydroxyarginine from Lens culinaris seeds

Xa21D encodes a receptor-like molecule with a leucine-rich repeat domain that determines race-specific recognition and is subject to adaptive evolution

Xanthan production by Xanthomonas campestris in a whey-based medium

Xanthanolides and xanthane epoxide derivatives from Xanthium strumarium

Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris gum mutants: effects on xanthan biosynthesis and plant virulence

Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris requires a functional pigB for epiphytic survival and host infection

Xanthomonas translucens from small grains: diversity and phytopathological relevance

Xanthones with antimalarial activity from Garcinia dulcis

Xanthophyll cycle enzymes are members of the lipocalin family, the first identified from plants

Xanthophyll cycle pigment localization and dynamics during exposure to low temperatures and light stress in Vinca major

Xanthurenic acid induces gametogenesis in Plasmodium, the malaria parasite

Xenobiotic tolerance of primary cultured hepatocytes in rats fed a high-fat or high-protein diet

Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus spp.: bugs that kill bugs

Xeromesomorphic soils in the northeast of Asia

Xylem colonization by an HrcV- mutant of Ralstonia solanacearum is a key factor for the efficient biological control of tomato bacterial wilt

Xylem feeding by spittlebug nymphs: some observations by optical and cryo-scanning electron microscopy

Xylem flow rate differences are associated with genetic variation in snap bean pod calcium concentration

Xylem hydraulic characteristics, water relations and wood anatomy of the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolius Welw

Xylem transfer of organic solutes in Santalum album L. (Indian sandalwood) in association with legume and non-legume hosts

Xyloglucan octasaccharide XXLGol derived from the seeds of Hymenaea courbaril acts as a signaling molecule

Xyloglucan-derived oligosaccharides induce ethylene synthesis in persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) fruit

Xylophilous basidiomycetes from Altaj state reserve

Xylotomic investigations of coniferous woods from Pakistan

Xylotomy of two endemic Senecio species from Kenya

Y chromosome specific markers and the evolution of dioecy in the genus Silene

Y chromosome variation of mice and men

Y-chromosome polymorphism in species B and C of Anopheles culicifacies complex

Yarding cost for the Koller K300 cable yarder: results from field trials and simulations

Year effects on the carcass composition of lambs slaughtered over a 10 year period

Yearly household record of food from the forest for home consumption by rural villagers in north-east Thailand

Yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae producing fructose from inulin

Yeast treatment to reduce Salmonella and Campylobacter populations associated with broiler chickens subjected to transport stress

Yellow (Cyperus esculentus) and purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus) are not injured by increasing root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) population density

Yellow eye color mutant in Trichoplusia ni (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Yersinia pestis are more resistant to bactericidal cationic peptides than Yersinia enterocolitica

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Yersinia pestis show increased outer membrane permeability to hydrophobic agents which correlates with lipopolysaccharide acyl-chain fluidity

Yersiniabactin from Yersinia pestis: biochemical characterization of the siderophore and its role in iron transport and regulation

Yield and N uptake of barley on two artificially eroded soils in north-central Alberta

Yield and financial losses associated with a jack pine budworm outbreak in Michigan and the implications for management

Yield and fruit quality of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in response to bioregulators

Yield and grain quality of plump-kernelled spring triticale windrowed at different kernel water concentrations

Yield and green-manure benefits of interseeded legumes in a high desert environment

Yield and nitrogen content of corn under different tillage practices

Yield and nutritive value of three fodder legume species as influenced by the frequency of defoliation

Yield and partitioning in crops of contrasting cultivars of winter wheat in response to CO2 and temperature in field studies using temperature gradient tunnels

Yield and petiole nitrate concentrations of cotton treated with soil-applied and foliar-applied nitrogen

Yield and phosphorus efficiency of some lowland rice varieties at different levels of soil-available phosphorus

Yield and protein responses to nitrogen, and nitrogen fertiliser requirements of grain sorghum, in relation to soil nitrate levels

Yield and quality of some fodder catch crops in Dolenjska

Yield and quality of soymilk and tofu made from soybean genotypes grown at four locations

Yield and quality of the menthol crystals and dementholated oil recovered from the essential oils of the Mentha arvensis cultivars Shivalik and Himalaya

Yield and quality of various varieties of oat fodder

Yield and quality parameters of irrigated groundnut as influenced by sources of phosphate, FYM and phosphate solubilizing microorganisms

Yield and quality response of muskmelon to simulated storm damage

Yield and risk utilizing short-season soybean production in the mid-southern USA

Yield and seed quality of soybean cultivars infected with Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Yield and yield components of corn interseeded with cover crops

Yield attributes of barley as influenced by nitrogen, zinc sulphate and their correlation and regression with yield

Yield distributions of spaced plants within Pensacola bahiagrass populations developed by recurrent restricted phenotypic selection

Yield formation in Brussels sprouts

Yield improvement in a multistage breeding program for cassava

Yield loss assessment of barley yellow dwarf disease on spring oat in Illinois

Yield loss caused by bacterial streak in winter wheat

Yield losses in maturing spring wheat caused by cereal aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) under laboratory conditions

Yield losses of white cabbage caused by competition with clovers grown as cover crop

Yield of banana grown with supplemental drip-irrigation on an ultisol

Yield of kenaf grown on two soils at two locations in Florida

Yield of leaves and oil of Tagetes erecta as affected by salinity and growth regulators

Yield performance and selected nutritional characteristics of Chinese cabbage genotypes

Yield response and biological control of Meloidogyne incognita on lettuce and tomato with rhizobacteria

Yield response and sustenance of soil fertility in a rice based cropping sequence under integrated plant nutrition system

Yield response of narrow-leafed lupin plants to variations in pod number

Yield responses of corn to simulated black cutworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) damage

Yield results of four years of crop rotation in the eastern Free State

Yield trends and apparent nutrient balances in intensified and diversified rice-based cropping systems

Yield, N uptake, and apparent N-use efficiency of winter wheat and winter barley grown in different cropping systems

Yield, biological activity, and field performance of a wild-type Helicoverpa nucleopolyhedrovirus produced in H. zea cell cultures

Yield, carbon isotope discrimination, canopy reflectance and cuticular conductance of barley isolines of differing glaucousness

Yield, dry matter production and nutrient uptake by hybrid sorghum as influenced by split application of nutrients

Yield, flowering, and leaf area index of okra-leaf and normal-leaf cotton isolines

Yield, quality and stress tolerance of barley mixtures in central Alberta

Yields and chemical components of essential oils in Eucalyptus urophylla leaves

Yields of maize and sunflower in relation to sowing time and rainfall distribution under three cropping systems in a semi-arid region of Zimbabwe

Yields of millet between shelterbelts in semi-arid northern Nigeria, with a traditional and a scientific method of determining sowing date, and at two levels of organic manuring

Yields, weeds, pests and soil nitrogen in a white cabbage-living mulch system

YopD of Yersinia pestis plays a role in negative regulation of the low-calcium response in addition to its role in translocation of Yops

YscB of Yersinia pestis functions as a specific chaperone for YopN

YscO of Yersinia pestis is a mobile core component of the Yop secretion system

YscP of Yersinia pestis is a secreted component of the Yop secretion system

ZOO-FISH and R-banding reveal extensive conservation of human chromosome regions in euchromatic regions of river buffalo chromosomes

Zebrafish organizer development and germ-layer formation require nodal-related signals

Zeranol is formed from Fusarium spp. toxins in cattle in vivo

Zero control reference materials for infant formula methods development

Zero-excess manure management in dairy through optimum rations

Zidovudine pharmacokinetics in premature infants exposed to human immunodeficiency virus

Zidovudine-resistant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 strains subcultured in the presence of both lamivudine and quinoxaline HBY 097 retain marked sensitivity to HBY 097 but not to lamivudine

Zinc absorption, mineral balance, and blood lipids in women consuming controlled lactoovovegetarian and omnivorous diets for 8 wk

Zinc adsorption characteristics of selected calcareous soils of Iran and their relationship with soil properties

Zinc adsorption in soils as influenced by different soil management practices

Zinc and cadmium effects on the early stages of nodulation in white clover

Zinc and copper status in urban Thai pregnant women and their pregnancy outcome

Zinc and immune function: the biological basis of altered resistance to infection

Zinc and micronutrient supplements for children

Zinc deficiency affects the levels of endogenous gibberellins in Zea mays L

Zinc deficiency and child development

Zinc deficiency changes preferred macronutrient intake in subpopulations of Sprague-Dawley outbred rats and reduces hepatic pyruvate kinase gene expression

Zinc deficiency decreases plasma level and hepatic mRNA abundance of apolipoprotein A-I in rats and hamsters

Zinc deprivation of murine 3T3 cells by use of diethylenetrinitrilopentaacetate impairs DNA synthesis upon stimulation with insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I)

Zinc desorption kinetics as influenced by pH and phosphorus in soils

Zinc levels in the Nigerian full-time newborn from birth to six months

Zinc metabolism and requirement in Chinese preschool children consuming different diets

Zinc metabolism in patients with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Zinc nutrition and levels of endogenous indole-3-acetic acid in radish shoots

Zinc repletion with organic or inorganic forms of zinc and protein turnover in marginally zinc-deficient calves

Zinc speciation in phosphate-affected soils

Zinc status is not adversely affected by folic acid supplementation and zinc intake does not impair folate utilization in human subjects

Zinc status relates to hematological deficits in middle-aged women

Zinc supplementation during lactation

Zinc supplementation improves the growth of stunted rural Guatemalan infants

Zinc, copper and hydrolytic enzymes in epididymis of hydrocortisone treated rat

Zinc, insulin and diabetes

Zinc, manganese, chromium and nickel status in blood and hair of goat reared on grazing regimen

Zinc-boron interaction effects in oilseed rape

Zinc-responsive dermatosis in dogs

Zonal variation and abundance of benthic macroinvertebrates in relation to some physico-chemical parameters in three fish-cum-chicken farm ponds

Zoospore chemotaxis of two mangrove strains of Halophytophthora vesicula from Mai Po, Hong Kong

Zucchini growth, yield, and fruit quality in response to sodium chloride stress

Zygomycotic necrotizing cellulitis in a premature infant

Zygotic embryogenesis in Anthurium (Araceae)

Zymodeme and serodeme characterization of Leishmania isolates obtained from Costa Rican patients

Omega 3-fatty acids in some fish species from Turkey

Cara inchada of cattle, an infectious, apparently soil antibiotics-dependant periodontitis in Brazil

Dabrowicka Prune fruit quality as influenced by calcium spraying

Images of nutrition in medical education and primary care

Inert formulation ingredients with activity: toxicity of trisiloxane surfactant solutions to twospotted spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae)

'Forrest' resistance to the soybean cyst nematode is bigenic: saturation mapping of the Rhg1 and Rhg4 loci

'Hass' avocado carbohydrate fluctuations. I. Growth and phenology

'Hass' avocado carbohydrate fluctuations. II. Fruit growth and ripening

'Which are my worst weeds?' A simple ranking system for prioritizing weeds

(+)-Catechin acts as an infection-inhibiting factor in strawberry leaf

(n-3) fatty acid supplementation in moderately hypertriglyceridemic adults changes postprandial lipid and apolipoprotein B responses to a standardized test meal

1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins-2, -3 and -4 in human bone marrow stromal cells

1-methylcyclopropene inhibits apple ripening

13C-NMR of forest soil lipids

14-3-3 gene family in hybrid poplar and its involvement in tree defence against pathogens

16S rRNA gene sequence analysis of Photobacterium damselae and nested PCR method for rapid detection of the causative agent of fish pasteurellosis

1997 spring and fall cabbage cultivar trials in Pennsylvania

2-Bromopropane induced germ cell apoptosis during spermatogenesis in male rat

200 years of Pb deposition throughout the Czech Republic: patterns and sources

2n+n hybridization of apomictic Paspalum dilatatum with diploid Paspalum species

3-Mercapto-2-methylpentan-1-ol, a new powerful aroma compound

3-nitroadipate, a metabolic intermediate for mineralization of 2,4-dinitrophenol by a new strain of a Rhodococcus species

31P-NMR characterization of phosphorus fractions in natural and fertilized forest soils

A 300-million-year record of atmospheric carbon dioxide from fossil plant cuticles

A 33-35 kDa circulating antigen from Plasmodium falciparum

A 90-kD phospholipase D from tobacco binds to microtubules and the plasma membrane

A Brassica oleracea gene expressed in a variety-specific manner may encode a novel plant transmembrane receptor

A C-terminal-truncated PrP isoform is present in mature sperm

A C. elegans patched gene, ptc-1, functions in germ-line cytokinesis

A COX2 molecular phylogeny of the Peronosporomycetes

A Ca2+-dependent cysteine protease is associated with anoxia-induced root tip death in maize

A Caenorhabditis elegans cohesion protein with functions in meiotic chromosome pairing and disjunction

A DEFICIENS homolog from the dioecious tree black cottonwood is expressed in female and male floral meristems of the two-whorled, unisexual flowers

A Dermocystidium infection in Trichomycterus sp. (Osteichthyes, Trichomycteridae)

A Doppler ultrasonographic study of cyclic changes of ovarian perfusion in the Beagle bitch

A Drosophila melanogaster strain from sub-equatorial Africa has exceptional thermotolerance but decreased Hsp70 expression

A European carotenoid database to assess carotenoid intakes and its use in a five-country comparative study

A GAS-like gene family in the pathogenic fungus Candida glabrata

A GIS planning model for urban oil spill management

A GIS-based technique for randomly selecting sample units on the landscape

A MADS box gene from lily (Lilium longiflorum) is sufficient to generate dominant negative mutation by interacting with PISTILLATA (PI) in Arabidopsis thaliana

A PAK-like protein kinase is required for maturation of young hyphae and septation in the filamentous ascomycete Ashbya gossypii

A PCR technique for forensic, species-level identification of abalone tissue

A PCR-based assay for detection of Alternaria radicina on carrot seed

A PCR-based assay to detect Rhynchosporium secalis in barley seed

A Piscirickettsia salmonis-like bacterium associated with mortality of white seabass Atractoscion nobilis

A QTL for the degree of spotting in cattle shows synteny with the KIT locus on chromosome 6

A QTL study of cattle behavioral traits in embryo transfer families

A RecA homologue in Ustilago maydis that is distinct and evolutionarily distant from Rad51 actively promotes DNA pairing reactions in the absence of auxiliary factors

A STE12 homolog is required for mating but dispensable for filamentation in Candida lusitaniae

A Schistosoma mansoni 62-kDa band is identified as an irradiated vaccine T-cell antigen and characterized as calreticulin

A T-DNA insertion knockout of the bifunctional lysine-ketoglutarate reductase/saccharopine dehydrogenase gene elevates lysine levels in Arabidopsis seeds

A TERMINAL FLOWER1-like gene from perennial ryegrass involved in floral transition and axillary meristem identity

A Ufd2/D4Cole1e chimeric protein and overexpression of Rbp7 in the slow Wallerian degeneration (WldS) mouse

A YAC-based physical map of the mouse genome

A bZIP factor, TRAB1, interacts with VP1 and mediates abscisic acid-induced transcription

A bacterial artificial chromosome library for soybean PI 437654 and identification of clones associated with cyst nematode resistance

A bacterial artificial chromosome library of Lotus japonicus constructed in an Agrobacterium tumefaciens-transformable vector

A bacteriophage-like particle from Bartonella bacilliformis

A basic 18-amino acid peptide contains the polysulfate-binding domain responsible for activation of the boar proacrosin/acrosin system

A binary vector-based large insert library for Brassica napus and identification of clones linked to a fertility restorer locus for Ogura cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS)

A bioeconomic assessment of Gulf of Mexico red snapper management policies

A bioeconomic model of farm management practices and environmental effluents in the western Lake Erie Basin

A bioluminescent whole-cell reporter for detection of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2,4-dichlorophenol in soil

A biophysical analysis of stem and root diameter variations in woody plants

A biosensor to detect penicillin residues in food

A bivariate extreme value distribution applied to flood frequency analysis

A bovine macrophage cell line supports bovine herpesvirus-4 persistent infection

A broad role for the zinc finger protein ZNF202 in human lipid metabolism

A broad spectrum Kunitz type serine protease inhibitor secreted by the hookworm Ancylostoma ceylanicum

A calcium influx is triggered and propagates in the zygote as a wavefront during in vitro fertilization of flowering plants

A calcium-dependent protein kinase can inhibit a calmodulin-stimulated Ca2+ pump (ACA2) located in the endoplasmic reticulum of Arabidopsis

A capture technique for wintering and migrating steppe eagles in southwestern Saudi Arabia

A carbohydrate-rich diet stimulates glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase expression in rat hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells

A case of gynandromorphism in Amblyomma oblongoguttatum (Acari: Ixodidae)

A case-control study of the effect of infant feeding on celiac disease

A cell plate-specific callose synthase and its interaction with phragmoplastin

A characterization of the U.S. residential deck material market

A checklist of helminth parasites of freshwater fishes from the Lerma-Santiago river basin, Mexico

A chemically defined diet enables continuous rearing of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) (Homoptera: Delphacidae)

A chloride deficient leaf spot of durum wheat

A chromosomal region surrounding the ompD porin gene marks a genetic difference between Salmonella typhi and the majority of Salmonella serovars

A chromosome map of the European stone fruit yellows phytoplasma

A clearwing moth host (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae) for the bee fly, Geron argutus (Diptera: Bombyliidae)

A climate change scenario for carbon dioxide and dissolved organic carbon fluxes from a temperate forest soil: drought and rewetting effects

A climate-driven, soil fertility dependent, pasture production model

A climatological perspective on feedlot cattle performance and mortality related to the temperature-humidity index

A clinical manifestation of AIDS with cryptococcal meningitis in Equatorial Guinea

A clock- and light-regulated gene that links the circadian oscillator to LHCB gene expression

A cloth-based enzyme immunoassay for detection of peanut proteins in foods

A cluster of mutations disrupt the avirulence but not the virulence function of AvrPto

A coalescent model of ancestry for a rare allele

A collection of fleas (Siphonaptera) from the San Martin Reserve, Valdivia Province, Chile

A collection of odonates from the northern part of the Belum Forest Reserve, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia

A colorimetric technique for detecting trichothecenes and assessing relative potencies

A comment on codominant scoring of AFLP markers

A common muscarinic pathway for diapause recovery in the distantly related nematode species Caenorhabditis elegans and Ancylostoma caninum

A common mutation A1298C in human methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene: association with plasma total homocysteine and folate concentrations

A common ragweed population resistant to cloransulam-methyl

A comparative analysis of commercial yield performance of Hevea clones in India

A comparative analysis of extraction methods for the recovery of Anguina sp. from grass seed samples

A comparative analysis of the plant cellulose synthase (CesA) gene family

A comparative developmental study of the selfing and outcrossing flowers of Clarkia tembloriensis (Onagraceae)

A comparative macro-anatomic investigation on the intrarenal segmentation of the renal artery in goats and Morkaraman sheep

A comparative molecular-physiological study of submergence response in lowland and deepwater rice

A comparative study of citrate-bicarbonate-dithionite and dithionite-carbonate-oxalate methods for dissolution of iron oxides

A comparative study of herbage intake, ingestive behaviour and diet selection, and effects of condensed tannins upon body and wool growth in lambs grazing Yorkshire fog (Holcus lanatus) and annual rye

A comparative study of mammalian and reptilian alternative pathway of complement-mediated killing of the Lyme disease spirochete (Borrelia burgdorferi)

A comparative study of mechanisms underlying digenean-snail specificity: in vitro interactions between hemocytes and digenean larvae

A comparative study of the effect of some mineral and plant oils on the two spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari: Tetranychidae)

A comparative study on the trehalose level in different varieties of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, during fifth instar larval development

A comparison between composition and density of the fat-free mass of young adult Singaporean Chinese and Dutch Caucasians

A comparison between different methods of calculating average engine emissions for agricultural tractors

A comparison between the microflora of Herrgard cheese from three different dairies

A comparison of Scottish Blackface and Cheviot ewes and five sire breeds in terms of lamb output at weaning in hill sheep systems

A comparison of antigenic peptides in muscle larvae of several Trichinella species by two-dimensional western-blot analysis with monoclonal antibodies

A comparison of biological performances among a laboratory-isolated population and two wild populations of Moniliformis moniliformis

A comparison of calculated and measured resting energy expenditure in obese women

A comparison of claw morphology and dominance between wild and cultivated male European lobster

A comparison of diets of blacks and whites in three areas of the United States

A comparison of different model concepts for saltwater intrusion processes

A comparison of dryer types used for tea drying

A comparison of early field results of white pine blister rust resistance in sugar pine and western white pine

A comparison of five methods that estimate meal criteria for cattle

A comparison of freshwater and marine/estuarine strains of Pomphorhynchus laevis occurring sympatrically in flounder, Platichthys flesus, in the tidal Thames

A comparison of generic endemism of vascular plants between East Asia and North America

A comparison of growth, feed efficiency and carcass characteristics of Kamphaengsaen steers fed two TMR fiber sources during two different feeding period

A comparison of ileal digesta and excreta analysis for the determination of amino acid digestibility in food ingredients for poultry

A comparison of manual and mechanically determined kernel contents in oat varieties

A comparison of methods for gypsum requirement of brine-contaminated soils

A comparison of methods for the detection of experimentally induced subclinical infectious salmon anaemia in Atlantic salmon

A comparison of native tallgrass prairie and plains bluestem forage systems for cow-calf production in the Southern Great Plains

A comparison of nutrient availability indices along an ombrotrophic-minerotrophic gradient in Minnesota wetlands

A comparison of population estimates and abundance indices for house mice inhabiting beech forests in New Zealand

A comparison of proteins from the developing xylem of compression and non-compression wood of branches of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) reveals a differentially expressed laccase

A comparison of riparian condition and aquatic invertebrate community indices in central Nevada

A comparison of sampling techniques for spider mites and spider mite predators in corn

A comparison of seeding uniformity of agronomic and vegetable seeders

A comparison of solute-transport solution techniques based on inverse modelling results

A comparison of some arthropod groups on monocropped and intercropped tomato in Baja Verapaz, Guatemala

A comparison of strategies for ameliorating subsoil acidity: I. Long-term growth effects

A comparison of strategies for ameliorating subsoil acidity: II. Long-term soil effects

A comparison of systems for measuring methane emissions from sheep

A comparison of the R-factor in the Universal Soil Loss Equation and Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation

A comparison of the USDA ossification-based maturity system to a system based on dentition

A comparison of the blood parasites in three subspecies of the yellow wagtail Motacilla flava

A comparison of the effects of DNA-damaging agents and biotic elicitors on the induction of plant defense genes, nuclear distortion, and cell death

A comparison of the effects of cracked wheat and sodium hydroxide-treated wheat on food intake, milk production and rumen digestion in dairy cows given maize silage diets

A comparison of the onset of protection induced by Newcastle disease virus strain B1 and a fowl poxvirus recombinant Newcastle disease vaccine to a viscerotropic velogenic Newcastle disease virus chal

A comparison of the potency of dopamine antagonists on spawning induction in Thai carp (Puntius gonionotus Bleeker)

A comparison of the solution structures of tobacco rattle and tobacco mosaic viruses from Raman optical activity

A comparison of three methods for determining the stomatal density of pine needles

A comparison of three methods for reducing iron-deficiency chlorosis in soybean

A comparison of traps and trap trees for capturing Douglas-fir beetle, Dendroctonus pseudotsugae (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

A comparison of two input-output approaches for investigating regional economic impacts of the forest products industry in the Pacific Northwest and the South

A comparison of visual vs. instrumental measurement of color differences in bentgrass turf

A comparison of water-soluble fertilizer with liquid fertilizer for sport-fish pond fertilization

A comparison of winter cereal species and planting dates as residue cover for cotton grown with conservation tillage

A competitive PCR-based assay to quantify Verticillium tricorpus propagules in soil

A complete set of maize individual chromosome additions to the oat genome

A complex of cryptic species in the genus Coptodactyla Burmeister (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Coprini)

A comprehensive expression analysis of all members of a gene family encoding cell-wall enzymes allowed us to predict cis-regulatory regions involved in cell-wall construction in specific organs of Ara

A comprehensive search for quantitative trait loci affecting growth and carcass composition of cattle segregating alternative forms of the myostatin gene

A computer simulation of water quality change due to dredging of heavy metals contaminated sediments in the Old Harbour of Montreal

A conceptual approach for integrating phosphorus and nitrogen management at watershed scales

A conceptual interference competition model for introduced mountain goats

A conceptual model and indicators for assessing the ecological condition of agricultural lands

A conceptual model for simulation of catchment scale nitrate transport

A conditional tetracycline-regulated increase in gamma amino butyric acid production near luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone nerve terminals disrupts estrous cyclicity in the rat

A conserved flagellar pocket exposed high mannose moiety is used by African trypanosomes as a host cytokine binding molecule

A conserved location for the central nervous system control of mating behaviour in gastropod molluscs: evidence from a terrestrial snail

A conserved mechanism of retrovirus restriction in mammals

A conserved motif within the vitamin K-dependent carboxylase gene is widely distributed across animal phyla

A contribution to the Ciliata (Protozoa) fauna of chernozem soils

A contribution towards simplifying area-wide tsetse surveys using medium resolution meteorological satellite data

A controlled clinical trial of vitamin E supplementation in patients with congestive heart failure

A cooperative interaction between soy protein and its isoflavone-enriched fraction lowers hepatic lipids in male obese Zucker rats and reduces blood platelet sensitivity in male Sprague-Dawley rats

A covariant change of the two highly conserved bases in the GTPase-associated center of 28 S rRNA in silkworms and other moths

A critical assessment of some biomarker approaches linked with dietary intake

A critical evaluation of the application of biomarkers in epidemiological studies on diet and health

A critical role of sterols in embryonic patterning and meristem programming revealed by the fackel mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana

A critique of ethical and social issues of genetically modified crops

A critique of the expression of paediatric body composition data

A critique of variable reduction methods to analyze morphological caste differences in social wasps

A cryptic RRY(i) microsatellite from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar): characterization and chromosomal location

A cryptic melibiose transporter gene possessing a frameshift from Citrobacter freundii

A cuticular secretion of the horseshoe crab, Limulus polyphemus: a potential anti-fouling agent

A cysteine protease gene is expressed early in resistant potato interactions with Phytophthora infestans

A cysteine-rich adipose tissue-specific secretory factor inhibits adipocyte differentiation

A cytokinin-repressed gene in cucumber for a bHLH protein homologue is regulated by light

A cytosolic ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase is a feature of graminaceous endosperms, but not of other starch-storing organs

A dark, firm dry-like condition in turkeys condemned for cyanosis

A data acquisition system for sprinkler uniformity testing

A decision support system for incorporating wildlife habitat quality into forest planning

A decision system for assessing stand differentiation potential and prioritizing precommercial thinning treatments

A deeply branched novel phylotype found in Japanese paddy soils

A defined range of guard cell calcium oscillation parameters encodes stomatal movements

A delicate balance: homeostatic control of copper uptake and distribution

A demographic analysis of fire-stimulated seedling establishment of Sarracenia alata (Sarraceniaceae)

A description of two new species of coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from African reptiles with nomenclatural corrections for two Caryospora and one Eimeria species from snakes

A descriptor for damage susceptibility of a population of produce

A detoxification gene in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum confers 2,4-D tolerance

A developmental and evolutionary analysis of embryology in Platanus (Platanaceae), a basal eudicot

A developmentally regulated gene cluster involved in conidial pigment biosynthesis in Aspergillus fumigatus

A developmentally regulated hyaluronidase of Haemonchus contortus

A device for accurate and rapid size measurements of molluscs

A device for simulating overland flow

A device to measure turfgrass load bearing capacity under field conditions

A diagnosis of yield-limiting factors on probe genotypes for characterizing environments in winter wheat trials

A dietary trial with a short-term low-sucrose diet in an Italian population: effects on colorectal mucosal proliferation

A discrete-time epidemiological model to quantify selection for disease resistance

A dose-dependent transformation of embryotoxicity manifestations in the population of chick embryos

A dynamic analysis of land prices

A dynamic model for responsive scheduling of potato irrigation based on simulated water-use and yield

A dynamic model of protein digestion in the small intestine of pigs

A dynamic model to analyse intravenous glucose and insulin tolerance tests performed on dairy cows

A dysfunctional movement protein of Tobacco mosaic virus interferes with targeting of wild-type movement protein to microtubules

A family of secreted mucins from the parasitic nematode Toxocara canis bears diverse mucin domains but shares similar flanking six-cysteine repeat motifs

A fap5 allele for elevated palmitate in soybean

A fap7 allele for elevated palmitate in soybean

A fast method for production of Armillaria inoculum

A field method for determing percentage of coated sand grains

A field study of natural infections in three freshwater snails with Fasciola hepatica and/or Paramphistomum daubneyi in central France

A fire history of the savanna ecosystems in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, between 1941 and 1996

A five-minute field test for on-farm detection of pre-harvest sprouting in wheat

A florigenic effect of sucrose in Fuchsia hybrida is blocked by gibberellin-induced assimilate competition

A frameshift mutation in MC1R and a high frequency of somatic reversions cause black spotting in pigs

A framework for forest accounting

A fruit-specific and developmentally regulated endopolygalacturonase gene from strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa cv. Chandler)

A functional water channel protein in the pathogenic bacterium Brucella abortus

A gain-of-function mutation in IAA28 suppresses lateral root development

A gene encoding a sphingolipid biosynthesis enzyme determines the sensitivity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to an antifungal plant defensin from dahlia (Dahlia merckii)

A gene for leaf necrosis in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

A gene related to yeast HOS2 histone deacetylase affects extracellular depolymerase expression and virulence in a plant pathogenic fungus

A general procedure for predicting rates of inbreeding in populations undergoing mass selection

A general system to measure and calculate daily crop water use

A general thermal index for maize

A generalized two-dimensional Gaussian model of disease foci of head blight of wheat caused by Gibberella zeae

A generic revision of the Oncomerinae (Heteroptera: Pentatomoidea: Tessaratomidae)

A genetic analysis of hydrologically dispersed seeds of Hibiscus moscheutos (Malvaceae)

A genetic analysis of maternal behaviour score in Scottish Blackface sheep

A genetic evaluation of mating system and determinants of individual reproductive success in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

A genetic link between co-suppression and RNA interference in C. elegans

A genetic system for detection of protein nuclear import and export

A genotypically unique Babesia gibsoni-like parasite recovered from a dog in Oklahoma

A glial cell arises from an additional division within the mechanosensory lineage during development of the microchaete on the Drosophila notum

A glucan synthase FKS1 homolog in Cryptococcus neoformans is single copy and encodes an essential function

A glucosinolate mutant of Arabidopsis is thermosensitive and defective in cytosolic Hsp90 expression after heat stress

A ground-based comparison of nutrient delivery technologies originally developed for growing plants in the spaceflight environment

A guide to Agrobacterium binary Ti vectors

A guide to the grasses of grazing lands in Central Vietnam and some notes on their ecology

A halothane test to detect turkeys prone to developing pale, soft, and exudative meat

A hand-held porometer for rapid assessment of leaf conductance in wheat

A harpin binding site in tobacco plasma membranes mediates activation of the pathogenesis-related gene HIN1 independent of extracellular calcium but dependent on mitogen-activated protein kinase activ

A healthy body, a healthy mind: long-term impact of diet on mood and cognitive function

A high dietary lipid intake during pregnancy and lactation enhances mammary gland lipid uptake and lipoprotein lipase activity in rats

A high fructose diet affects the early steps of insulin action in muscle and liver of rats

A high oat-bran intake does not impair zinc absorption in humans when added to a low-fiber animal protein-based diet

A high ratio of dietary animal to vegetable protein increases the rate of bone loss and the risk of fracture in postmenopausal women

A high-protein meal exceeds anabolic and catabolic capacities in rats adapted to a normal protein diet

A high-sucrose diet increases gluconeogenic capacity in isolated periportal and perivenous rat hepatocytes

A highly conserved domain of the maize Activator transposase is involved in dimerization

A highly conserved sequence essential for translational repression of the protamine 1 messenger RNA in murine spermatids

A highly digestible sorghum mutant cultivar exhibits a unique folded structure of endosperm protein bodies

A highly efficient and robust cell-free protein synthesis system prepared from wheat embryos: plants apparently contain a suicide system directed at ribosomes

A highly efficient in vitro cranberry regeneration system using leaf explants

A highly polymorphic degenerate microsatellite for molecular strain typing of Candida krusei

A histone deacetylation inhibitor and mutant promote colony-type switching of the human pathogen Candida albicans

A history of ethnobotany in Remote Oceania

A homologue of N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum is exported and localized in vesicular structures in the cytoplasm of infected erythrocytes in the brefel

A homologue of an operon required for DNA transfer in Agrobacterium is required in Brucella abortus for virulence and intracellular multiplication

A hydrogen peroxide-forming NADH oxidase that functions as an alkyl hydroperoxide reductase in Amphibacillus xylanus

A hydrologic balance approach to saline seep remediation design

A katanin-like protein regulates normal cell wall biosynthesis and cell elongation

A laboratory information management system for small to medium sized soil, plant and water testing laboratories

A laboratory study on use of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers for fish ponds under red and lateritic soil zones

A leaf lipoxygenase of potato induced specifically by pathogen infection

A lexicon of plants traded in the Witwatersrand umuthi shops, South Africa

A ligation-anchored PCR method for the cloning of the 3' end of a tobamovirus infecting Impatiens New Guinea hybrids

A light and electron microscope study on Diplostomum tregenna, Nazmi Gohar 1932 (Digenea: Diplostomatidae)

A linkage map for CRINKLED PETAL: a homeotic gene of Clarkia tembloriensis (Onagraceae)

A linkage map of 243 DNA markers in an intercross of Gottingen miniature and Meishan pigs.

A lipid transfer-like protein is necessary for lily pollen tube adhesion to an in vitro stylar matrix

A longevity assurance gene homolog of tomato mediates resistance to Alternaria alternata f. sp. lycopersici toxins and fumonisin B1

A longitudinal study of Escherichia coli strains isolated from captive mammals, birds, and reptiles in Trinidad

A longitudinal study of Salmonella enterica infections in high- and low-seroprevalence finishing swine herds in the Netherlands

A longitudinal study of environmental attitudes of women and gender diversification in the U.S. Forest Service 1990-1996

A longitudinal study of resting energy expenditure relative to body composition during puberty in African American and white children

A longitudinal study of velogenic Newcastle disease virus genotypes isolated in Italy between 1960 and 2000

A look at fastfood competition in the Philippines

A low-protein isocaloric diet during gestation affects brain development and alters permanently cerebral cortex blood vessels in rat offspring

A machine vision system for seeds germination quality evaluation using fuzzy logic

A major gene for resistance to white pine blister rust in western white pine from the Western Cascade Range

A major gene for time of flowering in chickpea

A major surface glycoprotein of Trypanosoma brucei is expressed transiently during development and can be regulated post-transcriptionally by glycerol or hypoxia

A male sterile mutant with desynaptic behaviour of chromosomes in Nigella sativa L

A mammalian germ cell-specific RNA-binding protein interacts with ubiquitously expressed proteins involved in splice site selection

A marine snail neurotoxin shares with scorpion toxins a convergent mechanism of blockade on the pore of voltage-gated K channels

A mathematical model quantifying GnRH-induced LH secretion from gonadotropes

A mathematical theorem to relate seasonal dry matter to harvest interval for the expanded growth model

A matrix attachment region is located upstream from the high-molecular-weight glutenin gene Bx7 in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

A mechanistic approach to modelling the risk of liver tumours in mice exposed to fumonisin B1 in the diet

A mechanistic model of whole-tract digestion and methanogenesis in the lactating dairy cow: model development, evaluation, and application

A member of the nuclear factor-1 family is involved in the pituitary repression of the human placental growth hormone genes

A method for assessing the relationship between cropload and crop value following fruit thinning

A method for evaluating lignin mobility distributions obtained by capillary zone electrophoresis

A method for expression cloning of transporter genes by screening yeast for uptake of radiolabelled substrate

A method for measuring Prince Edward Island soil quality

A method for quantifying rates of O2 consumption and CO2 production in soil

A method for the prevention of wood decay from nail penetration

A method of choosing locations based on genotype x environment interaction for regional trials of rice

A method of endoscopic endotracheal intubation in rabbits

A method to identify cDNAs based on localization of green fluorescent protein fusion products

A method-of-characteristics concept for advective tracer transport in fracture networks

A microdialysis study of allatostatin degradation in Blattella germanica (L.) (Dictyoptera, Blattellidae)

A microsatellite linkage map of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) characterized by large sex-specific differences in recombination rates

A microsatellite polymorphism in the gamma interferon gene is associated with resistance to gastrointestinal nematodes in a naturally-parasitized population of Soay sheep

A microsatellite-based genetic linkage map for channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus

A millennial myosin census

A minimally invasive tracer protocol is effective for assessing the response of leucine kinetics and oxidation to vaccination in chronically energy-deficient adult males and children

A minimum length of N gene sequence in transgenic plants is required for RNA-mediated tospovirus resistance

A mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase required for induction of cytokinesis and appressorium formation by host signals in the conidia of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

A mixed model method to predict QTL-cluster effects using trait and marker information in a multi-group population

A model analysis of yield differences among recombinant inbred lines in barley

A model for individual egg production in chickens

A model for infestation foci of potato cyst nematodes Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida

A model for marker-based selection in gene introgression breeding programs

A model for peak and width of signaling windows: Ips duplicatus and Chilo partellus pheromone component proportions - does response have a wider window than production?

A model of coupling among applied, soil, and plant nutrients for a vegetable crop

A model of salmon louse production in Norway: effects of increasing salmon production and public management measures

A model of the effect of pseudothecia on genetic recombination and epidemic development in populations of Mycosphaerella graminicola.

A model of the effect of strand length and strand thickness on the strength properties of oriented wood composites

A model of the effects of a wide range of constant and alternating temperatures on seed germination of four Orobanche species

A model of the thermal balance for cattle in hot conditions

A model of whole-body protein turnover based on leucine kinetics in rodents

A model to estimate the total ecological risk in the management of water resources subject to multiple stressors

A model to predict water intake of a pig growing in a known environment on a known diet

A modified method for eriophyoid mite extraction (Acari: Eriophyoidea)

A modular chitin-binding protease associated with hemocytes and hemolymph in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae

A molecular biological basis for the nutritional and pharmacological benefits of dietary plants

A molecular characterization of Cercospora species pathogenic to water hyacinth and emendation of C. piaropi

A molecular marker for chloroquine-resistant falciparum malaria

A molecular phylogeny of Apiaceae tribe Caucalideae and related taxa: inferences based on ITS sequence data

A molecular phylogeny of the Russulales including agaricoid, gasteroid and pleurotoid taxa

A monogenic recessive gene, fw, conditions flower doubling in Nicotiana alata

A monolithic device for in-package SO2 generation for the control of postharvest Botrytis decay of table grapes

A morphological and molecular perspective of Trichoderma viride: is it one or two species?

A morphophysiological conception and model of animal growth

A mosquito transformed

A multiple chamber, semicontinuous, crop carbon dioxide exchange system: design, calibration, and data interpretation

A multiple disease resistant potato clone developed with classical breeding methodology

A multiplexed fiber optic miniprobe system for measuring solute transport in soil

A multiply substituted G-H loop from foot-and-mouth disease virus in complex with a neutralizing antibody: a role for water molecules

A multistate comparison of native octoploid strawberries from North and South America

A multivariate analysis of bird species composition and abundance between crop types and seasons in southern Ontario, Canada

A mutant allele of essential, general translation initiation factor DED1 selectively inhibits translation of a viral mRNA

A mutation in the C. elegans EXP-2 potassium channel that alters feeding behavior

A mycological investigation of phane, an edible caterpillar of an emperor moth, Imbrasia belina

A myxozoan-like parasite causing xenomas in the brain of the mole, Talpa europaea L., 1758 (Vertebrata, Mammalia)

A national study of the prevalence of overweight and obesity in 6-12 y-old Swiss children: body mass index, body-weight perceptions and goals

A new Afrocamilla from Colorado, the third species of Camillidae (Diptera: Schizophora) from the United States

A new C-type cyclin-dependent kinase from tomato expressed in dividing tissues does not interact with mitotic and G1 cyclins

A new FISH protocol with increased sensitivity for physical mapping with short probes in plants

A new Lasioglossum from the Juan Fernandez Islands (Hymenoptera: Halictidae)

A new algorithm for stand table projection models.

A new allele, tcf, at the T locus for partly colored seedcoats in common bean

A new approach to estimating the minimum dietary requirement of phosphorus for large rainbow trout based on nonfecal excretions of phosphorus and nitrogen

A new approach to measure gross CO2 fluxes in leaves. Gross CO2 assimilation, photorespiration, and mitochondrial respiration in the light in tomato under drought stress

A new continuous cell line from larval hemocytes of Spodoptera litura (F.)

A new continuous cell line from the mosquito Psorophora confinnis (Diptera: Culicidae) and its susceptibility to infections with some arboviruses

A new dietary model to study colorectal carcinogenesis: experimental design, food preparation, and experimental findings

A new elevation record for the red tree vole in Oregon: implications for national forest management

A new estimate of the Holocene lowstand level of Lake Titicaca, central Andes, and implications for tropical palaeohydrology

A new family of high-affinity transporters for adenine, cytosine, and purine derivatives in Arabidopsis

A new finding and range extension of bacilliform virus in the freshwater red claw crayfish in Utah, USA

A new flight-interception trap for arthropod sampling

A new floating spear mechanism for impaling burley tobacco plants onto a wooden stick

A new genus and new species of weevil infesting fruits of the palm Bactris gasipaes H.B.K. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae)

A new genus and species of Aphididae (Homoptera: Aphidoidea) from China

A new glycerine drop trap method to sample eriophyoid mites

A new horizon in mastitis treatment

A new lightweight-wooded species of Anaxagorea (Annonaceae) from flooded black-water shrublands in southern Venezuela

A new look at traditional deterministic flow models and their calibration in the context of randomly heterogeneous media

A new mathematical model and its application to the growth of crustaceans

A new meatless diet for adult screwworm (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

A new mechanism conferring unprecedented high resistance to chlorpyrifos in Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae)

A new method for direct introduction of chemicals into a single sieve tube of intact rice plants

A new method for on-line measurement of diurnal change in potato tuber growth under controlled environments

A new method for purifing Cyt b6f protein complex

A new method of long-term preventive cardioprotection using Lactobacillus

A new method to assess competition in coffee clonal trials with single-tree plots in Cote d'Ivoire

A new parasitoid (Diptera: Tachinidae) of Acanthocinus princeps (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in North America

A new protein phosphatase 2C (FsPP2C1) induced by abscisic acid is specifically expressed in dormant beechnut seeds

A new recessive ametapodia mutation in the chicken (Gallus domesticus)

A new research paradigm for sustainability research in Egypt

A new role for cryptochrome in a Drosophila circadian oscillator

A new semi-selective medium for Xanthomonas campestris pv. vitians, the causal agent of bacterial leaf spot of lettuce

A new shell disease in the mud crab Scylla serrata from Port Curtis, Queensland (Australia)

A new species and new homonym in the genus Cheilosia (Diptera, Syrphidae) from China

A new species of Anasa (Hemiptera: Coreidae) from the Dominican Republic

A new species of Automeris (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from central Mexico

A new species of Cenopalpus (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) from grape vines in Greece

A new species of Cladochaeta Coquillett (Diptera: Drosophilidae) and a new record for Cladochaeta sturtevanti Wheeler and Takada in Arizona, with notes on natural history

A new species of Cyclocephala from Venezuela related to Cyclocephala castanea (Olivier) and C. hardyi Endrodi (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Dynastinae)

A new species of Dendrobium section Amblyanthus from Papua New Guinea

A new species of Ditrachybothridium (Cestoda: Diphyllidea) from Galeus sp. (Selachii, Scyliorhynidae) from the south Pacific Ocean, with a revision of the diagnosis of the order, family, and genus and

A new species of Eimeria (Apicomplexa, Eimeriidae) from the weedy sea dragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Osteichthyes: Syngnathidae)

A new species of Hystrichonychus (Acari: Tetranychidae) from Brazil

A new species of Leptosphaerulina from decaying mangrove wood from Hong Kong

A new species of Neooxycenus (Acari: Eriophyidae) from Greece

A new species of Pityostrobus from the Lower Cretaceous of California and its bearing on the evolution of Pinaceae

A new species of Platisus (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) from New Zealand, described from the adult and larva

A new species of Sephinioides (Heteroptera: Coreidae) from Ecuador

A new species of Sericoceros Konow (Hymenoptera: Argidae) damaging villetana trees, Triplaris caracasana Cham. (Polygonaceae) in Paraguay

A new species of Swingleus (Monogenea: Gyrodactylidae) from the mummichog Fundulus heteroclitus, in the Delaware Bay

A new species of Vaejovis (Scorpiones, Vaejovidae) from Sonora, Mexico

A new species of genus Grapholita (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) injurious to herbage in Inner Mongolia, China

A new species of limnoriid seagrass borer (Isopoda) from the Mediterranean

A new species of sucking louse (Insecta, Anoplura) parasitic on Auliscomys (Mammalia, Rodentia) in Argentina

A new species of terrestrial isopoda from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia (Crustacea: Oniscidea: Crinocheta)

A new species of the genus Acrolepiopsis Gaedike (Lepidoptera: Acrolepiidae) injurious to Chinese yam and its closely allied species from Japan

A new species of the genus Atrichopogon Kieffer (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from Mexico

A new species of the genus Pithyotettix Rib. (Homoptera, Cicadellidae) from the Caucasus, with comments on the genus as a whole

A new species of the mealybug genus Eumyrmococcus Silvestri (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae, Rhizoecinae) associated with the ant Acropyga (Rhizomyrma) kinomurai Terayama et Hashimoto (Hymenoptera: Formici

A new spectrophotometric method for the determination of dithianon in commercial formulations and its residues in foodstuffs

A new starch-grafted gelling agent for screwworm (Diptera: Calliphoridae) larval diet

A new statistic for detecting genetic differentiation

A new strain of Cryptocaryon irritans from the cultured olive flounder Paralichthys olivaceus

A new tapeworm from the Amazon, Amazotaenia yvettae gen. n., sp. n., (Eucestoda: Proteocephalidea) from the siluriform fishes Brachyplatystoma filamentosum and B. vaillanti (Pimelodidae)

A new traction model for crawler tractors

A new type of endo-xyloglucan transferase devoted to xyloglucan hydrolysis in the cell wall of azuki bean epicotyls

A new validation of the Scholander pressure chamber technique based on stem diameter variations

A new value-added strategy for the US beef industry: the case of US Premium Beef Ltd

A nisin bioassay based on bioluminescence

A nomenclature for avian coronavirus isolates and the question of species status

A non-invasive system for remotely monitoring heart rate in free-ranging ungulates

A noninvasive measure of physical maturity as a predictor of bone mass in children

A nonparametric Bayesian approach for genetic evaluation in animal breeding

A note on Systena frontalis adults on lowbush blueberry, Vaccinium angustifolium

A note on the ancient mangroves of Goa, central west coast of India

A note on the effects of perches and litter substrate on leg weakness in broiler chickens

A note on the taxonomy of the genus Ceramiopsis Zavattari (Hymenoptera: Vespidae; Masarinae)

A note on the type of Ceratitis (Pardalaspis) punctata (Wiedemann) (Dipt., Tephritidae)

A novel Coptis japonica multidrug-resistant protein preferentially expressed in the alkaloid-accumulating rhizome

A novel EF-hand calcium-binding protein in the flagellum of the protozoan Tritrichomonas suis

A novel RNA mycovirus in a hypovirulent isolate of the plant pathogen Diaporthe ambigua

A novel UDP-glucose transferase is part of the callose synthase complex and interacts with phragmoplastin at the forming cell plate

A novel anaesthetic regimen for surgical procedures in guineapigs

A novel bile duct cannulation method with tail cuff exteriorization allowing continuous intravenous infusion and enterohepatic recirculation in the unrestrained rat

A novel cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate-responsive element involved in the transcriptional regulation of the lutropin receptor gene in granulosa cells

A novel extrinsic reference method for assessing the vitamin A value of plant foods

A novel family of chitin-binding proteins from insect type 2 peritrophic matrix: cDNA sequences, chitin binding activity, and cellular localization

A novel gibberellin-induced gene from rice and its potential regulatory role in stem growth

A novel heat-labile phospholipid-binding protein, SVS VII, in mouse seminal vesicle as a sperm motility enhancer

A novel mechanism of body mass regulation

A novel method for estimating substitution rate variation among sites in a large dataset of homologous DNA sequences

A novel method for measuring biomass activity applied to soils contaminated with oil refinery tar

A novel murine tryptase involved in blastocyst hatching and outgrowth

A novel nucleolar G-protein conserved in eukaryotes

A novel role for bone morphogenetic proteins in the synthesis of follicle-stimulating hormone

A novel secretory protein produced by rat spongiotrophoblast

A novel superoxide dismutase with a high isoelectric point in higher plants. Expression, regulation, and protein localization

A novel technique for the sensitive quantification of acyl CoA esters from plant tissues

A novel two-component hybrid molecule regulates vascular morphogenesis of the Arabidopsis root

A nuclear casein kinase 2 activity is involved in early events of transcriptional activation induced by salicylic acid in tobacco

A nucleoside-nucleotide mixture may reduce memory deterioration in old senescence-accelerated mice

A numerical taxonomic study of Trema (Ulmaceae) from Togo, West Africa

A panel of monoclonal antibodies targeting the rabies virus phosphoprotein identifies a highly variable epitope of value for sensitive strain discrimination

A parasite that increases host lifespan

A parasitic marine isopod Aega tridens leach on mackerel Scomber scomber L. in British waters

A patch-clamp study on the physiology of aluminum toxicity and aluminum tolerance in maize. Identification and characterization of Al3+-induced anion channels

A pathotype system to describe intraspecific variation in pathogenicity of Meloidogyne chitwoodi

A peptidorhamnomannan from the mycelium of Pseudallescheria boydii is a potential diagnostic antigen of this emerging human pathogen

A perspective of pesticide residue variability and acute dietary risk assessment

A perspective on molecular-based research: integration and utility in weed science

A phase variant of Azospirillum lipoferum lacks a polar flagellum and constitutively expresses mechanosensing lateral flagella

A pheromone-baited trap for monitoring the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

A phylogenetic analysis of Diurideae (Orchidaceae) based on plastid DNA sequence data

A phylogenetic analysis of Prunus and the Amygdaloideae (Rosaceae) using ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA

A phylogenetic analysis of Rhamnaceae using rbcL and trnL-F plastid DNA sequences

A phylogenetic analysis of filarial nematodes: comparison with the phylogeny of Wolbachia endosymbionts

A phylogenetic analysis of the family Caligonellidae (Acari: Prostigmata) with descriptions of two new species

A phylogenetic reconsideration of the pollen starch-pollination correlation

A phylogeny of Apiaceae tribe Scandiceae: evidence from nuclear ribosomal DNA internal transcribed spacer sequences

A phylogeny of Chloridoideae (Poaceae) based on matK sequences

A phylogeny of the genus Agaricus based on mitochondrial atp6 sequences

A physical map with yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) clones covering 63% of the 12 rice chromosomes

A physiological and biochemical approach to the systematics of Colletotrichum species pathogenic to strawberry

A pictorial key for the identification of the subfamilies of Culicidae, genera of Culicinae, and subgenera of Aedes mosquitoes of the Afrotropical Region (Diptera: Culicidae)

A pigment-binding protein essential for regulation of photosynthetic light harvesting

A piperitenone oxide chemotype of Mentha longifolia (L.) Huds. growing wild in Jordan

A plant plasma membrane ATP binding cassette-type transporter is involved in antifungal terpenoid secretion

A plant regulator controlling development of symbiotic root nodules

A plasmid partition system of the P1-P7par family from the pMT1 virulence plasmid of Yersinia pestis

A point mutation in the FRNK motif of the potyvirus helper component-protease gene alters symptom expression in cucurbits and elicits protection against the severe homologous virus

A polarity crossroad in the transition growth zone of maize root apices: cytoskeletal and developmental implications

A pollen coat protein, SP11/SCR, determines the pollen S-specificity in the self-incompatibility of Brassica species

A pollen-specific novel calmodulin-binding protein with tetratricopeptide repeats

A polyunsaturated fatty acid diet lowers blood pressure and improves antioxidant status in spontaneously hypertensive rats

A population of Meloidogyne javanica in Spain virulent to the Mi resistance gene in tomato

A positive role for rhizobitoxine in Rhizobium-legume symbiosis

A possible role of glutathione and glutathione disulfide in tracheary element differentiation in the cultured mesophyll cells of Zinnia elegans

A potential phosphorylation site for an A-type kinase in the Efg1 regulator protein contributes to hyphal morphogenesis of Candida albicans

A practical application of probabilistic modelling in assessment of dietary exposure of fruit consumers to pesticide residues

A practical dog bed for environmental enrichment for geriatric beagles, with applications for puppies and other small dogs

A predictive model for the survival of overwintering bean leaf beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

A preliminary evaluation of a sheep blowfly trap in the Western Cape

A preliminary investigation of the food intake patterns and beliefs among independent living elderly residents in a continuing care retirement center

A preliminary report on the effect of dietary energy on prostaglandin F2 alpha production in vitro, interferon-tau synthesis by the conceptus, endometrial progesterone concentration on days 9 and 15 o

A preliminary report on two floral variants in the 1981 wild Hevea germplasm collection

A procedure for isolating soil organic matter fractions suitable for modeling

A process model analysis of environmental limitations on the growth of Sitka spruce plantations in Great Britain

A program for representing and simulating population genetic phenomena

A proposed mode of action of oil-based formulations of a microbial herbicide

A proposed model for inheritance of primocane fruiting in tetraploid erect blackberry

A prospective comparison of nursing home acquired pneumonia with community acquired pneumonia

A protein in the cell wall of Helicobactor pylori binds human IgG deprived of sugar chains

A protocol for initiating oestrus and ovulation early post partum in dairy cows

A provisional account and checklist of ferns and fern allies in the Belum Forest Reserve, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia

A provisional checklist of the continental African Orchidaceae. Introduction

A purine-related metabolite negatively regulates fixNOQP expression in Sinorhizobium meliloti by modulation of fixK expression

A putative branched-chain-amino-acid transaminase gene required for HC-toxin biosynthesis and pathogenicity in Cochliobolus carbonum

A putative defective interfering RNA from Bean pod mottle virus

A putative, ubiquitin-dependent mechanism for the recognition and elimination of defective spermatozoa in the mammalian epididymis

A qualitative study of community kitchens as a response to income-related food insecurity

A quantitative framework for breeding and conservation of forest tree genetic resources in British Columbia

A quantitative genetic analysis of nuclear-cytoplasmic male sterility in structured populations of Silene vulgaris

A quantitative risk assessment for fumonisins B1 and B2 in US corn

A quantitative stable-isotope LC-MS method for the determination of folic acid in fortified foods

A quick method for computing approximate thresholds for quantitative trait loci detection

A random amplified polymorphic DNA polymerase chain reaction technique that differentiates between Neospora species

A randomized trial of a low-fat dietary intervention in women at high risk for breast cancer

A rapid assay for detecting sulfonamides in tissues of slaughtered animals

A rapid bioassay for screening rhizosphere microorganisms for their ability to induce systemic resistance

A rapid polymerase chain reaction-based assay characterizing rhizosphere populations of 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol-producing bacteria

A rapid protein digestibility assay for identifying highly digestible sorghum lines

A ratoon cropping system for fall bell pepper production

A re-evaluation of controlled freeze-tests and controlled environment hardening conditions to estimate the winter survival potential of hardy winter wheats

A re-evaluation of the relative roles of two invertases, INCW2 and IVR1, in developing maize kernels and other tissues

A re-examination of exchangeable acidity as extracted by potassium chloride and potassium fluoride

A reassessment of leptin's role in triggering the onset of puberty in the rat and mouse

A recession-forecast model for the Blue Nile River

A recessive allele inhibiting saponin synthesis in two lines of Bolivian quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.)

A redescription of Forcellinia faini Delfinado-Baker and Baker, 1989 (Acari: Acaridae)

A redescription of Uroproctepisthmium bursicola (Creplin, 1837) n. comb. (Digenea: Echinostomatidae), and re-evaluations of the genera Episthmium Luhe, 1909 and Uroproctepisthmium Fischthal & Kunt

A reexamination of the taxonomic position of Chinese Heterotermes aculabialis (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) based on the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase II gene

A relational database for agronomic and genealogical sugarcane data: an adaptable prototype

A repressible female-specific lethal genetic system for making transgenic insect strains suitable for a sterile-release program

A research note identification of sensory color optima of strawberry yogurt

A review of Afrotropical Tanytarsus van der Wulp (Diptera: Chironomidae)

A review of Gymnophalloides seoi (Digenea: Gymnophallidae) and human infections in the Republic of Korea

A review of New Zealand research measuring phosphorus in runoff from pasture

A review of Temnosewellia (Platyhelminthes: Temnocephalida) ectosymbionts of Cherax (Crustacea: Parastacidae) in Australia

A review of batting in men's cricket

A review of feeding studies of Lygus spp. with emphasis on artificial diets

A review of field studies on the sea louse, Lepeophtheirus salmonis Kroyer on the west coast of Ireland

A review of hepatitis E virus

A review of human issues in horticulture in Finland: urbanization motivates a renewed appreciation for plants and nature

A review of insect-parasitic nematodes research in India: 1927-1997

A review of methods to estimate the abundance of terrestrial carnivores using field signs and observation

A review of potential biodiversity indicators for application in British forests

A review of recent dietary intervention trials in the United Kingdom to reduce blood cholesterol levels

A review of soil-tine models for a range of soil conditions

A review of the family Nannodastiidae (Diptera)

A review of the nomenclatural difficulties associated with misplaced rank-denoting terms

A review of the phyline plant bug genus Sejanus Distant in Japan (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae), with descriptions of three new species

A review of types of the parasite-host relationships in ixodid ticks

A revision and phylogenetic analysis of the Nerthra alaticollis species-group (Heteroptera: Gelastocoridae: Nerthrinae)

A revision of Systasis Walker (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) from China

A revision of the Neotropical spider genus Ancylometes Bertkau (Araneae: Pisauridae)

A revision of the Patagonian predaceous midge genus Borkenthelea Spinelli and Grogan (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

A revision of the genus Allotrochosina Roewer (Araneae: Lycosidae)

A rhamnolipid biosurfactant reduces cadmium toxicity during naphthalene biodegradation

A rice membrane-bound calcium-dependent protein kinase is activated in response to low temperature

A rodent model of protein turnover used to design an experiment for measuring the rates of channeling, recycling and protein synthesis

A role for 'futile cycles' involving invertase and sucrose synthase in sucrose metabolism of tomato fruit

A role for RAD51 and homologous recombination in Trypanosoma brucei antigenic variation

A role for Salmonella fimbriae in intraperitoneal infections

A role for brassinosteroids in germination in Arabidopsis

A role for inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate in gravitropic signaling and the retention of cold-perceived gravistimulation of oat shoot pulvini

A role of insulin-like growth factor I for follicle-stimulating hormone receptor expression in rat granulosa cells

A role of insulin-like growth factor I in luteinizing hormone receptor expression in granulosa cells

A sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of almonds in foods

A scale to measure the attitude toward scientific poultry farming

A scenario for the hobo transposable element invasion, deduced from the structure of natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster using tandem TPE repeats

A school milk promotion program increases milk consumption and improves the calcium and vitamin D intakes of elementary school students

A second T-region of the soybean-supervirulent chrysopine-type Ti plasmid pTiChry5, and construction of a fully disarmed vir helper plasmid

A second gene for acyl-(acyl-carrier-protein): glycerol-3-phosphate acyl-transferase in squash, Cucurbita moschata cv. Shirogikuza, codes for an oleate-selective isozyme: molecular cloning and protein

A second, substrate-dependent site of protein import into chloroplasts

A secreted peptide growth factor, phytosulfokine, acting as a stimulatory factor of carrot somatic embryo formation

A self-correcting indirect calorimeter system for the measurement of energy balance in small animals

A self-recombining bacterial artificial chromosome and its application for analysis of herpesvirus pathogenesis

A sensitive enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for the determination of melengestrol acetate (MGA) in adipose and muscle tissues

A sensitive nested reverse transcriptase PCR assay to detect viable cells of the fish pathogen Renibacterium salmoninarum in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

A sensitivity analysis of the prediction of the nitrogen fertilizer requirement of cauliflower crops using the HRI WELL_N computer model

A serine-to-threonine mutation in linuron-resistant Portulaca oleracea

A serum pregnancy test with a specific radioimmunoassay for moose and elk pregnancy-specific protein B

A shared noncapsular antigen is responsible for false-positive reactions by Staphylococcus epidermidis in commercial agglutination tests for Staphylococcus aureus

A shoot-fly Atherigona tritici sp. n. (Diptera: Muscidae), attacking wheat Triticum aestivum in Egypt

A short leucine-rich sequence in the Borna disease virus p10 protein mediates association with the viral phospho- and nucleoproteins

A simple HPLC method for the determination of the mycotoxins ochratoxin A and B in blood serum of swine

A simple and inexpensive apparatus for providing natural prey in a laboratory environment

A simple approach to identify the first rice mutants blocked in carotenoid biosynthesis

A simple format for reporting methods used in nutritional studies: application with Loropetalum response to fertilizer rates

A simple fracture mechanics approach for assessing ductile crack growth in soil

A simple method for determining Aphelenchoides besseyi infestation level of Oryza sativa seeds

A simple method for orienting very small specimens for paraffin sectioning

A simple method to determine leaf angles of grass species

A simple model for ferret population dynamics and control in semi-arid New Zealand habitats

A simple modelling approach to identify processes controlling stream nitrate in an agricultural catchment

A simple performance-based index for assessing multiple agroecosystem functions

A simple technique to concentrate the protozoan Mikrocytos mackini, causative agent of Denman Island disease in oysters

A simple technique used to filter and quantify the actinospore of Myxobolus cerebralis and determine its seasonal abundance in the Colorado River

A simple test to determine cellulolytic activity as indicator of compost maturity

A simple, non-radioactive DNA fingerprinting method for identifying patrilines in honeybee colonies

A simplified model for predicting malaria entomologic inoculation rates based on entomologic and parasitologic parameters relevant to control

A simplified, sequential, phosphorus fractionation method

A simulated investigation to measure acoustic emissions caused by root growth

A simultaneous data collection system for several soil water release curves

A single amino acid change in viral genome-associated protein of potato virus Y correlates with resistance breaking in 'Virgin A Mutant' tobacco

A single amino acid substitution (F3631) converts the regiochemistry of the spearmint (-)-limonene hydroxylase from a C6- to a C3-hydroxylase

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