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Natural Sciences Repository Index 236

Index 236 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Urinary excretion of diethylstilbestrol in the ostrich

Urinary excretion of endogenous ouabain-like substance is reduced in NaCl supplemented premature infants

Urinary excretion of oestrone sulphate and cortisol in early pregnant gilts treated with glucocorticoids

Urinary excretion of purine derivatives as an index of microbial-nitrogen intake in growing rabbits

Urinary excretion of type I collagen cross-linked N-telopeptides, bone mass and related lifestyle in middle-aged women

Urinary indices during dehydration, exercise, and rehydration

Urinary metabolites of daidzin orally administered in rats

Urinary neopterin as a prognostic index of survival time in HIV-1 infection

Urinary organic acids in infant malnutrition

Urinary schistosomiasis contracted from an irrigation pool in Ramah, the southern Jordan Valley, Jordan

Urinary, plasma, and erythrocyte carnitine concentrations during transition to a lactoovovegetarian diet with vitamin B-6 depletion and repletion in young adult women

Urine effects on soil chemical properties and the impact of urine and dung on pearl millet yield

Urtica dioica L

Urticaria due to airborne permethrin exposure

Use and side effects on the soil microbial activity of the essential oil from Thymbra spicata to control pepper blight Phytophthora capsici

Use of 13C nuclear magnetic resonance and gas chromatography to examine methionine catabolism by lactococci

Use of AGNPS for watershed modeling in Quebec

Use of Aviguard and other intestinal bioproducts in experimental Clostridium perfringens-associated necrotizing enteritis in broiler chickens

Use of BIOLOG for the analysis of microbial communities from zinc-contaminated soils

Use of Leishmania major derived leishmanin for skin test surveys of visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia

Use of Minolta SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter to quantify the effectiveness of mid-summer trunk injection of iron on chlorotic pear trees

Use of P-glycoprotein gene probes to investigate anthelmintic resistance in Haemonchus contortus and comparison with Onchocerca volvulus

Use of PCR for diagnosis of post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis

Use of PCR on lymph-node samples as test of cure of visceral leishmaniasis

Use of Paecilomyces lilacinus in the control of Fusarium oxysporum root rot and Meloidogyne javanica root knot infection on tomato

Use of RAPD analyses to estimate population genetic parameters in the alfalfa leaf-cutting bee, Megachile rotundata

Use of SCAPS petroleum hydrocarbon sensor technology for real-time indirect DNAPL detection

Use of TCR ADV gene segments by the delta chain is independent of their position and of CD3 expression

Use of a breath test to determine the fate of swallowed fluids in cattle

Use of a coupled equilibrium model to describe the buffering of protons and hydroxyl ions in some acid soils

Use of a factitious host and supplemented adult diet to rear and induce oogenesis in Catolaccus grandis (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Use of a floating pump to collect and transfer live zooplankton as food for percid larvae reared in net cages

Use of a genetic algorithm and multi-objective programming for calibration of a hydrologic model

Use of a heat-treated starter for the intensification of cheese ripening

Use of a linear plasmid containing telomeres as an efficient vector for direct cloning in the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina

Use of a moth production index to assess the impact of sorghum varieties in management of Chilo partellus in southern Africa

Use of a multiplex PCR system for the simultaneous detection of heat labile toxin I and heat stable toxin II genes of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli in skim milk and porcine stool

Use of a new colostrometer design to predict equine colostral immunoglobulin from specific gravity

Use of a novel sporulation monitor to quantify the effects of formulation and storage on conidiation by dried mycelia of the entomopathogenic fungus Zoophthora radicans

Use of a potential probiotic Lactococcus lactis AR21 strain for the enhancement of growth in the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis (Muller)

Use of a raw meat-based diet or a dry kibble diet for sand cats (Felis margarita)

Use of a recombinant maedi-visna virus protein ELISA for the serologic diagnosis of lentivirus infections in small ruminants

Use of a scoring technique to assess the effect of field variability on yield of pearl millet grown on three Alfisols in Niger

Use of a silylation procedure and 13C-NMR spectroscopy to characterize bound and sequestered residues of cyprodinil in soil

Use of a single procedure for selective enrichment, isolation, and identification of plasmid-bearing virulent Yersinia enterocolitica of various serotypes from pork samples

Use of a surrogate stem for eliciting ovipositional response of Busseola fusca (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Use of a tissue blotting immunoassay to examine the distribution of pineapple closterovirus in Hawaii

Use of accelerated aging to evaluate seed storability and planting quality in mungbean cultivars

Use of additive main effects and multiplicative interaction model to analyse multilocation soybean varietal trials

Use of adjunctive corticosteroids in severe adult non-HIV Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Use of alternative nutrition therapy in a breast cancer rehabilitation program

Use of an agar-gel technique for large scale application to recover Ascaris suum larvae from intestinal contents of pigs

Use of an antitranspirant to minimize winter injury on nonflooded cranberry bogs

Use of an autobioluminescent Salmonella Hadar to monitor the effects of acid and temperature treatments on cell survival and viability on lactic acid-treated poultry carcasses

Use of an enrichment broth cultivation-PCR combination assay for rapid diagnosis of swine erysipelas

Use of an experimental high-magnesium tall fescue to reduce grass tetany in cattle

Use of an immunotherapeutic vaccine to treat a life-threatening human arteritic infection caused by Pythium insidiosum

Use of an imperfect neutral diluent and outer vesicle layer scooting mode hydrolysis to analyze the interfacial kinetics, inhibition, and substrate preferences of bee venom phospholipase A2

Use of an oxygen-insensitive microscale biosensor for methane to measure methane concentration profiles in a rice paddy

Use of anion exchange membranes to assess nitrogen needs of perennial grasslands

Use of arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction to study Salmonella ecology in a turkey production environment

Use of artificially created Douglas-fir snags by cavity-nesting birds

Use of aspiration and the single kernel characterization system to evaluate the puffed and shriveled condition of soft wheat grain

Use of barriers to limit movement of parasitoids of Lygus spp

Use of bicarbonates to inhibit in vitro colony growth of Botrytis cinerea

Use of biocontrol agents and nematicides in the control of Meloidogyne javanica root-knot nematode on tomato and eggplant

Use of blood parameters as ethnic characteristics in cattle breeds

Use of borate compounds to prevent insect damage to furniture hickory rounds with the bark intact

Use of canine microsatellite polymorphisms in forensic examinations

Use of canola meal in diets for broiler chickens

Use of canola meal in diets for pigs in the finishing phase

Use of canonical variates in genetic divergence studies

Use of carbamylated hemoglobin concentration to differentiate acute from chronic renal failure in dogs

Use of carbonic anhydrase for determining zinc status of sugar cane

Use of cellular fatty acids in the characterization and differentiation of bacterial leaf streak pathogens on millet

Use of cerebrospinal fluid shunts in patients having acquired immunodeficiency syndrome with cryptococcal meningitis and uncontrollable intracranial hypertension

Use of chicken egg-yolk antibodies against K88+ fimbrial antigen for quantitative analysis of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) K88+ by a sandwich ELISA

Use of climatic data to model the presence of oestrid flies in caribou herds

Use of cloned excretory/secretory low-molecular-weight proteins of Cooperia oncophora in a serological assay

Use of cold water for irrigation reduces stem elongation of plug-grown tomato and cabbage seedlings

Use of community-based indices to monitor eutrophication in European rivers

Use of competing conceptions of risk in animal agriculture

Use of complex number in the analysis of increase in dry matter indigestibility with growth of forages

Use of constructed wetlands to process agricultural wastewater

Use of conventional biochemical tests and analyses of ribotype patterns for classification of micrococci isolated from dairy products

Use of coreceptors other than CCR5 by non-syncytium-inducing adult and pediatric isolates of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 is rare in vitro

Use of cosmid-derived and chromosome-specific canine microsatellites

Use of decimal dilutions of extract of Fusarium moniliforme in the control of Fusarium infection on corn seeds

Use of degenerate primers for partial sequencing and RT-PCR-based assays of grapevine leafroll-associated viruses 4 and 5

Use of delipidized antigens of Taenia solium metacestodes in IgG-ELISA for detection of neurocysticercosis

Use of dot immunoassay for rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria Vibrio alginolyticus and Aeromonas hydrophila from shrimps and fishes

Use of dried papaya skin in the diet of growing pullets

Use of dried yeast as a protein source for growing-finishing swine

Use of electric pulses for selective isolation of actinomycetes from soil

Use of enrofloxacin in the treatment of acute canine ehrlichiosis

Use of enrofloxacin to control atypical Aeromonas salmonicida in Atlantic tomcod

Use of epidemiologic and food survey data to estimate a purposefully conservative dose-response relationship for Listeria monocytogenes levels and incidence of listeriosis

Use of fecal steroid metabolites to estimate the pregnancy rate of a free-ranging herd of tule elk

Use of fibrin glue derived from snake venom in testicular biopsy of rams

Use of field lysimeters to determine 14C-dicamba persistence and movement in soil

Use of filter cake, as a substitute for cereals in poultry feed

Use of fluconazole in the treatment of non-AIDS cryptococcal meningitis

Use of forested habitat by breeding birds in the Gulf Coastal Plain

Use of gamma radiation to eliminate fungi from wood

Use of gene substitution values to quantify partial dominance in low palmitic acid soybean

Use of genetic markers in animal breeding

Use of goats as biological agents for the renovation of pastures in the Appalachian region of the United States

Use of green fluorescent protein to detect expression of nif genes of Azoarcus sp. BH72, a grass-associated diazotroph, on rice roots

Use of herbage compost as horticultural substrate and source of plant nutrients

Use of hot water for beef carcass decontamination

Use of hydrologic budget and chemical data for ground-water assessment

Use of imidacloprid-treated row mixtures for Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) management

Use of individual tree mixed models to account for mortality and selective thinning when estimating base population genetic parameters

Use of industrial amino acids to allow low protein concentrations in finishing diets for growing Muscovy ducks

Use of infrared thermometry and effect of otitis externa on external ear canal temperature in dogs

Use of intravenous lipids in critically ill patients with sepsis without and with hepatic failure

Use of ion-exchange resin to evaluate the bioavailability of sulfur in the soil

Use of isotope analysis to characterize meat from Iberian-breed swine

Use of labeled sulphur-35 for tracing sulphur transfers in developing pods of field-grown oilseed rape

Use of laser flare-cell photometry to count anterior chamber canine leukocytes and latex beads in vitro

Use of low doses of clenbuterol to reduce incidence of ascites syndrome in broilers

Use of luciferase genes as biosensors to study bacterial physiology in the digestive tract

Use of lux-marker genes to monitor survival of antagonistic Pseudomonas fluorescens on the phylloplane

Use of lytic bacteriophage for control of experimental Escherichia coli septicemia and meningitis in chickens and calves

Use of macrophage colony-stimulating factor in the treatment of fungal infections

Use of measurements of ethanol absorption from stomach and intestine to assess human ethanol metabolism

Use of meat and bone meal as a protein source in the diet of juvenile Japanese flounder

Use of microscopic lesion scores, gross lesion scores and oocyst count scores to detect Eimeria maxima in chickens

Use of microwave digestion and atomic absorption spectrophotometry to determine chromic oxide as a digestibility marker in feed, feces, and ileal content

Use of modified plum pox virus coat protein genes developed to limit heteroencapsidation-associated risks in transgenic plants

Use of molecular markers to differentiate Colletotrichum lindemuthianum races 89 and 69

Use of monoclonal antibodies to determine biomass of Cladosporium fulvum in infected tomato leaves

Use of mudstone as a red soil amendment

Use of multinutrient soil tests for sulphur determination

Use of multiple competitors for quantification of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 RNA in plasma

Use of naloxone and dimethyl sulfoxide to decrease tissue damage due to experimental intestinal obstruction in dogs

Use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict and compare the composition of carcass samples from young steers

Use of net photosynthesis and water-use-efficiency in breeding wheat for drought resistance

Use of new nephrostomy catheter for treatment of renal neonatal candidiasis

Use of once daily milking or treatment with progesterone and oestradiol benzoate in anoestrous cows

Use of orchiectomy and testosterone replacement to explore meal number-to-meal size relationship in male rats

Use of organic compost in the propagation of potted grafted vines

Use of partial host resistance in the management of bacterial blight of rice

Use of partial prostatectomy for treatment of prostatic abscesses and cysts in dogs

Use of passive microwave remote sensing to monitor soil moisture

Use of peripheral temperature and core-peripheral temperature difference to predict cardiac output in dehydrated calves housed in a thermoneutral environment

Use of phospholipid fatty acids and carbon source utilization patterns to track microbial community succession in developing compost

Use of physiological indices as a screening technique for drought tolerance in oilseed Brassica species

Use of piezometers to find the depth to impermeable layer in the design of drainage systems

Use of plant forage lignin and silica as digestibility indicators for quantitative estimation of food consumption by free-ranging saigas

Use of plant protection products in the Czech Republic

Use of planting depth and budding height to modify vigour control of Ottawa 3 apple rootstock

Use of plaque assay to detect enteric viruses in a rural watershed

Use of polymerase chain reaction to diagnose a natural outbreak of mouse hepatitis virus infection in nude mice

Use of polymerase chain reaction to simultaneously detect and type bovine viral diarrhoea viruses isolated from clinical specimens

Use of prochlorperazine in treatment of emesis in dogs

Use of prodiamine as a preemergence herbicide to control annual bluegrass in Kentucky bluegrass

Use of protozoan communities for pollution monitoring

Use of radioactive fallout cesium-137 to estimate soil erosion on three farms in west central Ohio

Use of recombinant human erythropoietin as adjuvant therapy for blood banking for autotransfusion in dogs

Use of remote sensing data in a GIS environment for water resources management

Use of remote sensing for forest vegetation management: a problem analysis

Use of rennet casein and milk protein concentrate in the production of spread-type processed cheese analogue

Use of residual fertiliser 15N in soil for isotope dilution estimates of N2 fixation by grain legumes

Use of rice bran oil in foods

Use of rifampicin on bacterial decontamination of papaya field-grown tissue cuttings for in vitro culture

Use of rubidium to label Lysiphlebus testaceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a parasitoid of greenbugs (Homoptera: Aphididae), for dispersal studies

Use of saline/sodic water for irrigation

Use of satellite and field information in a forest damage survey of eastern Finnish Lapland in 1993

Use of scale morphology for discriminating wild stocks of Atlantic striped bass

Use of seed protein polymorphism for discrimination of improvement level and geographic origin of upland rice cultivars

Use of selected starter cultures in the production of farm manufactured goat cheese from thermized milk

Use of selective media to recover Salmonella and Vibrio cholerae after growth in reconditioned pork-processing wastewater

Use of semiquantitative food frequency questionnaires to estimate the distribution of usual intake

Use of sodium dithionite for controlling kiln brown stain development in radiata pine sapwood

Use of soil amendments for improving rice yields under subsurface drainage in saline sodic soil irrigated with brackish water

Use of soil texture, bulk density, and slope of the water retention curve to predict saturated hydraulic conductivity

Use of solid phase microextraction of volatile compounds in whey protein concentrates

Use of spatial patterns of soil properties and wheat yield in geostatistics for determination of fertilizer rates

Use of spectral analysis to estimate short-term periodicities in growth rates of brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis

Use of spectral radiance for correcting nitrogen deficiencies and estimating soil test variability in an established bermudagrass pasture

Use of stand density index to schedule thinnings in loblolly pine plantations: a spreadsheet approach

Use of stem diameter variations for detecting the effects of pathogens on plant water status

Use of stored pig eggs to assess boar sperm fertilizing functions in vitro

Use of sugar beet foliage by the introduced leafmining fly Amauromyza flavifrons (Diptera: Agromyzidae)

Use of sunflower meal in feed mixtures for laying hens

Use of surface-smear bacteria for inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes on the rind of smear cheese

Use of synthetic antigens improves detection by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of antibodies against abortigenic Chlamydia psittaci in ruminants

Use of synthetic media of oviduct for microinjection into rabbits zygotes to obtain transgenic animals

Use of tensiometer response time to determine the hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soil

Use of the 27-kilodalton recombinant protein from Paracoccidioides brasiliensis in serodiagnosis of paracoccidioidomycosis

Use of the APSIM wheat model to predict yield, drainage, and NO3- leaching for a deep sand

Use of the BioMerieux ID 32C yeast identification system for identification of aerobic actinomycetes of medical importance

Use of the IGF BAC library for physical mapping of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome

Use of the XTT assay method for SOD-like activity to several beverages

Use of the breath hydrogen test to assess the effect of age on orocecal transit time and carbohydrate assimilation in cats

Use of the cell division protein FtsZ as a means of differentiating among Bartonella species

Use of the concept of lineages of Pyricularia grisea to select resistant rice germplasm

Use of the multi-allelic self-incompatibility gene in apple to assess homozygosity in shoots obtained through haploid induction

Use of traditional practices and knowledge in monitoring a Lake Malawi artisanal fishery

Use of trans-sialidase inhibition assay in a population serologically negative for Trypanosoma cruzi but at a high risk of infection

Use of ubiquitin fusions to augment protein expression in transgenic plants

Use of veld condition assessment to set objectives and targets for an ISO 14001 environmental management system for Vaalbos National Park

Use of warm-season food plots by white-tailed deer

Use of weather variables to quantify sorghum ergot potential in South Africa

Use of weeders with different types of tool motion in mechanical weed control in apple orchard

Use of weighed diet records in the evaluation of diets with different protein contents in patients with type 2 diabetes

Use patterns and residual levels of organophosphate pesticides on vegetables in Trinidad, West Indies

Usefully combining a series of unreplicated cheesemaking experiments

Usefulness of marker-QTL associations in early generation selection

Usefulness of new DNA extraction procedure for PCR technique in species identification of Entamoeba isolates

Using GIS for facilitating erosion estimation

Using PCR to distinguish Diaporthe phaseolorum and Phomopsis longicolla from other soybean fungal pathogens and to detect them in soybean tissues

Using RAPD markers to investigate genetic variation in chickpea

Using Tabu Search to generate stand-level, rule-based bucking patterns

Using a chlorophyll meter to manage nitrogen applications to corn with high nitrate irrigation water

Using a geographic information system (GIS) to associate forest stand characteristics with top kill due to defoliation by the jack pine budworm

Using a nonlinear mixed model to evaluate three models of human stature

Using a puncture test to identify the role of seed coverings on thermotolerant lettuce seed germination

Using a subsample of the core collection to identify new sources of resistance to white mold in common bean

Using acid detergent fibre in estimating total digestible nutrients of Karoo plants

Using aggregation and antiaggregation pheromones of the Douglas-fir beetle to produce snags for wildlife habitat

Using alternative methods to estimate the level of technical efficiency for specialized dairy farms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Using an F2 screen to search for resistance alleles to Bacillus thuringiensis toxin in European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)

Using ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) as a biological indicator of agroecosystem condition

Using cereal grain winter cover crops to reduce groundwater nitrate contamination in the mid-Atlantic coastal plain

Using corn maturity to maintain grain yield in the presence of late-season drought

Using coupling with the Gibbs sampler to assess convergence in animal models

Using crop performance data to select hybrids and varieties

Using current on-line carcass evaluation parameters to estimate boneless and bone-in pork carcass yield as influenced by trim level

Using defoliation to estimate yield losses in cauliflower: application in hail damage assessment

Using dynamic programming and overlapping subproblems to address adjacency in large harvest scheduling problems

Using early-season leaf traits to predict nitrogen sufficiency of burley tobacco

Using ethylene as a sprout control agent in stored 'Russet Burbank' potatoes

Using forest plantations to spare natural forests

Using geostatistics to select grid-cell layouts for the AGNPS model

Using granulated wood charcoal as a filter medium

Using greenhouse microclimate to improve the efficacy of insecticide application for Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Using horticultural oil, pruning, and acephate banding to reduce the first generation of crapemyrtle aphid

Using hydrotime and ABA-time models to quantify seed quality of brassicas during development

Using in-row subsoiling to minimize soil compaction caused by traffic

Using laboratory selection for desiccation resistance to examine the relationship between respiratory pattern and water loss in insects

Using linear programming to minimize manure storage and application costs in pork production

Using maximum likelihood to estimate population size from temporal changes in allele frequencies

Using measured data and expert opinion in a multiple objective decision support system for semiarid rangelands

Using microdensitometry to correlate cell morphology with the nuclear cycle in Ustilago maydis

Using monoclonal antibodies to characterize a sequential epitope on the group I allergen of Bermuda grass pollen

Using multi-temporal satellite data to evaluate selective logging in Para, Brazil

Using natural zeolites in the fattening rations of Awassi lambs

Using object-oriented database management technology in agricultural decision support software

Using partial least squares regression, factorial regression, and AMMI models for interpreting genotype x environment interaction

Using polysaccharides and galactomannans as gelling agents in capsule formation of artificial seeds

Using precision farming technologies to improve management of soil and fertiliser nitrogen

Using quantitative feed restriction to decrease mortality of male broilers

Using recent versus complete pedigree data in genetic evaluation of a closed nucleus broiler line

Using remote sensing to detect and monitor a western pine beetle infestation in west Texas

Using rhizobia in the 21st century

Using severance tax data to estimate annual timber removal levels for inventory projection in Alabama

Using simple sequence repeats (SSRs) for DNA fingerprinting germplasm accessions of grape (Vitis L.) species

Using simulation modeling to estimate the relationship between date of fruit maturity and yield potential in peach

Using simultaneous regression techniques with individual-tree growth models

Using snares to live-capture beaver, Castor canadensis

Using sod to manage nitrogen in orchard floors

Using soil solution monitoring to determine the effects of irrigation management and fertigation on nitrogen availability in high-density apple orchards

Using straw as an efficient antierosive agent in apple tree orchards on slopes

Using sunflower meal in waterfowl diets

Using the data on climate continentality to estimate the heat supply of soil

Using the non-parametric classifier CART to model forest tree mortality

Using the randomisation in specifying the ANOVA model and table for properly and improperly replicated grazing trials

Ustilaginales from the Spanish Pyrenees and Andorra

Uterine adenocarcinoma in a captive sika deer

Uterine and ovarian responses to puberty induction and pregnancy in prepubertal gilts

Uterine androgen receptor mRNA expression in metestrous and anestrous bitches being healthy or suffering from pyometra

Uterine environment and breed effects on erythropoiesis and liver protein secretion in late embryonic and early fetal swine

Uterine healing after repeated elective caesarean section with scalpel and electrosurgery in rabbits

Uterine-associated serine protease inhibitors stimulate deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in porcine endometrial glandular epithelial cells of pregnancy

Utilisation of U-14C-lysine by young turkeys

Utilisation of antimalarial drugs by pregnant women attending the antenatal clinic at Muhimbili Medical Centre, Dar es Salaam

Utilisation of complete feed containing poultry droppings in sheep and goats

Utilisation of enriched soybean flour by Clarias gariepinus

Utilisation of reactive lysine from meat and bone meals of different ash content by growing-finishing pigs

Utilisation of skim milk filled with coconut milk for preparation of paneer

Utilisation of squilla meal (a novel animal protein source) by broilers

Utilisation of substrates during tethered flight with and without lift generation in the African fruit beetle Pachnoda sinuata (Cetoniinae)

Utilisation of wild gramineous plants for management of cereal stemborers in Africa

Utilising airborne multispectral videography to predict habitat complexity in eucalypt forests for wildlife management

Utilising temperate and tropical pastures and compensatory growth during winter to maximise growth in cattle

Utility of SSRs for determining genetic similarities and relationships in maize using an agarose gel system

Utility of catalytic models in the estimation of incidence and prevalence of malaria in a hyperendemic situation

Utility of eyestalk ablation in farming and broodstock development of the shrimp Penaeus monodon Fabricius

Utility of fungal blood cultures for patients with AIDS

Utility of green fluorescent nucleic acid dyes and aluminum oxide membrane filters for rapid epifluorescence enumeration of soil and sediment bacteria

Utility of random amplified polymorphic DNA PCR and TaqMan automated detection in molecular identification of Aspergillus fumigatus

Utility of routine testing of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid for cryptococcal antigen

Utilizability of nitrogen of differently processed mustard cake in ruminants

Utilization and cost of serologic tests for Lyme disease in Maryland

Utilization and dissipation of absorbed light energy in the epiphytic Crassulacean acid metabolism bromeliad Tillandsia ionantha

Utilization of MSW compost in nursery stock production

Utilization of a duckweed bioassay to evaluate leaching of heavy metals in smelter contaminated soils

Utilization of animal by-products as food materials by enzymatic treatment

Utilization of bioelectrical impedance to predict carcass composition of Holstein steers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of age

Utilization of castor straw in the ration of sheep

Utilization of chemokine receptors, orphan receptors, and herpesvirus-encoded receptors by diverse human and simian immunodeficiency viruses

Utilization of cowpea crop residues to reduce fertilizer nitrogen inputs with fall broccoli

Utilization of diverse germplasm for soybean yield improvement

Utilization of human blood and sugar as nutrients by female Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Utilization of lime cake on acidic sugarcane land

Utilization of metal-dust and sand in block making for low cost housing in rural areas

Utilization of nitrogen and macro-minerals in response to nutritional status in clinically normal adult cats

Utilization of oligopeptides by Listeria monocytogenes Scott A

Utilization of ostriches

Utilization of phytate and nonphytate phosphorus in chicks as affected by source and amount of vitamin D3

Utilization of pine kraft lignin in starch composites: impact of structural heterogeneity

Utilization of plant material for remediation of herbicide-contaminated soils

Utilization of rice technologies by limited-resource farm households in Trinidad

Utilization of several biopolymers for granular formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis

Utilization of shredded shrubs to avoid soil erosion

Utilization of silkworm hemolymph for insect cell culture

Utilization of skeletal muscle triacylglycerol during postexercise recovery in humans

Utilization of softwoods in Great Britain

Utilization of spent hen meal in diets for broiler chickens

Utilization of sunflower crop residues as feed in small ruminants

Utilization of sunflower heads in complete diets of crossbred bulls

Utilization of sunflower straw in complete diets of crossbred bulls

Utilization of the skin attachment model to determine the antibacterial efficacy of potential carcass treatments

Utilization of urea as a body water marker in growing pigs

Utilization of water hyacinth as an alternative substrate for oyster mushroom cultivation

Utilization of xylose as an alternative carbon source for nisin Z production by Lactococcus lactis IO-1

Utilizing a multipoint measuring system of photosynthetically active radiation in photosynthetic studies within canopies

Utilizing landscape information to analyze and predict environmental change: the extended baseline perspective. Two Tanzanian examples

V antigen of Yersinia pestis inhibits neutrophil chemotaxis

V3 loop of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reduces cyclin E expression and induces G1 arrest in interleukin 2-dependent T cells

V3 sequence diversity of HIV-1 subtype E in infected mothers and their infants

VLDL-triglyceride production after alcohol ingestion, studied using glycerol

VP7 from African horse sickness virus serotype 9 protects mice against a lethal, heterologous serotype challenge

VPg of tobacco etch potyvirus is a host genotype-specific determinant for long-distance movement

VPg, coat protein and five non-structural proteins of potato A potyvirus bind RNA in a sequence-unspecific manner

Vaccination against ergot alkaloids and the effect of endophyte-infected fescue seed-based diets on rabbits

Vaccination against red sea bream iridoviral disease in red sea bream

Vaccination and protection of pigs against pleuropneumonia with a vaccine strain of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae produced by site-specific mutagenesis of the ApxII operon

Vaccination of chickens against Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale infection

Vaccination of freshwater-reared Atlantic salmon reduces mortality associated with infectious salmon anaemia virus

Vaccination of guinea pigs with nutritionally impaired avirulent mutants of Mycobacterium bovis protects against tuberculosis

Vaccination of pigeon by Salmonella typhimurium

Vaccination of turkeys in the wattles (dewlap) with turkey meningo-encephalitis live vaccine and Pasteurella multocida killed-in-oil vaccine

Vaccination with a recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus expressing an influenza virus hemagglutinin provides complete protection from influenza virus challenge

Vaccination with cathepsin L proteinases and with leucine aminopeptidase induces high levels of protection against fascioliasis in sheep

Vaccination with experimental feline immunodeficiency virus vaccines, based on autologous infected cells, elicits enhancement of homologous challenge infection

Vaccination with trypomastigote surface antigen 1-encoding plasmid DNA confers protection against lethal Trypanosoma cruzi infection

Vaccine potential of attenuated mutants of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis in sheep

Vaccine-induced, pseudorabies virus-specific, extrathymic CD4+CD8+ memory T-helper cells in swine

Vacuolar membrane lesions induced by a freeze-thaw cycle in protoplasts isolated from deacclimated tubers of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

Vacuolar storage proteins and the putative vacuolar sorting receptor BP-80 exit the Golgi apparatus of developing pea cotyledons in different transport vesicles

Vacuolar-type H+-ATPase regulates cytoplasmic pH in Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites

Vacuole development in cultured evacuolated oat mesophyll protoplasts

Vacuum headspace method in aroma research: flavor chemistry of yellow passion fruits

Vagal involvement in dietary regulation of nutrient transport

Vaginal cytology in small ruminants

Vaginal microbiology of women with vaginitis

Vagococcus salmoninarum, a bacterium of pathological significance in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss farming

Validating FLUENT for the flow of granular materials in aerial spreaders

Validating a vegetative filter strip performance model

Validating targets for antiparasite chemotherapy

Validation and comparison of two computerized methods of obtaining a diet history

Validation and use of the CALUX-bioassay for the determination of dioxins and PCBs in bovine milk

Validation of ELISA for the detection of African horse sickness virus antigens and antibodies

Validation of a gas chromatographic method for determining fatty alcohols that compose policosanol in five-milligram film-coated tablets

Validation of a gas-chromatographic method for the determination of herbicide residues in rice and bean using steam distillation

Validation of a process-oriented model of Bacillus thuringiensis variety kurstaki efficacy against spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Validation of a short telephone administered questionnaire to evaluate dietary interventions in low income communities in Montreal, Canada

Validation of an operator-assisted module to measure weed and crop leaf cover by digital image analysis

Validation of antibiotic residue tests for dairy goats

Validation of deuterium incorporation against sterol balance for measurement of human cholesterol biosynthesis

Validation of ecoregion-based taper equations for white spruce in Alberta

Validation of expedient methods for measuring body composition in Indian adults

Validation of predicted total body water and extracellular water by multi-frequency impedance in young Indonesian adults

Validation of predictive equations for use of deuterium oxide dilution to determine body composition of dogs

Validation of the doubly labelled water technique for bumblebees Bombus terrestris (L.)

Validation of the main modeling methods for the estimation of marker mean retention times in the different compartments of the gastrointestinal tract in sheep

Validation of the modified multisystem organ failure score as a predictor of mortality in patients with AIDS-related Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and respiratory failure

Validation of the synaptic depression in the central nervous system of the Locusta migratoria caused by an organophosphate (paraoxon) insecticide

Validation of thin-layer chromatography quantitation determination with CCD camera and slit-scanning densitometer

Validation study for the determination of tetracycline residues in animal tissues

Validity of methods used to assess vitamin and mineral supplement use

Validity of the body mass index as an indicator of the risk and presence of overweight in adolescents

Vallisneria americana (Hydrocharitaceae) as a biomonitor of aquatic ecosystems: comparison of cloned genotypes

Valuable soils in Northrhine-Westphalia - soil scientific criteria for generating a complete map for soil protection

Valuation of experimental management options for ecological systems

Value and limits of yeasts surveillance in intensive care patients

Value of cerebrospinal fluid cytochemical examination for the diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis at birth in France

Value of different serological tests in the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis in the Amazonian region

Value of iron supplementation in gastrointestinal bleeding

Values and objectives of non-industrial private forest owners in Finland

Values of chemical and energetic composition of feeds for broilers

Valuing the temperate rainforest: wild mushrooming on the Olympic Peninsula Biosphere Reserve

Vanadium levels in French and Californian wines: influence on vanadium dietary intake

Vanil-mandelic acid as indicator of acute stress in cows at slaughter

Variability among Pseudomonas strains pathogenic to cucumber

Variability among Vitis vinifera cultivars in micropropagation, organogenesis and antibiotic sensitivity

Variability among four populations of Meloidogyne javanica from Brazil

Variability among turnip mosaic potyvirus isolates

Variability and correlation studies in Jasminum

Variability and correlations in blackgram

Variability and trends in sowing dates across the Australian wheatbelt

Variability associated with testing shelled corn for fumonisin

Variability for quality traits in durum wheat

Variability for restriction fragment-length polymorphisms (RFLPs) and relationships among elite commercial inbred and virtual hybrid onion populations

Variability in O2, CO2, and H2O transmission rates among commercial polyethylene films for modified atmosphere packaging

Variability in certain qualitative characters of fatty oil from seeds of Salvadora spp

Variability in different physical and biochemical characteristics of six tomato genotypes according to stages of ripeness

Variability in laccase production by mycelia of Lentinula boryana and Lentinula edodes in the presence of soluble lignin derivatives in solid media

Variability in leaf chlorophyll concentration among fully-fertilized corn hybrids

Variability in leaf optical properties among 26 species from a broad range of habitats

Variability in leaf-level CO2 and water fluxes in Pinus banksiana and Picea mariana in Saskatchewan

Variability in metabolic rate, feed intake and fatness among selection and inbred lines of mice

Variability in phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity among cell cultures of elm clones inoculated with Ophiostoma novo-ulmi spores

Variability in postharvest decay among apple cultivars

Variability in protein composition of pea seed studied by FPLC and multidimensional analysis

Variability in response of potato genotypes to in vitro propagation

Variability in seed dormancy of three Pacific Northwestern grasses

Variability in six pea gene sequences and mapping through PCR-based markers

Variability in surface water chemistry and phytoplankton biomass in two tropical, tidally dominated mangrove creeks

Variability in the intercomparison of food carotenoid content data: a user's point of view

Variability in the milk production of Holstein-Friesian cows according to the agroecological regions of Hungary

Variability in the resistance of four chicken lines to experimental intravenous infection with Salmonella enteritidis phage type 4

Variability in the trans fatty acid content of foods within a food category: implications for estimation of dietary trans fatty acid intakes

Variability in turfgrass water requirements on a golf course

Variability of Tilletia indica, the causal fungus of karnal bunt of wheat

Variability of digestibility criteria in maize elite hybrids submitted for registration in the French official catalogue

Variability of dry seed mycobiota of Pisum sativum

Variability of embryonic development among three inbred strains of mice

Variability of geographically distinct isolates of maize rayado fino virus in Latin America

Variability of germination tests of corn and soybeans

Variability of leaf phosphorus among sugarcane genotypes grown on Everglades Histosols

Variability of leaf surface ultrastructure in Crataegus pubescens accessions and its probable relation to the mechanisms of adaptation to diverse environmental conditions

Variability of ligninolytic enzyme activities in basidiospore isolates of the fungus Pleurotus ostreatus in comparison with that of protoplast-derived isolates

Variability of maize seed imbibition rates as influenced by seed size distribution and coating application

Variability of seed storage proteins in some populations of annual Medicago

Variability of snowmelt runoff and soil moisture recharge

Variability of solute transport in field lysimeters

Variability of the NSS protein among Rift Valley fever virus isolates

Variability of the essential oil composition of the species Satureja montana L. (Lamiaceae)

Variability of the photosynthetic characteristics of mature needles within the crown of a 25-year-old Pinus pinaster

Variability of the plasmid pattern in Lactococcus lactis 195

Variability of the response of 66 Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua strains to different growth conditions

Variability within Calonectria ovata and its anamorph Cylindrocladium ovatum from Brazil

Variable biotherapeutic effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus isolates on orogastric and systemic candidiasis in immunodeficient mice

Variable degrees of granivory and phytophagy in insectivorous carabid beetles

Variable expression of isozymes in entomopathogenic nematodes following laboratory recycling

Variable meiotic behaviour among plants of an alloplasmic line of maize

Variable progression of HIV-associated dementia

Variable rate water and chemical application for continuous-move sprinkler irrigation systems

Variable regions A and B in the envelope glycoproteins of feline leukemia virus subgroup B and amphotropic murine leukemia virus interact with discrete receptor domains

Variable toxicity of scorpion, Mesobuthus tamulus and Androctonus australis venoms in experimental animals

Variables affecting pheromone concentration in vineyards treated for mating disruption of grape vine moth

Variance component analysis and heritability of antler traits in white-tailed deer

Variance component and heritability estimates for first and second lactation milk traits in the South African Ayrshire breed

Variance components and breeding values for growth traits from different statistical models

Variance components due to direct and maternal effects and estimation of breeding values for 12-week weight of Welsh Mountain lambs

Variant- and strain-specific immunity in Saimiri infected with Plasmodium falciparum

Variants of Trichophyton rubrum

Variation among populations of Clarkia unguiculata (Onagraceae) along altitudinal and latitudinal gradients

Variation among red and Freeman maples in response to drought and flooding

Variation among soybean cultivars in dinitrogen fixation response to drought

Variation and allometry of seed weight in Aeschynomene americana

Variation and consistency in spatial distribution as measured by Taylor's power law

Variation and consistency of female preferences for simulated courtship songs in Drosophila virilis

Variation and distribution and saikosaponin in Bupleurum falcatum L

Variation and distribution of hydraulic resistance in soil-plant system

Variation and inheritance of isozyme loci in controlled crosses of Salix alba and Salix fragilis

Variation at the b mating type locus of Ustilago maydis

Variation by body mass index and age in waist-to-hip ratio associations with glycemic status in an aboriginal population at risk for type 2 diabetes in British Columbia, Canada

Variation for amylose content in wheat cultivars carrying different null alleles at the Wx loci

Variation for insect resistance and horticultural traits in tomato inbred backcross populations derived from Lycopersicon pennellii

Variation for yield, water-use efficiency, and canopy morphology among nine alfalfa germplasms

Variation in acid hydrolase enzyme titers in different developmental stages of Aedes togoi

Variation in adult populations of the potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) and feeding injury among clones of red maple

Variation in allozymes and stomatal size in pinyon (Pinus edulis, Pinaceae), associated with soil moisture

Variation in amount and elemental composition of epicuticular wax in Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) leaves associated with natural environmental factors

Variation in autumnal growth of hermaphroditic clones of Glechoma hederacea originating from two geographical regions and two habitats

Variation in chemical composition and nutritional quality among barley cultivars for ruminants. 1. Steer finishing performance, diet digestibilities and carcass characteristics

Variation in chemical composition and nutritional quality among barley cultivars for ruminants. 2. Digestion, ruminal characteristics and in situ disappearance kinetics

Variation in compound egg chambers induced by juvenile hormone analogues in Achaea janata

Variation in copper metabolism between two flocks of Romney sheep in response to increasing dietary copper

Variation in cultural characteristics, morphology and virulence among isolates of Bipolaris sorokiniana

Variation in efficacy of isolates of the fungus ARF against the soybean cyst nematode Heterodera glycines

Variation in fecundity and sexual morph production among insecticide-resistant clones of the aphid Schizaphis graminum (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Variation in flagellin genes and proteins of Burkholderia cepacia

Variation in flushing times of Quercus species and their hybrids

Variation in forage quality of the most important plant species in peat soil grassland

Variation in forest gas exchange at landscape to continental scales

Variation in growth efficiency and body composition due to genetic factors

Variation in growth, flowering and cone production in a clonal seed orchard of Aleppo pine grown in Greece

Variation in hydramethylnon susceptibility among insecticide-resistant German cockroaches (Blattodea: Blattellidae)

Variation in karyotype and 4C DNA content in six species of Melocactus of the family Cactaceae

Variation in lateral shoot elongation patterns and hybrid vigor in full-sib families and interspecific hybrids of larch

Variation in leaf starch and sink limitations during seed filling in soybean

Variation in magnesium and nitrogen content in seeds of antelope bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata, Rosaceae)

Variation in maturity traits within individual apples of cultivar Jonagold

Variation in microbial community structure in two boreal peatlands as determined by analysis of phospholipid fatty acid profiles

Variation in mineral composition of leaves and its relationship with photosynthesis and transpiration in polyclonal seedlings of Hevea brasiliensis

Variation in mineral content of red maple sap across an atmospheric deposition gradient

Variation in mitochondrial DNA sequences of black porgy, Acanthopagrus schlegeli, in the coastal waters of Taiwan

Variation in pathogenicity among isolates of Phytophthora clandestina

Variation in pathogenicity and DNA polymorphism among Botrytis cinerea isolates sampled inside and outside a glasshouse

Variation in pathogenicity and genotype among single-zoospore strains of Aphanomyces euteiches

Variation in pathogenicity, morphology, and RAPD marker profiles in Colletotrichum graminicola from turfgrasses

Variation in photoperiod response of different isogenic lines of wild oats (Avena fatua)

Variation in photosynthetic characteristics along the leaf blade of Oncidium Goldiana, a C3 tropical epiphytic orchid hybrid

Variation in pollen limitation among plants and phenotypic selection on floral traits in an early-spring flowering herb

Variation in rates of nitrogen fixation in termites: response to dietary nitrogen in the field and laboratory

Variation in reproductive behaviour in Black Bengal does

Variation in resistance of soybean lines to races of Heterodera glycines

Variation in resistance to Eumargarodes laingi (Hemiptera: Margarodidae) in Australian sugarcane

Variation in resistance to Venturia populina, the cause of poplar leaf and shoot blight in the Pacific Northwest

Variation in response to defoliation between populations of Bouteloua curtipendula var. caespitosa (Poaceae) with different livestock grazing histories

Variation in ribosomal genes in Meloidogyne arenaria

Variation in ripening of Thompson Seedless on different training systems

Variation in seed dormancy among mother plants, populations and years of seed collection

Variation in seed oil composition of species from the genera Barbarea and Lepidium

Variation in seed protein content in the annual wild Cicer species

Variation in selected wood properties of Vochysia guatemalensis from four sites in Costa Rica

Variation in sexual and asexual reproduction among young and old populations of the perennial macrophyte Sparganium erectum

Variation in soluble protein fraction of anther derived green and albino indica rice plants

Variation in some fertility characteristics of soddy-podzolic soil in specialized grain crop rotations and with growing grain-forage crops as monoculture using postharvest green manure and straw as fe

Variation in sugar content in fruit of four strawberry cultivars grown in the field and under forced culture, harvest years, and maturation stages

Variation in sugar maple root respiration with root diameter and soil depth

Variation in susceptibility of noctuid (Lepidoptera) larvae attacking cotton and soybean to purified endotoxin proteins and commercial formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis

Variation in the apparent sensitivity of the insulin-mediated inhibition of proteolysis to amino acid supply determines the efficiency of protein utilization

Variation in the composition of wood extractives from Eucalyptus globulus during seasoning

Variation in the electrophoretic karyotype of Brazilian strains of Metarhizium anisopliae

Variation in the end products of androgen biosynthesis and metabolism during postnatal differentiation of rat Leydig cells

Variation in the incidence of resin-filled shakes and wood density among open-pollinated families of Pinus elliottii planted at four different sites

Variation in toe-web response of turkey poults to phytohemagglutinin-P and their resistance to Escherichia coli challenge

Variation in transpirational water-use efficiency and root length development among wheat cultivars

Variation in vetch (Vicia spp.) response to Orobanche aegyptiaca

Variation in virulence within Meloidogyne chitwoodi, M. fallax, and M. hapla on Solanum spp

Variation in water-use efficiency and its relation to carbon isotope ratio in cotton

Variation in yield loss per aphid-day due to Sitobion avenae-infestation in high yielding winter wheat

Variation in yield of narrow-leafed lupin caused by terminal drought

Variation of antigenic proteins of eggs and developmental stages of Paragonimus westermani

Variation of breeding system, floral rewards, and reproductive success in clonal Calystegia species (Convolvulaceae)

Variation of chromosome number in plants and regenerated plantlets of Bupleurum falcatum L

Variation of cold tolerance among open-pollinated sweet corn cultivars

Variation of dominance of newly arisen adaptive genes

Variation of early growth and nutrient content of no-till corn and soybean in relation to soil phosphorus and potassium supplies

Variation of emergence ability of rice using direct-seeding method

Variation of fitness among different isolates of Exserohilum turcicum obtained from the corn producing regions of Brazil, 93/94 crop

Variation of glucosinolates in vegetable crops of Brassica oleracea

Variation of major fatty acids in F8 generation of opium poppy (Papaver somniferum x Papaver setigerum) genotypes

Variation of milk components during the performance test period in Holstein dairy cow

Variation of nitrogen fixation among Medicago species in association with Rhizobium meliloti isolates

Variation of physicochemical characteristics of grain in rice plants derived from cell culture

Variation of respiratory enzyme activities of Suaeda salsa seedlings under salinity and doubled CO2

Variation of seedling traits of Eucalyptus microtheca origins in different watering regimes

Variation of silica bodies in leaf epidermal long cells within and among seventeen species of Oryza (Poaceae)

Variation of slime production and ultrastructural analysis in clinical and soil isolates of Candida parapsilosis

Variation of the nuclear DNA content of species of subtribe Citrinae (Rutaceae)

Variation of the total amount of fluoride in blood of young women during the menstrual cycle

Variation, correlation and regression studies in chickpeas

Variations among the windrows and crop fields in the contents of low moisture round bale silages

Variations in dietary fat and cholesterol intakes modify antioxidant status of SHR and WKY rats

Variations in electrical stunning tong placements and relative consequences in slaughter pigs

Variations in fecal Schistosoma japonicum egg counts

Variations in gastric emptying of liquid elicited by acute blood volume changes in awake rats

Variations in liver and kidney functions after epidural use of centbucridine in dogs

Variations in parasitic caligid infestations on farmed salmonids and implications for their management

Variations in polyamine content during embryogenesis of Cicer arietinum seeds

Variations in random amplified polymorphic DNA patterns and secondary metabolite profiles within Fusarium species from cereals from various parts of The Netherlands

Variations in storage compounds during germination and early plantlet growth of Dalbergia miscolobium

Variations in the VPg protein allow a potyvirus to overcome va gene resistance in tobacco

Variations in the secondary metabolite camptothecin in relation to tissue age and season in Camptotheca acuminata

Variations in water availability and temperature in the root environment during root volume restriction studies

Variations of nickel content during Manchego-type cheese making and ripening processes

Variations of the mechanical properties of Acer saccharum roots

Variations of wheat gliadin antigenicity during pepsin and trypsin hydrolysis

Variations on invariance or some unpleasant nonparametric arithmetic

Variations over time of microbial load and physicochemical properties of floor materials after cleaning in food industry premises

Varicella-zoster virus infection in children with underlying human immunodeficiency virus infection

Varied rates of mycorrhizal inoculum on growth and nutrient acquisition by barley grown with drought stress

Varietal adjustment of rice for increased production and profits in intensive cropping

Varietal difference of juice and shoot limonoids concentration in Citrus and the relationship between shoot and juice limonin concentration

Varietal difference of tolerance for dry wind damage in rice plant

Varietal difference of yields and yield components of rice by saline water treatment

Varietal differences in accumulation of ochratoxin A in barley and wheat cultivars after inoculation of Penicillium verrucosum

Varietal differences in adventitious organogenesis from the aseptic seedling of cyclamen

Varietal differences in female flower bearing ability and evaluation method in watermelon

Varietal differences in the effects of gamma irradiation on rice seed

Varietal differences in the growth of rice plants in response to aluminum and silicon

Varietal effects on the quality of fried soy snacks

Varietal performance of pigeonpea in medium black soils of Madhya Pradesh

Varietal selection for high root and oil yields in vetiver, Vetiveria zizanioides

Varietal specificity in growth, nitrogen uptake, and distribution under contrasting forms of nitrogen supply in spinach

Variety and maturity affect amaranth forage yield and quality

Variety and water deficit effects on phenology, growth and evapotranspiration efficiency in rice

Varimax rotated factors derived from body dimensions as used to predict production criteria in buffalo cows

Varying dietary fat type of reduced-fat diets has little effect on the susceptibility of LDL to oxidative modification in moderately hypercholesterolemic subjects

Vascular and cellular response to phytohaemagglutinin in Japanese quail

Vascular architecture of a large-leafed genotype of Trifolium repens

Vascular differentiation and transition in the seedling of Arabidopsis thaliana (Brassicaceae)

Vascular endothelial growth factor in human milk

Vascular movement of beet necrotic yellow vein virus in Beta macrocarpa is probably dependent on an RNA 3 sequence domain rather than a gene product

Vascular plant species richness in grazed and ungrazed coastal meadows, SW Finland

Vasculitic basilar artery thrombosis in chronic Candida albicans meningitis

Vasculitic course of neuroborreliosis with thalamic infarction

Vasoactive effects of cimicifugic acids C and D, and fukinolic acid in cimicifuga rhizome

Vasoactive intestinal peptide is an important endocrine regulatory factor of fetal rat testicular steroidogenesis

Vasoactive intestinal peptide secretion by turkey hypothalamic explants

Vector ability of mosquitoes for isolates of Plasmodium elongatum from raptors in Florida

Vector behavior and the transmission of anther-smut infection in Silene alba

Vector competence of 7 rhipicephalid tick stocks in transmitting 2 Theileria parva parasite stocks from Kenya and Zimbabwe

Vector competence of Aedes dorsalis (Diptera: Culicidae) from Morro Bay, California, for western equine encephalomyelitis virus

Vector competence of Aedes notoscriptus (Diptera: Culicidae) for Barmah Forest virus and of this species and Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) for dengue 1-4 viruses in Queensland, Australia

Vector competence of Aedes notoscriptus (Diptera: Culicidae) for Ross River virus in Queensland, Australia

Vector competence of Culicoides bolitinos and C. imicola for South African bluetongue virus serotypes 1, 3 and 4

Vector competence of Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes ricinus (Acari: Ixodidae) for three genospecies of Borrelia burgdorferi

Vector competence of three Venezuelan mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) for an epizootic IC strain of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus

Vector competition analysis of black spruce seedling responses to nutrient loading and vegetation control

Vector development for the expression of foreign proteins in the vaccine strain Brucella abortus S19

Vector diagnosis of nutrient dynamics in mesquite seedlings

Vectors of African horse sickness virus in Guinea-Bissau

Vegetable consumption among Scottish children: a review of the determinants and proposed strategies to overcome low consumption

Vegetal cover species in forest undergrowth as indicators of mountain forest environment

Vegetarian food guide pyramid: a conceptual framework

Vegetarianism and menstrual cycle disturbances: is there an association?

Vegetated filter strip removal of cattle manure constituents in runoff

Vegetation analysis of railway reserves in the Potchefstroom municipal area, North West Province, South Africa

Vegetation and elevational gradients within a bottomland hardwood forest of southeastern Louisiana

Vegetation biomass dynamics and patterns of sexual reproduction in a northern mixed-grass prairie

Vegetation change along a geothermal stress gradient at the Te Kopia steamfield

Vegetation changes associated with oak wilt in a Wisconsin sand savanna

Vegetation changes caused by recent fires in the northern boreal forest of eastern Canada

Vegetation development and site conditions on fallow fields in the Lake Stechlin region

Vegetation dynamics on the floodplain of the lower Chippewa River in Wisconsin

Vegetation management in farm forestry: a comparison of alternative methods of inter-row management

Vegetation mosaic around the first center of tourism development in the Uludag Mountain, Bursa-Turkey

Vegetation of Israel and Sinai

Vegetation of Linville Gorge Wilderness, North Carolina

Vegetation of Lishkmokh mire in Vodlozersky National Park, eastern Karelian republic, Russia

Vegetation of areas formerly used as military training areas and airfields and its importance for nature conservation

Vegetation of the Rybinsk reservoir

Vegetation on block-debris sites on landslides of different age

Vegetation recovery and indicative sediment generation rates by sheetwash erosion from hauler-logged settings at Mangatu Forest

Vegetation structure of Pirghar Hills, South Waziristan, Pakistan

Vegetation succession and disturbance on a boreal forest floodplain, Susitna River, Alaska

Vegetation survey of Elkhart Woods, Logan County, Illinois

Vegetational and climatic changes during recent past around Tipra Bank Glacier, Garhwal Himalaya

Vegetational aspects of Calluna heathlands in the western Po plain

Vegetational history of southern Scotland

Vegetative anatomy of the endemic orchid Vanilla pilifera Holt

Vegetative compatibility groups and pathogenicity among isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cucumerinum

Vegetative compatibility groups of Japanese isolates of Verticillium dahliae

Vegetative compatibility of an isolate of Verticillium dahliae pathogenic to both tomato and pepper

Vegetative growth and inoculation methods of Bipolaris sorokiniana

Vegetative growth and trace metal accumulation on metalliferous wastes

Vegetative propagation of Ricinodendron heudelotii, a West African fruit tree

Vehicle design and thermal comfort of poultry in transit

Vehicle motion and motion sickness in pigs

Velvetbean and bahiagrass as rotation crops for management of Meloidogyne spp. and Heterodera glycines in soybean

Venation pattern formation in Arabidopsis thaliana vegetative leaves

Venezuelan stingless bee honeys characterized by multivariate analysis of physicochemical properties

Venom induces alarm behaviour in the social wasp Polybioides raphigastra (Hymenoptera: Vespidae): an investigation of alarm behaviour, venom volatiles and sting autotomy

Venom of a parasitoid wasp induces prolonged grooming in the cockroach

Ventilation coefficient for wind-induced natural ventilation in cattle buildings: a scale model study in a wind tunnel

Ventral and lateral regions of the zebrafish gastrula, including the neural crest progenitors, are established by a bmp2b/swirl pathway of genes

Venturing overseas: strategic approaches adopted by foreign food companies in Malaysia

Verification of a mathematical model for pesticide transport in typical chernozem

Verification of a quantitative trait locus affecting agronomic traits in two-row barley

Verification of immunosuppression in chicks caused by Cryptosporidium baileyi infection using Brucella abortus strain 1119-3

Verification of the level of microbiological control for the slaughter and cooling processes of beef carcass production at a high-line-speed abattoir

Verification of yield QTL through realized molecular marker-assisted selection responses in a barley cross

Versatile modes of propagation in Cladium jamaicense in the Florida everglades

Versatility of fungal and bacterial isolates for biological control of damping-off disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium spp

Vertical and horizontal coordination in the agro-biotechnology industry: evidence and implications

Vertical and seasonal variation in canopy arthropod communities in an old-growth conifer forest in southwestern Washington, USA

Vertical distribution of micronutrients in some rice growing soils of Haryana and their relationship with soil properties

Vertical distribution of nitrogen fractions in mulberry garden soils

Vertical distribution of soil nematode diversity and abundance in a Central European oak forest

Vertical distribution patterns of vascular plants in the Fennoscandian mountain range

Vertical heterogeneity in soil properties and contaminant transport through soil profiles

Vertical overstory canopy architecture of temperate deciduous hardwood forests in the eastern United States

Vertical patterns of nitrogen transformations during infiltration in two wetland soils

Vertical phosphorus and potassium stratification in no-till cotton soils

Vertical profile of epiphytes in a Pacific Northwest old-growth forest

Verticillium dahliae resistance in horseradish germ plasm from the University of Illinois collection

Verticillium wilt of Tilia japonica and Acer palmatum, the first report on the occurrence of Verticillium dahliae on trees in Japan

Verticillium wilt of paprika caused by a highly virulent isolate of Verticillium dahliae

Very long-chain fatty acids change the ethanol tolerance of Drosophila melanogaster larvae

Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal association in sugarcane

Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae in plant health and disease management

Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, their role and importance in biocenoses

Vestured pits in some woody Gentianaceae

Viability and wall permeability of the extramatrical hyphae of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Hebeloma cylindrosporum

Viability during storage and stability of plasmids during storage and subculturing in strains of Vibrio anguillarum

Viability loss of some food-borne pathogens in milk fermented with Lactobacillus acidophilus

Viability of Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus in milk: sodium chloride concentration and storage temperature

Viability of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in natural waters

Viability of Lactobacillus acidophilus in fermented milk products during refrigerated storage

Viability of VAM spores from wheat fields in soil base culture under storage

Viability of VAM spores in soil of Sindh during in and out of wheat season

Viability of Volvariella volvacea strains stored in liquid nitrogen

Viability of a method for the isolation of Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina to create a strain bank from five physiographical regions of Brazil

Viability of litter-stored Pinus taeda L. seeds after simulated prescribed winter burns

Viability of small preantral ovarian follicles from domestic cats after cryoprotectant exposure and cryopreservation

Viability of weed seeds in feed pellet processing

Viable count in intestine of rats fed with different yogurts

Vibration syndrome and occupational exposure

Vibration techniques to test avian bone in vivo

Vibrational sounding by the pupal parasitoid Pimpla (Coccygomimus) turionellae: an additional solution to the reliability-detectability problem

Vibratory characteristics and hand-transmitted vibration reduction of walking tractor

Vibrio carchariae causes mass mortalities in Japanese abalone, Sulculus diversicolor supratexta

Vibrio damsela associated with diseased fish in Denmark

Vibrio splendidus biovar II as the causative agent of bacillary necrosis of Japanese oyster Crassostrea gigas larvae

Vibrio splendidus-related strain isolated from brown deposit in scallop (Pecten maximus) cultured in Brittany (France)

Vibrio-inhibiting marine bacteria isolated from black tiger shrimp hatchery

Video image analysis for on-line classification of lamb carcasses

Vietnamese villages and rice production

Views on the potential impact of cloning on animal breeding and production

Vine management systems affect yield, fruit quality, cluster compactness, and fruit rot of 'Chardonnay' grape

Vines of a desert plant community in Central Sonora, Mexico

Viral antibodies in coyotes from California

Viral envelope fails to deliver?

Viral genetic evolution in macaques infected with molecularly cloned simian immunodeficiency virus correlates with the extent of persistent viremia

Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus, Ichthyophonus hoferi, and other causes of morbidity in Pacific herring Clupea pallasi spawning in Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA

Viral load detection and its role as virological marker for the monitoring of HIV-1 positive patients

Viral phenotype, antiretroviral resistance and clinical evolution in human immunodeficiency virus-infected children

Viral protein R regulates docking of the HIV-1 preintegration complex to the nuclear pore complex

Viral repression of fungal pheromone precursor gene expression

Viral satellite RNA expression in transgenic tomato confers field tolerance to cucumber mosaic virus

Viral serologic survey of bowhead whales in Alaska

Virginity in haplodiploid populations: a comparison of estimation methods

Viridiofungins, novel inhibitors of sphingolipid synthesis

Virion protein sequence variation among Australian isolates of turnip yellow mosaic tymovirus

Virion-targeted viral inactivation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by using Vpr fusion proteins

Virologic, immunologic, and clinical parameters in the incidence and progression of anal squamous intraepithelial lesions in HIV-positive and HIV-negative homosexual men

Virological and molecular demonstration of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 vertical transmission

Virulence and antigenic characteristics of a cultured Rickettsiales-like organism isolated from farmed Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in eastern Canada

Virulence and diversity of wheat leaf rust in the United States in 1993 to 1995

Virulence and functions of myosin II are inhibited by overexpression of light meromyosin in Entamoeba histolytica

Virulence and interfertility of Chondrostereum purpureum isolates

Virulence and supervirulence of Agrobacterium tumefaciens in woody fruit plants

Virulence characterization of single-zoospore isolates of Sclerospora graminicola from pearl millet

Virulence factors in fungi of systemic mycoses

Virulence factors of Edwardsiella tarda isolated from fish

Virulence factors of avian Escherichia coli associated with swollen head syndrome

Virulence factors of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli isolated from raw meats

Virulence in Puccinia recondita f.sp. tritici isolates from Canada to genes for adult-plant resistance to wheat leaf rust

Virulence of 1990-1994 collections of Ustilago avenae and U. kolleri from Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Virulence of Anagrapha falcifera nuclear polyhedrosis virus to economically significant Lepidoptera

Virulence of Beauveria bassiana (Deuteromycetes) strains against the coffee berry borer (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Virulence of Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici on winter wheat in the Eastern United States

Virulence of Metarhizium anisopliae (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes) strain ESC-1 to the German cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae) and its compatibility with insecticides

Virulence of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae on rice lines containing single resistance genes and gene combinations

Virulence of entomopathogenic nematodes to the western masked chafer Cyclocephala hirta (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Virulence of isolates of fluorescent pseudomonads on irrigated rice cultivars

Virulence of raptor-origin Pasteurella multocida in domestic chickens

Virulence of the wheat leaf rust population in Slovakia in 1996

Virulence of wheat leaf rust population in the Czech Republic in 1996

Virulence parameters in the characterization of strains of Entamoeba histolytica

Virulence variability among isolates of Fusarium solani on potato

Virulent strains of Streptococcus suis serotype 2 and highly virulent strains of Streptococcus suis serotype 1 can be recognized by a unique ribotype profile

Virus and lodging resistance, good quality and high yielding barley variety Miragbori

Virus burden in lymph nodes and blood of subjects with primary human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection on bitherapy

Virus inactivation in superoxide dismutase preparations by ultraviolet light irradiation

Virus particles of cucumber green mottle mosaic tobamovirus move systemically in the phloem of infected cucumber plants

Virus-like particles associated with dieback symptoms in the brown alga Ecklonia radiata

Virus-like particles in pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera

Virus-like particles in the ovaries of Microctonus aethiopoides Loan (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a parasitoid of adult weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Virus-like particles in the poison gland of the parasitic wasp Opius concolor

Virus-like particles, bacteria and microsporidia affect spindle-associated membranes in spermatocytes of Lepidoptera species

Viruses and their significance in agricultural and horticultural crops in Finland

Viruses and virus-like particles identified in ostrich gut contents

Visceral larva migrans and the hypereosinophilia syndrome

Viscoelastic properties of protein-stabilized emulsions: effect of protein-surfactant interactions

Viscoelastic versus plastic cell wall extensibility in growing seedling organs: a contribution to avoid some misconceptions

Viscosity of aqueous solutions of saccharides

Viscotoxin composition of the three European subspecies of Viscum album

Visitation of the endemic Dwarf Lake Iris, Iris lacustris, by halictid bees, Augochlorella striata

Visits of honeybees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) and their effects on cucumber yields in the field

Visna virus dUTPase is dispensable for neuropathogenicity

Visual acuity and the essentiality of docosahexaenoic acid and arachidonic acid in the diet of term infants

Visual acuity, erythrocyte fatty acid composition, and growth in term infants fed formulas with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for one year

Visual and near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy for rice taste evaluation

Visual counts of acorns of California black oak (Quercus kelloggii) as an indicator of mast production

Visual field constriction as a cause of blindness or visual impairment

Visual modulation of olfactory learning in honeybees

Visual preferences and willingness to pay for alternative use of barren agricultural land

Visual sensation during pecking in pigeons

Visual stimuli and the response of female oriental fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) to fruit-mimicking traps

Visual texture perception in formulated chilled dairy desserts

Visual tree grading systems for estimating lumber yields in young and mature southern pine

Visualisation of freezing behaviours in flower bud tissues of cold-hardy Rhododendron japonicum by nuclear magnetic resonance micro-imaging

Visualization and analysis of air currents in plant tissue culture vessels

Visualization of Oryza eichingeri chromosomes in intergenomic hybrid plants from O. sativa x O. eichingeri via fluorescent in situ hybridization

Visualization of cavitated vessels in winter and refilled vessels in spring in diffuse-porous trees by cryo-scanning electron microscopy

Visualization of eggshell membranes and their interaction with Salmonella enteritidis using confocal scanning laser microscopy

Visualization of freezing behaviors in leaf and flower buds of full-moon maple by nuclear magnetic resonance microscopy

Visualizing real time methionine translocation in Fe-sufficient and Fe-deficient barley using a Positron Emitting Tracer Imaging System (PETIS)

Vitamin A and E status of some rural populations in the north of Cameroon

Vitamin A and apoptosis in colonic tumor cells

Vitamin A and zinc supplementation of preschool children

Vitamin A decreases the incidence and severity of nitrofen-induced congenital diaphragmatic hernia in rats

Vitamin A inhibits radiation-induced pneumonitis in rats

Vitamin A reduces the inhibition of iron absorption by phytates and polyphenols

Vitamin A requirements assessed by plasma response to supplementation during pregnancy

Vitamin A status does not influence neopterin production during illness or health in South African children

Vitamin A status of Filipino preschool children given a massive oral dose

Vitamin A status, other risk factors and acute respiratory infection morbidity in children

Vitamin A supplementation and human immunodeficiency virus load in injection drug users

Vitamin A supplementation and severity of pneumonia in children admitted to the hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Vitamin A supplementation but not deworming improves growth of malnourished preschool children in eastern Zaire

Vitamin A up-regulates expression of bone-type alkaline phosphatase in a rat small intestinal crypt cell line and fetal rat small intestine

Vitamin B-6 deficiency and level of dietary protein affect hepatic tyrosine aminotransferase activity in cats

Vitamin B-6 requirement and status assessment of young women fed a high-protein diet with various levels of vitamin B-6

Vitamin B12 deficiency in the elderly

Vitamin B6 and vitamin C status in elderly patients with infections during hospitalization

Vitamin C crosses the blood-brain barrier in the oxidized form through the glucose transporters

Vitamin C status of an outpatient population

Vitamin C status of patients with chronic renal failure, dialysis patients and patients after renal transplantation

Vitamin C supplementation does not alter the immune response to 2.5 hours of running

Vitamin C supplementation restores the impaired vitamin E status of guinea pigs fed oxidized frying oil

Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis

Vitamin D deficiency alters the immune responses of broiler chicks

Vitamin D deficiency in elderly nursing-home residents of Buenos Aires

Vitamin D derivatives inhibit the mitogenic effects of IGF-I on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells

Vitamin D increases tight-junction conductance and paracellular Ca2+ transport in Caco-2 cell cultures

Vitamin D levels in children with cystic fibrosis

Vitamin D metabolites affect serum calcium and phosphate in freshwater catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis

Vitamin D receptor genotype is associated with radiographic osteoarthritis at the knee

Vitamin D receptor polymorphisms, circulating vitamin D metabolites, and risk of prostate cancer in United States physicians

Vitamin D replacement in Asians with diabetes may increase insulin resistance

Vitamin D status and nonhemiplegic bone mass in patients following stroke

Vitamin D supplementation, 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations, and safety

Vitamin D3 requirement of young chicks receiving diets varying in calcium and available phosphorus

Vitamin D3 supplementation of beef steers increases longissimus tenderness

Vitamin E ameliorates enhanced renal lipid peroxidation and accumulation of F2-isoprostanes in aging kidneys

Vitamin E and atherosclerosis

Vitamin E and heart disease: a case study

Vitamin E and meat quality

Vitamin E and other chemical constituents of the leaves of Gallesia gorazema

Vitamin E and selenium deficiency induces expression of the ubiquinone-dependent antioxidant system at the plasma membrane

Vitamin E concentration in rat skeletal muscle and liver after exercise

Vitamin E modulation of dieldrin-induced hepatic focal lesion growth in mice

Vitamin E reduces glucocorticoid-induced growth inhibition and lipid peroxidation in rats

Vitamin E reduces glucocorticoid-induced oxidative stress in rat skeletal muscle

Vitamin E supplementation decreases lung virus titers in mice infected with influenza

Vitamin E supplementation of cattle and shelf-life of beef for the Japanese market

Vitamin K intake and hip fractures in women: a prospective study

Vitamin trials and cancer: what went wrong?

Vitellogenin and ecdysteroid titers in Ixodes scapularis during vitellogenesis

Vitellogenin receptors during vitellogenesis in the rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

Vitexicarpin, a flavonoid from the fruits of Vitex rotundifolia, inhibits mouse lymphocyte proliferation and growth of cell lines in vitro

Vitreous humor analysis for selected biochemical parameters from cervids in Idaho

Vitrification of GV-porcine oocytes by 1-, 2-, and 7-step saturation in ethylene glycol

Vitrification of in vitro produced bovine embryos at different ages using one- and three-step addition of cryoprotective additives

Vocal fold palsy following vinca alkaloid treatment

Volatile components in fermented soybean (Glycine max) curds

Volatile components of fresh Agrocybe aegerita and Tricholoma sulfureum

Volatile components of roots, stems, leaves, and flowers of Echinacea species

Volatile composition of fourteen species of fresh wild mushrooms (Boletales)

Volatile compounds emitted by 'Gala' apples following dynamic atmosphere storage

Volatile compounds of Swiss processed cheeses

Volatile compounds of three Limonium species: L. latifolia, L. x altaica and L. perezii

Volatile constituents from fruit shells of Passiflora edulis Sims

Volatile constituents from roots of Bowdichia virgilioides Kunt

Volatile constituents in the fruits of Rubus L

Volatile constituents isolated from Capparis flexuosa of Brazil

Volatile constituents of Belamcanda chinensis and Iris tectorum

Volatile constituents of Cyphomandra betacea Sendtn. fruit

Volatile constituents of Diospyros blancoi DC. fruit

Volatile constituents of Hyptis pectinata Poit. (Lamiaceae)

Volatile constituents of Ichthyothere terminalis and I. cunabi

Volatile constituents of custard apple (Annona atemoya)

Volatile constituents of the galls and stem bark of Pistacia integerrima Stew. ex Brandis

Volatile constituents of the leaf and rhizome oils of Aframomum biauriculatum K. Schum

Volatile constituents of the leaf oil of Zanthoxylum chalybeum Engl

Volatile constituents of the leaves of Ocimum sanctum L

Volatile leaf oils of Persea borbonia (L.) Spreng., P. humilis Nash, and P. palustris (Raf.) Sarg. (Lauraceae) of North America

Volatile organic compound losses from sewage sludge-amended soils

Volatile reduced sulphur compounds in butter by solid phase microextraction

Volatiles of the essential oil of the leaves of Uvaria narum Wall. (Annonaceae)

Volatilization and distribution of methyl iodide and methyl bromide after subsoil application

Volatilization of crude oil from soil amended with bulking agents

Volatilization of methyl isothiocyanate from soil after application of metam-sodium with two techniques

Volatilization of pesticides: measurements under simulated field conditions

Voltage control of calcium influx in intact cells

Voltage-activated currents in identified giant interneurons isolated from adult crickets Gryllus bimaculatus

Voltage-dependent K+ channels as targets of osmosensing in guard cells

Voltage-dependent ionic currents in the ventromedial eclosion hormone neurons of Manduca sexta

Volume and taper equations for thinned and unthinned loblolly pine trees in cutover, site-prepared plantations

Volume equations and taper functions for Eucalyptus saligna in Cameroon

Volume of food consumed affects satiety in men

Volume, surface area and cellular composition of chewed particles of plant parts of eight forage species and estimated degradation of cell wall

Volumes of rot damage in overmature spruce forests of different origin

Volumetric sampling of soil water flow using wicks

Voluntary dry-matter intake and digesta kinetics of twin- or single-bearing Manchega ewes given Italian ryegrass hay or alfalfa hay in late pregnancy

Voluntary exercise and monounsaturated canola oil reduce fat gain in mice fed diets high in fat

Voluntary feed intake and discrimination of diets containing a novel fluoroquinolone in self-fed rainbow trout

Voluntary ingestion of Cortinarius mushrooms leading to chronic interstitial nephritis

Voluntary intake, nutrients digestibility and rate of passage of berseem straw in sheep and goats

Vpr stimulates viral expression and induces cell killing in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected dividing Jurkat T cells

VsENBP1 regulates the expression of the early nodulin PsENOD12B

Vulnerability to drought-induced embolism of Bornean heath and dipterocarp forest trees

Vulvovaginal candidiasis in female sex workers

Wait and see strategy for leaf miner control in rainfed groundnut

Wall loads in a model grain bin during fill and unload cycles

Wall plastering and paints as methods to control vectors of Chagas disease in Guatemala

Warfarin residues in swine tissues from a breeding enterprise in Albania

Warming and sterilizing towels by microwave irradiation

Washing and filtration of wheat straw treated with sodium hydroxide alone or with hydrogen peroxide to modify cell wall composition and in vitro digestibility

Waste corn as a point source of inoculum for Aspergillus flavus in the corn agroecosystem

Wastewater reuse - regional and economic considerations

Water absorbency and water retention of the natural seed coat of Seriphidium transiliense

Water and sediment characteristics associated with avian botulism outbreaks in wetlands

Water availability, protected areas, and natural resources in the Andean desert altiplano

Water balance delineates the soil layer in which moisture affects canopy conductance

Water balance evaluation and water quality analysis of paddy field irrigation system in low lying area

Water balance irrigation scheduling: comparing crop curve accuracies and determining the frequency of corrections to soil moisture estimates

Water balance of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Acari: Pyroglyphidae) maintained by brief daily spells of elevated air humidity

Water conservation and economic impacts when integrating irrigation with no-tillage

Water conservation capacities of soils with major forest types in mountainous regions of east Liaoning Province

Water consumption by broilers in high cyclic temperatures: bell versus nipple waterers

Water content and glycosaminoglycan disaccharide concentration of the canine meniscus

Water content, lipid deposition, and (+)-abscisic acid content in developing white spruce seeds

Water content, raffinose, and dehydrins in the induction of desiccation tolerance in immature wheat embryos

Water deficit and spatial pattern of leaf development. Variability in responses can be simulated using a simple model of leaf development

Water deficit stress effects on N2 fixation in cowpea inoculated with different Bradyrhizobium strains

Water deficits are more important in delaying growth than in changing patterns of carbon allocation in Eucalyptus globulus

Water distribution by solid set system under corn crop

Water distribution in a fragipan soil during the growing season

Water exchange at various levels of biological and ecological organization and its evolution

Water extraction of plant tissues for analysis by ion chromatography

Water flow through a 20-pore perforation plate in vessels of Liquidambar styraciflua

Water flux in boreal forest during two hydrologically contrasting years; species specific regulation of canopy conductance and transpiration

Water intake and excretion, urinary solute excretion and some stress indicators in mink (Mustela vison). 1. Effect of ambient temperature and quantitative water supply to adult males

Water intake and excretion, urinary solute excretion and some stress indicators in mink (Mustela vison). 2. Short-term response of adult males to changes in ambient temperature

Water intake by dairy cows selected for high or low milk-fat percentage when fed two forage to concentrate ratios with hay or silage

Water management and the use of oxyfluorfen for weed control in the water seeded rice crop

Water management through land configuration in Bhal region

Water permeability of hypodermis isolated from Clivia miniata roots

Water permeability of plasma membranes of cultured rice, grape, and CH27 cells measured dielectrically

Water potential and ionic effects on germination and seedling growth of two cold desert shrubs

Water productivity of irrigated rice under transplanting, wet seeding and dry seeding methods of cultivation

Water pumps in plant roots

Water quality from sugarcane production on alluvial soils

Water quality impacts by golf courses

Water quality impacts of tile drains in shallow, sloping, structured soils as affected by manure application

Water quality improvement at the watershed scale in an animal production area

Water quality in Walnut Creek watershed: herbicides and nitrate in surface waters

Water quality in Walnut Creek watershed: herbicides in soils, subsurface drainage, and groundwater

Water quality in Walnut Creek watershed: nitrate-nitrogen in soils, subsurface drainage water, and shallow groundwater

Water quality in Walnut Creek watershed: setting and farming practices

Water quality monitoring by on-site measurement in the Red River basin, Vietnam

Water quality of an intensive agricultural watershed in Quebec

Water quality variations of pH, electrical conductivity and dissolved oxygen in forest hydrological processes

Water reclamation and reuse

Water regime and porous system of red clays in Hungary

Water relations and canopy characteristics of tall fescue cultivars during and after drought stress

Water relations in Azospirillum-inoculated wheat seedlings under osmotic stress

Water relations of citrus exocortis viroid-infected grapefruit trees in the field

Water retention and transmission characteristics of Mahi Right Bank Canal command area of Gujarat

Water retention by colloidal allophane and imogolite with different charges

Water retention characteristics of predominant soil types in command areas of Krishna, Godavari and Sarada rivers of Andhra Pradesh

Water retention of light expanded clay amendment

Water runoff and pesticide transport from a golf course fairway: observations vs. Opus model simulations

Water sampler and flow measurement for runoff containing large sediment particles

Water saturation and surfactant effects on bacterial transport in sand columns

Water skating in the larvae of Dixella aestivalis (Diptera) and Hydrobius fuscipes (Coleoptera)

Water sorption isotherms of seeds from ultradry experiments

Water status in relation to maintenance and release from dormancy in blueberry flower buds

Water stress and calcium concentration during the seed-filling stage of soybean affect senescence

Water stress and crop level interactions in relation to nectarine yield, fruit size distribution, and water potentials

Water stress and damage caused by Puccinia jaceae on two Centaurea species

Water stress and mycorrhizal isolate effects on growth and nutrient acquisition of wheat

Water stress during seed filling and leaf senescence in soybean

Water stress induced by PEG decreases the maximum growth pressure of the roots of pea seedlings

Water stress inhibits hydraulic conductance and leaf growth in rice seedlings but not the transport of water via mercury-sensitive water channels in the root

Water table effects on Histosol drainage water carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus

Water transport activity of the plasma membrane aquaporin PM28A is regulated by phosphorylation

Water transport in sunflower root systems: effects of ABA, Ca2+ status and HgCl2

Water treatment residual to reduce nutrients in surface runoff from agricultural land

Water use and yield of dryland row crops as affected by tillage

Water use by forests, limits and controls

Water use efficiency and moisture extraction patterns of safflower in semi-arid region of Indian sub-tropics

Water use efficiency of different maturity corn hybrids and grain sorghum in the central Great Plains

Water use, productivity and forage quality of the halophyte Atriplex nummularia grown on saline waste water in a desert environment

Water vapor permeability and tensile strength of cellulose-based composite edible films

Water- and pyrophosphate-extractable humic substances fractions as a source of iron for Fe-deficient cucumber plants

Water-deficit effects on carbon and nitrogen metabolism of pea nodules

Water-physical properties and hydrothermic regime of alluvial bog soils in Mongolia

Water-soluble bases as one of the buffering soil components in forest podzolic soils

Water-stress regulation and molecular analysis of the soybean BiP gene family

Waterbird communities in rice fields subjected to different post-harvest treatments

Waterhyacinth weevils (Neochetina eichhorniae and N. bruchi) inhibit waterhyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) colony development

Waterlogging effects on growth and yield components in late-planted soybean

Wavelet textural features from ultrasonic elastograms for meat quality prediction

Wax yield of grain sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) as affected by mechanical harvesting, threshing, and handling methods

Weak mechanical stimulation causes hyperpolarisation in root cells of Lepidium

Weaning and the weanling diet influence the villous height and crypt depth in the small intestine of pigs and alter the concentrations of short-chain fatty acids in the large intestine and blood

Weaning practice in the Glasgow longitudinal infant growth study

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