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Natural Sciences Repository Index 211

Index 211 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Energy partitioning influenced by tree spacing

Energy performance of conservation tillage management for spring wheat production in the Brown soil zone

Energy provision from glycogen, glucose, and fatty acids on adrenergic stimulation of isolated working rat hearts

Energy requirement for eating in cattle

Energy requirement for foliage construction depends on tree size in young Picea abies trees

Energy requirement for replanting of tea gardens in north-east India

Energy requirements for growth and development in infancy

Energy requirements for size reduction of wheat using a roller mill

Energy requirements of middle-aged men are modifiable by physical activity

Energy restriction and zinc deficiency impair the functions of murine T cells and antigen-presenting cells during gastrointestinal nematode infection

Energy savings with ceiling fans in broiler houses

Energy substrates and amino acids provided during in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes alter acquisition of developmental competence

Energy supplementation strategies for wheat pasture stocker cattle under uncertain forage availability

Energy utilization and growth in breast-fed and formula-fed infants measured prospectively during the first year of life

Energy utilization as affected by mode of urea supplementation in buffalo calves

Energy, macronutrient, and food intakes in relation to energy compensation in consumers who drink different types of milk

Energy-based carrying capacity for quails

Engine heat release via spread sheet

Engineered resistance in Aedes aegypti to a West African and a South American strain of yellow fever virus

Engineering candidate genes in studies of adaptation: the heat-shock protein Hsp70 in Drosophila melanogaster

Engineering crops for tolerance against abiotic stresses through gene manipulation

Engineering genetic resistance against insects in Japanese persimmon using the cryIA(c) gene of Bacillus thuringiensis

Engineering of a single-chain variable-fragment (scFv) antibody specific for the stolbur phytoplasma (mollicute) and its expression in Escherichia coli and tobacco plants

Engineering secondary metabolism in maize cells by ectopic expression of transcription factors

Engineering stress tolerance in maize

Enhanced MDR1 gene expression in human T-cell leukemia virus-I-infected patients offers new prospects for therapy

Enhanced ability of third-stage larvae of Haemonchus contortus to withstand drug exposure following chemically induced exsheathment

Enhanced absorption of calcium after oral administration of maltitol in the rat intestine

Enhanced activity of antifungal drugs by lysozyme against Cryptococcus neoformans

Enhanced adhesion of Pasteurella multocida to cultured turkey peripheral blood monocytes

Enhanced bacteriocin production by Propionibacterium thoenii in fed-batch fermentation

Enhanced bud production in highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) in response to paclobutrazol

Enhanced calcium uptake in micropropagated potato plantlets by macroelement dilution

Enhanced cofermentation of glucose and xylose by recombinant Saccharomyces yeast strains in batch and continuous operating modes

Enhanced degradation of prosulfocarb by repeated applications

Enhanced degradation of the volatile fumigant-nematicides 1,3-D and methyl bromide in soil

Enhanced expression of an antimicrobial peptide sarcotoxin IA by GUS fusion in transgenic tobacco plants

Enhanced expression of the Bacillus thuringiensis cry9Aa2 gene in transgenic plants by nucleotide sequence modification confers resistance to potato tuber moth

Enhanced growth of non-photosynthesizing tobacco mutants in the presence of a mycorrhizal inoculum

Enhanced hatching of Globodera tabacum solanacearum juveniles by root exudates of flue-cured tobacco

Enhanced interleukin-10 production in response to Mycobacterium avium products in mononuclear cells from patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Enhanced metabolism of fluazifop acid in a biotype of Digitaria sanguinalis resistant to the herbicide fluazifop-P-butyl

Enhanced postprandial energy expenditure with medium-chain fatty acid feeding is attenuated after 14 d in premenopausal women

Enhanced proliferation, apoptosis, and matrix accumulation by mesangial cells derived from HIV-1 transgenic mice

Enhanced responses of the chorda tympani nerve to nonsugar sweeteners in the diabetic db/db mouse

Enhanced seed multiplication in potato through cut seed and stem cutting

Enhanced sorption of organic contaminants by smectitic soils modified with a cationic surfactant

Enhanced transport of bacteria through a soil matrix using colloidal gas aphron suspensions

Enhancement effects of chemical additives on the virulence of Spodoptera litura nucleopolyhedrovirus

Enhancement of Wx gene expression and the accumulation of amylose in response to cool temperatures during seed development in rice

Enhancement of antimicrobial activity of neuropeptide Y by N-terminal truncation

Enhancement of biological control by combination of antagonistic fluorescent Pseudomonas strains and resistance inducers against damping off and powdery mildew in cucumber

Enhancement of bovine oocyte fertilization in vitro with a bovine oviductal specific glycoprotein

Enhancement of estrogen-induced renal tumorigenesis in hamsters by dietary iron

Enhancement of exopolysaccharide production by Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus NCFB 2772 with a simplified defined medium

Enhancement of feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) infection after DNA vaccination with the FIV envelope

Enhancement of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infectivity by Nef is producer cell-dependent

Enhancement of human natural killer cytotoxic activity by vitamin C in pure and augmented formulations

Enhancement of humoral and cellular immunity by vitamin E after embryonic exposure

Enhancement of insect antifreeze protein activity by solutes of low molecular mass

Enhancement of leaf rust resistance shown by some defeated wheat genes in combinations

Enhancement of lignin degradation and laccase activity in Pleurotus ostreatus by cotton stalk extract

Enhancement of membrane damage by saponins isolated from Acacia auriculiformis

Enhancement of natural killer and antibody-dependent cytolytic activities of the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of HIV-infected patients by recombinant IL-15

Enhancement of passive immunity with maternal vaccine against newborn calf diarrhea

Enhancement of polyphenol recovery from rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and sage (Salvia officinalis) by enzyme-assisted ensiling (ENLAC)

Enhancement of secretagogue-induced adrenocorticotropic hormone release from cultured sheep anterior pituitary cells by recombinant ovine interleukin 1

Enhancement of spontaneous bursal lymphoma frequency by serotype 2 Marek's disease vaccine, SB-1, in transgenic and non-transgenic line 0 white leghorn chickens

Enhancement of sporulation and crystal toxin production by cornsteep liquor feeding during intermittent fed-batch culture of Bacillus sphaericus 2362

Enhancement of stem elongation and flower bud regeneration by salicylic acid

Enhancement of teliospore germination in wheat- and wild grass-infecting species of Tilletia on activated charcoal medium

Enhancement of the tolerance of Arabidopsis to high temperatures by genetic engineering of the synthesis of glycinebetaine

Enhancement of the vanadate-stimulated release of lipoprotein lipase activity by astilbin from the leaves of Engelhardtia chrysolepis

Enhancement of the water solubility of organic pollutants such as pyrene by dissolved organic matter

Enhancement of yield in groundnut following the imposition of transient soil-moisture-deficit stress during the vegetative phase

Enhancer-dependent, locus-wide regulation of the imprinted mouse insulin-like growth factor II gene

Enhancing Bachman's sparrow habitat via management of red-cockaded woodpeckers

Enhancing career opportunities by combining nutrition expertise with culinary skills

Enhancing diet analyses of piscivorous fishes in the Northwest Atlantic through identification and reconstruction of original prey sizes from ingested remains

Enhancing soil nitrogen mineralization and corn yield with overseeded cover crops

Enriched education of Nordic-Baltic plant breeders

Enrichment of heavy metals in paddy crops irrigated by paper mill effluents near Nanjangud, Mysore District, Karnataka, India

Enrichment of hen eggs with n-3 long-chain fatty acids and evaluation of enriched eggs in humans

Enrichment of immunoglobulin binding Plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes using anti-immunoglobulin-coated magnetic beads

Enrichment of injured Salmonella in poultry products for detection by polymyxin-cloth enzyme immunoassay

Enrichment of microorganisms that sequentially meta, para-dechlorinate the residue of Aroclor 1260 in Housatonic River sediment

Ensembles of signal contrast color loci in morphoadaptogenesis of the Acrididae

Enset farming in Ethiopia. I. Soil nutrient status in Shoa and Sidamo regions

Ensiled rolled or dried barley grain and different levels of grass silage and hay to dairy cows

Ensiling effects on the ethanol fractionation of forages using gas production

Ensiling of maize with a high content of dry matter by means of biological products

Ensiling of potato vines

Ensuring the compatibility of aquatic habitat and commodity production goals in eastern Oregon with a Tabu search procedure

Entamoeba gingivalis in human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected patients with periodontal disease

Entamoeba histolytica induces host cell death in amebic liver abscess by a non-Fas-dependent, non-tumor necrosis factor alpha-dependent pathway of apoptosis

Enteral feeding improves outcome and protects against glycerol-induced acute renal failure in the rat

Enteral yeast-selenium supplementation in preterm infants

Enterococci associated with the rumen of different ruminants

Enterococcus-like infections in Macrobrachium rosenbergii are exacerbated by high pH and temperature but reduced by low salinity

Enterocyte nutrient transport is preserved in a rabbit model of acute intestinal ischemia

Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli

Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157:H7 present in radish sprouts

Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli O103 from rabbit elicits actin stress fibers and focal adhesions in HeLa epithelial cells, cytopathic effects that are linked to an analog of the locus of enterocyte

Enteropathogenic bacteria in frozen food for tropical fish

Enteroplication in cats, using suture of N-butyl cyanoacrylate adhesive

Entomological and epidemiological investigations of malaria transmission in relation to population movements in forest areas of north-west Thailand

Entomological and rodent surveillance in plague-suspected areas during September 1994 and thereafter

Entomological and rodent surveillance of suspected plague foci in agro-environmental and feral biotopes of a few districts in Maharashtra and Gujarat states of India

Entomological profile of some Japanese encephalitis prone districts of Haryana, India

Entomopathogenic fungi isolated in the vicinity of Szczecin

Entomopathogenic fungi of leaf cutting ants Atta mexicana in Mexico

Entomopathogenic hyphomycetes associated with gypsy moth larvae

Entomopathogenic nematodes for control of codling moth, Cydia pomonella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae): effect of nematode species, concentration, temperature, and humidity

Entomopathogenic nematodes for control of diapausing codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in fruit bins

Entomopathogenic nematodes in soil samples collected from Sindh, Pakistan

Entomopathogenic nematodes to control black vine weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on strawberry

Entomopathogenic potential of Verticillium and Acremonium species (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes)

Entomopathogenous fungi degrade epicuticular hydrocarbons of Triatoma infestans

Entrainment in calorie-restricted mice: conflicting zeitgebers and free-running conditions

Entrainment of fine sand particles from rough surfaces at high wind speeds

Entrainment of the diurnal rhythm of plasma leptin to meal timing

Entry into the secretory system-the role of mRNA localization

Entry of amphotropic and 10A1 pseudotyped murine retroviruses is restricted in hematopoietic stem cell lines

Entry of amphotropic murine leukemia virus is influenced by residues in the putative second extracellular domain of its receptor, Pit2

Entry of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus into porcine alveolar macrophages via receptor-mediated endocytosis

Entry x environment interactions for alfalfa forage quality

Envelope gene sequences encoding variable regions 3 and 4 are involved in macrophage tropism of feline immunodeficiency virus

Environmental adaptation analysis of several upland cotton varieties

Environmental and cultivar effects on height-to-node ratio and growth rate in acala cotton

Environmental and endogenous controls on leaf- and stand-level water conductance in a Scots pine plantation

Environmental and genetic factors affecting Bos indicus pre-weaning performance and calving interval in southeast Mexico

Environmental and physiological effects on cuticle cracking in tomato

Environmental and physiological effects on pistillate flower production in Silene noctiflora L. (Caryophyllaceae)

Environmental anionic surfactant pollution in some areas of the Ukraine

Environmental carrying capacity and tourism development in the Maldives and Nepal

Environmental challenges in the Rif mountains, northern Morocco

Environmental change uncovers differences in polygenic effect of chromosomes from a natural population of Drosophila melanogaster

Environmental concerns about animal manure

Environmental consequences of apple waste deposition on soil

Environmental determinants of infectious and parasitic diseases

Environmental determinants of the distribution of Phlebotomus orientalis in Sudan

Environmental effect on garlic genotypes for yield and yield component in Swat Valley

Environmental effects on pre-imaginal development and survival of the castor whitefly, Trialeurodes ricini Misra

Environmental effects on the growth of plantlets in micropropagation

Environmental effects, heritability estimates and genetic trends in a Western Cape Dohne Merino nucleus flock

Environmental estrogen stimulation of growth and estrogen receptor function in preneoplastic and cancerous human breast cell lines

Environmental factors affecting production, release, and field populations of conidia of Alternaria alternata, the cause of brown spot of citrus

Environmental factors controlling flower opening and closing in a Portulaca hybrid

Environmental factors that control the germination of five Solanum species from Ethiopia

Environmental fate of chemicals in soil

Environmental geochemical features of arsenic in soil in China

Environmental impacts of bivalve mariculture

Environmental influence on the reproduction of Macrobrachium lamarrei

Environmental influences on photosynthesis and carbon export in greenhouse roses during development of the flowering shoot

Environmental knowledge and environmental attitudes: Wedinoon, Morocco

Environmental limitations to potential forage production during the winter in Florida

Environmental monitoring of the North Porto Alegre landfill, Brazil

Environmental organochlorine exposure and postmenopausal breast cancer risk

Environmental persistence of Bacillus thuringiensis spores following aerial application

Environmental preferences of Eucalyptus globulus stem cuttings in one nursery

Environmental quality preference and benefit estimation in multinomial probit models: a simulation approach

Environmental radiation pollution of fungi

Environmental regulatory reform and the unholy trinity: unfunded mandates, risk assessment, and property rights

Environmental relations with desert plant communities and distribution of dominants in Anxi

Environmental risk assessment and risk management in some regions in Bulgaria

Environmental signals controlling sexual development of the corn smut fungus Ustilago maydis through the transcriptional regulator Prf1

Environmental signals in biocontrol of tomato root disease by Pseudomonas fluorescens

Environmental soil physics

Environmental survey by manure drag sampling for Salmonella enteritidis in chicken layer houses

Environmental thermal evaluation of conventional rooms with wide windows and curtains in pigs nursery

Environmental units of the Stelvio National Park as basis for its planning

Environmental, management and genetic factors affecting semen production in French Montbeliard bulls

Environmentally based maternal effects on development time in the seed beetle Stator pruininus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae): consequences of larval density

Environmentally correlated variation in 2C nuclear DNA content measurements in Helianthus annuus L

Enzymatic activities of Microsporum canis and Microsporum gypseum strains

Enzymatic activity of the mycelium compared with oospore development during infection of pea roots by Aphanomyces euteiches

Enzymatic analyses of house dust mite extracts from Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides farinae (Acari: Pyroglyphidae) during different phases of culture growth

Enzymatic analysis of leaf decomposition in freshwater by selected aquatic hyphomycetes and terrestrial fungi

Enzymatic characterization of three entomopathogenic fungi with the API ZYM system

Enzymatic control of soluble carbohydrate accumulation in cold-acclimated crowns of alfalfa

Enzymatic decomposition of humic substances

Enzymatic hydrolysis of cassava starch into maltose syrup in a continuous membrane reactor

Enzymatic hydrolysis of forage and straw pretreated with ammonia

Enzymatic mechanisms involved in phenanthrene degradation by the white rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus

Enzymatic profile of Cryptococcus neoformans strains by using the API-ZYM system

Enzymatic properties, substrate specificities and pH-activity profiles of two kiwifruit proteases

Enzymatic release of antioxidants for human low-density lipoprotein from grape pomace

Enzymatic studies of the extracellular mucilage of two aquatic hyphomycetes, Lemonniera aquatica and Mycocentrospora filiformis

Enzymatic synthesis of rare keto sugars

Enzyme activities in placental tissues from cows with and without retained fetal membranes

Enzyme activities of defense-related proteins in sesame tissues infected by Fusarium oxysporum

Enzyme activities of rumen particles and feed samples incubated in situ with differing types of cloth

Enzyme and earthworm activities during vermicomposting of carbaryl-treated sewage sludge

Enzyme conversion immunoassay for determining total homocysteine in plasma or serum

Enzyme electrophoresis, catalase test and PCR-RFLP analysis for the typing of Edwardsiella tarda

Enzyme immunoassay system for identification of typical and atypical strains of plague microbe

Enzyme polymorphism in Cymbidium orchid cultivars and inheritance of leucine aminopeptidase

Enzyme status in some major soils of South Andaman

Enzyme-amplified ELISA for detection of beet mild yellowing virus in aphids

Enzyme-assisted wet separation of starch from other seed components of hull-less barley

Enzyme-based assay for quantification of paraoxon in blood of parathion poisoned patients

Enzyme-linked immunoelectrotransfer blot analysis of a cryptosporidiosis outbreak on a United States Coast Guard cutter

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of Mycobacterium bovis antibodies in cattle

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for serological survey of equine arteritis virus in racehorses

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the detection of Cryptosporidium parvum IgG in the serum of cats

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in serological diagnosis of swine pleuropneumonia in Croatia

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for rapid and quantitative detection of insecticidal crystal proteins of BT pesticides

Enzyme-supported oil extraction from Jatropha curcas seeds

Enzymes of nitrogen metabolism in soil polluted with oil

Enzymes of the primary phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthetic pathway in postgermination castor bean endosperm. Developmental profiles and partial purification of the mitochondrial CTP:ethanolaminephos

Enzymic properties and capacities of developing tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) fruit plastids

Enzymology of oil-contaminated soils

Enzymology of technogenic soils

Eosinophil chemotactic factors from cysticercoids of Hymenolepis nana

Eosinophilia, IgE production, and cytokine production by lung T cells in surface CD4-deficient mutant mice infected with Toxocara canis

Eosinophilia, anemia and parasitism in a rural region of northwest Thailand

Eosinophilic lung disease associated with Candida albicans allergy

Eosinophilic meningitis due to Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Eosinophilic proliferative pylephlebitis in the liver of Japanese beef cattle with fascioliasis

Ephemeroptera and the great American interchange

Epianthropochory in Mexican weed communities

Epibionts on carapaces of some malacostracans from the Gulf of Thailand

Epibiosis of two sessile protozoan ciliate species on decapod crustaceans

Epibiotic bacteria associated with microcrustaceans in the overlying water of paddy fields

Epicuticular wax accumulation and fatty acid elongation activities are induced during leaf development of leeks

Epicuticular wax columns in cultivated Brassica species and in their close wild relatives

Epidemic development of bacterial blight on rice carrying resistance genes Xa-4, Xa-7, and Xa-10

Epidemic spread of the rust fungus Puccinia lagenophorae and its impact on the competitive ability of Senecio vulgaris in celeriac during early development

Epidemiologic analysis of Mycoplasma spp. isolated from bulk-tank milk samples obtained from dairy herds that were members of a milk cooperative

Epidemiologic correlates of serum folate and homocysteine levels among users and non-users of vitamin supplement

Epidemiologic herd-level assessment of causative agents and risk factors for winter dysentery in dairy cattle

Epidemiologic measures of association between the incidence of mastitis and some of its predisposing factors

Epidemiologic study of the relationship between schistosomiasis due to Schistosoma japonicum and liver cancer/cirrhosis

Epidemiologic surveillance of visceral leishmaniasis in Sicily, Italy

Epidemiologic surveys of histoplasmin and paracoccidioidin sensitivity in Brazil

Epidemiological and clinical studies on an outbreak of trichinosis in central China

Epidemiological aspects of liver abscesses in children in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Epidemiological evidence for a differential effect of hookworm species, Ancylostoma duodenale or Necator americanus, on iron status of children

Epidemiological features of severe paediatric malaria in north western Ethiopia

Epidemiological importance of younger age group during malaria epidemic in PHC Tamulpur, Assam

Epidemiological investigation of vaginal Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolates by a genotypic method

Epidemiological studies on fowl adenoviruses isolated from cases of infectious hydropericardium

Epidemiological studies regarding the Summer Infertility Syndrome of sows in confinement housing

Epidemiological study of Campylobacter spp. in broilers: source, time of colonization, and prevalence

Epidemiological study of Cryptosporidium parvum in sera of persons from Germany

Epidemiological study of Newcastle disease in backyard poultry and wild bird populations in Switzerland

Epidemiological study of intestinal parasitic infections in a rural area from Zulia State, Venezuela

Epidemiological study of paragonimosis in central China

Epidemiological surveillance of rabies in Lithuania from 1986 to 1996

Epidemiological survey on canine population with the use of Immunoleish skin test in endemic areas of human American cutaneous leishmaniasis in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Epidemiological typing of Campylobacter isolates from meat processing plants by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, fatty acid profile typing, serotyping, and biotyping

Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutical researches in cutaneous and genital myiasis in sheep

Epidemiology and awareness of malaria in the Lothians

Epidemiology and in vitro activity of antimycotics against candidal vaginal/skin/nail infections in Singapore

Epidemiology and treatment of Cyclospora cayetanensis infection in Peruvian children

Epidemiology of Botrytis cinerea in sweet basil and implications for disease management

Epidemiology of Echinococcus granulosus infection in the central Peruvian Andes

Epidemiology of G-6-PD deficiency in Saudi Arabia

Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in Bahrain

Epidemiology of HIV-1 infection in opiate users in Northern Thailand

Epidemiology of caries in children

Epidemiology of cerebral malaria and its mortality

Epidemiology of chronic wasting disease in captive Rocky Mountain elk

Epidemiology of endemic Oropouche virus transmission in upper Amazonian Peru

Epidemiology of feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and structure of domestic cat populations

Epidemiology of giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis in Jamaica

Epidemiology of human immunodeficiency virus infection in Central Americans treated in Harris County, Texas hospital district facilities

Epidemiology of hydatid disease in the Mediterranean basin with special reference to Italy

Epidemiology of intramammary infection in goats

Epidemiology of mango malformation in Guerrero, Mexico, with traditional and integrated management

Epidemiology of phytoplasma-associated papaya diseases in Queensland, Australia

Epidemiology of tick-borne diseases of cattle in Botshabelo and Thaba Nchu in the Free State Province

Epidemiology of tomato spotted wilt in pepper and tomato in southern Georgia

Epidemiology of trichinellosis in lynx in Finland

Epidemiology-related modelling of the leaf-wetness duration as an alternative to measurements, taking Plasmopara viticola as an example

Epidermal growth factor and human growth hormone induce two sodium-dependent arginine transport systems after massive enterectomy

Epidermal growth factor as an autocrine modulator of stress response in mammary epithelial cells

Epidermal growth factor in the germinal disc and its potential role in follicular development in the chicken

Epidermal growth factor inhibits Na-Pi cotransport in weaned and suckling rats

Epidermal proteases of American eel

Epididymal compounds and antioxidants in diluents for the frozen storage of ram spermatozoa

Epidural xylazine hydrochloride as an analgesic and sedative for teat surgery in cows

Epigenetic allelic states of a maize transcriptional regulatory locus exhibit overdominant gene action

Epigenetic instability and trans-silencing interactions associated with an SPT::Ac T-DNA locus in tobacco

Epigenetic interactions among three dTph1 transposons in two homologous chromosomes activate a new excision-repair mechanism in petunia

Epigenetic transcriptional silencing and 5-azacytidine-mediated reactivation of a complex transgene in rice

Epinephrine produces a prolonged elevation in metabolic rate in humans

Epiphyllic cover on spruce needles in Denmark

Epiphytic Pseudomonas syringae on dry beans treated with copper-based bactericides

Epiphytic populations of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria on pepper: relationships to host-plant resistance and exposure to copper sprays

Epiportion of cabbage plants affecting seed production in situ and under transplanted conditions

Episodic behaviour of nitrate in runoff during six years of nitrogen addition to the NITREX catchment at Gardsjon, Sweden

Episodic dynamics of tar spot of annual lespedeza within and among years

Epistasis for grain yield in two F2 populations of maize

Epistasis for vegetative and reproductive traits in peanut

Epithelial uptake and transport of cell-free human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and gp120-coated microparticles

Epitheliocystis infection in common carp Cyprinus carpio L.: histopathology and pathogenicity

Epitope analysis of human T-cell response to MSP-1 of Plasmodium falciparum in malaria-nonexposed individuals

Epitope analysis of staphylococcal enterotoxin A using different synthetic peptides

Epitope mapping of bovine leukemia virus transactivator protein tax

Epitopes on glycoprotein C of bovine herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1) that allow differentiation between BHV-1.1 and BHV-1.2 strains

Epizootic of group B Streptococcus agalactiae serotype V in DBA/2 mice

Epizootics of bovine ephemeral fever on dairy farms in Saudi Arabia

Epizootiology, pathology, and ultrastructure of the myxosporean associated with parasitic encephalitis of farmed Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in Ireland

EpsR modulates production of extracellular polysaccharides in the bacterial wilt pathogen Ralstonia (Pseudomonas) solanacearum

Epstein-Barr virus DNA in the blood of infants, young children, and adults by age and HIV status

Epstein-Barr virus and a cellular signaling pathway in lymphomas from immunosuppressed patients

Equal rights for parasites

Equations for predicting above-ground biomass of plant species in early successional forests of the western Cascade Range, Oregon

Equations for predicting the energy requirements of healthy adults aged 18-81 y

Equations for predicting weight loss in stored pulpwood for North Carolina and Virginia

Equilibrium parameters for the sorption of copper, cadmium and zinc ions onto peat

Equine chorionic gonadotropin regulates luteal steroidogenesis in pregnant mares

Equine herpesvirus-4 glycoprotein G is secreted as a disulphide-linked homodimer and is present as two homodimeric species in the virion

Equine infectious anemia virus Gag polyprotein late domain specifically recruits cellular AP-2 adapter protein complexes during virion assembly

Equine infectious anemia virus is found in tissue macrophages during subclinical infection

Equine peripheral blood lymphocyte responses following immunization with tetanus toxoid and toxin

Equipment design for breeding flocks

Equipment, recording and evaluation methods for insect flight analysis by camcorders with high-speed shutter II

Eradication of Aedes aegypti from a village in Vietnam, using copepods and community participation

Eradication of live F strain Mycoplasma gallisepticum vaccine using live ts-11 on a multiage commercial layer farm

Eremothecium ashbyii broth as growth promoter for chicks

Ergocryptine and other ergot alkaloids stimulate the release of dopamine from rat striatal synaptosomes

Ergopeptine alkaloids and Neotyphodium lolii-mediated resistance in perennial ryegrass against adult Heteronychus arator (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Ergotamine-induced vascular spasms through chronic inhalation of ergotamine during the preparation of rye flour

Erodibility and critical shear of a previously frozen soil

Erosion and sedimentation problems in Serbia

Erosion effects on soil moisture and corn yield on two soils at Mlingano, Tanzania

Erosion of arid lands in Mongolia

Erosion-control management of polygons for industrial waste recycling and burial

Error estimation in plant growth analysis

Erwinia amylovora as a pathogen of pear in parent fruit trees and in apple nurseries on nursery stocks

Erwinia amylovora secretes DspE, a pathogenicity factor and functional AvrE homolog, through the Hrp (type III secretion) pathway

Erwinia carotovora DsbA mutants: evidence for a periplasmic-stress signal transduction system affecting transcription of genes encoding secreted proteins

Erwinia carotovora has two KdgR-like proteins belonging to the IcIR family of transcriptional regulators: identification and characterization of the RexZ activator and the KdgR repressor of pathogenes

Erythema nodosum in pregnant patients with coccidioidomycosis

Erythrocyte aggregation tendency and cellular properties in horse, human, and rat: a comparative study

Erythrocyte isoantigens of the carp Cyprinus carpio L

Escape mutants of foot-and-mouth disease virus selected by monoclonal antibodies directed to a trypsin-sensitive neutralization epitope

Escape protein supplementation of steers fed grass silage-based diets

Escaping an ecological dead-end: asexual overwintering and morph determination in the lettuce root aphid Pemphigus bursarius L

Escherichia coli O157 in cull dairy cows on farm and at slaughter

Escherichia coli O157:H7 in retail ground beef in Seattle: results of a one-year prospective study

Escherichia coli O157:H7 requires intimin for enteropathogenicity in calves

Escherichia coli associated cellulitis in broilers: correlation with systemic infection and microscopic visceral lesions, and evaluation for skin trimming

Escherichia coli serotypes in pigs in South Africa

Esophageal candidiasis

Esophageal candidiasis in HIV-negative patients

Essential and nonessential amino acid composition of pigs from birth to 145 kilograms of body weight, and comparison to other studies

Essential fatty acid requirements of vegetarians in pregnancy, lactation, and infancy

Essential fatty acids in health and chronic disease

Essential oil chemical composition of wild populations of Italian oregano spice (Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum (Link) Ietswaart): a preliminary evaluation of their use in chemotaxonomy by cluster analy

Essential oil components in the epigeous and hypogeous parts of Meum athamanticum Jacq

Essential oil composition of Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck cv. Maltese

Essential oil composition of Thymus kotschyanus Boiss. and Hohen from Iran

Essential oil constituents from Japanese and Indian Curcuma aromatica rhizomes

Essential oil constituents of Alpinia mutica Roxb

Essential oil constituents of Chenopodium ambrosioides L. leaves from Nigeria

Essential oil constituents of Podocarpus totara leaves

Essential oil of Carissa edulis Vahl. from Benin

Essential oil of Casearia grandiflora Camb

Essential oil of Cunila menthoides Bentham (Lamiaceae)

Essential oil of Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb. from Malaysia

Essential oil of Erichtites hieracifolia

Essential oil of Lindera queenslandica (Lauraceae)

Essential oil of Lippia aff. juneliana grown in San Luis, Argentina. Effect of harvesting period on the essential oil composition

Essential oil of Mentha x villosa Huds. from northeastern Brazil

Essential oil of Moschosma riparium Hochst. (Lamiaceae) from Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil

Essential oil of Nepeta flavida Hub.-Mor

Essential oil of Pimpinella anisetum Boiss. et Bal

Essential oil of Salvia multicaulis Vahl from Iran

Essential oil of Sideritis scardica Griseb. subsp. scardica

Essential oil of Teucrium creticum L. from Cyprus

Essential oil of Thymus leucostomus Hausskn. et Velen. var. leucostomus

Essential oil of Thymus zygioides Griseb. var. zygioides from Turkey

Essential oil of hop cones (Humulus lupulus L.)

Essential oil of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) from Cuba

Essential oil of sage (Salvia officinalis L.) grown in Cuba

Essential oil of the roots and leaves of Zanthoxylum rugosum St. Hill

Essential oil of the wood of Araucaria cunninghamii Aiton ex D. Don

Essential oil quality and heavy metal concentrations of peppermint grown on a municipal sludge-amended soil

Essential oil variation in Melampodium camphoratum Baker

Essential oils of Litsea monopetala (Roxb.) Pers. A new report from India

Essential oils of Mediasia macrophylla (Regel et Schmalh.) Pimen. and Foeniculum vulgare Mill. from Uzbekistan

Essential oils of Piper gaudichaudianum Kunth and P. regnellii (Miq.) C.DC

Essential oils of Thymus striatus Vahl var. interruptus Jalas from Turkey

Essential oils of Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. from northeast India

Essential oils of four Turkish wild-growing Labiatae herbs: Salvia cryptantha Montbr. et Auch., Satureja cuneifolia Ten., Thymbra spicata L. and Thymus cilicicus Boiss. et Bal

Essential oils of three Baccharis species

Essential role for Sonic hedgehog during hair follicle morphogenesis

Essential role of mouse telomerase in highly proliferative organs

Essentiality of Ca supplement to white fish meal diet for tiger puffer

Essentiality of mineral mixture supplement to white fish meal diet for tiger puffer

Established perennial grasses reduce the growth of emerging subterranean clover seedlings through competition for water, light, and nutrients

Establishing forest tree species on peatland in a reflooded area of the Huleh Valley, Israel

Establishment and characterization of a new cell line derived from feline mammary tumor

Establishment and characterization of two cell lines derived from canine spontaneous osteosarcoma

Establishment and early effects of Omphalapion hookeri (Kirby) (Coleoptera: Apionidae) as a biological control agent for scentless chamomile, Matricaria perforata Merat (Asteraceae)

Establishment and early growth and yield of 'Gulfcoast' southern highbush blueberry

Establishment and early growth of Alepis flavida in relation to Nothofagus solandri branch size

Establishment and growth of grasses overdrilled into clover-developed, montane tussock grasslands

Establishment and spread of Typhlodromalus manihoti (Acari: Phytoseiidae), an introduced phytoseiid predator of Mononychellus tanajoa (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Africa

Establishment of 'Tifton 9' bahiagrass in response to planting date and seed coat removal

Establishment of Boophilus microplus infected with Babesia bigemina by using in vitro tube feeding technique

Establishment of Hydrellia pakistanae (Diptera: Ephydridae) for the biological control of the submersed aquatic plant Hydrilla verticillata (Hydrocharitaceae) in the southeastern United States

Establishment of Neltumius arizonensis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on mesquite (Prosopis species: Mimosaceae) in South Africa

Establishment of a cryptomeria-based multi-storied plantation by row thinning

Establishment of a farm monitoring scheme for sheep farms

Establishment of an experimental system for artificial germination and in vitro pollination with de-exined pollen in Nicotiana tabacum

Establishment of an index to appraise cold-resistant breeding for citrus in early stage

Establishment of callus cultures of Nyctanthes arbor-tristis from juvenile explants and detection of secondary metabolites in the callus

Establishment of corn in rotation with alfalfa and rye: influence of grazing, tillage, and herbicides

Establishment of hairy root cultures of Astragalus membranaceus and the extrinsic factors affecting their growth

Establishment of hydrolysis condition and effective concentration method for the analysis of constituent amino acid in brown rice

Establishment of land suitability classification for Schizandrae Fructus cultivation

Establishment of microbiological safety criteria for foods in international trade

Establishment of new Trichoplusia ni cell lines in serum-free medium for baculovirus and recombinant protein production

Establishment of optimal condition for primary cell culture of cockroach embryos

Establishment of rhizoma peanut: interaction of cultivar, planting date, and location on emergence and rate of cover

Establishment of switchgrass and big bluestem in corn with atrazine

Establishment of the ash whitefly parasitoid Encarsia inaron (Walker) and its economic benefit to ornamental street trees in California

Establishment of the tortoise tick Amblyomma marmoreum (Acari: Ixodidae) on a reptile-breeding facility in Florida

Establishment response of 12 legumes to nitrogen fertiliser rate and placement when direct drilled into Hieracium-infested, montane tussock grasslands

Establishment, spread, and impact of Teretriosoma nigrescens (Coleoptera: Histeridae), an exotic predator of the larger grain borer (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in southwestern Benin

Esterase activity and organophosphate resistance in Culex pipiens pallens (Diptera: Culicidae) populations in Zhejiang

Esterase allozymes of soybean cyst nematode, Heterodera glycines, from China, Japan, and the United States

Esterase and malate dehydrogenase isozymes analysis in the population of honeybee, Apis cerana japonica and Apis mellifera

Esterase inhibitors synergise the toxicity of pyrethroids in Australian Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Esterase patterns and phylogenetic relationships of species and strains included in the Drosophila buzzatii cluster

Esterase patterns in four Brazilian populations of Haematobia irritans

Esterase profiles of diazinon-susceptible and -resistant horn flies (Diptera: Muscidae)

Esterases and fenvalerate resistance in a field population of Helicoverpa punctigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Australia

Estimate of electrical power production from the wood of Eucalyptus spp

Estimate of the frequency of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 protease inhibitor resistance within unselected virus populations in vitro

Estimate of the perspective need of reproductive stock for regeneration and afforestation plans in the forest management of the Czech Republic

Estimate of toxic element intake in diets of pre-school children and elderly collected by duplicate portion sampling

Estimated costs of maintaining a recovered wolf population in agricultural regions of Minnesota

Estimated dietary folate intake and food sources for American adults classified by ready-to-eat cereal consumption pattern

Estimated folate intakes: data updated to reflect food fortification, increased bioavailability, and dietary supplement use

Estimated frequency of the RN- allele in Swedish Hampshire pigs and comparison of glycolytic potential, carcass composition, and technological meat quality among Swedish Hampshire, Landrace, and Yorks

Estimated heritability of the resistance to cecal carrier state of Salmonella enteritidis in chickens

Estimated increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide due to worldwide decrease in soil organic matter

Estimated soybean (Glycine max) yield loss from herbicide damage using ground cover or rated stunting

Estimates and measurements of pine weevil feeding on conifer seedlings: their relationships and application

Estimates of genetic and phenotypic parameters in a segregant population of rice irrigated by continuous flooding

Estimates of genetic parameters for daily gain and carcass traits in swine

Estimates of genetic parameters of slow leaf rusting traits in durum wheat

Estimates of genetic parameters related to chitinase production by the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae

Estimates of genetic parameters, character association and path analysis in sesame

Estimates of nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural fields over 28 months

Estimates of soil nitrate distributions using cokriging with pseudo-crossvariograms

Estimates of the virological benefit of antiretroviral therapy are both assay- and analysis-dependent

Estimates of water deficits and surpluses during the growing season in Ontario using the SWATRE model

Estimating a treatment effect from multidimensional longitudinal data

Estimating aflatoxin in farmers' stock peanut lots by measuring aflatoxin in various peanut-grade components

Estimating alfalfa somaclonal variation in axillary branching propagation and indirect somatic embryogenesis by RAPD fingerprinting

Estimating caterpillar density on trees by collection of frass droppings

Estimating clearance of Acacia-dominated ecosystems in central Queensland using land-system mapping data

Estimating cotton canopy ground cover from remotely sensed scene reflectance

Estimating economic gains for landowners due to time-dependent changes in biotechnology

Estimating economic thresholds for pest control: an alternative procedure

Estimating endogenous amino acid flows at the terminal ileum and true ileal amino acid digestibilities in feedstuffs for growing pigs using the homoarginine method

Estimating field machinery cost: a whole farm approach

Estimating financial returns from mid-rotation release in Coastal Plain loblolly pine plantations

Estimating foliage area of loblolly pine shoots

Estimating foliage surface area index in 8-year-old stands of Pinus elliottii var. elliottii x Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis of variable quality

Estimating forest elephant numbers with dung counts and a geographic information system

Estimating forest structure and shade tolerance of the species in a mixed deciduous broad-leaved forest in Abruzzo, Italy

Estimating genetic variation in sugar beets and wild beets using pools of individuals

Estimating gross mineralisation of Alnus glutinosa residues, using 15N mirror image experimentation

Estimating incidence of attachment of Pasteuria penetrans endospores to Meloidogyne spp. with tally thresholds

Estimating insecticide application frequencies: a comparison of geometric and other count data models

Estimating insemination time in mares on the basis of the urinary concentration of estrone-sulphate

Estimating linkage disequilibrium between a polymorphic marker locus and a trait locus in natural populations

Estimating pesticide exposure in tidal streams of Leadenwah Creek, South Carolina

Estimating photosynthesis and concurrent export rates in C3 and C4 species at ambient and elevated CO2

Estimating population density per unit area from mark, release, recapture data

Estimating potato yield with the SUBSTOR model in Quebec

Estimating price variability in agriculture: implications for decision makers

Estimating regional crop yields in Sweden with a simulation model and field observations

Estimating root mass in maize using a portable capacitance meter

Estimating soil hydraulic properties from transient cone permeameter data

Estimating soil hydraulic properties using tension infiltrometers with varying disk diameters

Estimating soil water retention characteristics from limited data in Brazilian Amazonia

Estimating spring wheat yield variability with EPIC

Estimating stand water use of large mountain ash trees and validation of the sap flow measurement technique

Estimating stem and root-anchorage flexibility in trees

Estimating sulfate adsorption by measuring electrical conductivity of soil/gypsum solution extracts

Estimating the ages of successional stands of tropical trees from growth increments

Estimating the competition indices and diameter growth of individual trees through position-dependent stand survey

Estimating the demand for calories in India

Estimating the economic impact of breeding nonspecific resistance to leaf rust in modern bread wheats

Estimating the economic value of improved trout fishing on Wyoming streams

Estimating the effective number of breeders from heterozygote excess in progeny

Estimating the excess investment in ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase in leaves of spring wheat grown under elevated CO2

Estimating the heritability of fluctuating asymmetry in field Drosophila

Estimating the mating behavior of a pair of hybridizing Heliconius species in the wild

Estimating the non-market costs and benefits of native woodland restoration using the contingent valuation method

Estimating the number of filled seeds per cone of western hemlock from coastal British Columbia

Estimating the prevalence of height for age deficits based on the prevalence of low weight for age among Brazilian children

Estimating the size of the outbreak of new-variant CJD

Estimating the values of cattle characteristics using an ordered probit model

Estimating tree canopy water use via xylem sapflow in an old Norway spruce forest and a comparison with simulation-based canopy transpiration estimates

Estimating tree grades for southern Appalachian natural forest stands

Estimating true digestibility of nonstructural carbohydrates in the small intestine of steers

Estimating unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of Brazilian soils using soil-water retention data

Estimating water retention and availability in Nigerian soils from their saturation percentage

Estimating wetness duration on maize ears from meteorological observations

Estimation and scaling of the near-saturated hydraulic conductivity

Estimation in forest yield models using composite link functions with random effects

Estimation of 4C DNA content and determination of chiasma frequency in eight species of Mammillaria

Estimation of Fusarium scab in wheat using machine vision and a neural network

Estimation of N2O fluxes under rape for biological fuel production, bare soil and grass fallow

Estimation of actual number of parents contributing to seed production of the Japanese flounder

Estimation of amount of carbon pool in natural tropical forest of China

Estimation of body fat mobilization by single intravenous administrations of epinephrine in growing-finishing pigs

Estimation of canopy photosynthesis in rice by means of daily increases in leaf carbohydrate concentrations

Estimation of crossbreeding parameters for fertility traits in dairy cattle

Estimation of demand functions using cross-sectional household data: the problem revisited

Estimation of denitrifying bacteria of paddy and upland soils in northern Taiwan

Estimation of density of mongooses with capture-recapture and distance sampling

Estimation of direct, maternal, and grandmaternal genetic effects for weaning weight in several breeds of beef cattle

Estimation of distances and map construction using radiation hybrids

Estimation of distribution parameters of some avian parasites

Estimation of dominance variance in purebred Yorkshire swine

Estimation of elevated soil contamination with polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans by soil mapping in the field

Estimation of energy expenditure from heart rate measurements in cattle maintained under different conditions

Estimation of entomopathogenic nematode population density in soil by correlation between bait insect mortality and nematode penetration

Estimation of fine root production in coniferous forests in Japan

Estimation of fruit length heritability as a tool for developing a new pepper cultivar

Estimation of genetic and phenotypic trends for first lactation traits in Murrah buffaloes

Estimation of genetic components of variation through diallel analysis of some cotton fibre and seed properties

Estimation of genetic parameters and screening of families for Casuarina junghuhniana

Estimation of genetic parameters for major economic traits in swine

Estimation of genetic parameters for pigs based on crossbred offspring tested on farms

Estimation of genetic parameters for scrotal circumference, age at puberty in heifers, and hip height in Brahman cattle

Estimation of greenhouse impacts of continuous regional emissions

Estimation of habitat selection for central-place foraging animals

Estimation of heritability in a broiler population

Estimation of heterosis for various broiler traits in chicken

Estimation of hydraulic properties of aggregated soils using a two-domain approach

Estimation of in vitro digestibility of barley straw by using a homogenized rumen fluid and artificial saliva mixed with nitrogen and energy sources

Estimation of intake and apparent digestibility of kleingrass from in situ parameters measured in sheep

Estimation of larval production in Sanjay Lake and its surrounding ponds in Delhi, India using remote sensing technology

Estimation of leaf area with an integrating sphere

Estimation of leaf water content and specific leaf weight from reflectance and transmittance measurements

Estimation of live weight from chest girth in pure and crossbred West African sheep

Estimation of local mean population densities of Japanese beetle grubs (Scarabaeidae: Coleoptera)

Estimation of lower tail quantiles of Weibull probability distributions for lumber strength

Estimation of maintenance energy requirements of beef cattle and sheep

Estimation of metabolizable energy and net energy for lactation in lucerne for ruminants on the basis of a cellulase method

Estimation of microbial protein synthesis in the rumen of lactating cows

Estimation of net endogenous noncarbonic acid production in humans from diet potassium and protein contents

Estimation of nitrifying bacterial activities by measuring oxygen uptake in the presence of the metabolic inhibitors allylthiourea and azide

Estimation of nitrogen fixed by legumes in long-term vs. short-term cropping systems

Estimation of nuclear DNA and karyotype analysis in nine cultivars of Musa acuminata

Estimation of pairwise relatedness with molecular markers

Estimation of pesticide emissions to surface and groundwater in Belgium using the SEPTWA95 model

Estimation of polymer rigidity in cell walls of growing and nongrowing celery collenchyma by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance in vivo

Estimation of predation by the larvae of Toxorhynchites splendens on the aquatic stages of Aedes aegypti

Estimation of relative bioavailability of nutrients using SAS procedures

Estimation of self-incompatibility genotype in Japanese pear cultivars by stylar protein analysis

Estimation of slug activity and slug abundance

Estimation of soil salinity at IARI farm by inductive electromagnetic technique

Estimation of solute transport parameters in a karstic aquifer using artificial tracer experiments

Estimation of temperature and precipitation from morphological characters of dicotyledonous leaves

Estimation of temporal variations in historical fire frequency from time-since-fire map data

Estimation of the amount of DNA polymorphism when the neutral mutation rate varies among sites

Estimation of the avidity of immunoglobulin G for routine diagnosis of chronic Toxoplasma gondii infection in pregnant women

Estimation of the cell-cycle duration in the root apical meristem: a model of linkage between cell-cycle duration, rate of cell production, and rate of root growth

Estimation of the composition of broiler carcasses from their specific gravity

Estimation of the dietary biotin requirement of juvenile hybrid tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus x O. aureus

Estimation of the energy cost of physical activity in infancy

Estimation of the incidence of Lyme disease

Estimation of the influence of soil moisture on soil colour

Estimation of the position effect and action mode of a semi-lethal factor locus on a DNA polymorphism linkage map in silkworm, Bombyx mori

Estimation of the proportion of triploids in populations with diploid and triploid individuals

Estimation of the relative abundance of different Bacteroides and Prevotella ribotypes in gut samples by restriction enzyme profiling of PCR-amplified 16S rRNA gene sequences

Estimation of total body water in very-low-birth-weight infants by using anthropometry with and without bioelectrical impedance and H2

Estimation of variance of maternal lineage effects at the Langhill dairy herd

Estimation of vector infectivity rates for plague by means of a standard curve-based competitive polymerase chain reaction method to quantify Yersinia pestis in fleas

Estimation of water harvesting potential for a semiarid area using GIS and remote sensing

Estimation of yield losses in corn due to stalk rot pathogens

Estradiol-dependency of sexual behavior manifestation at the post-LH surge period in ovariectomized goat

Estradiol-mediated suppression of apoptosis in the rabbit corpus luteum is associated with a shift in expression of bcl-2 family members favoring cellular survival

Estrogen responses in bovine fetal uterine cells involve pathways directed by both estrogen response element and activator protein-1

Estrogen-dependent production of erythropoietin in uterus and its implication in uterine angiogenesis

Estrogenic activity of some herbal galactogogue constituents

Estrous behavior and the estrus-to-ovulation interval in Nelore cattle (Bos indicus) with natural estrus or estrus induced with prostaglandin F2 alpha or norgestomet and estradiol valerate

Estrus synchronization and post-partum management of Mossi local breed of goat in Burkina Faso

Estrus synchronization with lower dose of PGF2 alpha and subsequent fertility in subestrous buffalo

Ethanol fermentation of mixed-sugars using a two-phase, fed-batch process: method to minimize D-glucose repression of Candida shehatae D-xylose fermentations

Ethanol production at 45 degrees C by alginate-immobilized Kluyveromyces marxianus IMB3 during growth on lactose-containing media

Ethanol suppresses smooth muscle cell proliferation in the postprandial state: a new antiatherosclerotic mechanism of ethanol?

Ethanol vapor vacuum infiltration of tomatoes: morphological analysis and effect on ripening and eating quality

Ethephon induced changes in vegetative growth of 'Tifton 85' bermudagrass

Ethics in weed science

Ethno-medico botany of some aquatic Angiospermae in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India

Ethno-medico botany of the Deories of Assam, India

Ethnobotany and traditional medical practice in Zimbabwe

Ethnobotany of Amorphophallus of China

Ethnopharmacology and phytochemistry of Dodonaea species

Ethyl methanesulphonate induced changes in the differentiation, structure and functions of spermatozoa of the house rat, Rattus rattus L

Ethylene and carbon dioxide production in detached fruit of selected pepper cultivars

Ethylene biosynthesis and polyamine and ABA levels in cut carnations treated with aminotriazole

Ethylene biosynthesis in oilseed rape pods in relation to pod shatter

Ethylene biosynthesis in peach seeds and its suppression in situ

Ethylene biosynthesis in relation to cyanide metabolism

Ethylene evolution, radial growth and carbohydrate concentrations in Abies balsamea shoots ringed with Ethrel

Ethylene plays multiple nonprimary roles in modulating the gravitropic response in tomato

Ethylene production by Eucalyptus clones in response to infection by hypovirulent and virulent isolates of Cryphonectria cubensis

Ethylene production of cut Cymbidium flowers as affected by temperature, vibration, and plant growth regulators

Ethylene promotes the necrotic lesion formation and basic PR gene expression in TMV-infected tobacco

Ethylene regulates the susceptible response to pathogen infection in tomato

Ethylene release under field conditions for the management of the olive bark beetle, Phloeotribus scarabaeoides

Ethylene removal in fruit and vegetable storages using a plasma reactor

Ethylene-induced rise of abscisic acid levels and ACC oxidase activity in immature melons

Ethylene-mediated phospholipid catabolic pathway in glucose-starved carrot suspension cells

Etiological studies on brown spot disease of Pyracantha

Etiological study of dieback and canker of pistachio nut tree in Rafsanjan

Etiologies of acute, persistent, and dysenteric diarrheas in adults in Bangui, Central African Republic, in relation to human immunodeficiency virus serostatus

Etiology of basal kernel blight of barley caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae

Etiology of root parsley damping-off

Etioplast differentiation in Arabidopsis: both PORA and PORB restore the prolamellar body and photoactive protochlorophyllide-F655 to the cop1 photomorphogenic mutant

Eucalypt NADP-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase. cDNA cloning and expression in ectomycorrhizae

Eucalyptus die-back in South Africa associated with Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Eucalyptus for low elevation foothill plantations in California

Eucalyptus leaf spot in Brazil caused by Cryptosporiopsis eucalypti

Euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp to assess posthepatic glucose appearance after carbohydrate loading. 2. Evaluation of corn and mung bean starches in healthy men

Euphorbia hirta leaves and Musa sapientum fruits in culture media for fungi

Euphorbiaceae in native health practices of district Bhadrak, Orissa, India

European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larvae as vectors of Fusarium moniliforme, causing kernel rot and symptomless infection of maize kernels

European corn borer management in field corn: a survey of perceptions and practices in Iowa and Minnesota

European strawberry yogurt market analysis with a case study on acceptance drivers for children in Spain using principal component analysis and partial least squares regression

Eurycoma longifolia Jack and orientation activities in sexually experienced male rats

Eurycoma longifolia Jack enhances libido in sexually experienced male rats

Evaluating Russian wild ryegrass emergence from saline seedbeds using the Gompertz function

Evaluating a contaminant using a center pivot irrigation system

Evaluating an Internet distance learning course on sustainable agriculture

Evaluating bird communities of Western Ghats to plan for a biodiversity friendly development

Evaluating drainage responses in duplex soils in a Mediterranean environment

Evaluating epidemiologic evidence of the effects of food and nutrient exposures

Evaluating forest-based economic development training needs in Virginia

Evaluating gene flow using selected markers: a case study

Evaluating genetic relationships of geranium using arbitrary signatures from amplification profiles

Evaluating management and soil and weather contributions to potential nitrate leaching from a Pennsylvania dairy farm using NLEAP

Evaluating nutritional condition of grizzly bears via select blood parameters

Evaluating prey preference by several phytoseiid predators for Mononychellus tanajoa (Bondar) and M. caribbeanae McGregor (Acari: Tetranychidae) in cassava

Evaluating quality and suppressiveness of Austrian biowaste composts

Evaluating resistance management strategies for multiple toxins in the presence of external refuges

Evaluating resistance to grape phylloxera in Vitis species with an in vitro dual culture assay

Evaluating semiaquatic herbaceous perennials for use in herbicide phytoremediation

Evaluating soil properties of CRP land using remote sensing and GIS in Finney County, Kansas

Evaluating the WATBAL sediment loading model, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

Evaluating the association among alternative measures of cumulative watershed effects on a forested watershed in eastern Oregon

Evaluating the benefits from farm woodland planting

Evaluating the effect of fentin acetate and glyphosate on reproduction of Scapholeberis kingi Sars

Evaluating the effect of year of seroconversion on HIV progression in cohort studies

Evaluating the factors that relate to asthma severity in adolescents

Evaluating the impact of research for development: tea in Tanzania

Evaluating the profitability of site-specific farming

Evaluating wheat cultivars for waterlogging tolerance

Evaluation and application of a simple and rapid method for the analysis of aflatoxins in commercial foods from Malaysia and the Philippines

Evaluation and application of immunochemical methods for fumonisin B1 in corn

Evaluation and comparison of five simulation models for estimating water drainage fluxes under corn

Evaluation and establishment of the digestion procedure of soluble coffee for nutrient and inorganic contaminants determination by ICP-AES analysis

Evaluation and improvement of crop models using regional cultivar trial data

Evaluation and improvement of transesterification methods of triglycerides

Evaluation criteria for determining priorities for wildlife conservation

Evaluation of 15 Trifolium spp. and of Medicago sativa as hosts of four Meloidogyne spp. found in New Zealand

Evaluation of Aegilops tauschii Coss for resistance to physiological strains CYR30 and CYR31 of wheat stripe rust in China

Evaluation of Allium germplasm for susceptibility to foliage bacterial soft rot caused by Pseudomonas marginalis and Pseudomonas viridiflava

Evaluation of Asparagus officinalis cultivars for resistance to stem blight by using a novel inoculation method

Evaluation of CHROMagar Candida medium for the isolation and direct identification of yeast species from the female genital tract

Evaluation of Cactoblastis cactorum (Lepidoptera: Phycitidae) as a biological control agent of Opuntia stricta (Cactaceae) in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Evaluation of Caribbean maize accessions to develop a core subset

Evaluation of DNA recombinant methodologies for the diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum and their comparison with the microscopy assay

Evaluation of ELISA microtiter plate-based assays for the direct determination of isoproturon in water samples and soil extracts

Evaluation of Fusarium avenaceum and other fungi for potential as biological control agents of invasive Rubus species in British Columbia

Evaluation of HP300 soybean protein in starter pig diets

Evaluation of Indian and exotic potato cultivars for processing into French fries

Evaluation of Japanese quail as a model system for avian transgenesis using avian leukosis viruses

Evaluation of Lagenidium giganteum for biocontrol of Mansonia mosquitoes in Florida (Diptera: Culicidae)

Evaluation of Lonicera taxa for honeysuckle aphid susceptibility, winter hardiness and use

Evaluation of Lotus corniculatus for increasing pre-weaning growth of red and hybrid deer

Evaluation of NCSWAP model using nitrate-leaching data from soil core lysimeters

Evaluation of NemX, a new cultivar of cotton with high resistance to Meloidogyne incognita

Evaluation of North American antibody detection tests for diagnosis of brucellosis in goats

Evaluation of PCR for detection of DNA specific for Aspergillus species in sera of patients with various forms of pulmonary aspergillosis

Evaluation of Paraiotonchium muscadomesticae (Nematoda: Tylenchida: Iotonchiidae), a potential biological control agent of the housefly (Diptera: Muscidae)

Evaluation of Pinot clones with regard to agronomical and genetic aspects

Evaluation of RAPD analysis for identification of polymorphisms in canine genomic DNA

Evaluation of SPf66 malaria vaccine efficacy in Brazil

Evaluation of STS-PCR and RFLPs as molecular markers for the Mla locus conferring powdery mildew resistance in barley

Evaluation of Salmonella serotype distributions from commercial broiler hatcheries and grower houses

Evaluation of Si availability in slag fertilizers by an extraction method using a cation exchange resin

Evaluation of U.S. honeydew-type melons for resistance against downy mildew and alternaria leaf blight

Evaluation of V-10029 and trinexapac-ethyl for annual bluegrass seedhead suppression and growth regulation of five cool-season turfgrass species

Evaluation of Verticillium lecanii strains applied in root drenches for suppression of Meloidogyne incognita on tomato

Evaluation of a Daphnia magna renewal life-cycle test method with diazinon

Evaluation of a GIS-linked model of salt loading to groundwater

Evaluation of a biological marker of dairy fat intake

Evaluation of a breakpoint test for determination of fluconazole susceptibility of yeasts

Evaluation of a commercial capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of immunoglobulin M and G antibodies produced during dengue infection

Evaluation of a commercially available vaccine against Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis for use in sheep

Evaluation of a competitive ELISA for detection of antibodies against avian influenza virus nucleoprotein

Evaluation of a crop processor in a pull-type forage harvester

Evaluation of a digital blood glucose monitor for measuring residual glucose in wines

Evaluation of a dipstick enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies to dengue virus

Evaluation of a filter bag system for NDF, ADF, and IVDMD forage analysis

Evaluation of a flow control system for site-specific herbicide applications

Evaluation of a fluorodensitometric method for analysis of ergosterol as a fungal marker in compound feeds

Evaluation of a food frequency questionnaire-food composition approach for estimating dietary intake of inorganic arsenic and methylmercury

Evaluation of a formic acid formulation for the fall control of Varroa jacobsoni (Acari: Varroidae) in colonies of the honey bee Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in a temperate climate

Evaluation of a freely rotating impeller to measure fan airflow rates in livestock buildings

Evaluation of a hand-held electrical conductivity meter for detection of subclinical mastitis in cattle

Evaluation of a liquid radiation filter greenhouse in a desert environment

Evaluation of a method for detection of Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts in water

Evaluation of a modified EC Four Plate Method to detect antimicrobial drugs

Evaluation of a modified enzymatic test for the detection of tetracyclines in milk

Evaluation of a nonhuman primate model to study circadian rhythms of calcium metabolism

Evaluation of a pan evaporation model for estimating post-planting street tree irrigation requirements

Evaluation of a polymerase chain reaction assay for Pasteurella pneumotropica in laboratory mice and its comparison to existing techniques

Evaluation of a portable clinical analyzer in a veterinary hospital setting

Evaluation of a randomized controlled trial of HIV and sexually transmitted disease prevention in a genitourinary medicine clinic setting

Evaluation of a range of tropical legumes on two clay soils in south-east inland Queensland

Evaluation of a rapid immunochromatographic test for diagnosis of dengue virus infection

Evaluation of a recombinant 27-kDa outer membrane protein of Coxiella burnetii as an immunodiagnostic reagent

Evaluation of a sensitive, in vitro bioassay for chicken thyroid stimulating hormone using FRTL-5 cells, a rat thyroid cell line

Evaluation of a stage-specific proteolytic enzyme of Schistosoma mansoni as a marker of exposure

Evaluation of a stepwise procedure for comparative validation of pesticide leaching models

Evaluation of a targeted HIV prevention programme among female commercial sex workers in the south of Thailand

Evaluation of a team of tasters during training for sensory analysis of the texture of Idiazabal cheese

Evaluation of a test for identification of Arabian horses heterozygous for the severe combined immunodeficiency trait

Evaluation of a viability model for predicting soybean seed germination during warehouse storage

Evaluation of actinomycete culture filtrates for suppression of AG 4 isolates of Rhizoctonia solani that incite damping-off of alfalfa and other crops

Evaluation of advanced stage potato hybrids for processing

Evaluation of agar gel double diffusion test for detection of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of silkworm, Bombyx mori L

Evaluation of alcian blue 8GS and pyronin B stain for rapid wet mount preparation of SAF preserved specimen containing Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia intestinalis

Evaluation of alternative sampling methods for Salmonella critical control point determination at broiler processing

Evaluation of an ELISA-PPD for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in field trials in Brazil

Evaluation of an IgM immunoblot kit for dengue diagnosis

Evaluation of an acriflavine disk assay for differentiating Staphylococcus aureus from other staphylococci isolated from bovine milk

Evaluation of an algorithm for integrated management of childhood illness in an area of Kenya with high malaria transmission

Evaluation of an anion-exchange membrane for extracting plant available phosphorus in soils

Evaluation of an assay for detecting telomerase activity in neoplastic tissues of dogs

Evaluation of an avian-specific probiotic and Salmonella typhimurium-specific antibodies on the colonization of Salmonella typhimurium in broilers

Evaluation of an avian-specific probiotic to reduce the colonization and shedding of Campylobacter jejuni in broilers

Evaluation of an enzymatic immunohistochemical technique in human trichinellosis

Evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using recombinant major surface protein 5 for serological diagnosis of bovine anaplasmosis in Venezuela

Evaluation of an extended blood culture protocol to isolate fastidious organisms from patients with AIDS

Evaluation of an in vitro degranulation challenge procedure for equine pulmonary mast cells

Evaluation of an indirect immunofluorescence assay for the detection of Leishmania promastigotes and amastigotes in sand flies and lesion fluid aspirates

Evaluation of an integrated management and compliance program for Tomicus piniperda (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in pine Christmas tree fields

Evaluation of an intensive intermittent-induction regimen and duration of short-course treatment for human immunodeficiency virus-related pulmonary tuberculosis

Evaluation of an isolate of Myrothecium verrucaria from sicklepod (Senna obtusifolia) as a potential mycoherbicide agent

Evaluation of an ultrasonographic score for urinary bladder morbidity in Schistosoma haematobium infection

Evaluation of analgesia induced by epidural administration of medetomidine to cows

Evaluation of analgesia provided by postoperative administration of butorphanol to cats undergoing onychectomy

Evaluation of anion exchange membranes to estimate bioavailable phosphorus in native grasslands of semi-arid northwestern Australia

Evaluation of anthracnose resistance in common bean cultivars recommended for the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of plants used in Bulgarian folk medicine

Evaluation of antiallergic effects of extracts from ten kinds of vegetables using three in vitro assay systems

Evaluation of antibody responses of emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae) to avian influenza virus infection

Evaluation of antinutritional factors of selected varieties of Phaseolus vulgaris

Evaluation of attractant-baited traps/targets for mosquito management on Key Island, Florida, USA

Evaluation of automated methods of measuring hemoglobin and hematocrit in horses

Evaluation of bensulfuron-methyl to control common weeds in rice fields of Gilan, Iran

Evaluation of biochemical changes during in vivo erythrocyte senescence in the dog

Evaluation of biocontrol activity of rhizobacteria from Beta vulgaris against Heterodera schachtii

Evaluation of broccoli residue incorporation into field soil for Verticillium wilt control in cauliflower

Evaluation of calcium nitrate as an in-furrow applied starter for cotton

Evaluation of carbofuran and phorate granules against insect pests of seed crop of cabbage

Evaluation of certain food additives and contaminants

Evaluation of certain organic substrates and adjuvants for the mass multiplication of Trichoderma harzianum Rifai

Evaluation of changes in CEC during composting

Evaluation of commercial and formulated oral rehydration products

Evaluation of commercial insect repellents on human skin against Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Evaluation of commercial slides for detection of immunoglobulin G against Bartonella henselae by indirect immunofluorescence

Evaluation of community compliance with annual ivermectin treatment of onchocerciasis in Patigi, Nigeria

Evaluation of cow-level risk factors for the development of winter dysentery in dairy cattle

Evaluation of cutting devices for Hesperaloe harvesting

Evaluation of dairy farming systems under multiple criteria

Evaluation of dehydrated restaurant food waste products as feedstuffs for finishing pigs

Evaluation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase as an indicator of intramuscular fat content in beef cattle

Evaluation of diagnostic tests for the detection of infectious bursal disease virus antigen

Evaluation of dietary influences on Escherichia coli O157:H7 shedding by sheep

Evaluation of different V3 peptides in an enzyme immunoassay for specific HIV type 1 group O antibody detection

Evaluation of different culture media for sporulation of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum, Phaeoisariopsis griseola and Alternaria sp

Evaluation of different fungitoxicants against web blight of horsegram

Evaluation of different methods for the determination of digestion and passage rates of fibre in the rumen of dairy cows

Evaluation of different organic materials as carrier for formulated product of Trichoderma

Evaluation of different procedures for processing avian air sac lavage fluid

Evaluation of different techniques in the diagnosis of Toxoplasma encephalitis

Evaluation of digital and laminar blood flow in horses given a low dose of endotoxin

Evaluation of discriminant analysis in identification of low- and high-water use Kentucky bluegrass cultivars

Evaluation of disease control potentiality of certain fungicides in controlling charcoal rot of sunflower

Evaluation of disinfectants with the addition of antifreezing compounds against nonpathogenic H7N2 avian influenza virus

Evaluation of dissipation mechanisms for benzopyrene in the rhizosphere of tall fescue

Evaluation of dog population in an urban area of Southeastern Brazil

Evaluation of dogs as sentinels of the transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi in a rural area of north-western Argentina

Evaluation of dormant primary bud hardiness of muscadine grape cultivars

Evaluation of dot-immunobinding assay and rapid immunofilter paper assay for detection of cymbidium mosaic virus in orchids

Evaluation of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for body-composition assessment in rats

Evaluation of early generations of segregating barley lines in breeding of frost resistance

Evaluation of efficiency of multisource weight-free selection index for desired gains in egg type chicken

Evaluation of electronic technology to assess lamb carcass composition

Evaluation of embryogenic potential of cell suspension cultures by texture analysis

Evaluation of endpoints for antifungal susceptibility determinations with LY303366

Evaluation of entomopathogenic nematodes for biocontrol of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, on sweet corn in Israel

Evaluation of environmental deterioration by analysing fish parasite biodiversity and community structure

Evaluation of enzymatically modified potato starches in diets for weanling pigs

Evaluation of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for titration of antibody to equine herpesvirus type 1

Evaluation of epidural detomidine with and without lignocaine and its reversal by atipamezole in Sahiwal calves

Evaluation of equine infectious anemia virus core proteins produced in a baculovirus expression system in agar gel immunodiffusion test and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Evaluation of erosion control techniques on forest roads

Evaluation of excretory/secretory products of larval Taenia solium as diagnostic antigens for porcine and human cysticercosis

Evaluation of exposure to risk factors by tourists at seaside resorts

Evaluation of extraction procedures on determination of critical soil and foliar levels of boron and zinc in coffee plants

Evaluation of fasting serum insulin levels among Japanese school-age children

Evaluation of fauna and degradability in the rumen of buffalo on exclusive diets of sorghum silage and alfalfa hay

Evaluation of feed blocks containing bentonite or date pulp in Awassi sheep nutrition

Evaluation of fine root length and diameter measurements obtained using RHIZO image analysis

Evaluation of five methods for measuring desert vegetation

Evaluation of fixation devices for resistance of bending and rotations in supracondylar femoral fracture fixation in dogs

Evaluation of fixed precision sequential sampling plans for larval Chironomidae (Diptera) using bootstrap simulation

Evaluation of flow and solute transport parameters for heap leach recovery materials

Evaluation of fluoride content of bottled drinking waters in Brazil

Evaluation of formic acid and a thymol-based blend of natural products for the fall control of Varroa jacobsoni (Acari: Varroidae) in colonies of Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Evaluation of four DNA typing techniques in epidemiological investigations of bovine tuberculosis

Evaluation of freezing to control wood-destroying insects (Isoptera, Coleoptera)

Evaluation of fungal antagonists of Thanatephorus cucumeris causing web blight of horsegram

Evaluation of fungal pathogens as biological control agents for the paddy weed, Echinochloa species by drop inoculation

Evaluation of fungicides and surfactants for control of fairy rings caused by Marasmius oreades (Bolt ex. Fr.) Fr

Evaluation of fungicides for the control of corn foliar diseases

Evaluation of fungitoxicants against false smut of rice

Evaluation of genes to reduce seed size in Arabidopsis and tobacco and their application to Citrus

Evaluation of genetic variation within and between different chicken lines by DNA fingerprinting

Evaluation of genetic variations and breeding values of durum wheat lines in a semi-arid environment of Tunisia

Evaluation of geostatistical measures of radiometric spatial variability for lithologic discrimination in Landsat TM images

Evaluation of groundnut seed treatments with fungicides against soil borne pathogens

Evaluation of grower-oriented sampling techniques and proposal of a management program for potato leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in alfalfa

Evaluation of hardiness of Betula pendula and Betula nigra to the Canadian north-east climatic conditions

Evaluation of homoarginine as a marker for the determination of endogenous amino acid concentrations in poultry excreta

Evaluation of human hydatid disease before and after surgery and chemotherapy by demonstration of hydatid antigens and antibodies in serum

Evaluation of image analysis, flow cytometry, and RAPD analysis for the assessment of somaclonal variation and induced mutation in tissue culture-derived Pelargonium plants

Evaluation of imidacloprid 70 WS against sorghum shootfly

Evaluation of immunocapture ELISA for diagnosis of goat pox

Evaluation of immunomagnetic separation and plating media for recovery of Salmonella from meat

Evaluation of in-vessel composting of university postconsumer food wastes

Evaluation of infiltration measurements under olive trees in Cordoba

Evaluation of injectable abamectin to control natural infestations of Haematobia irritans (Diptera: Muscidae) in cattle

Evaluation of insecticides as seed soaking treatment for the control of Meloidogyne incognita in bhendi and cowpea

Evaluation of intensive forage conditioning with a modified disk mower

Evaluation of interpretation of DRIS system during growing season of the peach tree: comparison with DOP method

Evaluation of inundative releases of Eretmocerus eremicus and Encarsia formosa Beltsville strain in commercial greenhouses for control of Bemisia argentifolii (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) on poinsettia st

Evaluation of iron bioavailability in infant weaning foods fortified with haem concentrate

Evaluation of irrigation water quality along Yeongsan River basin

Evaluation of jellies made from grapes of five vine cultivars

Evaluation of laboratory techniques for diagnosis of amoebiasis

Evaluation of lacticin 3147 and a teat seal containing this bacteriocin for inhibition of mastitis pathogens

Evaluation of land productivity by combination of satellite data, soil information and meteorological information

Evaluation of large area field sampling methods for crop residue coverage measurement

Evaluation of layer litter rates as a fertilizer for greenhouse strawberry and lettuce

Evaluation of leachate quality from codisposed coal fly ash and coal refuse

Evaluation of leaves as a litter material

Evaluation of leguminous seed meals and leaf meals as plant protein sources in diets for juvenile Penaeus indicus

Evaluation of life-cycle herd efficiency in cow-calf systems of beef production

Evaluation of lignin and lignin-nitrogen fractionation following alternative detergent fiber pre-treatment methods

Evaluation of lime as an avian feeding repellent

Evaluation of lime, boron and their residue on three cropping sequences of non-cruciferous vegetables for yield, composition of leaf and soil properties on an Alfisol

Evaluation of linseed germplasm against bud fly, Dasyneura lini Barnes and some important diseases

Evaluation of lipopolysaccharides and polysaccharides of different epitopic structures in the indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for diagnosis of brucellosis in small ruminants and cattle

Evaluation of localized compaction and doming to reduce anion leaching losses using lysimeters

Evaluation of lumber recycled from an industrial military building

Evaluation of maize germ plasm for resistance to maize rayado fino virus

Evaluation of mancozeb and propiconazole to control Keithia leaf blight of container-grown western red cedar

Evaluation of manganese ion on controlling harmful microorganisms in vitro and in vivo for the early-weaned pig

Evaluation of mechanical green harvestability for newly released sugarcane cultivars ROC22 and ROC23

Evaluation of metam-potassium as fumigant and potassium source for tomato

Evaluation of methods based on the mean tree to estimate the volume of small native forest areas

Evaluation of methods for diagnosing contamination in rural wells

Evaluation of methods for estimating stormwater pollutant loads

Evaluation of methods for screening of extracellular cellulase in filamentous fungi

Evaluation of methods of insecticide application for control of smokybrown cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattidae)

Evaluation of methods to detect fruit infected by Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi in mechanically harvested rabbiteye blueberry

Evaluation of methyl iodide as a soil fumigant for root-knot nematode control in carrot production

Evaluation of microbial inhibitor tests - the IDF approach

Evaluation of milk allantoin excretion as an index of microbial protein supply in lactating dairy cows

Evaluation of miniature and high-volume bioassays for screening insecticides

Evaluation of minimally invasive indices for predicting ascites susceptibility in three successive hatches of broilers exposed to cool temperatures

Evaluation of modified starches for improved oil recovery

Evaluation of mulberry genotypes for saline tolerance by chemo and bio-assays

Evaluation of mycobacillin formulation for the control of rice blast disease

Evaluation of natural Psoroptes ovis (Acarina: Psoroptidae) soluble proteins as candidate vaccine immunogens

Evaluation of natural and engineered resistance mechanisms in Solanum tuberosum for resistance to Phthorimaea operculella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Evaluation of near infrared reflectance for oil content of cottonseed

Evaluation of near-isogenic sorghum lines contrasting for QTL markers associated with drought tolerance

Evaluation of new grape hybrids for dehydration

Evaluation of nitrate leaching potential in Minnesota glacial outwash soils using the CERES-maize model

Evaluation of nitrification inhibitors for use under tropical conditions

Evaluation of nitrogen and organic matter balance in the feedlot as affected by level and source of dietary fiber

Evaluation of no-tillage crop production with subsurface drip irrigation on soils with compacted layers

Evaluation of nonmarket goods: recovering unconditional preferences

Evaluation of odor lures for use with red sticky spheres to trap apple maggot (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Evaluation of okra accessions with reported resistance to root-knot nematodes for reaction to southern root-knot nematode

Evaluation of oligonucleotide probes for simple tandem repeats (STR) to produce informative DNA fingerprints of the chicken

Evaluation of oral, subcutaneous, and nasal administration of Salmonella enteritidis-immune lymphokines on the potentiation of a protective heterophilic inflammatory response to Salmonella enteritidis

Evaluation of organic carbon oxidation efficiencies of a modified wet combustion and Walkley-Black procedures in Nigerian soils

Evaluation of organic wastes as soil amendments for cultivation of carrot and chard on irrigated sandy soils

Evaluation of oriental trellis cucumbers for production in North Carolina

Evaluation of pancreatic exocrine function and zinc absorption in alcoholism

Evaluation of peanut breeding lines with resistance to the peanut root-knot nematode

Evaluation of pearlmillet genotypes for physical and physiological characters

Evaluation of pendiculation activities in male rats after oral administration of Eurycoma longifolia Jack

Evaluation of periparturient dairy cows and contact surfaces as a reservoir of Cryptosporidium parvum for calfhood infection

Evaluation of phospholipase activity of Candida albicans and its correlation with pathogenicity in mice

Evaluation of phosphorus availability from three phosphorus sources in Nigerian soils

Evaluation of photoassimilate flux through a tomato pedicel

Evaluation of photocatalytic degradation of imidacloprid in industrial water by GC-MS and LC-MS

Evaluation of physiologic indices in mice vaccinated with protein-ergotamine conjugates and fed an endophyte-infected fescue diet

Evaluation of plant nitrate extraction techniques and effect on commonly used analytical methods of detection

Evaluation of platelet activation and platelet-neutrophil aggregates in ponies with alimentary laminitis

Evaluation of point-scale assessments of soil quality

Evaluation of post-exposure vaccination against rabies in cattle

Evaluation of potato proteins on the growth performance of early-weaned pigs

Evaluation of potential disinfectants for preslaughter broiler crop decontamination

Evaluation of potential gross income from non-timber products in a model riparian forest for the Chesapeake Bay watershed

Evaluation of potentially available nitrogen of compost by the ammonium carbonate extracting method applied to the cultivation of corn

Evaluation of preferential flow component of RZWQM in simulating water and atrazine transport to subsurface drains

Evaluation of primary yield traits in wheat at six environments

Evaluation of progenies with coffee leaf rust resistance derived from Hibrido de Timor

Evaluation of protein and energy quality of rendered spent hen meals

Evaluation of pyrethrum clones for adaptability in various environmental conditions in Tanzania

Evaluation of quality and storage stability of mutton patties containing raw and hydrolysed fascia

Evaluation of raw and heated velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens) as feed ingredients for broilers

Evaluation of recombinant dengue viral envelope B domain protein antigens for the detection of dengue complex-specific antibodies

Evaluation of recycled HDPE milk bottles for food applications

Evaluation of reforestation potential of 83 tree species planted on Imperata cylindrica dominated grassland

Evaluation of regeneration ability in Solanum tuberosum L

Evaluation of resistance of winter wheat to Fusarium acuminatum by inoculation of seedling roots with single, germinated macroconidia

Evaluation of revegetation techniques of a saline flue gas desulfurization sludge pond

Evaluation of rice bran in the feeding of Holstein calves

Evaluation of rice straw based rations containing different forms of urea in steers

Evaluation of rice varieties for processing into lyee

Evaluation of rumen ciliate in the rumen of cattle kept with two diets

Evaluation of ruminal sulfide concentrations and seasonal outbreaks of polioencephalomalacia in beef cattle in a feedlot

Evaluation of samplers for spray drift

Evaluation of school feeding programs: some Jamaican examples

Evaluation of scratches as an essential element in the development of avian cellulitis in broiler chickens

Evaluation of scrotum development of Charolais bulls of different ages in performance tests

Evaluation of seal meal as a protein supplement for growing steers

Evaluation of secondary products of wheat processing in animal nutrition

Evaluation of sedative and cardiorespiratory effects of diazepam-butorphanol, acepromazine-butorphanol, and xylazine-butorphanol in ferrets

Evaluation of selected agricultural development schemes executed through Panchayat Raj Institutions

Evaluation of selected cardiopulmonary and cerebral responses during medetomidine, propofol, and halothane anesthesia for laparoscopy in dogs

Evaluation of selected high-starch flours as ingredients in canine diets

Evaluation of selected mathematical approaches to the kinetics of protein degradation in situ

Evaluation of selection based on specific gravity and egg weight for improvement of shell thickness in layer chicken

Evaluation of selective media for the enumeration of Bifidobacterium sp. in milk

Evaluation of serum neutralizing antibodies to bovine coronavirus in cows and their calves using Hmlu-1 cells

Evaluation of seven commercially available ELISA kits for serodiagnosis of acute toxoplasmosis

Evaluation of seven pineapple varieties from different planting material, in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Evaluation of seven sampling techniques for wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae)

Evaluation of several methods for determining the potassium content in diverse plant materials

Evaluation of sexual behavior of hair sheep rams in a tropical environment

Evaluation of silages and hay produced in selected farms in north-eastern Poland in 1996

Evaluation of simple methods for estimating broad-sense heritability in stands of randomly planted genotypes

Evaluation of simplified leaf inoculation procedures for identification of quantitative resistance to Sclerotinia trifoliorum in alfalfa seedlings

Evaluation of single-injection method of inulin and creatinine as a renal function test in normal cats

Evaluation of six commercial kits for detection of human immunoglobulin M antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii

Evaluation of slice shear force as an objective method of assessing beef longissimus tenderness

Evaluation of soil solarization method for control of Fusarium wilt of carnation in field

Evaluation of soil suitability for regional planning in Croatia

Evaluation of some insecticides applied to wheat crop as pre-harvest treatment for protection against stored grain insect pests

Evaluation of some local grape cultivars for juice production

Evaluation of some local grape cvs for jam manufacturing

Evaluation of some parameters influencing the drug delivery from a dry powder inhalation device using an in vitro model of the horse airways

Evaluation of some promising nematicides for control of soil nematodes in pyrethrum fields in Kenya

Evaluation of sorghum cultivars for environmental adaptation in Botswana

Evaluation of sorghum ergot toxicity in broilers

Evaluation of sorghum lines for multiple disease resistance in India

Evaluation of sorghum root branching using fractals

Evaluation of soybean cultivars for resistance to Sclerotinia stem rot in field environments

Evaluation of soybean injury from sulfentrazone and inheritance of tolerance

Evaluation of soybean plant shape based on tree-based models

Evaluation of soybean plant shape by multilayer perceptron with direct image input

Evaluation of spray quality by oil- and water-sensitive papers

Evaluation of spray-dried animal plasma and select menhaden fish meal in transition diets of pigs weaned at 12 to 14 days of age and reared in different production systems

Evaluation of spray-dried porcine plasma and wheat gluten to replace milk products in early-weaned pigs

Evaluation of sugarcane varieties for yield, sugar and pest incidence

Evaluation of surface sterilization and hot water treatments on bacterial contaminants in bud culture of sugarcane

Evaluation of switchgrass rhizosphere microflora for enhancing seedling yield and nutrient uptake

Evaluation of synthesized cross-linked tragacanth as a potential disintegrant

Evaluation of systemic insecticides mixed in rodenticide baits for plague vector control

Evaluation of systemically treated squash trap plants and attracticidal baits for early-season control of striped and spotted cucumber beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and squash bug (Hemiptera: Co

Evaluation of tactics for managing resistance of Venturia inaequalis to sterol demethylation inhibitors

Evaluation of tall coconut germplasm against the verrucoses Phyllachora torrendiella and Sphaerodothis acrocomiae in Sergipe State, Brazil

Evaluation of techniques and suitable sample number for soluble carbohydrate extraction in stem bases of elephantgrass

Evaluation of temperature models for predicting bud burst in Norway spruce

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