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Natural Sciences Repository Index 208

Index 208 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Effect of dietary lipid on the content of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in beef muscle

Effect of dietary macronutrient composition on tissue-specific lipoprotein lipase activity and insulin action in normal-weight subjects

Effect of dietary magnesium level on nephrocalcinosis and growth in rats

Effect of dietary manipulation on substrate flux and energy balance in obese women taking the appetite suppressant dexfenfluramine

Effect of dietary oat administration on lipid stability in broiler meat

Effect of dietary or abomasal supplementation of exogenous polysaccharide-degrading enzymes on rumen fermentation and nutrient digestibility

Effect of dietary phenolic amines on testicular function and luteinizing hormone secretion in male Angora goats

Effect of dietary phytic acid on zinc absorption in the healthy elderly, as assessed by serum concentration curve tests

Effect of dietary protein and amino acids on the performance, carcass composition and N-excretion of growing rabbits

Effect of dietary protein on translation initiation in rat skeletal muscle and liver

Effect of dietary salt on neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the inner medullary collecting duct

Effect of dietary selenium on the response of stressed and unstressed chickens to Escherichia coli challenge and antigen

Effect of dietary selenium supplementation on the plasma progesterone concentration in cows

Effect of dietary sodium chloride levels on growth and tolerance to sea water of rainbow trout

Effect of dietary stress on fecal shedding of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in calves

Effect of dietary vitamin E on productive and reproductive performance of broiler breeders

Effect of dietary vitamin E on the oxidative stability, flavor, color, and volatile profiles of refrigerated and frozen turkey breast meat

Effect of dietary vitamin E supplementation on the integrity of skeletal muscle in exercised horses

Effect of dietary xylitol on growth and inflammatory responses in immune stimulated chickens

Effect of dietary zinc content on 65Zn metabolism in mice

Effect of dietary zinc source and method of oral administration on performance and tissue trace mineral concentration of broiler chicks

Effect of diethylstilbestrol-incorporated diet on sex ratio and body composition of common carp, Cyprinus carpio

Effect of different DHA content in rotifers on the DHA requirement of larval yellowtail during Artemia feeding stage

Effect of different calcium supplements on utilization of nutrients and blood parameters in buffaloes

Effect of different chemicals on oviposition pattern in four Indian species of Drosophila

Effect of different concentrations of amino acids in human serum and follicular fluid on the development of one-cell mouse embryos in vitro

Effect of different concentrations of kinetin and 2,4D on the in vitro cultivation of Jatropha podagrica Hook' roots

Effect of different concentrations of potassium on pig embryos developing in vitro

Effect of different cooking techniques on the nutritional quality of trout and whiting

Effect of different culture media on the sporulation and inoculum potential of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum

Effect of different daily doses of gizzerosine on the serum 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol concentration in laying hens

Effect of different degrees of moderate iron deficiency on the activities of tricarboxylic acid cycle enzymes, and the cytochrome oxidase, and the iron, copper, and zinc concentrations in rat tissues

Effect of different diets on oral bacteria and caries activity in Sprague-Dawley rats

Effect of different drying systems for the conservation of olive leaves on their nutritive value for ruminants

Effect of different experimental conditions on lipogenesis and substrate oxidation in isolated adipocytes from fattening Holstein steers

Effect of different full-limb casts on in vitro bone strain in the distal portion of the equine forelimb

Effect of different hormones on in vitro maturation of murine oocytes

Effect of different insecticides on the larval population of root borer in sugarcane at different time of application

Effect of different land treatments on in-situ conservation of rain water, soil and plant nutrients in black clay soils of Madhya Pradesh

Effect of different levels of air pollution on photosynthetic activity of some lichens

Effect of different levels of berseem supplementation in donor animal diet on in vitro dry matter digestibility and gas production of wheat straw

Effect of different levels of nitrogen on growth and yield in okra varieties

Effect of different levels of nitrogen on the growth of Nicodemia madagascariensis

Effect of different levels of phospholipid on in vitro rumen fermentation in crossbred cattle

Effect of different levels of phosphorus on yield and yield components of soybean varieties

Effect of different methods of seed germination in ber

Effect of different mulch materials on the soil temperature and moisture in winter tomato

Effect of different nitrogen fertilizers on N2O emission from soil

Effect of different plastic and organic mulches on growth characteristics of winter tomato

Effect of different protein and limiting amino acid levels coupled with a supplement of chromium picolinate on lipid metabolism and carcass characteristics of pigs

Effect of different soil characteristics on the essential oil yield of Artemisia annua

Effect of different soil media and irrigation intervals on the growth of aerial parts of Tecoma grandiflora

Effect of different soil media and planting time on the growth of aerial plant parts of Nerium odorum

Effect of different soil media and planting time on the growth of subterranean plant parts of Nerium odorum

Effect of different sources and levels of phosphorus on P uptake and soil available P in rice-wheat sequence under acid soil condition of Assam

Effect of different sources of dietary fibre on growth performance, intestinal morphology and caecal carbohydrases of domestic geese

Effect of different storage conditions on paprika from variety Larguillo peppers grown in the open air and greenhouse

Effect of different substrates on the simultaneous production of beta-glucosidase and polysaccharides by Aspergillus niger NIAB 280

Effect of different type of mitochondrial DNA on preimplantation embryonic development in the mouse

Effect of different types of urea treated wheat straw with or without additional sulphur on intake and digestibility in crossbred heifers

Effect of different varieties of pectin and guar gum on plasma, hepatic and biliary lipids and cholesterol gallstone formation in hamsters fed on high-cholesterol diets

Effect of different water regimes on the sheath blight of rice

Effect of diflubenzuron on the capacitance of the cuticle of Schistocerca gregaria Forskal

Effect of diflubenzuron on the chitinase activity of predatory insect, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Effect of diflubenzuron treatment on the ovarian carbohydrates of Spodoptera mauritia Boisd

Effect of diluent and carrier on seed germination, plant growth and biological seed treatment of navy bean

Effect of distance from forest edge on regeneration of red spruce and balsam fir in clearcuts

Effect of distance traveled and speed of racing on body weight and serum enzyme activity of sled dogs competing in a long-distance race

Effect of distension and feeding on phasic changes in human proximal gastric tone

Effect of diuron on germ cells of mice

Effect of divalent iron oxidation on nitrification in model aquatic and soil microbial ecosystems

Effect of divergent selection for total plasma phosphorus on plasma and yolk very low density lipoproteins and plasma concentrations of selected hormones in laying Japanese quail

Effect of diversified cytoplasm on the interrelationship between yield components in sorghum

Effect of dormancy relieving compounds on the seed germination of non-dormant Allenrolfea occidentalis under salinity stress

Effect of dorsomedial hypothalamic nuclei knife cuts on ingestive behavior

Effect of double atmospheric CO2 concentration on rice photosynthesis and Rubisco

Effect of doubled CO2 concentration on leaf chlorophyll-protein complexes in several plants

Effect of drainage on the status and fabric of concretions in grey forest gleyed soils

Effect of dried solids of nejayote on broiler growth

Effect of dried spleen on digestibility and nutrient utilisation in growing kids

Effect of drill type on establishment of overdrilled lucerne

Effect of drinking water containing ammonium chloride or sodium bicarbonate on Mycoplasma gallisepticum isolation in experimentally infected broiler chickens

Effect of drinking water salinity on dry matter intake and digestibility of low and high quality forages

Effect of drought and plant density on radiation interception, radiation-use efficiency and partitioning of dry matter to seeds in cowpea

Effect of drought stress on ovules of Phaseolus vulgaris L

Effect of drought stress on the cytological status in Ricinus communis

Effect of dry storage on the curvature of scape and recovery from bending in Gerbera hybrida

Effect of drying temperature on physicochemical properties of starch isolated from pasta

Effect of drying temperature on the severity of soil water repellency

Effect of duration of dominance of the ovulatory follicle on onset of estrus and fertility in heifers

Effect of duration of fasting and a short-term high-roughage ration on the concentration of Escherichia coli biotype 1 in cattle feces

Effect of duration of fasting period on short-term intake rates of lactating dairy cows

Effect of duration of feed quality restriction on body dimensions in lambs

Effect of ear wounding and cultural practices on abundance of Carpophilus freemani (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) and other microcoleopterans in maize in northeastern Mexico

Effect of early treatment with praziquantel on serum connective tissue metabolite markers in children and adolescents with intestinal schistosomiasis mansoni

Effect of ebastine on mosquito bites

Effect of egg size and strain and age of hens on the solids content of chicken eggs

Effect of electroporation conditions on loach sperm for successful gene transfer and early development

Effect of elemental sulphur and sulphur containing waste in a calcareous soil in Turkey

Effect of elevated CO2 concentration on acclimation of tobacco plantlets to ex vitro conditions

Effect of elevated CO2 concentration on seedling growth rate and photosynthesis in Hevea brasiliensis

Effect of elevated calcium concentration in infected cells of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) nodules on nitrogenase activity and N input to the plant

Effect of eliminating seropositive canines on the transmission of visceral leishmaniasis in Brazil

Effect of endocrine and paracrine factors on protein synthesis and cell proliferation in bovine hoof tissue culture

Effect of endocytosis inhibitors on Coxiella burnetii interaction with host cells

Effect of endophyte incidence in perennial ryegrass on distribution, host-choice, and performance of the hairy chinch bug (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)

Effect of endotoxin on hormonal responses to thyrotropin and thyrotropin-releasing hormone in dogs

Effect of endotoxin on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in sheep

Effect of endurance training on cardiac morphology in Alaskan sled dogs

Effect of energy ration levels on the performance and carcass fat content of chicken

Effect of energy source and escape protein on receiving and finishing performance and health of calves

Effect of enforced expression of human bcl-2 on Japanese encephalitis virus-induced apoptosis in cultured cells

Effect of enriched Artemia on metamorphosis and survival of larvae of giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Effect of enrofloxacin administration on excretion of Salmonella enteritidis by experimentally infected chickens and on quinolone resistance of their Escherichia coli flora

Effect of enucleation on protein synthesis during maturation of bovine oocytes in vitro

Effect of environment and genotype on durum wheat gluten strength and pasta viscoelasticity

Effect of environmental conditions and inoculum density on infection of guava fruits by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Effect of environmental conditions on the dormancy and germination of volunteer oilseed rape seed (Brassica napus)

Effect of environmental factors on N mineralization from leaves of tree species in soils

Effect of environmental temperature on broiler chickens subjected to growth restriction at an early age

Effect of environmental temperature on plasma levels of catecholamines in pair-fed broiler chickens

Effect of environmental temperature on the behavior of Clydesdales during preparation time before athletic performances

Effect of environmental variables on the development of kernel discoloration by Pyrenophora tritici-repentis in durum wheat

Effect of enzymatic deglycosylation on feline immunodeficiency virus sensitivity to antibody-mediated neutralization

Effect of enzyme supplementation of broiler diets based on corn and soybeans

Effect of equid herpesvirus 1 infection on parturition of mice

Effect of ergotamine and ergonovine on plasma concentrations of thyroid hormones and cortisol in cattle

Effect of estradiol on serum triglyceride lipoprotein levels and fatty acid composition in castrated rats

Effect of estrogen on sexual differentiation of the medial preoptic area in chicken

Effect of estrogen on very low density lipoprotein and low density lipoprotein subclass metabolism in postmenopausal women

Effect of estrus synchronization with norgestomet on the integrity of oocytes from persistent follicles in beef cattle

Effect of ethanolic extract of fenugreek seeds on hyperglycaemic rats

Effect of ethephon spray on production of cutting for the forcing culture of summer chrysanthemum

Effect of euonymus scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae) on Euonymus spp. survival in southern New England, with estimates of economic costs of pest damage

Effect of evening feeding on the calving time during a day in Hanwoo

Effect of excess lead on sunflower growth and photosynthesis

Effect of excess water stress on grain yield and other traits in maize hybrids

Effect of exchangeable sodium percentage on the residual efficiency of diammonium orthophosphate and ammonium polyphosphate to maize in wheat-maize-maize cropping sequence

Effect of excluding sib matings on inbreeding coefficient and effective size of finite diploid populations

Effect of exogenous estradiol on plasma concentrations of somatotropin, insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor binding protein activity, and metabolites in ovariectomized Angus and B

Effect of exogenous growth regulators on plant regenerates from tissue cultures of Mentha spicata and production of volatiles

Effect of exogenous iron, synthetic chelator and rhizobial siderophores on iron acquisition by pigeonpea host in pigeonpea-Rhizobium symbiosis

Effect of exogenous plant bioactive substances on phleinase induction in stem base of orchardgrass

Effect of exogenous progesterone following mating on embryo survival in the gilt

Effect of experimental zinc deficiency on thyroid gland in guinea-pigs

Effect of explant sources and plant growth regulators on bulblet formation in Lilium

Effect of exposing partially precooled tulip bulbs to ethylene on plant growth and flowering

Effect of exposure of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, to high temperature on survival rate and cocoon characters

Effect of extender solutions and dilution on motility and fertilizing ability of Eastern oyster sperm

Effect of extending restructured chicken steaks with milk co-precipitates

Effect of extra water and space on selection efficiency of plus trees in Eucalyptus tereticornis

Effect of extract from Achyranthes japonica on biological activity of silkworm, Bombyx mori

Effect of fall defoliation and spring shading on shoot carbohydrate and growth parameters among individual branches of alternate bearing 'Kerman' pistachio trees

Effect of farmland windbreak on preventing rice lodging and yield reduction under violent tropical storm

Effect of fasting and leptin deficiency on hypothalamic neuropeptide Y gene transcription in vivo revealed by expression of a lacZ reporter gene

Effect of fasting on insulin receptor-related receptor messenger ribonucleic acid in rat kidney

Effect of fat composition on plasma fatty acid profile

Effect of fat-free potato chips with and without nutrition labels on fat and energy intakes

Effect of fatty acid chain length and saturation on the gastrointestinal handling and metabolic disposal of dietary fatty acids in women

Effect of fatty acid saturation in broiler diets on abdominal fat and breast muscle fatty acid composition and susceptibility to lipid oxidation

Effect of feed deprivation on innate resistance and antibody response to Flavobacterium columnare in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus

Effect of feed form, formulation, and restriction on the performance of laying hens

Effect of feed interval and feed type on splanchnic haemodynamics

Effect of feed particle size and dietary melatonin supplementation on gastric ulcers in swine

Effect of feed restriction and realimentation on growth and nutrient utilization in crossbred calves

Effect of feed supplementation with pigments on yolk colour

Effect of feed withdrawal on Campylobacter in the crops of market-age broiler chickens

Effect of feed withdrawal or challenge with Pasteurella multocida on growth, blood metabolites, circulating growth hormone, and insulin-like growth factor-I concentrations in eight-week-old turkeys

Effect of feeding Malachra capitata leaves on rumen fermentation and blood constituents in kids

Effect of feeding a diet with niacin supplement on meat color in fattening sheep

Effect of feeding additives on yield and fat content of cows milk

Effect of feeding alkaline hydrogen peroxide-treated rice straw on ruminal fermentation, digestibility and performance in dairy growing bulls

Effect of feeding antistress agents on the performance of egg type pullets housed in cages during summer

Effect of feeding area and feed intake on meat compositions and taste relating components of broiler chickens

Effect of feeding barley based diets on animal performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of crossbred beef cattle with and without Wagyu genetics

Effect of feeding before, during and after milking on milk production and the hormones oxytocin, prolactin, gastrin and somatostatin

Effect of feeding blends of Fusarium mycotoxin-contaminated grains containing deoxynivalenol and fusaric acid on growth and feed consumption of immature swine

Effect of feeding bypass fat on feed intake, milk production and body condition of Holstein Friesian cows

Effect of feeding bypass fat on rumen fermentation, DM digestibility and N balance in sheep

Effect of feeding diets of varying fatty acid composition on apolipoprotein expression in newborn swine

Effect of feeding formaldehyde- and heat-treated oil seed on milk yield and milk composition

Effect of feeding formaldehyde-treated mustard-cake supplemented with urea treated wheat-straw on rumen metabolism in buffalo

Effect of feeding level during autumn and winter on breeding weight and result in single and pair-housed minks

Effect of feeding level during rearing and mating strategy on performance of Swedish Yorkshire sows. 1. Growth, puberty and conception rate

Effect of feeding level during rearing and mating strategy on performance of Swedish Yorkshire sows. 2. Reproductive performance, food intake, backfat changes and culling rate during the first two par

Effect of feeding level in late pregnancy and early lactation and fibre level in mid lactation on body mass, milk production and quality in Awassi ewes

Effect of feeding level of concentrates on growth performance and fatty acid composition of adipose tissues at various locations in Hanwoo bulls

Effect of feeding of a cholesterol-reducing bacterium, Eubacterium coprostanoligenes, to germ-free mice

Effect of feeding sorghum instead of maize on the performance of broilers

Effect of feeding soypulp on nutrient utilization and growth in crossbred calves

Effect of feeding textured concentrates with alfalfa cubes to lactating dairy cows producing low fat milk

Effect of feeding total mixed ration on lactating performance of dairy cows

Effect of feeding tuna oil or soyabean oil as supplements to sows in late pregnancy on piglet tissue composition and viability

Effect of feeding undegradable dietary protein on milk production of crossbred cows

Effect of feeding urea ammoniated finger millet straw on nutrient utilization in heifers

Effect of feeding urea to chicks

Effect of feeding yeast diets on lactating performance of dairy cows

Effect of fenitrothion on hepatopancreas microsomal membrane fluidity in Macrobrachium borellii

Effect of fenoxycarb-juvenile on the succinate dehydrogenase and esterases of insects

Effect of fertiliser N on the grain yield and quality of spring malting barley grown on five contrasting soils in Ireland

Effect of fertiliser type on cadmium and fluorine concentrations in clover herbage

Effect of fertilization methods on biomass, oil yield and economics in geranium (Pelargonium sp.) in India

Effect of fertilization on initial growth of Humboldtiella ferruginea under nursery conditions

Effect of fertilization on soil phosphorus in a long-term field experiment in southern Finland

Effect of fertilization on the growth and foliar nutrient status of pubescent birch stands on drained mires in northern Finland

Effect of fertilizer application on maintenance of replanted slopes in reclaimed land

Effect of fertilizer rates and weed management under low input dryland conditions on maize grain yield

Effect of fertilizers and rates of application on incidence of soybean diseases in northern Alabama

Effect of fertilizers on grain yield and grain protein content of wheat

Effect of fiber source on cell wall digestibility and rate of passage in rabbits

Effect of fibre degrading enzymes in diet on performance of broilers

Effect of firewood harvesting on birds in a California oak-pine woodland

Effect of first cut and cutting intervals of alfalfa crop on dry matter and protein yield in the Jordan Valley

Effect of fish meal quality on fish meal protein requirement of broilers

Effect of fish-oil-enriched margarine on plasma lipids, low-density-lipoprotein particle composition, size, and susceptibility to oxidation

Effect of flavonoids on daunomycin-induced toxicity in cultivated endothelial cells

Effect of flooding on annual dormancy cycles in buried seeds of two wetland Carex species

Effect of flooding on elemental uptake and biomass allocation in seedlings of three bottomland tree species

Effect of floodwater depth and duration of pre-submergence on ammonia volatilization losses from applied urea at two levels of sodicity

Effect of flowering dandelion as a competitor to flowers of fruit trees for pollen-collecting honey bees in Ontario

Effect of flowering on vegetative growth and further reproduction in Festuca novae-zelandiae

Effect of fluazinam soil-drench on white root rot of grapevine

Effect of fluconazole on indinavir pharmacokinetics in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients

Effect of fluoride and phosphate on yield and mineral composition of barley grown on three soils

Effect of fluoride on CO2 evolution and dehydrogenase activity in soil

Effect of fluorine from sources of rock phosphate on performance of broilers

Effect of foliar and soil application of N and P on dry matter yield and uptake by soybean in low and high lime soil

Effect of foliar fertilization of potassium on yield, quality, and nutrient uptake of groundnut

Effect of foliar spray of gibberellin on the incidence of internal browning in roots of Japanese radish

Effect of folic acid supplementation on folate status and formate oxidation rate in mink (Mustela vision)

Effect of follicle-stimulating hormone on different cell sub-populations in the ovary of newly hatched chicks treated during embryonic development

Effect of food on the bioavailability of stavudine in subjects with human immunodeficiency virus infection

Effect of food type and location on the attendance to an automatic milking system by dairy cows and the effect of feeding during milking on their behaviour and milking characteristics

Effect of forage conservation (hay or silage) and cow breed on the coagulation properties of milks and on the characteristics of ripened cheeses

Effect of forage:concentrate ratio on digestion and reproduction in primiparous beef heifers

Effect of forcing temperature on time to flower of Coreopsis grandiflora, Gaillardia x grandiflora, Leucanthemum x superbum, and Rudbeckia fulgida

Effect of forecrop on the yield of rye and occurrence of stem base diseases

Effect of forest thinning on the radar backscattering coefficient at L-band

Effect of formaldehyde treated groundnut cake on in vitro and in sacco protein degradability

Effect of forms of nitrogen supply on mobilisation of phosphorus from a phosphate rock and acidification in the rhizosphere of tea

Effect of formulation and nozzle type on droplet size with isopropylamine and trimesium salts of glyphosate

Effect of fortification of concentrated whey on growth of Kluyveromyces sp

Effect of founder allele survival and inbreeding depression on litter size in a closed line of Large White pigs

Effect of four levels of hay offer on the digestible nutrients intake by calves

Effect of fruit juice intake on urinary quercetin excretion and biomarkers of antioxidative status

Effect of fulvic acid fraction of organic matter and lime application on the changes in available B content in soil

Effect of fungicidal seed treatment on seed viability and mycoflora during storage of sorghum

Effect of fungicidal seed treatment on seedborne fungi, germination and seedling vigour of maize

Effect of fungicides applied as foliar sprays and trunk injections on nut rot of chestnuts caused by Phomopsis castanea in Victoria

Effect of fungicides on entomopathogenic fungus, Verticillium lecanii

Effect of fungistatic compounds on some strains of Suillus

Effect of gamma radiation on Brugia L3 development in vivo and the kinetics of granulomatous inflammation induced by these parasites

Effect of gamma rays on the populations of irradiated varieties and hybrids in sesame

Effect of gas bubbles on the diffusive flux of methane in anoxic paddy soil

Effect of gas mixtures of sulfuryl fluoride and phosphine on forest insect pests

Effect of gel formation conditions on the texture of direct acidified milk gels

Effect of genetic and environmental factors on carcass composition in rabbits

Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on first lactation traits in Murrah buffaloes using alternate models

Effect of genetic variability of the porcine pituitary-specific transcription factor (PIT-1) on carcass traits in pigs

Effect of genetic variants of the heart fatty acid-binding protein gene on intramuscular fat and performance traits in pigs

Effect of genetically modified, low-phytic acid maize on absorption of iron from tortillas

Effect of genetics and maternal dietary iodide supplementation on glycogen content of organs within embryonic turkeys

Effect of genetics and maternal dietary iodide supplementation on turkey embryonic growth

Effect of genetics, vaccine dosage, and postvaccination sampling interval on early antibody response to Salmonella enteritidis vaccine in broiler breeder chicks

Effect of genotype and media composition on embryoid induction and plant regeneration from anther culture in triticale

Effect of germination and water content on the microstructure and rheological properties of two rye doughs

Effect of gestation and lactation upon digestive hydrolase activity in rabbits

Effect of ginseng saponins on exercise performance in non-trained rats

Effect of ginsenoside Rb1 on repeated stress-induced sexual deficiencies in male mice

Effect of glucocorticoid treatment on biochemical and hormonal blood parameters in early pregnant gilts

Effect of glucosaminyl muramyl dipeptide on humoral immunity against fowl pox

Effect of glucose on the development of Glomus fistulosum colonization and extraradical mycelium on maize roots

Effect of glucose supplementation on appetite and the pyloric motor response to intraduodenal glucose and lipid

Effect of glyphosate on the growth and sporulation of several fungi species grown in vitro

Effect of gold-mine related operations on the physical and chemical characteristics of sediment texture

Effect of graded levels of aflatoxin B1 on semen quality of breeder cocks

Effect of graded levels of green grass supplementation on nutrient digestibility, rumen fermentation and microbial nitrogen production in cattle fed rice straw alone

Effect of graded levels of wheat bran supplementation on intake, nutrient digestibility, microbial N yield and growth rate of native bulls fed rice straw alone

Effect of graft combination and position of application on assimilation and translocation of zinc in grapevines

Effect of grain on apparent respiration of adult stored-product Coleoptera in an air-tight system: implications for fumigant testing

Effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor on candidacidal activity of neutrophils, monocytes or monocyte-derived macrophages and synergy with fluconazole

Effect of grapefruit juice on pharmacokinetics of itraconazole in healthy subjects

Effect of grass buffer strips on pesticide runoff under simulated rainfall

Effect of grazing system, stocking rate and season of use on herbage intake and grazing behaviour of stocker cattle grazing alfalfa-grass pastures

Effect of green manuring in reducing the leaching losses of applied fertilizer nitrogen from rainfed rice soils

Effect of green manuring with glyricidia leaves and fertility levels on yield and physico-chemical properties of the soil in low land paddy

Effect of green tea on p53 mutation distribution in ultraviolet B radiation-induced mouse skin tumors

Effect of groundnut varieties, P and Zn levels on residual fertility status of the soil

Effect of growth and cultivar on alfalfa digestibility in a multi-site trial

Effect of growth habit of bearing shoot on the distribution of 13C-photosynthates in kiwifruit vines

Effect of growth promotant implants on liveweight change, wool and carcass characteristics of mature wethers grazing dry season pastures

Effect of growth rate and body mass on resting metabolic rate in galliform chicks

Effect of growth rate on resistance of Candida albicans biofilms to antifungal agents

Effect of growth regulators on indirect organogenesis of Acacia mearnsii tissues cultured in vitro

Effect of growth regulators, chilling treatment and light on adventitious shoots differentiation by in vitro scape culture of Narcissus pseudo-narcissus L

Effect of growth regulators, dark treatment and light intensity on shoot organogenesis from leaf tissues of evergreen azalea

Effect of growth retardants, cytokinins and auxins on the multiplication and rooting in vitro of Alstroemeria x hybrida Juanita

Effect of guineacorn/palm kernel-meal based diet with niacin supplementation on the performance of broilers

Effect of hammer mill and roller mill variables on cheat (Bromus secalinus L.) seed germination

Effect of hand defoliation on herbicide efficacy in honey mesquite

Effect of harvest date on the storability of desiccation-sensitive seeds of Machilus kusanoi Hay

Effect of harvesting schedule on the performance of sugarcane varieties under plant and ratoon crop

Effect of harvesting time and storage temperature on sprouting, growth and bulbing of Allium platyphyllum

Effect of harvesting times on the quality of potato tubers in fall cropping

Effect of health-promoting education in nutrition and changes in eating habits on levels of insulin, lipids and lipoproteins in the blood of obese women being in climacterium

Effect of heat stress on heterosis for some physiological characters in wheat

Effect of heat stress on rabbit esophageal epithelium

Effect of heat treatment on recovery of solids in chhana produced from cow and buffalo milks

Effect of heat treatment on the decay resistance and the bending properties of radiata pine sapwood

Effect of heavy metal compounds on nucleolus of root meristematic cells of Pisum sativum L

Effect of heavy metals on enzymes production by Hebeloma crustuliniforme

Effect of hemoglobin status on humoral immune response of weanling pigs differing in coping styles

Effect of hemolysis on serum retinol as assessed by direct fluorometry

Effect of hen age, body weight, and age at photostimulation. 1. Egg, incubation, and poult characteristics of commercial turkeys

Effect of hen age, body weight, and age at photostimulation. 2. Embryonic characteristics of commercial turkeys

Effect of hen production age on egg composition and embryo development in commercial Pekin ducks

Effect of heparin on hemagglutination by equine arteritis virus

Effect of herbal treatment with Himax ointment and neem oil in sarcoptic mange in sheep

Effect of herbicides and cultivars on the ecophysiological characteristics and grain yield of greengram

Effect of herbicides and time of weeding on weed control and fruit yield of tomato

Effect of herbicides on Verticillium wilt of cotton and induction of phytoalexin gossypol production by host cells

Effect of herbicides on butterfly populations of an electric transmission right-of-way

Effect of herbicides on soil- and seed-borne nature of fungi

Effect of herbicides on the urea transformation in soil

Effect of hexachlorocyclohexane on hsp26 expression in transgenic Drosophila melanogaster

Effect of hexachlorocyclohexane on methane production and emission from flooded rice soil

Effect of hexaflumuron, a chitin synthesis inhibitor, on mating success of three species of vector mosquitoes

Effect of high ambient temperature on feed digestibility in broilers

Effect of high dose of dietary taurine on toxicity of lead in rats

Effect of high environmental temperature on the growth of piglets

Effect of high fat diets on the performance and food intake of primiparous and multiparous rabbit does

Effect of high fat diets on the performance, milk yield and milk composition of multiparous rabbit does

Effect of high fiber intake in fish oil-treated patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Effect of high levels of sodium selenite on activity of certain enzymes in blood plasma of chicks

Effect of high oil corn on carcass traits, meat quality, and fatty acid composition and cholesterol contents of pork in growing-finishing pigs

Effect of high salt concentration on the growth of lily in plastic film house soil

Effect of histamine on the myoelectrical activity of uterus in sheep sensitized and non-sensitized by stilboestrol

Effect of horizontal clinorotation on the root system development and on lipid breakdown in rapeseed (Brassica napus) seedlings

Effect of hormone pre-treatment of prepubertal sheep on the production and developmental capacity of oocytes in vitro and in vivo

Effect of hormone treatment on root formation and endogenous indole-3-acetic acid and polyamine levels of Glycine max cultivated in vitro

Effect of host plant on the potential of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes) for controlling the silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in greenhouses

Effect of host plant resistance and insecticide on brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) and predator population development in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Effect of hot water extracts from Tamogitake on the suppression of blood glucose elevation in non-insulin dependent diabetic mice

Effect of housing birds in cages or an aviary system on bone characteristics

Effect of housing on the performance of double-muscled rearing calves

Effect of housing system on the performance of Korean native chicken

Effect of humic acid on the sorption of trifluralin by soils

Effect of humic fractions and clay on biodegradation of phenanthrene by a Pseudomonas fluorescens strain isolated from soil

Effect of hydroalcoholic propolis solution and robenidin on the performance of growing rabbits

Effect of hydrogen peroxide on the physiology of Bifidobacterium thermophilum

Effect of hydropriming on field emergence and crop growth of maize genotypes

Effect of hyperbaric oxygen on lipid peroxidation in free skin grafts in rats

Effect of hyperinsulinemia on plasma leptin concentrations and food intake in rats

Effect of hypohydration on gastric emptying and intestinal absorption during exercise

Effect of hypotaurine in fertilization medium on fertilization of in vitro matured bovine oocytes and their subsequent development

Effect of hypothyroidism on libido and reaction time in Black Bengal bucks

Effect of hypoxic stress on the immune response and the resistance to vibriosis of the shrimp Penaeus stylirostris

Effect of ignoring random sire and dam effects on estimates and standard errors of breed comparisons

Effect of illumination on nitrogen status in soil-plant system

Effect of imazamox, fomesafen, and acifluorfen soil residue on rotational crops

Effect of imidacloprid as seed treatment on yield and yield characteristics of silage maize

Effect of immune activation on the dynamics of human immunodeficiency virus replication and on the distribution of viral quasispecies

Effect of immune mechanisms on the pharmacokinetics and organ distribution of cryptococcal polysaccharide

Effect of immunisation against leukaemia inhibitory factor on the establishment of pregnancy in sheep

Effect of immunoglobulin source on survival, growth, and hematological and immunological variables in pigs

Effect of immunostimulation on cytotoxic activity of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes of chickens in infectious bursal disease and Eimeria tenella infections

Effect of immunotherapy on the production of eosinophil adhesion-inducing activity from mononuclear cells in house-dust-mite-sensitive bronchial asthma

Effect of impermeable seed coat on germination of seed from early maturing soybean

Effect of improved practices on productivity of niger in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh

Effect of in vitro manipulation of pH on magnesium solubility in ruminal and caecal digesta in sheep

Effect of inactivation by sunlight on the larvicidal activities of mosquitocidal Bacillus thuringiensis H-14 isolates from Nigerian soils

Effect of incising on the strength of green Douglas-fir lumber

Effect of inclusion of norgestomet ear implants in the goat superovulation regimen

Effect of inclusion of sodium bicarbonate in Mashrouh bread on protein quality

Effect of inclusion of soybean husk in the wheat soybean diets on the voluntary feed intake and digestibility of nutrients in growing chickens

Effect of inclusion of sugar beet pulp, pelleting and season on laying hen performance

Effect of incorporating texturized soy protein and milk co-precipitates on the quality characteristics of restructured chicken steaks

Effect of incorporation of liquid dairy by-products on sensory and storage characteristics of soy-fortified biscuits

Effect of increasing dietary threonine intakes on amino acid metabolism of the central nervous system and peripheral tissues in growing rats

Effect of increasing dietary vitamin A on bone density in adult dogs

Effect of increasing the fat content but not the energy load of a meal on gastro-oesophageal reflux and lower oesophageal sphincter motor function

Effect of increasing the proportion of dietary concentrate for dairy cows on the composition of ruminal contents and faeces and physico-chemical characteristics of duodenal digesta

Effect of indigestible oligosaccharides on the hepatotoxic action of D-galactosamine in rats

Effect of indigestible saccharides on B lymphocyte response of intestinal mucosa and cecal fermentation in rats

Effect of indinavir on HIV-related wasting

Effect of individual or combined ablation of the nuclear groups of the lamina terminalis on water drinking in sheep

Effect of induced hypothyroidism on the fertility of male goats

Effect of induced molting in laying hens on production and immune parameters

Effect of induced molting on heterophil function in White Leghorn hens

Effect of industrial pollution on sister chromatid exchanges frequency in buffaloes

Effect of infections on plasma zinc concentration and implications for zinc status assessment in low-income countries

Effect of inflammation on measures of antioxidant status in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Effect of inhibition of nitric oxide synthase on food intake of chicks fed diets differing in arginine content

Effect of initial callus size/quantity, agar, phytagel and thiamine on further growth of leaf and petiole-derived callus cultures of Gossypium hirsutum L

Effect of initial nematode population density on the interaction of Pratylenchus penetrans and Verticillium dahliae on 'Russet Burbank' potato

Effect of initial root collar diameter on survival and growth of yellow-poplar seedlings over 17 years

Effect of initial spacing on production of pulpwood in Pinus tecunumanii

Effect of inoculation techniques and relative humidity on the growth of molds on the surfaces of yellow layer cakes

Effect of inoculation with Bacillus polymyxa on growth and nitrogen fixation of wheat under graded levels of inorganic and organic nitrogen

Effect of inoculum levels in the early evaluation of coffee reaction to Meloidogyne exigua

Effect of inorganic nitrogen source on ammonium assimilation enzymes of Catharanthus roseus plants

Effect of insect damage to maize ears, with special reference to Mussidia nigrivenella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), on Aspergillus flavus (Deuteromycetes: Monoliales) infection and aflatoxin production i

Effect of insect predators and a pyrethroid insecticide on cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover, population density

Effect of insecticide treatments to reduce infestation by citrus thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on growth of nonbearing citrus

Effect of insecticides on vital activity, hepatic enzymes and red blood cell acetyl cholinesterase activity of rabbits in Makkah

Effect of insulin on glycerol production in obese adolescents

Effect of intake level during milk-feeding period and protein content in the post-weaning diet on performance and body composition in growing lambs

Effect of integrated weed management and nitrogen fertilization on the performance of rice under flood-prone lowland conditions

Effect of integrated weed management on growth and yield of groundnut

Effect of intensity and duration of heat-shock treatments on wound-induced phenolic metabolism in iceberg lettuce

Effect of interactions between denatured whey proteins and casein micelles on the formation and rheological properties of acid skim milk gels

Effect of interannual climate variability on carbon storage in Amazonian ecosystems

Effect of intercrop spacing and nitrogen fertilizer on establishment of Leucaena leucocephala in alley cropping

Effect of intercropping on yield and quality of sugarcane

Effect of interleukin-12 and interleukin-10 on the virus replication and apoptosis in T-cells infected with feline immunodeficiency virus

Effect of interleukin-2 on experimental acute toxoplasmosis

Effect of intermittent activity on broiler production parameters

Effect of intermittent compared with continuous light on testicular growth and histology of broiler chickens reared under high temperature

Effect of intermittent warming and modified atmosphere packaging on fungal growth in peaches

Effect of intermittent warming on peach fruit quality in cold storage

Effect of interrelationship of weather parameters on powdery mildew epidemics in Vigna mungo L

Effect of interseeding legumes into endophyte-infected tall fescue pastures on forage production and steer performance

Effect of intestinal helminth infection on some nutritional parameters among rural villagers in Nepal

Effect of intra-ruminal urea infusions and changing digestible organic matter intake on nitrogen kinetics in sheep fed rice straw

Effect of intracameral administration of carbachol on the postoperative increase in intraocular pressure in dogs undergoing cataract extraction

Effect of intraruminal infusion of potassium on the site of magnesium absorption within the digestive tract in sheep

Effect of intravenous calcium administration on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicosis in ponies

Effect of intravenous glucose and euglycemic insulin infusions on short-term appetite and food intake

Effect of ionic strength of nutrient solution on the growth and fruit yield in hydroponically grown strawberry plants

Effect of iprodione fungicide application on deterioration rate of stored shelled corn

Effect of irradiance and vapour pressure deficit on stomatal response to CO2 enrichment of four tree species

Effect of irradiation and cooking methods on ascorbic acid levels of four potato cultivars

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on herbage, oil yield and water use of lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus) on alfisols

Effect of irrigation method on the quality and growth of vegetable plug seedlings

Effect of irrigation on total yield and nutritive value of Opuntia ficus-indica cultivars as livestock feed

Effect of irrigation regimes, organic and inorganic manures on physico-chemical characteristics of soil, yield and quality attributes of groundnut

Effect of irrigation schedule through drip and sprinkler and lifting dates on total yield and seed size tubers

Effect of irrigation termination on the yield, earliness, and fiber qualities of cotton

Effect of irrigation water quality on barley grown on a calcareous soil

Effect of irrigation with industrial effluent on chlorophyll and dry matter production in wheat and gram

Effect of irrigation, phosphorus and row spacing on nutrient uptake and protein production by pea

Effect of isoxaben application rate and timing on residual broadleaf weed control in turf

Effect of jasmonic acid methyl ester on the photosynthesis of rice seedlings

Effect of ketone bodies on crop emptying in the chicken

Effect of kinds of forage on feed intake and time spent for eating and rumination of Japanese Black cows

Effect of krill meal supplementation in soft-dry pellets on spawning and quality of egg of yellowtail

Effect of labor induction on the expression of oxytocin receptor, cytochrome P450 aromatase, and estradiol receptor in the reproductive tract of the late-pregnant ewe

Effect of lactates on lactic acid production by mixed culture of Lactobacilli

Effect of lactation stage on the cheesemaking properties of milk and the quality of Saint-Nectaire-type cheese

Effect of lactic acid bacteria on serum cholesterol level in rats fed cholesterol diet

Effect of lactose administration in drinking water prior to and during feed withdrawal on Salmonella recovery from broiler crops and ceca

Effect of lairage during 24 h of transport on the behavioural and physiological responses of sheep

Effect of land use on the seed banks of rangeland soils in arid environments

Effect of late nitrogen application on growth and nitrogen balance of two cultivars of water-stressed grain sorghum

Effect of late season insect infestation on yield, yield components and oil quality of Brassica napus, B. rapa, B. juncea and Sinapis alba in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States

Effect of lead ingestion on concentrations of lead in tissues and eggs of laying Tsaiya ducks in Taiwan

Effect of lead on nitrate reductase activity and alleviation of lead toxicity by inorganic salts and 6-benzylaminopurine

Effect of leaf extract from Clerodendron colebrookianum on CNS function in mice

Effect of leaf wetness duration, temperature, and conidial inoculum dose on apple scab infections

Effect of lean growth genotype and dietary amino acid regimen on the lactational performance of sows

Effect of length of feed withdrawal from hatching to housing on broiler performance

Effect of leptin on energy balance does not require the presence of intact adrenals

Effect of level and source of dietary selenium on concentrations of thyroid hormones and immunoglobulins in beef cows and calves

Effect of level of Ascochyta seed-borne infection on pea plants grown in cultivated and virgin soils

Effect of level of Leucaena leucocephala in the diets of Jamunapari goats on carbon nitrogen and energy balances

Effect of level of chronic immune system activation on the growth and dietary lysine needs of pigs fed from 6 to 112 kg

Effect of level of chronic immune system activation on the lactational performance of sows

Effect of levels of concentrate supplement on live weight gain and carcass characteristics in sheep on restricted grazing

Effect of levels of zinc sulphate application on the yield and net return in rice-wheat cropping sequence

Effect of liberalized U.S.-Mexico dry onion trade: a spatial and intertemporal equilibrium analysis

Effect of light and feed restriction during rearing on production performance of egg strain layers

Effect of light and temperature on germination of dimorphic achenes of Centaurea solstitialis in California

Effect of light condition and GA3 application on development of axillary buds during cooling treatment in Phalaenopsis

Effect of light intensity on chlorophyll content in Impatiens flanaganiae

Effect of light intensity on the photosynthetic rate of Vitis

Effect of light on in vitro tuberization of potato of pure Solanum tuberosum origin

Effect of light quality on the growth of Hibiscus syriacus L

Effect of light source and regimen on growing broilers

Effect of light, inorganic salts and growth retardants on bulblet formation in Lilium

Effect of light, temperature, and water potential on growth and sporulation of Microdochium oryzae

Effect of lime and organic matter on distribution of zinc, copper, iron, and manganese in acid soils

Effect of lime application on growth response in pasture

Effect of lime, P, Zn and B nutrients on growth of Eucalyptus grandis seedlings on latored surface soil

Effect of lime, nitrogen, aeration and bottom stirring on organic matter degradation of pond sediment

Effect of limestone and phosphogypsum on cotton

Effect of liming and cadmium application in an acid soil on cadmium availability to sudangrass

Effect of liming and phosphate application on sudangrass growth and phosphorus availability in two temperate acid soils

Effect of liming on fine root cation exchange sites of oak

Effect of liming on sweet sorghum yields in two Brazilian oxisols

Effect of limited or interrupted nursing on reproductive performance of beef cows

Effect of location and year of production on white-core in rice kernels for sake brewery evaluated by image data

Effect of long term aldicarb applications on the development of field populations of some endoparasitic nematodes

Effect of long term feeding of high fat diets on growth, plasma and tissue lipids in rats

Effect of long-day treatments on the flowering of Eustoma grandiflorum raised at low temperature

Effect of long-term ammonia starvation on the oxidation of ammonia and hydroxylamine by Nitrosomonas europaea

Effect of long-term caloric restriction and exercise on muscle bioenergetics and force development in rats

Effect of long-term food restriction on cardiac mechanics

Effect of long-term food restriction on pituitary sensitivity to cLHRH-I in broiler breeder females

Effect of long-term glucocorticoid treatment on oestradiol-induced proliferation in the uterus of ovariectomized rats

Effect of long-term management of pure Phyllostachys pubescens stands on soil fertility

Effect of long-term olive oil dietary intervention on postprandial triacylglycerol and factor VII metabolism

Effect of lopping intensities on water potential, regrowth, 14 C-photosynthate distribution and biomass production in Alnus glutinosa

Effect of lopping on the growth of Acacia tortilis plantations

Effect of low dose methyl bromide on forest insect pests

Effect of low frequency alternating magnetic field on the growth in vitro of some pathogenic skin dermatophytes

Effect of low levels of leucaena foliage supplementation on intake, nutrient digestibility and microbial N yield in cattle fed rice straw alone

Effect of low light intensity on nitrate reductase activity, growth and yield of jute cultivars

Effect of low pO2 on colonization of maize roots by a genetically altered Pseudomonas putida

Effect of low plastic tunnels on the incidence of late blight of tomato

Effect of low plastic tunnels on the quality parameters of winter tomato

Effect of low temperature and rhizospheric application of naringenin on pea-Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viciae symbiosis

Effect of low temperature on the fruitlet coloring in Fuji apple during early growing season

Effect of low temperature raising on flowering and cut flower quality of Eustoma grandiflorum

Effect of low to moderate levels of smoking and alcohol consumption on serum immunoglobulin concentrations

Effect of low tungsten concentration and amino acid on nitrate reductase activity of leaf and nodule tissue of legumes

Effect of low- and high-carbohydrate diets on the plasma glutamine and circulating leukocyte responses to exercise

Effect of low-dose atropine administration on dobutamine dose requirement in horses anesthetized with detomidine and halothane

Effect of low-level pathogenic helminth infection on energy metabolism in Gambian children

Effect of lowering nitrate nitrogen and elevating potassium concentrations in the nutrient solution on the growth, yield, and NO3 content in spinach grown in hydroponics

Effect of lufenuron on chorionic and cuticular structure of unhatched larval Ctenocephalides felis (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae)

Effect of luteolysis on control of ovarian follicles using oestradiol benzoate and progesterone in cattle

Effect of maceration at mowing on silage conservation, voluntary intake, digestibility and growth rate of steers fed precision chopped or round bale silages

Effect of maceration on nitrogen fractions in hay and silage

Effect of maceration on respiration of alfalfa

Effect of magnetite on the hematocrit value in exsanguinated rats

Effect of maize plant on N2O emission from field

Effect of maize supplementation, seasonal temperature and humidity on the liveweight gain of steers grazing irrigated Leucaena leucocephala/Digitaria eriantha pastures in north-west Australia

Effect of malabsorption on nutritional status and resting energy expenditure in HIV-infected patients

Effect of malathion on resistance to soil-applied herbicides in a population of rigid ryegrass (Lolium rigidum)

Effect of management practices on screw-worm among sheep in Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Effect of mancozeb pesticide effluent with high sulfate content on growth of selected plant species

Effect of manganese sulfate and sawdust on common scab and potato yield

Effect of marginal zinc deficiency on human growth and development

Effect of marsh design on the abundance of mosquitoes in experimental constructed wetlands in southern California

Effect of mastoparan on phospholipase A2 activity in potato tubers treated with fungal elicitor

Effect of maternal age on offspring quality in tsetse (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Effect of maternal nutrition during early and mid-gestation on fetal growth

Effect of maternal/fetal vitamin A deficiency on fetal rat lung surfactant protein expression and the response to prenatal dexamethasone

Effect of measurement error on energy-adjustment models in nutritional epidemiology

Effect of mechanical and moisture-stress conditioning on growth and cuticle composition of broccoli transplants

Effect of medium composition on multiple shooting and subsequent growth of mericlone from rhizome of shoot tip cultures of temperate Cymbidium species

Effect of medium composition on physical properties of soil and seedling growth of red-pepper in plug system

Effect of medium- and long-chain triglycerides on lower esophageal sphincter pressure: role of CCK

Effect of medium-chain triacylglycerol and carbohydrate ingestion during exercise on substrate utilization and subsequent cycling performance

Effect of medroxy progesterone acetate and testosterone enanthate on vas deferens of rats

Effect of melatonin and lighting schedule on energy metabolism in broiler chickens

Effect of melengestrol acetate on development of 3-methylindole-induced pulmonary edema and emphysema in sheep

Effect of metabolites of Fusarium moniliforme on seed quality of sorghum

Effect of metabolites produced by Trichoderma harzianum biotypes and Agaricus bisporus on their respective growth radii in culture

Effect of metal-rich sludge amendments on the soil microbial community

Effect of methamidophos residue on the pentatomid egg parasitoids Trissolcus basalis and T. utahensis (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)

Effect of methionine and its derivatives on the weight gain and protein utilisation of growing rats

Effect of method of blood sample collection on adrenal activity in farmed red deer and sheep following administration of ACTH

Effect of microbial enzyme supplementation on energy, amino acid digestibility and performance of pigs fed hulless barley based diets

Effect of microhabitat on seed fate and seedling performance in two rodent-dispersed tree species in rain forest in French Guiana

Effect of micronization on energy, starch and amino acid digestibilities in wheat for young pigs

Effect of micronization on energy, starch and amino acid digestibility in hulless barley for young pigs

Effect of microrelief on the spatial variability of carbon content of a Podzoluvisol in a long term field trial

Effect of microrelief on the spatial variation of humus content in soddy-podzolic soil under long-term experimental conditions

Effect of milk concentration on heat-induced, pH-dependent dissociation of casein from micelles in reconstituted skim milk at temperatures between 20 and 120 degrees C

Effect of milk replacer and solid feed on water balance, glomerular filtration rate, and reabsorption of water from renal tubules in suckling calves

Effect of milking time on milk composition of cattle

Effect of mineral compounds on the respiration activity of the microbial community of raised bogs

Effect of mineral salts in drinking water on the domestic chicken performance - a literature review

Effect of mineral salts on molecular state and solubility of sodium coprecipitate of milk proteins

Effect of missing data on the estimate of average daily feed intake of growing pigs

Effect of mixed industrial effluent on properties of ground water and irrigated soils

Effect of modified carbon allocation on turgor, osmolality, sugar and potassium content, and membrane potential in the epidermis of transgenic potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) plants

Effect of modified dairy fat on fasting and postprandial haemostatic variables in healthy young men

Effect of moisture on quinclorac dissipation in Lethbridge soil

Effect of moisture on the reading of a total hydrocarbon analyzer

Effect of moisture stress and glyphosate on adventitious shoot growth of Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense)

Effect of moisture stress at late vegetative growth stage on apical development of rice and varietal differences

Effect of moisture stress conditioning on the performance and water relationship of Grewia optiva seedlings during water deficit

Effect of molybdenum on growth and nitrate reductase activity of winter wheat seedlings as influenced by temperature and nitrogen treatments

Effect of molybdenum on the activity of the process of associative nitrogen fixation

Effect of molybdenum seed treatment on Lupinus angustifolius

Effect of mulching on summer season cut-flower production of freesia in sub-alpine area

Effect of multiple cell culture passages on the biological behaviour of chicken anaemia virus

Effect of multipurpose tree species on pulse production under semi-arid conditions

Effect of mutagens on some biological parameters of Nigella sativa L

Effect of mutations within the Cys-rich region of potyvirus helper component-proteinase on self-interaction

Effect of mycotoxins isolated from Penicillium nigricans on glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

Effect of n-3 PUFA polyunsaturated fatty acids on the thymus of rats submitted to severe protein depletion

Effect of narrow grass strips on conservation reserve land converted to cropland

Effect of natural PGRs on regenerated rice plantlet

Effect of neem oil on the toxicity of different synthetic pyrethroids in mixed formulation against the adults of Bagrada cruciferarum Kirk

Effect of negative air ionization on ambient particulates in a hatching cabinet

Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors on short-term appetite and food intake in humans

Effect of nitrogen and irrigation scheduling on biomass accumulation and net primary productivity in wheat

Effect of nitrogen and phosphate levels on seed protein and carbohydrate content of cotton cultivars

Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on aphid infestation and crop yield of three rapeseed cultivars

Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on growth in a sweetgum plantation in southeastern Arkansas

Effect of nitrogen application and leaf removal on the metabolism of carbohydrate in leaves and stems of rice plants at ripening stage

Effect of nitrogen application at the flowering stage on the quality of soybean seeds

Effect of nitrogen availability on the growth and phytochemistry of hybrid poplar and the efficacy of the Bacillus thuringiensis cry1A(a) d-endotoxin on gypsy moth

Effect of nitrogen fertilisation on degradability of dry matter and crude protein of forages in the rumen

Effect of nitrogen fertiliser application and length of lock up on dairy pasture dry matter yield and quality for silage in south-western Victoria

Effect of nitrogen fertilization on growth in a Salix viminalis stand using a response surface experimental design

Effect of nitrogen fertilization on quality and yields of fodder kale variety Maksimirski visoki

Effect of nitrogen fertilization, grass species and cultivar on sod production on Valkeasuo peat bog - a case study

Effect of nitrogen fixing and phosphorus solubilising bacteria on nutrient uptake and yield of wheat

Effect of nitrogen nutrition on growth and mineral status of alfalfa plants in saline conditions

Effect of nitrogen nutrition on remobilization of protein sulfur in the leaves of vegetative soybean and associated changes in soluble sulfur metabolites

Effect of nitrogen on carbonic anhydrase activity, stomatal conductance, net photosynthetic rate and yield of mustard

Effect of nitrogen on growth of intercropped maize and sweet potato

Effect of nitrogen on the seasonal course of growth and maintenance respiration in stems of Norway spruce trees

Effect of nitrogen, nitrification inhibitor DCD and duration of variety on productivity and nitrogen uptake of rice

Effect of nitrogenous fertilizers on the survival and competitive saprophytic ability of Trichoderma harzianum in soil

Effect of no-tillage on energy flow in cotton agroecosystem

Effect of non-genetic factors on milk production of rural goats

Effect of non-ionophore feed antibiotics on in vitro fermentation in the ovine rumen and rabbit caecum

Effect of non-pesticidal substances against two-spotted spider mites on roses

Effect of nonactic acids and their derivatives on seedlings of tomato, barley and cucumber

Effect of novelty and restraint on catecholamines in plasma of laying hens

Effect of nozzle design on the coverage of wheat ear shaped targets

Effect of number of fasteners on the strength of corner joints for cases

Effect of nutrient levels and Ascogregarina taiwanensis (Apicomplexa: Lecudinidae) infections on the vector competence of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) for Dirofilaria immitis (Filarioidea: On

Effect of nutrition on antimicrobial activity of selected preservatives

Effect of nutritional management, trace mineral supplementation, and norgestomet implant on attainment of puberty in beef heifers

Effect of nuvan, methyl parathion and thimet on the mortality, behaviour and reproductive performance of fresh water mollusc Lymnaea stagnalis

Effect of oat hull fiber on human colonic function and serum lipids

Effect of obesity on estradiol level, and its relationship to leptin, bone maturation, and bone mineral density in children

Effect of obesity on the response to insulin therapy in noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Effect of octreotide on the pathology of hepatic schistosomiasis

Effect of oestradiol on ovarian oxytocin secretion rate and luteolysis in the ewe after ovarian auto-transplantation

Effect of oil adjuvants and nitrogen fertilizer on the efficacy of imazethapyr applied at conventional and ultralow spray volumes

Effect of okra leaf shape on boll rot, earliness and yield of upland cotton Gossypium hirsutum L

Effect of olestra upon intestinal microecology as reflected by five microflora associated characteristics in man

Effect of olive oil on immune function in middle-aged men

Effect of olive surface waxes on oviposition by Bactrocera oleae (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Effect of on-farm and pre-slaughter handling of pigs on meat quality

Effect of operating conditions on melt rheological characteristics during twin-screw food extrusion

Effect of oral administration of Cellulomonas flavigena NTOU 1-degraded chitin hydrolysate on physiological changes in rats

Effect of oral administration of L-cystine on hypotaurine level in rainbow trout

Effect of oral administration of folate sources on plasma folate levels in pigs: comparison between reduced and oxidized forms of folate

Effect of oral versus gastric delivery on gastric emptying of corn oil emulsions

Effect of orally administered reduced- and oxidized-glutathione against acetaminophen-induced liver injury in rats

Effect of orchard cover crop on incidence of low-temperature-basidiomycete rot of stored Spartan apples

Effect of organic amendments on the efficacy of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the control of root rot disease of sunflower

Effect of organic amendments on the parasitism of Meloidogyne javanica and Rotylenchulus reniformis and growth of sunflower

Effect of organic and inorganic forms of dietary cadmium on cadmium, zinc, copper, iron and manganese availability to rats

Effect of organic matters on the occurrence of the bulb mites on bulb crops

Effect of organic residue amendment on mineralization of nitrogen in flooded rice soils under laboratory conditions

Effect of organic residue amendment on mineralization of sulfur in flooded rice soils under laboratory conditions

Effect of organic waste amendments on cadmium and lead in soil fractions of two soils

Effect of organics and inorganics on yield and quality of cotton grown on vertisol

Effect of organophosphate administration on the expression of pro-opiomelanocortin-derived peptides in motoneurones

Effect of organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides on the expression of GSTs from Tenebrio molitor larvae

Effect of orientation of drupe placement and depth of sowing on germination and vigour of teak

Effect of ovalbumin aerosol exposure on colonization of the porcine upper airway by Pasteurella multocida and effect of colonization on subsequent immune function

Effect of oxidative stress caused by hydrogen peroxide on senescence of rice leaves

Effect of oxygen availability on nitrogen fixation by two Lotus species under flooded conditions

Effect of oxygen concentration in the gas atmosphere during in vitro insemination of bovine oocytes on the subsequent embryonic development in vitro

Effect of oxytocin on concentrations of prostaglandin H synthase-2 mRNA in ovine endometrial tissue in vivo

Effect of ozone treatment on Toxocara canis eggs

Effect of pH and buffer system on the in-vitro activity of five antifungals against yeasts

Effect of pH on Cu sorption in untreated and farmyard manure-treated soil from a semi-arid region

Effect of pH on ammonium adsorption by natural zeolite clinoptilolite

Effect of pH on dissimilatory sulfate reduction by porcine cecal microflora

Effect of pH on oligosaccharide fermentation by porcine cecal digesta

Effect of packaging on refrigerated storage stability of restructured chicken steaks

Effect of paclobutrazol and triapenthenol on the growth and flower number of Gardenia jasminoides in relation to temperature and solar radiation

Effect of pancreatic enzymes on zinc absorption in cystic fibrosis

Effect of parameter distributions on uncertainty analysis of hydrologic models

Effect of parboiling, milling and genotype on grain dimensions in rice

Effect of parenteral iron upon erythropoiesis in young mice

Effect of parity on mineral concentration in milk and plasma of Holstein cows during early lactation

Effect of partial or full replacement of soybean meal with rapeseed expeller in broiler feeds on productive traits

Effect of partially replacing skim milk powder with whey protein concentrate on the sensory qualities of lactose hydrolysed acidophilus yogurt

Effect of particle size and acid strength on in vitro solubility of marble stone and oyster shell

Effect of particle size of pea (Pisum sativum L) flours on the digestion of their proteins in the digestive tract of broilers

Effect of particle size reduction on fibre digestion kinetics of wheat straw

Effect of passive immunization or maternally transferred immunity on the antibody response to a genetic vaccine to rabies virus

Effect of pasture supplemented with methionine on wool growth and selected growth parameters

Effect of pea lectin on the growth of pea microsymbionts and exoglycan biosynthesis

Effect of peanut plants incorporated as green manure on the growth and grain yield of succeeding wheat

Effect of peat, shade, and seedling size on growth of Atlantic white cedar transplants

Effect of pectin methylesterase gene expression on pea root development

Effect of pen size on behavioral, endocrine, and immune responses of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calves

Effect of penicillin on flowering, fruit setting and development of Cucumis sativus L

Effect of pentachlorophenol on chromosomes of a catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis

Effect of pentefezol on the endogenous IAA content in rice seedlings

Effect of pentoxifylline on cytokine patterns in the therapy of complicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Effect of pentoxifylline, flunixin meglumine, and their combination on a model of endotoxemia in horses

Effect of peripherally administered dopamine blockers on feed intake

Effect of pesticide-treated grass clippings used as a mulch on ornamental plants

Effect of phase feeding on the growth performance and nutrient utilization in finishing pigs

Effect of phenolic compounds on mycelial growth of Fusarium and Penicillium species

Effect of phenylurea herbicides on soil microbial communities estimated by analysis of 16S rRNA gene fingerprints and community-level physiological profiles

Effect of pheromone permeation on sustained flight of male spruce budworm

Effect of phosphate on the crystallization of hematite, goethite, and lepidocrocite from ferrihydrite

Effect of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae on tomato growth and soil microbial activity

Effect of phosphorus concentration in irrigation water on the development of jojoba cuttings

Effect of phosphorus, potash application and seedling root dipping in nutrient solutions on yield of rice

Effect of photoperiod and light intensity on the performance of intact male turkeys

Effect of photosynthesis by different DIF and light intensity regimes on the growth of Salvia plug seedlings

Effect of photosynthetic photon flux and temperature on photosynthesis and respiration in one-year-old orchids

Effect of physical activity and fasting on gut and liver proteolysis in the dog

Effect of physical parameters on the incidence of root and collar rot disease in chillies

Effect of physiological status and period of shearing of ewes on the diameter of wool fibres

Effect of phytase enzyme on dietary nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy and the ileal digestibility of nitrogen and amino acids in broiler chicks

Effect of phytase on the bioavailability of phosphorus in diets with rice bran for broilers

Effect of phytoregulators on composition of proteins and quality of wheat grain

Effect of picloram on resistant and susceptible yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis): the role of ethylene

Effect of pin hole size and number on in vitro bone strength in the equine radius loaded in torsion

Effect of pine sawdust on the structure of fungi communities in the soils of post agricultural land

Effect of pistachio nuts on serum lipid levels in patients with moderate hypercholesterolemia

Effect of plant age on susceptibility of corn hybrids to maize dwarf mosaic potyvirus

Effect of plant density on leaf diseases and bulb production in onion

Effect of plant extracts on the mycelial growth of some cultivated mushrooms

Effect of plant growth promoters on growth and nitrogenase activity of Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Effect of plant growth regulators and different nitrogen sources on glutamate dehydrogenase activity

Effect of plant growth regulators on evolution of ethylene and methane by different explants of chickpea

Effect of plant growth regulators on yield, oil composition and artemisinin of Artemisia annua under temperate conditions

Effect of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria on senescence of flower petals

Effect of plant phenology and climate on Russian wheat aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) damage to winter wheat

Effect of plant residues on ammonium and nitrate content of soils during incubation

Effect of plant spacing and nitrogen fertilizer application on the yield and quality of tomato under drip irrigation

Effect of planting date and spacing on oil yield and major yield components of Tagetes minuta

Effect of planting density and harvest date on yield and chemical composition of sage oil

Effect of planting depth on quality and yield in Fritillaria thunbergii Miquel

Effect of planting depth on the growth and yield in Alisma orientale Juzepczuk

Effect of planting geometry and fertilizer N rates on nitrate leaching, nitrogen use efficiency, and sugarcane yield

Effect of planting system on productivity, dry-matter partitioning and carbohydrate content in above-ground components of 'Flordaprince' peach trees

Effect of planting time on physiological attributes and grain yield in desi and kabuli chickpea genotypes

Effect of planting time on shootfly incidence and grain yield in rabi sorghum

Effect of planting time on the yield of essential oil and artemisinin in Artemisia annua under subtropical conditions

Effect of pneumatic conveying of wheat on mortality of insects

Effect of pollen on Coleomegilla maculata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) population density, predation, and cannibalism in sweet corn

Effect of pollenizer distance and selective fruitlet abscission on outcrossing rate and yield in 'Tommy Atkins' mango

Effect of pollination intervals on yield, fruit setting and other characters of Aseel date cultivar

Effect of polyacrylate polymers with different counter ions on the growth and mineral composition of perennial ryegrass

Effect of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in soil on arbuscular mycorrhizal plants

Effect of polythene cover and potassium levels on seed yield and quality of tomato

Effect of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection on the clearance of Haemophilus parasuis by porcine alveolar macrophages

Effect of porcine somatotropin administration in young pigs during the growth phase from 10 to 25 kilograms

Effect of pork as a protein source on cadmium toxicity in rats

Effect of post-bloom spray with some chemical substances on yield and fruit quality of Taimour mango trees

Effect of post-harvest application of fungicides on the storage quality of mango

Effect of postexercise carbohydrate supplementation on muscle glycogen repletion in trained sled dogs

Effect of postharvest application of P-7 grain preservative on storage fungi of corn during ambient air drying and storage

Effect of postharvest calcium chloride treatments on tissue water relations, cell wall calcium levels and postharvest life of 'Golden Delicious' apples

Effect of postharvest storage temperature on the conversion of 14C-mevalonic acid to carotenes in tomato fruit

Effect of postweaning feeding on the performance and energy balance of female rabbits at different physiological states

Effect of potassium availability on in vivo chlorophyll fluorescence and polyamines of Scots pine seedlings

Effect of potassium fertilizers on quantity-intensity parameters in some Argentine soils

Effect of potassium nutrition during bell pepper seed development on vivipary and endogenous levels of abscisic acid (ABA)

Effect of potassium on water relations, CO2 exchange and plant growth under quantified water stress in chickpea

Effect of potassium, magnesium and sulphur applied in different forms of fertilisers on free amino acid content in leaves of tea (Camellia sinensis L)

Effect of potassium, magnesium, and calcium deficiencies on nitrogen constituents and chloroplast components in Citrus leaves

Effect of potting mixture on biomass yield of four leguminous tree species at seedling stage under different environments

Effect of praziquantel treatment on experimental porcine Schistosoma japonicum infection

Effect of pre-dehulling treatments on the composition of seeds of the legume Afzelia africana and its potential use in pastries

Effect of pre-exposure light on the first positive phototropic curvature in dark-grown radish seedlings

Effect of pregnancy and lactation on lipoprotein and cholesterol metabolism in the rat

Effect of pregnancy on the metabolic clearance rate and the volume of distribution of oxytocin in the baboon

Effect of preincubated phosphates and pyrite with manure on the availability of zinc to wheat on sodic soil

Effect of prepubertal feeding regimen on reproductive development of gilts

Effect of press closing time and target thickness on surface roughness of particleboard

Effect of pressure and dwell time on efficiency of a high-pressure washer for postharvest removal of California red scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae) from citrus fruit

Effect of pretreatment on germination and seedling vigour in Alstonia scholaris

Effect of previous additions of superphosphate on sorption of phosphate

Effect of previous lambing date and subsequent month of mating on reproductive performance in Mule ewes

Effect of primary metabolites on the number of aphids

Effect of prior exposure to noninfected ticks on susceptibility of mice to Lyme disease spirochetes

Effect of prior ram-ewe contact on the ability of rams to stimulate early oestrus

Effect of probiotic feeding on the performance of broilers

Effect of probiotic supplementation on the performance of broilers

Effect of processing on dietary fiber content of cereals and pulses

Effect of processing on mimosine contents of some leaves fed to livestock

Effect of processing on phytate degradation and mineral solubility in pulses

Effect of processing on the utilization of sorghum straw in sheep rations

Effect of progesterone and luteinizing hormone injection on the constituents of uterine luminal secretion

Effect of prolonged backgrounding on growth performance and carcass composition of crossbred beef steers

Effect of prolonged exposure to oestradiol on subsequent LH secretion in ewes

Effect of prolonged heavy exercise on pulmonary gas exchange in horses

Effect of prolonged moderate and severe energy restriction and refeeding on plasma leptin concentrations in obese women

Effect of propagation temperatures on temperature tolerances of entomopathogenic nematodes

Effect of prostaglandin A1 in the induction of stress proteins in Aedes albopictus cells

Effect of protease class-specific inhibitors on in vitro development of the third- to fourth-stage larvae of Ascaris suum

Effect of protected fat supplementation to lactating goats on growth and fatty acid composition of perirenal fat in goat kids

Effect of protein and lysine supply on performance, nitrogen balance, and body composition changes of sows during lactation

Effect of protein and protein-free energy intake on myofibrillar protein degradation in preruminant calves of 120 and 200 kilograms of live weight

Effect of protein and protein-free energy intake on plasma concentrations of insulin-like growth factor I and thyroid hormones in preruminant calves

Effect of protein intake and physical activity on 24-h pattern and rate of macronutrient utilization

Effect of protein intake during gestation and lactation on the lactational performance of primiparous sows

Effect of protein intake during gestation on mammary development of primiparous sows

Effect of protein level on the performance of female crossbred pigs

Effect of protein levels and space allocations on performance of growing-finishing pigs

Effect of protein malnutrition on sex organs of metanil yellow exposed male rats

Effect of protein on the antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds in a lecithin-liposome oxidation system

Effect of protein replacement of concentrate mixture by green berseem on milk production and nutrient utilization in crossbred cows

Effect of protein restriction on messenger RNA of insulin-like growth factor-I and insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins in liver of ovariectomized rats

Effect of protein source and quantity on protein metabolism in elderly women

Effect of protein standardisation of milk by addition of UF milk permeate on the composition and storage stability of UHT processed milk

Effect of pruning on regrowth of cut foliage stems of seventeen Eucalyptus species

Effect of puroindolines on the breadmaking properties of wheat flour

Effect of putrescine-synthesis inhibitors on somatic embryogenesis in hazelnut

Effect of pyridoxine or riboflavin supplementation on plasma homocysteine levels in women with oral lesions

Effect of queen phenotype and social environment on early queen mortality in incipient colonies of the fire ant, Solenopsis invicta

Effect of quercetin on activities of protein kinase C and tyrosine protein kinase from HL-60 cells

Effect of quinclorac on auxin-induced growth, transmembrane proton gradient and ethylene biosynthesis in Echinochloa spp

Effect of race-specific elicitors of Cladosporium fulvum on the tomato plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase

Effect of radioactive contamination on soil bacteria in the 10-km zone around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Effect of rain-shelter on growth and bulb production of lilies

Effect of ranitidine on intragastric pH in clinically normal neonatal foals

Effect of raw material source, processing systems, and processing temperatures on amino acid digestibility of meat and bone meals

Effect of reactive phosphate rocks and water-soluble phosphorus fertilisers on extractable phosphorus concentrations in soil

Effect of rearing factors on the prevalence of floor eggs, cloacal cannibalism and feather pecking in commercial flocks of loose housed laying hens

Effect of rearing system on growth, body composition and development of digestive system in young lambs

Effect of reconstituting field-dried and early-harvested sorghum grain on the ensiling characteristics of the grain and on growth performance and carcass merit of feedlot heifers

Effect of red ginseng on blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension and white coat hypertension

Effect of red wine on endothelium-dependent relaxation in rabbits

Effect of reduced insecticide and fungicide use on parasitism of leafminers (Phyllonorycter spp.) (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) in commercial apple orchards

Effect of reduced levels of O2 and elevated levels of CO2 on the quality of bunched radishes

Effect of reduced low-density lipoprotein receptor level on HepG2 cell cholesterol metabolism

Effect of reduced tillage on soil physical properties, root growth and grain yield in rice wheat system

Effect of reducing antinutritional factors in silkworm pupae meal on its feeding value of broilers

Effect of reducing the phytate content and of partially hydrolyzing the protein in soy formula on zinc and copper absorption and status in infant rhesus monkeys and rat pups

Effect of registered potato seed piece fungicides on tuber-borne Phytophthora infestans

Effect of relative humidity on viability of primary conidia of Zoophthora radicans

Effect of rennet concentration and method of coagulation on the texture of Feta cheeses made from ultrafiltered bovine milk

Effect of repeated administration of carbon tetrachloride on haemato-biochemical profile in donkeys

Effect of repeated dosing on the pharmacokinetics of oral fluconazole in bone marrow transplant patients

Effect of repeated harvest of sprout crops on the status of potato viruses X, S and Y in potato varieties

Effect of repeated herbicide applications on soil bacterial communities

Effect of repeated oral infection of hamsters with scrapie

Effect of repeated stress on body weight and body composition of rats fed low- and high-fat diets

Effect of replacing maize grain with wheat bran in the concentrate mixture on intake and utilisation of nutrients in sheep

Effect of replacing til oil cake by poultry excreta on growth and nutrient utilization in growing bull calves

Effect of resistant starch on net portal-drained viscera flux of glucose, volatile fatty acids, urea, and ammonia in growing pigs

Effect of restraint stress on food intake and body weight is determined by time of day

Effect of restricted feed intake on the growth of muscle and the fat deposition in broiler chickens

Effect of restricted nutrition on timing of puberty in female Soay sheep

Effect of restricted time feeding during summer on haemoglobin, packed cell volume, calcium and phosphorus levels in blood of pullets

Effect of retinyl acetate as feed supplementation carried out before breeding egg production on the hatchability of Japanese quail eggs

Effect of rhizobacteria on the growth of cucumber and tomato plug seedlings

Effect of rice kernel thickness on degree of milling and associated optical measurements

Effect of ridge truncation on weed populations and control in ridge-tillage corn (Zea mays)

Effect of ripeness stage on shelf life of greenhouse tomatoes

Effect of ripening on the parameters of three stress relaxation models for banana and plantain

Effect of roasting and secondary fermentation on cocoa bean enrichment

Effect of rock phosphate on some chemical properties of soil

Effect of room temperature and dietary amino acid concentration on performance of lactating sows

Effect of root and shoot competition of two weeds on Phaseolus vulgaris beans

Effect of root medium volume on plant growth and production of corn, barley and potatoes

Effect of root severance on growth of field-grown sugar maple

Effect of rootstocks on flowering and fruiting characters of Patharnakh pear

Effect of rootstocks on the growth, fruit quality and ethylene evolution from harvested fruits in watermelon

Effect of rotation on the recovery of 15N-labelled fertilizer applied to wheat grown in northern Syria

Effect of row spacing and fertility levels on mustard varieties under late sown conditions

Effect of row spacing and fertility levels on yield of toria

Effect of ruminal cellulolytic bacterial concentrations on in situ digestion of forage cellulose

Effect of ruminal protozoa on plasma gastrin level in calves

Effect of ruminally degraded protein on protein available at the intestine assessed using blood amino acid concentrations

Effect of rye incorporation, planting date, and soil temperature on damage to muskmelon transplants by seedcorn maggot (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Effect of s-triazine and phenoxyalkanoic acid herbicides on UDP-glucuronosyltransferase in rat liver microsomes

Effect of sainfoin on in vitro digestion of fresh alfalfa and bloat in steers

Effect of saline irrigation water composition on selenium accumulation by wheat

Effect of salinity on Prosopis juliflora during early growth phase

Effect of salinity on chlorophyll and proline contents in three aquatic macrophytes

Effect of salinity on germination and seedling growth of two Atriplex species (Chenopodiaceae)

Effect of salinity on growth and accumulation of organic and inorganic solutes in the leguminous plants Alhagi pseudoalhagi and Vigna radiata

Effect of salinity on growth, ion content, and cell wall chemistry in Atriplex prostrata (Chenopodiaceae)

Effect of salinity, gibberellic acid and Azospirillum inoculation on growth and nitrogen uptake of Zea mays

Effect of salt concentration in larval rearing water on susceptibility of Aedes mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) to eastern equine and Venezuelan equine encephalitis viruses

Effect of salt intake on excretion of endogenous ouabain-like substance, measured by RIA

Effect of salt stress on some antinutritional factors in Amaranthus species

Effect of salt-loading on blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and limb blood flow in normal subjects

Effect of salts on the denitrification product ratio in soils

Effect of saponins and plant extracts containing saponins on the recovery of ammonia during urea-ammoniation of wheat straw and fermentation kinetics of the treated straw

Effect of sclerotial damage of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum on the mycoparasitic activity of Trichoderma hamatum

Effect of season and soil treatments on carbohydrate concentrations in Norway spruce (Picea abies) mycorrhizae

Effect of season on oral and gastric nematodes in the frillneck lizard from Australia

Effect of seasons on soil pH organic matter and macromineral status in three districts of Assam

Effect of secondary metabolites and electron transfer inhibitors on naphthoquinone synthesis in Fusarium decemcellulare

Effect of sectioning of ventral nerve cord on total haemocyte count in lemon butterfly, Papilio demoleus L

Effect of seed damage on germination in the common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)

Effect of seed inoculation of lentil on nodulation and soil N under different schedules of irrigation

Effect of seed maturity on storability of Litsea acuminata seeds

Effect of seed phosphorus concentration on nodulation and growth of three common bean cultivars

Effect of seed pickling without pesticides on the growth of Penicillium expansum and patulin biosynthesis

Effect of seed size and various stresses on field performance of maize hybrid Ganga 5

Effect of seed source on physical and physiological qualities of Acacia nilotica seeds

Effect of seed sources on seed and seedling quality in Acacia nilotica

Effect of seed treatment on storability of seeds of different crops

Effect of seed treatment with fungicides and insecticides on seed borne fungi, storage insect pest, seed viability and seedling vigour of groundnut

Effect of seed treatments on storage life of Casuarina equisetifolia

Effect of seed weight on germination, survival and initial growth of Quercus dilatata in the nursery

Effect of seed zinc content on grain yield and zinc concentration of wheat grown in zinc-deficient calcareous soils

Effect of seed-furrow mulching, nitrogen rates and weed management on N-economy, yield and quality of late sown wheat

Effect of seeding date and row width on the grain yield and rutin content of Fagopyrum esculentum Moench in Yeongnam areas of Korea

Effect of seeding depth on emergence, secondary root depth and coleoptile length of wheat varieties

Effect of seedling bacterization on rice yield and soil properties under irrigated condition

Effect of seepage from a gold mine slime dam on the trace heavy metal levels of a nearby receiving stream and dam in Zimbabwe

Effect of segregation and supplementation with fortified B-complex vitamins on performance of broilers

Effect of selection for improvement of dairy performance on growth and body structure in Holstein-Friesian and Hungarian Fleckvieh young bulls

Effect of selenite, seleno cysteine and seleno methionine on the selenium metabolism of 75Se labeled rats

Effect of selenium and vitamin E supplementation in dairy cows

Effect of selenium concentration in the nutrient solution on the growth and internal quality of endive

Effect of selenium deficiency and its supplementation on DTH response, antibody forming cells and antibody titre

Effect of selenium on cold adapted beef cattle

Effect of selenium supplementation on plasma lipid and lipoprotein cholesterol levels in adult rats

Effect of separating giant foxtail (Setaria faberi) seeds from soil using potassium carbonate and centrifugation on viability and germination

Effect of several levels of manganese and available phosphorus on egg production and egg shell quality

Effect of sewage sludge and nitrogen fertilizers on adsorption, persistence, mobility and degradation of oxamyl in soils

Effect of sewage sludge on some chemical properties of calcareous sandy soils

Effect of sewage sludge on some soil properties and barley plant in Muwaqar area

Effect of sex on growth, technological and organoleptic characteristics of the Muscovy duck breast muscle

Effect of shading and growth regulator on growth and flowering of potted Campanula takesimana Nakai

Effect of shading treatment on ground covering by native cover plants

Effect of shifting cultivation and mixed garden on soil fertility

Effect of shipping and chromium supplementation on performance, immune response, and disease resistance of steers

Effect of short term heat stress on antibody production and blood constituents of Baladi and Leghorn chickens

Effect of short term treatment of eugenol on the seminal vesicles of adult albino rats

Effect of short-term exposure to high ambient temperatures on gas exchange and heat production in boars of different breeds

Effect of short-term fasting on lipid kinetics in lean and obese women

Effect of shortenings containing stearic acid on blood lipids and fat digestibilities in hamsters

Effect of silages on the yield and quality of meat from two lines of goose

Effect of silvipasture system on rumen fermentation and growth in crossbred heifers

Effect of single and divided dose administration on the pharmacokinetics of albendazole in sheep and goat

Effect of single basal application of polyolefin coated fertilizer on growth and yield of green peppers

Effect of sink size on growth response to elevated atmospheric CO2 within the genus Brassica

Effect of sire genotype on lamb growth and carcass productivity

Effect of site preparation on the nutrient content of non-crop vegetation in a jack pine clear-cut

Effect of six non-target snails on Schistosoma mansoni miracidial host finding and infection of Biomphalaria alexandrina under laboratory conditions

Effect of size and geographic origin of Aedes aegypti on oral infection with dengue-2 virus

Effect of skin abrasions on the efficacy of the repellent deet against Aedes aegypti

Effect of slow release compound fertilizer application rate on growth and yield of rice in direct seeding on flooded paddy surface

Effect of sludge recycle on performance of a rotating biodisc contractor treating saline wastewater

Effect of smoking treatment on the seed germination of wild flowers

Effect of sodium bicarbonate supplementation on ruminal microbial populations and metabolism in buffalo calves

Effect of sodium in a rehydration beverage when consumed as a fluid or meal

Effect of sodium limitation on the uptake and assimilation of nitrate by Anabaena variabilis

Effect of sodium pentachlorophenate on protein metabolism of the gastropod, Indoplanorbis exustus

Effect of sodium saccharin on the tracheal epithelium of the mouse

Effect of sodium stibogluconate on hepatic mixed function oxidase system and marker enzymes of golden hamsters during Leishmania donovani infection

Effect of soil amendments on fractionation of selenium-enriched soil

Effect of soil amendments with some hardwood barks on reproduction of Rotylenchulus reniformis and growth of sunflower

Effect of soil and foliar applications of N and P on yield, their recovery and use efficiency by soybean in low and high lime soils

Effect of soil degradation on leaf decomposition and nutrient release under humid tropical conditions

Effect of soil fumigation on gladiolus plants grown in the field rotated with Sesbania javanica Miq

Effect of soil incorporation and dose on control of field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) with the preemergence bioherbicide Phomopsis convolvulus

Effect of soil management on exchangeable bases, organic matter, mineral nitrogen and phosphorus content

Effect of soil moisture on the phytotoxicity of tralkoxydim in wild oats

Effect of soil nematode exclusion on wheat growth and its N and P uptake

Effect of soil pH and amendments with dried fodder rape on mycophagous soil animals and Rhizoctonia stem canker of potato

Effect of soil properties on the kinetics of phosphate release

Effect of soil properties on the sorption of orthophosphate and pyrophosphate in some arid and semiarid soils

Effect of soil saturation duration and soil water content on root rot of maize caused by Pythium arrhenomanes

Effect of soil solution chloride on cadmium availability to Swiss chard

Effect of soil texture and soil sterilization on susceptibility of ovipositing grasshoppers to Beauveria bassiana

Effect of soil type on nitrate uptake by wheat shoots characterized using 15N-labelled NH4NO3-fertilizer and in vitro leaf nitrate reductase activity

Effect of soil type on nitrogen balance at maturity in wheat characterized using 15N-labelled NH4NO3-fertilizer and sink-source modifications at flowering

Effect of soil water availability on water use strategies and dry matter production by two alfalfa cultivars differing in winter dormancy

Effect of soil water content and temperature on dormancy breaking and germination of three weeds

Effect of soil water deficit on vitamin C, sugar, organic acid, amino acid and carotene contents of large-fruited tomatoes

Effect of soil wetness on air composition and nitrous oxide emission in a loam soil

Effect of soil working techniques on biomass production of Grewia optiva in degraded lands

Effect of soil-moisture status on economic performance and divergence in Cymbopogon species

Effect of soil-spraying time on root-colonization ability of antagonistic Streptomyces griseoviridis

Effect of soilless media on the growth of Anthurium andraeanum infected by Radopholus similis

Effect of solid feed and milk replacer on plasma concentrations of antidiuretic hormone in neonatal calves

Effect of solution chemistry on the extent of binding of phenanthrene by a soil humic acid: a comparison of dissolved and clay bound humic

Effect of somatic cell score on protein yield in Holsteins

Effect of some Sitavirya drugs on gastric secretion and ulceration

Effect of some additives on the quality of low fat cooked emulsion sausage of beef

Effect of some chemical substances on growth of apple grafts

Effect of some genetic and environmental factors on reproductivity of hybrid sows

Effect of some growth hormones and sodium azide on biomass yield and glycyrrhetinic acid content in callus and cell suspension cultures of Glycyrrhiza glabra

Effect of some organic and amino acids on alleviating the adverse effects of salinity on El-Hamawy apricot seedlings

Effect of some soil properties on extractable boron content in Argentine Pampas soils

Effect of some variables on the in vivo determination of scorpion and viper venom toxicities

Effect of sorghum ecosystem diversification and sowing date on shoot fly, stem borer and associated parasitoids

Effect of sorghum in diets for ducks

Effect of source of sulphur supplementation with or without phosphorus on growth and nutrient utilization in crossbred heifers maintained on urea based diet

Effect of source-to-sink ratio on partitioning of dry matter and 14C-photoassimilates in wheat during grain filling

Effect of sources and levels of nitrogen supplementation on the utilization of Cenchrus ciliaris

Effect of sources of nitrogen, iron and cultivars on pseudo common scab symptoms of potato tubers

Effect of sowing date and plant density on yield and yield components in the faba bean

Effect of sowing date on canopy development, light interception, light use efficiency and grain yield in Brassica campestris and Brassica juncea

Effect of sowing date on the germination and establishment of black spruce and jack pine under simulated field conditions

Effect of sowing time and umbel order on emergence characteristics of Asiatic carrot Daucus carota L

Effect of soya and fish oil in finishing mixtures on pig growth and dietary characteristics of meat

Effect of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) on yield of resistant and susceptible soybean cultivars grown in Ohio

Effect of soybean trypsin inhibitor, gossypol and tannic acid on the midgut protease activities and growth of Helicoverpa armigera larvae

Effect of space allowance in deep bedding systems on resting behaviour, production, and health of dairy heifers

Effect of spacing on performance of teak at Longuza, Tanga, Tanzania

Effect of spacing on volume, storm-resistance and wood quality of Eucalyptus urophylla

Effect of specific ions in agar on antibiotic production by Burkholderia glumae

Effect of sperm dose, diluent type and timing of insemination on pregnancy rates in sheep

Effect of spikelets of Miscanthus sinensis on IgE-mediated biphasic cutaneous reaction in mice

Effect of split applications of nitrogen fertilizer on the growth and nitrogen composition of Chinese mustard

Effect of split fertilizer application and irrigation volume on nitrate-nitrogen concentration in container growing area soil

Effect of spray emission system and air-jet setting on deposit and loss of spray in apple orchard

Effect of spraying some chemical substances on flowering, fruit set, fruit drop, yield and fruit quality of Taimour mango trees

Effect of sprinkler irrigation on bacterial soft rot and yield of broccoli

Effect of stabilising amino acids on the digestive absorption of heme and non-heme iron

Effect of stage of earhead inoculation on ergot development in pearl millet

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