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Natural Sciences Repository Index 134

Index 134 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Epidemiological situation of dengue in Thailand

Epidemiological studies on Schistosoma mansoni infection in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia using the potassium hydroxide stool digestion technique

Epidemiological studies on bovine protothecosis

Epidemiological studies on soybean mosaic virus in Brazil

Epidemiological study on relationship between breast cancer mortality and dietary factors

Epidemiology and control of fungal infections

Epidemiology and control of nematode parasites in a collection of captive exotic ungulates

Epidemiology and mechanism of microbial resistance to biocides

Epidemiology and the role of antioxidants in preventing coronary heart disease: a brief overview

Epidemiology of Lyme disease in Olmsted County, MN, 1975-1990

Epidemiology of a slow-decline phytoplasmal disease: ash yellows on old-field sites in New York State

Epidemiology of cryptosporidiosis among persons with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in Los Angeles County

Epidemiology of gastrointestinal helminthiasis in small ruminants from a tree-cropping pasture system in Senegal

Epidemiology of infectious diseases of water fowls in Hungarian flocks

Epidemiology of invasive fungal infections in bone marrow transplantation

Epidemiology of lettuce drop caused by Sclerotinia minor

Epidemiology of stripe rust, virulence of Puccinia striiformis f.sp. hordei, and yield loss in barley

Epidemiology of visceral leishmaniasis in northeast Brazil

Epidemiology, immunology and chemotherapy of Schistosoma mansoni infections in a recently exposed community in Senegal

Epidermal expression of intercellular adhesion molecule 1 is not a primary inducer of cutaneous inflammation in transgenic mice

Epidermal growth factor and c-Jun act via a common DNA regulatory element to stimulate transcription of the ovine P-450 cholesterol side chain cleavage (CYP11A1) promoter

Epidermal growth factor and its receptor in bovine corpus luteum during the estrous cycle

Epidermal growth factor inhibits large granulosa cell apoptosis by stimulating progesterone synthesis and regulating the distribution of intracellular free calcium

Epidermal growth factor interacts with indole-3-acetic acid and promotes coleoptile growth

Epidermal peels of Avicennia germinans (L.) Stearn: a useful system to study the function of salt glands

Epidermal studies in some Nigerian trees

Epifluorescence image analysis and cultivation of foodborne biofilm bacteria grown on stainless steel surfaces

Epigenetic gene inactivation induced by a cis-acting methylation center

Epilepsy and retarded growth in a hyperendemic focus of onchocerciasis in rural western Uganda

Epimedokoreanin B and epimedokoreanin C from the aerial parts of Epimedium koreanum Nakai

Epinephrine-induced changes in hepatic glucose production after ethanol

Epinephrine-induced in vivo muscle glycogen depletion enhances insulin sensitivity of glucose transport

Epiphytic fungi on apple leaves and their value for control of the postharvest pathogens Botrytis cinerea, Monilinia fructigena and Penicillium expansum

Epistasis and its contribution to genetic variance components

Epistasis and the increase in additive genetic variance: implications for phase 1 of Wright's shifting-balance process

Epistasis can facilitate the evolution of reproductive isolation by peak shifts: a two-locus two-allele model

Epistasis in an elite maize hybrid and choice of generation for inbred line development

Epithelial tumour cells in the lungs of sheep with pulmonary adenomatosis are major sites of replication for Jaagsiekte retrovirus

Epitope mapping of the Sta58 major outer membrane protein of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi

Epitope mapping of the V3 domain of feline immunodeficiency virus envelope glycoprotein by monoclonal antibodies

Epitope-selected monospecific antibodies to recombinant antigens from Toxoplasma gondii reacted with dense granules of tachyzoites

Epitopes of glycoprotein G of equine herpesviruses 4 and 1 located near the C termini elicit type-specific antibody responses in the natural host

Epitopes of the Onchocerca volvulus RAL1 antigen, a member of the calreticulin family of proteins, recognized by sera from patients with onchocerciasis

Epitopes shared by unrelated antigens of Borrelia burgdorferi

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus and bluetongue virus serotype distribution in white-tailed deer in Georgia

Epizootic outbreaks by a protozoan and a bacterium in reared turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)

Epizootics caused by salmonid herpesvirus type 2 infection in maricultured coho salmon

Epizootiological study of hantavirus infection among Rattus norvegicus in Tokyo Bay area, Japan

Epstein-Barr virus-carrying B cells are large, surface IgM, IgD-bearing cells in normal individuals and acute malaria patients

Equations for the forest fire behaviour tables for Western Australia

Equine arteritis virus-neutralizing antibody in the horse is induced by a determinant on the large envelope glycoprotein GL

Equine colic - a retrospective study

Equine fescue toxicosis: signs and solutions

Equine herpesvirus 1 gene 12, the functional homologue of herpes simplex virus VP16, transactivates via octamer sequences in the equine herpesvirus IE gene promoter

Equine herpesvirus 2 in pulmonary macrophages of horses

Equine rotaviruses with G14 serotype specificity circulate among Venezuelan horses

Equivalent steady soil moisture profile and the time compression approximation in water balance modeling

Eradication of pseudorabies virus from three large swine herds achieved by management intervention and use of a vaccine with a deletion for glycoprotein I

Eremopetasidione, a nor-sesquiterpenoid from the rhizomes of Petasites japonicus

Ergogenic aids to performance in the race horse: nutrients or drugs

Ergonomic research in South African forestry

Ergostanoids from Petunia inflata

Ergosterol oxidation may be considered a signal for fungal growth and aflatoxin production in Aspergillus parasiticus

Ergovaline binding and activation of D2 dopamine receptors in GH4ZR7 cells

Eriococcidae of the eastern United States

Erosivity index values for northern Mississippi

Error in interpreting field chlorophyll fluorescence measurements: heat gain from solar radiation

Errors in estimating the volume of butt logs

Erwinia chrysanthemi HarpinEch: an elicitor of the hypersensitive response that contributes to soft-rot pathogenesis

Erwinia chrysanthemi at high osmolarity: influence of osmoprotectants on growth and pectate lyase production

Erwinia chrysanthemi hrp genes and their involvement in soft rot pathogenesis and elicitation of the hypersensitive response

Erythrocyte and plasma B-6 vitamer concentrations of long-term tobacco smokers, chewers, and nonusers

Erythrocyte and plasma cholesterol ester long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids of low-birth-weight babies fed preterm formula with and without ribonucleotides: comparison with human milk

Erythrocyte levels compared with reported dietary intake of marine n-3 fatty acids in pregnant women

Erythroleukemia in two cats naturally infected with feline leukemia virus in the same household

Erythropoiesis and globin gene expression in mice lacking the transcription factor NF-E2

Escherichia coli O157:H7 acid tolerance and survival in apple cider

Escherichia coli and baculovirus as expression systems for the production of bovine leukemia virus GP51 antigen

Essential and non-essential amino acids in neonatal nutrition

Essential fatty acid deficiency impairs the responsiveness of renal pelvic sensory receptors

Essential fatty acid metabolism in boys with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

Essential fatty acid metabolism in the feline: relationship between liver and brain production of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids

Essential fatty acid requirements in human nutrition

Essential fatty acid status in patients on long-term home parenteral nutrition

Essential fatty acids in full term infants fed breast milk or formula

Essential histidine at the active site of sorghum leaf NADP-dependent malate dehydrogenase

Essential oil analysis of balsam fir Abies balsamea (L.) Mill

Essential oil components in sawdust of Cedrus atlantica from Morocco

Essential oil composition of three Cymbopogon species of Indian Thar desert

Essential oil constituents from the aerial parts of Perilla frutescens (L.) Britton

Essential oil constituents of Artemisia afra Willd

Essential oil constituents of Sphaeranthus cyathuloides O. Hoffm

Essential oil of Bouchardatia neurococca (Rutaceae) leaves

Essential oil of Conyza sumatrensis (Retz) Walk

Essential oil of Diplolophium africanum Turcz

Essential oil of Lepechinia floribunda (Benth.) Epl

Essential oil of Lysicarpus angustifolius (Hook.) Druce (Myrtaceae)

Essential oil of Machilus bombycina King from Northeast India

Essential oil of Minthostachys mollis Grisebach from Venezuela

Essential oil of Origanum hypericifolium O. Schwarz et P.H. Davis

Essential oil of Origanum rotundifolium Boiss

Essential oil of Origanum saccatum P.H. Davis

Essential oil of Origanum solymicum P.H. Davis

Essential oil of Salvia caespitosa Montbret et Aucher ex Benth

Essential oil of Satureja boliviana Briq. from Peru

Essential oil of Satureja wiedemanniana (Lallem.) Velen

Essential oil of Sideritis lycia Boiss. et Heldr

Essential oil of Tagetes minuta from Rwanda and France: chemical composition according to harvesting location, growth stage and part of plant extracted

Essential oil of Terminalia bentzoe (L.) L. f. subsp. rodriguesensis Wickens

Essential oil of Thymus sipyleus Boiss. subsp. sipyleus var. sipyleus

Essential oil of Thymus syriacus Boiss

Essential oil of Torreya taxifolia Arnott

Essential oil of Zingiber ottensii Valeton

Essential oil of tansy (Tanacetum vulgare L.) of Canadian origin

Essential oil of the leaves and flowers of Actinodium cunninghamii Schauer (Myrtaceae)

Essential oil of the leaves from Aristolochia ovalifolia Duchr

Essential oils of seven Brazilian Baccharis species

Essential oils of some Lauraceae species from the southwestern parts of China

Essential role of urease in germination of nitrogen-limited Arabidopsis thaliana seeds

Establishing a rejection procedure for crop performance data

Establishing native plants in the arid zone

Establishing twin pregnancies in cattle by embryo transfer

Establishment and characterization of a new cell line from a canine osteosarcoma

Establishment and provenance of walnut in Britain

Establishment of Populus deltoides under simulated alluvial groundwater declines

Establishment of a turkey cecal cell line and development of turkey coccidia within the cells

Establishment of big bluestem and sand bluestem cultivars with metolachlor and atrazine

Establishment of carrier-state infection of a feline renal cell line with feline syncytial virus

Establishment of cattle herds free from infections with bovine virus diarrhoea virus

Establishment of conditions for the detection of bovine herpesvirus-1 by polymerase chain reaction using primers in the thymidine kinase region

Establishment of insect biological control agents from Europe against Lythrum salicaria in North America

Establishment of permanent wild-mouse cell lines with readily identifiable marker chromosomes

Establishment of pluripotent cell lines from rabbit embryos

Establishment of the brown citrus aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Central America and the Caribbean Basin and transmission of citrus tristeza virus

Establishment of white oak seedlings with three post-plant handling methods on deep-tilled minesoil during reclamation

Establishment of white spruce and black spruce in boreal Ontario: effects of chemical site preparation and post-planting weed control

Establishment, growth, and foliar nutrient content of plum trees on various rootstocks

Esterase activity and free fatty acid accumulation in the bran of selected rice cultivars

Estimated domestic producer and end user benefits from genetically modifying U.S. soybeans

Estimated seepage losses from established swine waste lagoons in the lower coastal plain of North Carolina

Estimates of genetic and phenotypic variance of some traits of dry bean using a segregant population from the cross Jalo x Small White

Estimates of genetic parameters and breeding values for New Zealand and Australian Angus cattle

Estimates of genetic parameters for 320-day pelvic measurements of males and females and calving ease of 2-year-old females

Estimates of heritability for quantitative traits in Drosophila melanogaster

Estimates of population size, dispersal, and longevity of domestic Aedes aegypti aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) by mark-release-recapture in the village of Shauri Moyo in eastern Kenya

Estimates of relatedness and inbreeding in goose strains from DNA fingerprints

Estimates of some reproduction traits of sheep and goats in village conditions

Estimates of the effect of feeding on whole-body protein degradation in women vary with the amino acid used as tracer

Estimates of zinc and iron bioavailability in pork liver and the effect of sex of pig on the bioavailability of copper in pork liver fed to male and female chicks

Estimating a Proctor density curve from intrinsic soil properties

Estimating and validating harvesting system production through computer simulation

Estimating body composition in late gestation: a new hydration constant for body density and total body water

Estimating costs and benefits of the pyrrolizidine alkaloids of Senecio jacobaea under natural conditions

Estimating effective population size or mutation rate using the frequencies of mutations of various classes in a sample of DNA sequences

Estimating effective swath width with a pendulum spreader

Estimating gopher populations and their abatement in forest plantations

Estimating herbicide partition coefficients from electromagnetic induction measurements

Estimating intraabdominal adipose tissue in women by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry

Estimating lactation milk yield in Murrah buffaloes

Estimating leaf mass from light interception measurements on isolated plants of Erythroxylum species

Estimating nuclear DNA content in peach and related diploid species using laser flow cytometry and DNA hybridization

Estimating nutrient content of animal slurries using electrical conductivity

Estimating potato tuber yield in a sub-tropical environment with simple radiation-based models

Estimating predation of the grain aphid Sitobion avenae by polyphagous predators

Estimating predatory efficiency of Episyrphus balteatus (Diptera: Syrphidae) in cereal fields

Estimating shrinkage of container media mixtures with linear and/or regression models

Estimating spatial patterns of wilting point deficit using a water balance model and a geographic information system

Estimating stand transpiration in a Eucalyptus populnea woodland with the heat pulse method: measurement errors and sampling strategies

Estimating the impact of alkali bees on the yield and acreage of alfalfa seed

Estimating the parameters of systematic cluster sampling by model based inference

Estimating the viability of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae fungal spores using tetrazolium salts as vital stains

Estimating volume flow rates through xylem conduits

Estimation by regression analysis of endogenous amino acid levels in digesta collected from the distal ileum of pigs

Estimation of 1992-1993 dietary intake of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in Fukuoka, Japan

Estimation of Australian wool and lamb production technologies under uncertainty: an error-components approach

Estimation of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in patients with cardiomyopathy

Estimation of and temporal changes in means and variances of populations of Pseudomonas syringae on snap bean leaflets

Estimation of assimilation activity by daily increase in water soluble sugar content in spring wheat canopy

Estimation of available moisture holding capacity of upland soils using Landsat TM data

Estimation of azadirachtin-A content of emulsifiable and solution concentrates of neem

Estimation of biomass and volume in miombo woodland at Kitulangalo Forest Reserve, Tanzania

Estimation of carcass composition in growing cattle of the German Simmental breed

Estimation of crop yield loss due to interference by multiple weed species

Estimation of daily and seasonal whole-tree photosynthesis using Monte Carlo integration techniques

Estimation of degree-days using temperature data recorded at regular intervals

Estimation of drought tolerance in sweetpotatoes

Estimation of energy expenditure in wheat crowns during acclimation to frost using metabolic inhibitors

Estimation of energy requirement for factors of production in agriculture

Estimation of environmental effects on first lactation traits in Murrah buffaloes by maximum likelihood

Estimation of environmental effects on lifetime traits in Murrah buffaloes by maximum likelihood

Estimation of erodibility in the savanna ecosystem, northern Ghana

Estimation of evolutionary distance between distantly related sequences of amino acids, taking account of patterns of amino acid replacement

Estimation of fetal risk from aerosolized pentamidine in pregnant healthcare workers

Estimation of functional values of field-resistance genes to blast disease in some rice varieties

Estimation of gene flow from F-statistics

Estimation of genetic differences between Mashona bulls from different production systems using an animal model

Estimation of genetic distance and coefficient of gene diversity from single-probe multilocus DNA fingerprinting data

Estimation of genetic parameters for litter size in Danish Landrace and Yorkshire pigs

Estimation of genetic parameters for resistance to Erwinia soft rot, specific gravity, and calcium concentration in diploid potatoes

Estimation of genetic parameters of growth traits in Segurena lambs

Estimation of genetic parameters of the initial yield in dairy cows

Estimation of genetic variance of starch digestibility in sweetpotato

Estimation of half life of the caesariotomy stress on sodium metabolism in caprine

Estimation of heritability and genetic gain for 26 open-pollinated progenies of plus trees of Quercus acutissima

Estimation of heritability and genetic gain for open-pollinated progenies from plus trees of Zelkova serrata

Estimation of heritability of susceptibility to infection with Theileria parva in the tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus

Estimation of heritability, general and specific combining ability for height growth of 18-year-old cross-pollinated progenies of Pinus rigida Mill

Estimation of humic-based sorption enthalpies from nonlinear isotherm temperature dependence: theoretical development and application to substituted phenylureas

Estimation of inbreeding coefficients from genotypic data on multiple alleles, and application to estimation of clonality in malaria parasites

Estimation of leaf area index for cotton canopies using the LI-COR LAI-2000 plant canopy analyzer

Estimation of local and areal drought reflecting climate change

Estimation of non-additive genetic variances in three synthetic lines of beef cattle using an animal model

Estimation of oak stand pollution with heavy metals on the Krotoszyn Plateau

Estimation of rat body composition by means of electromagnetic scanning is altered by duration of anesthesia

Estimation of rate parameter and its relationship with latent and infectious periods in plant disease epidemics

Estimation of saturated hydraulic conductivity from easily measured soil properties

Estimation of sire and dam variance components in an animal model on laying hen data

Estimation of the pest prevention ability of the import plant quarantine in Japan

Estimation of the prevalence of cryptococcal infection among patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus in New York City

Estimation of the time required by the malaria parasites to cross the digestive tract to reach blood in mice inoculated by the oral route

Estimation of total yield of Douglas fir by means of incomplete growth series

Estimation of vector propensity of potato virus Y in open-field pepper crops of central Spain

Estimation of volume, total and projected area of Scots pine needles from their regression on length

Estimation of yield and nitrogen removal by corn

Estimation, variance and optimal sampling of gene diversity. I. Haploid locus

Estimations of heritability and inbreeding coefficient for early mortality rate in two strains of masu salmon in Hokkaido

Estimations on transcribing RNA polymerase molecules, polyribonucleotide elongation rates and effect of oestradiol on ram sperm chromatin transcription activity

Estradiol and androgen modulate chicken luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone-I release in vitro

Estradiol and progesterone influence the synthesis of gonadotropins in the absence of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in the ewe

Estradiol induces both qualitative and quantitative changes in the pattern of gonadotropin-releasing hormone secretion during the presurge period in the ewe

Estradiol-induced GnRH surge in ovariectomized goats

Estrogen action on the bone mass of postmenopausal women is dependent on body mass and initial bone density

Estrogen dependent LDH-Y, a new LDH isozyme and fertility factor in mice uterus during early pregnancy

Estrogen production by bovine binucleate and mononucleate trophoblastic cells in vitro

Estrogen regulates the expression of several different estrogen receptor mRNA isoforms in rat pituitary

Estrogen regulation of the insulin-like growth factor I gene transcription involves an AP-1 enhancer

Estrous synchronization comparisons by product and method

Estrus detection by using vaginal cytologic examination in miniature swine

Estrus synchronization efficiency of PGF2 alpha injection in Shorthorn-Hereford and crossbred Charolais cattle not having exhibited estrus at 4 or 7 days prior to treatment

Ethanol and acetic acid tolerance in three sympatric Drosophila species

Ethanol and the gastrointestinal tract

Ethanol calories do not enhance breast cancer in isocalorically fed C3H/Ou mice

Ethanol exposure causes a decrease in docosahexaenoic acid and an increase in docosapentaenoic acid in feline brains and retinas

Ethanol production from concentrated whey permeate using a fed-batch culture of Kluyveromyces fragilis

Ethanol-induced jejunal microvascular and morphological injury in relation to histamine release in rabbits

Ethanol-induced suppression of resistance to experimental infection by Salmonella typhimurium in mice

Ethene concentration of apple fruits in relation to insertion on tree and selected ripening symptoms

Ethephon tissue penetration and harvest effectiveness in olive as a function of solution pH, application time, and BA or NAA addition

Ethnic food practices of Asian Indians

Ethnicity and energy stores

Ethylene emission by a deciduous tree, Tilia americana, in response to feeding by introduced basswood thrips, Thrips calcaratus

Ethylene exchange in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. leaves during short- and long-term exposures to CO2

Ethylene production by orchid roots

Ethylene production during development of mustard (Brassica juncea) and canola (Brassica napus) seed

Ethylene production from wheat seedlings infested with biotypes of Schizaphis graminum (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Ethylene production in harvested kiwifruit with special reference to ripe rot

Ethylene production, ACC content, PAL and POD activities in excised sections of straight and bent gerbera scapes

Ethylene-induced abscission of Easter cactus phylloclades for vegetative propagation

Etiology of prematurity blight of hard red spring wheat and durum wheat in Saskatchewan

Eucalyptus and Acacia mixed planting effects on in-vivo nitrate reductase activity and biomass production

Eucalyptus deglupta Blume seedling quality and growth in various medium types and moisture potentials

Eugenol as the major component of the leaf oils of Cinnamomum impressinervium Meissn

Euglobal-In-1, a new euglobal from Eucalyptus incrassata

Eumycotic mycetomas in horses caused by Curvularia verruculosa

European aspen (Populus tremula L.): a review with particular reference to Scotland. I. Distribution, ecology and genetic variation

European brown hare syndrome virus: relationship to rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus and other caliciviruses

European leaf rust of wheat nurseries

Europium- and dysprosium-ions as probes for the study of calcium binding sites in photosystem II

Evaluating analytical procedures for quantifying ammonium in leaf tissue

Evaluating community-based nutrition programs: comparing grocery store and individual-level survey measures of program impact

Evaluating generic milk promotion effectiveness with an imperfect competition model

Evaluating housing systems for veal calves

Evaluating line transects to monitor gray squirrel populations

Evaluating management alternatives for red-cockaded woodpeckers: a modeling approach

Evaluating methods to estimate corn evapotranspiration from short-time interval weather data

Evaluating milk coagulation with ultrasonics

Evaluating pasture breeding objectives using computer models

Evaluating the activity of liver cystic echinococcosis using the delayed-hypersensitivity skin reaction to common antigens

Evaluating the chemical movement in layered soil model as a tool for assessing risk of pesticide leaching to groundwater

Evaluating the impact of transplanting depth on bell pepper growth and yield

Evaluating the market potential for sweetpotato production in southeastern Missouri

Evaluating the performance of weight functions with no constraints on function types

Evaluating timber sale bids using optimal bucking technology

Evaluating wheat nitrogen status with canopy reflectance indices and discriminant analysis

Evaluation and prevention of post-operative intra-abdominal adhesions in dogs

Evaluation and simplification of the assimilable organic carbon nutrient bioassay for bacterial growth in drinking water

Evaluation in vitro and in vivo of a traditional antimalarial, Malarial 5

Evaluation of (+)cloprostenol and (+or-)cloprostenol affinities for prostaglandin F2 alpha receptors in bovine myometrium and corpora lutea

Evaluation of 25 clones of the apple cultivar Akero

Evaluation of API An-IDENT and RapID ANA II systems for identification of Actinomyces species from clinical specimens

Evaluation of Capsicum germplasm for sources of resistance to Rhizoctonia solani

Evaluation of Dirofilaria immitis excretory/secretory products for seroepidemiological studies on human dirofilariosis

Evaluation of Dormer sires for litter size and lamb mortality using a threshold model

Evaluation of EUF-potassium quotient as a measure of potassium buffering capacity of illite-dominant soils under intensive cropping

Evaluation of Fusarium wilt-resistance in primitive races of Gossypium hirsutum L

Evaluation of Ixodes scapularis, Amblyomma americanum, and Dermacentor variabilis (Acari: Ixodidae) from Georgia as vectors of a Florida strain of the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi

Evaluation of Lecythophora hoffmannii as a potential biological control agent against a blue stain fungus on Populus tremuloides

Evaluation of Leucaena accessions for the semi-humid lowland tropics of East Africa

Evaluation of MK filters for recovery of enteroviruses from tap water

Evaluation of Peruvian maize for resistance to European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) leaf feeding and ovipositional preference

Evaluation of Pythium nunn as a potential biocontrol agent against Phytophthora root rots of azalea and sweet orange

Evaluation of Rambach agar for detection of Salmonella subspecies I to VI

Evaluation of Rhizobium meliloti strains isolated from indigenous populations in northern Greece

Evaluation of Steinernema glaseri (Nematoda: Steinernematidae) for biological control of Japanese and oriental beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Evaluation of XDE-474 as a soil nitrification inhibitor

Evaluation of a 22 kDa Dirofilaria immitis antigen for the immunodiagnosis of human pulmonary dirofilariosis

Evaluation of a binomial model for insecticide application to control lepidopterous pests in cabbage

Evaluation of a bovine respiratory syncytial virus inactivated vaccine

Evaluation of a commercial enzyme immunoassay kit (RIDASCREEN) for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins A, B, C, D, and E in foods

Evaluation of a commercially available prothrombin time assay kit for use in dogs and cats

Evaluation of a competitive enzyme immunoassay in the differentiation of antibodies induced by strain 19 vaccine, in the serodiagnosis of bovine brucellosis

Evaluation of a computerized timber inventory system for nonindustrial private forest landowners

Evaluation of a direct method for the determination of true protein content in milk by Kjeldahl analysis

Evaluation of a layer diet formulated from non-conventional feedingstuffs

Evaluation of a liquid chromatographic method for the determination of fumonisins in corn, poultry feed, and Fusarium culture material

Evaluation of a liquid potassium bicarbonate/amino acid co-product as a source of potassium, nitrogen, and sulfur

Evaluation of a maize-cowpea-palm oil diet for the dietary management of Nigerian children with acute, watery diarrhea

Evaluation of a model to predict nutrient uptake by field-grown rice

Evaluation of a modified Stein breakage tester for more rapid determination of corn breakage susceptibility

Evaluation of a monoclonal antibody-based colony blot test for rapid identification of virulent Rhodococcus equi

Evaluation of a new semiquantitative immunodot assay for the screening of specific IgE

Evaluation of a noninvasive technique for measuring fat-free mass in poultry

Evaluation of a novel colorimetric broth microdilution method for antifungal susceptibility testing of yeast isolates

Evaluation of a perfusion system for investigation of the sulphur supplying capacity of soils

Evaluation of a phytotoxin(s) from Pseudomonas syringae for weed control in cranberries

Evaluation of a postcolumn electrochemical reactor for oxidation of paralytic shellfish poison toxins

Evaluation of a quantitative food frequency questionnaire used in a group of Norwegian adolescents

Evaluation of a short-term in vitro growth-inhibition test to determine susceptibility of Trypanosoma vivax stocks to various trypanocides

Evaluation of a single oral dose of lufenuron to control flea infestations in dogs

Evaluation of a single-injection method for estimating glomerular filtration rate in dogs with reduced renal function

Evaluation of a wing-type against a bucket-type fruit fly trap for use in table grape vineyards

Evaluation of adaptation indicators in calves to different farming practices

Evaluation of aerial and ground-applied adulticides against mosquito species in Arkansas and Louisiana

Evaluation of agar gel immunodiffusion serology using caprine and ovine lentiviral antigens for detection of antibody to caprine arthritis-encephalitis virus

Evaluation of airborne particulates and fungi during hospital renovation

Evaluation of allergy to spices by skin prick test in children with allergic respiratory and cutaneous diseases

Evaluation of alternate methods of rapid assessment of endemicity of Onchocerca volvulus in communities in southern Cameroon

Evaluation of an O antigen enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for screening of milk samples for Salmonella dublin infection in dairy herds

Evaluation of an abatement program for western X-disease in sweet cherry

Evaluation of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay that uses the 41-kd flagellin as the antigen for detection of antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in cattle

Evaluation of an experiment with fertilization and liming of young-growth spruce stands in the Jizerske Hory Mts

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of some constituents of Lawsonia inermis

Evaluation of antifungal agents for fish culture

Evaluation of antioxidant butylated hydroxyanisole and fungicide prochloraz for control of post-harvest anthracnose of avocado fruit during storage

Evaluation of band vs. broadcast herbicide applications in corn and soybean

Evaluation of binomial egg mass sampling plans for low density gypsy moth populations in continuously forested habitats

Evaluation of blue value in different plant materials as a tool for rapid starch determination

Evaluation of butorphanol and cyproheptadine for prevention of cisplatin-induced vomiting in dogs

Evaluation of casing materials for the production of Agaricus bisporus

Evaluation of cement-excelsior boards made from yellow-poplar and sweetgum

Evaluation of characteristics related to photosynthetic rate and leaf area production in mungbean genotypes

Evaluation of chitting to enhance earliness of potatoes grown in southern Ontario

Evaluation of chlorhexidine as a premilking teat disinfectant for the prevention of intramammary infections during lactation

Evaluation of chronic neurological sequelae after acute pesticide exposure using SPECT brain scans

Evaluation of cobalt pellets for sheep

Evaluation of color sticky panels for monitoring Megastigmus spermotrophus (Hymenoptera: Torymidae)

Evaluation of competition indices in individual tree growth models

Evaluation of components of partial resistance to black root rot in Burley tobacco

Evaluation of conditions for fermentation of fish offal

Evaluation of contour farming and graded bunding for productivity and nutrient extraction pattern of sole and inter-crop

Evaluation of contribution of drainage from sewage treatment plants to water pollution based on the amount of urobilin in rivers

Evaluation of control models for multiple-effect evaporator set in a cane sugar mill

Evaluation of control strategies for reducing rooting-out problems in pot-in-pot production systems

Evaluation of copper sulfate and a copper lysine complex as growth promoters for weanling swine

Evaluation of corn genotypes for resistance to Aspergillus ear rot, kernel infection, and aflatoxin production

Evaluation of counterimmunoelectrophoresis for serotyping Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae isolates and detection of type-specific antigens in lungs of infected pigs

Evaluation of cryopreservation techniques for goat embryos

Evaluation of cultivated and wild barley for resistance to pathotypes of Puccinia hordei with wide virulence

Evaluation of curative anticryptosporidial activity of paromomycin in a dexamethasone-treated rat model

Evaluation of danofloxacin for the treatment of diarrhoea in neonatal calves caused by enterotoxigenic K99+ Escherichia coli

Evaluation of detomidine anesthetic combinations in the rabbit

Evaluation of different exotic grass species in upland Balochistan

Evaluation of different immunodiagnostic techniques for diagnosis of hydatidosis in Egypt

Evaluation of different sources of phosphorus in broiler diets

Evaluation of differently prepared plant extracts as bare-root dip treatment of tomato seedlings against Meloidogyne javanica

Evaluation of diffusible preservatives using an accelerated field simulator

Evaluation of diflubenzuron against Indian lac insect, Kerria lacca Kerr

Evaluation of effects of altered gastric pH on absorption of dapsone in healthy volunteers

Evaluation of eight species of Cornus for resistance to dogwood anthracnose

Evaluation of enemas for exposing Aedes aegypti to suspensions of dengue-2 virus

Evaluation of entomopathogenic nematode species for the control of melonworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Evaluation of excess soil phosphorus supply for corn by the ear-leaf test

Evaluation of extenders for pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis sperm

Evaluation of fetal infection and abortion in pregnant ponies experimentally infected with Ehrlichia risticii

Evaluation of five immunoassays for detection of Chlamydia psittaci in cloacal and conjunctival specimens from turkeys

Evaluation of fosthiazate for management of Meloidogyne javanica in Florida flue-cured tobacco

Evaluation of four chemical extractants for metal determinations in wetland soils

Evaluation of four intermediate wheatgrass populations under grazing

Evaluation of four seed-derived oils as controls for Acarapis woodi (Acari: Tarsonemidae) in colonies of Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Evaluation of four vegetables against Meloidogyne incognita

Evaluation of fungicides and cultivars for control of gummy stem blight of rockmelon caused by Didymella bryoniae

Evaluation of glycerol as a water activity modifier in khoa

Evaluation of gossyplure and neem oil formulation along with insecticidal spray schedule for the control of pink bollworm on cotton

Evaluation of granular corncob formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis serovar israelensis against mosquito larvae using a semi-field bioassay method

Evaluation of growth, cell proliferation, and cell death in bovine corpora lutea throughout the estrous cycle

Evaluation of health and ruminal variables during adaptation to grain-based diets in beef cattle

Evaluation of heated solutions of sulfur dioxide, ethanol, and hydrogen peroxide to control postharvest green mold of lemons

Evaluation of hepatic injury arising during fluconazole therapy

Evaluation of housing systems for sows

Evaluation of hybrid progenies from stored pollen in cotton

Evaluation of hydraulic parameters for Dara area (Gulf of Suez), Egypt

Evaluation of immunoglobulin G enzyme immunoassay for serodiagnosis of yaws

Evaluation of immunoperoxidase techniques to detect Rickettsia rickettsii in fixed tissue sections

Evaluation of immunoreactivity of normal tissues from dogs, using monoclonal antibody B72.3

Evaluation of in vitro cytotoxicity of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs against canine tumor cells

Evaluation of inoculative releases of Toxorhynchites splendens (Diptera: Culicidae) in urban environments in Florida

Evaluation of insecticides for the control of sugarcane black bug, Cavelerius sweeti Dist

Evaluation of insecticides to reduce maturation feeding by Tomicus piniperda (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in Scotch pine

Evaluation of interaction of paraquat with lecithin or casein by paramecium

Evaluation of interactions between Rhynchosporium secalis and Pyrenophora teres on barley

Evaluation of lactic acid bacterium fermentation products and food-grade chemicals to control Listeria monocytogenes in blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) meat

Evaluation of lactic acid-producing Bacillus and Sporolactobacillus for antilisterial activity

Evaluation of line and breed of cytoplasm effects on performance of purebred Brangus cattle

Evaluation of low temperature hardiness of strawberry plants under field and controlled conditions

Evaluation of lymphocyte stimulation tests for diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in elk (Cervus elaphus)

Evaluation of machine, technician, and interpreter effects on ultrasonic measures of backfat and longissimus muscle area in beef cattle

Evaluation of magnetic resonance imaging for quantification of intraabdominal fat in human beings by spin-echo and inversion-recovery protocols

Evaluation of maize populations as sources of favorable alleles for improvement of two single-cross hybrids

Evaluation of markers for predicting the digestibility and intake of ammonia treated straw in ewes

Evaluation of marking materials for cutaneous surgical margins

Evaluation of mast cells infiltration in calf and heifer uterus

Evaluation of meat meal and prot-o-liv as source of animal protein for layers

Evaluation of metal connector plates for repair of wood pallet stringers

Evaluation of methiocarb, ziram, and methyl anthranilate as bird repellents applied to dendrobium orchids

Evaluation of microbial inhibitor tests with indicator in microtitre plates by photometric measurements

Evaluation of microbiological safety of shrimp cooked in a microwave oven

Evaluation of multi-frequency bio-impedance analysis for the assessment of extracellular and total body water in surgical patients

Evaluation of mydriatics in cattle

Evaluation of mydriatics in horses

Evaluation of national malaria control programmes in Africa

Evaluation of near infra-red interactance for assessment of subcutaneous and total body fat

Evaluation of new culture media for rapid detection and isolation of salmonellae in foods

Evaluation of new monoclonal antibody-based latex agglutination test for detection of cryptococcal polysaccharide antigen in serum and cerebrospinal fluid

Evaluation of new vegetative clones of apple rootstocks

Evaluation of nine taper systems for four Appalachian hardwoods

Evaluation of nitrate nutrition indexes in maize leaves: metabolic nitrate, total nitrate content and nitrate reductase activity

Evaluation of nitrogen availability in irradiated sewage sludge, sludge compost and manure compost

Evaluation of nitroxynil and closantel activity using ELISA and egg counts against Fasciola hepatica in experimentally and naturally infected cattle

Evaluation of nutrient utilization in the canine using the ileal cannulation technique

Evaluation of nutritive quality of fungal-treated cereal straw and further modification of Karnal process

Evaluation of nutritive value of twin-screw extruded soybean meal with low-antigenicity

Evaluation of occupational health risk caused by contamination of archives by filamentous fungi

Evaluation of ochratoxin A level in human milk in Italy

Evaluation of open-pollinated maize varieties in Trinidad

Evaluation of overland flow treatment for swine lagoon effluent

Evaluation of pearl millet hybrids and their parents for germinability and field emergence

Evaluation of pedotransfer functions for estimating the water retention curve

Evaluation of peduncle perfusion for in vivo studies of carbon and nitrogen distribution in cereal crops

Evaluation of permethrin-treated military uniforms for personal protection against malaria in northeastern Thailand

Evaluation of pesticide resistance in Anaphes iole collected from five locations in the western United States

Evaluation of phosphine genotoxicity at occupational levels of exposure in New South Wales, Australia

Evaluation of phosphorus loading models for south Florida

Evaluation of physico-chemical properties of terrace soils of Bangladesh in relation to crop production

Evaluation of plant infection with root-knot nematodes

Evaluation of potent inhibitors of dihydrofolate reductase in a culture model for growth of Pneumocystis carinii

Evaluation of powdered pine bark for control of Meloidogyne arenaria and Heterodera glycines on soybean

Evaluation of pregnancy stage in the bovine by ultrasonography

Evaluation of procedures for isolation of nontuberculous mycobacteria from soil and water

Evaluation of professional scouting programs in cotton production

Evaluation of propanediol, ethylene glycol, sucrose and antifreeze proteins on the survival of slow-cooled mouse pronuclear and 4-cell embryos

Evaluation of public information packets for source reduction in three socioeconomic areas of Tampa, Florida

Evaluation of pulmonary function and analgesia in dogs after intercostal thoracotomy and use of morphine administered intramuscularly or intrapleurally and bupivacaine administered intrapleurally

Evaluation of pure red pericarp and eight selected maize accessions for resistance to corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) silk feeding

Evaluation of quantitative acid-base balance and determination of unidentified anions in swine

Evaluation of radioactive and nonradioactive gene probes and cell culture for detection of poliovirus in water samples

Evaluation of rapid commercial enzyme immunoassay for detection of Giardia lamblia in formalin-preserved stool specimens

Evaluation of rapid cycle recurrent selection for early flowering in oat

Evaluation of relative contribution of initial and variable chlorophyll fluorescence measured at different temperatures

Evaluation of reproduction efficiency traits in different genetic groups of dairy cattle

Evaluation of reproductive stage maize for resistance to the southwestern corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) using visual rating scores of leaf sheath and husk damage

Evaluation of resistance to and tolerance of powdery mildew by cucumber

Evaluation of resistances for bermudagrass turf crop water stress index models

Evaluation of results of preoperative urodynamic measurements in nine dogs with ectopic ureters

Evaluation of risk factors for degenerative joint disease associated with hip dysplasia in dogs

Evaluation of sample processing methods in detecting cymbidium mosaic virus in orchids using indirect ELISA

Evaluation of sampling schemes for estimating instantaneous whole-tree photosynthesis in Populus clones: a modeling approach

Evaluation of selected herbicides on field-grown woody ornamentals

Evaluation of serological tests for diagnosis of Brucella melitensis infection of goats

Evaluation of seven Italian and hybrid ryegrasses under sheep grazing in Southland, New Zealand

Evaluation of soil and plant nitrogen tests for maize on manured soils of the Atlantic Coastal Plain

Evaluation of soil nitrogen mineralization in two spring barley fields

Evaluation of soil phosphorus tests for flooded rice soils under oxidized and reduced soil conditions

Evaluation of soil physical parameters as a function of soil texture, effective density and humus content

Evaluation of some chelates in estimating available Zn for soybean in calcareous soils

Evaluation of some essential oils for their toxicity against fungi causing deterioration of stored food commodities

Evaluation of some factors involved in reducing browsing damage to eucalypt trees by sheep

Evaluation of some growth traits in a Caracu herd with Y chromosome heteromorphism

Evaluation of some local Egyptian plants as a source of chlorophyll pigments

Evaluation of some reproductive parameters in the indigenous boar of Zimbabwe

Evaluation of sources of acidity in rainwater using a constrained oblique rotational factor analysis

Evaluation of specificity of indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for diagnosis of human Q fever

Evaluation of stabilized bismuth sulfite agar for detection of Salmonella in foods

Evaluation of sticky papers for controlling flies

Evaluation of suramin, ivermectin and CGP 20376 in a new macrofilaricidal drug screen, Onchocerca ochengi in African cattle

Evaluation of susceptibility of dermatophytes to antifungal drugs

Evaluation of teak germplasm

Evaluation of techniques to improve white pine establishment on an Appalachian minesoil

Evaluation of temperature and moisture content during storage on the germination of flowering annual seed

Evaluation of ten wheat cultivars flour against Tribolium castaneum Herbst

Evaluation of testosterone response to intramuscular injection of GnRH and its correlation with sperm quality parameters in cockerels

Evaluation of the API 50CHB system for the identification and biochemical characterization of Bacillus larvae

Evaluation of the Bichrolatex albicans test for rapid identification of Candida albicans colonies

Evaluation of the Mehlich 3 soil extractant for upland Malawi soils

Evaluation of the MicroScan Yeast Identification Panel

Evaluation of the SPUR model for grasslands of the northeastern United States

Evaluation of the Vidas system for the serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

Evaluation of the aetiological factors in the blindness of calves in southern Turkey

Evaluation of the allergenicity of infant formulas in a guinea pig model

Evaluation of the antibiotic Sinefungin as an antimicrosporidial drug

Evaluation of the central properties of Artemisia verlotorum

Evaluation of the chemical composition of the essential oils of some Lamiaceae from Serrania de Ronda (Andalucia, Spain)

Evaluation of the chicken crop as a source of Salmonella contamination for broiler carcasses

Evaluation of the determination of bovine pregnancy-associated glycoprotein (bPAG) and ultrasonography for the early diagnosis of pregnancy in dairy cattle

Evaluation of the dietary intake of homebound elderly and the feasibility of dietary supplementation

Evaluation of the effect of GnRH on follicular ovarian cysts in dairy cows using trans-rectal ultrasonography

Evaluation of the effects of a polyurethane carrier on the degradation of chlorinated anilines by Pseudomonas acidovorans CA50

Evaluation of the effects of route of administration of cloprostenol on synchronization of estrus in diestrous dairy cattle

Evaluation of the effects of selected agricultural materials on an ELISA for s-triazines

Evaluation of the effects of various factors on the serum triglyceride level in young adults

Evaluation of the efficacy of danofloxacin against induced Salmonella enteritis in young calves

Evaluation of the existing situation of the breeding plan for Chinese Merino sheep

Evaluation of the fertilizer value and nutrient release from corn and soybean residues under laboratory and greenhouse conditions

Evaluation of the flushing out activity of pyrethroids on Triatoma infestans

Evaluation of the genotoxic activity of the sesquiterpene lactone goyazensolide in mammalian systems in vitro and in vivo

Evaluation of the hardiness and growth of deciduous ornamental shrubs

Evaluation of the humoral immune response of CD rats following a 2-week exposure to the pesticide carbaryl by the oral, dermal, or inhalation routes

Evaluation of the initial season for implementation of four tomato production systems

Evaluation of the laboratory mouse model for screening topical mosquito repellents

Evaluation of the liver protective potential of piperine, an active principle of black and long peppers

Evaluation of the magnitude of the 1993 hantavirus outbreak in the southwestern United States

Evaluation of the pathogenic potential of Rickettsia canada and Rickettsia prowazekii organisms in dogs

Evaluation of the possibilities for preventing congenital toxoplasmosis

Evaluation of the protective efficacy of the killed Coccidioides immitis spherule vaccine in humans

Evaluation of the selenium content of the traditional Italian diet

Evaluation of the single-injection plasma disappearance of technetium-99m mercaptoacetyltriglycine method for determination of effective renal plasma flow in dogs with normal or abnormal renal functio

Evaluation of the sorghum stovers as fresh as well as silage

Evaluation of the starch-iodine test for determination of optimum harvest dates of apples

Evaluation of the sulphur status of some soils from Portugal

Evaluation of the termite resistance of wood pressure treated with copper naphthenate

Evaluation of the tree-improvement delivery system: factors affecting genetic potential

Evaluation of three candidate fungicides for treatment of adult spring chinook salmon

Evaluation of three fixation techniques for repair of mandibular fractures in dogs

Evaluation of three imidazolinone herbicides for control of yellow and purple nutsedge in woody and herbaceous landscape plants

Evaluation of three quantitative assays for Sclerotinia minor

Evaluation of tiletamine-zolazepam anesthesia in goats

Evaluation of tomato resistance to Verticillium dahliae culture filtrate in tissue culture

Evaluation of topically administered tissue plasminogen activator for intraocular fibrinolysis in dogs

Evaluation of total serum bile acids concentration and bile acid profiles in healthy cats after oral administration of ursodeoxycholic acid

Evaluation of trace elements in wheat and wheat by-products

Evaluation of two rodenticides in the paddy fields during Samba and Thaladi seasons

Evaluation of urinalysis reagent strips versus microscopical examination of urine for Schistosoma haematobium

Evaluation of use of tiletamine/zolazepam for anesthesia of bullfrogs and leopard frogs

Evaluation of water-soluble pneumocandin analogs L-733560, L-705589, and L-731373 with mouse models of disseminated aspergillosis, candidiasis, and cryptococcosis

Evaluation of weed control practices during spring and summer alfalfa establishment

Evaluation of yield, texture and cooking time of Rasogolla

Evaluations of a semi-automated vegetable sorting concept

Evaporation reduction with paper-pellet mulch

Evaporative cooling of apples by overtree sprinkling

Evapotranspiration of some undergrowth species

Evapotranspiration studies on hybrid sorghum

Evapotranspiration, water-use efficiency and quality of six dryland planted pasture species and natural vegetation, in a semi-arid rangeland

Evasion of host defense by in vivo-produced protoplast-like cells of the insect mycopathogen Beauveria bassiana

Events associated with the rapid separation of cells from detached roots of Azolla filiculoides depend on pH

Evidence against either a premature stop codon or the absence of obese gene mRNA in human obesity

Evidence and significance of self-pollination of avocados in Florida

Evidence for RNA editing in mitochondria of all major groups of land plants except the Bryophyta

Evidence for a cell-specific negative regulatory element in the first intron of the gene for bovine elastin

Evidence for a central role of lysine 15 of Azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase iron protein in nucleotide binding and protein conformational changes

Evidence for a common neural mechanism mediating growth hormone-releasing factor-induced and somatostatin-induced feeding

Evidence for a local role of inhibin or inhibin alpha subunits in compensatory ovarian hypertrophy

Evidence for a low Km transporter for non-transferrin-bound iron in isolated rat hepatocytes

Evidence for a novel ATP-dependent membrane-associated protease in spinach leaf mitochondria

Evidence for a novel mitochondrial promoter preceding the cox2 gene of perennial teosintes

Evidence for a queen-produced egg-marking pheromone and its use in worker policing in the honey bee

Evidence for a role in seed dispersal by two tropical herbivorous turtles

Evidence for a second receptor binding site on human prolactin

Evidence for a sex attractant in Aphidius colemani Viereck with potential use in field studies

Evidence for a site-specific cytidine deamination reaction involved in C to U RNA editing of plant mitochondria

Evidence for an abnormal postprandial response to a high-fat meal in women predisposed to obesity

Evidence for an extracellular reception site for abscisic acid in Commelina guard cells

Evidence for arrested development of abomasal nematodes in white-tailed deer

Evidence for auxin regulation of bordered-pit positioning during tracheid differentiation in Larix laricina

Evidence for bovine leukemia virus in mammary epithelial cells of infected cows

Evidence for cell-density-dependent regulation of catalase activity in Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. phaseoli

Evidence for chromium acting as an essential trace element in insulin-dependent glucose uptake in cultured mouse myotubes

Evidence for cross-pathway regulation of metabolic gene expression in plants

Evidence for defective glucose sensing by islets of fa/fa obese Zucker rats

Evidence for degradation of aflatoxin B1 by Flavobacterium aurantiacum

Evidence for efficacy of mosaic control on evolution of insecticide resistance

Evidence for five divergent thioredoxin h sequences in Arabidopsis thaliana

Evidence for guanosine triphosphate-binding proteins in Trypanosoma cruzi

Evidence for hydration-dependent closing of pore structures in the cuticle of Periplaneta americana

Evidence for hypothalamic control of the diurnal rhythms in prolactin and melatonin in the fetal sheep during late gestation

Evidence for increased thermostability of Bacillus cereus enterotoxin in milk

Evidence for involvement of a volatile extracellular factor in Pseudomonas solanacearum virulence gene expression

Evidence for kairomonal influence on selection of host-ambushing sites by adult Ixodes scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae)

Evidence for local adaptation in closely adjacent subpopulations of northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.) expressed as resistance to leaf herbivores

Evidence for mutation and migration as sources of genetic variation in populations of Rhynchosporium secalis

Evidence for natural selection on mating system in Mimulus (Scrophulariaceae)

Evidence for normal vitamin D receptor messenger ribonucleic acid and genotype in absorptive hypercalciuria

Evidence for nosocomial transmission of Candida albicans obtained by Ca3 fingerprinting

Evidence for nucleosomal phasing and a novel protein specifically binding to cucumber satellite DNA

Evidence for preadipocyte proliferation during culture of subcutaneous and intramuscular adipose tissues from Angus and Wagyu crossbred steers

Evidence for protein phosphatase 1 and 2A regulation of K+ channels in two types of leaf cells

Evidence for recovery of body mass and haptoglobin values of river otters following the Exxon Valdez oil spill

Evidence for short or ultrashort loop negative feedback of gonadotropin-releasing hormone secretion

Evidence for the hormonal function of a CRF-related diuretic peptide (Locusta-DP) in Locusta migratoria

Evidence for the involvement of gene conversion in meiotic instability of the Rp1 rust resistance genes of maize

Evidence for the presence of a high-affinity laminin receptor-like molecule on the surface of Candida albicans yeast cells

Evidence for the recognition of Viola appalachiensis

Evidence for two bacteriocins produced by Carnobacterium piscicola and Carnobacterium divergens isolated from fish and active against Listeria monocytogenes

Evidence for two different nitrate-reducing activities at the plasma membrane in roots of Zea mays L

Evidence for two groups of banana bunchy top virus isolates

Evidence for two independent domestications of cattle

Evidence for vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal infection in viroid-infected hop root tissues

Evidence for volatile chemical attractants in the beetle Maladera matrida Argaman (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Evidence for widespread courtship during copulation in 131 species of insects and spiders, and implications for cryptic female choice

Evidence from transgenic mice that myc regulates hepatic glycolysis

Evidence of a crowding effect on the morphology of Hymenolepis diminuta proceeding from WMS inbred line 1

Evidence of a dormant but infective state of the fish pathogen Pasteurella piscicida in seawater and sediment

Evidence of a major neutralizable conformational epitope region on VP2 of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Evidence of a ventilation-perfusion mismatch during acute unilateral pulmonary artery occlusion in broilers

Evidence of common and genus-specific epitopes on Ornithodoros spp. tick (Acari: Argasidae) salivary proteins

Evidence of cross-reactivity between olive, ash, privet, and Russian olive tree pollen allergens

Evidence of durable resistance in nine Chinese land races and one Italian cultivar of Triticum aestivum to Puccinia striiformis

Evidence of edge species attraction to nature trails within deciduous forest

Evidence of endothelial inflammation, T cell activation, and T cell reallocation in uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Evidence of increased glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and fatty acid synthetase promoter activities in transiently transfected adipocytes from genetically obese rats

Evidence of natural bluetongue virus infection among African carnivores

Evidence of natural recombination within the S1 gene of infectious bronchitis virus

Evidence of reduced photosynthetic rates in old trees

Evidence of tularemia regulating a semi-isolated cottontail rabbit population

Evidence supporting the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Missouri

Evidence that 2-carboxyarabinitol 1-phosphate binds to ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase in vivo

Evidence that ethylene, light and abscisic acid interact to inhibit germination in the recalcitrant seeds of Quercus robur L

Evidence that fluoride therapy increases trabecular bone density in a peripheral skeletal site

Evidence that glial cells modulate extracellular pH transients induced by neuronal activity in the leech central nervous system

Evidence that glutamate dehydrogenase plays a role in the oxidative deamination of glutamate in seedlings of Zea mays

Evidence that glutathione is involved in thermotolerance of preimplantation murine embryos

Evidence that growth hormone stimulates milk synthesis by direct action on the mammary gland and that prolactin exerts effects on milk secretion by maintenance of mammary deoxyribonucleic acid content

Evidence that hepatocyte turnover is required for rapid clearance of duck hepatitis B virus during antiviral therapy of chronically infected ducks

Evidence that increased glucose cycling in islets of diabetic ob/ob mice is a primary feature of the disease

Evidence that metacentric and submetacentric chromosomes in canine tumors can result from telomeric fusions

Evidence that palmitic acid is absorbed as sn-2 monoacylglycerol from human milk by breast-fed infants

Evidence that plant K+ channel proteins have two different types of subunits

Evidence that the alpha a gene of barley stripe mosaic virus encodes determinants of pathogenicity to oat (Avena sativa)

Evidence that the eumelanin restrictor genes (Co) and (Db) are present in the genome of the Buff Rock bantam

Evidence that the vectorial competence of phlebotomine sand flies for different species of Leishmania is controlled by structural polymorphisms in the surface lipophosphoglycan

Evolution and latitudinal variation in life cycles of oak macrolepidopterans

Evolution and replication of tobacco ringspot virus satellite RNA mutants

Evolution of alphaviruses in the eastern equine encephalomyelitis complex

Evolution of an extensive superficial dermatophytosis to a deep dermatophytosis

Evolution of behavioural responses to sex pheromone in mutant laboratory colonies of Trichoplusia ni

Evolution of glutamine synthetase genes is in accordance with the neutral theory of molecular evolution

Evolution of host range in aphids

Evolution of mammalian social structure

Evolution of number and morphology of mammalian chromosomes

Evolution of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) genetic structure in colonial Californian populations of Avena barbata

Evolution of the Drosophila melanogaster-sigma virus system in natural populations from Languedoc (southern France)

Evolution of the chalcone synthase gene family in the genus Ipomoea

Evolution of the feline-subgroup parvoviruses and the control of canine host range in vivo

Evolution of the phytochrome gene family and its utility for phylogenetic analyses of angiosperms

Evolution of trichome number in a naturalized population of Brassica rapa

Evolution of vegetative incompatibility in filamentous ascomycetes. I. Deterministic models

Evolution of virulence patterns in yellow rust races and its implications for breeding for resistance in wheat in Kenya

Evolution patterns of the soil organic matter in some agricultural systems in the Brazilian Cerrado region

Evolution, weighting, and phylogenetic utility of mitochondrial gene sequences and a compilation of conserved polymerase chain reaction primers

Evolutionarily stable selfing rates of hermaphroditic plants in competing and delayed selfing modes with allocation to attractive structures

Evolutionarily stable strategy sex ratios when correlates of relatedness can be assessed

Evolutionary adaptation of contractile performance in muscle of ectothermic winter-flying moths

Evolutionary analyses of DNA sequences subject to constraints on secondary structure

Evolutionary analysis of the spotted fever and typhus groups of Rickettsia using 16S rRNA gene sequences

Evolutionary and continuous stability in asymmetric games with continuous strategy sets: the parental investment conflict as an example

Evolutionary changes in genomic DNA constituents and the duration of cell cycle in Lathyrus species

Evolutionary conservation of function among mammalian, avian, and viral homologs of the Bcl-2 oncoprotein

Evolutionary conservation of ten microsatellite loci in four species of Felidae

Evolutionary demography of orchids: intensity and frequency of pollination and the cost of fruiting

Evolutionary dynamics of sex ratio and gender dimorphism in Silene latifolia: II. Sex ratio and flowering status in a potentially male-biased population

Evolutionary implications of allozyme and RAPD variation in diploid populations of dioecious buffalograss Buchloe dactyloides

Evolutionary origin of Plasmodium and other Apicomplexa based on rRNA genes

Evolutionary relatedness of some primate models of Plasmodium

Evolutionary relationships of lactate dehydrogenases (LDHs) from mammals, birds, an amphibian, fish, barley, and bacteria: LDH cDNA sequences from Xenopus, pig, and rat

Evolutionary trends of alcohol dehydrogenase isozymes in some species of tephritid flies

Evolving score card for appraisal of Karan Fries and Karan Swiss cows

Ewe productivity and subsequent preweaning lamb performance in St. Croix sheep bred at different times during the year

Ex vitro conversion of pyramid magnolia somatic embryos

Examination of alternative heteroscedastic error structures using experimental data

Examination of parameters affecting the elicitation of humoral immune responses by particle bombardment-mediated genetic immunization

Examination of species boundaries of Solanum series Demissa and potentially related species in series Acaulia and series Tuberosa (sect. Petota)

Examples of plant phenological events in Finland and their relation to temperature

Exchangeable heavy metals in central Spanish soils

Excitement in an elephant after intravenous administration of atropine

Excluding pests from red ginger flowers with insecticides and pollinating, polyester, or polyethylene bags

Excretion of Ascaris lumbricoides during total body irradiation

Excretion of amino acid residues from diets based on low-fibre wheat or high-fibre rye bread in human subjects with ileostomies

Excretion of amino acid residues from diets based on wheat flour or oat bran in human subjects with ileostomies

Excretory-secretory antigens of rodent filariid, Acanthocheilonema viteae and their cross-reaction with human filarial sera

Excystment of Paragonimus westermani metacercariae by endogenous cysteine protease

Exercise and the neurobiological control of food intake and energy expenditure

Exercise attenuates the anti-lipolytic effect of adenosine in adipocytes isolated from miniature swine

Exercise enhances dietary compliance during moderate energy restriction in obese women

Exercise with or without dietary restriction and obesity treatment

Exercise, aging, and nutrition

Exercise, macronutrient preferences and food intake

Exercise, substrate utilization and energy requirements in the elderly

Exercise-induced changes in plasma vitamin B-6 concentrations do not vary with exercise intensity

Exercise-induced suppression of appetite: effects on food intake and implications for energy balance

Exercise-training, macronutrient balance and body weight control

Exflagellation responses of cultured Plasmodium falciparum (Haemosporida: Plasmodiidae) gametocytes to human sera and midguts of anopheline mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae)

Exine formation in the pollinium of Dendrobium

Existence of a rhamnogalacturonan II-like region in bioactive pectins from medicinal herbs

Exocrine glands and the attractiveness of the ergatoid queen in the ponerine ant Megaponera foetens

Exocytosis in spermatozoa in response to progesterone and zona pellucida

Exogenous and endogenous nitrogen flow rates and level of protein hydrolysis in the human jejunum after milk and yoghurt ingestion

Exogenous carbohydrate oxidation from different carbohydrate sources during exercise

Exogenous isolation of mobilizing plasmids from polluted soils and sludges

Expansion of genes that encode MHC class I molecules in cyprinid fishes

Expected development of climatic conditions in Central Europe and responses of partial populations of some forest tree species to environmental changes

Expected performance indices of some planted trees of Bhopal

Expenditure elasticities of demand for major food items in south-east Nigeria

Experience with 241 cases of sporotrichosis in Chiba, Japan

Experiences in the use of forest management planning models

Experimental Borrelia burgdorferi infections in the white-footed mouse, deer mouse, and fulvous harvest mouse detected by needle aspiration of spirochetes

Experimental Pasteurella haemolytica infection in sheep

Experimental Syngamus trachea infection of chickens

Experimental analysis of spray distribution pattern uniformity for agricultural nozzles

Experimental animal model for reproduction of paratuberculosis enteritis (Johne's disease)

Experimental approach to the predation by piscivorous birds in extensive water aquaculture

Experimental bias in the evaluation of the cellular transient expression in DNA co-transfection experiments

Experimental discrimination between contrasting models of neighbourhood competition

Experimental evaluation of a commercial footrot vaccine against native Canadian strains of Dichelobacter nodosus

Experimental evaluation of combined prophylaxis against murine pneumocystosis and toxoplasmosis

Experimental evaluation of inactivated RD viral vaccine containing local velogenic strain

Experimental evidence for RNA trans-splicing in mammalian cells

Experimental evidence for the included niche

Experimental examination of a thin market: price behavior in a declining terminal market revisited

Experimental immunity to Microsporum canis and cross reactions with other dermatophytes of veterinary importance

Experimental immunization of ponies with Strongylus vulgaris radiation-attenuated larvae or crude soluble somatic extracts from larval or adult stages

Experimental induction of dilatation meristems in Melia azedarach L

Experimental induction of hepatic lipidosis in cats

Experimental induction of suramin-resistance in cloned and uncloned stocks of Trypanosoma evansi using immunosuppressed and immunocompetent mice

Experimental infection of Columbian black-tailed deer with the Lyme disease spirochete

Experimental infection of domestic goats with Leishmania major through bites of infected Phlebotomus duboscqi and needle inoculation of culture-derived promastigotes

Experimental infection of juvenile Biomphalaria glabrata with cercariae of Echinostoma trivolvis

Experimental infection of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with Pasteurella piscicida in fresh-water and salt-water

Experimental infection with bovine coronavirus (BCV) in lactating cows: clinical diseases, viral excretion, interferon- alpha and antibody response

Experimental liver cirrhosis induced by alcohol and iron

Experimental murine schistosomiasis and thyroid function

Experimental observations with the application of continuous and simple interrupted sutures in case of end-to-end vascular anastomosis in dogs

Experimental poisoning of rabbits by Leucaena leucocephala

Experimental poisoning of sheep by Pseudocalymma elegans

Experimental production of triploid bovine embryos by microinjection of two sperm and their development

Experimental reliability of the doubly labeled water technique

Experimental removal of insectivores from rain forest canopy: direct and indirect effects

Experimental studies of hickory recruitment in a wooded hedgerow and forest

Experimental studies of the influence of Moniezia expansa infection on oribatid mites

Experimental study of foundation and development of Anelosimus eximius colonies in the tropical forest of French Guiana

Experimental transmission of Babesia microti infection by the oral route

Experimental transmission of Ehrlichia chaffeensis (Rickettsiales: Ehrlichieae) among white-tailed deer by Amblyomma americanum (Acari: Ixodidae)

Experimental transmission of Ife virus by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Experimental transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi by Ornithonyssus bacoti

Experimental transmission of a herpes-like virus to axenic larvae of Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Experimental transmission of green turtle fibropapillomatosis using cell-free tumor extracts

Experimental transmission of murine malaria by cannibalism on mice infected by Plasmodium berghei yoelii

Experimental transmission of plum pox virus by Brachycaudus persicae Passerini

Experimental treatment with increased temperature of juvenile coho salmon with EIBS

Experimental vaccination of young chickens with a live, non-pathogenic strain of Escherichia coli

Experimentally induced infection with bluetongue virus serotype 11 in cows

Experimentally induced intravaginal Tritrichomonas foetus infection in the estrogenized mouse

Experiments illustrating metal hydrolysis and redox equilibria in acid-mine waters

Expert system development and use in particleboard manufacturing

Expert system for fertilization management of rice

Expert system for tree identification from leaf

Explanation and implications of increasing trend of villages with only one case of guineaworm for guineaworm eradication in India

Exploitation of parasite derived antigen in therapeutic success of human cutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil

Exploiting weed seed dormancy and germination requirements through agronomic practices

Exploring the effects of further drying on the tensile capacity of kiln-dried lumber

Exploring the potential of using optical log scanners for predicting lumber grade

Exploring the relationship between reflectance red edge and chlorophyll concentration in slash pine leaves

Export barriers and incentives in the eastern hardwood lumber industry

Exposure of commercial pesticide applicators to the herbicide alachlor

Exposure to constant photoperiod alters serum prolactin concentrations and behavioral response to estradiol in the ovariectomized goat

Exposure to isoprene promotes flowering in plants

Expressed sequence tags from developing castor seeds

Expression and characterization of a parasite-specific antigen on macrophages after infection with Leishmania donovani

Expression and characterization of a recombinant maize CK-2 alpha subunit

Expression and characterization of maize ZBP14, a member of a new family of zinc-binding proteins

Expression and characterization of the N-terminal domain of an oleosin protein from sunflower

Expression and immune recognition of the conserved MSP4 outer membrane protein of Anaplasma marginale

Expression and isoforms of gp43 in different strains of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

Expression and localization of two in planta induced extracellular proteins of the fungal tomato pathogen Cladosporium fulvum

Expression and purification of the mouse mammary tumor virus gag-pro transframe protein p30 and characterization of its dUTPase activity

Expression and regulation of aERD2, a gene encoding the KDEL receptor homolog in plants, and other genes encoding proteins involved in ER-Golgi vesicular trafficking

Expression cloning and characterization of the hamster ileal sodium-dependent bile acid transporter

Expression cloning of a cDNA encoding a fish prolactin receptor

Expression cloning of complementary DNA encoding three distinct isoforms of guinea pig Fc receptor for IgG1 and IgG2

Expression cloning of lfc, a novel oncogene with structural similarities to guanine nucleotide exchange factors and to the regulatory region of protein kinase C

Expression cloning of oncogenes by retroviral transfer of cDNA libraries

Expression in Bacillus subtilis of the Bacillus thuringiensis cryIIIA toxin gene is not dependent on a sporulation-specific sigma factor and is increased in a spo0A mutant

Expression in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum of self-incompatibility genes from Brassica oleracea

Expression of Bacillus subtilis levanase gene in Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus casei

Expression of Brca1 is associated with terminal differentiation of ectodermally and mesodermally derived tissues in mice

Expression of Erwinia uredovora phytoene desaturase in Synechococcus PCC7942 leading to resistance against a bleaching herbicide

Expression of MHC class II molecules by endothelial cells in bovine lymph nodes

Expression of NADH-specific and NAD(P)H-bispecific nitrate reductase genes in response to nitrate in barley

Expression of Semliki Forest virus nsP1-specific methyltransferase in insect cells and in Escherichia coli

Expression of Streptomyces melC and choA genes by a cloned Streptococcus thermophilus promoter STP2201

Expression of a Lactococcus lactis phage resistance mechanism by Streptococcus thermophilus

Expression of a TNF inhibitor in transgenic mice

Expression of a dominant-negative mutant human insulin receptor in the muscle of transgenic mice

Expression of a flax allene oxide synthase cDNA leads to increased endogenous jasmonic acid (JA) levels in transgenic potato plants but not to a corresponding activation of JA-responding genes

Expression of a flower-specific Myb protein in leaf cells using a viral vector causes ectopic activation of a target promoter

Expression of a foreign gene in four species of lepidopterous insects using a baculovirus vector

Expression of a functional human complement inhibitor in a transgenic pig as a model for the prevention of xenogeneic hyperacute organ rejection

Expression of a glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored Trypanosoma brucei transferrin-binding protein complex in insect cells

Expression of a human lactoferrin cDNA in tobacco cells produces antibacterial protein(s)

Expression of a rabbit renal ascorbic acid transporter in Xenopus laevis oocytes

Expression of a rat vasopressin transgene in rat testes

Expression of a site-specific endonuclease stimulates homologous recombination in mammalian cells

Expression of a thyroid hormone-responsive recombinant gene introduced into adult mice livers by replication-defective adenovirus can be regulated by endogenous thyroid hormone receptor

Expression of a tomato cDNA coding for phytoene synthase in Escherichia coli, phytoene formation in vivo and in vitro, and functional analysis of the various truncated gene products

Expression of active, processed ricin in transgenic tobacco

Expression of an Arabidopsis cryptochrome gene in transgenic tobacco results in hypersensitivity to blue, UV-A, and green light

Expression of an avian protamine in transgenic mice disrupts chromatin structure in spermatozoa

Expression of an insulin-responsive glucose transporter (GLUT4) minigene in transgenic mice: effect of exercise and role in glucose homeostasis

Expression of an ovine growth hormone transgene in mice increases arachidonic acid in cellular membranes

Expression of antigens in virulent and avirulent Indian strains of Leishmania donovani

Expression of baculovirus P35 prevents cell death in Drosophila

Expression of biologically active monomeric form of human M-CSF in baculovirus infected silkworm, Bombyx mori

Expression of bovine myf5 induces ectopic skeletal muscle formation in transgenic mice

Expression of cellular retinol-binding protein and lecithin-retinol acyltransferase in developing rat testis

Expression of decidual prolactin-related protein in the rat decidua

Expression of defense-related and putative signaling genes during tolerant and susceptible interactions of Arabidopsis with Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

Expression of epidermal growth factor (EGF) and the EGF receptor in the porcine oviduct

Expression of equine herpesvirus 1 glycoprotein D by using a recombinant baculovirus

Expression of feline immunodeficiency virus gag and env precursor proteins in Spodoptera frugiperda cells and their use in immunodiagnosis

Expression of fibronectin and its integrin receptor alpha 5 beta 1 in canine mammary tumours

Expression of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone receptor messenger ribonucleic acids in bovine follicles during the first follicular wave

Expression of functional human retinol-binding protein in Escherichia coli using a secretion vector

Expression of functional proliferating-cell nuclear antigen from rice (Oryza sativa) in Escherichia coli. Activity in association with human DNA polymerase delta

Expression of gliadin in a dominant mutation of wheat seeds

Expression of glycoprotein gIII-human decay-accelerating factor chimera on the bovine herpesvirus 1 virion via a glycosyl phosphatidylinositol-based membrane anchor

Expression of gus in somatic embryo cultures of black spruce after microprojectile bombardment

Expression of homeobox-containing genes in common carp Cyprinus carpio L

Expression of hydrogenase activity in Azotobacter chroococcum and its possible role in crop productivity

Expression of lipoxygenase and hydroperoxide lyase activities in tomato fruits

Expression of messenger ribonucleic acid encoding tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2 within ovine follicles and corpora lutea

Expression of messenger ribonucleic acid for inhibin subunits and ovarian secretion of inhibin and estradiol at various stages of the sheep estrous cycle

Expression of mitochondrial heat shock protein 60 in distinct cell types and defined stages of rat seminiferous epithelium

Expression of oat-phyA-cDNA in a suspension cell culture of transgenic tobacco: a single-cell system for the study of phytochrome function

Expression of phospholipase D during castor bean leaf senescence

Expression of public idiotypes in patients with Lyme arthritis

Expression of rat brain nitric oxide synthase in baculovirus-infected insect cells and characterization of the purified enzyme

Expression of superoxide dismutase in Listeria monocytogenes

Expression of surface hydrophobic proteins by Candida albicans in vivo

Expression of the Arabidopsis HMG2 gene, encoding 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase, is restricted to meristematic and floral tissues

Expression of the Arabidopsis gene Akr coincides with chloroplast development

Expression of the C4 pattern of photosynthetic enzyme accumulation during leaf development in Atriplex rosea (Chenopodiaceae)

Expression of the CYP3A and CYP2C11 enzymes in a nutritionally obese rodent model: response to phenobarbital treatment

Expression of the IL-1 receptor discriminates Th2 from Th1 cloned CD4+ T cells specific for Plasmodium chabaudi

Expression of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV) fusion glycoprotein and vaccination against NDV challenge with a recombinant baculovirus

Expression of the Wilson disease gene is deficient in the Long-Evans Cinnamon rat

Expression of the acetylcholinesterase transcript in the chordotonal neurons of Drosophila embryos

Expression of the allatostatin gene in endocrine cells of the cockroach midgut

Expression of the enzymes of nitrate reduction during the anaerobic germination of rice

Expression of the flagellin gene in Borrelia is controlled by an alternative sigma factor

Expression of the gene for a small GTP binding protein in transgenic tobacco elevates endogenous cytokinin levels, abnormally induces salicylic acid in response to wounding, and increases resistance t

Expression of the genes encoding the early carotenoid biosynthetic enzymes in Capsicum annuum

Expression of the molt-inhibiting hormone-like gene in the eyestalk and brain of the white shrimp Penaeus vannamei

Expression of the movement protein of tobacco mosaic virus in the cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120

Expression of the nucleoprotein of rabies virus in Escherichia coli and mapping of antigenic sites

Expression of the period clock gene within different cell types in the brain of Drosophila adults and mosaic analysis of these cells' influence on circadian behavioral rhythms

Expression of the potato tuber ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase in Escherichia coli

Expression of the tomato Pto gene in tobacco enhances resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv tabaci expressing avrPto

Expression of the turnip yellow mosaic virus proteinase in Escherichia coli and determination of the cleavage site within the 206 kDa protein

Expression of the zinc-finger gene PLZF at rhombomere boundaries in the vertebrate hindbrain

Expression of tobacco genes for light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b binding proteins of photosystem II is controlled by two circadian oscillators in a developmentally regulated fashion

Expression of tobacco mosaic virus coat protein and assembly of pseudovirus particles in Escherichia coli

Expression of transcobalamin II mRNA in human tissues and cultured fibroblasts from normal and transcobalamin II-deficient patients

Expression of trifoliate leaf character in Citrus limonia x Poncirus trifoliata hybrids through cryostored pollen

Expression of two alpha chains on the surface of T cells in T cell receptor transgenic mice

Expression of two related vacuolar H+-ATPase 16-kilodalton proteolipid genes is differentially regulated in a tissue-specific manner

Expression of two transgenes in in vitro matured and fertilized bovine zygotes after DNA microinjection

Expression pattern of uricase II gene during root nodule development in Phaseolus vulgaris

Expression studies on four members of the pMGA multigene family in Mycoplasma gallisepticum S6

Expression, purification and characterization of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase from tomato in Escherichia coli

Expression, subcellular location and modification of the 50 kDa protein encoded by ORF2 of the apple chlorotic leaf spot trichovirus genome

Expressions of c-myc and insulin-like growth factor-1 mRNA in the liver of growing rats vary reciprocally in response to changes in dietary protein

Extended incubation of LST and BGB tubes and the MPN estimates of coliforms

Extended logistic model of forage grass response to applied nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

Extending shelf life of refrigerated catfish fillets using sodium acetate and monopotassium phosphate

Extension and evaluation of a simplified monitoring program in New York apples

Extension factors of milk yield of first lactation Holstein cows and its utilization in other populations

Extension of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus host range by interspecific replacement of a short DNA sequence in the p143 helicase gene

Extension of shelf life of banana with wax emulsion

Extension's decline?

Extensive sequence variation in the attachment (G) protein gene of avian pneumovirus: evidence for two distinct subgroups

Extent and causes of mortality in Pinus sylvestris advance growth in northern Sweden following overstorey removal

External flavonoids in two Grindelia species

Extracellular ATP can activate autonomic signal transduction pathways in cultured equine sweat gland epithelial cells

Extracellular amylase activities of Rhizomucor pusillus and Humicola lanuginosa at initial stages of growth

Extracellular and cytoplasmic CuZn superoxide dismutases from Brugia lymphatic filarial nematode parasites

Extracellular enzyme production by Thermomonospora curvata grown on bagasse

Extracellular matrix-dependent tissue-specific gene expression in mammary epithelial cells requires both physical and biochemical signal transduction

Extracellular products associated with virulent and avirulent strains of Edwardsiella ictaluri from channel catfish

Extracellular proteolytic activity of Cryptococcus neoformans

Extracellular substance from the brown-rot basidiomycete Gloeophyllum trabeum that produces and reduces hydrogen peroxide

Extracellular superoxide dismutase activity is affected by dietary zinc intake in nonhuman primate and rodent models

Extrachromosomal elements in tobacco plastids

Extract viscosity as an indirect assay for water-soluble pentosan content in rye

Extractability and availability of lead from calcareous Egyptian soils

Extracting additional information from biotic index samples

Extraction and HPLC analysis of halofuginone in chicken serum

Extraction and characterisation of pectin from various tropical agrowastes

Extraction and evaluation of crude glucan obtained from Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Extraction and identification of phytotoxic substances accumulated in nutrient solution for the hydroponic culture of tomato

Extraction of a phytotoxic substance from Colletotrichum gloeosporioides infected yam leaves

Extraction of aflatoxin from peanut meal and kernels by CO2-methanol using a highly pressurized fluid extraction process

Extraction of aflatoxins from naturally contaminated peanuts with different solvents and solvent/peanut ratios

Extraction of boron from soil by microwave heating for ICP-AES determination

Extraction of double-stranded RNA from plant tissues without the use of organic solvents

Extraction of methamidophos residues from vegetables with supercritical fluid carbon dioxide

Extraction of soil phosphorus with calcium chloride solution for prediction of plant availability

Extraordinarily polymorphic microsatellite DNA in barley: species diversity, chromosomal locations, and population dynamics

Extraordinary divergence and positive Darwinian selection in a fusogenic protein coating the acrosomal process of abalone spermatozoa

Extrapituitary expression of the rat V1b vasopressin receptor gene

Extrapulmonary thoracic disease caused by Blastomyces dermatitidis

Extrapyramidal manifestations complicating organophosphorus insecticide poisoning

Extremely precise sex ratios in small clutches of a bethylid wasp

F-actin redistributions at the division site in living Tradescantia stomatal complexes as revealed by microinjection of rhodamine-phalloidin

F-specific RNA bacteriophages are adequate model organisms for enteric viruses in fresh water

FISH on metaphase and interphase chromosomes demonstrates the physical order of the genes for GPI, CRC, and LIPE in pigs

FL-160 proteins of Trypanosoma cruzi are expressed from a multigene family and contain two distinct epitopes that mimic nervous tissues

FLAIR intercomparisons on serum and red cell folate

Face fly (Diptera: Muscidae) gynandromorph

Facilitating practice-based research in clinical nutrition

Facilitating the foodways of the elderly with vision impairments

Facilitation of complement-dependent killing of the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, by specific immunoglobulin G Fab antibody fragments

Factitious food allergy and failure to thrive

Factor XI deficiency in Kerry Blue Terriers

Factor bias under stochastic technical change

Factors affecting Dirofilaria immitis prevalence in red foxes in northeastern Spain

Factors affecting Locusta migratoria migratorioides egg development and survival in the Lake Chad basin outbreak area

Factors affecting absorption of harmful substances from the digestive tract of poultry and their level in poultry products

Factors affecting ant (Formicidae: Hymenoptera) visits to the extra-floral nectaries of Croton bonplandianum Baill

Factors affecting arginine requirement in broilers

Factors affecting body weight and its association with milk production traits in Finnish Ayrshire and Friesian cows

Factors affecting body weight at slaughter in pigs

Factors affecting body weights at different ages in a closed herd of Landrace pigs

Factors affecting calcium transport and basipetal IAA movement in tomato fruit in relation to blossom-end rot

Factors affecting commercial bank lending to agriculture

Factors affecting direct somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in groundnut, Arachis hypogaea L

Factors affecting distribution of the gall forming midge Rhopalomyia californica (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Factors affecting excretory behavior of pigs

Factors affecting faecal endogenous phosphorus loss in the sheep

Factors affecting fat consumption of university students: testing a model to predict eating behaviour change

Factors affecting germination of Canavalia brasiliensis, Leucaena leucocephala, Clitoria ternatea and Calopogonium mucunoides seeds

Factors affecting hatchability during commercial incubation of ostrich (Struthio camelus) eggs

Factors affecting infection of water oak, Quercus nigra, by Tubakia dryina

Factors affecting lipase activity in Elaeis guineensis mesocarp

Factors affecting milk production in Murrah buffaloes

Factors affecting milk yield performance of crossbred cattle under field condition of Punjab

Factors affecting oospore germination of heterothallic Pythium splendens

Factors affecting pathogenicity and stability of Spodoptera litura nuclear polyhedrosis virus isolated in Taiwan

Factors affecting plant regeneration in chickpea, Cicer arietinum L

Factors affecting protein digestibility in soybean foods

Factors affecting rate of leaf emergence in barley and wheat

Factors affecting rearing of clover root curculio (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in cone containers

Factors affecting selection of winter food and roosting resources by porcupines in Utah

Factors affecting seminal attributes of Mehsana bulls

Factors affecting serum selenium and vitamin E concentrations in dairy cows

Factors affecting some economic traits of production in Murrah buffaloes

Factors affecting some post slaughter production traits in pigs

Factors affecting the acrid taste in kiwifruit

Factors affecting the color and appearance of sorghum starch

Factors affecting the developmental stage of embryos recovered on day 7 from superovulated dairy cattle

Factors affecting the efficiency of chimera production by coculture of zona-free embryos with frozen-thawed embryonic stem cells in mice

Factors affecting the enhancement of oxidative stress tolerance in transgenic tobacco overexpressing manganese superoxide dismutase in the chloroplasts

Factors affecting the fat content of National School Lunch Program lunches

Factors affecting the growth of Ophiostoma piceae on lodgepole pine heartwood

Factors affecting the incidence of black seed rot in slash pine

Factors affecting the load-bearing capacity of MOD-EEZ connectors

Factors affecting the probability of consuming fish and shellfish in the away from home and at home markets

Factors affecting the resistance of Listeria monocytogenes to high hydrostatic pressure

Factors affecting the value of moulded products from yellow-poplar lumber

Factors affecting water usage in fan and sprinkler cooling systems for dairy cattle

Factors affecting weaning weight in desi pigs

Factors and consequences of rhythmic growth on young American red oak in field conditions

Factors and their effect on the occurrence of sugarcane woolly aphid

Factors associated with a rust infection (Sphenosphora saphena) in an epiphytic orchid (Tolumnia variegata)

Factors associated with low values of biochemical vitamin parameters in healthy subjects

Factors associated with obesity in school children

Factors associated with the development of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in 5,025 European patients with AIDS

Factors associated with use of prostaglandins in reproductive herd health programs for dairy cows

Factors associated with variation in susceptibility of grapevine pruning wounds to infection by Eutypa lata

Factors causing outbreak decline of larch geometrid moth, Zethenia rufescentraria

Factors controlling caryopsis development at the ear tip of sweet corn

Factors controlling plant distributions: drought, competition, and fire in montane pines in Arizona

Factors controlling throughfall characteristics at a high elevation Sierra Nevada site, California

Factors determining glucose tolerance in patients with thalassemia major

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