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Natural Sciences Repository Index 132

Index 132 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Effect of gamma irradiation on reactivity of rinderpest virus antigen with bovine immune serum in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays and virus neutralization and indirect fluorescent-antibody tests

Effect of gamma irradiation on shelf life and bacterial and viral loads in hard-shelled clams (Mercenaria mercenaria)

Effect of gamma-ray on physio-biochemical parameters of sugarcane

Effect of ganciclovir on murine cytomegalovirus-induced reactivation of toxoplasma pneumonia

Effect of gelatinized corn meal as a carbohydrate source on growth performance, intestinal evacuation, and starch digestion in common carp

Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on first lactation milk yield records in Holstein-Friesian crossbreds

Effect of genetic and non-genetic factors on spermatozoan characteristics of Karan Swiss bulls

Effect of genetic factors on the criteria of stress in fighting bulls

Effect of genotype on rumen microbial population of bulls consuming sugar cane collecting centers residues

Effect of gibberellin on mature Euonymus europaeus L. seeds

Effect of ginseng on plasma levels of ethanol in the rat

Effect of glucosinolates of mustard and rapeseed oil cakes on thyroid hormones and thyroxine secretion rate in crossbred male calves

Effect of glutamine-enriched diet on protein synthesis in tumour and host tissues of rats with colonic cancer

Effect of glutamine-supplemented elemental diet on mucosal adaptation following bowel resection in rats

Effect of gonadectomy on growth and GH responsiveness in dwarf rats

Effect of grain or silage supplementation on meat quality attributes of cryptorchid lambs grazing lucerne or annual grass-clover pastures

Effect of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor on rat alveolar macrophage anticryptococcal activity in vitro

Effect of grazing by greater snow geese on the production of graminoids at an arctic site (Bylot Island, NWT, Canada)

Effect of grazing cycle on milk production of cows on kikuyu pasture

Effect of grazing intensity and number of grazings on herbage production and seed yields of Trifolium subterraneum, Medicago murex, and Ornithopus compressus

Effect of green manuring on the physical properties of soil under a rice-wheat cropping system

Effect of groundwater pump management on reclaiming salinised land in the Goulburn Valley, Victoria

Effect of growing season and plant density on yield components of early and late variety in silage corn

Effect of growth habit on yield components of late-planted soybean

Effect of growth hormone administration and treadmill exercise on the body composition of rats

Effect of growth nutrients on attachment of Listeria monocytogenes to stainless steel

Effect of growth regulators and date of sowing on grain development in wheat

Effect of growth regulators on growth and flowering of potted camellia

Effect of gypsum on soil properties of a salt affected black clay soil of Madhya Pradesh

Effect of hand pinching and plant growth regulators on seed production of field grown hybrid dahlia

Effect of hardwood sawmill edging and trimming practices on furniture part production

Effect of harvest method and feed value on the economic optimum nitrogen rate for corn

Effect of harvest time and cutting height on the grass growth, yield and botanical composition in pasture mixtures

Effect of harvesting time and handling period on quality of apple

Effect of health and reproductive disorders on milk yield and fertility in dairy cows

Effect of heat stress on buffaloes under different shelter strategies

Effect of heat stress on follicular development during the estrous cycle in lactating dairy cattle

Effect of heat stress on muscle energy metabolism during exercise

Effect of heat treatment on survival of, and growth from, spores of nonproteolytic Clostridium botulinum at refrigeration temperatures

Effect of herbicide and handweeding on current and subsequent season Striga hermonthica density on sorghum

Effect of herbicides on soil microbial biomass

Effect of high ambient temperature on humoral immune response of broilers

Effect of high ambient temperature on iron status of broilers

Effect of high pressure on the association of melittin to membranes

Effect of high- and low-nitrogen diets on cell ultrastructure in the cortical part of the ovine kidney

Effect of high-intensity wildfire and silvicultural treatments on reptile communities in sand-pine scrub

Effect of high-pressure gas atmospheres and anaesthetics on chilling injury of plants

Effect of holding time on quality of frozen boar semen

Effect of holes on static flexural stiffness of a wood composite I-beam

Effect of homogenization pressure on physical properties of sour cream

Effect of honey on bacterial growth and spore germination

Effect of horn fly (Diptera: Muscidae) control during the spring on calf production by fall-calving beef cows

Effect of host age and intercropping on parasitization of Clavigralla gibbosa eggs by Gryon sp

Effect of host plants on the larval and post larval development of red hairy caterpillar, Amsacta moorei Butler

Effect of host switching on performance of mass-reared Trichogramma minutum

Effect of host-plant resistance on economic injury levels for the sorghum midge, Contarinia sorghicola

Effect of hot-water soaking or freezing pre-treatments on drying rates of two eucalypts

Effect of human colostrum on interleukin-2 production and natural killer cell activity

Effect of humic substances in nutrient film technique on nutrient uptake

Effect of hydraulic conductivity probability distribution function on simulated solute leaching

Effect of hydrogen ion concentration and sucrose on enterotoxin production by Bacillus cereus

Effect of hydrothermal treatment of rice straw on its composition and in sacco digestibility and in vitro fermentation by rumen microorganisms

Effect of hypercaloric versus isocaloric lipid diet ration on diurnal/nocturnal eating pattern in self-selecting rats

Effect of hyperglycemia on gastric acid secretion and gastrin release induced by intravenous amino acids

Effect of hyperthermia in vitro on stress protein synthesis and accumulation in oyster haemocytes

Effect of hyperthermia on uterine and umbilical blood flows in pregnant sheep

Effect of hypoprolactinaemia and hyperprolactinaemia on LH secretion, endocrine function of testes and structure of seminiferous tubules in boars

Effect of imazamethabenz on histology and histochemistry of polysaccharides in the main shoot of wild oat (Avena fatua)

Effect of imazethapyr on legumes and the effect of legumes on weeds

Effect of imazethapyr on perennial grasses

Effect of imidacloprid on nonflight movement of Rhopalosiphum padi and the subsequent spread of barley yellow dwarf virus

Effect of immunization against somatostatin on antibody binding capacity and affinity, hormone concentrations, performance and carcass and meat quality in young Friesian bulls

Effect of immunomodulation on experimental hymenolepiasis nana in mice

Effect of immunomodulation on the course of experimental toxocariasis in mice

Effect of imposed load on solid-sawn wood-joist floor vibrations

Effect of in vivo macrophage colony-stimulating factor on fungistasis of bronchoalveolar and peritoneal macrophages against Cryptococcus neoformans

Effect of increasing inoculum sizes of pathogenic filamentous fungi on MICs of antifungal agents by broth microdilution method

Effect of increasing intravesicular pH on nitrite production and leishmanicidal activity of activated macrophages

Effect of increasing potassium levels for alleviating sodium chloride stress on the growth and yield of tomato

Effect of incubation temperature for isolation on auto-agglutination of Aeromonas salmonicida

Effect of indomethacin on the development of proliferative gill disease

Effect of infant formula on stool characteristics of young infants

Effect of infection with hemorrhagic enteritis virus on susceptibility of turkeys to Escherichia coli

Effect of inflorescence-feeding insects on the demography and lifetime fitness of a native plant

Effect of infrared analyzer homogenization efficiency on repeatability of uncorrected fat A and fat B signals

Effect of ingredients and processing conditions on fat absorption and texture of Mysorepak

Effect of inhibition of protein glycosylation on auxin-induced growth and the occurrence of osmiophilic particles in maize (Zea mays L.) coleoptiles

Effect of initial breeding weight on macro- and micromineral composition over a three-parity period using a high-producing sow genotype

Effect of initial soil water content and application of water on urea applied to pasture

Effect of initial spacing and thinning on lumber grade, yield, and strength of loblolly pine

Effect of initial water content on Green-Ampt parameters

Effect of injection site on cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity response to phytohemagglutinin

Effect of insecticides on plant characters and yield of rapeseed in relation to mustard aphid, Liphaphis erysimi Kalt

Effect of insecticides on some yield contributing parameters in Asiatic cotton, Gossypium arboreum L

Effect of inter-row spacing on the production of tagasaste and associated pastures

Effect of intercropping Asparagus scandens with sour orange seedling in comparison with nematicidal and root exudate treatments on Tylenchulus semipenetrans larvae

Effect of intercropping and planting patterns on yield and yield components of wheat

Effect of intercropping coconut lands on soil water retention

Effect of intercropping maize and closely spaced Leucaena hedgerows on soil conservation and maize yield on a steep slope at Ntcheu, Malawi

Effect of interference between plots on yield performance in crop variety trials

Effect of interplot interference on the assessment of partial resistance to stem rust in durum wheat

Effect of intertunnel distance and nest-surface aspect on progeny production rate and sex ratio in the alfalfa leafcutting bee (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Effect of intestinal resection, type of dietary fat and time on biliary lipid secretion in rats

Effect of intra-arterial injection into aorta abdominalis on urinary tract infection in dairy cows

Effect of intracellular 2,4-D concentration on plantlet regeneration of rice (Oryza sativa L.) callus

Effect of intragastric pH on the absorption of oral zinc acetate and zinc oxide in young healthy volunteers

Effect of intravenous administration of hydroxyethyl-starch-deferoxamine on oxygen-derived free radical generation in cancellous bone specimens obtained from dogs

Effect of intravenous infusion of glucose or volatile fatty acids on nitrogen balance in growing sheep

Effect of iron availability on expression of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum hemA gene

Effect of iron chlorosis on mineral composition of peach leaves

Effect of iron on siderophore production and on outer membrane proteins of Rhizobium leguminosarum IARI 102

Effect of iron on yield and uptake of nutrients by groundnut

Effect of iron plaque on roots of rice on growth of plants in excess zinc and accumulation of phosphorus in plants in excess copper or nickel

Effect of irrigation and methods of nitrogen application on water and nutrients use by Brassica species

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen levels on the quality and oil yield of Brassica species

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen levels on yield and its characters of Brassica species

Effect of irrigation and paclobutrazol on the growth, flowering and fruiting of peach

Effect of irrigation and phosphorus levels on the yield of sunflower under foot hill conditions of Himachal Pradesh

Effect of irrigation frequencies on cation exchange capacity of wheat roots at different growth stages

Effect of irrigation frequency on cotton yield in short-season production systems

Effect of irrigation on crabapple growth and water relations during field production with in-ground fabric containers

Effect of irrigation with lead and cadmium on the growth and on the metal uptake of cauliflower, spinach and parsley

Effect of isoflurane on hematologic variables in ferrets

Effect of ivermectin prophylaxis on antibody responses to Onchocerca volvulus recombinant antigens in experimentally infected chimpanzees

Effect of ketoconazole on lethal action of amphotericin B on Leishmania mexicana promastigotes

Effect of kinds of hay given to sheep on rumen degradability of protein of various hays

Effect of knife clamp, log diameter, and species on the size distribution of pulp chips produced by a chipper-canter

Effect of lactation on single-dose pharmacokinetics of norfloxacin nicotinate in ewes

Effect of lactic acid, ginger extract and sodium chloride on quality and shelf-life of refrigerated buffalo meat

Effect of lactose concentration on batch production of ethanol from cheese whey using Candida pseudotropicalis

Effect of lambing policy and ewe breed cross on wool growth patterns and wool quality

Effect of land use on Dendrocalamus hamiltonii regeneration during early secondary successional stages in northeast India

Effect of late season trunk strangulation on fruit quality, return bloom and fruiting in pummelo trees grown in a plastic house

Effect of leaf extract from Clerodendron colebrookianum on blood pressure in rats

Effect of leaf litter and density on fitness and population performance of the hole mosquito Aedes triseriatus

Effect of leaves of Ginkgo biloba on hair regrowth in C3H strain mice

Effect of lecithin on the apparent ileal and overall digestibility of crude fat and fatty acids in pigs

Effect of level and source of dietary fiber on food intake in the dog

Effect of level and type of fat on subacute acidosis in cattle fed dry-rolled corn finishing diets

Effect of level of concentrate fed once or twice daily on the milk production of cows grazing tropical pasture

Effect of level of dietary neutral detergent fiber on ileal apparent digestibility and ileal nitrogen losses in pigs

Effect of level of relative humidity on fungi and germination capacity of paddy (Oryza sativa L.) grains in Egypt

Effect of levels of take-all and phosphorus fertiliser on the dry matter and grain yield of wheat

Effect of light and gibberellic acid on chromosome endoreduplication in leaf epidermis of Triticum durum Desf

Effect of light conditions on the content of phenolics and PAL activity in poplar callus

Effect of light intensity, duration, and photoperiod on chlorophyll and glycoalkaloid production by potato tubers

Effect of light on growth of dwarf and tall bean seedlings

Effect of lignin content of hay on the particle size distribution of digesta in the rumen and cecum of sheep

Effect of lime on Criconemella xenoplax and bacterial canker in two California orchards

Effect of lindane on phosphatidylinositol synthesis by cerebral cortex after acute and subchronic treatment

Effect of liquid manure application methods on soil nitrogen and corn grain yields

Effect of lithium chloride intake in drinking water on bulls fed lucerne hay

Effect of litter oiling and ventilation rate on air quality, health, and performance of turkeys

Effect of long-chain fatty acids on low-density-lipoprotein-cholesterol metabolism

Effect of long-term administration of a prolonged release formulation of bovine somatotropin (sometribove) on clinical lameness in dairy cows

Effect of long-term undernutrition on male and female rat diaphragm contractility, fatigue, and fiber types

Effect of lopping on water potential, transpiration, regrowth, 14C-photosynthate distribution and biomass production in Alnus glutinosa

Effect of losartan and enalapril on renal adaptation to sodium restriction in rat

Effect of low copper status and molybdenum supplementation on pregnancy in beef heifers

Effect of low protein diet on conservation of renal functions in diabetic nephropathy and problems in nutrition counseling

Effect of low-temperature long-time thermal processing of beef-cuts on the survival of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Effect of lyophilization in sucrose plus dextran and rehydration in thioglycollate broth on performance of competitive exclusion cultures in broiler chicks

Effect of lysozyme concentration, heating at 90 degrees C, and then incubation at chilled temperatures on growth from spores of non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum

Effect of macroconidial suspension volume and concentration on expression of resistance to Fusarium graminearum in maize

Effect of macromolecules from oviductal conditioned medium on bovine sperm motion and capacitation

Effect of macrophage blockade on the resistance of inbred mice to Paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection

Effect of magnesium levels in culture solution on growth and cut flower quality of chrysanthemum

Effect of magnesium supplement and housing on serum transaminase activities in beef cows

Effect of maize straw amendment on formation and translocation of residues of methabenzthiazuron in an orthic luvisol

Effect of malaria infection on the pharmacokinetics of paracetamol in rat

Effect of malathion on immune response to T-dependent and T-independent antigen in chicken

Effect of maleic hydrazide on somatic chromosomes of Allium and Pisum

Effect of malnourishment on intestinal glucose and fluid transport in rats

Effect of malto-dextrins on the heat stability of caseinate emulsions

Effect of manganese on lignin degradation by Pleurotus ostreatus during solid-state fermentation

Effect of marbling degree on beef palatability in Bos taurus and Bos indicus cattle

Effect of maternal dexamethasone treatment on fetal lung vitamin A stores in the perinatal rat

Effect of maternal light environment on seed germination in Piper auritum

Effect of maternal paraquat administration on the fetal ductus arteriosus in the rat

Effect of maternal rotavirus immunization on milk and serum antibody titers

Effect of maturation and aging on material and ultrasonographic properties of equine superficial digital flexor tendon

Effect of meal composition on mood

Effect of meal frequency on serum amino acids and creatinine clearance in young men

Effect of meal timing on diurnal rhythm of human cholesterol synthesis

Effect of mebendazole on free amino acid composition of cyst wall and cyst fluid of Echinococcus granulosus harbored in mice

Effect of mechanically restricting lateral growth on the sugar concentration in fleshy turnip roots

Effect of melanin biosynthesis inhibiting compounds on Gaeumannomyces species

Effect of melatonin feeding on testicular development, reproductive behaviour and sperm production in Suffolk rams

Effect of mercury on the seminiferous epithelium of the fowl testis

Effect of methacholine on mucociliary transport in bovine trachea in vitro

Effect of methionine supplementation on lipogenesis and lipolysis in broiler chicks

Effect of methionine supplementation to a low-soybean protein diet on liver lipid metabolism

Effect of methotrexate on serum alkaline phosphatase and arginase activity in rabbit

Effect of methyltransferase inhibitors on the regulation of baculovirus protein synthesis

Effect of microflora on oil quality of seeds of crucifers during storage

Effect of microwave radiation on inactivation of Clostridium sporogenes (PA 3679) spores

Effect of mid-luteal phase progesterone levels on the first wave dominant follicle in cattle

Effect of milk whey and its fermentation products by lactic acid bacteria on mitochondrial lipid peroxide and hepatic injury in bile duct-ligated rats

Effect of milling procedure on the measurement of dietary fiber by a gravimetric method

Effect of mimicking prepartum concentration of estradiol-17 beta on the inflammatory response to endotoxin in gilts

Effect of mineral and organic soil constituents on microbial mineralization of organic compounds in a natural soil

Effect of mixed cropping on the nitrogen nutrition and growth of perennial ryegrass and white clover

Effect of modest weight loss on changes in cardiovascular risk factors: are there differences between men and women or between weight loss and maintenance?

Effect of modification of arginine residues on the activity of soybean lipoxygenase-1

Effect of moisture content on shrinkage and bulk density of vegetables

Effect of moisture level and curing period on the effectiveness of urea treatment of some coarse roughages

Effect of moisture stress and leaf age on bentazon absorption in common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) and velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti)

Effect of moisture stress on growth, accumulation and mobilization of biomass in the genotypes of wheat

Effect of moisture-stress on physiological activities of two contrasting wheat genotypes

Effect of molasses concentration and medium supplementation on the adaptability and viability of a high level ethanol-tolerant palm-wine Saccharomyces isolate

Effect of molasses supplementation of a roughage based diet on growth performances of cattle

Effect of molasses-based liquid supplements on digestibility of creeping bluestem and performance of mature cows on winter range

Effect of moldy and nonmoldy wheat straw treated with or without ammonia on performance and blood serum constituents in steers

Effect of molinate and carbofuran on nitrogen fixation by Azolla pinnata

Effect of monensin and monensin and tylosin combination on feed intake variation of feedlot steers

Effect of mosaic rotation control on evolution of insecticide resistance of aphids in Shanghai

Effect of mulberry varieties on the development and cocoon shell of Japanese variety of Bombyx mori L

Effect of multiple denervations on the exercise hyperpnea in awake ponies

Effect of mutagens on steroidal sapogenins in Trigonella foenum-graecum tissue cultures

Effect of mycozel added to pregnant sows feed contaminated with zearalenone and ochratoxin A on partus

Effect of naloxone and morphine on the estradiol-induced LH surge in gilts

Effect of natural zeolites on poultry feeding with different nutritional levels or high mycotoxin contamination

Effect of negative air ionization on airborne transmission of Newcastle disease virus

Effect of nematode infected mulberry plants on the growth and silk production of Bombyx mori L

Effect of new diamidines against Leishmania donovani infection

Effect of niger and sorghum-based intercropping systems on productivity and profitability in clay-loam soil

Effect of nitrogen and phosphate on the activated sludge efficiency in domestic wastewater purification

Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus on forage yield and nutrient uptake of oat-berseem mixture

Effect of nitrogen application on yield and uptake of nitrogen by different legume crops

Effect of nitrogen concentration in the nutrient solution during the first 20 days after planting on the growth and fruit yield of tomato plants

Effect of nitrogen fertilization on the amylase activities in potato tubers

Effect of nitrogen fertilizer residues on the response of irrigated bromegrass to fertilizer nitrogen

Effect of nitrogen fertilizers differing in release characteristics on the quantity of storage proteins in wheat

Effect of nitrogen form and application method on incidence and severity of Phytophthora crown and root rot of apple trees

Effect of nitrogen on growth, flower yield, oil composition, and yield in Boronia megastigma Nees

Effect of nitrogen supply on leaf mineral composition of apple trees under saline conditions

Effect of nitrogen supply on nitrogen and energy metabolism in lactating sows

Effect of nitrogen supply on the photosynthetic performance of leaves from coffee plants exposed to bright light

Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium fertilizers on growth of a semimature jack pine forest, northwestern Ontario

Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc application on yield and uptake of nutrients by groundnut

Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium deficiency on the accumulation of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase and chlorophyll in several field crops

Effect of novel 4-phenylimidazolidines and imidazolines against Leishmania donovani infection

Effect of nutrient calcium on the ripening of tomato fruit

Effect of nutrient concentration on growth and development of aeroponically grown chrysanthemum

Effect of nutrient solution concentration on photosynthesis, growth, and content of the active substances of passionfruit

Effect of nutrient supplements addition on ethanol production from cheese whey using Candida pseudotropicalis under batch condition

Effect of nutrient supply and fruit load on K concentration in plant organs of apple

Effect of nutrition on seasonal patterns of LH, FSH and testosterone concentration, testicular mass, sebaceous gland volume and odour in Australian cashmere goats

Effect of nystatin on the metabolism of xylitol and xylose by Pachysolen tannophilus

Effect of oat saponins and different types of dietary fibre on the digestion of carbohydrates

Effect of ochratoxin A on Salmonella-challenged broiler chicks

Effect of octreotide on glucose tolerance in acromegaly

Effect of oral administration of fermented egg white powder on experimental Escherichia coli infection in immunosuppressant-treated mice

Effect of oral administration of niacin on phlorizin induced ketonemia and hypoglycemia in ewes

Effect of oral calcium supplementation on intracellular calcium and plasma renin in men

Effect of oral creatine supplementation on skeletal muscle phosphocreatine resynthesis

Effect of oral doses of lead on immune response in calves

Effect of oral protein loading on renal hemodynamics in human pregnancy

Effect of orally administered monoclonal antibody on persistent Cryptosporidium parvum infection in scid mice

Effect of orchardgrass growth stage on pool size and kinetics of digesta particles in the rumen of sheep

Effect of organic acids and salts in the feed on fattening performance of broilers

Effect of organic manure on the biological activities associated with insoluble phosphorus release in a blue purple paddy soil

Effect of oxamniquine on cell adhesion to Schistosoma mansoni larvae in the peritoneal cavity of naive mice

Effect of oxygen and nutrient limitation on ajmalicine production and related enzyme activities in high density cultures of Catharanthus roseus

Effect of oxygen tension on killing of Escherichia coli by bovine polymorphonuclear neutrophil leucocytes in vitro

Effect of oxytocin on testosterone production by isolated rat Leydig cells is mediated via a specific oxytocin receptor

Effect of ozone and storage temperature on postharvest diseases and physiology of carrots (Daucus carota L.)

Effect of ozone on the biochemistry and aphid infestation of Scots pine

Effect of pH on flux during ultrafiltration of sweet whey and buttermilk

Effect of pH on precipitation of humic acid from peat and mineral soils on the distribution of phosphorus forms in humic and fulvic acid fractions

Effect of pH on seedling growth of six cultivars of watermelon

Effect of pH, aeration and sucrose feeding on the invertase activity of intact S. cerevisiae cells grown in sugarcane blackstrap molasses

Effect of pH, amino acids and various organic compounds on the fungitoxicity of pyrimethanil, glufosinate, captafol, cymoxanil and fenpiclonil in Botrytis cinerea

Effect of papaya latex against Ascaris suum in naturally infected pigs

Effect of parathyroid hormone on osteoclasts in organ-cultured medullary bone

Effect of parity on mineral and vitamin status of Holstein cows during early lactation

Effect of partial replacement of concentrate with urea-molasses-mineral lick in growing animal ration on growth and economics of feeding

Effect of particle size on performance. 3. Grinding pelleting interactions

Effect of particle size, moisture content, pressure and temperature on the physical and thermal properties of soybean

Effect of passive immunization against somatostatin using a high-affinity antiserum on growth, IFG-I and thyroid hormone levels in neonatal lambs reared under warm or cold environmental conditions

Effect of passively acquired antibody on the efficacy of a live BHV-1 vaccine in cattle

Effect of peduncle-perfused nitrogen, sucrose, and growth regulators on barley and wheat amino acid composition

Effect of pellet size and drug concentration on the efficacy of Romet-medicated feed for controlling Edwardsiella ictaluri infections in channel catfish fingerlings

Effect of penicillin or penicillin and dexamethasone in cattle with infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis

Effect of perfusion of oral rehydration solutions containing glucose polymers from corn on disaccharidases and mucosal morphology in rat small intestines

Effect of peroxisomicine and related anthracenones on catalase activity

Effect of pesticides on the efficacy of biocontrol agents in the control of root rot and root knot disease complex of okra

Effect of pesticides used for seed treatment of potatoes on microbial activities in soil

Effect of phenylephrine on hemodynamics and splenic dimensions in horses

Effect of phosphine and methyl bromide fumigation of different life stages of peanut bruchid, Caryedon serratus Olivier

Effect of phosphorus supply on mineral balance at high calcium intakes in very low birth weight infants

Effect of photoperiod before and after birth on puberty in ewe lambs

Effect of pistil age and pollen parent on pollen tube growth and fruit production of pistachio

Effect of placement and source of sulfur in flooded and non-flooded rice cropping systems

Effect of plant age, maturity group, and the environment on disease progress of sudden death syndrome of soybean

Effect of plant density and plant distribution within the row on grain yield and standing ability for maize

Effect of plant growth hormones on Kluyveromyces fragilis grown on deproteinized whey

Effect of plant size and salinity on the growth and fruiting of glasshouse strawberry

Effect of planting density of maize on the progress and spread of northern leaf blight from Exserohilum turcicum infested residue source

Effect of planting geometry and fertility level on performance of soybean

Effect of planting geometry and fertilizer management on plant height, days to maturity and mustard equivalent yield in mustard + pea intercropping

Effect of planting time, population density and seedling age on yield and yield parameters of rice

Effect of plot size and shape on the efficiency of progeny tests

Effect of policosanol on lipofundin-induced atherosclerotic lesions in rats

Effect of pollen parent and stages of flower development on almond nut production

Effect of pollen selection for alachlor tolerance in maize

Effect of pollination success on floral longevity in the orchid Calypso bulbosa (Orchidaceae)

Effect of polyamines and their inhibitors on in vitro maturation and germination of mid-binucleate pollen of Nicotiana tabacum

Effect of porcine somatotropin on in vivo glucose kinetics and lipogenesis in growing pigs

Effect of post-harvest treatment and packaging on the keeping quality of fresh guava fruit

Effect of post-inoculation temperature and light intensity on expression of resistance to stripe rust in some Australian wheat cultivars

Effect of post-ovulation nutritional status in ewes on early conceptus survival and growth in vivo and luteotrophic protein secretion in vitro

Effect of post-weaning protein supplementation of beef steers fed grass silage on performance during the finishing phase, and carcass quality

Effect of postexercise sucrose administration on liver glycogen repletion in rats

Effect of postgastric energy loads on intake of sham meals of different palatability in rats

Effect of postharvest pretreatment and preservative solutions on the vase life of cut eustoma

Effect of postpartum bull exposure on calving interval of first-calf heifers bred by natural service

Effect of potassium fertilization on the yield and baking quality of wheat

Effect of potassium nitrate and ethephon on fate of wild oat (Avena fatua) seed in soil

Effect of potassium, magnesium, and calcium deficiencies on carbohydrate pools and metabolism in Citrus leaves

Effect of potential interference factors on performance of enzyme immunoassay and latex agglutination assay for cryptococcal antigen

Effect of praziquantel on sex hormone levels in murine schistosomiasis mansoni

Effect of praziquantel treatment on hepatic pathology of Schistosoma mansoni experimentally infected mice

Effect of pre-treatment of donor plants on rooting of beech cuttings

Effect of precocene II on vitellogenesis of housefly Musca domestica vicina

Effect of prednisone on protein metabolism in Duchenne dystrophy

Effect of pregnancy-specific protein B on luteal cell progesterone, prostaglandin, and oxytocin production during two stages of the bovine estrous cycle

Effect of preharvest applications of glyphosate on the drying, yield and quality of wheat

Effect of preharvest fruit temperature on ripening, sugars, and watercore occurrence in apples

Effect of preheating of milk on the structure of acidified milk gels

Effect of prehelminthosporol, a phytotoxin produced by Bipolaris sorokiniana, on barley roots

Effect of prenatal androgenization on performance, lactation, carcass, and sensory traits of heifers in a single-calf heifer system

Effect of prescribed burning on the ectomycorrhizal infectivity of a forest soil

Effect of preservatives and growth factors on secretion of listeriolysin O by Listeria monocytogenes

Effect of pretransit mixing on fatal fibrinous pneumonia in calves

Effect of pretreatment with venom of Apis mellifera bees on the yield of gamma-ray induced chromosome aberrations in human blood lymphocytes

Effect of previous crop load on stigmatic morphology of apple flowers

Effect of priming conditions on enhancing germination of tomato seeds

Effect of primocane suppression date on 'Marion' trailing blackberry. I. Yield components

Effect of primocane suppression date on 'Marion' trailing blackberry. II. Cold hardiness

Effect of prior lavage on bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cell population of lavaged and unlavaged lung segments in horses

Effect of production technologies on rainfed sorghum

Effect of progesterone on ovulation rate and oestrus cycle length induced by the male effect in the Barbarine ewe and Tunisian local goat

Effect of prolactin inhibition on thermoregulation, water and food intakes in heat-stressed fat-tailed male lambs

Effect of prolonged incubation of male rat whole pituitary or pituitary-hypothalamus complex with testosterone on release of gonadotrophin and prolactin in vitro

Effect of propionate on fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis and on acetate metabolism in isolated rat hepatocytes

Effect of propolis on some bacterial species

Effect of proposed grain standards on marketing costs of the U.S. sorghum sector: an interregional transshipment-plant location model

Effect of protective shields on drift and deposition characteristics of field sprayers

Effect of protein concentrate supplements on milk proteins in dairy cows during corn silage or grass silage feeding

Effect of protein derivatives on pancreatic secretion and release of secretin and CCK in rats

Effect of protein supplementation on forage intake and nitrogen balance of lambs fed freshly harvested wheat forage

Effect of proteolytic and glycolytic enzymes on a factor in Sorghum bicolor that induces mycelial growth in the smut fungus, Sporisorium reilianum

Effect of psyllium on plasma concentration of glucose, breath hydrogen concentration, and fecal composition in calves with diarrhea treated orally with electrolyte solutions

Effect of pulsing solutions on the flower opening and senescence of cut Gypsophila paniculata L

Effect of quackgrass on the productivity of barley seeded at different seeding rates and row spacings

Effect of quercitrin on lactose-induced chronic diarrhoea in rats

Effect of rapid redrying shortly after treatment on leachability of CCA-treated southern pine

Effect of rates and methods of urea-N application and presubmergence periods on ammonia volatilization losses from rice fields in a sodic soil

Effect of redefoliation on the regrowth and water soluble carbohydrate content of Lolium perenne

Effect of reduced incubation temperatures on survival of trout embryos

Effect of reduced water table and fertilizer levels on subirrigated tomato production

Effect of reflective film mulching on light environment, and carnation productivity and quality

Effect of repeated infestations of BALB/c mice with Ixodes ricinus nymphs on tick-borne encephalitis virus infection

Effect of repeated phosphate fertilization on the heavy metal accumulation in soil and plants under protected cultivation

Effect of repeated treatments with ivermectin on the incidence of onchocerciasis in northern Cameroon

Effect of replacement of oilcake protein in concentrate mixture by Leucaena leucocephala leaf meal on the nutrient utilization and milk yield in Murrah buffaloes

Effect of replications on measuring wheat plant height

Effect of residual phosphorus applied to forages and nitrogen on maize yield

Effect of residual plus applied nitrogen on grain yield of maize in the Highveld Region

Effect of resin type on properties of steam-press-cured flakeboards

Effect of resistant starch on fecal bulk and fermentation-dependent events in humans

Effect of restraint stress on the preovulatory luteinizing hormone profile and ovulation in the rat

Effect of restricted and ad libitum feeding on semen production and fertility in broiler breeder males

Effect of restricted feeding of prepubertal and adult male rats on fertility and sex ratio

Effect of retinoic acid on mucin gene expression in rat airways in vitro

Effect of rhynchophylline on potassium channels in isolated rat or guinea pig ventricular myocytes

Effect of rice culturing practices on seasonal occurrence of Culex tritaeniorhynchus (Diptera: Culicidae) immatures in three different types of rice-growing areas in central Japan

Effect of rice moisture content at harvest on economic return

Effect of rice straw application on drill barley seeder, weed population and barley growth

Effect of ridging on the performance of young grapevines on a waterlogged soil

Effect of ripening on the microbiological profile of high quality raw milk for cheese-making

Effect of risk aversion on feeder cattle prices

Effect of road traffic on heavy metal concentrations of plants

Effect of roadside planting on suspended particulate matter concentration near road

Effect of roasting process variables on hardness of Bengalgram, maize and soybean

Effect of root diffusates of some weeds in corn fields on the hatchability of corn cyst nematode, Heterodera zeae

Effect of root hair length on aluminium tolerance in white clover

Effect of root systems on preferential flow in swelling soil

Effect of roughage to concentrate ratio in the diet on blood profile of Marwari goats

Effect of route of nutrition on recovery of hepatic organic anion clearance after fasting

Effect of row width on herbicide and cultivation requirements in row crops

Effect of rumen degradation on intestinal digestion of nitrogen of 15N-labelled rapeseed meal and straw measured by the mobile-bag method in cows

Effect of rumen incubation on the true indigestibility of feed protein in the digestive tract determined by nylon bag techniques

Effect of ruminally undegradable protein from fish meal on growth and reproduction of peripuberal Brahman bulls

Effect of saline drainage water and nitrogen fertilization on kernel yield, vegetative growth, and nitrogen and chlorophyll contents of Hassawi rice

Effect of salinity and temperature on yield, mineral ion concentrations and physiology in hexaploid triticale

Effect of salinity on anthocyanin accumulation in the root of maize

Effect of salinity on germination and growth of alfalfa, sunflower and sorghum

Effect of salinity on the cell structure in different genotypes of tomato produced by tissue culture

Effect of saliva composition on growth of Candida albicans and Torulopsis glabrata

Effect of salt and water stress on growth and biomass production in Helianthus annuus L

Effect of salt stress on nitrate reductase activity in some leguminous crops

Effect of sample handling on measurement of plasma glucose and blood lactate concentrations in horses before and after exercise

Effect of sampling, recontamination and temperature on microbial quality of pasteurized milk

Effect of sea salt on the hatching of channel catfish eggs

Effect of season and exogenous melatonin on 24-hour plasma progesterone and luteinizing hormone in the ewe

Effect of season on LH secretion in ovariectomized Australian cashmere does

Effect of season on the incidence of sperm abnormalities in fresh and frozen semen of Holstein Friesian bulls in Bulgaria

Effect of season on the transpiration of Sonia rose leaves grown in rockwool at 2 different levels of electrical conductivity and relative humidity

Effect of seasonal drought and cactus X virus infection on the crassulacean acid metabolism of Agave sisalana plants growing in a neotropical savanna

Effect of seasonal water availability on phenology and the annual shoot carbohydrate cycle of tropical forest shrubs

Effect of seaweed concentrate on growth and development of the marigold Tagetes patula

Effect of seaweed concentrate on the growth of the seedlings of three species of Eucalyptus

Effect of seed deterioration on nitrate uptake by roots

Effect of seed maturation and genotype on seed vigor in maize

Effect of seed mycoflora on seed germination and seedling mortality in crucifers

Effect of seed pelleting with biological antagonists in the control of root infecting fungi of cowpea and mungbean

Effect of seed rate, fertility levels and weeding on the yield of wheat

Effect of seed rate, nitrogen fertilization, growth regulation and harvest method on yield of fiber flax

Effect of seed size on developmental traits and ability to tolerate drought in pearl millet

Effect of seeding rates for drilling planter on yield and agronomic characteristics of barley

Effect of selected water-soluble bulking chemicals on moisture diffusion and dimensional stability of wood

Effect of selection for feedlot gain, breed and age on growth hormone and growth hormone kinetics in bull calves

Effect of selection for glucose tolerance in sheep on carcass fat and plasma glucose, urea and insulin

Effect of selection for plasma corticosterone level and feed conversion ratio in dwarf White Rocks on adaptability to hot temperature during growth

Effect of selection for wool growth on seasonal patterns of yield, fibre diameter, and colour in Romney lines

Effect of selenium and vitamin E on mineral, haematological and immunological values in calves

Effect of selenium supplementation on colostral IgG concentration in cows grazing selenium-deficient pastures and on postsuckle serum IgG concentration in their calves

Effect of service period and season of calving on lactation traits among crossbred cows

Effect of severe energy restriction and refeeding on thyroid hormones in bulls

Effect of sex class on nutrient content of meat from young goat

Effect of shade and forcing date on growth and flowering of potted Rhododendron obtusum

Effect of shading on vine morphology and productivity and leaf gas exchange characteristics in grapevines in the field

Effect of shelter on the performance of Friesian cows during winter in a mediterranean climate

Effect of short-term ingestion of konjac glucomannan on serum cholesterol in healthy men

Effect of short-term starvation on gastric emptying in humans: relationship to oral glucose tolerance

Effect of simple carbohydrates, casein hydrolysate, and a lipid test meal on ethane exhalation rate

Effect of sink manipulation on nitrogen accumulation and distribution among organs of Gramineae and Leguminosae

Effect of sod competition and root pruning on 'Stayman' apple tree growth and fruit cracking

Effect of sodium bicarbonate on clethodim or quizalofop efficacy and the role of ultraviolet light

Effect of sodium bisulfate on the phytotoxicity, retention, foliar uptake, and translocation of imazamethabenz on wild oats (Avena fatua L.)

Effect of sodium chloride on serum proteins and antibody titre of broiler chickens

Effect of sodium hexametaphosphate on dental calculus formation in dogs

Effect of sodium hydroxide or ammonia treatment on digestion and rumen degradation of alfalfa silage in goats

Effect of sodium lactate on toxin production, spore germination and heat resistance of proteolytic Clostridium botulinum strains

Effect of sodium selenite on growth, insulin-like growth factor-binding proteins and insulin-like growth factor-I in rats

Effect of soil amendments on pathogenicity of Meloidogyne incognita on okra

Effect of soil application of cadmium contaminated lime on soil cadmium distribution and cadmium concentration in strawberry leaves and fruit

Effect of soil applied L-tryptophan on growth and chemical composition of cotton

Effect of soil compactness on the growth and quality of carrot

Effect of soil cover and gypsum application in water infiltration under sprinkler irrigation

Effect of soil humic substances on surface redox activity of oat roots

Effect of soil moisture content on the field emergence of various crops under rainfed condition in Vindhyan plateau of Madhya Pradesh

Effect of soil moisture on biological nitrogen fixation in pot grown Phaseolus vulgaris L

Effect of soil organic matter on the interaction between nicosulfuron and terbufos in corn (Zea mays)

Effect of soil type and liming rates on rotational forage crop injury following metsulfuron methyl

Effect of somatotropin and feed restriction on body composition and adipose metabolism in obese Zucker rats

Effect of somatotropin on nonesterified fatty acid and glycerol metabolism in growing pigs

Effect of somatotropin on rate and composition of gain and feed intake in young, pituitary intact female rats

Effect of some commonly used galactagogues on different blood biochemical constituents of lactating buffaloes

Effect of some compounds on glutamine synthetase isoforms activity from triticale seedling leaves

Effect of some growth regulators on herb, oil yields and hormonal content of lemon grass

Effect of some inhibitors on carbohydrate content and related enzyme activity during ripening of Taiwan northern banana fruit

Effect of some leaf essential oil phenotypes from coastal redwood on growth of its predominant endophytic fungus, Pleuroplaconema sp

Effect of some nutrients on riboflavin formation by Aspergillus terreus

Effect of some salt additives on the rennet coagulation of buffalo milk

Effect of some situational variables on attitude of livestock owners towards artificial insemination in cattle

Effect of sori washing in the germination of telioid teliospores of Puccinia pampeana

Effect of sources and levels of nitrogen on yield of mulberry

Effect of sowing dates and moisture regimes on pod yield of groundnut

Effect of sowing dates and plant densities on seed yield of sesame cultivars

Effect of sowing dates and seed rates on the forage yield of oats

Effect of sowing dates and varieties on yield and yield attributes of wheat under late sown condition

Effect of sowing dates and water requirement satisfaction index on the yield and yield attributes of rainy and post rainy season groundnut

Effect of sowing dates, varieties and fertilizer levels on seed cotton yield in summer cotton

Effect of sowing density and flooding on the comparative phosphorus requirement of Trifolium balansae and Trifolium subterraneum

Effect of sowing time on expression of Karnal bunt in wheat cultivars

Effect of sowing time on growth, yield, and oil characteristics of irrigated sunflower in southern New South Wales

Effect of species diversity, frequency and spatial distribution on the species-area relationship in an oak forest stand

Effect of sperm quality on the efficiency of sperm separation using BSA gradient

Effect of spray-dried porcine plasma protein on feed intake, growth rate, and efficiency of gain in mice

Effect of spruce afforestation on bird community dynamics in a native broad-leaved forest area

Effect of stabilisation treatment of rice bran on nutritional quality of protein concentrates

Effect of starving and refeeding on lipid metabolism in suncus

Effect of static loading on quality of potatoes during storage

Effect of staurosporine on growth and hyphal morphology of Pleurotus ostreatus

Effect of steam pressure refining and resin levels on the properties of UF-bonded red maple MDF

Effect of steaming on treatability of Douglas-fir heartwood with sodium octaborate tetrahydrate

Effect of sternothyrohyoid myectomy on upper airway mechanics in normal horses

Effect of sterol biosynthesis inhibitors on phytotoxin (viridiol) production by Gliocladium virens in culture

Effect of stocking density on air quality and health and performance of heavy tom turkeys

Effect of storage on soluble phosphorus fractions in water extracts of soils

Effect of storage on the physical and biochemical parameters of broiler semen

Effect of straw composting on the degradation and stabilization of chlorophenols in soil

Effect of strawberry density on dispersal of Colletotrichum acutatum by simulated rain

Effect of stunning method and filleting time on sensory profile of turkey breast meat

Effect of sub-optimum cultural practices on wheat yield in plateau region of Bihar

Effect of substitution of starch for fiber and fat in isoenergetic diets on nutrient digestibility and reproductive performance of rabbits

Effect of succinylcholine, diazepam, and dantrolene on the urethral pressure profile of anesthetized, healthy, sexually intact male cats

Effect of suckling during early lactation and changeover to machine milking on plasma oxytocin and cortisol levels and milking characteristics in Holstein cows

Effect of sucrose and xylitol diets on dentin formation and caries in rat molars

Effect of sucrose concentration on the cariogenic potential of pooled plaque fluid from caries-free and caries-positive individuals

Effect of sucrose content on the moisture sorption isotherms of osmodehydrated apples at various temperature

Effect of sugar beet cultivars with different levels of resistance to beet necrotic yellow vein virus on transmission of virus by Polymyxa betae

Effect of sugar on behavior and mental performance

Effect of sulfur additions on the yield and elemental composition of canola and spring wheat

Effect of sulfur and molybdenum levels on growth, nitrate-assimilation, and nutrient content of Phalaris

Effect of sulfur fertilization on chemical composition, ensiling characteristics, and utilization by lambs of sorghum silage

Effect of sunlight and storage time on stain size of a dyed spray diluent

Effect of sunn hemp and peanut incorporated as green manures on growth and nitrogen uptake of the succeeding wheat

Effect of supplemental fish meal protein on site and extent of digestion in beef steers

Effect of supplemental yeast culture in sow gestation and lactation diets on apparent nutrient digestibilities and reproductive performance through one reproductive cycle

Effect of supplementation of milk fat with peanut oil on blood lipids and lipoproteins in infants

Effect of supplementation on rumen microbial population of bulls consuming residues from the sugar cane cleaning centres

Effect of supplements of tea polyphenols on the caecal flora and caecal metabolites of chicks

Effect of surgical removal of subcutaneous tumors on survival of rats

Effect of sustained release deworming treatment on dairy heifer growth

Effect of sward surface height on herbage intake and performance of lactating ewes lambed in winter and continuously stocked on pasture

Effect of synthetic sex pheromone on the activity of the sweet potato weevil

Effect of tail docking at birth on energy utilization as well as protein and lipid deposition by fat-tailed Najdi lambs

Effect of taxol and related compounds on growth of plant pathogenic fungi

Effect of tea polyphenols on fecal flora and fecal metabolic products of pigs

Effect of temperature and light on growth and flowering of potted plant production of platycodon

Effect of temperature and photoperiod on flower bud initiation in everbearing type strawberry cultivars

Effect of temperature and photoperiod on the growth and development of safflower germplasm

Effect of temperature and wetness on infection of black raspberry by aeciospores of Arthuriomyces peckianus

Effect of temperature on different stages of Romanomermis iyengari, a mermithid nematode parasite of mosquitoes

Effect of temperature on key physiological responses of grapevine leaf

Effect of temperature on stability of components of resistance to Cercospora arachidicola in peanut

Effect of temperature on the kinetics of wastewater disinfection using ultraviolet radiation

Effect of temperature, light intensity and sucrose concentration on bud forcing and carnation flower quality

Effect of temperature, light, and simulated drought on the germination of some weed species from the Sudan

Effect of temperature, pH and nutrient media on the growth of Phytophthora capsici

Effect of temporal deployment of different sources of resistance to soybean cyst nematode

Effect of terdecamycin on experimentally induced swine dysentery in pigs

Effect of the N source and some growth factors in the yeast population established during Saccharina production

Effect of the Rht3 dwarfing gene on dynamics of cell extension in wheat leaves, and its modification by gibberellic acid and paclobutrazol

Effect of the atrazine residue management on weeds in the maize-soybean cropping system

Effect of the conceptus and lack of effect of uterine space on endometrial protein secretion during mid-gestation in swine

Effect of the crude extract of Evodiae Fructus on the intestinal transit in mice

Effect of the design and the size of inventory plots on the estimation of stand characteristics

Effect of the feeding system on calf performance

Effect of the fungus, Paecilomyces lilacinus on the burrowing nematode, Radopholus similis infesting betel vine

Effect of the menstrual cycle on energy and nutrient intake

Effect of the method of breast feeding on breast engorgement, mastitis and infantile colic

Effect of the organochlorine pesticide technical chlordane on the population structure of suspension and deposit feeding bivalves

Effect of the presence of glucose during fertilization and/or culture in a chemically semi-defined medium on the development of bovine oocytes matured and fertilized in vitro

Effect of the ratio of phosphorus to calcium on zinc availability to rainbow trout in high phosphorus diet

Effect of the reduction of skin contamination on the internal dose of creosote workers exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Effect of the size of Saccharina particles as forage for rams on consumption and feeding behaviour

Effect of the swelling ability of a novel hydrolysed acrylonitrile-sulfonated polystyrene network on growth of tomato and lettuce seedlings

Effect of the treatment of wheat seeds with vegetable oils on germination and emergence

Effect of thermal treatment on goat milk clotting time

Effect of thifensulfuron concentration and droplet size on phytotoxicity, absorption, and translocation in pea (Pisum sativum)

Effect of thinning on groundwater table depth in drained peatlands in northern Finland

Effect of thiram treatment on sorghum seed quality in relation to accelerated ageing

Effect of three Japanese Kampo medicines on platelet activation by monoclonal anti-platelet membrane glycoprotein antibodies

Effect of three different preservative systems on the stability of extruded dog food subjected to ambient and high temperature storage

Effect of three grazing intensities on selected soil properties in semi-arid west Texas

Effect of three seed-borne fungi on physico-chemical properties of sunflower oil

Effect of three vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae species and phosphorus on reproductive and vegetative growth of three strawberry cultivars

Effect of thyroid hormone on experimental hypocalcemic rickets

Effect of thyroxine on protein and nucleic acid turnover in testis and ovary during last instar larva of non-diapausing tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta Drury

Effect of tillage and cover crop on fluometuron adsorption and degradation under controlled conditions

Effect of tillage and crop residue management on nematode densities on corn

Effect of tillage and planting management on yield and economics of rice-wheat cropping system

Effect of tillage systems and rainfall patterns on atrazine distribution in soil

Effect of tiller trimming on phyllochron and tillering regulation during tall fescue development

Effect of time of grazing or cutting and feeding on the incidence of alfalfa bloat in cattle

Effect of time of planting on growth and corm yield of elephant foot yam in eastern India

Effect of time, temperature, and inoculum density on reproduction of Pratylenchus thornei in carrot disk cultures

Effect of titanium ascorbate on the lipoxygenase pathway of tomato and red pepper seedlings

Effect of titanium leaf spray treatments on ascorbic acid levels of Capsicum annuum L. fruits

Effect of topical pilocarpine treatment on tear production in dogs

Effect of topically applied 2% pilocarpine and 0.25% demecarium bromide on blood-aqueous barrier permeability in dogs

Effect of transportation on fatal fibrinous pneumonia and shrinkage in calves arriving at a large feedlot

Effect of treadmill training on nitrogen balance in cockerels fed on a low protein diet

Effect of treated sewage water on vegetative and reproductive growth of date palm

Effect of treated-sewage contamination upon bacterial energy charge, adenine nucleotides, and DNA content in a sandy aquifer on Cape Cod

Effect of tree flowering and crown position on rooting success of cuttings from 9-year-old black spruce of seedling origin

Effect of tremulacin on actions of SRS-A and histamine

Effect of trenbolone acetate on development of Atlantic salmon skin and the lack of epidermal protection against laboratory-induced furunculosis

Effect of trends and long-term fluctuations of rainfall on watershed runoff

Effect of triadimefon on brown rust development, chlorophyll, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents of wheat

Effect of trichloroethylene (TCE) and toluene concentrations on TCE and toluene biodegradation and the population density of TCE and toluene degraders in soil

Effect of triglyceride structure on fat absorption

Effect of trisodium phosphate on Campylobacter attached to post-chill chicken carcasses

Effect of trisodium phosphate on salmonellae attached to chicken skin

Effect of trunk strangulation degrees in late season on return bloom, fruit quality and yield of pummelo trees grown in a plastic house

Effect of tumor necrosis factor antibody on synovial fluid cytokine activities in equine antebrachiocarpal joints injected with endotoxin

Effect of tumor necrosis factor on substrate and amino acid kinetics in conscious dogs

Effect of turmeric derivatives on radial colony growth of different fungi

Effect of two different low molecular weight glutenin subunits on durum wheat pasta quality parameters

Effect of two different molting procedures on a Salmonella enteritidis infection

Effect of type of defeathering system on Salmonella cross-contamination during commercial processing

Effect of type of dietary fat and ethanol on antioxidant enzyme mRNA induction in rat liver

Effect of type of lucerne hay on caecal fermentation and nitrogen contribution through caecotrophy in rabbits

Effect of type of potassium fertilizer on enzymatic discoloration and phenolic, ascorbic acid, and lipid contents of potatoes

Effect of undernutrition on the ability of the sheep rumen to absorb volatile fatty acids

Effect of unilateral eyestalk ablation on spawning and hatching in Penaeus vannamei

Effect of untreated and treated deoiled mahua seed cake supplemented diets on carcass characteristics and mutton quality of sheep

Effect of urea fertilization on ectomycorrhizae of 20-year-old Tsuga heterophylla

Effect of urea molasses mineral block feeding on rumen microbial activity measured by in-vitro gas production

Effect of urea, sodium carbonate and lime on reducing the toxicity during foliar application of micronutrients on citrus

Effect of vanadate on Phaseolus vulgaris L.: vegetative development and nitrogen metabolism

Effect of vanadium on lettuce growth, cationic nutrition, and yield

Effect of variable protein intake on whole-body protein turnover in young men and women

Effect of variations in seed size and planting depth on emergence, infertile plants, and grain yield of spring wheat

Effect of variety, tuber size and impact loading on various properties of potatoes during storage

Effect of various chemicals on post compression expansion and durability of crop residue blocks

Effect of various doses of infective Toxocara canis and Toxocara cati eggs on the humoral response and distribution of larvae in mice

Effect of various extenders and additives on deep-freezing, enzyme leakage and fertility of bovine semen under tropical climate

Effect of various fungicides and their mode of application on the incidence of paddy brown spot disease

Effect of various growth regulators on the initiation, size, colour and differentiation of callus in different genotypes of tomato

Effect of various levels of potassium on wheat crop

Effect of various nitrogen forms on the pH in leaf apoplast and on iron chlorosis of Glycine max L

Effect of various partial separations of the litters from their mother on plasma prolactin levels of lactating rats

Effect of various phosphorus availabilities on radiation-use efficiency in sunflower biomass until anthesis

Effect of various sugars and polyols on the tolerance to desiccation and freezing of oil palm polyembryonic cultures

Effect of various types of phosphates on zinc availability to rainbow trout

Effect of varying C/N ratios on the mineralization of organic nitrogen in fish pond soils

Effect of varying protein intake on energy balance, protein balance and estimated weight gain composition in premature infants

Effect of varying solution calcium or magnesium concentrations in the presence or absence of aluminum on yield and plant calcium or magnesium concentrations in wheat

Effect of varying the nitrogen and sulfur supply on the flowering of poinsettia

Effect of vegetable and animal dietary fats on lipogenesis in pigs

Effect of venipuncture sites on hematologic and clinical biochemical values in desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii)

Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and of Agrobacterium radiobacter on maize growth

Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on rooting of Sciadopitys verticillata Sieb & Zucc. cuttings

Effect of vitamin A deficiency and retinoic acid repletion on intestinal and hepatic apolipoprotein A-I mRNA levels of adult rats

Effect of vitamin C supplementation on gastric mucosal DNA damage

Effect of vitamin D deficiency on electrocardiogram of rats

Effect of vitamin E on chromosomal damage in bone marrow cells of mice having received low dose of X-ray irradiation

Effect of vitamin and trace element supplementation on immune indices in healthy elderly

Effect of voluntary exercise and food restriction in response to lipopolysaccharide in hamsters

Effect of warfarin and diphacinone baits to a warfarin-resistant colony of Rattus rattus

Effect of wartime deprivation on body mass index in women: exploration of an hypothesis

Effect of wastewaters on plant growth and soil properties

Effect of water and nitrogen additions on free-living nitrogen fixer populations in desert grass root zones

Effect of water availability on degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) by soil microorganisms

Effect of water deficit and differences in tissue water status on leaf conductance of Brassica species

Effect of water potential treatments on germination and seedling growth of some upland rice cultivars

Effect of water restriction during adaptation to a low-sodium diet in man

Effect of water stress and diclofop-methyl on photosynthesis, carotenoid and abscisic acid content of leaves of Avena byzantina and Avena fatua

Effect of water stress upon endogenous hormones and yield in cowpea plants

Effect of water temperature on direct germination of the sporangia of Phytophthora infestans

Effect of waterlogging on nitrogen, carbohydrate, photosynthetic reserves and grain yield in rice

Effect of weaning diet on the ecology of adherent lactobacilli in the gastrointestinal tract of the pig

Effect of weather parameters on monitoring of cotton bollworms with pheromone trap

Effect of weed interference and soil nitrogen on four maize hybrids

Effect of weed leachates on germination and radicle extension of some food crops

Effect of weed management practices on the incidence of stemfly and grain yield of soybean

Effect of weight loss and body position on pulmonary function and gas exchange abnormalities in morbid obesity

Effect of wetting and drying of soil on sorption and biodegradation of atrazine

Effect of wheat moisture content on hardness scores determined by near-infrared reflectance and on hardness score standardization

Effect of wheat residue and tillage on Heterodera glycines and yield of doublecrop soybean in Kentucky

Effect of white-tailed deer on songbirds within managed forests in Pennsylvania

Effect of whole body dermal spray of quinalphos and fenthion on cholinesterases of buffalo calves

Effect of wind on the early growth of five tree species planted to form windbreaks in northern Australia

Effect of wind velocity on suction trap catches of some Florida mosquitoes

Effect of winter oral vitamin D3 supplementation on cardiovascular risk factors in elderly adults

Effect of winter wheat cultivar and difenoconazole seed treatment on dwarf bunt

Effect of wood moisture content on diffusion of boron-based biocides through Douglas-fir and western hemlock lumber

Effect of wounding and jasmonates on the physico-chemical properties and flea beetle defence responses of canola seedlings, Brassica napus L

Effect of xylazine, cisapride, and naloxone on myoelectric activity of the ileocecocolic area in cows

Effect of yogurt on symptoms and kinetics of hydrogen production in lactose-malabsorbing children

Effect of yogurt with different storage periods on the immune system in mice

Effect of zeranol implants on age at onset of puberty, fertility and embryo fetal mortality in beef heifers

Effect of zinc deficiency on chlorophyll content, photosynthesis and water relations of cauliflower plants

Effect of zinc on D-galactose and L-phenylalanine uptake in rat intestine in vitro

Effect of zinc on some important macro- and micro-elements in blackgram leaves

Effect of zinc on the growth and uptake of zinc by green beans

Effect on blood lipids, coagulation, and fibrinolysis of a fat high in myristic acid and a fat high in palmitic acid

Effect on electrolyte and water transport by Psidium guajava extract in a rat secretory diarrhoea model

Effect on insecticidal activity of substituents at the 1,4-benzodioxanyl moiety of haedoxan

Effect on plasma lipids of interesterifying a mix of edible oils

Effect on the development of Pinus caribaea seedlings of certain plant-parasitic nematodes from the savanna area of Nigeria

Effective criteria for weed identification in wheat fields using machine vision

Effective homocysteine metabolism may protect South African blacks against coronary heart disease

Effective population sizes with multiple paternity

Effective ribozyme delivery in plant cells

Effective size of populations under selection

Effectiveness of Teflon and Sevin sprays in controlling caterpillar damage to microsprinkler supply tubing

Effectiveness of a detached leaf assay for determination of the reaction of pea plants to powdery mildew

Effectiveness of a dot-blot immunoassay of anti-Rickettsia tsutsugamushi antibodies for serologic analysis of scrub typhus

Effectiveness of different types of clay for reducing the detrimental effects of aflatoxin-contaminated diets on performance and serum profiles of weanling pigs

Effectiveness of doramectin for treatment of experimentally induced gastrointestinal tract larval nematode infections in calves

Effectiveness of doxycycline combined with primaquine for malaria prophylaxis

Effectiveness of gossyplure in controlling pink bollworm at different infestation levels in cotton field

Effectiveness of granular insecticides on potato insects and residues in potatoes

Effectiveness of nasogastric rehydration in hospitalized children with acute diarrhea

Effectiveness of rhizobial strains for chickpea under salinity stress and recovery of nodulation on desalinization

Effectiveness of selected fungicides in controlling foliar diseases of common periwinkle (Vinca minor L.)

Effectiveness of spiramycin for treatment of congenital Toxoplasma gondii infection in rhesus monkeys

Effectiveness of various phenolic compounds in degradation of chlorophyll by in vitro peroxidase-hydrogen peroxide system

Effectiveness of zinc acetate injection in alleviating postweaning performance lag in pigs

Effects of alpha 2-adrenergic receptor agonist and antagonist drugs on cholinergic contraction in bovine tracheal smooth muscle in vitro

Effects of near-lethal stress on bud dormancy and stem cold hardiness in red-osier dogwood

Effects of (+)-S-abscisic acid on the quality of stored cucumber and tomato seedlings

Effects of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, antiauxins, and metabolic perturbations on cytoplasmic and vacuolar pH of corn root tips measured by in vivo 31P-NMR

Effects of 2-buten-4-olide, an endogenous satiety substance, on plasma glucose, corticosterone, and catecholamines

Effects of 2164U90 on ileal bile acid absorption and serum cholesterol in rats and mice

Effects of 3,5-dibromo-4-hydroxybenzonitrile (bromoxynil) on bioenergetics of higher plant mitochondria (Pisum sativum)

Effects of 8-aminoquinolines on the ultrastructural morphology of Pneumocystis carinii

Effects of ABA application to the culture solution on the growth, water relations and temperature stress in tomato plants

Effects of Al on growth, nodulation and polyphenol oxidase activities in groundnut

Effects of Benlate 50 DF on microtubules of cucumber root tip cells and on growth of cucumber seedlings

Effects of Buthus martensii Karsch scorpion venom on the release of noradrenaline from in vitro and in vivo rat preparations

Effects of CO2 enrichment and intraspecific competition on biomass partitioning, nitrogen content and microbial biomass carbon in soil of perennial ryegrass and white clover

Effects of Chlorella stigmatophora extract on the central nervous system

Effects of Cu and Ni on acid phosphatase activity of an ectomycorrhizal fungus, Laccaria laccata

Effects of DCD addition to slurry on nitrate leaching in sandy soils

Effects of DNA polymer length on its adsorption to soils

Effects of DX-9386, a traditional Chinese medicinal prescription, on long-term potentiation in the dentate gyrus in rats

Effects of Dermacentor andersoni (Acari: Ixodidae) salivary gland extracts on Bos indicus and B. taurus lymphocytes and macrophages: in vitro cytokine elaboration and lymphocyte blastogenesis

Effects of EDTA on development of bovine embryos derived from follicular oocytes matured and fertilized in vitro

Effects of Epidinium caudatum on the growth and metabolism of goats given a low-protein-high-energy diet

Effects of GRAS compounds on natural Vibrio vulnificus populations in oysters

Effects of IL-12 on in vivo cytokine gene expression and Ig isotype selection

Effects of KOH on the seed structure and the physiology of seed germination in Chrysanthemum coronarium L

Effects of Litsea cubeba Pres oils on the control of termite Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki

Effects of MCPA and tribenuron-methyl on seed production and seed size of annual weeds

Effects of N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)retinamide on vitamin A metabolism in rats

Effects of NaCl, sucrose, and water content on the survival of Salmonella typhimurium on irradiated pork and chicken

Effects of Nardostachys jatamansi on biogenic amines and inhibitory amino acids in the rat brain

Effects of PF1022A from Mycelia sterilia on Trichinella spiralis in mice

Effects of PF1022A on Angiostrongylus cantonensis staying in the central nervous system of rats and mice

Effects of Penicillium frequentans and its antibiotics on unmelanized hyphae of Monilinia laxa

Effects of Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Dunaliella tertiolecta extracts on the central nervous system

Effects of Seiridium cardinale culture filtrate on ethylene production in Cupressus sempervirens L

Effects of Septoria leaf blotch on soft red winter wheat milling and baking quality

Effects of Sika deer on the regeneration of a Fagus crenata forest on Kinkazan Island, northern Japan

Effects of Skeletonema costatum extracts on the central nervous system

Effects of Staphylococcus aureus products on growth and function of bovine mammary myoepithelial cells in vitro

Effects of T-2 toxin treatment on the egg yield and hatchability in geese

Effects of Trypanosoma congolense infection in rams on the pulsatile secretion of LH and testosterone and responses to injection of GnRH

Effects of Viterra root dips and benomyl on root growth potential and survival of longleaf pine seedlings

Effects of a continuous lipid infusion on glucose metabolism in critically ill patients

Effects of a copper-binding peptide from the mushroom Grifola frondosa on intestinal copper absorption

Effects of a diet restricted in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol on the composition of apolipoprotein A-I-containing lipoprotein particles in the fasting and fed states

Effects of a few food diet in attention deficit disorder

Effects of a fish oil-lard diet on rat plasma lipoproteins, liver FAS, and lipolytic enzymes

Effects of a growth implant and age of dam on growth and fertility in heifer calves

Effects of a high-galactose diet on the interphotoreceptor matrix of two strains of rat

Effects of a high-salt diet on hepatic atrial natriuretic peptide receptor expression in Dahl salt-resistant and salt-sensitive rats

Effects of a hypercholesterolaemia-inducing diet on biliary electrolytes and lipid secretion in the rat

Effects of a low birthweight infant formula containing human milk levels of docosahexaenoic and arachidonic acids

Effects of a natural marsh fire on larval populations of Culex salinarius in east Texas

Effects of a new fish oil concentrate on plasma lipids and lipoproteins in patients with hypertriglyceridaemia

Effects of a recreational dip-net fishery on rainbow smelt egg deposition

Effects of a second insemination after ovulation on fertilization rate and accessory sperm count in sows

Effects of a virulence locus from Xanthomonas campestris 528T on pathovar status and ability to elicit blight symptoms on crucifers

Effects of a wild type strain and a mutant strain of the fungus Verticillium lecanii on Meloidogyne incognita populations in greenhouse studies

Effects of abomasal infusions of sodium caseinate and of casein hydrolysates varying in the relative proportions of peptides and free amino acids on milk production in dairy cows

Effects of abomasal infusions of sodium caseinate, a hydrolysate of casein or a corresponding mixture of free amino acids on milk yield and composition in dairy cows

Effects of abomasal slaframine infusion on ruminal digesta passage and digestion in steers

Effects of abscisic acid injection on sugar and organic acid contents of citrus fruit

Effects of abscisic acid on high-temperature stress injury in cucumber

Effects of acetate, propionate, and butyrate on the thermophilic anaerobic degradation of propionate by methanogenic sludge and defined cultures

Effects of acromegaly treatment and growth hormone on adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase

Effects of activated carbon on growth, ruminal characteristics, blood profiles and feed digestibility in sheep

Effects of acute and chronic exercise on skeletal muscle glucose transport in aged rats

Effects of acute exercise on hepatic lipogenic enzymes in fasted and refed rats

Effects of acute mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptor blockade on the excretion of an acute potassium load in healthy humans

Effects of adaptation to lasalocid, monensin or a daily rotation of lasalocid and monensin on in vitro fermentation of a 90% concentrate diet

Effects of additional feeding regimen for the off-the-pasture lambs on carcass traits and meat quality

Effects of adult tree density and fire on the demography of pregrass stage juvenile longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.)

Effects of aerobic exercise and dietary carbohydrate on energy expenditure and body composition during weight reduction in obese women

Effects of aflatoxin on tocopherol and retinol concentrations in growing barrows

Effects of agarwood extracts on the central nervous system in mice

Effects of age and season on diurnal variation and 24 hour mean concentrations of plasma testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in stallions

Effects of age on temperature-related variation in motor nerve conduction velocity in healthy chickens

Effects of age, sex, reproductive status, and hospitalization on serum alpha 1-antitrypsin concentration in dogs

Effects of ageing on folate metabolism in rats fed a long-term folate deficient diet

Effects of aging and dietary protein intake on uninephrectomized geriatric dogs

Effects of aging on the ATP- and pyrophosphate-dependent pumping of protons across the tonoplast isolated from pumpkin cotyledons

Effects of agronomic practices on free fatty acid levels in the oil of Ontario-grown spring canola

Effects of air jets on deposition of charged spray in plant canopies

Effects of alcohol consumption on antioxidant content and susceptibility of low-density lipoprotein to oxidative modification

Effects of aldicarb and fungicides on Pratylenchus penetrans populations, root rot and net blotch severity on barley

Effects of alternating temperature on microtuberization of potato

Effects of amino acid medium on cell aggregation in suspension-cultured rice cells

Effects of amino acid variations in recombinant Der fII on its human IgE and mouse IgG recognition

Effects of amino acids administered to a perfused area of the skin in Angora goats

Effects of amylin on appetite regulation and memory

Effects of an epidermal growth factor on growth of Zea primary roots and mesocotyls

Effects of an ingested glutamate arginine salt on ammonemia during and after long lasting cycling

Effects of an insect growth regulator, fenoxycarb, on the diapause of the pear psylla, Cacopsylla pyri

Effects of anatomical site and occlusion on the percutaneous absorption and residue pattern of 2,6-parathion in vivo in pigs

Effects of ant hills on soil physical properties of a Vertisol

Effects of antagonistic plants and chicken manure on the biological control and fungal parasitism of root-knot nematode eggs in naturally infested field soil

Effects of anti-hyperlipidaemic agent or dietary protein restriction on progressive renal deterioration in adriamycin-induced nephropathy in rats

Effects of anti-prolactin autoantibodies on serum prolactin measurements

Effects of antifungal therapy on inflammation, sterilization, and histology in experimental Candida albicans meningitis

Effects of antioxidants and fatty acids on low-density-lipoprotein oxidation

Effects of applications of plant growth regulators to papaya on the output and proteolytic activity of latex tapped from immature fruits

Effects of aqueous extracts of six marine microalgae on smooth muscle contraction in rat duodenum and vas deferens

Effects of ardacin supplementation on food intake and growth rate of growing and finishing steers

Effects of artificial photoperiods on sexual behaviour and sperm output in the rabbit

Effects of ascorbic acid and 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol on alkaline phosphatase and tibial dyschondroplasia in broiler chickens

Effects of atipamezole and yohimbine on medetomidine-induced central nervous system depression and cardiorespiratory changes in lambs

Effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment and foliar methanol application on net photosynthesis of sour orange tree (Citrus aurantium; Rutaceae) leaves

Effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on biomass accumulation and distribution in Eldarica pine trees

Effects of atmospheric CO2 enrichment on regrowth of sour orange trees (Citrus aurantium; Rutaceae) after coppicing

Effects of atrophic rhinitis induced by Pasteurella multocida toxin on heat production and activity of pigs kept under different climatic conditions

Effects of auxin and phenobarbital on morphogenesis and production of digitoxin in Digitalis callus

Effects of avian foraging and post-foraging behavior on seed dispersal patterns of Ashe juniper

Effects of avoparcin and bovine somatotropin on measures of production and reproduction in dairy cows

Effects of banana feeding on deoxycorticosterone-induced hypertension and salt consumption in rats

Effects of band widths on atrazine, metribuzin, and metolachlor runoff

Effects of basic fibroblast growth factor and heparin on follicle-stimulating hormone-induced steroidogenesis by bovine granulosa cells

Effects of bed height, plant spacing and cultivar on strawberry yield and fruit classification

Effects of beef and chicken consumption on plasma lipid levels in hypercholesterolemic men

Effects of blastocoelic expansion and plasminogen activator activity on hatching and zona pellucida solubility in bovine embryos in vitro

Effects of boron and phosphate on overcoming internal browning in roots of Japanese radish

Effects of bovine follicular fluid and luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone antagonist on the dominant follicle maintained by a norgestomet ear implant in heifers

Effects of bovine somatotropin and insulin on whole-body and hindlimb glucose metabolism in growing steers

Effects of breed, rapid inbreeding, crossbreeding and environmental factors on fleece weight and fleece shedding in sheep

Effects of breed, sex and sire on quantitative heart measurements in pigs

Effects of broad-spectrum antibiotics on colonization of gastrointestinal tracts of mice by Candida albicans

Effects of browsing by native ungulates on the shrubs in big sagebrush communities in Yellowstone National Park

Effects of butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene and tertiary butylhydroquinone on growth and luteoskyrin production by Penicillium islandicum

Effects of cadmium on catfish, Ictalurus melas, humoral immune response

Effects of cadmium on lymphocyte proliferation and macrophage activation in catfish, Ictalurus melas

Effects of cadmium on nutrient distribution, yield, and growth of tomato grown in soilless culture

Effects of cadmium on the libido and fertility of male mice

Effects of cadmium on the longitudinal and lateral xylem movement of citric acid through tomato stem internodes

Effects of cafestol and kahweol from coffee grounds on serum lipids and serum liver enzymes in humans

Effects of caffeine ingestion on NE kinetics, fat oxidation, and energy expenditure in younger and older men

Effects of caffeine on energy metabolism, heart rate, and methylxanthine metabolism in lean and obese women

Effects of cage density on fear-related behavioral response and activity of layers

Effects of cage population on the productive performance of layers

Effects of cage versus floor rearing environments and cage floor mesh size on bone strength, fearfulness, and production of single comb White Leghorn hens

Effects of calcium sulfate and sublimed sulfur on incidence of internal browning in roots of Japanese radish

Effects of canine parvovirus on gray wolves in Minnesota

Effects of canopy structure on patch depression by grazers

Effects of carbofuran on cellulose decomposition in soils

Effects of carbohydrate feeding before and during prolonged exercise on subsequent maximal exercise performance capacity

Effects of carbohydrate supplementation during intense training on dietary patterns, psychological status, and performance

Effects of carbon and lime additions on mineralization of C and N in humus from cutovers of western red cedar-western hemlock forests on northern Vancouver Island

Effects of catch crops and ploughing times on soil mineral nitrogen

Effects of catechins on the mouse tumor cell adhesion to fibronectin

Effects of cattle slurry and soil compaction on the earthworm population in a silty clay loam soil in central Norway

Effects of centrally administered prolactin upon mammary contractility in anesthetized lactating rats

Effects of cereal grains on fibre digestion in vitro

Effects of cerebral ischemia in mice deficient in neuronal nitric oxide synthase

Effects of charybdotoxin and iberiotoxin on the spontaneous motility and tonus of different guinea pig smooth muscle tissues

Effects of chemical reagents on the allergenicity of house dust

Effects of chemical restraint on the endoscopic appearance of laryngeal and pharyngeal anatomy and sensation in adult cattle

Effects of chemical treatments of barley straw on leaching, and digestibility by rumen fluid and cellulolytic bacteria

Effects of chemically treated, recycled newsprint on feed intake and nutrient digestibility by growing lambs

Effects of chemicals on ascospore production by Leptosphaeria maculans on blackleg-infected canola stubble in Saskatchewan

Effects of chitosan and Aspergillus flavus on isozymes related to phenolic compound synthesis and protein profiles of peanut seeds

Effects of chitosan and nitrite on the properties of fermented meat

Effects of chlorpyrifos on pod damage, disease incidence, and yield in two peanut fungicide programs

Effects of choice feeding on the performance of village chicken after the peak of egg production

Effects of chronic hypercortisolemia on carbohydrate metabolism during insulin deficiency

Effects of chronic lard feeding on sympathetic nervous system activity in the rat

Effects of cigarette smoking and its cessation on lipid metabolism and energy expenditure in heavy smokers

Effects of climate on radial growth of subalpine conifers in the North Cascade Mountains

Effects of clover and milk in the diet of grazed lambs on meat quality

Effects of coconut oil, butter, and safflower oil on lipids and lipoproteins in persons with moderately elevated cholesterol levels

Effects of cocooning frames on cocoon quality

Effects of cold exposure and intravenous glucose infusion on feed intake and plasma insulin response to feeding in sheep

Effects of cold storage and water stress on water relations and gas exchange of white spruce (Picea glauca) seedlings

Effects of cold treatment and different culture media on the androgenic capacity of two winter wheat genotypes

Effects of cold treatment and of gibberellic acid on flowering of cauliflower

Effects of combined applications of ammonium thiosulphate and fungicides on fruit load and blossom blight and their phytotoxicity to peach trees

Effects of combined electron-beam irradiation and sous-vide treatments on microbiological and other qualities of chicken breast meat

Effects of common root rot on discoloration and growth of the spring wheat root system

Effects of competition and disturbance on the resprouting performance of the Mediterranean shrub Erica multiflora L. (Ericaceae)

Effects of constant light on the rhythm of adult locomotor activity in the blowfly, Calliphora vicina

Effects of contrasting climate and paclobutrazol on the growth and water use of two container-grown landscape plants

Effects of controlled feed intake on growth, feed efficiency, and visceral organ weights of growing-finishing pigs

Effects of controlled shading on the growth and ground-covering ability of Wedelia robusta and Vinca minor

Effects of cooking and shearing methodology on variation in Warner-Bratzler shear force values in beef

Effects of copper deficiency and experimental diabetes on tissue antioxidant enzyme levels in rats

Effects of corn kernel properties on predictions of moisture transport in the thin-layer drying of corn

Effects of corpora cardiaca extract, furosemide and ion substitution on sodium and chloride flux in perfused Malpighian tubules of Locusta

Effects of corticosterone in vivo and in vitro on adrenocorticotropic hormone production by corticotropin releasing factor-stimulated leukocytes

Effects of cortisol and growth hormone on the metabolism of liver and bone in children with malnutrition

Effects of crop residue and phosphorus application on the spatial variability of non-destructively measured millet growth in the Sahel

Effects of cropping on photosynthesis, dark respiration, leaf ABA concentration and inflorescence induction in satsuma mandarin

Effects of cucumber genotype on the induction of resistance to powdery mildew, Sphaerotheca fuliginea, by 2,6-dichloroisonicotinic acid

Effects of cultivars and seed treatment on sorghum diseases in Nigeria

Effects of cultivars and various treatments on storability of grapes

Effects of cultivars on yielding ability of grass-grass mixtures

Effects of curtain-like pruning on distribution and seasonal patterns of carbohydrate reserves in plane (Platanus acerifolia Wild) trees

Effects of cushioned flooring on piglet leg injuries

Effects of cutting and growth regulators on the growth and yield in pearl barley

Effects of cycloheximide on physiological parameters of gladiolus florets during growth and senescence

Effects of cytokines in the activation of peritoneal macrophages from mice infected with Toxoplasma gondii

Effects of data structure on variance of prediction error and accuracy of genetic evaluation

Effects of date of sowing and tillage on yield and water use efficiency of crops grown on residual soil moisture in eastern India

Effects of deconjugated bile acids on electrolyte and nutrient transport in the rabbit small intestine in vitro

Effects of defoliation on Erythroxylum havanense, a tropical proleptic species

Effects of defoliation on fruit development and carbohydrate levels in vegetative organs of strawberry plants

Effects of defoliation on sex differentiation in oil palm clones

Effects of defoliation, bud removal and girdling treatments on sprouting of Quercus acutissima Carr

Effects of deoxynivalenol on activity of K+-stimulated root PM ATPase, and uptake, leakage and allocation of K+ in wheat seedlings

Effects of desiccation on excised embryonic axes of three recalcitrant seeds and studies on cryopreservation

Effects of desoxycorticosterone pivalate administration on blood pressure in dogs with primary hypoadrenocorticism

Effects of detritus accumulation on the growth of Scirpus maritimus under greenhouse conditions

Effects of dexamethasone on antibody response and anaemia in Sprague Dawley rats infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei

Effects of dexamethasone on cell-mediated immune responses in cattle sensitized to Mycobacterium bovis

Effects of diet acidity and protein level or source of calcium on the performance, gastrointestinal content measurements, bone measurements, and carcass composition of gilt and barrow weanling pigs

Effects of diet and environmental salinity on the growth, mortality, and tissue structure of juvenile striped bass

Effects of diet and metformin administration on sex hormone-binding globulin, androgens, and insulin in hirsute and obese women

Effects of diet on the biology and life tables of Typhlodromalus peregrinus (Acari: Phytoseiidae)

Effects of diet on the interactions between Hypogastrura denticulata Bagnall and Onychiurus furcifer Borner in laboratory cultures

Effects of diet on ungulate excretion of Enterococcus spp., Streptococcus bovis, and Streptococcus equinus in feces

Effects of dietary alkylglycerols in lactating rats on immune responses in pups

Effects of dietary boron on poultry bone strength

Effects of dietary buffers on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, and stomach morphology in finishing pigs

Effects of dietary calcium and 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol on the development of tibial dyschondroplasia in broilers during the starter and grower periods

Effects of dietary calcium levels on the histomorphology of tibial diaphysis in vitamin D-deficient chicks

Effects of dietary casein and fish oil on plasma cholesterol levels in young chicks

Effects of dietary casein and soy-protein on metabolic conversion of eicosapentaenoic acid to docosahexaenoic acid in the liver of rat

Effects of dietary cation-anion concentrations on performance and acid-base balance in growing lambs

Effects of dietary cholesterol on cholesterol and bile acid homeostasis in patients with cholesterol gallstones

Effects of dietary corn and olive oil versus coconut fat on biliary cholesterol secretion in rats

Effects of dietary energy and protein restriction on nutritional indices of female white-tailed deer

Effects of dietary energy density and feeding frequency on total daily energy intakes of recovering malnourished children

Effects of dietary energy intake by gilts and heat stress from days 3 to 24 or 30 after mating on embryo survival and nitrogen and energy balance

Effects of dietary fat and L-methionine on the hepatic metabolism of very low density lipoproteins in the preruminant calf, Bos spp

Effects of dietary fat and protein sources on performance, lipid content and mixed function oxidase in liver, and fat deposition and adipocyte cellularity in abdomen in broiler chickens

Effects of dietary fat on high-density-lipoprotein subclasses are influenced by both apolipoprotein E isoforms and low-density-lipoprotein subclass patterns

Effects of dietary fiber on intestinal growth, cell proliferation, and morphology in growing pigs

Effects of dietary fibre mixtures on glucose and lipid metabolism and on mineral absorption in the rat

Effects of dietary fish oil on cardiovascular responsiveness to adrenergic agonists in spontaneously hypertensive rat

Effects of dietary fish oil with natural content of carotenoids on fatty acid composition, n-3 fatty acid content, yolk colour and egg quality of hen eggs

Effects of dietary glucose, fructose, and galactose on hepatopancreatic enzyme activities and body composition in carp

Effects of dietary gossypol in cottonseed meal on aspects of semen quality and sperm production in young Brahman bulls

Effects of dietary linoleic acid on pancreatic carcinogenesis in rats and hamsters

Effects of dietary maize level on net flux across splanchnic tissues of oxygen and nutrients in wethers consuming ad libitum different forages

Effects of dietary oils and methyl ethyl ketone peroxide on in vivo lipid peroxidation and antioxidants in rat heart and liver

Effects of dietary oxidized cholesterol on lipid metabolism in differently aged rats

Effects of dietary propionate on hepatic glucose production, whole-body glucose utilization, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in normal rats

Effects of dietary protein and protease inhibitors on codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Effects of dietary protein level on carcass composition of broilers at 5 to 15 days of age

Effects of dietary protein levels on performance, plasma amino acid concentrations and biochemical components of female growing pigs

Effects of dietary protein on glomerular eicosanoid production in rats with bilateral ureteral obstruction

Effects of dietary protein on the induction of DNA synthesis and expression of growth-related genes in liver and kidney of growing rats

Effects of dietary protein under high ambient temperature on body weight, breast meat yield, and abdominal fat deposition of broiler stocks differing in growth rate and fatness

Effects of dietary short-necked clam, Tapes japonica, on serum and liver cholesterol levels in mice

Effects of dietary supplementation of vitamin E on storage and caselife properties of lamb retail cuts

Effects of dietary supplementation with fructooligosaccharides on colonic microbiota populations and epithelial cell proliferation in neonatal pigs

Effects of dietary thiouracil on thyroid activity, egg production, and eggshell quality in commercial layers

Effects of dietary threonine level on antibody production in growing broilers

Effects of dietary virginiamycin on performance and liver abscess incidence in feedlot cattle

Effects of dietary vitamin E on clinical course and plasma glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase and glutamic pyruvic transaminase activities in hereditary hepatitis of LEC rats

Effects of dietary zinc deficiency on the hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450 2B in rats

Effects of diets containing high or low amounts of stearic acid on plasma lipoprotein fractions and fecal fatty acid excretion of men

Effects of differences in dietary fat on growth, energy and nutrient intake from infancy to eight years of age

Effects of different continium dielectric models in a molecular dynamics and energy minimization study of the antigenic loop of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Effects of different cropping systems on soil water properties of a Boralf soil

Effects of different doses of fish oil on rectal cell proliferation in patients with sporadic colonic adenomas

Effects of different integrated pest management programs on biological control of mites on apple by predatory mites (Acari) in Nova Scotia

Effects of different soluble:insoluble fibre ratios at breakfast on 24-h pattern of dietary intake and satiety

Effects of different supplements on splanchnic oxygen consumption and net fluxes of nutrients in sheep consuming bromegrass (Bromus inermis) hay ad libitum

Effects of diflubenzuron and penfluron on workers of Apis cerana indica F and Apis mellifera L

Effects of dispersers, gaps, and predators on dormancy and seedling emergence in a tropical herb

Effects of disturbance and soil amendments on dissolved organic carbon and organic acidity in red pine forest floors

Effects of divalent cations on NADH-linked electron transfer in corn root plasma membrane

Effects of dobutamine infusion in dorsally recumbent isoflurane-anesthetized horses

Effects of dodeca-11-ynoic and octadeca-9-ene-17-ynoic acids on plant cells and on plant cuticle biosynthesis

Effects of domestic wastewater spray irrigation on denitrification rates

Effects of duodenal and distal ileal infusions of glucose and oleic acid on meal patterns in rats

Effects of earthworms on the dispersal of Steinernema spp

Effects of electron beam irradiation on cut flowers

Effects of electroporation on quality of rooster semen

Effects of elevated CO2 concentrations on three montane grass species. III. Source leaf metabolism and whole plant carbon partitioning

Effects of elevated CO2, water stress, and nitrogen level on competitive interactions of simulated loblolly pine and sweetgum stands

Effects of elevated carbon dioxide on three grass species from montane pasture. II. Nutrient uptake, allocation and efficiency of use

Effects of endometrial serpin-like proteins on immune responses in sheep

Effects of endosulfan on bioenergetic properties of liver mitochondria from the freshwater catfish Clarias batrachus

Effects of endurance training on total fat oxidation in elderly persons

Effects of energy allowance and cimaterol feeding during the heifer rearing period on growth, puberty and milk production

Effects of energy or protein supplements and stage of production on intake and digestibility of hay by beef cows

Effects of energy restriction and exercise on skeletal muscle and adipose tissue in women as measured by magnetic resonance imaging

Effects of energy restriction on acute adrenoceptor and metabolic responses to exercise in obese subjects

Effects of energy source and food flavor on conditioned preferences in sheep

Effects of environment on growth, efficiency of feed utilization, carcass fatness, and their association

Effects of environmental conditions and growth regulators on flower bud abscission and flowering of potted camellia

Effects of environmental conditions on plant water status in tomato

Effects of environmental conditions on production of xylitol by Candida boidinii

Effects of environmental parameters on the formation and turnover of acetate by forest soils

Effects of environmental stress on weed/crop interactions

Effects of epidermal growth factor on glucose metabolism in neonatal rats

Effects of epidermal growth factor on the growth and differentiation of cultured mouse ovarian follicles

Effects of epinephrine infusion on muscle glycogenolysis during intense aerobic exercise

Effects of epinephrine on human muscle glucose and protein metabolism

Effects of essential amino acids on food and water intake of rats

Effects of essential oil from mint (Mentha piperita) on Salmonella enteritidis and Listeria monocytogenes in model food systems at 4 degrees and 10 degrees C

Effects of estradiol on lipoprotein lipase activity and lipid availability in exercised male rats

Effects of estrogen and progesterone on the parenchyma and blood vessels of the mammary gland in ovariectomized adult mice

Effects of estrogen on free fatty acid metabolism in humans

Effects of ethanolic extracts from Eschscholtzia californica and Corydalis cava on dimerization and oxidation of enkephalins

Effects of ethylene on the RNA metabolism and protein synthesis activity in postharvest strawberry fruit

Effects of ethylenediurea on snap bean at a range of ozone concentrations

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