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Natural Sciences Repository Index 83

Index 83 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Profitable, effective herbicides for planting-time weed control in no-till spring wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Progeny performance when dams and chicks are fed supplemental zinc

Progeny production and adult longevity of Cryptolestes pusillus (Coleoptera: Cucujidae) on broken and whole corn at selected humidities

Progeny testing bulls for susceptibility to facial eczema

Progesterone administered after insemination did not affect the fertility of cattle following a controlled breeding program

Progesterone alone is responsible for stimulation of the growth of ducts and of mammary alveolar structures in mice

Progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin do not stimulate placental proteins 12 and 14 or prolactin production by human decidual tissue in vitro

Progesterone concentrations in milk of superovulated cows

Progesterone directly inhibits pituitary luteinizing hormone secretion in an estradiol-dependent manner

Progesterone ensures full-length luteal phases during the breeding season in ewes

Progesterone production by cultured luteal cells in the presence of bovine low- and high-density lipoproteins purified by heparin affinity chromatography

Progesterone profiles of postpartum dairy cows as an aid to diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders

Progesterone shortens poly(A) tails of the mRNAs for alpha and beta subunits of ovine luteinizing hormone

Progesterone-dependent cathepsin L proteolytic activity in cat uterine flushings

Progestins and growth hormone excess in the dog

Prognostic indicators and risk factors for increased duration of acute diarrhoea and for persistent diarrhoea in children

Prognostic value of surgical and postoperative findings in cattle with abomasal volvulus

Program for evaluation of dairy laboratories testing proficiency

Program for investigating genotype-environment interaction

Progress and spread of dark leaf spot in cabbage

Progress in agricultural physics and engineering

Progress in breeding tomatoes for resistance to tomato spotted wilt

Progress in plant disease resistance research

Progress in sheep and goat research

Progress in the development of a nutritional risk index

Progress with community additive controls

Progression and resolution of megalocytic hepatopathy with exocrine pancreatic metaplasia in a population of cultured juvenile striped bass Morone saxatilis

Progressive encephalopathy and myopathy in transgenic mice expressing human foamy virus genes

Progressive immune dysfunction in cats experimentally infected with feline immunodeficiency virus

Projecting stand tables: a comparison of the Weibull diameter distribution method, a percentile-based projection method, and a basal area growth projection method

Prolactin and breast cancer risk

Prolactin does not mediate the suppressive effect of the suckling stimulus on luteinizing hormone secretion in ovariectomized lactating rats

Prolactin enhancement of its own uptake at the choroid plexus

Prolactin enhances uteroglobin gene expression by uteri of immature rabbits

Prolactin increases cytosolic free calcium concentration in hepatocytes of lactating rats

Prolactin receptor gene expression in rat mammary gland and liver during pregnancy and lactation

Prolactin secretion and corpus luteum function in women with luteal phase deficiency

Prolactin stimulates adrenal medullary catecholamine release and tyrosine hydroxylase activity in the ovine fetus

Proliferation of normal breast epithelial cells as shown by in vivo labeling with bromodeoxyuridine

Prolific maize hybrids for baby corn

Proline accumulation, nitrogenase (C2H2 reducing) activity and activities of enzymes related to proline metabolism in drought-stressed soybean nodules

Proline fed to intact soybean plants influences acetylene reducing activity and content and metabolism of proline in bacteroids

Proline is not the primary determinant of chilling tolerance induced by mannitol or abscisic acid in regenerable maize callus cultures

Proline metabolism in adult male burned patients and healthy control subjects

Prolongation of parturition in the pregnant rat following treatment with a platelet activating factor receptor antagonist

Prolonged ambulant recordings of small bowel motility demonstrate abnormalities in the irritable bowel syndrome

Prolonged breast-feeding and malnutrition among rural Indian children below 3 years of age

Prolonged continuous acyclovir treatment of normal adults with frequently recurring genital herpes simplex virus infection

Prolonged maternal fluid supplementation in breast-feeding

Promising upland rice varieties for the north west province of Cameroon

Promoter methylation and progressive transgene inactivation in Arabidopsis

Promoting physical activity and a healthful diet among children: results of a school-based intervention study

Promotion of colonic microadenoma growth in mice and rats fed cooked sugar or cooked casein and fat

Promotion of growth in diploid and triploid coho salmon with parenteral delivery of a recombinant porcine somatotropin

Promotion of infection of orange fruit by Penicillium digitatum with a strain of Pseudomonas cepacia

Promotion of intestinal drug absorption by milk fat globule membrane

Promotion of seedling emergence of paddy rice from flooded soil by coating seed with potassium nitrate

Propachlor degradation by a soil bacterial community

Propagation medium moisture level influences adventitious rooting of woody stem cuttings

Propagation of Euphorbia esula for leafy spurge biocontrol agents

Propagation of Fritillaria meleagris L. through tissue culture

Propagation of Hayward (Actinidia deliciosa) from soft and semi-hardwood cuttings

Propagation of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis: relations between stock plant cultivar, age, environment and growth regulator treatments

Propagation of duck plague virus in chick embryo fibroblast cell culture

Propagation of hazelnut stem cuttings using Agrobacterium rhizogenes

Propagation of mango by newer techniques

Propagation of peach cuttings using foam cubes

Propagation of some species of the Bromeliaceae family cultured in vitro

Propagation of some strawberry cultivars by means of tissue culture technique

Propagation of western larch by stem cuttings

Propagation studies in mango

Propargite metabolism in bulb mite (Acari: Acaridae)

Propensity of cotton varieties to neppiness

Propeptide of a precursor to a plant vacuolar protein required for vacuolar targeting

Proper environment improves the storage of primed pansy seed

Properties and clinical implications of body mass indices

Properties and cytopathology of a tymovirus isolated from eggplant

Properties and evolutionary relationships of the Marek's disease virus homologues of protein kinase, glycoprotein D and glycoprotein I of herpes simplex virus

Properties and grade yield of lumber from a 27-year-old slash pine plantation

Properties and potential applications of syngeneic monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies: use as a reference standard in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Properties of 2,3-butanediol dehydrogenases from Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis in relation to citrate fermentation

Properties of a class of genes required for ray morphogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans

Properties of a cutinase-defective mutant of Fusarium solani

Properties of broiler myofibril gels containing emulsified lipids

Properties of cholesterol dissimilation by Rhodococcus equi

Properties of compression dewatered and baled aspen wood chip fuels

Properties of ionophore-resistant Bacteroides ruminicola enriched by cultivation in the presence of tetronasin

Properties of mutant acetolactate synthases resistant to triazolopyrimidine sulfonanilide

Properties of oxidized and reduced spinach (Spinacia oleracea) chloroplast fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase activated by various agents

Properties of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase and carbohydrate accumulation in the C3-CAM intermediate Sedum telephium L. grown under different light and watering regimes

Properties of shredded wood pallets

Properties of subsoils in relation to various measures of surface area and water content

Properties of three iridovirus-like agents associated with systemic infections of fish

Properties of two high-molecular-mass forms of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from spinach leaf, one of which also possesses latent phosphoribulokinase activity

Properties of two new rice varieties released in India

Prophylactic and therapeutic effects of phosphonoformate against feline leukemia virus in vitro

Prophylactic efficacy of four antibacterial shampoos against Staphylococcus intermedius in dogs

Prophylactic miconazole oral gel for the prevention of neonatal fungal rectal colonization and systemic infection

Prophylactic oral acyclovir in outbreaks of primary herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in a closed community

Propionate inhibits hepatocyte lipid synthesis

Propionate lowers blood glucose and alters lipid metabolism in healthy subjects

Propionic acid disappearance from the foregut and small intestine of the beef steer

Propionic acid production by a propionic acid-tolerant strain of Propionibacterium acidipropionici in batch and semicontinuous fermentation

Proposal for an international interface standard for food databases

Proposals for a new therapeutic strategy for simple Plasmodium falciparum malaria attacks in Cameroon

Proposals for epidemiological surveys of helminthoses aimed at the improvement of livestock production in the tropics

Proposed system of nomenclature for biotypes of Hessian fly (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in North America

Prospective studies on dermatophytosis in cattle

Prospective study of the influence of social factors in childhood on risk of overweight in young adulthood

Prospective study of the safety and financial benefit of ketoconazole as adjunctive therapy to cyclosporine after heart transplantation

Prospective vaccine prepared from a new mutant of Toxoplasma gondii for use in cats

Prospects for an invasion: competition between Aedes albopictus and native Aedes triseriatus

Prospects for cultural and biological control of cowpea pests

Prospects for integrated control of the Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) using Perillus bioculatus (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and various pesticides

Prospects for professional training in farming

Prospects for rainfed agriculture in gullied and ravine catchments through soil and water conservation practices

Prospects for the development of forest protection

Prostaglandin E2 hastens oviductal transport of equine embryos

Prostaglandin E2 secretion by oviductal transport-stage equine embryos

Prostaglandin and fatty acid metabolism in patients with extrahepatic biliary atresia

Prostaglandin concentrations in human milk

Prostatic ductal system in rats: regional variation in morphological and functional activities

Protamine transcript sharing among postmeiotic spermatids

Protease inhibitor content of human dietary samples

Protease inhibitors from ripened and unripened bananas

Protease sensitivity and nuclease resistance of the scrapie agent propagated in vitro in neuroblastoma cells

Protease-mediated degradation of lignin peroxidase in liquid cultures of Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Proteases and their involvement in the infection and immobilization of nematodes by the nematophagous fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora

Protecting cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) from fluometuron injury with seed protectants

Protection against Streptococcus equi infection by monoclonal antibodies against an M-like protein

Protection against anthrax with recombinant virus-expressed protective antigen in experimental animals

Protection against chicken leucocytozoonosis provided by immunization with spleen homogenate infected with Leucocytozoon caulleryi

Protection of Nitrosomonas europaea colonizing clay minerals from inhibition by nitrapyrin

Protection of antibodies to major capsid proteins of infectious bursal disease virus in chickens

Protection of chickens against highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H5N2) by recombinant fowlpox viruses

Protection of mice and swine from pseudorabies virus conferred by vaccinia virus-based recombinants

Protection of stored grain by means of carbon dioxide

Protection of transgenic plants expressing the coat protein gene of watermelon mosaic virus II or zucchini yellow mosaic virus against six potyviruses

Protection of western redcedar sapwood from decay

Protection provided by sodium selenite against an oral toxic dose of monensin in broiler chicks

Protective effects of monoclonal antibodies against lethal canine distemper virus infection in mice

Protective efficacy of combined live intranasal and inactivated influenza A virus vaccines in the elderly

Protective epitopes on the fusion protein of respiratory syncytial virus recognized by murine and bovine monoclonal antibodies

Protective immune response against foot-and-mouth disease

Protective immunity against bovine leukaemia virus (BLV) induced in carrier sheep by inoculation with a vaccinia virus-BLV env recombinant: association with cell-mediated immunity

Protective immunity to heartwater (Cowdria ruminantium infection) is acquired after vaccination with in vitro-attenuated rickettsiae

Protective immunity to toxoplasmosis in pigs vaccinated with a nonpersistent strain of Toxoplasma gondii

Protective immunization against the intestinal parasite Eimeria acervulina with recombinant coccidial antigen

Protective local and systemic antibody responses of swine exposed to an aerosol of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 1

Protective murine monoclonal antibodies to Cryptococcus neoformans

Protective properties of floral and nonfloral honeys against digoxin overdosage toxicity

Protein X of Streptococcus agalactiae induces opsonic antibodies in cows

Protein and amino acid quality of feather meals

Protein and energy metabolism with biosynthetic human growth hormone in patients on full intravenous nutritional support

Protein and fiber digestion by steers grazing winter annuals and supplemented with ruminal escape protein

Protein and starch digestion in steers fed feedlot diets differing in extent of protein degradation

Protein changes associated with auxin-induced stimulation and kinetin-induced inhibition of lateral root initiation in lettuce (Lactuca sativa) roots

Protein compositions of mesophyll and paraveinal mesophyll of soybean leaves at various developmental stages

Protein deficiency impairs erythropoiesis in rats by reducing serum erythropoietin concentration and the population size of erythroid precursor cells

Protein deficiency suppresses bone resorption in sheep based on a short-term in vivo bone model

Protein denaturation in dosage forms measured by differential scanning calorimetry

Protein digestion in pigs measured in vitro

Protein insufficiency aggravates the enhanced lipid peroxidation and reduced activities of antioxidative enzymes in rats fed diets high in polyunsaturated fat

Protein kinase C mediates gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist-induced meiotic maturation of follicle-enclosed rabbit oocytes

Protein metabolism in obese subjects during a very-low-energy diet

Protein metabolism in rat gastrocnemius muscle after stimulated chronic concentric exercise

Protein methylation in pea chloroplasts

Protein nutrition and mineral absorption

Protein production and nitrogen utilization by barley cultivars in response to nitrogen fertilizer under varying moisture conditions

Protein quality and quantity influence free amino acid levels in the brain and serum of rats during lactation

Protein requirement of male buffalo calves

Protein requirements for catch-up growth

Protein requirements of adults from an evolutionary perspective

Protein requirements of infants: a reexamination of concepts and approaches

Protein requirements of infants: an operational assessment

Protein requirements of the elderly

Protein sorting to the vacuolar membrane

Protein surface hydrophobicity in raw milk

Protein synthesis in isolated mitochondria of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings

Protein synthesis of muscle fractions from the small intestine in alcohol fed rats

Protein targeting towards the thylakoid lumen of chloroplasts: proper localization of fusion proteins is only observed in vivo

Protein transport into mitochondria is conserved between plant and yeast species

Protein turnover and resting energy expenditure in patients with undernutrition and chronic lung disease

Protein turnover and thermogenesis in response to high-protein and high-carbohydrate feeding in men

Protein turnover in pregnancy

Protein-energy malnutrition and immunological responses

Protein-energy requirements of prepubertal school-age boys determined by using the nitrogen-balance response to a mixed-protein diet

Protein-energy undernutrition and the risk of mortality within 1 y of hospital discharge in a select population of geriatric rehabilitation patients

Proteins and glycoproteins distribution in cyst wall and germinal layer of hydatid cyst

Proteins encoded in the 81.2- to 85.0-map-unit fragment of Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus DNA can be translated in vitro and in Spodoptera frugiperda cells

Proteins of bovine ephemeral fever virus

Proteins of bovine herpesvirus type 4 released into the culture medium of productively infected cells: identification of a 135K glycoprotein involved in viral attachment

Proteins secreted from the early ovine conceptus block the action of prostaglandin F2 alpha on large luteal cells

Proteinuria and renal function in diabetic patients fed a diet moderately restricted in protein

Proteocephalus neglectus as a possible indicator of changes in the ecological balance of aquatic environments

Proteoglycan synthesis and content in articular cartilage and cartilage repair tissue in horses

Proteolysis in ensiled forage legumes that vary in tannin concentration

Proteolysis of quarg manufactured from milk concentrated by ultrafiltration

Proteolytic activation of starch hydrolysis in rice grains

Prothrombin time as an index of mortality in kwashiorkor

Proto-oncogenes of genomic DNA in clinically normal animals of various species

Proton-translocating adenosine triphosphatase activity in lactic acid bacteria

Protoplast and direct genetic transformation experiments in rape

Protoplast formation and regeneration in some lactic acid bacteria

Protoplast-fusion-derived CMS potato cybrids: potential seed-parents for hybrid, true-potato-seeds

Protoporphyrinogen oxidase-inhibiting herbicides

Protozoa and other protists

Proventriculotomy to relieve foreign body impaction in ostriches

Providing access to blacks and Hispanics in dietetics education

Providing crop disaster assistance through a modified deficiency payment program

Provocation tests in extrinsic allergic alveolitis in mushroom workers

Proximate and mineral compositions of local Kuwaiti fast foods

Proximate composition and quality of a hamburger type product made from minced beef and fish protein concentrate

Proximate factors influencing parasitoid progeny allocation

Pruning effects on the cold hardiness of 'Haggerston Gray' Leyland cypress and 'Natchez' crape myrtle

Pruning practices affect yield, yield components, and their distribution in 'Royalty' purple raspberry

Pruritus and behavior of pigs infested by itch mites, Sarcoptes scabiei (Acari: Sarcoptidae)

Pseudomonas aeruginosa hospital strains in surgical wards

Pseudomonas and neutrophil products modify transferrin and lactoferrin to create conditions that favor hydroxyl radical formation

Pseudomonas stutzeri YPL-1 genetic transformation and antifungal mechanism against Fusarium solani, an agent of plant root rot

Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola genomic clones harboring heterologous DNA sequences suppress the same phaseolotoxin-deficient mutants

Pseudorabies virus envelope glycoprotein gI influences both neurotropism and virulence during infection of the rat visual system

Pseudorabies virus envelope glycoproteins gp50 and gII are essential for virus penetration, but only gII is involved in membrane fusion

Pseudorabies virus gIII and bovine herpesvirus 1 gIII share complementary functions

Pseudorabies virus glycoproteins gII and gp50 are essential for virus penetration

Pseudorabies virus mutants lacking the essential glycoprotein gII can be complemented by glycoprotein gI of bovine herpesvirus 1

Pseudorabies virus-induced suppression of major histocompatibility complex class I antigen expression

Psittacosis and arthritis

Psychiatric symptoms in alcoholics attending outpatient treatment

Psychological aspects of obesity and very-low-calorie diets

Psychoneurological aspects of food allergy

Psychrotrophic Bacillus spp. in fluid milk products: a review

Psyllium fiber reduces rise in postprandial glucose and insulin concentrations in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes

Ptb 46 KAU1727, a high-yielding, widely adaptable rice variety from Kerala, India

Puberty and the induction of puberty in female boer goat kids

Pubescence density effects on soybean seed yield and other agronomic traits

Public health concerns in wastewater reuse

Public health implications of the microbial pesticide Bacillus thuringiensis: an epidemiological study, Oregon, 1985-86

Public health significance of upper body adiposity for non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in Mexican Americans

Public policy and constitutional prescription

Public regulation of agricultural biotechnology field tests: economic implications of alternative approaches

Pudendal reflexes and effects of conditioning stimuli in cats

Pulmonary aspergillosis in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Pulmonary complications of combination therapy with cyclophosphamide and prednisone

Pulmonary effects of polyvinyl chloride dust exposure on compounding workers

Pulmonary function and energy expenditure after marked weight loss in obese women: observations before and one year after gastric banding

Pulmonary function and respiratory symptoms in wildland firefighters

Pulmonary hypertension in a group of dairy calves

Pulmonary lesions induced by 3-methylindole and bovine respiratory syncytial virus in calves

Pulmonary manifestations of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Pulmonary particle deposition and airway mucociliary clearance in cold-exposed calves

Pulmonary pathology in severe malaria infection in health and protein deprivation

Pulmonary schistosomiasis resembling acute pulmonary tuberculosis

Pulmonary structure and function in adult dairy cows with an expanded lung field

Pulsatile weight increases in very low birthweight babies appropriate for gestational age

Pulsations in the forest industry

Pulsed radio frequency therapy of experimentally induced arthritis in ponies

Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of SmaI digests of lactococcal genomic DNA, a novel method of strain identification

Purging crawfish in a water spray system

Purification and amino acid sequence of a bitter gourd inhibitor against an acidic amino acid-specific endopeptidase of Streptomyces griseus

Purification and amino acid sequence of lactocin S, a bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus sake L45

Purification and characterisation of soyabean stearoyl-ACP desaturase

Purification and characterization of Helicobacter mustelae urease

Purification and characterization of a 47 kDa protease from Schistosoma mansoni cercarial secretion

Purification and characterization of a 70-kilodalton polyadenylate-binding protein from pea (Pisum sativum)

Purification and characterization of a carboxylesterase involved in insecticide resistance from the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus

Purification and characterization of a cysteine endopeptidase in cotyledons of germinated mung bean seeds

Purification and characterization of a diptericin homologue from Sarcophaga peregrina (flesh fly)

Purification and characterization of a ferredoxin-NADP+ oxidoreductase-like enzyme from radish root tissues

Purification and characterization of a novel antimicrobial peptide from maize (Zea mays L.) kernels

Purification and characterization of a protective antigen from Eimeria tenella

Purification and characterization of a type-I topoisomerase from cultured tobacco cells

Purification and characterization of actin from maize pollen

Purification and characterization of aleurain. A plant thiol protease functionally homologous to mammalian cathepsin H

Purification and characterization of aminopeptidase A from Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis NCDO 712

Purification and characterization of an anaerobically induced alanine aminotransferase from barley roots

Purification and characterization of an antifungal chitinase from Arabidopsis thaliana

Purification and characterization of an endopeptidase from Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris Wg2

Purification and characterization of an endoxylanase from Trichoderma koningii G-39

Purification and characterization of cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase from tobacco stems

Purification and characterization of dihydrodipicolinate synthase from pea

Purification and characterization of galactinol synthase from mature zucchini squash leaves

Purification and characterization of glutathione S-transferases of Eoreuma loftini and Diatraea saccharalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Purification and characterization of invertase isozymes from bamboo shoots

Purification and characterization of isoperoxidases elicited by Aspergillus flavus in cotton ovule cultures

Purification and characterization of macromolecules associated with heteroagglutinating activity in buffalo serum

Purification and characterization of mono- and diacylglycerol lipase isolated from Penicillium camembertii U-150

Purification and characterization of ornithine transcarbamylase from pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Purification and characterization of pea chloroplastic phosphoriboisomerase

Purification and characterization of pea cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase

Purification and characterization of polyamine oxidase from Ascaris suum

Purification and characterization of recombinant equine infectious anemia virus reverse transcriptase

Purification and characterization of retrovirally transduced hematopoietic stem cells

Purification and characterization of soybean root nodule ferric leghemoglobin reductase

Purification and characterization of the free form of the lactococcal extracellular proteinase and its autoproteolytic cleavage products

Purification and characterization of the higher plant enzyme L-canaline reductase

Purification and characterization of zein-degrading proteases from endosperm of germinating maize seeds

Purification and comparison of corticosteroid-induced and intestinal isoenzymes of alkaline phosphatase in dogs

Purification and developmental analysis of a metalloendoproteinase from the leaves of Glycine max

Purification and developmental analysis of the major anionic peroxidase from the seed coat of Glycine max

Purification and immunohistochemical detection of an embryogenic cell protein in carrot

Purification and partial characterization of a novel lectin from elder (Sambucus nigra L.) fruit

Purification and partial characterization of an intracellular NADH:quinone oxidoreductase from Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Purification and partial characterization of extracellular liposomes isolated from the hyperlipidemic rabbit aorta

Purification and partial characterization of lactacin F, a bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus acidophilus 11088

Purification and partial characterization of rice transitory yellowing virus

Purification and partial sequence analysis of plant annexins

Purification and properties of acid phosphatases from axes and cotyledons of germinating soybeans

Purification and properties of an organophosphorus acid anhydrase from a halophilic bacterial isolate

Purification and properties of arginase from soybean, Glycine max, axes

Purification and properties of catechol 1,2-dioxygenase from Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viceae USDA 2370

Purification and properties of closteroviruslike particles associated with grapevine corky bark disease

Purification and properties of glutamine synthetase in leaves and roots of Pinus banksiana Lamb

Purification and properties of malonyl-CoA synthetase from Rhizobium japonicum

Purification and properties of pentachlorophenol hydroxylase, a flavoprotein from Flavobacterium sp. strain ATCC 39723

Purification and properties of putrescine hydroxycinnamoyl transferase from tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) cell suspensions

Purification and properties of spherical virus particles associated with grapevine ajinashika disease

Purification and properties of two xylanases from Aspergillus oryzae

Purification and serological characterization of three basic 15-kilodalton pathogenesis-related proteins from tomato

Purification and some properties of Candida albicans DNA polymerases

Purification and some properties of a Daucus carota lectin which enhances the activation of prophenoloxidase by CaCl2

Purification and some properties of tomato yellow top virus

Purification of Agaricus bisporus extracellular laccase from mushroom compost

Purification of Biotype 1 population of brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (Homoptera: Delphacidae)

Purification of a mitochondrial DNA polymerase from Crithidia fasciculata

Purification of an embryotrophic factor from commercial bovine serum albumin and its identification as citrate

Purification of antigenic protein of sparganum by immunoaffinity chromatography using a monoclonal antibody

Purification of listeriolysin O and development of an immunoassay for diagnosis of listeric infections in sheep

Purification of swine haptoglobin by affinity chromatography

Purification of transferrins and lactoferrin using DEAE Affi-Gel Blue

Purification, characterization and serological detection of virus-like particles associated with banana bunchy top disease in Australia

Purification, characterization, and mode of action of endoxylanases 1 and 2 from Fibrobacter succinogenes S85

Purification, characterization, and molecular cloning of a 60-kDa phosphoprotein in rabbit skeletal sarcoplasmic reticulum which is an isoform of phosphoglucomutase

Purification, properties and influence of dietary copper on accumulation and functional activity of lysyl oxidase in rat skin

Purification, properties, and sequence specificity of SslI, a new type II restriction endonuclease from Streptococcus salivarius subsp. thermophilus

Purification, structure, and characterization of caltrin proteins from seminal vesicle of the rat and mouse

Purified first and third trimester placental trophoblasts differ in in vitro hormone secretion

Purity study of imported leguminous cover crops

Pushcart mounted rotary applicator for infesting plants with the larvae of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Put-call parity and arbitrage bounds for options on grain futures

Putative diploid ancestors of 80-chromosome Glycine tabacina

Putative neurotransmitters in two monogeneans

Putative new expression of genes in ixodid tick salivary gland development during feeding

Putative receptor for the plant growth hormone auxin identified and characterized by anti-idiotypic antibodies

Putrescine content parallels ammonia and arginine metabolism in developing flowers of the 'Washington' navel orange

Pyracantha coccinea 'Kasan' and 'Lalandei' response to uniconazole and chlormequat chloride

Pyrethroid modifications of the activation and inactivation kinetics of the sodium channels in squid giant axons

Pyrethroid resistance and synergism in a field strain of the German cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)

Pyrethroid resistance in the tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) sterile hybrid strain

Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate and pyridoxal biokinetics in male Wistar rats fed graded levels of vitamin B-6

Pyridoxine deficiency and requirement in mule ducklings

Pyrimethamine concentrations in serum during treatment of acute murine experimental toxoplasmosis

Pyrophosphate fructose-6-P 1-phosphotransferase from tomato fruit. Evidence for change during ripening

Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase in soybean nodules. Comparison of the enzymes in host cytosol, Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacteroids, and cultures

Pyruvate carboxylase in genetic obesity

Pyruvate is transported by a proton symport in Lactobacillus plantarum 8014

Pyruvate kinase activity and protein concentration in 'd'Anjou' pear fruit with cork spot

Quackgrass (Elytrigia repens) interference in canola (Brassica campestris)

Quadratic utility and linear mean-variance: a pedagogic note

Qualitative and quantitative changes in protein synthesis of bovine follicular cells during the preovulatory period

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of aerobic microflora of the colon in bilharzial patients before and after praziquantel therapy

Qualitative characterization of oligosaccharide chains present on the rat zona pellucida glycoconjugates

Qualitative estimation of wheat grain damages occurring in the combine harvester

Qualitative forecast evaluation: a comparison of two performance measures

Qualitative structure activity relationship studies on phytocidal action of benzimidazole derivatives

Quality and storage of 'Granny Smith' and 'Greenspur' apples on seedling, M.26, and MM.111 rootstocks

Quality aspects of Actinidia deliciosa fruits coming from different Italian districts

Quality aspects of palm oil

Quality aspects of some Actinidia deliciosa crosses

Quality attributes of strawberry varieties suitable for mechanical harvest

Quality changes in asparagus spears stored in a flow-through CA system or in consumer packages

Quality characteristics of the Langdon durum-dicoccoides chromosome substitution lines

Quality constituents of wheat as influenced by rates and methods of nitrogen application

Quality criteria for reclaimed water

Quality criteria of apples

Quality criteria of pepper grades from pure cultivars

Quality effects of current roller-gin lint cleaning

Quality estimation criteria for mineralized waters used for soil irrigation

Quality of air-dried paulownia lumber

Quality of carambolas subjected to postharvest hot water immersion and vapor heat treatments

Quality of food and voluntary intake by elephant as measured by lignin index

Quality of mango fruits due to ringing of fruit bearing shoots and auxin application on leaves of ringed shoots

Quality of stored 'Marsh' and 'Ruby Red' grapefruit after high-temperature, forced-air treatment

Quality of survivals on conservative neonatal care

Quality traits of different varieties and correlations among them in wheat

Quality variation and quantity aggregation in consumer demand for food

Quantification of Rickettsia australis

Quantification of abscisic acid in wheat leaf tissue by direct enzyme immunoassay

Quantification of blueberry shoestring virus RNA and antigen in its aphid vector, Illinoia pepperi, during acquisition, retention, and transmission

Quantification of bovine IgG in milk using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Quantification of cluster size and low ambient temperature relationships in the honey bee

Quantification of factors influencing potato late blight suppression and selection for metalaxyl resistance in Phytophthora infestans: a simulation approach

Quantification of intraruminal recycling of microbial nitrogen using nitrogen-15

Quantification of nutrient supply of forest soils in site evaluation studies

Quantification of ovarian steroidogenesis in the domestic fowl by incubation of intact large follicles

Quantification of particle uptake by conjunctiva-associated lymphoid tissue (CALT) in chickens

Quantification of temperature effects on stem elongation in poinsettia

Quantification of the relationship between sheath blight severity and yield loss in rice

Quantifying denitrification on a field scale in hummocky terrain

Quantifying gains to risk diversification using certainty equivalence in a mean-variance model: an application to Florida citrus

Quantifying rice-leaf blast BI genetic relationship via the receptivity factor

Quantifying the effects of adjustment on the field performance of a combine cleaner

Quantitation of bovine immunoglobulins in culture fluids by use of sandwich radioimmunoassay with monoclonal antibodies

Quantitation of canine plasma von Willebrand factor antigen using a commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Quantitation of energy expenditure by infrared thermography

Quantitation of folic acid enhancement of antifolate synergism

Quantitation of gibberellins A1, A3, A4, A9 and a putative A9-conjugate in grafts of Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) during the period of shoot elongation

Quantitation of protein in entomocidal Bacillus thuringiensis crystals by immunochemical methods

Quantitation of rates of transport, metabolic fluxes, and cytoplasmic levels of inorganic carbon in maize root tips during K+ ion uptake

Quantitation of transient gene expression after electroporation

Quantitative analysis of a cross between populations and their derived generations

Quantitative analysis of cold hardening and dehardening in Lolium

Quantitative and morphological studies on starch of apple fruit during development

Quantitative and qualitative changes in blood leukocytes in the porcine ovary

Quantitative and qualitative properties of host polymorphonuclear cells during experimentally induced Staphylococcus aureus mastitis in cows

Quantitative assessment of mesangial immunoglobulin A (IgA) accumulation, elevated circulating IgA immune complexes, and hematuria during vomitoxin-induced IgA nephropathy

Quantitative assessment of the effects of metals on microbial degradation of organic chemicals

Quantitative cell composition of human and bovine corpora lutea from various reproductive states

Quantitative changes in dietary fat intake and serum cholesterol in women: results from a randomized, controlled trial

Quantitative comparison of pathways of hepatic glycogen repletion in fed and fasted humans

Quantitative comparison of the laboratory and field competitiveness of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar phaseoli

Quantitative comparison of two enrichment methods for isolating Listeria monocytogenes from seafoods

Quantitative determination of a peanut anionic peroxidase by specific monoclonal antibodies

Quantitative determination of linoleic acid in infant formulas

Quantitative determination of pyrethrins by rapid high performance liquid chromatographic analysis

Quantitative determination of total sulfur in plant tissues using acid digestion and ion-chromatography

Quantitative effects of soil depth and soil and fertilizer nitrogen on nitrogen uptake by tall fescue and switchgrass

Quantitative electroencephalography in dogs anesthetized with 2.0% end-tidal concentration of isoflurane anesthesia

Quantitative estimation of proteins in the presence of phenolic compounds: viability of the dye-binding assay

Quantitative evaluation of epicuticular wax alterations as induced by surfactant treatment

Quantitative evaluation of microorganisms in permafrost deposits and buried soils

Quantitative evaluation of the remodeling response of the proximal sesamoid bones to training-related stimuli in Thoroughbreds

Quantitative fluorometry of abnormal mouse sperm nuclei

Quantitative fractionation of caprine casein by cation-exchange FPLC

Quantitative genetic analysis of fruit quality in pear

Quantitative genetic analysis of larval resistance to cypermethrin in tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Quantitative genetic analysis of pathogenicity and virulence of Moesziomyces penicillariae

Quantitative genetic variation in body size of mice from new mutations

Quantitative genetics of yield breeding for Populus short rotation culture. I. Dynamics of genetic control and selection model of yield traits

Quantitative influence of lysine and energy intake on yield of milk components in the primiparous sow

Quantitative method for analysis of grain yield in rice

Quantitative nephelometric assay for determining myoglobin evaluated

Quantitative quality tests for frozen fish: soluble protein and free fatty acid content as quality criteria for hake (Merluccius capensis) stored at -18 degrees C

Quantitative relationships between cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate and lipolysis in adipose tissue during the peripartum period

Quantitative resistance to Pyrenophora teres f. teres in barley

Quantitative structure activity relationship in diphenyl ureas for insect growth regulating activity

Quantitative survivorship analysis of the velvetbean caterpillar (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) pupae in soybean fields in Louisiana

Quantitative urinalysis in kittens from four to thirty weeks after birth

Quantitative variation of wheat proteins from grain at different stages of maturity and from different spike locations

Quantitatively determined self-incompatibility. 3. Genetical variability in Borago officinalis

Quasi-experimental designs for measuring impacts of developmental highways in rural areas

Queen honey bee mandibular pheromone does not affect worker ovary development

Questionnaire screening in opisthorchiasis

Quick blots and nonradioactive detection of DNA probes for the identification of mosquitoes

Quick method of determination of organic carbon in soil

Quinone-methide, phenolic and related triterpenoids of plants of Celastraceae: further evidence for the structure of celastranhydride

Quizalofop and sethoxydim activity as affected by adjuvants and ammonium fertilizers

R51163 as a sedative for handling and transporting plains bison and wapiti

RFLP's for somatotropic genes identify quantitative trait loci for growth in mice

RNA editing in tobacco chloroplasts leads to the formation of a translatable psbL mRNA by a C to U substitution within the initiation codon

RNA editing in trans-splicing intron sequences of nad2 mRNAs in Oenothera mitochondria

RNA editing of wheat mitochondrial ATP synthase subunit 9: direct protein and cDNA sequencing

RNA-1 dependent seed transmissibility of cucumber mosaic virus in Phaseolus vulgaris

RNase P RNA in Candida glabrata mitochondria is transcribed with substrate tRNAs

RRNA-based method for sensitive detection of Babesia bigemina in bovine blood

Rabbit encephalitozoonosis in Kenya

Rabbit relaxin: the influence of pregnancy and ovariectomy during pregnancy on the plasma profile

Rabies virus infection and transport in human sensory dorsal root ganglia neurons

Rabies virus neuritic paralysis: immunopathogenesis of nonfatal paralytic rabies

Raccoon poxvirus recombinants expressing the rabies virus nucleoprotein protect mice against lethal rabies virus infection

Race and birth weight: the Chinese example

Race composition and pathogenicity associations of Rhynchosporium secalis in California

Race composition of Meloidogyne incognita and M. arenaria populations in vegetable fields in Uttar Pradesh

Racial diversity of black locust in growth rate and in susceptibility to the locust twig borer

Ractopamine increases total and myofibrillar protein synthesis in cultured rat myotubes

Radar-based in-field distance marking

Radial analysis of duodenal motility recordings in humans

Radial velocity profiles of water flow in trunks of Norway spruce and oak and the response of spruce to severing

Radiation effects on rice plants at the panicle primordia stage of plant development

Radiation interception in field grown soybeans measured by integrated solarimeter films

Radiation use efficiency among cotton cultivars

Radiation use efficiency of an old and a new maize hybrid

Radio-resistance of some bacterial pathogens in soft-shell clams (Mya arenaria) and mussels (Mytilus edulis)

Radioimmunoassay for the quantitative determination of galanthamine

Radioimmunoassay of a bovine pregnancy-associated glycoprotein in serum: its application for pregnancy diagnosis

Radioimmunoassay of parathyroid hormone in cats

Radiologic findings of clonorchiasis

Radiological detection of ethmoid carcinoma in cattle

Radiologically visible gallbladder calcification due to schistosomiasis

Rain energy and soil amendments effects on infiltration and erosion of three different soil types

Rain splash dispersal of Colletotrichum acutatum from infected strawberry fruit

Rainfall distribution under a corn canopy: implications for managing agrochemicals

Rainfall simulation for evaluating agrochemical surface loss

Rainfastness of insecticide deposits on loblolly pine foliage and the efficacy of adjuvants in preventing washoff

Ram influence on ovarian and sexual activity in anestrous ewes: effects of isolation of ewes from rams before joining and date of ram introduction

Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of Heterodera cruciferae and H. schachtii populations

Random amplified polymorphic DNA markers: a system for identifying and differentiating isolates of Colletotrichum graminicola

Randomised controlled trial of cardioprotective diet in patients with recent acute myocardial infarction: results of one year follow up

Randomized clinical trial of norfloxacin for shigellosis

Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of iron supplementation in infants with low hemoglobin levels fed iron-fortified formula

Rangeland grasshopper (Orthoptera: Acrididae) community structure: a working hypothesis

Rank comparisons of unadapted maize populations by testers and per se evaluation

Rapeseed mutants with reduced levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids and increased levels of oleic acid

Rapid activation of phenylpropanoid metabolism in elicitor-treated hybrid poplar (Populus trichocarpa Torr. & Gray X Populus deltoides Marsh) suspension-cultured cells

Rapid and automated characterisation of seed genotype using Micrograd electrophoresis and pattern-matching software

Rapid and biologically safe diagnosis of African swine fever virus infection by using polymerase chain reaction

Rapid and nondestructive method for detecting composition changes in wheat germplasm accessions

Rapid and reliable protocol for direct sequencing of material amplified by the polymerase chain reaction

Rapid and sensitive assay for fluconazole which uses gas chromatography with electron capture detection

Rapid antigenic-type replacement and DNA sequence evolution of canine parvovirus

Rapid chromatographic analysis of fatty acid anilides suspected of causing toxic oil syndrome

Rapid confirmation of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from foods by a colony blot assay using a digoxigenin-labeled synthetic oligonucleotide probe

Rapid de novo generation of defective interfering RNA by cucumber necrosis virus mutants that do not express the 20-kDa nonstructural protein

Rapid detection and identification of avian infectious bronchitis virus

Rapid detection of Salmonella in foods using EF-18 agar in conjunction with the hydrophobic grid membrane filter

Rapid detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus by polymerase chain reaction

Rapid detection of psychrotrophic bacteria in manufacturing grade raw milks

Rapid detection of yeasts in quarg

Rapid determination of abamectin in lettuce and cucumber using high performance liquid chromatography

Rapid determination of free and esterified sterols using prepacked silica columns

Rapid determination of protein and fat content of poultry meats by spectrophotometry

Rapid diagnosis of pertussis

Rapid ethylene production in soybean in response to the cupric ion

Rapid evaluation of juvenile sorghum for tolerance to soil acidity

Rapid identification of bovine rotavirus by electrophoresis in agarose gel

Rapid identification of cytokinins by an immunological method

Rapid identification of dengue virus serotypes by using polymerase chain reaction

Rapid identification of maize stripe virus

Rapid image analysis screening procedure for identifying chloroplast number mutants in mesophyll cells of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh

Rapid immunological detection of potato viruses in plant tissue squashes

Rapid in situ assay for indoleacetic acid production by bacteria immobilized on a nitrocellulose membrane

Rapid isolation and measurement of adenosine triphosphate levels in corn embryos germinated at suboptimal temperatures

Rapid leaf growth in wheat and its links with flowering

Rapid magnetic microsphere enzyme immunoassay for potato virus X and potato leafroll virus

Rapid measurement of crop canopy cover

Rapid measurement of diffusion of gas through the skin of apple fruits

Rapid methane oxidation in a landfill cover soil

Rapid method for determination of leucogentian violet in chicken fat by liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Rapid method for determining amylose using a microplate reader

Rapid method for direct extraction of DNA from soil and sediments

Rapid method for direct extraction of mRNA from seeded soils

Rapid method for processing soil samples for polymerase chain reaction amplification of specific gene sequences

Rapid method of evaluating maize for sheath-collar feeding resistance to the European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Rapid method to characterize lactococcal bacteriophage genomes

Rapid microscopic detection of malaria parasites permanently fluorochrome stained in blood smears with aluminum and morin

Rapid modulation of spinach leaf nitrate reductase by photosynthesis. II. In vitro modulation by ATP and AMP

Rapid multiplication of mango by epicotyl grafting

Rapid on-site immunoassay systems. Agricultural and environmental applications

Rapid orocecal transit in chronically active persons with high energy intake

Rapid production methods for Ottawa-3 rootstock and branched apple nursery stock

Rapid purification and thermostability of the cytoplasmic aspartate aminotransferase from carrot suspension cultures

Rapid purification of a 110-kilodalton hemolysin of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae by monoclonal antibody-affinity chromatography

Rapid robust method for measuring low concentrations of albumin in urine

Rapid screening for rice tungro resistance using viruliferous green leafhopper GLH nymphs

Rapid screening techniques for lipoxygenases in soybean seeds

Rapid spectrophotometric determination of plasma carnitine concentrations

Rapid testing of salinity effects on pistachio seedling rootstocks

Rapid, quantitative HPLC analysis of Asclepias fruticosa L. and Danaus plexippus L. cardenolides

Rapidly evolving associations among oviposition preferences fail to constrain evolution of insect diet

Rat interscapular brown adipose tissue at different ages: a morphometric study

Rat intestinal iron transfer capacity and the longitudinal distribution of its adaptation to iron deficiency

Rat model of congenital toxoplasmosis

Rat small intestinal morphology and tissue regulatory peptides: effects of high dietary fat

Rate and amount of weight gain during adolescent pregnancy: associations with maternal weight-for-height and birth weight

Rate and concentration dependence of parathyroid hormone dynamics during stepwise changes in serum ionized calcium in normal humans

Rate and depth of sapwood occlusion following inoculation of pines with bluestain fungi

Rate and extent of ruminal degradation of crude protein from selected feedstuffs used in cattle feedlots as measured by the in sacco technique

Rate and uniformity of herbaceous perennial seed germination and emergence as affected by priming

Rate of decline in hatchability with preincubation storage of chicken eggs depends on genetic strain

Rate of germination and seedling growth of perennial ryegrass seed following osmoconditioning

Rate of production of protozoa in the rumen and the flow of protozoal nitrogen to the duodenum in sheep and cattle given a pelleted diet of lucerne hay and barley

Rate of proliferation and efficiency of rhizogenesis of sour cherry cultures recultured in vitro for several years

Rates of soil chemical changes with eleven annual applications of cattle feedlot manure

Rates of spore transmission, mortality, and production for the nematophagous fungus Hirsutella rhossiliensis

Rates of thermal inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes in beef and fermented beaker sausage

Ratio between virtual and visual lesion size as a measure to describe reduction in leaf photosynthesis of rice due to leaf blast

Rational approach to glucose taste chemoreceptor inhibitors as novel insect antifeedants

Rational attenuation of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis: potential cheesy gland vaccine and live delivery vehicle

Rational thinning in negligently tended pine stands

Rationales for the establishment of limits and regulations for mycotoxins

Ratios and indexes in nematode taxonomy

Ratooning ability of deepwater rice and ratoon crop herbage production

Ratooning ability of some rice cultivars and hybrids

Raw milk as a source of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus and enterotoxins in consumer milk

Raw soybeans stimulate human pancreatic proteinase secretion

Re-evaluation of the synonymy between Keratinomyces ceretanicus and Trichophyton ajelloi

Reaction of 578 spring spelt wheat accessions to 35 races of wheat stem rust

Reaction of Prunus rootstocks to Meloidogyne incognita and M. arenaria in Spain

Reaction of Trifolium repens cultivars and germplasms to Meloidogyne incognita

Reaction of a group of related wheat species (AABB genome and an AABBDD) to stem rust

Reaction of cucurbit species to squash leaf curl virus and sweetpotato whitefly

Reaction of rice cultivars from Ifugao Province, Philippines, to indigenous strains of the bacterial blight BB pathogen

Reaction of rice cultivars to rice hispa

Reaction of rice cultures and varieties to rice tungro disease

Reaction of rice germplasm to leaf blast Bl in West Bengal

Reaction of rice varieties and selections to blast in the uniform blast nurseries

Reaction of rice varieties to whitebacked planthopper WBPH Sogatella furcifera in the greenhouse

Reaction of seedborne soyabean fungal pathogens to cercosporin

Reaction of some wheat cultivars and lines to flag smut

Reaction of summer and winter rice cultivars to hispa in Assam, India

Reaction of winter oat germ plasm to an epidemic of oat powdery mildew

Reaction products formed in NPK fertilizer mixtures during storage

Reaction products of nitrophosphate fertilizers in different soils

Reactions between aluminum and sulfate in dilute nutrient solutions with varying degrees of hydrolysis

Reactions of promising rice cultivars to gall midge GM

Reactions of rice varieties to rice moth Sitotroga cerealella

Reactivation of the chloroplast CF1-ATPase beta subunit by trace amounts of the CF1 alpha subunit suggests a chaperonin-like activity for CF1 alpha

Reactivation of the lactoperoxidase system during raw milk storage and its effect on the characteristics of pasteurized milk

Reactivity of deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) monoclonal antibody towards putative trichothecene precursors and shunt metabolites

Reactivity of monoclonal antibodies to the 41-kilodalton protein of porcine group C rotavirus with homologous and heterologous rotavirus serogroups in immunofluorescence tests

Ready-to-assemble furniture: marketing and material use trends

Real time image digitizing system for measurement of air bubbles

Realimentation of dehydrated children with acute diarrhea: comparison of cow's milk to a chicken-based formula

Rearing history affects demography of greenbugs (Homoptera: Aphididae) on corn and grain sorghum

Rearrangement of immunoglobulin light chain genes in the chicken occurs prior to colonization of the embryonic bursa of Fabricius

Rearrangements of microtubules involved in establishing cell division planes start immediately after DNA synthesis and are completed just before mitosis

Reassessing the effects of simple carbohydrates on the serum triglyceride responses to fat meals

Reassessment of body mass indices

Reassessment of trans fatty acid availability in the US diet

Reassessment of vegetative compatibility relationships among strains of Verticillium dahliae using nitrate-nonutilizing mutants

Recall of a child's intake from one meal: are parents accurate?

Recalled estimates of food portion size

Recent advances in the central control of intake in ruminants

Recent declines in breast-feeding in the United States, 1984 through 1989

Recent developments in sheep farming

Recent developments regarding the influence of soil surface characteristics on overland flow and erosion

Recent population trends of Chilo suppressalis in temperate and subtropical Asia

Recent progress in the study of agricultural mites

Recent studies on regulation of gastric motility in turkeys

Recently acquired syphilis in the elderly population

Receptors and transduction mechanisms for sweet taste: an overview

Receptors on the brush border membrane of the insect midgut as determinants of the specificity of Bacillus thuringiensis delta-endotoxins

Recessive inherited doubling of the chicken's uropygial gland papilla

Reciprocal grafts of standard and dwarf peach alter dry-matter partitioning and root physiology

Reciprocal movement of grape phylloxera (Homoptera: Phylloxeridae) alates and crawlers between two differentially phylloxera-resistant grape cultivars

Reciprocal phenotype alterations between two satellite RNAs of cucumber mosaic virus

Reciprocal recurrent selection for feed efficiency in laying hens

Reciprocal responses to exercise in hepatic ketogenesis and lipid secretion in the rat

Reciprocal yield analysis of red rice (Oryza sativa) competition in cultivated rice

Recirculated sand culture for tomato under protected cultivation

Recirculation-type anaerobic fermentation of agricultural wastes with biogas production

Reclamation and reuse of wastewater by biological aerated filter process

Reclamation of a failed subsurface drainage system on an unstable clay soil

Reclamation of saline soils adjacent to rehabilitated irrigation canals

Recognition of acoustic signals in sympatric species of locusts

Recognition of different domains of the Plasmodium falciparum CS protein by the sera of naturally infected individuals compared with those of sporozoite-immunized volunteers

Recognizing interactions among lumber grading rules, gang-ripping technology, and industry needs could increase the use of No. 2 Common lumber

Recombinant DNA probe detecting Eperythrozoon suis in swine blood

Recombinant bovine somatotropin improves growth performance in finishing beef steers

Recombinant derivatives of Pasteurella multocida toxin: candidates for a vaccine against progressive atrophic rhinitis

Recombinant fowlpox viruses expressing the glycoprotein B homolog and the pp38 gene of Marek's disease virus

Recombinant porcine somatotropin alters performance and carcass characteristics of heavyweight swine and swine fed alternative feedstuffs

Recombinant porcine somatotropin for sows during late gestation and throughout lactation

Recombinant vaccine for canine parvovirus in dogs

Recombination and the evolution of diploidy

Recombination in the B chromosome of maize to produce A-B-A chromosomes

Recombination of pseudorabies virus vaccine strains in swine

Recommended methods for the determination of residues of pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide

Reconciling water-use efficiencies of cotton in field and laboratory

Reconstitution of the tonoplast amino-acid carrier into liposomes. Evidence for an ATP-regulated carrier in different species

Reconstitution of tracheal grafts with a genetically modified epithelium

Reconstructed development of stem production and foliage mass and its vertical distribution in Japanese larch

Reconstruction of trachea with homologous diaphragmatic transplant in goats

Recovery from osteopenia in adolescent girls with anorexia nervosa

Recovery of 'Zinfandel' grapevines from feeding damage by Willamette spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae): implications for economic injury level studies in perennial crops

Recovery of Athelia bombacina from apple leaf litter

Recovery of Salmonella from frozen shrimp: evaluation of short-term selective enrichment, selective media, postenrichment, and a rapid immunodiffusion method

Recovery of Salmonella from high-moisture foods by abbreviated selective enrichment

Recovery of flavor enhancers from vanilla pod residues by fermentation

Recovery of metal ions by microfungal filters

Recovery of point-injected labeled nitrogen by corn as affected by timing, rate, and tillage

Recovery of tomato plants from ozone injury

Recruitment and maturation of small subsets of luteinizing hormone gonadotropes during the estrous cycle

Rectal infusion and aspiration of material through the guts of ixodid ticks (Acari: Ixodidae)

Rectal palpation and transmission of bovine leukemia virus in dairy cattle

Rectovaginal fistula with atresia ani in three kittens

Recurrent mass selection based on selfed-plant evaluation in allogamous species

Recurrent restricted phenotypic selection for yield alters morphology and yield of Pensacola bahiagrass

Recurrent selection for black shank resistance in a synthetic tobacco population

Recurrent selection for glyphosate tolerance in birdsfoot trefoil

Recurrent selection for protein yield of oat

Recurrent selection for resistance to Exserohilum turcicum in eight subtropical maize populations

Recurrent selfed progeny selection for yield in soybean using genetic male sterility

Recycling of docosahexaenoic acid in rat retinas during n-3 fatty acid deficiency

Recycling of dried buffalo manure in broiler rations

Red blood cell uptake of supplemental folate in patients on anticonvulsant drug therapy

Red imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) control with a corn grit bait of fenoxycarb without soybean oil

Red light-independent instability of oat phytochrome mRNA in vivo

Red spruce rhizosphere dynamics: spatial distribution of aluminum and zinc in the near-root soil zone

Red-breasted nuthatches detect early increases in spruce budworm populations

Redial generations of Fasciola gigantica in the pulmonate snail Lymnaea truncatula

Redistributing income back to European Community consumers and taxpayers through the Common Agricultural Policy

Redox potential as an indicator of electron availability for microbial activity and nitrogen transformations in aerobic soil

Redox-modulation of chloroplast enzymes. A common principle for individual control

Redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus) and barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) interference in potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)

Reduced Empoasca fabae (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) density in oat-alfalfa intercrop systems

Reduced animal model with differential genetic grouping for direct and maternal effects

Reduced azole susceptibility of oral isolates of Candida albicans from HIV-positive patients and a derivative exhibiting colony morphology variation

Reduced bactericidal activity in neutrophils from scorbutic animals and the effect of ascorbic acid on these target bacteria in vivo and in vitro

Reduced cardiac selenium content in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Reduced cortisol secretion in patients with iron deficiency

Reduced erythrocyte deformability as a possible contributing factor to pulmonary hypertension and ascites in broiler chickens

Reduced erythrocyte superoxide dismutase activity in low birth weight infants given iron supplements

Reduced glutathione protects cultured gastric mucosal cells from suckling rats against acid

Reduced lymphocyte responses to mitogens in natural and experimental trichomoniasis

Reduced mature size in progeny of swine severely restricted in protein intake during pregnancy

Reduced myelination in rat pups due to prenatal iron deprivation

Reduced osmotic thirst in healthy elderly men

Reduced phosphorus application on bahiagrass and water quality

Reduced postprandial skeletal muscle blood flow contributes to glucose intolerance in human obesity

Reduced rates and multiple sprays of paclobutrazol control growth and improve fruit quality of 'Delicious' apples

Reduced renal toxicity and improved clinical tolerance of amphotericin B mixed with Intralipid compared with conventional amphotericin B in neutropenic patients

Reduced respiratory carbon dioxide efflux during growth at elevated carbon dioxide in three herbaceous perennial species

Reduced row spacing for improved wheat yields in weed-free and weed-infested fields

Reduced selenium status of patients with asthma

Reduced splash dispersal of bovine parasitic nematodes from cow pats by the dung beetle Diastellopalpus quinquedens

Reduced steady-state levels of rbcS mRNA in plants kept in the dark are due to differential degradation

Reducing drinking water sodium concentrations did not influence adolescent blood pressure

Reducing forage harvester peak power with a flywheel

Reducing heat stress in dairy cows through sprinkler and fan cooling

Reducing height and lodging in rapeseed with growth regulators

Reducing parenteral energy and protein intake improves metabolic homeostasis after bone marrow transplantation

Reducing pollen moisture simplifies long-term storage of pecan pollen

Reducing total dietary fat without reducing saturated fatty acids does not significantly lower total plasma cholesterol concentrations in normal males

Reducing-diet and exercise-training effects on serum lipids and lipoproteins in mildly obese women

Reduction in aflatoxin content of maize by atoxigenic strains of Aspergillus flavus

Reduction in age of puberty in gilts consuming melatonin during decreasing or increasing daylength

Reduction in egg viability resulting from infestations on cattle of hybridized Boophilus ticks and B. microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) at various ratios

Reduction in endometrial neutrophils in proximity to implanting rat blastocysts

Reduction in insecticide use associated with cotton resistant to pink bollworm

Reduction in mammary tumorigenesis in the rat by cabbage and cabbage residue

Reduction in the antibacterial effect of oxytetracycline in sea water by complex formation with magnesium and calcium

Reduction in the rate and duration of grain growth in wheat due to stem rust and leaf rust

Reduction in yield of winter wheat in North Carolina due to powdery mildew and leaf rust

Reduction of Campylobacter jejuni colonization of chicks by cecum-colonizing bacteria producing anti-C. jejuni metabolites

Reduction of adenosine triphosphate in eggs of Fuller rose beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) induced by lethal temperature and methyl bromide

Reduction of chloroplast DNA content in Solanum nigrum suspension cells by treatment with chloroplast DNA synthesis inhibitors

Reduction of deep aquifer withdrawals for overhead-irrigated strawberry production using a runoff recovery system

Reduction of hardseededness in mungbean by short duration high temperature treatment

Reduction of herbicide phytotoxicity on upland rice by use of protectants

Reduction of insect infestation and fungal infection by cultural practice in date gardens

Reduction of insecticide activity by carbon residue produced by burning grass seed fields after harvest

Reduction of intestinal viscosity through manipulation of dietary rye and pentosanase concentration is effected through changes in the carbohydrate composition of the intestinal aqueous phase and resu

Reduction of iron (Fe3+ to Fe2+) by tumorous crown gall cells of sunflower

Reduction of lipoprotein (a) by weight loss

Reduction of nitrate in aquifer microcosms by carbon additions

Reduction of nitrate in leaves of tomato during vegetative growth

Reduction of nitroaromatic compounds by anaerobic bacteria isolated from the human gastrointestinal tract

Reduction of phytotoxicity in polyurethane foam-containing potting media

Reduction of the intake of food and water is responsible for reduction of litter growth when dams are treated with a progesterone antagonist

Reductions in yield of processing tomatoes and incidence of bacterial canker

Reductive dechlorination of high concentrations of tetrachloroethene to ethene by an anaerobic enrichment culture in the absence of methanogenesis

Redvine (Brunnichia ovata) germination and emergence

Reexamination of protein requirements in adult male humans by end-product measurements of leucine and lysine metabolism

Reexamination of series relationships of Mexican and Central American wild potatoes (Solanum sect. Petota): evidence from chloroplast DNA restriction site variation

Reexamination of the acid growth theory of auxin action

Reexamination of the relationship of resting metabolic rate to fat-free mass and to the metabolically active components of fat-free mass in humans

Reference methods for total cholesterol and total glycerol

Reflectances from four wheat residue cover densities as influenced by three soil backgrounds

Reflection of agricultural sprays from leaf surfaces

Reflections on poverty

Reflex activities of the upper airway muscles during experimental nasal occlusion in anesthetized dogs

Regeneration after strip cutting and block clearcutting in northern hardwoods

Regeneration by fragmentation in tropical montane forest shrubs

Regeneration from leaves of Dionea muscipula Ellis cultured in vitro

Regeneration in cereal tissue culture: a review

Regeneration in some alpine plants

Regeneration of Brassica oleracea from peduncle explants

Regeneration of babaco (Carica pentagona) from ovular callus

Regeneration of peanut and perennial peanut from cultured leaf tissue

Regeneration of spinach from leaf callus

Regeneration of two cultivars of Achimenes longiflora DC. in vitro

Regeneration responses in pea roots after tip excision at different levels

Regeneration responses of callus from different explants and changes in isozymes during morphogenesis in wheat

Regio- and enantioselectivity of soybean fatty acid epoxide hydrolase

Regional acreage response for U.S. corn and wheat: the effects of government programs

Regional and temporal impacts of technical change in the U.S. dairy sector

Regional circulatory responses to hindlimb work in developing swine

Regional differences in gastrointestinal processing and absorption of epidermal growth factor in suckling rats

Regional economic impacts of structural particleboard in the United States, 1979 to 1988

Regional greenweight biomass equations for the northeast

Regional variation in adipose tissue lipolysis in lean and obese men

Regional variation in growth response of coastal Douglas-fir to nitrogen fertilizer in the Pacific Northwest

Regional variations in total and nonprotein sulfhydryl compounds in the human gastric mucosa and effects of ethanol

Regiospecific dechlorination of pentachlorophenol by dichlorophenol-adapted microorganisms in freshwater, anaerobic sediment slurries

Regression models for estimation of temperature and moisture content of freshly harvested wheat and barley

Regression models of winter wheat heterosis

Regression of diet-induced atherosclerosis in Gottingen Miniature Swine

Regression of induced corpora lutea in mature cyclic gilts by human chorionic gonadotropin

Regrowth and nutrient accumulations following whole-tree harvesting of a maple-oak forest

Regrowth kinetics of Dactylis glomerata following root excision

Regrowth of bermudagrass infected with spring dead spot following low temperature exposure

Regulated chlorophyll degradation in spinach leaves during storage

Regulated expression of the calmodulin-related TCH genes in cultured Arabidopsis cells: induction by calcium and heat shock

Regulation and distribution of Fibrobacter succinogenes subsp. succinogenes S85 endoglucanases

Regulation and manipulation of flavonoid gene expression in anthers of petunia: the molecular basis of the Po mutation

Regulation in the U.S. rice industry, 1965-89

Regulation of 2-carboxyarabinitol 1-phosphatase

Regulation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens T-cyt gene expression in leaves of transgenic potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Desiree) is strongly influenced by plant culture conditions

Regulation of C4 gene expression in developing amaranth leaves

Regulation of NO3- assimilation by anion availability in excised soybean leaves

Regulation of a chitinase gene promoter by ethylene and elicitors in bean protoplasts

Regulation of alternative pathway activity in plant mitochondria. Deviations from Q-pool behavior during oxidation of NADH and quinols

Regulation of assimilatory nitrate reductase in the cyanobacterium Anabaena doliolum

Regulation of carbon partitioning in source and sink leaf parts in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) plants. Role of fructose 2,6-bisphosphate

Regulation of carnitine acyltransferase synthesis in lean and obese Zucker rats by dehydroepiandrosterone and clofibrate

Regulation of cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism in guinea pigs mediated by dietary fat quality and quantity

Regulation of electron transport in plant mitochondria under state 4 conditions

Regulation of energy expenditure in aging humans

Regulation of expression of genes for three nitrogenases in Azotobacter vinelandii

Regulation of ferricyanide reduction by epidermal tissue

Regulation of flavonoid biosynthetic genes in germinating Arabidopsis seedlings

Regulation of flowering in Aquilegia

Regulation of glucose homeostasis in pre-obese Zucker rats before and after weaning

Regulation of glucose metabolism by norepinephrine in conscious dogs

Regulation of gonadotropin secretion and number of gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptors by inhibin, activin-A, and estradiol

Regulation of granulosa cell proliferation by growth factors in hens

Regulation of hepatic glycine catabolism by glucagon

Regulation of hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450IIE1 level by dietary lipids and carbohydrates in rats

Regulation of hepatic synthesis and secretion of cholesterol and glycerolipids in animals maintained in different nutritional states

Regulation of immunoglobulin transcription

Regulation of intestinal lactase in adult hypolactasia

Regulation of intestinal ontogeny by intraluminal nutrients

Regulation of leucocyte subpopulations in the sheep endometrium by progesterone

Regulation of lipid metabolism by dietary sorbose in laying hens

Regulation of lipoprotein lipase in adipose and muscle tissues during fasting

Regulation of metallothionein gene expression

Regulation of mouse mammary cell differentiation by extracellular milk proteins

Regulation of neural oxytocin gene expression by gonadal steroids in pubertal rats

Regulation of nitrogenase-2 in Azotobacter vinelandii by ammonium, molybdenum, and vanadium

Regulation of nodule development in supernodulating mutants and wild-type soybean

Regulation of ovarian steroid biosynthesis by estrogen during proestrus in the rat

Regulation of parathyroid hormone secretion by plasma calcium in aging rats

Regulation of photosynthetic carbon reduction cycle by ribulose bisphosphate and phosphoglyceric acid

Regulation of photosynthetic rate of two sunflower hybrids under water stress

Regulation of phytochrome message abundance in root caps of maize. Spatial, environmental, and genetic specificity

Regulation of plasmid virulence gene expression in Salmonella dublin involves an unusual operon structure

Regulation of postprandial motility in the canine ileum

Regulation of protein intake of hens with high laying performance by self-selecting diets with different protein levels

Regulation of protein phosphorylation in mitochondria of etiolated oat shoots

Regulation of protein synthesis in germinating wheat embryos under polyethylene glycol and salt stress

Regulation of senescence-related gene expression in carnation flower petals by ethylene

Regulation of skin color in apples

Regulation of spikelet development in rice by hormones

Regulation of storage protein degradation in cotyledons of germinating cowpea

Regulation of sucrose-sucrose-fructosyltransferase in barley leaves

Regulation of synthesis of uterine secretory proteins: evidence for differential induction of porcine uteroferrin and antileukoproteinase gene expression

Regulation of tabtoxin production by the lemA gene in Pseudomonas syringae

Regulation of the heat shock response in soybean seedlings

Regulation of the maize rab17 gene promoter in transgenic heterologous systems

Regulation of the nifHDK genes transcription in Azospirillum brasilense

Regulation of the osmotin gene promoter

Regulation of the timing of transposable element excision during maize development

Regulation of tillering by apical dominance: chronology, interpretive value, and current perspectives

Regulation of tissue growth in crustacean larvae by feeding regime

Regulation of tonoplast K+ channels by voltage in the range of physiological electric potentials

Regulatory elements and DNA-binding proteins mediating transcription from the chicken very-low-density apolipoprotein II gene

Regulatory genes linked to the albino locus in the mouse confer competence for inducible expression on the structural gene encoding serine dehydratase

Regulatory role of parasites: impact on host population shifts with resource availability

Regurgitation in mosquitoes

Relating soil color to soil water table levels

Relation among body condition score, serum urea nitrogen and cholesterol concentrations, and reproductive performance in high-producing Holstein dairy cows in early lactation

Relation between maize canopy temperature and maize water supply

Relation between pharmacokinetics of amikacin sulfate and sepsis score in clinically normal and hospitalized neonatal foals

Relation between postprandial gastric emptying and cutaneous electrogastrogram in primates

Relation between rice grain quality and land preparation methods

Relation between the intestinal flora and diaper dermatitis in infancy

Relation between the leaf nutrient balance and the growth and productivity of peach trees

Relation of fasting plasma insulin concentration to high density lipoprotein cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations in men

Relation of infant feeding to adult serum cholesterol concentration and death from ischaemic heart disease

Relation of lightning to herbivory by the southern pine bark beetle guild (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Relation of plant species to substrate, landscape position, and aspect in north central Massachusetts

Relation of prepregnancy serum ferritin levels to hemoglobin levels throughout pregnancy

Relation of rubisco to maize grain yield improvement: effect of water restriction

Relation of seed testing traits to grain yield of maize hybrids under different environments

Relation of short-term pyridoxine-HCl supplementation to plasma vitamin B-6 vitamers and amino acid concentrations in young women

Relations among NaOH-extractable phosphorus, suspended solids, and ortho-phosphorus in streams of Wyoming

Relations among the water supply, foliage temperature and the yield of tomato

Relations between aggregate stability and organic components for a silt loam soil

Relations between maternal and fetal plasma concentrations of placental lactogen and placental and fetal weights in well-fed ewes

Relations between phosphorus in drip irrigation water and selenium uptake by wild mustard

Relations between temperature changes in the rumen and roughage intake of dairy cows

Relations of gramine contents and aphid populations on barley lines

Relationship between 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D and blood pressure in a geographically defined population

Relationship between alternatively spliced exons and functional domains in tropomyosin

Relationship between amount of Phytophthora parasitica added to field soil and the development of root rot in processing tomatoes

Relationship between blood constituents and embryo quality in donor cattle

Relationship between blood hemoglobin, plasma and tissue iron, muscle heme pigment, and carcass color of veal

Relationship between blood metabolite levels and milk concentrations of fat and protein in dairy cows

Relationship between blood, liver and brain pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine phosphate concentrations in mice

Relationship between body fat distribution and blood lipids in obese adolescents

Relationship between body weight and mortality in men aged 75 years and older

Relationship between canopy depth and other dimensions of coastal Pinus thunbergii Parlat. forests in Japan

Relationship between cell surface properties and transport of bacteria through soil

Relationship between chemical composition and ruminal protein degradability of conserved forages

Relationship between chlorophyll concentration and iron chlorosis in grain sorghum

Relationship between cultural factors and nematodes on Merion Kentucky bluegrass

Relationship between deterrence and toxicity of plant secondary compounds for the grasshopper Schistocerca americana

Relationship between electron transport across the plasmalemma and a pH decrease in the bulk medium

Relationship between feeding behavior and social dominance in a small herd of goats

Relationship between feeding periods of bovine and ovine colostrum and immunoglobulin concentrations in the blood serum of lambs

Relationship between fermentative quality of silage and ruminal fermentation products

Relationship between fruiting, specific leaf weight, and subsequent spur productivity in walnut

Relationship between growth and selected liver enzyme activities of individual rainbow trout

Relationship between habitual milk intake and serum lipids and apoproteins in males

Relationship between incidence and severity of blackleg disease of rapeseed

Relationship between infant feeding and infectious illness: a prospective study of infants during the first year of life

Relationship between inflorescence size and seed production in barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli)

Relationship between inoculum level of Phytophthora capsici and mortality of pepper

Relationship between invertase activity and susceptibility to yellow spot disease in eight sugarcane cultivars

Relationship between ionic strength and electrical conductivity for soil solutions

Relationship between iron bioavailability from diets and the prevalence of iron deficiency

Relationship between lamb vigour and ewe behaviour at parturition

Relationship between leaf freckles and wilt severity and yield losses in closely related maize hybrids

Relationship between longissimus composition and the composition of other major muscles of the beef carcass

Relationship between malate dehydrogenase isozyme genotype and plant vigor in peach

Relationship between marbling group and major muscle contribution to beef carcass mass

Relationship between mineralogy and elemental composition in strongly developed soils using principal components analysis

Relationship between muscle metabolism in the musculus longissimus and halothane susceptibility

Relationship between nodal position and plant age on the nutrient composition of vegetative poinsettia leaves

Relationship between nuclear remodeling and development in nuclear transplant rabbit embryos

Relationship between nutrient intake, body mass index, menstrual function, and ballet injury

Relationship between nutrition and bone growth in large and giant dogs

Relationship between oocyte maturation and fertilization on zygotic diversity in swine

Relationship between osmotic adjustment and energy metabolism during plumule elongation of spring wheat

Relationship between pairing frequencies and genome affinity estimations in Aegilops ovata X Triticum aestivum hybrid plants

Relationship between parental blossom season and speed of seed germination in peach

Relationship between percentage emergence and growing degree days for corn

Relationship between photosynthesis and osmotic adjustment of wheat leaves

Relationship between plasminogen activator production and bovine embryo development in vitro

Relationship between protein intake and hepatic protein synthesis in rats

Relationship between pyridinoline concentration and thermal stability of bovine intramuscular collagen

Relationship between quality of grass silage and flora of lactic acid bacteria

Relationship between resistance to water transport and exudation rate and the effect of the resistance on the midday depression of stomatal aperture in rice plants

Relationship between respiration and photosynthesis in guard cell and mesophyll cell protoplasts of Commelina communis L

Relationship between root colonization and suppression of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici by Pseudomonas fluorescens strain 2-79

Relationship between seed vigor tests and field performance of 'Regar' meadow bromegrass

Relationship between soil test methods and fractions of potassium with sorghum as a test crop

Relationship between stimulatory effect of methyl jasmonate on gum formation and ethylene production in tulip stem

Relationship between stress ethylene production induced by gamma irradiation and ripening of cherry tomatoes

Relationship between structure and function of dietary fibre: a comparative study of the effects of three galactomannans on cholesterol metabolism in the rat

Relationship between temperature and development of Lariophagus distinguendus (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae), an ectoparasitoid of Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Relationship between temperature and microflora of mushroom compost

Relationship between the digestive microflora of the newborn and maternal microflora in rodents as evidenced by a transit marker

Relationship between the rate of gastric emptying and glucose and insulin responses to starchy foods in young healthy adults

Relationship between the second leaf blade length and elongation ability of plant in deepwater rice

Relationship between the structure of organophosphorus pesticides and adsorption by soil components

Relationship between the subunits of leucoplast pyruvate kinase from Ricinus communis and a comparison with the enzyme from other sources

Relationship between total nonstructural carbohydrate concentration and root diameter in sugar maple

Relationship between urine ammonium ion excretion and urine anion gap in dogs

Relationship between variation in conceptus development and differences in estrous cycle duration in ewes

Relationship between virulence and adherence of various enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli strains to isolated intestinal epithelial cells from Chinese Meishan and European Large White pigs

Relationship between vitamin B-6 status and elevated pyridoxal kinase levels induced by theophylline therapy in humans

Relationship between wheel-traffic-induced soil compaction, nutrient availability, and crop growth: a review

Relationship of Ditylenchus dipsaci and harvest practices to the persistence of alfalfa

Relationship of Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) population density and feeding injury to the frequency of insecticide applications to gloxinia

Relationship of absence or presence of a family history of diabetes to body weight and body fat distribution in type 2 diabetes

Relationship of adipocyte size to hyperphagia in developing male obese Zucker rats

Relationship of adult European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in action sites with egg masses in the cornfield

Relationship of adult vial test data on pyrethroid resistance to field control of tobacco budworm in cotton

Relationship of bacteriological status of the mammary gland to lactose level in milk yield

Relationship of blood prolactin levels and the risk of subsequent breast cancer

Relationship of body image and dietary intake of competitive ice skaters

Relationship of broiler production variables to cost per pound

Relationship of calcium to potato scab

Relationship of concentration of gaseous hydrogen fluoride to incidence and severity of foliar lesions in black spruce and white spruce

Relationship of corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) pheromone catch and silking to infestation levels in Oregon sweet corn

Relationship of decreased hepatic lipase activity and lipoprotein abnormalities to essential fatty acid deficiency in cystic fibrosis patients

Relationship of diagnostic nutrient expressions to soybean phosphorus and potassium diagnoses

Relationship of diet to risk of colorectal adenoma in men

Relationship of dieting history to resting metabolic rate, body composition, eating behavior, and subsequent weight loss

Relationship of eating attitudes to anthropometric variables and dietary intakes of female collegiate swimmers

Relationship of endogenous abscisic acid to sucrose level and seed growth rate of soybeans

Relationship of ethylene production to stress alleviation in seeds of lettuce cultivars

Relationship of family communication patterns to Eating Disorder Inventory scores in adolescent girls

Relationship of fasting serum insulin concentrations with blood pressure in a representative sample of the adult population of the Seychelles

Relationship of flag leaf area to yield, filled grains per panicle, and panicle length in upland rice varieties

Relationship of flowering time, rate of seed germination, and time of leaf budbreak and usefulness in selecting for late-flowering apples

Relationship of free ionic copper and toxicity to bacteria in solutions of organic compounds

Relationship of genetic variances of quantitative characters in indica rice to nitrogen level

Relationship of hairy chinch bug (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) presence and abundance to parameters of the turf environment

Relationship of hen age and egg sequence position with fertility, hatchability, viability, and preincubation embryonic development in broiler breeders

Relationship of insect damage and other factors to the incidence of speckback, a site-specific lesion on kernels of milled rice

Relationship of internal heat necrosis of potato to time and temperature after planting

Relationship of lychnis ringspot virus to barley stripe mosaic virus and poa semilatent virus

Relationship of maize tissue pH and resistance to whorl leaf feeding and stalk tunneling by the European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Relationship of maternal serum ferritin with foetal serum ferritin, birth weight and gestation

Relationship of membrane-bound sulfhydryl groups to vitamin D-stimulated uptake of selenite by the brush border membrane vesicles from chick duodenum

Relationship of menopause to skeletal and muscle mass

Relationship of metabolic control and body weight to hypercholesterolemia in NIDDM patients with apolipoprotein E4

Relationship of microhabitat to incidence of house fly (Diptera: Muscidae) immatures and their parasitoids at dairy farms in central New York

Relationship of milk production, milk expected progeny difference, and calf weaning weight in Angus and Simmental cow-calf pairs

Relationship of mineral metabolism and long-term calcium and cholecalciferol supplementation to blood pressure in normotensive men

Relationship of mode of porcine somatotropin administration and dietary fat to the growth performance and carcass characteristics of finishing pigs

Relationship of nematodes to yield of maize grown under different cultivation regimes

Relationship of perceived macronutrient and caloric content to affective cognitions about food in eating-disordered, restrained, and unrestrained subjects

Relationship of photosynthesis and harvest index to sweet potato yield

Relationship of seed vigor to crop yield: a review

Relationship of seed yield and some morphological characters in chickpea under rainfed conditions

Relationship of self-concept to nutrient intake and eating patterns in young women

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