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Natural Sciences Repository Index 72

Index 72 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Effect of a glucose challenge on plasma copper levels during pregnancy

Effect of a growth promoter on preweaning growth of beef steer calves

Effect of a hay and a grain diet on the bioavailability of ochratoxin A in the rumen of sheep

Effect of a hay and a grain diet on the rate of hydrolysis of ochratoxin A in the rumen of sheep

Effect of a high fat diet on plasma lipids, lipoprotein lipase, lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase, and insulin function in adult rabbits

Effect of a high protein diet in patients with the nephrotic syndrome

Effect of a high protein diet on calcium metabolism in sheep

Effect of a hot environment on performance, carcass characteristics, and blood hormones and metabolites of pigs treated with porcine somatotropin

Effect of a late evening meal on nitrogen balance in patients with cirrhosis of the liver

Effect of a live reovirus vaccine on reproductive performance of broiler breeder hens and development of viral tenosynovitis in progeny

Effect of a magnetic field on the bacterial leaching of manganese

Effect of a milk-based food supplement on maternal nutritional status and fetal growth in underweight Chilean women

Effect of a passive heat and moisture exchanger on esophageal temperature in tumor-bearing dogs during whole-body hyperthermia

Effect of a pentacyclic triterpene from sweet potato storage roots on oviposition by the sweetpotato weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Effect of a prostaglandin F2 alpha injection 96 hours after introduction of intact bulls on estrus and calving distribution of beef cows

Effect of a purified diet on dystrophic cardiac calcinosis in mice

Effect of a safener towards thiocarbamates on plant lipid metabolism

Effect of a supply of raw or extruded rapeseeds on digestion in dairy cows

Effect of a very-low-calorie diet on body composition and resting metabolic rate in obese men and women

Effect of abnormal seedlings on major characters and grain yield in soybean

Effect of abomasal supplement of methionine on wool growth

Effect of abscisic acid ABA application on salt tolerance of rice varieties

Effect of abscisic acid on exudate osmolarity and proton flux in excised maize roots

Effect of abscisic acid on the linoleic acid metabolism in developing maize embryos

Effect of absorbable sutures in healing of clean and infected wounds in buffaloes

Effect of acetylene on root respiration and acetylene reducing activity in nodulated soya bean

Effect of acid rain and ozone on soil and secondary needle nutrients of loblolly pine

Effect of acidification and heat treatment on the quality of white soft cheese from ultrafiltered whole milk retentate

Effect of active immunization against growth hormone-releasing factor on growth and onset of puberty in beef heifers

Effect of active immunization of heifers against inhibin on plasma FSH concentrations, ovarian follicular development and ovulation rate

Effect of acute ethanol consumption on hepatic lysosomal enzymes and calcium concentration during rat liver regeneration

Effect of acute ruminal alkalosis on microbial and biochemical changes in rumen liquor of buffalo calves

Effect of acute stressors on endocrinological and immunological functions in lambs

Effect of added tree leaves on the composition of humus and availability of nutrients in soil

Effect of adding lime to potting soil on the pathogenicity of four root pathogens of subterranean clover

Effect of adjuvant on foliar absorption and activity of clethodim and polar degradation products of clethodim

Effect of administration of phenylbutazone or progesterone on recovery of embryos from the uterus of mares 5 days after ovulation

Effect of admixing residual mixes from the previous runs on the quality of ice milk and water ice

Effect of adrenalectomy and high-fat diet on the fatty Zucker rat

Effect of aerosolized pentamidine prophylaxis on the clinical severity and diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Effect of age and season on retention of nutrients in broilers

Effect of age and sex on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of duck meat

Effect of age and sex on the nutritional value of chicken meat

Effect of age and sex on true digestibility of amino acids of rapeseed and soybean meals in growing broilers

Effect of age of beak trimming on the production performance of hens

Effect of age of forage tree legumes at the first cutting on subsequent production

Effect of age on changes in plasma, erythrocyte, and urinary B-6 vitamers after an oral vitamin B-6 load

Effect of age on gastric acid secretion and serum gastrin concentrations in healthy men and women

Effect of age on glucose tolerance and glucose uptake in healthy individuals

Effect of aggregation pheromones on efficacy of cardboard traps for sawtoothed grain beetle (Coleoptera: Cucujidae)

Effect of aging on serum albumin

Effect of agitation on ligninase activity and ligninase production by Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Effect of ahemeral light:dark cycles on egg production in early photostimulated brown-egg pullets

Effect of air velocity and temperature on growth performance of weanling pigs

Effect of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) roots on movement of atrazine and alachlor through soil

Effect of alfalfa grass silage dry matter content on ruminal digestion and milk production in lactating dairy cows

Effect of alkaline hydrogen peroxide treatment on cell wall composition and digestion kinetics of sugarcane residues and wheat straw

Effect of amendments on chemical properties of bentonite mine spoil

Effect of amitraz treatments on honey bees and on the honey bee tracheal mite

Effect of ammonium carbamate on nutritive and preservative characteristics of high-moisture coastal bermudagrass hay

Effect of ammonium thiosulfate and dicyandiamide on residual ammonium in fertilizer bands

Effect of an adjustable drop point on turf fertilizer spreader patterns

Effect of an implant of trenbolone acetate and estradiol on growth, feed efficiency, and carcass composition of Holstein and beef steers

Effect of an intestinal disaccharidase inhibitor (AO-128) on obesity and diabetes

Effect of anaerobic and aerobic incubation on nitrogen mineralization from urea and farmyard manure in a sodic soil

Effect of animal density in feedlot on winter performance of fattening steers under Quebec conditions

Effect of anoxia on the expression and molecular form of the pyrophosphate dependent phosphofructokinase

Effect of application of tertiary sediments on the biological activity of brown desert soils

Effect of application rate, weed species, and weed stage of growth on imazethapyr activity

Effect of applied fertilizer on Tifton 44 bermudagrass

Effect of ascorbic acid and its synthetic lipophilic derivative ascorbyl palmitate on phorbol ester-induced skin-tumor promotion in mice

Effect of ascorbic acid nutriture on blood histamine and neutrophil chemotaxis in guinea pigs

Effect of ascorbic acid on incidence of spontaneous mammary tumors and UV-light-induced skin tumors in mice

Effect of ascorbic acid on increased bronchial responsiveness during upper airway infection

Effect of ascorbic acid on plasma alcohol clearance

Effect of aseptic processing on the texture of chicken meat

Effect of aspiration of the preovulatory follicle on luteinization, corpus luteum function, and peripheral plasma gonadotropin concentrations in the mare

Effect of asynchronized rice planting on vector abundance and tungro RTD infection

Effect of asynchronous nitrogen and energy supply on growth of ruminal bacteria in batch culture

Effect of asynchronous transfer and oestrogen administration on survival and development of porcine embryos

Effect of autoclaving of defatted rice bran on the phosphorus utilization for chicks

Effect of autoclaving on the feeding value of deoiled rice bran

Effect of autoclaving on the nutrient availability from urea straw product

Effect of available soil volume on growth of young kiwi plants

Effect of azotemia in dogs on the pharmacokinetics of pentamidine

Effect of bacterial extracellular polymers on the saturated hydraulic conductivity of sand columns

Effect of basal and pulsatile LH release on FSH-stimulated follicle growth in ewes chronically treated with gonadotrophin-releasing hormone agonist

Effect of beak-trimming age and high fiber grower diets on layer performance

Effect of bean intake on biliary lipid secretion and on hepatic cholesterol metabolism in the rat

Effect of beta carotene on disease protection and humoral immunity in chickens

Effect of betaine supplementation of low methionine diet for growing pigs

Effect of blending soymilk with buffalo milk on qualities of paneer

Effect of boar exposure on expression of genetic potential for age of puberty in gilts

Effect of boron deficiency on photosynthesis and reductant sources and their relationship with nitrogenase activity in Anabaena PCC 7119

Effect of bovine herpesvirus-1 or parainfluenza-3 virus on immune receptor-mediated functions of bovine alveolar macrophages in the presence or absence of virus-specific serum or pulmonary lavage flui

Effect of bovine serum albumin on motility and fecundity of turkey spermatozoa before and after storage

Effect of brassinosteroids on protein synthesis and plant-cell ultrastructure under stress conditions

Effect of breast feeding on the plasma cholesterol and growth of infants

Effect of broomrape (Orobanche spp.) infection on sugar content of carrot roots

Effect of bulb size and dates of planting on growth parameters and seed yield of onion

Effect of buprofezin applications at different phenological times on California red scale (Homoptera: Diaspididae)

Effect of butylated hydroxyanisole on conidial germination of toxigenic species of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus

Effect of calcium and phosphorus on the incidence of leg abnormalities in growing broilers

Effect of calcium citrate-malate on skeletal development in young, growing rats

Effect of calcium silicate on blast and brown spot intensities and yields of rice

Effect of calving date on lifetime productivity of cows in a winter-calving Aberdeen Angus herd

Effect of carbadox on net absorption of ammonia and glucose into hepatic portal vein of growing pigs

Effect of carbamates on some enzymes of rat liver and kidney

Effect of carbohydrate supplements and water on exercise metabolism in the heat

Effect of carbon source and nitrogen on urease activity in a sphagnum peat medium

Effect of carcass size on rate of decomposition and arthropod succession patterns

Effect of carriers of sulphur on yield and uptake of sulphur by mustard

Effect of catch crops on the content of soil mineral nitrogen before and after winter leaching

Effect of catchment-scale subsurface mixing on stream isotopic response

Effect of catecholamines and insulin on plasma volume and intravascular mass of albumin in man

Effect of cellular iron concentration on iron uptake by hepatocytes

Effect of cellulose and ispaghula husk on small intestinal structure of young rats and hamsters

Effect of cellulose fine structure on kinetics of its digestion by mixed ruminal microorganisms in vitro

Effect of certain growth regulators on seedling growth, dry matter production and chlorophyll biosynthesis in Raphanus sativus L

Effect of certain modern insecticides on the yield of groundnut

Effect of changes of water and electrolytes on the validity of conventional methods of measuring fat-free mass

Effect of chelated mineral addition on reproductive performance of sows

Effect of chemical applications to peach bark wounds on accumulation of lignin and suberin and susceptibility to Leucostoma persoonii

Effect of chemical form of selenium on tissue glutathione peroxidase activity in developing rats

Effect of chemical oxidation on anaerobic biodegradation of model phenolic compounds

Effect of chemicals on total plate count and coliform counts of fishes for enhancing shelf life

Effect of cherry leaf spot on nursery black cherry seedlings and potential benefits from control

Effect of chewing time differences on milk production of cows in early high lactation

Effect of chitosan and other polyions on chitin deacetylase in Rhizopus stolonifer

Effect of chlorimuron and quizalofop on fatty acid biosynthesis

Effect of chloromethane on veratryl alcohol and lignin peroxidase production by the fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium

Effect of cholecystokinin immunization, enhanced food intake and growth of swine on lean yield and carcass composition

Effect of cholecystokinin octapeptide on the release of growth hormone in perifused pituitary and hypothalamus of the goat

Effect of chronic alcoholism on hepatic alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase activities in man

Effect of chronic ethanol administration on thiamine transport in microvillous vesicles of rat small intestine

Effect of chronic ingestion of a fermented dairy product containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum on metabolic activities of the colonic flora in humans

Effect of cisplatin on lipid peroxidation in pig blood platelets

Effect of cleaners and sanitizers on Listeria monocytogenes attached to product contact surfaces

Effect of clearcutting of boreal spruce forest on air and soil temperature conditions

Effect of climatic factor on the quality of lands with calcareous chernozems designed for some agricultural crops

Effect of clomiphene citrate on testis in mice

Effect of clopamide, a thiazide diuretic, on copper and zinc levels in hypertensive patients

Effect of coagulation temperatures and total solid levels on quality of paneer made from whole milk powder

Effect of coated urea topdressing on growth and yield of rice plant

Effect of coccidiosis on plasma epinephrine and norepinephrine levels in turkey poults

Effect of coffee on distal colon function

Effect of cold treatments on the binding stability of photosystem II extrinsic proteins and an associated increase in susceptibility to photoinhibition

Effect of coliform bacteria, feed deprivation, and pH on ruminal D-lactic acid production by steer or continuous-culture microbial populations changed from forage to concentrates

Effect of colostomy on the utilisation of dietary nitrogen in the fowl fed on a low protein diet

Effect of colostral fat level on fat deposition and plasma metabolites in the newborn pig

Effect of colostrum ingestion on gamma-glutamyltransferase and alkaline phosphatase activities in neonatal pups

Effect of combined ascorbic acid and B-12 on survival of mice with implanted Ehrlich carcinoma and L1210 leukemia

Effect of combined nitrogen and row spacing on nodulation and grain yield of soybean

Effect of combined nitrogen supply and nodulation on nitrate reductase activity and growth of pea plants

Effect of commercially available chemically defined liquid diets on the intestinal microflora and bacterial translocation from the gut

Effect of compaction of roughage based complete feed on digestibility and rumen parameters

Effect of composted manure on soil chemical properties and nitrogen use by grain sorghum

Effect of concentration and blend of added fat in the diet on the performance of growing pigs

Effect of concentration and temperature on the density and viscosity of skim milk retentates

Effect of concentration of ingested ethanol on blood alcohol levels

Effect of concurrent sucralfate administration on the absorption of erythromycin

Effect of conditioning and mechanical deflection on the warp of kiln-dried southern pine studs

Effect of constitutive and herbivore-induced extractables from susceptible and resistant soybean foliage on nonpest and pest noctuid caterpillars

Effect of continuous infusion of glucagon on abdominal fat content in chickens

Effect of cooking on availability and in vitro nitrosation of precursors of volatile N-nitroso compounds in seafood

Effect of cooling after insemination on conception rate and blood composition in buffalo heifers

Effect of correction for microbial nitrogen contamination of nylon bag residue on rumen degradability of nitrogen in tree forages

Effect of corticosterone and dexamethasone on glucocorticoid receptor in lactating rat mammary gland

Effect of cover crops on Cylindrocladium sp. in an Ontario bare-root nursery

Effect of cracks on the pressure-velocity relationship of air forced through baled alfalfa hay

Effect of crop rotation on the persistence and absorption of heptachlor

Effect of crop rotations and fertilization on soil organic matter and some biochemical properties of a thick black chernozem

Effect of cropping regime on populations of Belonolaimus sp. and Pratylenchus scribneri in sandy soil

Effect of cultivars and age of rootstocks on the performance of veneer grafting in mango

Effect of cultivation age and embryo size on specific oxygen uptake rate in developing somatic embryos of Daucus carota L

Effect of culture media on in vitro susceptibility testing of fluconazole against some yeasts

Effect of cumulus cells on the development of bovine oocytes matured and fertilized in vitro

Effect of cutting on production and tillering in prairie grass (Bromus willdenowii Kunth) compared with two ryegrass (Lolium) species. 1. Vegetative plants

Effect of cutting on production and tillering in prairie grass (Bromus willdenowii Kunth) compared with two ryegrass (Lolium) species. 2. Reproductive plants

Effect of cutting time on yield and quality of grass and on silage intake and milk production in dairy cows

Effect of cyclodextrin on the pharmacology of antifungal oral azoles

Effect of cycocel application in rainfed sunflower

Effect of cyromazine on the oviposition of Mexican fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) in the laboratory

Effect of cytokinins on growth and development of Anthurium X cultorum Birdsey shoot explants in vitro

Effect of date of sowing on beanfly infestation of the bean crop

Effect of daytime protein restriction on nutrient intakes of free-living Parkinson's disease patients

Effect of debt position on the choice of marketing strategies for Florida orange growers: a risk efficiency approach

Effect of decortication methods on groundnut seed quality

Effect of decreased food consumption during iron deficiency upon growth rate and iron status indicators in the rat

Effect of deep tillage and crop rotation on the biological properties of the soil

Effect of defaunation and refaunation of the rumen on cellulolytic activity in vitro with or without ammonia supplementation

Effect of defaunation on protein and fibre digestion in sheep fed on ammonia-treated straw-based diets with or without maize

Effect of deferoxamine pretreatment on acute pneumonic pasteurellosis and neutrophil oxidative metabolism in calves

Effect of deficiency of calcium, magnesium and sulphur on the uptake of other nutrients in mango

Effect of defoliation on root development of stargrass under greenhouse conditions

Effect of defoliation time on depth of dormancy and bloom time for low-chill peaches

Effect of density on in-line and handheld moisture meters

Effect of denudation of zona pellucida, isolation of blastomeres and fusion of blastomeres on development of mouse 2-cell embryos

Effect of depth and method of irrigation on yield and water economy in sugarcane

Effect of detoxified feed on the performance of broiler chicks

Effect of diapause on development and reproduction of the stem borers Busseola fusca (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and Chilo partellus (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Effect of diclazuril (Clinacox) on the development of protective immunity against Eimeria tenella: laboratory trial in broiler chickens

Effect of diet and lifestyle on bone mass in Asian young women

Effect of diet and population density on male turkeys under various environmental conditions. 1. Turkey growth and health performance

Effect of diet and population density on male turkeys under various environmental conditions. 2. Body composition and meat yield

Effect of diet and temperature on development rates, survival, and reproduction of the Indianmeal moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Effect of diet composition and feed intake level on diet digestibility and ruminal metabolism in growing lambs

Effect of diet on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicosis in horses

Effect of diet on glucose tolerance 36 hours after glycogen-depleting exercise

Effect of diet on struvite activity product in feline urine

Effect of diet on the esterase patterns in the hemolymph of the corn earworm and the tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Effect of diet therapy on the hormonal spectrum in patients with bronchial asthma

Effect of dietary (n-3) and (n-6) fatty acids on in vivo pulmonary bacterial clearance by neonatal rabbits

Effect of dietary acetylsalicylic acid on eggshell quality

Effect of dietary aflatoxin on protein quality and metabolizability of energy in chicks

Effect of dietary ascorbic acid on growth and ascorbic acid level of chicks exposed to high ambient temperature

Effect of dietary avocado oils on hepatic collagen metabolism

Effect of dietary benzylselenocyanate on azoxymethane-induced colon carcinogenesis in male F344 rats

Effect of dietary biotin supplementation on sow reproductive performance and soundness and pig growth and mortality

Effect of dietary blackcurrant seed oil on mouse macrophage subclasses of choline and ethanolamine glycerophospholipids

Effect of dietary boron supplementation on egg production, shell quality, and calcium metabolism in aged broiler breeder hens

Effect of dietary cholesterol and carbohydrate on small intestinal structure and function in prematurely weaned rats

Effect of dietary cimaterol on Na+-K+ ATPase activity in rabbit tissues

Effect of dietary cimaterol on performance and carcass traits in bulls and on aspects of digestion in cattle and sheep

Effect of dietary citrate in reducing housefly resistance to insecticides

Effect of dietary copper on intestinal mucosa enzyme activity, morphology, and turnover rates in weanling pigs

Effect of dietary electrolyte balance on nutrient digestibility determined at the end of the small intestine and over the total digestive tract in growing pigs

Effect of dietary energy restriction on metabolic and endocrine responses during the estrous cycle of the suckled beef cow

Effect of dietary ergot on the mean transit time of digesta in the small intestine of sheep

Effect of dietary fat and cholesterol level on growing pigs selected for three generations for high or low serum cholesterol at age 56 days

Effect of dietary fat content on total and regional adiposity in men and women

Effect of dietary fat on the small intestinal mucosa

Effect of dietary fat source on antibody production and lymphocyte proliferation in chickens

Effect of dietary fat source on lipoprotein composition and plasma lipid concentrations in pigs

Effect of dietary fats on the fatty acid compositions of serum and immune tissues in chickens

Effect of dietary fatty acid composition on inositol-, choline- and ethanolamine-phospholipids of mammary tissue and erythrocytes in the rat

Effect of dietary fiber on utilization of energy and protein in chickens

Effect of dietary inclusion of refermented sorghum residues on broiler chicken performance

Effect of dietary lactate and glucose on the incidence of sudden death syndrome in male broiler chickens

Effect of dietary level of protein on the metabolism of mouse liver nuclear proteins

Effect of dietary limiting amino acid in prepyriform cortex on food intake

Effect of dietary limiting amino acid in prepyriform cortex on meal patterns

Effect of dietary lipid and vitamin E on mitochondrial lipid peroxidation and hepatic injury in the bile duct-ligated rat

Effect of dietary lysine level on lipogenesis in broilers

Effect of dietary lysine on muscle protein turnover in growing chickens

Effect of dietary magnesium on atrial natriuretic peptide release

Effect of dietary menhaden oil on normal growth and development and on ameliorating mucosal injury in rats

Effect of dietary minerals on the incidence of sudden cardiac death

Effect of dietary monounsaturated fatty acids on plasma lipoproteins and apolipoproteins in women

Effect of dietary n-3 and n-6 fatty acids on fatty acid desaturation in rat liver

Effect of dietary nucleosides on growth and maturation of the developing gut in the rat

Effect of dietary protein and energy on broiler carcass composition

Effect of dietary protein intake and intravenous glucose infusion on plasma concentrations of insulin-like growth factor-I in lambs

Effect of dietary protein level and length of feeding on performance and abdominal fat content of broiler chickens

Effect of dietary protein level on lipid deposition in broilers during the finishing period

Effect of dietary protein on bed-rest-related changes in whole-body-protein synthesis

Effect of dietary protein on functional, morphologic, and histologic changes of the kidney during compensatory renal growth in dogs

Effect of dietary protein on the peroxidation of eicosapentaenoic acid in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Effect of dietary protein source and cereal type on the incidence of sudden death syndrome in broiler chickens

Effect of dietary proteins on insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) messenger ribonucleic acid content in rat liver

Effect of dietary sand on the performance of laying hens

Effect of dietary selenium on the induction of altered hepatic foci and hepatic tumors by the peroxisome proliferator ciprofibrate

Effect of dietary silicon on growth and skeletal development in chickens

Effect of dietary sodium zeolite A and graded levels of calcium and phosphorus on growth, plasma, and tibia characteristics of chicks

Effect of dietary sodium zeolite A and graded levels of calcium on growth, plasma, and tibia characteristics of chicks

Effect of dietary sorbitol on the performance of broilers

Effect of dietary sorbose on lipid metabolism in male and female broilers

Effect of dietary supplemental pyridoxine levels on the hatchability of turkey eggs

Effect of dietary thyroxine on muscle protein metabolism and abdominal fat content in broiler chicken in hot and moderate environments

Effect of dietary tryptophan levels on the urinary excretion of nicotinamide and its metabolites in rats fed a niacin-free diet or a constant total protein level

Effect of diethylpyrocarbonate on the allosteric properties of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from Crassula argentea

Effect of difference in glucose infusion rate on quantification of hepatic glucose production

Effect of different cations on phosphate absorption in the bovine stomach

Effect of different degrees of grain mold infection on yield and quality of sorghum seed

Effect of different dietary levels of protein on fat deposition in broilers divergently selected for high or low abdominal adipose tissue

Effect of different doses of insemination on the fertility of domestic hens

Effect of different forest types on humus composition and humic acid properties of soil on the loess plateau

Effect of different formulations and methods of application of insecticides on some sucking pests and their predator in cotton

Effect of different fractions of seminal plasma on the fertilizing ability of fowl spermatozoa stored in vitro

Effect of different levels of autoclaved guar meal on the performance of broiler chicks

Effect of different levels of depth of planting on the yield and quality of sugarcane varieties

Effect of different levels of gram flour supplementation on the nutritive improvement of wheat flour

Effect of different levels of nitrogen and some granular insecticides on stem borer and leaf folder incidence in rice

Effect of different levels of phosphorus on acid phosphatase activity and mineral composition of some ectomycorrhizal fungi

Effect of different levels of rumen degradable protein on growth and nutrient utilisation in crossbred calves

Effect of different levels of sunflower seed in broiler rations

Effect of different planting dates on the yield and yield components of determinate and indeterminate soybean cultivars

Effect of different protein levels on the feed of grazing calves

Effect of different rates of potassium on yield and yield parameters of potato

Effect of different relative humidities on survival and moisture loss of termite workers and soldiers

Effect of different surfaces on toxicity and persistence of certain insecticides

Effect of different tumor types on resting energy expenditure

Effect of different volatile fatty acids mixtures on energy metabolism in cattle

Effect of differently humified organic matter on aggregate stability by reducing aggregate wettability

Effect of dikegulac on flowering and growth of Bougainvillea 'Rainbow Gold'

Effect of dilauroylphosphatidylcholine liposomes on motility, induction of the acrosome reaction, and subsequent egg penetration of ram epididymal sperm

Effect of diltiazem on acetaminophen and phalloidin hepatotoxicity

Effect of dimethoate and fenvalerate on conditioned avoidance and passive avoidance responses

Effect of diphenyl ether herbicides on oxidation of protoporphyrinogen to protoporphyrin in organellar and plasma membrane enriched fractions of barley

Effect of direction and position of the tree on open pollination in mango

Effect of disease assessment method on ranking potato cultivars for resistance to early blight

Effect of diurnal temperature variation on early yield and fruit size of greenhouse tomato

Effect of divalent cations on biochemical and functional parameters of pre- and postrigor chicken breast fillets

Effect of dl-fenfluramine on thermic effect of food in humans

Effect of dolomite lime and wood ash on peat substrate and development of tree seedlings

Effect of donor cell cycle stage on chromatin and spindle morphology in nuclear transplant rabbit embryos

Effect of dose of Brucella abortus strain 19 in yearling heifers on the relative risk of developing brucellosis from challenge exposure with strain 2308

Effect of dose of bovine somatotropin on nutrient utilization in growing dairy heifers

Effect of drought and defoliation stress in the field on soybean seed germination and vigor

Effect of drought stress on residual transpiration and its relationship with water use of wheat

Effect of dry storage on bacterial counts in stems of cut rose flowers

Effect of dry, soft moist, and canned dog foods on postprandial blood glucose and insulin concentrations in healthy dogs

Effect of drying period and soil moisture on egg hatch of the tadpole shrimp (Notostraca: Triopsidae)

Effect of duodenal proline infusion on milk production and composition in dairy cows

Effect of duration of fasting on postmolt laying hen performance

Effect of duration of melatonin treatment on the onset and duration of oestrous cyclicity in ewes

Effect of early introduction of formula vs fat-free parenteral nutrition on essential fatty acid status of preterm infants

Effect of early postoperative nutritional support on skin wound and colon anastomosis healing

Effect of early release on specific gravity and wood yield of black spruce

Effect of early season insecticide use and square removal on fruiting patterns and fiber quality of cotton

Effect of early weaning one lamb in a triplet lamb rearing system

Effect of effluent from zinc smelter on metallic cations in soil and crops in cropping sequences

Effect of egg composition on the developmental capacity of androgenetic mouse embryos

Effect of electrical stimulation on bacterial contamination of chicken legs

Effect of electrochemically activated water on seed germination

Effect of elevated CO2 on stomatal size and distribution in perennial ryegrass

Effect of elevated CO2 on the photosynthesis, respiration and growth of perennial ryegrass

Effect of elevated doses of phosphorus on yield and yield components of potatoes

Effect of endocytic and metabolic inhibitors on the internalization and intracellular growth of Brucella abortus in Vero cells

Effect of endomycorrhizae on the bioavailability of bound 14C residues to onion plants from an organic soil treated with fonofos

Effect of endotoxin administration on equine digital hemodynamics and Starling forces

Effect of endurance training on glucose transport capacity and glucose transporter expression in rat skeletal muscle

Effect of endurance training on sedentary energy expenditure measured in a respiratory chamber

Effect of energy and protein levels on mineral retention in broilers

Effect of energy intake on protein and energy metabolism of boars of high genetic potential for lean growth

Effect of ensiling and rumen digestion by cattle on weed seed viability

Effect of environmental conditions on the flexural properties of wood composite I-beams and lumber

Effect of environmental conditions on the success of epicotyl grafting in mango

Effect of environmental temperature, sex and fattening period on amino acid composition of breast meat of broilers

Effect of enzyme additives on kikuyu silage quality

Effect of epidermal growth factor on the expression of digestive hydrolases in the jejunum and colon of newborn rats

Effect of estradiol on tissue glycogen metabolism and lipid availability in exercised male rats

Effect of estriol on the structure and organization of collagen in the lamina propria of the immature rat uterus

Effect of estrogen administration on endogenous and luteinizing hormone-releasing-hormone-induced luteinizing hormone secretion and follicular development in the lactating sow

Effect of ethanol intake during lactation on the metabolism of dams and on pup development

Effect of ethanol intake on rat liver mitochondrial respiration and oxidative phosphorylation

Effect of ethanol on cadmium uptake and metabolism of zinc and copper in rats exposed to cadmium

Effect of ethanol on the degradation of protein and amino acids by rumen microorganisms

Effect of evening or morning weaning and immediate or delayed feeding on postweaning performance of pigs

Effect of evening primrose oil as food supplement on reproduction in the blue fox

Effect of evening primrose oil as food supplement on reproduction in the mink

Effect of excessive energy supply on the amino acid pattern of milk from dairy cows

Effect of exchangeable calcium on fractionation of inorganic and organic soil phosphorus

Effect of exercise and obesity on skeletal muscle amino acid uptake

Effect of exercise on intestinal motility and transit in trained athletes

Effect of exogenous corticosterone on chicken embryonic development

Effect of exogenous insulin on the metabolism of normal rat

Effect of exogenous porcine somatotropin on the functional and textural characteristics of the porcine semimembranosus muscle

Effect of explant location upon early culture development in vitro

Effect of exposure to operant-controlled microwaves on certain blood and immunological parameters in the young chick

Effect of exsheathment on motility and pathogenicity of two entomopathogenic nematode species

Effect of extraction conditions on the yield of anthocyanins from buckwheat stems

Effect of extrusion on the ileal and fecal digestibilities of lysine, nitrogen, and energy in diets for young pigs

Effect of fall cutting and alfalfa weevil on alfalfa yields and forage quality

Effect of fasting on plasma thyroid and adrenal hormone levels in turkey poults infected with Bordetella avium

Effect of fasting on some physiological responses and blood constituents in native and crossbred sheep

Effect of fasting on the hydrolysis of salicyluric acid in rabbit intestinal microorganisms

Effect of fat infusions on platelet concentration in premature infants

Effect of feed allowance during rearing and breeding on female broiler breeders. 2. Ovarian morphology and production

Effect of feed allowance during rearing and breeding on female broiler breeders. 3. Ovarian steroidogenesis

Effect of feed restriction during the rearing period on the growth rate and carcass composition of turkey breeder hens

Effect of feed shift in ratios between concentrate and roughage rations on the ability of digestion in rumen liquor of ruminants in vitro

Effect of feed supplementation in grazing cattle of arid region

Effect of feed withdrawal on yields, muscle pH, and texture of broiler breast meat

Effect of feeding and fasting on excess postexercise oxygen consumption

Effect of feeding decaffeinated tea waste on the quantity and quality of milk in crossbred cows

Effect of feeding different levels of cellulose in a diet on carbohydrate digestion in the digestive tract of pigs

Effect of feeding dried subabul as a replacement of concentrate mixture in buffalo calves

Effect of feeding fermented milks on the pulmonary macrophage activity in mice

Effect of feeding frequency on diurnal variation in plasma and urinary purine derivatives in steers

Effect of feeding ground pelleted hay and infusion of artificial saliva in rumen of lactating cows

Effect of feeding isoniazid and cimetidine on growth and bone development in male broiler chicks

Effect of feeding lactic acid bacteria and fermented milk on specific and nonspecific immune responses of mice infected with Klebsiella pneumoniae AD-1

Effect of feeding on sperm production of rams of different genotype

Effect of feeding organic acids on selected intestinal content measurements at varying times postweaning in pigs

Effect of feeding palmitic, oleic, and linoleic acids to Japanese quail hens (Coturnix coturnix japonica). 2. Maternal diets and stage of incubation on the lipid metabolism of quail embryos

Effect of feeding rate and gas supersaturation on survival and growth of lake trout

Effect of feeding regimen on behavior of growing-finishing pigs supplemented or not supplemented with folic acid

Effect of feeding selected carbohydrates on the in vivo attachment of Salmonella typhimurium in chick ceca

Effect of feeding sodium bicarbonate to cows fed on high concentrate ration

Effect of feeding urea treated rice straw on rumen volume and flow rates of liquid and solid digesta in crossbred cattle

Effect of feeding various levels of sodium zeolite A on milk yield, milk composition and blood profiles in thermally stressed Holstein cows

Effect of feeding whole and rolled barley to steers in the morning or afternoon in diets containing differing proportions of hay and grain

Effect of fern extracts on growth and germination of fungi

Effect of fertilization and irrigation on biological activity of soil rhizosphere of maize and its productivity

Effect of fertilizer on plant biomass distribution and net accumulation rate in an alpine meadow in central Himalaya, India

Effect of fiber, protein source and time of feeding on methotrexate toxicity in rats

Effect of fibronectin on early embryo development in cows

Effect of field violet (Viola arvensis) growth stage on uptake, translocation, and metabolism of terbacil

Effect of flag smut on yield and yield components of wheat varieties

Effect of floor type and energy source on growth and productivity of broiler breeders

Effect of flowering time on grain yield of rice

Effect of fluoride on reproduction in mice

Effect of flurbiprofen on facility of aqueous outflow in the eyes of dogs

Effect of foliar application of auxins and micronutrients on growth and yield of chilli

Effect of follicular fluid and inhibin immunoneutralization on FSH-induced preovulatory follicle growth in the ewe

Effect of food intake on hind-limb and whole-body protein metabolism in young growing sheep: chronic studies based on arterio-venous techniques

Effect of formaldehyde liberation from formalin mixed with a tablet of bleaching powder on disinfection of chicken houses and hatching eggs

Effect of four levels of added fat on broiler breeder performance

Effect of four sowing date environments on growth, development and yield potentials of 15 pearl millet cultivars (Pennisetum americanum L. Leeke) during autumn-winter seasons in Marin, N.L., Mexico

Effect of four triazine herbicides on growth of nontarget green algae

Effect of frame size, muscle score, and external fatness on live and carcass value of beef cattle

Effect of freezing on infectivity of Toxoplasma gondii tissue cysts in pork

Effect of frequency of administration of exogenous porcine growth hormone on growth and carcass traits and ovarian function of prepubertal gilts

Effect of fructose on hexosamine turnover in the rat lens

Effect of fumonisin-B1 exposure on chicken macrophage functions in vitro

Effect of fungicides and timing of application on the control of powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha), yield and fruit quality of apples

Effect of fungicides applied singly and in combination on seed yield and three leaf spot diseases in orchardgrass

Effect of fungicides in relation to spore germination of some keratinophilic fungi

Effect of fungicides on key diseases of groundnut in relation to crop stage

Effect of fusaric acid on brain regional neurochemistry and vomiting behavior in swine

Effect of gabaculine on the synthesis of heme and cytochrome f in etiolated wheat seedlings

Effect of gap filling materials on the yield and quality of ratoon crop in early varieties of sugarcane

Effect of generic advertising on the demand for fluid milk: the case of the Texas Market Order

Effect of genotype x environment interaction on estimations of genetic and phenotypic parameters of common beans

Effect of germinating condition and plant growth regulator on rate of twin seedlings from polyembryonic rice

Effect of germination and fermentation on available carbohydrate content of pearl millet

Effect of germination on the chemical composition and nutritive value of amaranth grain

Effect of gibberellic acid on calcium content in subcellular fractions of potato tuber cells

Effect of graded work load on serum thyroid hormones in crossbred bullocks

Effect of graduated rations of oat haylage on the production of beef

Effect of grain discoloration in upland rice on some yield components

Effect of grain processing on in sacco digestibility and degradability in the rumen

Effect of grain sorghum hybrid on in vitro rate of starch disappearance and finishing performance of ruminants

Effect of granulosa cells added to culture medium for in vitro maturation and fertilization of bovine oocytes

Effect of grazing, spraying, and seeding on knapweed in British Columbia

Effect of greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) feeding on carbohydrate levels in wheat

Effect of groundnut plant residues on germination and radicle elongation of four crop species

Effect of growth conditions on anatomy of pedicels and photosynthate partitioning in tomato plants with growth regulator treated flowers

Effect of growth conditions on the Streptococcus bovis phosphoenolpyruvate glucose phosphotransferase system

Effect of growth hormone treatment on the distribution of insulin-like growth factor-I between plasma and lymph of lactating sheep

Effect of growth location on rice protein content and composition

Effect of growth regulator on the success of epicotyl grafting in mango

Effect of growth regulators on the seedling-growth of Lathyrus odoratus, Zinnia elegans, Matthiola incana and Antirrhinum majus

Effect of growth retardation on pituitary luteinizing hormone and hypothalamic neuropeptide Y in ovariectomized sheep

Effect of growth temperature and temperature shifts on spinach leaf morphology and photosynthesis

Effect of gum chewing on plaque accumulation

Effect of gypsum-enriched biogas sludge and farmyard manure FYM on rice yield

Effect of habitat and perturbation on populations and community structure of darkling beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) on mixed-grass rangeland

Effect of habitat characteristics and perturbation from insecticides on the community dynamics of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) on mixed-grass rangeland

Effect of harvest date on aflatoxin contamination of cottonseed

Effect of headspace CO2 concentration on toxin production by Clostridium botulinum in MAP, irradiated fresh pork

Effect of headspace oxygen concentration on growth and toxin production by proteolytic strains of Clostridium botulinum

Effect of heat and its timing within a polyhouse on flowering in potted Douglas-fir trees

Effect of heat conditioning time on veneer recovery from grand fir peeler blocks

Effect of heat or formalin treatment of leptospires on antibody response detected by immunoblotting

Effect of heat pretreatment and particle size on fermentation efficiency of wheat straw with Ganoderma lucidum 870

Effect of heat processing delay on the stability of poultry meat emulsions containing 1.5 and 2.5% salt

Effect of heat stress on 2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid and DL-methionine absorption measured in vitro

Effect of heat sums and of heat applied separately to shoots and roots on flowering in potted Picea glauca grafts

Effect of heat treatment on the stability of milk fat globules

Effect of heat-stress on bovine embryo development in vitro

Effect of heating on nutritional quality of conventional and Kunitz trypsin inhibitor-free soybeans

Effect of heavy metals on the mycelial growth of some fungi under in vitro

Effect of herbage cutting on deepwater rice DWR in acid sulfate soil

Effect of herbicides and nitrogen on nutrient removal by weeds in transplanted rice

Effect of heterocyclic amines and beef extract on chromosome aberrations and sister chromatid exchanges in cultured human lymphocytes

Effect of heterosis in hybrids with dwarf mutants of triticale

Effect of heterosis on performance of mice across three environments

Effect of hibernation and jejunal bypass on mucosal structure and function

Effect of high calcium and phosphorus intake on mineral retention in very low birth weight infants chronically treated with furosemide

Effect of high dietary sucrose and fat levels on liver lipids and proteins

Effect of high levels of copper or dichlorvos during late gestation and lactation on sow productivity

Effect of high levels of deoiled rice bran in concentrate mixtures on the nutrient utilization and energy intakes in buffalo calves

Effect of high temperatures on germination of guayule seeds

Effect of high-fat and low-fiber meals on the cell proliferation activity of colorectal mucosa

Effect of hippurate on tissue fatty acid metabolism

Effect of home total parenteral nutrition on body composition in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Effect of honey bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) visits on the pollination rate of strawberries

Effect of hormones on dissociation of prolactin from the rabbit mammary gland prolactin receptor

Effect of host age, parasitoid age and temperature on interspecific competition between Chelonus insularis Cresson, Cotesia marginiventris Cresson and Microplitis manilae Ashmead

Effect of host diet on production of organic acids and methane by cockroach gut bacteria

Effect of host fruit species, size, and color on parasitization of Anastrepha ludens (Diptera: Tephritidae) by Diachasmimorpha longicaudata (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Effect of host instar on successful parasitism by Pholetesor ornigis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), parasitoid of Phyllonorycter blancardella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

Effect of host plant age on population development and pathogenicity of Ditylenchus destructor on peanut

Effect of host resistance and fungicide application on rice leaf blast management

Effect of hot water pretreatment and freshening agent on the quality of green yuzu fruits after storage with plastic bags

Effect of hot-fat trimming on factors associated with the subprimal yield of beef carcasses

Effect of household size on nutritional patterns among the Dutch elderly

Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on mammary gland differentiation and carcinogenesis

Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on the expression of progesterone receptors and estrogen receptors in rabbit ovarian granulosa cells and the uterus

Effect of human growth hormone-releasing factor and(or) thyrotropin-releasing factor on growth, carcass composition, diet digestibility, nutrient balance, and plasma constituents in dairy calves

Effect of humic substances on photosynthetic sulphate assimilation in maize seedlings

Effect of humidity and cold storage on diapause termination of hickory shuckworm larvae

Effect of humidity on physical and mechanical properties of New Zealand wood composites

Effect of hyperinsulinemia on whole body and skeletal muscle leucine carbon kinetics in humans

Effect of hyperoxia on oxygen free radical defense enzymes in the lung of zinc-deficient rats

Effect of hyperthermia on normal tissue toxicity and on adriamycin pharmacokinetics in dogs

Effect of immunization on reproductive performance, embryo quality and progesterone in Rasa Aragonesa ewes actively immunized against androstenedione or passively immunized against testosterone

Effect of incessant rain on seed health and measures to control damage

Effect of including relationships in the estimation of genetic parameters of beef calves

Effect of inclusion of saliva salts in the diet on milk yield and composition in dairy cows

Effect of incorporating fat into a liquid test meal on the relation between intragastric distribution and gastric emptying in human volunteers

Effect of incorporation of preservatives on the keeping quality of butter

Effect of increased free fatty acid supply on glucose metabolism and skeletal muscle glycogen synthase activity in normal man

Effect of increased light intensity on photosynthetic rate and ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase in bean leaves

Effect of increases in oxygen concentration during the argon-induced decline in nitrogenase activity in root nodules of soybean

Effect of increasing ruminal butyrate on portal and hepatic nutrient flux in steers

Effect of increasing storage iron on ascorbic acid metabolism in the guinea pig

Effect of increasing the dietary (n-3) to (n-6) polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio on murine liver and peritoneal cell fatty acids and eicosanoid formation

Effect of incubation temperature on repair of heat-injured Listeria in milk

Effect of indigenous natural resources in late rabi maize production

Effect of indigenous synthetic growth stimulants with irrigation and nitrogen on maize

Effect of indolebutyric acid and shoot portion on the rooting of cuttings in Japanese plum

Effect of industrial fluorosis on haemogram of camels

Effect of infectious bursal disease virus vaccines on persistence and pathogenicity of modified live reovirus vaccines in chickens

Effect of ingestion of fat on ileostomy effluent

Effect of inhibition of abscisic acid accumulation on the spatial distribution of elongation in the primary root and mesocotyl of maize at low water potentials

Effect of inhibition of oxygen free radical on ovulation and progesterone production by the in vitro perfused rabbit ovary

Effect of initial O2 and CO2 and low-dose irradiation on toxin production by Clostridium botulinum in MAP fresh pork

Effect of injected liquid beef manure on soil chemical properties and corn root distribution

Effect of inoculant strain and organic matter content on kinetics of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid degradation in soil

Effect of inoculation and nitrogen on isoflavonoid concentration in wild-type and nodulation-mutant soybean roots

Effect of inoculum on the nutritive value of fermented straw

Effect of inoculum source on sheath blight ShB development

Effect of inorganic phosphate source and dietary phosphorus level on laying hen performance and eggshell quality

Effect of inositol hexaphosphate on retention of zinc and calcium from the human colon

Effect of insect damage on the growth, yield, and quality of sericea lespedeza forage

Effect of insecticide treatments on root lodging and yields of maize in controlled infestations of western corn rootworms (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Effect of insecticides on survival, development, fecundity, and sex ratio in controlled infestations of western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Effect of instrument parameters on the accuracy of bulk soil electrical conductivity measurement

Effect of insulin on the concentration of glucose and hormones in serum and milk yield of postpartum ewes

Effect of integrated weed management on nutrient uptake by upland rice and associated weeds

Effect of intensity of root knot galling in seedlings on yields of flue cured tobacco

Effect of interaction between breed and plane of nutrition on sheep carcass tissues

Effect of intergenotypic competition on genetic parameters in wheat

Effect of intermating and selection in barley

Effect of interrupted wetness periods on spore germination and apple infection by Botryosphaeria obtusa

Effect of interstocks on the growth of mango cv. Dashehari

Effect of interval between doses on response of the pony to sodium bicarbonate

Effect of intraduodenal or intragastric nutrient infusion on food intake in man

Effect of intraperitoneal administration of lysine and methionine on mohair yield and quality in Angora goats

Effect of intraplant insect movement on economic thresholds

Effect of intravaginal sponges impregnated with varying doses of progesterone on estrous response in seasonally anestrous ewes

Effect of intravenous calcium infusions on serum chemistries in neonates

Effect of introduced scarab beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) on coprophilic insects in central Queensland

Effect of ion concentration and sodium:calcium ratio of a nutrient solution on Phytophthora root rot of tomato and zoospore motility and viability of Phytophthora parasitica

Effect of ionic strength and cation on phosphate desorption

Effect of ionizing radiation dose, temperature, and atmosphere on the survival of Salmonella typhimurium in sterile, mechanically deboned chicken meat

Effect of ionophores and pH on growth of Streptococcus bovis in batch and continuous culture

Effect of iron deficiency on small intestinal permeability in infants and young children

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on celery

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on transplanted summer rice yield and water use efficiency

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on yield and quality of safflower

Effect of irrigation methods on urea phosphate reactions in calcareous soils

Effect of irrigation on seed yield and quality of sorghum

Effect of irrigation schedules on growth and yield of mustard

Effect of irrigation water and soil sodicity on the performance and leaf nutrient composition of mango cultivars

Effect of isocaloric substitution of chocolate cake for potato in type I diabetic patients

Effect of ivermectin on the control of ear mites (Psoroptes cuniculi) in naturally infested rabbits

Effect of ivermectin on the immune response in mice

Effect of ivermectin on the ovarian development of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)

Effect of ivermectin on the volume of blood ingested by two species of ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) feeding on cattle

Effect of keeping temperature and time on sensory properties of cooked rice

Effect of kernel density on the apparent and true metabolizable energy value of corn for chickens

Effect of kharif legume on nitrogen needs of succeeding barley

Effect of laboratory sprouting and storage on physicochemical and breadmaking properties of hard red spring wheat

Effect of lactation on the decline of brush border lactase activity in neonatal pigs

Effect of lactic acid producing bacteria on the human intestinal microflora during ampicillin treatment

Effect of land shaping on productivity of different cropping sequences with varying sources of nutrients

Effect of lard and corn oil intake on serum lipids in young men

Effect of larval diet on cat flea (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) developmental times and adult emergence

Effect of lasalocid on the GnRH-induced LH and testosterone release during puberal development in the Brahman bull

Effect of latex and vinyl examination gloves on canine spermatozoal motility

Effect of lead and organophosphates on sperm morphology

Effect of lead arsenate on citrate synthase activity in fruit pulp of satsuma mandarin

Effect of leaf allowance on weight gain in young grazing cattle

Effect of leaf characters on grain yield in winter maize

Effect of leaf cutting for rice herbage on grain yield of deepwater rice

Effect of left hepatic vein ligation on hepatic circulation, function, and microanatomy in dogs

Effect of length on the tensile strength of lumber

Effect of leucaena and parthenium as green manure on rice

Effect of level and degradation of dietary protein on performance of feedlot steers

Effect of level of endophyte infection, nitrogen fertilization rate, grazing period, and paddock exchange on some chemical properties of four bovine tissues

Effect of level of intake and supplemental barley on marker estimates of fecal output using an intraruminal continuous-release chromic oxide bolus

Effect of levels and sources of nitrogen on rice

Effect of light and NO3- on wheat leaf phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity. Evidence for covalent modulation of the C3 enzyme

Effect of light intensity level during prelay light restriction on subsequent reproductive performance of turkey breeder hens

Effect of light on alkaloid accumulation in cell cultures of Nicotiana species

Effect of lime application to strongly acidic soils on the growth of macadamia seedlings

Effect of lime on phosphorus mobilization in typical and leached chernozems

Effect of liming and adding phosphate on predicted phosphorus uptake by maize on acid soils of three soil orders

Effect of limited feed intake on growth of subcutaneous adipose tissue layers and on carcass composition in swine

Effect of lipids on the retrogradation of cooked rice

Effect of lithium chloride and other inhibitors on the growth of Listeria spp

Effect of litter size on herbage intake at pasture by ewes and their progeny

Effect of liver denervation on compensatory changes in food intake, body composition and hepatic enzyme induction after food restriction in rats

Effect of loach raising on the change in physico-chemical properties of soil and rice growth in paddy field

Effect of local stimulation on fatty acid composition in milk

Effect of localized nitrate application on isoflavonoid concentration and nodulation in split-root systems of wild-type and nodulation-mutant soybean plants

Effect of long-term fish oil supplementation on vitamin E status and lipid peroxidation in women

Effect of long-term treatment of two tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines on the vitamin A status of mice

Effect of low birth weight on severe childhood diarrhea

Effect of low doses of gamma irradiation prior to egg incubation on hatchability and body weight of broiler chickens

Effect of low glycogen on carbohydrate and energy metabolism in human muscle during exercise

Effect of low level flaxseed supplementation on the fatty acid composition of mammary glands and tumors in rats

Effect of low light on F1 rice hybrids

Effect of low light on yield stability of elite rice cultivars

Effect of low nitrate supply to nodulated lucerne on time course of activities of enzymes involved in inorganic nitrogen metabolism

Effect of low- and high-fat intakes on the hormonal milieu of premenopausal women

Effect of low-calorie diets on the sympathetic nervous system, body weight, and plasma insulin in overweight hypertension

Effect of low-rate pyrethroid applications on the spotted tentiform leafminer (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) and its parasitoids in an apple orchard

Effect of loxiglumide on gallbladder contractile response to cerulein and food in humans

Effect of macerase, oxalic acid, and EGTA on deep supercooling and pit membrane structure of xylem parenchyma of peach

Effect of macrophages and in vitro infection with parainfluenza type 3 and respiratory syncytial viruses on the mitogenic response of bovine lymphocytes

Effect of magnesium deficiency on lipid metabolism in uremic rats

Effect of maize maturity on radiation-use efficiency

Effect of maize residue on five maize hybrids

Effect of male type on fruit chemical properties in some date palm cultivars

Effect of manures and fertilizers on dehydrogenase and phosphatases in the rhizosphere of arid crops

Effect of mastitis on plasminogen activator activity of milk somatic cells

Effect of material bouncing into and out of collection pans on observed spreader distribution pattern

Effect of maternal fatty acid deficiency on lipid content and composition of rat liver during prenatal development

Effect of meat curing ingredients on thermal destruction of Listeria monocytogenes in ground pork

Effect of mefloquine on electrocardiographic changes in uncomplicated falciparum malaria patients

Effect of mercury on the growth and physiological function of wheat seedlings

Effect of methionyl bovine somatotropin in a prolonged-release vehicle on milk production, hormone profiles and health in dairy cows

Effect of method and phase of nutrient restriction during rearing on productive performance of light hybrid pullets and hens

Effect of method of seminal collection on the retrograde flow of spermatozoa into the urinary bladder of rams

Effect of methoprene and diflubenzuron on larval development of the cat flea (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae)

Effect of methylxanthines on lactational performance of rats

Effect of metyrapone on the timing of oviposition and ovarian steroidogenesis in the laying hen

Effect of microbial antagonists in the control of root rot of tomato

Effect of microbial fermentation on functional specific gravity of small forage particles

Effect of microbial treatment of paddy straw on chemical composition and nutrient utilization in crossbred goats

Effect of microclimate on ecophysiological features of some sclerophyllous species

Effect of microtubule stabilization on the freezing tolerance of mesophyll cells of spinach

Effect of midazolam preanesthetic administration on thiamylal induction requirement in dogs

Effect of milbemycin oxime against Ancylostoma caninum in dogs with naturally acquired infection

Effect of milk stasis on Brucella abortus infection of the mammary gland in goats

Effect of mineral fertilization and foliar dressing on the yield and chemical and technological properties of winter wheat

Effect of minerals on the production of the delta endotoxin by Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis

Effect of mixed row cropping of early and late maturing rice varieties on crop productivity under intermediate deepwater conditions

Effect of moderate exercise on bowel habit

Effect of moderate semi-starvation on plasma lipids

Effect of modified practice of urea supplementation on nutrient utilization from wheat straw based diet in buffaloes

Effect of modified urea materials on the performance of rice under varying nitrogen levels

Effect of moisture content and method of rehydration on the susceptibility of pea seeds to imbibition damage

Effect of moisture content of Douglas-fir heartwood on longitudinal diffusion of boron from fused borate rods

Effect of moisture content on physical properties of linseed

Effect of moisture stress on photosynthesis and productivity of cassava

Effect of monensin and a protonophore on protein degradation, peptide accumulation, and deamination by mixed ruminal microorganisms in vitro

Effect of monensin and its metabolites in broiler litter on sheep consuming the broiler litter

Effect of monensin in ameliorating subacute lactic acidosis in buffalo calves

Effect of monensin on in vitro fermentation of maize starch by hindgut contents of cattle

Effect of monensin on ultrastructure and cellular invasion by the turkey coccidia Eimeria adenoeides and Eimeria meleagrimitis

Effect of moniliformin on myocardial contractility in rats

Effect of mono and mixed culture of tall fescue and birdsfoot trefoil on yield and quality

Effect of moulting age on the second cycle performance of broiler breeders

Effect of mouse epidermal growth factor on fertility in rams

Effect of multiple contaminant migration on diffusion and adsorption of some domestic waste contaminants in a natural clayey soil

Effect of mungbean yellow mosaic virus on some growth components and yield of soybean cultivars

Effect of mycoprotein on blood lipids

Effect of naled on the glutathione levels in the kidney and liver of chicken

Effect of neem extract-coated urea on rice yield and nitrogen use efficiency of transplanted rice

Effect of nematicidal seed treatment of lentil on nematode populations and crop performance and its residual effect under the subsequent mung crop

Effect of neuroleptanalgesics on certain biochemical parameters in calves

Effect of nicarbazin on brown-egg layer-breeders

Effect of nitrate and ammonium forms of nitrogen fertilizers on sugarcane photosynthesis and growth parameters

Effect of nitrate on peroxisome ultrastructure and catalase activity in nodules of Lupinus albus L. cv. Multolupa

Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer on growth and yield of gram under rainfed farming system

Effect of nitrogen fertilization on yield component distribution and assimilate translocation of determinate and indeterminate soybean lines

Effect of nitrogen fertilizers on leaf and soil nitrogen levels in highbush blueberries

Effect of nitrogen on utilization of fertilizer phosphorus by barley

Effect of nitrogen rate and position of application on growth and yield of apple trees

Effect of nitrogen sources with and without phosphorus on oats

Effect of nitrogen supply on the growth and senescence of leaves of Lolium perenne with contrasting rates of leaf respiration

Effect of nitrogen uptake by weeds on rice yield

Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus levels on oil and protein content of two linseed genotypes

Effect of number and location of nipple waterers and cage shape on the performance of caged layers

Effect of number of corpora lutea and fetuses on concentrations of progesterone in blood of goats

Effect of number of hens per nipple waterer on the performance of several strains of layers in cages

Effect of nutrients and growth regulating chemicals on biochemical aspects and hormonal balance with reference to apical dominance in mango

Effect of nutrients on the area under the blood ethanol concentration versus time curve

Effect of nutrition and severity of pruning on peaches

Effect of nutrition level during gestation of sows on the litter size and growth performance of piglets

Effect of nutrition on the short-term response of Molinia caerulea to defoliation

Effect of nutritional status on exercise performance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Effect of oat bran muffins on calcium absorption and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc balance in men

Effect of oat bran on plasma cholesterol and bile acid excretion in nine subjects with ileostomies

Effect of obesity on circulating intermediary metabolite concentrations in the absence of impaired glucose tolerance

Effect of oil used for dust control on engineering properties of stored wheat

Effect of opioids on the activity of some key enzymes involved in milk synthesis in mammary gland of lactating rabbit

Effect of oral administration of prednisolone on thyroid function in dogs

Effect of oral administration of tylosin tartrate in the treatment of experimental and natural cases of caprine mycoplasmosis

Effect of oral zinc administration on prolactin and thymulin circulating levels in patients with chronic renal failure

Effect of organic amendments in controlling rice root nematodes

Effect of organic cosolvent on adsorption and desorption of linuron and simazine in soil

Effect of organic manure on natural occurrence of Azolla pinnata and its effect on rice yield

Effect of organic matter on thermal characteristics of soils

Effect of organochlorine pesticides on the bacterial population of a tropical estuary

Effect of oscillators on deposition characteristics of an airblast sprayer

Effect of ovariectomy and ovariectomy with ovarian autotransplantation on feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of heifers

Effect of overcooked soybean meal on chicken performance and amino acid availability

Effect of overcooked soybean meal on turkey performance

Effect of overprocessing on availability of amino acids and energy in soybean meal

Effect of ovine prolactin on tubulin function in the anterior pituitary lobe of the lactating rat

Effect of ovulation on sperm transport in the hamster oviduct

Effect of ovule damage on fruit development in three apple cultivars

Effect of oxamyl treatment of potato seed pieces on Pratylenchus penetrans and yield

Effect of oxygen and maternal dietary iodine on embryonic carbohydrate metabolism and hatchability of turkey eggs

Effect of oxygenation on xylose fermentation by Pichia stipitis

Effect of ozonated water on postharvest pathogens of pear in laboratory and packinghouse tests

Effect of pO2 during growth on the gaseous diffusional properties of nodules of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.)

Effect of pO2 on growth and nodule functioning of symbiotic cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.)

Effect of pO2 on the formation and status of leghemoglobin in nodules of cowpea and soybean

Effect of paclobutrazol on vegetative growth in citrus nursery trees

Effect of paper bags used to cover hand-crossed panicles on seed set and vigor

Effect of parasitoids on lepidopterous pests in insecticide-treated and untreated tomatoes in western North Carolina

Effect of parenteral administration of carnitine on liver regeneration in partially hepatectomized rats

Effect of particle size of sorghum grains on feed intake and performance of young broilers

Effect of particle size on physical characteristics and nutrient utilization of cotton seed hulls in complete diets of sheep

Effect of particulate medium drying on nutritive quality of corn

Effect of patulin on albumin fraction of plasma proteins studied in rats

Effect of pea and lentil lectins on in vitro absorption of nutrients

Effect of peptide histidine isoleucine on in vitro and in vivo prolactin secretion in the turkey

Effect of perches in laying cages on welfare and production of hens

Effect of periodic feeding and photoperiod on anticipation of feed withdrawal

Effect of peripheral administration of nicotine on feed intake

Effect of peripheral foot cooling on metabolic rate and thermoregulation of fed and fasted chicken hens in a hot environment

Effect of pesticides on red blood cells in vitro

Effect of pesticides on saprophytic survival of Macrophomina phaseolina in soybean stems in soil

Effect of phenolic compounds on ABA-induced changes in K+ concentration of guard cells and in epidermal diffusive resistance

Effect of pheromone trap placement on capture of male European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in three North Carolina crops

Effect of phloem-translocated malate on NO3(-) uptake by roots of intact soybean plants

Effect of phorbol ester PMA and puromycin on the maturation of mouse oocytes

Effect of phosphinothricin (glufosinate) on photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence emission by barley leaves illuminated under photorespiratory and non-photorespiratory conditions

Effect of phosphorus and aluminium in the response of spring barley to soil acidity

Effect of phosphorus and potassium on yield of opium poppy

Effect of phosphorus application on the activities of some dehydrogenases related to carbon metabolism in moong nodules and roots

Effect of phosphorus on endogenous calcium losses during total parenteral nutrition

Effect of physical processing on the nutritive value and nutrient utilization of sunflower straw in sheep and goats

Effect of physiotherapy after tibial transfixation in cattle

Effect of phytate removal on zinc absorption from soy formula

Effect of phytotoxins produced by Botryosphaeria obtusa, the cause of black rot of apple fruit and frogeye leaf spot

Effect of pig weaning weight and associated nursery feeding programs on subsequent performance to 105 kilograms body weight

Effect of pilocarpine on feed intake and growth in rats

Effect of placement of fertilizer on yield of rainfed wheat

Effect of placing and mixing of a normal soil on the performance of two grasses in limestone minespoil

Effect of plant density on hybrid seed production in muskmelon

Effect of plant extracts in controlling rice tungro

Effect of plant growth regulators on paddy rice

Effect of plant growth substances and sprouting conditions on sprout growth

Effect of plant population and nitrogen application on yield and economics of winter maize

Effect of plant population and spatial arrangement on yield and fruit size of buttercup squash

Effect of planting date on Hessian fly infestation and production of triticale

Effect of planting geometry on maize and soybean intercropping systems under rainfed conditions

Effect of pollen on the saprophytic and pathogenic mycoflora of the phylloplane of paddy

Effect of pollutants on the nutrient status of field soils

Effect of polyethylene film mulching on the changes of soil chemical properties during the sesame cropping season

Effect of polymycin supplementation through feed and water on broiler performance

Effect of polyphosphate chilling on the quality of frozen quail meat

Effect of polyphosphate treatment of quail carcasses on drip volume and composition

Effect of porcine somatotropin, stress susceptibility, and final end point of cooking on the sensory, physical, and chemical properties of pork loin chops

Effect of post-bloom vegetative flush on fruit retention in mango

Effect of postemergence, supplemental inoculation on nodulation and symbiotic performance of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) at three levels of soil nitrogen

Effect of postweaning implantation of zeranol and dietary energy level on growth and reproductive performance of replacement beef heifers

Effect of potassium application levels and time on rice

Effect of potassium levels on the stomatal behavior of the hemi-parasite Striga hermonthica

Effect of potato composition on drum dryer capacity

Effect of potato seed-tuber age on plant establishment and amelioration of age-linked effects with auxin

Effect of pre-emergent herbicides on nutrient status of mango leaves

Effect of preceding crops on yield and nitrogen uptake by rice

Effect of prefeeding lipid on food intake and satiety in man

Effect of preflooding on transformation of applied zinc and its uptake by rice in lateritic soils

Effect of pregnancy and exogenous ovarian steroids on endometrial prolactin receptor ontogeny and uterine secretory response in pigs

Effect of preheat temperature on the hydrophobic properties of milk proteins

Effect of premating injections of insulin on fertility and prolificacy of ewes

Effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on growth and morphology of offspring at 8 months of age

Effect of prenatal testosterone treatment on nitrogen utilization and endocrine status of ewe lambs

Effect of prepartum administration of growth hormone-releasing factor on somatotropin, insulin-like growth factor I, milk production, and postpartum return to ovarian activity in primiparous beef heif

Effect of prior experience on the response of Exeristes roborator (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) to a natural host and microhabitat in a seminatural environment

Effect of prior heat shock on heat resistance of Listeria monocytogenes in meat

Effect of probenecid on the pharmacokinetics of flunixin meglumine and phenylbutazone in healthy mares

Effect of processing groundnut hulls on nutrient utilization in sheep and goats

Effect of processing of maize cobs on nutrient utilization in sheep and goats

Effect of processing on native proteinases in milk

Effect of progesterone in vitro on luteinizing hormone production in hen pituitary cells pretreated with estrogen

Effect of prolonged fermentation of biogas manures on their fertilizing efficiency

Effect of prolonged seed soaking on the organic and mineral components of immature pods of soybeans

Effect of prostaglandins on luteal function during early pregnancy in pigs

Effect of protected methionine preparations on milk production and milk composition of cows

Effect of protein malnutrition on glycoprotein, protein and lipid synthesis in the rat cerebellum during the period of brain growth spurt

Effect of protein precipitating agents on the recovery of plasma free amino acids

Effect of protein source and fumaric acid supplementation on apparent ileal digestibility of nutrients by young pigs

Effect of proteolysis in milk on fouling in heat exchangers

Effect of quercetin on electron transfer in photosystem 2 and photosystem 1 of pea chloroplasts

Effect of races and number of kids on first lactation goat milk traits

Effect of radiation and storage on the protein content and protein synthesis in heavy metal treated barley seedlings

Effect of radiation dose on the incidence of visible chromosomal aberrations in Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Effect of rainfall measurement time and depth resolution on EI calculation

Effect of rapid dehydration of the leaf on photosynthetic electron transport and thylakoid membrane potential

Effect of rate of change of luteinizing hormone concentration on in vitro progesterone secretion within rat corpora lutea during differentiation

Effect of ratoon stunting disease on yield of sugarcane grown in multiple three-year plantings

Effect of rearing floor type and ten-day beak trimming on stress and performance of caged layers

Effect of rearing practices on the water consumption by piglets in the first eight weeks after birth

Effect of rearing regimens on pullet growth and subsequent laying performance

Effect of recombinant beet necrotic yellow vein virus with different RNA compositions on mechanically inoculated sugarbeets

Effect of recombinant human inhibin on gonadotropin secretion by the male rat

Effect of recombinant human insulin-like growth factor-I on weight gain, fat content, and hormonal parameters in broiler chickens

Effect of recombinant porcine somatotropin on energy and protein utilization by growing pigs: interaction with capacity for lean tissue growth

Effect of redox potentials on denitrification in soil

Effect of reduction of sink strength in developing seeds on vein loading patterns of photoassimilate in source leaves of Pisum sativum L

Effect of refeeding diets containing cottonseed flour with traces of gossypol on rat liver and testis

Effect of relaxin on facilitation of parturition in dairy heifers

Effect of relaxin on mammary development in ovariectomized pregnant gilts

Effect of removing salt, sodium, or chloride from the diet of commercial layers

Effect of repeated collection of multiple endometrial biopsy specimens on subsequent pregnancy in mares

Effect of repeated phlebotomy on iron status of rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

Effect of research on commercial hybrid maize resistance to European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Effect of resistant starch on intestinal responses in rats

Effect of respiratory infection on tissue riboflavin and flavin enzymes in mice

Effect of restriction in daily feeding periods on reproduction in the female rat

Effect of retinoids on proliferation of human embryonic palatal mesenchymal cells in culture

Effect of rice fiber on human fecal microflora

Effect of rice growth stage on sheath blight ShB development and yield loss

Effect of rice water weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and Pythium spp. on water-seeded rice

Effect of rill erosion during early vegetative growth on winter wheat yield

Effect of ripeness and location of papaya fruits on the parasitization rates of oriental fruit fly and melon fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) by braconid (Hymenoptera) parasitoids

Effect of risk preferences on incorporation of double-crop soybeans into traditional rotations

Effect of rock permeability on the formation of diagnostic argillic and fragipan horizons

Effect of roost temperature on performance of chickens in hot ambient environments

Effect of root exudates from corn and bromegrass on soil structural stability

Effect of root temperature on the flower formation and fruit yield of tomatoes

Effect of root zone temperature and shoot demand on uptake and xylem transport of macronutrients in maize (Zea mays L.)

Effect of rotavirus infection and malnutrition on uptake of a dietary antigen in the intestine

Effect of rough operating surface on rotary spreader distribution pattern

Effect of rumen degradable protein and lactation on nitrogen metabolism in dairy goats

Effect of ruminal escape protein and fat on nitrogen utilization in lambs exposed to elevated ambient temperatures

Effect of rust on sugarcane growth and biomass

Effect of rust on yield and digestibility of pearl millet forage

Effect of rust on yield of susceptible and resistant asparagus cultivars

Effect of rutin on the neonate sensitivity, dietary utilization and mid-gut carboxylesterase activity of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Effect of salinity on growth and nutrient content of pearl millet grown in desert sand and gravel

Effect of salinity on the survival of termite workers and soldiers

Effect of salinomycin and high rate concentrate diet intake on ruminal fermentation in lambs

Effect of salinomycin and monensin on the performance and carcass characteristics in fattening steers

Effect of salt stress on dry matter production and nitrogen uptake by tomatoes

Effect of sampling interval on serum concentrations of luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and prolactin in prepubertal, ovariectomized, and cycling gilts

Effect of sampling site on fatty acid composition of human breast adipose tissue

Effect of sawdust and ammonium sulphate on the population of plant parasitic nematodes and plant growth

Effect of scale on vegetation mapping by remote sensing

Effect of schistosomiasis infection on the clearance of phenazone in mice

Effect of schistosomiasis on the absorption and elimination of chloramphenicol in patients with enteric fever

Effect of seed fortification with chemicals on the growth parameters of maize

Effect of seed quality on cooking quality and yield of a subsequent crop of field pea

Effect of seed size and cultivar on emergence and stand establishment of broccoli in crusted soil

Effect of seed source and seed phosphorus concentration on the yield response of yellow serradella to superphosphate applications

Effect of seed storage in liquid nitrogen on germination of several crop and wild species

Effect of seed treatment with biological antagonists on rhizosphere mycoflora and root infecting fungi of soybean

Effect of selection for litter size and body weight on hormone-induced ovulation rate in mice

Effect of selenium on aflatoxin hepatocarcinogenesis in the rat

Effect of sepsis and surgery on trace minerals

Effect of serotonin on food intake by piglets during the early postnatal period

Effect of serum-free co-culture and synchrony of recipients on development of cultured sheep embryos to fetuses

Effect of several management tactics on adult mortality and progeny production of Sitophilus zeamais (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on stored corn in the laboratory

Effect of severe food restriction on the gut following rotavirus infection in mice

Effect of sewage sludge application to ameliorate iron deficiency of grain sorghum

Effect of shade and soil amendments on soil physical conditions in field seedbeds

Effect of shade and soil moisture on seedling growth of two early successional tree species of Kumaun Himalaya

Effect of shearing and level of concentrate feeding on the performance of finishing lambs

Effect of sheltering and splashing water on feed conversion efficiency of inter se mated cross bred heifers during intense summer

Effect of short term fasting on some aspects of energy metabolism in lambs after weaning

Effect of short-term exposure of chickens to corticosterone on resistance to challenge exposure with Escherichia coli and antibody response to sheep erythrocytes

Effect of slope prediction methods on slope and erosion estimates

Effect of social class and nutrient intake on height and plasma insulin-like growth factor in Andean Equadorian children

Effect of sodium aluminosilicate on phosphorus utilization by chicks and laying hens

Effect of sodium bicarbonate and oils on the control of powdery mildew and black spot of roses

Effect of sodium bicarbonate infusion on serum osmolality, electrolyte concentrations, and blood gas tensions in cats

Effect of sodium nitrite on growth of Shigella flexneri

Effect of sodseeding method on ryegrass-clover mixtures for grazing beef animals

Effect of soil burial on the termiticidal performance of pyrethroids

Effect of soil compaction on strength and productivity of swelling clay soil

Effect of soil compaction on the dynamics of soil and fertilizer nitrogen under winter wheat

Effect of soil crusting on seedling growth in contrasting sorghum lines

Effect of soil moisture content on tractor wheel slip

Effect of soil moisture on boron availability and uptake

Effect of soil nitrate on the growth and nodulation of winter crop legumes

Effect of soil organic matter on chickpea inoculated with Azospirillum brasilense and Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. ciceri

Effect of soil pH, soil water, light intensity, and temperature on perennial sowthistle (Sonchus arvensis L.)

Effect of soil surface treatments on runoff and wheat yields under irrigation

Effect of soil texture on rice growth and yield

Effect of soil-water matric potential and periodic flooding on mortality of pepper caused by Phytophthora capsici

Effect of solanaceous hosts on toxicity and synergism of permethrin and fenvalerate in Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) larvae

Effect of solarization and Gliocladium virens on sclerotia of Sclerotium rolfsii, soil microbiota, and the incidence of southern blight of tomato

Effect of soluble sugars and gibberellic acid in breaking dormancy of excised wild oat (Avena fatua) embryos

Effect of somatotropin and protein supplement on thyroid function of dairy cattle

Effect of some antibiotics as growth promoters on performance of broiler chicks fed different protein levels

Effect of some chemicals on the viability of pear pollen grains and growth of the pollen tube

Effect of some commonly used galactagogues on milk production and biogenic amines in buffaloes

Effect of some disinfectant treatments and different sodium chloride concentrations on the in vitro growth of some strawberry cultivars

Effect of some electrolytes on in vitro rumen microbial protein synthesis in buffaloes

Effect of some leguminous crops on number and viability of Sclerotium oryzae sclerotia

Effect of some natural pesticides on entomogenous muscardine fungi

Effect of some polyamines on the functional activity of thylakoid membranes

Effect of some soil insecticides in controlling the major insect pests in teak nursery

Effect of some systems for weed control by means of residual amounts of herbicides in the soil and in peppers

Effect of some systems of herbicides on infestation and yield in transplant growing of pepper for seeds

Effect of sorghum phyllosphere fungi on the incidence of helminthosporiose disease

Effect of source-sink manipulations on the crassulacean acid metabolism of Kalanchoe pinnata

Effect of sources of phosphorus on growth and yield of two chickpea cultivars grown under different fertility levels

Effect of sowing date and seed rate on the grain yield and protein content of winter barley

Effect of sowing date and spacing on seed yield of capsularis jute

Effect of sowing date and spacing on the growth and yield of okra

Effect of sowing dates, temperatures on germination, flowering, and yield of Cucumis metuliferus

Effect of soy products on methotrexate toxicity in rats

Effect of soy protein ingestion on total and specific immunoglobulin G concentrations in neonatal porcine serum measured by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Effect of soybean thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) feeding injury on penetration of acifluorfen in soybean

Effect of sperm penetration in vitro on completion of first meiosis by bovine oocytes arrested at various stages in culture

Effect of split application of nitrogen on opium poppy

Effect of spring nitrogen application on barley forage yields and silage fermentation

Effect of stabilizers on the control of whey separation in fermented beverages prepared from sweet cream buttermilk

Effect of stage of gestation on efficacy of Brucella abortus strain-19 vaccination in cattle

Effect of stand conditions on advance of Phellinus weirii in Douglas-fir plantations

Effect of stand density and thinning on soybean

Effect of starch fermentation in the rumen on voluntary intake of roughage and kinetics of digestion

Effect of starch structure on glucose and insulin responses in adults

Effect of starch-based corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) baits on selected nontarget insect species: influence of semiochemical composition

Effect of starvation on human muscle protein metabolism and its response to insulin

Effect of starvation on weight and nitrogen contents of tissues in chicks prefed diets containing different levels of protein

Effect of stock size and regulations on fishing industry cost and structure: the surf clam industry

Effect of storage conditions on sowing value and health of winter triticale grain

Effect of storage temperature on lactulose and 5-hydroxymethyl-furfural formation in UHT milk

Effect of storage time and temperature on the aerobic plate count and on the community structure of two water samples

Effect of stress on the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis: peripheral and central mechanisms

Effect of structural rearrangements on chiasma frequency in mouse oocytes

Effect of subacute low level dietary sodium arsenite on dogs

Effect of subsurface drain spacing on growth and yield behaviour of cotton on a saline soil

Effect of successive applications of urban compost on soil potassium availability

Effect of suckling on gastric motility in lactating rats

Effect of sudden loss of calcium from the exchangeable calcium pool on bone calcium resorption in mature sheep

Effect of sugar cane feeding on the age at first service in a seasonally calving beef herd

Effect of sulfate and organic carbon supplements on reductive dehalogenation of chloroanilines in anaerobic aquifer slurries

Effect of sulfur powder application on seedling characteristics and rooting capability at low temperature in seedling growth of mechanical rice transplanting

Effect of summer heat stress on growth rate and feed consumption of buffalo calves

Effect of supplemental lysocellin and tetronasin on growth, ruminal and blood metabolites, and ruminal proteolytic activity in steers grazing ryegrass

Effect of supplemental phytase to broiler rations different in phosphorus content

Effect of supplementary feeding on recovery from mild to moderate wasting in preschool children

Effect of supplementation of diet with fibre degrading enzyme on performance and nutrient utilisation in broilers

Effect of supplementation of fish oil on serum lipid in young healthy females

Effect of supplementation with water soluble vitamins on erythrocyte alanine aminotransferase activity of healthy adolescents

Effect of supplementing urea molasses mineral block lick to untreated or ammonia treated paddy straw on economics of weight gain and age at maturity in buffalo calves

Effect of surfactants on penetration and absorption of chromated copper arsenate in Douglas-fir

Effect of sward height on herbage intake and production of ewes of different rearing rank during lactation

Effect of swath and windrow manipulation on alfalfa drying and quality

Effect of swathing alfalfa for hay on insect dispersal

Effect of sweating on peripheral temperatures in goats

Effect of systemic fungicides on in vitro growth of Pythium aphanidermatum, the rhizome rot pathogen of ginger

Effect of systemic granular insecticides on foliar pests and yield of cotton

Effect of tannic acid on the immune response of growing chickens

Effect of taro leaf blight on leaf number

Effect of technological factors on concentration of halogen derivative pesticides in some vegetable drugs

Effect of temperature and duration of storage on glutathione peroxidase activity in plasma and whole blood of horses

Effect of temperature and hypersalinity on hatching success of spotted seatrout eggs

Effect of temperature and moisture on population fluctuation of nematodes in an apple orchard

Effect of temperature and relative humidity on germination and germ tube development of Mycosphaerella fijiensis var. difformis

Effect of temperature and vector numbers on maize streak virus incubation and symptom severity in maize

Effect of temperature conditioning on chilling injury of cucumber cotyledons. Possible role of abscisic acid and heat shock proteins

Effect of temperature on conidial germination and systemic infection of maize by Peronosclerospora species

Effect of temperature on germination of mycorrhizal spores and infection in roots

Effect of temperature on germination of six winter wheat cultivars

Effect of temperature on interception and conversion of solar radiation by stands of groundnut

Effect of temperature on late immature stages of Culicoides brevitarsis (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Effect of temperature on oil content and fatty acid composition of oat grains

Effect of temperature on phasic development of spring wheat in northern conditions

Effect of temperature on the development of anaerobic cultures from a contaminated subsurface soil

Effect of temperature on the functional and numerical responses of Lariophagus distinguendus (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) to various densities of the host, Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Effect of temperature on the toxicities of ten pyrethroids to German cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)

Effect of temperature on virulence of Rhizoctonia solani and other Rhizoctonia on potato

Effect of temperature variation on the incubation and development of brook trout eggs

Effect of tetracycline hydrochloride and oxytetracycline hydrochloride given via drinking water on early mortality of broiler chicks from twenty-eight-week-old dams

Effect of the addition of malt flour to extruded pea-rice preparations on food and energy intake by preschool children

Effect of the aeration zone on the hydraulics of subsurface drains for infiltration water intakes

Effect of the antiprogestin RU486 on uterine sensitivity to oxytocin in ewes in late pregnancy

Effect of the bacterial phytotoxin coronatine on plant cell cultures

Effect of the continuous administration of fat emulsion on the infiltration of intravenous lines in infants receiving peripheral parenteral nutrition solutions

Effect of the herbicide atrazine on soil respiration and the ammonification of organic nitrogen in an incubated agricultural soil

Effect of the herbicide ethalfluralin on net blotch disease of peanut pods

Effect of the introduction of rams on the pulsatile release of luteinizing hormone and the onset of reproductive activity in ewe lambs

Effect of the lactoperoxidase system on Listeria monocytogenes behavior in raw milk at refrigeration temperatures

Effect of the leafy vegetable Solanum nigrum on the activities of some liver drug-metabolizing enzymes after aflatoxin B1 treatment in female rats

Effect of the long-term elevation of CO2 concentration in the field on the quantum yield of photosynthesis of the C3 sedge, Scirpus olneyi

Effect of the maize-derived compounds DIMBOA and MBOA on growth and digestive processes of European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Effect of the matric component of soil water potential on infection of pepper seedlings in soil infested with oospores of Phytophthora capsici

Effect of the number of attendant worker bees on the initiation of egg laying by instrumentally inseminated queens kept in small nuclei

Effect of the osmotic environment on K+ and Mg2+ release from the seed coat and cotyledons of developing seeds of Vicia faba and Pisum sativum. Evidence for a stimulation of efflux from the vacuole at

Effect of the photosynthetic light period on the carbon budget of young tomato leaves

Effect of the red imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on a small plant-decomposing arthropod community

Effect of the safener dichlormid on maize peroxygenase and lipoxygenase

Effect of thermoperiod and photoperiod on the eclosion rhythm of the sunflower moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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