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Natural Sciences Repository Index 46

Index 46 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Syphilis in pregnancy

Systematic identification of endobronchial anatomy during bronchoscopy in the dog

Systemic virulence of Erwinia chrysanthemi 3937 requires a functional iron assimilation system

Systems and the business of agriculture

TNAU80030 - a promising medium-duration rice for Tamil Nadu

TOBEC methodology for body composition assessment: a cross-validation study

TPS1, a short-duration red rice in Tamil Nadu

TPS2 - a new variety for Kanyakumari

TPS2: a new high-yielding rice variety

Tabby pattern alleles of the domestic cat

Tailoring polymeric gels for soil reclamation and hydroponics

Taking increment cores with power tools

Tanzanian strain of bean common mosaic virus

Targeting the health-conscious consumer

Taste and eating disorders

Taste effects of some amino acids and glutamate compounds in the rat

Taurine increases bile acid pool size and reduces bile saturation index in the hamster

Taurine supplementation of a premature formula improves fat absorption in preterm infants

Taurine transport by rat intestine

Taurine treatment for spontaneous epilepsy in the cat

Taurocholate transport by human ileal brush border membrane vesicles

Taxonomic studies of the leaf rusts of temperate cereals

Taxonomy of some tetraphyllidean cestodes from elasmobranch fishes

Teaching nutrition to the fast food freaks: the application of marketing principles to teaching nutrition at the elementary school level

Tebuthiuron distribution in soil following application of pellets

Tebuthiuron formulation and placement effects on response of woody plants and soil residue

Technical developments in the provision of school meals

Technical, ethical and ideological responsibilities in nutrition

Technique for measuring the area of canine articular surfaces

Technique for physiological examination of canine skeletal muscle in vivo

Techniques for estimating the density of late-instar gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae), populations using frass drop and frass production measurements

Techniques for trapping flies on dairy farms

Techniques to evaluate the compaction of a soil profile and to follow its changes with time

Temperature and light integral effects on growth and flowering of hybrid geraniums

Temperature and the growth of broilers

Temperature requirements for growth and ripening of apples

Temperature-dependent development of immature stages of the western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Temperature-dependent model of life cycle development of Ips calligraphus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Temperature-mediated programming of activity rhythms in male gypsy moths (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae): implications for the sterile male technique

Temporal analysis of two viruses increasing in the same tobacco fields

Temporal and spatial analysis of maize dwarf mosaic epidemics

Temporal and spatial patterns of specific leaf weight in successional northern hardwood tree species

Temporal and spatial soil variability on three forested landtypes on the mid-Cumberland Plateau

Temporal control of bovine herpesvirus 1 glycoprotein synthesis

Temporal distribution of transmissible mink encephalopathy virus in mink inoculated subcutaneously

Temporal feeding patterns of adult Heliothis zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on pigeonpea nectar

Temporal study of staphylococcal species on healthy dogs

Temporary and permanent modifications to a single strain of mouse scrapie on transmission to rats and hamsters

Temporary indwelling rectal liner for use in horses with rectal tears

Teratomatous medulloepithelioma in the spinal cord of a dog

Terbufos residues in wheat and barley

Terminal bud removal as an alternative crop management technique for tobacco partially injured by freezing

Test cross for restorer genes using three male sterile lines

Test of genetic differentiation in growth of stunted and nonstunted populations of yellow perch and pumpkinseed

Test-retest reproducibility of hydrogen breath test for lactose maldigestion in preschool children

Testcross evaluation of soybean lines

Testicular function and sexual activity in senescent mice

Testicular involvement in peripubertal gonadotropin levels and accessory sex organ weight of male hamsters

Testicular plasminogen activators during postnatal development in the rat

Testing for drought tolerance in grapevine scions

Testing of phosalone and phenthoate for the control of sucking pests and pink bollworm on cotton

Testosterone or estradiol treatment of heifers or freemartins to detect estrus in confined dairy cattle

Tests on basic carbohydrate compounds in organic fertilizers with varying decomposability

Textural properties and microstructure of process cheese food rework

Thallium in foods and the diet

The 1990 National Nutrition Objectives: lessons for the future

The ABCs of nutritional assessment in older adults

The Agrobacterium tumefaciens virE2 gene product is a single-stranded-DNA-binding protein that associates with T-DNA

The American Dietetic Association's nutrition recommendations for women

The Fifth World Food Survey: an assessment of food supplies and malnutrition

The Oxylog oxygen consumption meter: a portable device for measurement of energy expenditure

The Rhytismataceae of the Indian subcontinent

The WHO Code and its effect on breast-feeding promotion in hospitals

The absorption of water and some electrolytes in the intestinal loops of neonatal calves

The accretion and distribution of carcass tissues in steers during growth between 9 and 15 months of age

The activity of drug combinations against established infections of rodent malaria

The acute effect of fat on insulin secretion

The addition of whole sunflower seeds and sodium bicarbonate to fat depressing diets for lactating cows

The adequacy of genetic model based on components of mean when some generation variances are zero

The adrenal contribution to the neuroendocrine responses to splanchnic nerve stimulation in conscious calves

The afferent innervation of the face of sheep and goats

The alkalinizing effects of metabolizable bases in the healthy calf

The amino acid sequence of barley rootlet trypsin inhibitor

The amino acid sequences of chains a, b, and c that form the trimer subunit of the extracellular hemoglobin from Lumbricus terrestris

The analysis of volume change in unconfined units of soil

The anatomy of fruit abscission in loganberries

The antihypertensive effect of verapamil at extremes of dietary sodium intake

The application of solar energy in water reuse

The arterial supply to lymph nodes in sheep

The aspartame story: a model for the clinical testing of a food additive

The association of certain chemical parameters with shatter resistance of tobacco lamina

The association of plasma magnesium concentration and thyroid gland activity in young calves

The attitudes of students and their parents towards vocational education

The benefits and potential risks of woody legume introductions

The bioavailability of phenylbutazone in the horse

The biochemical mechanism of brown fat thermogenesis

The biodeterioration of vulcanized rubbers

The bioenergetics of protein-energy malnutrition syndrome

The biology of the honey bee

The biotechnological challenge

The biotest for determining the response of growth regulating substances as diffusing in the agar culture medium

The cadmium effect on iron absorption

The calcium binding properties of natural phytate in chick diets

The calcium requirement and factors causing calcium loss

The catalytic role of birnessite in the transformation of iron

The centroid of tree crowns as an indicator of abiotic processes in a balsam fir wave forest

The change in disposition of plastids and mitochondria during microsporogenesis and sporogenesis in some higher plants

The changes of oxidation and peroxidation in postharvest litchi fruit

The characteristics and fate of the soybean inner nucellus

The characterization of ozone and sulfur dioxide air quality data for assessing possible vegetation effects

The chemical composition and microstructure of quark cheese manufactured by standard and by ultrafiltration techniques

The chemical composition and nutritional value for chickens of meal from recent cultivars of canola

The chemical composition and nutritive value of kikuyu pasture

The chemical composition of jameed cheese

The choice of supplement for Malaysian infants, 1950-1977

The combining ability of lucerne clones resistant to alfalfa sickness

The comparative digestibility of ruminants by species and breeds

The comparative response of Diabrotica species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) to volatile attractants

The complete nucleotide sequence of a bovine enterovirus

The composition of goat milk as affected by nutritional parameters

The construction and operation of a rapid system suitable for separating roots from all soil types

The contamination of animal feeds with dermatotoxic mycotoxins

The contamination of soils and plants by radioactive nuclides

The contribution of an apoplastic pathway to sodium uptake by rice roots in saline conditions

The cytogenetic research on desynaptic variation of somaclone from somatic cell culture of indica rice

The cytogenetics of domestic geese

The daily metabolic rate of the post-obese and the lean

The decline in the production of interleukin 2 in cats spontaneously infected with feline leukemia virus

The demand for dairy products: structure, prediction, and decomposition

The dependence of annual ring indices on some climatic factors

The dependence of stomatal closure on protein synthesis

The detection of deleterious selection using ancestors inferred from a phylogenetic history

The determination of extractable plant available selenium from soils by electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy

The determination of nitroxynil in milk by gas chromatography

The development of regionalized lipid diffusibility in the germ cell plasma membrane during spermatogenesis in the mouse

The development of sheep embryos when two are transferred into only one uterine horn or into each uterine horn

The development of structure in whipped cream

The diagnosis and treatment of patients with vaginal discharge in general practice

The diagnostic properties of laboratory tests for rabies

The dietary effects of gellan gum in humans

The dietitian as a member of the dental health care team

The differences between participants and non-participants in a senior travel program

The diffusion and toxicity of the fumigant chloropicrin injected in sugar maple and white birch trees

The digestible and metabolizable energy of two fat blends for growing pigs as influenced by level of inclusion

The digestion by cattle of silage and barley diets containing increasing quantities of fishmeal

The digestion of grass and alfalfa silages in the forestomachs and intestines of sheep

The disappearance from the circulation of chylomicrons obtained from control and diabetic rats

The distribution of carnitine and acetylcarnitine in the epididymis and epididymal spermatozoa of the boar

The distribution of female mosquitoes about a flight barrier

The distribution of lead in milk and the fate of milk lead in the gastrointestinal tract of suckling rats

The distribution of rat testibumin in the male reproductive tract

The distribution of stomata and photosynthetic pathway in leaves

The dynamics of different element contents in winter rye

The dynamics of granuloma formation in experimental visceral leishmaniasis

The dynamics of nitrogen uptake and its remobilization during the growth of sugar beet

The ecology of natural disturbance and patch dynamics

The economic impact of alternative agricultural policies on Minnesota's farm economy

The economics of boll weevil eradication for South Carolina cotton producers

The effect of a hay tedder on the field drying rate

The effect of a nitrification inhibitor on nitrification and denitrification

The effect of acute and chronic ethanol administration on serum corticosterone concentration in rats

The effect of acute discontinuation of total parenteral nutrition

The effect of adsorption on sulfate leaching

The effect of aeration tank configuration on nitrification kinetics

The effect of age and growth traits on puberty and reproductive performance in the gilt

The effect of age of cattle on the in vitro production of interferon by peripheral blood mononuclear cells

The effect of age on plasma zinc uptake and taste acuity

The effect of altering the hormone status of ewes on the outflow rate of protein supplements from the rumen and so on protein degradability

The effect of an experimental bottleneck upon quantitative genetic variation in the housefly

The effect of an insect chitin synthesis inhibitor on honey bees

The effect of antiseptic mouthrinses on oral microbial flora and denture stomatitis

The effect of atrophic rhinitis on growth rate

The effect of bee venom on plasma corticosterone levels

The effect of bilateral adrenalectomy on metabolism and tissue distribution of ascorbic acid in the rat

The effect of bile salt feeding on large intestinal and fecal bile acid concentrations in rats

The effect of binding agents on the mechanical and physical properties of mosquito coils

The effect of bollworm control with regard to populations of spider mites and some of their natural enemies on cotton

The effect of calcium on the viscosity of sweetened condensed milk

The effect of carbimazole on growth and sexual maturity in the pullet

The effect of changing temperatures during imbibition on ultrastructure in germinating pea embryonic radicles

The effect of chronic ethanol consumption on salivary gland morphology and function in the rat

The effect of chronic hyperinsulinemia on ovine fetal growth

The effect of concentrate composition and method of silage feeding on intake and performance of lactating dairy cows

The effect of copper on the content and composition of saccharides in oat plants

The effect of corn or barley plus urea and soybean meal on microbial protein production in the rumen of sheep

The effect of cytokinins on vitrification in melon and carnation

The effect of day length on the duration of pregnancy and the onset of parturition in the rat

The effect of deficiency of molybdenum and boron on trifluralin damage in cauliflowers

The effect of dehydroepiandrosterone acetate on liver peroxisomal enzyme activities of male and female rats

The effect of diet on the efficacy onset and duration of action of procaterol hydrochloride tablets

The effect of dietary molybdenum and iron on copper status and growth in cattle

The effect of dietary polyunsaturated fat on cation transport and hypertension in the rat

The effect of dietary protein and energy restriction on heat production and growth costs in the young rat

The effect of dietary protein on glomerular filtration rate in normal subjects

The effect of dietary protein source and guar gum on gastrointestinal growth and enteroglucagon secretion in the rat

The effect of differences in time to maturity on the quality of seed produced by different varieties of sugar beet

The effect of different intravenous nutritional regimens on renal function during acute renal failure in the rat

The effect of different storage methods of turkey semen on fertility and hatchability

The effect of drinking frequency on some aspects of the productivity of zebu cattle

The effect of drought on growth decline of loblolly pine on littleleaf sites

The effect of early calfhood health status on survivorship and age at first calving

The effect of environmental temperature and feeding level on energy and protein retention of individual housed pregnant sows

The effect of ethanol intake on propoxyphene absorption and biotransformation in dogs

The effect of exposure to different climatic environments on some blood parameters in young growing pigs

The effect of fasting on enzyme levels in the enlarged and involuting rat pancreas

The effect of fasting on leucine degradation in chick skeletal muscle

The effect of feathering rate and housing system on some economic traits of layers

The effect of feeder space allowance on weaned pig performance

The effect of feeding a diet containing canola meal on the incidence of fatty liver syndrome among four maternal poultry meat breeder genotypes to 266 days of age

The effect of feeding four different formulae on stool weights in prolonged dehydrating infantile gastroenteritis

The effect of feeding management on anestrous pigs

The effect of feeding period and trenbolone acetate on the potential of culled dairy cows for beef production

The effect of final molasses on rice polishing diets for fattening chickens

The effect of galanin on canine plasma glucose and gastroenteropancreatic hormone responses to oral nutrients and intravenous arginine

The effect of growing plants on denitrification at high soil nitrate concentrations

The effect of guar gum on the distribution of a radiolabelled meal in the gastrointestinal tract of the rat

The effect of haemonchosis and blood loss into the abomasum on digestion in sheep

The effect of heat treatment on some properties of casein micelles

The effect of height of pasture and concentrate composition on dairy cows grazed on continuously stocked pastures

The effect of herbicide residues on sugarcane

The effect of high ambient temperature and hypercapnia on postprandial intestinal hyperemia in domestic cockerels

The effect of high and low-fibre breakfasts on hunger, satiety and food intake in a subsequent meal

The effect of immaturity and harvesting method on the properties and quality of barley

The effect of in vitro cytokinin concentration on the fruiting and growth of conventionally propagated strawberry runner progeny

The effect of increased energy demand through walking exercise on intake and ruminal characteristics of sheep fed a roughage diet

The effect of indomethacin on ovarian prostaglandin release in hens

The effect of indomethacin on the response of protein synthesis to feeding in rats and man

The effect of iron and folate therapy on maximal exercise performance in female marathon runners with iron and folate deficiency

The effect of iron therapy on the exercise capacity of nonanemic iron-deficient adolescent runners

The effect of liming and fertilization with various phosphorus compounds on the occurrence of mineral fractions in soil

The effect of lipid diets and cigarette smoking on the levels of serum lipids in young men

The effect of lysine and maize oil in growing and laying diets on the laying performance of crossbred pullets

The effect of magnesium oxide supplementation on the fertility of dairy cows grazing fertilized pastures

The effect of mastitis on milk progesterone concentration in dairy cows

The effect of maternal hyperglycemia on acid base balance and lung liquid production in the fetal sheep

The effect of melittin on sodium and rubidium transport in cultured skin fibroblasts of the spontaneously hypertensive rat

The effect of molasses on the degradation of biologically active atrazine residues

The effect of neonatal administration of monosodium glutamate on the circadian control of food intake in the rat

The effect of nitrogen doses and different water supply upon nitrogen utilization of maize

The effect of nutritional counselling on diet and plasma EFA status in multiple sclerosis patients over 3 years

The effect of nutritional status and support on morbidity and mortality of bladder cancer patients treated by radical cystectomy

The effect of nutritional status on morbidity after elective surgery for benign gastrointestinal disease

The effect of omeprazole on gastric acidity and the absorption of liver cobalamins

The effect of ovarian steroidogenesis on ovulation and fertilizability in the in vitro perfused rabbit ovary

The effect of paclobutrazol on the water use of fruit plants at two temperatures

The effect of pectin and wheat bran on plasma cholesterol and uterus weight in rats

The effect of phenylacetic acid on cholinesterase activity and on some isoenzymes of esterases and cholinesterases of pea in vitro

The effect of plant and animal waste combinations on intercropping yields in a tropical environment

The effect of planting date on fall infections and epidemics of powdery mildew on winter wheat

The effect of potassium and the transmural potential difference on magnesium transport across an isolated preparation of sheep rumen epithelium

The effect of preoperative total parenteral nutrition on surgery outcomes

The effect of progressive selenium deficiency on antiglutathione peroxidase antibody reactive protein in rat liver

The effect of prolonged dietary supplementation with guar gum on subsequent iron absorption and retention in rats

The effect of prophylactic mebendazole in experimental peritoneal hydatidosis

The effect of protein infusion on urinary excretion of purine derivatives in ruminants nourished by intragastric nutrition

The effect of protein ingestion on the metabolic response to oral glucose in normal individuals

The effect of protein level and dietary guar gum and pectin on copper and zinc utilization in chicks

The effect of protein malnutrition and nutritional support on the mechanical properties of fracture healing in the injured rat

The effect of repeated acupuncture stimulation on canine lymphocyte response

The effect of replicated selection for body weight in mice on vertebral shape

The effect of saturation of the soil absorbing complex with cations on the yield and chemical composition of grasses

The effect of selenium supplementation on selenium status of patients receiving chronic total parenteral nutrition

The effect of sewage sludge on the physical properties of lignite overburden

The effect of sheep urine on clover performance in a grazed upland sward

The effect of sodium depletion and potassium loading on cortisol induced hypertension in sheep

The effect of splanchnic nerve stimulation on adrenocortical activity in conscious calves

The effect of starch-protein interaction in wheat on the glycemic response and rate of in vitro digestion

The effect of starter fertilizers on cotton production in legume residues

The effect of storage in cattle dung on viability of tropical pasture seeds

The effect of strain and type of whey on the production of beta carotene and other parameters

The effect of subclinical and clinical mastitis on milk production in cattle

The effect of subsequent management on the success of introducing white clover to an existing sward

The effect of substituting sorghum grain for corn and supplementation of methionine and lysine on the performances of broiler chicks

The effect of sucrose and ancymidol on the in vitro rooting of nodal sections of asparagus

The effect of supplementary irrigation on rice yield in Bangladesh

The effect of suppression and cytotoxic drugs on dinitrochlorobenzene induced delayed type hypersensitivity in the chicken

The effect of swim vat dipping on the incidence of ear implant abscesses in yearling feedlot steers

The effect of tannin content on the nutritive value of some leaf protein concentrates

The effect of tasting food samples on the use of recipes distributed in nutrition counseling

The effect of temperature and water potential on sulfur oxidation in soils

The effect of terrain height on the content of available potassium in chernozem

The effect of the amount and form of milk supply on calf performance

The effect of the route of nutrient delivery on gut structure and diamine oxidase levels

The effect of the soil type and water supply on the development and tillering of the peppermint

The effect of three different dosages of acetylsalicylic acid on canine platelet aggregation

The effect of tillage system on lodging in maize resulting from a severe rainstorm

The effect of total parenteral nutrition on hepatic drug oxidation

The effect of touch on nutritional intake of chronic organic brain syndrome patients

The effect of trichophytin and candidin on neutrophil chemotaxis

The effect of triticale grain on the performance of chicks from birth to nine weeks of age

The effect of uterine flushings and endometrial protein fractions on progesterone secretion by porcine luteal cells

The effect of variation of calcium intake on production performance and shell quality

The effect of various cations on the renneting of milk

The effect of various light regimes in industrial broiler raising

The effect of vegetables and beet fibre on the absorption of zinc in humans from composite meals

The effect of wheat bran on the absorption and accumulation of cadmium in rats

The effect of winter shearing of housed pregnant ewes on food intake and animal performance

The effect of wood species on the edgewise compressive strength of paper

The effect on newborn chicks of oral inoculation of reovirus isolated from chickens with tenosynovitis

The effectiveness of fungicide mixtures in the apple scab and the powdery mildew control

The effects of ascorbic acid and ketotifen in the prevention of murine amyloidosis

The effects of barley processing on nutrient digestion within the gastrointestinal tract of beef cattle fed mixed diets

The effects of caffeine on various body systems: a review

The effects of carcass grade and sex on the lean content of beef carcasses

The effects of cheese snacks on caries in desalivated rats

The effects of chemotherapy on antibody levels in lepromatous patients

The effects of conjugated equine estrogens plus cyclical dydrogesterone on serum lipoproteins and apoproteins in postmenopausal women

The effects of cultivation practices on earthworms and their possible role as bioindicators

The effects of day and night humidity on yield and quality of glasshouse cucumbers

The effects of diet and life-style on bone mass in women

The effects of dietary folate and zinc on the outcome of pregnancy and early growth in rats

The effects of dietary protein on bone metabolism in the rats of different ages

The effects of diets based on barley and fish meal or maize and soybean meal on shell and interior quality and chemical composition of eggs from hens of different strains

The effects of disturbance size and frequency on a shortgrass plant community

The effects of diurnal temperature regimes on growth and yield of glasshouse sweet pepper

The effects of electric cauterization on gastric ulcers in swine

The effects of formula change on triglycerides and free fatty acids in preterm infants

The effects of frequency of cutting and nitrogen application rates on the yields from perennial ryegrass plus white clover swards

The effects of fruit juices and fruits on the absorption of iron from a rice meal

The effects of lactofermented whey on the stability of ground refrigerated turkey meat

The effects of lead on the gaseous exchange and photosynthetic carbon metabolism of pea seedlings

The effects of low temperature on seedling growth of maize genotypes

The effects of mechanical stress on carrot growth

The effects of methyl bromide on the seed of some varieties of barley

The effects of nitrogen deficiency on pigments and lipids of cyanobacteria

The effects of optimum heading date and its stability on yield and consistency of performance of barley and durum wheat in dry areas

The effects of oxidized lipid on the biological measurement of quality of animal and vegetable proteins

The effects of paclobutrazol and pinching on antirrhinum flowering pot plants

The effects of pea variety and inclusion rate in the diet on the performance of finishing pigs

The effects of progesterone on follicular growth in the rabbit ovary

The effects of replacing fishmeal with bloodmeal in the diets of laying chickens

The effects of salt on the pattern of protein synthesis in barley roots

The effects of severe zinc deficiency on protein turnover in muscle and thymus

The effects of shelter on climate and barley yield

The effects of short term dietary supplementation with evening primrose or safflower oil on fatty acid and prostaglandin release from perfused mesenteric vascular beds in spontaneously hypertensive ra

The effects of soil compaction due to machinery operation on a raspberry plantation

The effects of soil moisture on structural and biomass characteristics of four salt marsh plants

The effects of starter fertilizer on the early growth and yield of transplanted crisp lettuce on fertile soils

The effects of suburbanization on agriculture

The effects of the ratio of concentrate to roughage on the ciliate protozoa in the rumen of heifers

The effects of the stress of weaning and transit on performance and metabolic profile of beef calves of different genotypes

The effects of variety in food choices on dietary quality

The effects of various soil factors and amendments on the degradation of pesticide mixtures

The effects of varying seedling densities on the growth and yield of three wheat varieties

The effects of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide on gastric motility in the lamb

The effects of whey cations on the kinetic parameters of a model for the enzymic hydrolysis of lactose

The efficacy and use of amitraz for the control of hog lice

The efficiency of a direct counting method in estimating the numbers of microscopic soil organisms

The endogenous phosphorus excretion of preruminant lambs

The energy value of whole oats grain in adult wether sheep

The energy value to sheep of saturated and unsaturated fat fed singly or in combination

The essential fatty acid deficient chicken as a model for cystic fibrosis

The essential oil of olibanum

The establishment of the fertility and composition of synthetic rye variety on the basis of the specific combining ability of inbred lines

The estimation of metabolizable energy requirements for maintenance and growth of growing calves weaned at six weeks of age

The etiology of head rot disease of broccoli

The evaluation of different fats and oils for broiler feeding

The evaluation of the effectiveness of water absorbent polymers in reducing the irrigation needs of potted plants

The execution cost of trading in commodity futures markets

The expected probabilities of identity for the circular stepping stone model

The experimental induction of bacterial haemorrhagic septicaemia in silver mullet (Mugil curema Val., 1836) held in sea water

The extent of coprophagy in rats with differing iron status and its effect on iron absorption

The external phosphate requirement of cowpea on five dissimilar soils

The fate of dietary components in sheep digesta as indicated by stable carbon isotopes

The fate of nitrogen from injected liquid manure in a silt loam soil

The fate of the transport protein of tobacco mosaic virus in systemic and hypersensitive tobacco hosts

The fertility of hypothyroid male mice

The fine structure of some dry seed tissues observed after completely anhydrous chemical fixation

The forest decline enigma

The formation and determination of lysinoalanine in foods containing milk protein

The formation and occurrence of amino acid pyrolysates and related mutagens in cooked foods

The formation of hyaline caudicle in two vandoid orchids

The gene for galactosyltransferase maps to mouse chromosome 4

The general relationship between average effect and average excess

The generation of somatic and heritable variation in response to stress

The genetic variants of transferrin in different strains of brown cattle

The genotypic response of mouse embryos to multiple freezing variables

The global spread and replacement of canine parvovirus strains

The glycemic response to meals with six different fruits in insulin-dependent diabetics using a home blood-glucose monitoring system

The goat blood binder of triamcinolone acetonide does not interfere with glucocorticoid receptor purification from mammary tissue

The grouping of soils with similar charge properties as a basis for agrotechnology transfer

The growing process of each part of rice plants as affected by temperature in the period of young panicle development

The growth and economic performance of preconditioned calves and their dams on the farm and of calves in the feedlot

The head shapes of some mammalian spermatozoa and their possible relationship to the shape of the penetration slit through the zona pellucida

The histology and ultrastructure of ectopic cartilaginous and osseous nodules in the lungs of young broilers with an ascitic syndrome

The hydrology of salt affected soils in Australia

The identification of cyst nematodes using agarose isoelectric focusing and silver staining

The immune response in amoebiasis

The immune response in childhood dermatophytoses

The immunochemical relationships of prolamins of temperate meadow grasses and cereals

The immunological relationship between canine herpesvirus and four other herpesviruses

The impact of carbofuran applied to pecan orchard soil on emerging pecan weevil adults and foliage feeding aphids and mites

The impact of changing agricultural systems on the nutritional status of farm households in developing countries

The impact of chronic cadmium exposure on growth of pin oak seedlings

The impact of food stamps and other variables on nutrient intake in the elderly

The impact of observer bias on multivariate analyses of vegetation structure

The impact of pollution on the meiofaunal densities of an estuarine mudflat

The impact of row direction and nitrogen nutrition on the grain yield of wheat

The impact of soil degradation on the expected present net worth of future timber harvests

The implementation of dietary guidelines

The importance of erosion in the carbon balance of prairie soils

The in vitro activity of rifaximin compared to other antibiotics

The in vitro development of isolated rye proembryos

The in vivo effect of ethanol on gastrointestinal motility and gastrointestinal handling of calcium in rats

The incidence and clinical significance of intravenous fat emulsion contamination during infusion

The incidence of ectopic cartilaginous and osseous lung nodules in young broiler fowls with ascites and various other diseases

The incorporation of dietary iodine into thyroglobulin increases its immunogenicity

The incorporation of potassium antimony tartrate in molybdenum blue method for the automated colorimetric determination of available phosphorus in soils

The increase of body surface area with respect to weight in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of prenatal life

The independent roles of genetic and dietary factors in determining the cholesterol status of laying hens

The influence of a weedy habitat on the seed bank of an adjacent cultivated field

The influence of aggregate size and drainage potential on germination of barley seeds in flooded soil

The influence of body condition at calving and dietary protein supply on voluntary food intake and performance in dairy cows

The influence of breed and dietary molybdenum on the concentration of copper in tissues of sheep

The influence of certain dietary components on gastric emptying

The influence of chaff extracts on the germination of spring triticale

The influence of common food additives and temperature on threshold perception of capsaicin

The influence of common root rot on net blotch of winter barley

The influence of dark adaptation temperature on the reappearance of variable fluorescence following illumination

The influence of dietary calcium and phosphorus on tibial dyschondroplasia in broiler chickens

The influence of dietary energy intake during successive lactations on sow prolificacy

The influence of dietary protein content and methionine supplementation on in vitro jejunal absorption of glucose and leucine in chickens and laying hens

The influence of different carbohydrate sources on blood glucose levels and satiety: effect of physical activity on blood glucose response

The influence of explant origin on tissue browning and shoot production in shoot tip cultures of grapevine

The influence of external oxygen concentration on axial root growth force of maize radicles

The influence of farmers' mechanical skill on the development and adoption of a new agricultural practice

The influence of fast and slow changes of temperature on photosynthesis in wheat and rye cultivars

The influence of feeding and oral rehydration on the bioavailability of oxytetracycline in calves

The influence of feeding level during lactation on the occurrence and endocrinology of the postweaning estrus in sows

The influence of food supply on local density and diversity of sparrows

The influence of four fungicide formulations on the degradation rate and selective extractability of carbofuran in the soil

The influence of gastrointestinal infusion of fats on regulation of food intake in pigs

The influence of gastrointestinal infusions of glucose on regulation of food intake in pigs

The influence of gestational age, size for dates, and prenatal steroids on cord transferrin levels in newborn infants

The influence of guar-gum bread on the regulation of diabetes mellitus type II in elderly patients

The influence of hardening and waterlogging on the frost resistance of subalpine eucalypts

The influence of head of household structure on the dietary quality of food available for consumption inside U.S. households 1977-1978

The influence of herbicidal applications on seed quality of winter wheat

The influence of high level feeding on the duration of parturition and the incidence of dystocia in dairy cows

The influence of male contact on plasma cortisol concentrations in the prepubertal gilt

The influence of moisture and mineral soil on the combustion limits of smoldering forest duff

The influence of moisture content on seed selection by kangaroo rats

The influence of moisture content on the flexural strength of styrene-polymerized wood

The influence of molybdenum and sulfur on various copper parameters of afaunated ram lambs of different sire breeds

The influence of mulching with perforated black foil on growth and bearing of apple trees

The influence of oral alkali citrate on intestinal calcium absorption in healthy man

The influence of organic complexing agents on iron mobility in a simulated rhizosphere

The influence of particle size distribution on soil physical properties

The influence of plant nitrogen status on NO2 uptake, NO2 assimilation and on the gas exchange characteristics of barley plants exposed to atmospheric NO2

The influence of plant raising conditions and transplant age on the growth and development of crisp lettuce

The influence of prenatal and postnatal fraternity size on reproduction in mice

The influence of pretreatment forest soil variability on interpretation of posttreatment results

The influence of prey type on the development and reproduction of some predatory soil mites

The influence of rat endogenous nitrogen excretion on the assessment of bean protein quality

The influence of secondary plant substances on the biology of insects

The influence of selected factors upon the lactose level in milk as mastitis indicator

The influence of simulated soil erosion and restorative fertilization on maize and wheat production

The influence of slope curvature on soil erosion and deposition in hummock terrain

The influence of slowly and rapidly degradable concentrate protein on a number of blood parameters in dairy cattle

The influence of soil structure on penetration resistance

The influence of spruce needle wax on the degradation of the needles and the germination of alder seeds

The influence of staining fungi on the decay resistance of wood treated with alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride

The influence of temperature on the contribution of awns to yield in wheat

The influence of time of feeding on the time of parturition in ewes

The interaction of acifluorfen and bentazon in herbicidal combinations

The interaction of alkaline earth metal ions with humic acids

The interaction of cadmium and selenium in horse kidney cortex in relation to histopathological changes

The interaction of cow size with growth potential of the service sire

The interaction of the xid and me genes

The interactive effect of glycerol and the type and level of fat on rat tissue lipids

The isolation of carrot embryos and their measurement by machine vision for the prediction of crop uniformity

The kinetics of soil potassium desorption

The level of certain milk components in acute mastitis

The life cycle and growth kinetics of an anaerobic rumen fungus

The life history of a mushroom pest mite, Pediculaster flechtmanni (Wicht) (Acari: Pygmephoroidea), with studies of alternate morph formation

The localization of the antibody response in milk or bile depends on the nature of the antigen

The malnourished children of the urban squatter families: a study in Porto Alegre, Brazil

The manufacture of casein and caseinates with existing cheese making and spray drying equipment

The manufacture of zabady from goat milk

The measurement and interpretation of ultrasound from woody stems

The measurement of cell membrane stability using polyethylene glycol as a drought tolerance test in wheat

The measurement of leaf area in apple trees

The measurement of new characters for cultivar identification in wheat using machine vision

The melatonin receptors in rat ontogenesis

The meningeal arrangement of the avian lumbosacral spinal cord

The metabolism of yeasts and filamentous fungi which degrade hydrocarbon fuels

The method of determination must be considered in interpreting blood cholesterol levels

The methods for isolation of cytoplasts in several crop plants

The microscopic anatomy on the torulus tactilis of the dog

The microvascular response of the neonatal mesentery to hypertonic feedings

The modelling of growth in the pig

The molecular species of diacylglycerol precursors used in monogalactosyldiacylglycerol biosynthesis in the leaves of a number of higher plant species

The morphogenesis and inheritance of an open carpel mutant cd1 in pigeonpea

The morphometric analysis of hybrids between geographically isolated housefly populations

The mouse immune interferon receptor gene is located on chromosome 10

The national forest cover monitoring using satellite imagery

The nature of swelling in soils

The neonatal piglet as a model for human neonatal carnitine metabolism

The nitrate content of some green forage and its possible effect when used for ruminant nutrition

The nitrate content of vegetable and salad crops offered to the consumer as from organic or conventional production systems

The nucleotide sequence and genome organization of bovine papillomavirus type 4

The number of clonal precursors of the follicular epithelium in the mouse ovary

The nutritional status of subjects with anorexia nervosa

The nutritive value of canola meal for early weaned pigs

The occurrence and properties of alkaline invertase in mature roots of sugar beets

The occurrence of an inversion in beef cattle

The occurrence of available phosphorus in acid and limed soil fertilized with various phosphorus compounds

The occurrence of delayed stem maturation in early soybean varieties and a method for visual distinction

The occurrence of interlayer clay-organic complexes in two New Zealand soils

The occurrence of nitrate reduction in the leaves of woody plants

The occurrence of phytoferritin and its relationship to effectiveness of soybean nodules

The ontogeny of serum immunoreactive pancreatic lipase and cationic trypsinogen in the premature human infant

The ordination of insect communities in paddy fields

The osmotic thresholds for thirst and vasopressin release are similar in healthy man

The oxidation of body fuel stores in cancer patients

The pathology of the external ear canal in dogs and cats

The perfect state of root and basal stem rot of sugarcane

The phenolic compounds of four date cultivars during maturity stages

The phenomenon of famine

The phosphatidylinositol species of suspension cultured plant cells

The physiology of compensation by locusts for changes in dietary protein

The physiology of plants under stress

The possible role of periodontal mechanoreceptors in the control of parotid secretion in man

The postweaning rise of tonic luteinizing hormone secretion in anestrous cows is not prevented by chronic milking or the physical presence of the calf

The potential of an endemic fungus, Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, for biological control of round-leaved mallow (Malva pusilla) and velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti)

The potential of corn straw for bioconversion to single cell protein

The potential role of satellite remote sensing for tropical forest surveys

The potential toxicity to neonates of multivitamin preparations used in parenteral nutrition

The prediction of the digestibility of herbage for dairy cows

The preferred environmental temperature of newborn rabbits

The preovulatory increase in ovarian collagenase activity in the rat is independent of prostaglandin production

The presence of contractile proteins in pollens and their role in cytoplasmic streaming

The preservation of perishable dairy products by means of refrigeration

The prevalence of teat canal infections in lactating dairy cows as determined from foremilk and teat canal swab samples

The probability of establishment of an advantageous mutant in a subdivided population

The problem of calcium requirement

The problem of memory in nutritional epidemiology research

The process of socialization into keep fit activities

The production and quality potential of four forage legumes sown alone and combined in various associations

The proliferation of the chain saw and its implication on forest lands

The properties of organic fertilizers after the production of biogas

The prophylactic effect of corn supplementation on experimental nitrate intoxication in cattle

The prophylactic effects of monensin fed to cattle inoculated with coccidia oocysts

The prostaglandin response to cholesterol feeding by the rabbit gallbladder in vitro

The protein quality of sorghum bread kisra enriched with edible defatted groundnut flour

The prozone phenomenon in serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

The quality of sweet cherries stored under hypobaric conditions

The quality of winter wheat seed harvested at different times after sowing

The question of the burning glass effect of water drops on leaf surfaces

The radical chemistry of milk xanthine oxidase as studied by radiation chemistry techniques

The rapid determination of carotenoids in bovine milk using HPLC

The rat as a model for evaluation of biotin bioavailability from feed ingredients for poultry and swine

The rate of dissipation of procymidone residues in raspberry and strawberry fruits

The rate of morphogenesis of embryos and seeds in four species of grain legumes

The rate of polygenic mutation

The rearing and maintenance of ixodid and argasid ticks in the laboratory

The relation of anatomy to water movement and cellular response in young barley leaves

The relation of ovarian steroid levels in young female rats to subsequent estrous cyclicity and reproductive function during aging

The relationship between consumption of and preference for milk and milk products in a group of women

The relationship between declining plasma progesterone levels and increasing luteinizing hormone pulse frequency in late gestation in the rat

The relationship between estrogen levels and diets of Caucasian American and Oriental immigrant women

The relationship between gap size and performance of several colonizing annuals

The relationship between growth and oxygen uptake in hypoxic rice seedlings

The relationship between insulin sensitivity and weight reduction in simple obese and obese diabetic patients

The relationship between intestinal crypt cell production and intestinal water absorption measured in vitro in the rat

The relationship between prostaglandins and histamine in the ovulatory process as determined with the in vitro perfused rabbit ovary

The relationship between the microtitration serum agglutination and complement fixation tests in bovine brucellosis serology

The relationship between vitamin C intake, general health practices, and mortality in Alameda County, California

The relationship between volume of rumen contents and genetic susceptibility to pasture bloat in cattle

The relationship between water uptake and transpiration rates in rice plants

The relationship between yield and growth characteristics in some snap bean varieties

The relationship of bone mass and fracture history to fluoride and calcium intake: a study of three communities

The relationship of rumen cations and soluble protein with predisposition of cattle to alfalfa bloat

The relationship of secretin and somatostatin levels in plasma to glucose administration and acid secretion during fasting

The relationship of serum thyroxine level to body mass of piglets during their postnatal development

The relationship of sheep grazing and soil heterogeneity to plant spatial patterns in dune grassland

The relationship of sire evaluations for ease of calving and birth weight

The relationship of tree height and crown class to the induced plant defenses of loblolly pine

The relationships between the feeding behavior of feeder cattle and their performance during the fattening period

The relative validity of reports of food intake of Dutch and Finnish boys aged 8 and 9 years

The reliability of bioelectrical impedance measurements in the assessment of body composition in healthy adults

The renneting properties of heated milk

The reproductive responses of two breeds of beef cows and the performance of their progeny in two contrasting environments

The requirements of cabbage and lettuce seedlings for potassium in the presence and absence of sodium

The response of cocksfoot varieties to nitrogen fertilization

The response of rams and ewes of three breeds to artificial photoperiod

The response of rose plants to different night temperature regimes

The rice whitebacked planthopper WBPH in Karnataka

The risk to farmed Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., from marine mussels growing on net cages

The role of dietary fiber in gastrointestinal disease

The role of egeria in removing nitrogen and phosphorus from nutrient enriched waters

The role of endotoxin in the pathogenesis of coliform mastitis in sows

The role of ethylene in initiating gum duct formation in almond fruit

The role of experience in children's food acceptance patterns

The role of external compression and movement in lymph propulsion in the sheep hind limb

The role of fast extensor motor activity in the locust kick reconsidered

The role of food intake on gastric mucosal growth and gastrin receptors during pregnancy and lactation

The role of glucocorticoids for the mobilization of amino acids and gluconeogenesis in the fasted sheep

The role of hydrophobic substances in leaves in adaptation of plants to periodic submersion by tidal water in a mangrove ecosystem

The role of insect pollination and plant genotype in strawberry fruit set and fertility

The role of insulin in nonshivering thermogenesis

The role of leaf position in the ecophysiology of an annual grass during reproductive growth

The role of nectar source distribution in habitat use and oviposition by the tiger swallowtail butterfly

The role of nutrition in high performance sport

The role of ocelli in circadian singing rhythms of crickets

The role of orotic acid in the hypocholesterolemic effect of bovine milk

The role of pollinating insects in fruiting of some red raspberry cultivars

The role of selenium in nutrition

The role of thyroid hormones in the growth hormone response to protein restriction in the domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus)

The role of virus dose in experimental bovine leukemia virus infection in sheep

The role of zinc in human nutrition

The roles of prolactin and testosterone in the development and function of granulosa lutein tissue in the rat

The salt tolerance of greenhouse crops

The scanning electron microscopy of flea sensory plates

The secretory actions of histamine in rat small intestine

The secular trend in size and maturational timing and its implications for nutritional assessment

The segregation of homogeneous and blended granular fertilizers from a rotary spreader

The selection limit due to the conflict between truncation and stabilizing selection with mutation

The selective effects of indomethacin on contractile responses of the isolated rat uterus

The sensitivity of the uterus of the mouse and rat to intraluminal instillation

The sexual division of farm household labor: a replication and extension

The sheep corpus luteum secretes inhibin

The short term effect of dietary pectin on fat absorption from the small intestine of swine

The significance of leaf detritus to mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) productivity from treeholes

The significance of silage protein degradation and plasma amino acid ratios in the control of food intake by lambs fed ensiled and fresh alfalfa

The significance of striated muscle in the mammary glands of marsupials

The significance of the presence of stomata on seedling roots

The simultaneous determination of carbon dioxide release and oxygen uptake in suspensions of plant leaf mitochondria oxidizing glycine

The site of synthesis and accumulation of rice storage proteins

The soil diffusible phosphate and the dependence of phosphate diffusion coefficient on exogenous factors

The soil seed bank of granite outcrop plant communities

The state of food and nutrition in the Arabian Gulf countries

The status of the microbial and biochemical activity of commercially produced composts

The steatocrit: a simple method for monitoring fat malabsorption in patients with cystic fibrosis

The sterilizing effectiveness of ethylene oxide fumigation on plant pathogens

The stoichiometries of supramolecular complexes in thylakoid membranes from spinach chloroplasts

The structure of grasshopper song in relation to mating success

The structure of lilidine

The structure of the stem endodermis in etiolated pea seedlings

The structure of triptodihydroxy acid methyl ester and wilfortrine

The sustained release of pyrimethamine base or pyrimethamine pamoate from a biodegradable injectable depot preparation in mice

The thyroid glands of rats and pigs neonatally treated with gonadal steroids

The timing and rate of phytic acid accumulation in developing soybean seeds

The timing of hamster sperm nuclear decondensation and male pronucleus formation is related to sperm nuclear disulfide bond content

The tolerance of some timber insect pests to atmospheres of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide in air

The toxic impact of parenteral solutions on the metabolism of cells: a hypothesis for physiological parenteral therapy

The trace element and macronutrient content of meals-on-wheels

The transport and affinity of substituted benzenes in soybean stems

The transport of pyrimidines into tissue rings cut from rat small intestine

The treatment of chlamydiosis in psittacine birds

The ulcerogenic and protective action of rice and rice fractions in experimental peptic ulceration

The ultimobranchial remnant and its hyperplasia or adenoma in equine thyroid gland

The ultrastructure and function of the primary sperm storage sites in the turkey hen as affected by season and insemination

The ultrastructure and phylogeny of insect spermatozoa

The use of a diffusion test for the detection of antibiotics in the tissues of slaughter stock

The use of antioxidants to delay the onset of anthracnose and stem end decay in avocado fruits after harvest

The use of atropine to control heart rate responses during detomidine sedation in horses

The use of biologically realistic equations to describe the effects of weed density and relative time of emergence on crop yield

The use of body condition scoring to ration beef cows in late pregnancy

The use of clutch size in a sulfur amino acid study with laying hens

The use of duckweed for wastewater treatment

The use of electromagnetic induction to detect the spatial variability of the salt and clay contents of soils

The use of enzymopathic human red cells in the study of malarial parasite glucose metabolism

The use of estradiol benzoate to manage lambing period in ewes bred at synchronized estrus

The use of flotation sludge in poultry diets

The use of haploids of cotton in interspecific crosses

The use of isosbestic points in the fluorescence excitation spectrum of humic acid to calculate the dissociation constant

The use of lysoplate test in the diagnosis of subclinical mastitis

The use of microwaves to monitor the freezing and thawing of water in plants

The use of negative contrast electron microscopy in the diagnosis of viral enteric infections of domestic animals

The use of product traits such as lean growth rate as selection criteria in animal breeding

The use of some growth regulators on barley crops

The use of tetrazolium and sequential sampling as an alternative to germination testing for cereal seed

The use of uniformity data in the design and analysis of cotton and barley variety trials

The use of urea as a marker of body water in the nursing foal

The uses of herbaceous companion species in the establishment of woody species from seed

The utilization of wilted and unwilted silages by lactating cows and the influence of changes in the protein and energy concentration of the supplement offered

The value of ideal contingency markets in agriculture

The value of indicator traits in the genetic improvement of dairy cattle

The value of serum magnesium determination in hypertensive patients receiving diuretics

The variation of root zone temperatures in three different greenhouses

The variations of structural protein and nucleic acid of infectious bursal disease virus among different serotypes

The venomous components in the worker and queen honey bees during their maturation and the seasonal generation

The vitamin D status of East Indian Punjabi immigrants to Canada

The vitamin and mineral intake of a free-living young elderly Australian population in relation to total diet and supplementation practices

The volatile fatty acids production by ciliate protozoa in the rumen of sheep

The voluntary intake of diets differing in digestible energy concentration and form of hay

The weed science curriculum

The well-balanced diet and the at risk micronutriments: a forecasting nutritional index

The white race and the form of hepatosplenic schistosomiasis

The yield and yield components of fine rice as influenced by different spacings

Therapeutic concentrations of griseofulvin do not affect yeast cell phagocytosis by monocytes

Therapeutic efficacy of itraconazole in systemic candidosis in guinea pigs

Therapeutic experience with ketoconazole

Therapeutic strategy in obesity

Thermal and photoperiod effects on phase durations of four wheat varieties grown on different sowing dates

Thermal and water relations of roots of desert succulents

Thermal conduction and energy budget in leaves of some mountain plant species along an altitudinal gradient

Thermal inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes within bovine milk phagocytes

Thermal precipitation of whey proteins

Thermal properties and structural characteristics of model cake batters containing nonfat dry milk

Thermal properties of ensiled haylage

Thermal properties of swelling clay soils

Thermal properties of wraps used for freeze protection of young citrus trees

Thermal resistance of Listeria monocytogenes in milk

Thermic effect and substrate oxidation in response to intravenous nutrition in cancer patients who lose weight

Thermic effect of medium-chain and long-chain triglycerides in man

Thermoelectric module cooling for photosynthesis chambers in plant nutrition studies

Thermogenic activity and capacity of brown fat in fasted and refed golden hamsters

Thermogenic and nitrogen response to submaximal exercise in parenterally repleted normal man

Thiameturon phytotoxicity to kochia (Kochia scoparia)

Thickness and cell layer number of the pericarp of sweet corn and some of its relatives

Thigh circumference in assessing malnutrition in preschool children

Thinning increases loblolly pine vigor and resistance to bark beetles

Thinning of grasses for seed production with glyphosate applied by rope wick

Thinning peaches and nectarines with urea

Thiopentone sodium with and without xylazine premedication in buffaloes

Thioproline protection of crops against herbicide toxicity

Thoroughbred blood serum inorganic phosphate concentrations in relation to feeding regime and racing performance

Thoughts on fiber utilization in swine

Threads of cultural nutrition: arts and humanities

Three new high yielding rice varieties

Three rice varieties named in Ghana

Three simplified primary health care projects and their effects on child nutrition and health

Three trophic level interactions: allelochemicals, Manduca sexta (L.), and Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Berliner

Three-dimensional analysis of slides in cohesive soils

Three-week psyllium-husk supplementation: effect on plasma cholesterol concentrations, fecal steroid excretion, and carbohydrate absorption in men

Thrips control at tillering of transplanted rice

Thrombolytic function and extrinsic fibrinolysis in the domestic chicken

Thromboxane synthesis inhibitors and postprandial jejunal capillary exchange capacity

Thymulin (Zn-FTS) activity in protein-energy malnutrition: new evidence for interaction between malnutrition and infection on thymic function

Thyroglossal duct cyst in a dog

Thyroid and immunologic status of dogs with perianal fistula

Thyroid disorders in children

Thyroid hormone concentrations in selenium deficient and selenium sufficient cattle

Thyroid hormone profile in dairy cattle acclimated to cold or hot environmental temperatures

Thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) levels in the Fischer 344 inbred rat

Tile drain discharge under different crops

Tillage effect on seasonal accumulation of labeled fertilizer nitrogen in sorghum

Tillage effects on soil physical properties and wetland rice yield

Tillage systems and atrazine and alachlor residues on a poorly drained soil

Tiller growth as an index of salinity resistance

Tiller production of grazed and clipped pinegrass

Tillering and morphological characteristics of dwarf elephantgrass under grazing

Tillering in tussock grasses in relation to defoliation and apical bud removal

Timber sheathed walls for wind and earthquake resistance

Time and source of nitrogen application in rice and wheat

Time course changes in blood metabolites during endotoxin fever in sheep

Time course of acetylene reduction in nodules of five actinorhizal genera

Time course of changes in rat serum apolipoproteins during the consumption of different low protein diets followed by a balanced diet

Time of flower bud initiation in peach cultivars differing in chilling requirement

Time of flower opening and seed mass in soybean

Time of parturition in rats after melatonin administration or change of photoperiod

Time of transplanting spruce seedlings

Time required for spermatozoa to remain in the vagina of the ewe to ensure conception

Time taken for growing pigs to acclimate to change in ambient temperature

Timing and intensity of water deficits during flowering and grain-filling in pearl millet

Timing of application of carbaryl used as an apple fruitlet thinner

Timing of planting and variety for rice tungro virus disease RTV control

Timing of symptoms and oocyst excretion in human cryptosporidiosis

Tinea capitis in adults over fifty years of age

Tinea pedis in military recruits

Tinea unguium

Tissue concentrations and pharmacokinetics of florfenicol in male veal calves given repeated doses

Tissue culture for Argentine rice O. sativa L. improvement

Tissue culture of rhubarb and isolation of sennosides from the callus

Tissue culture propagation of cytosterile stocks

Tissue culture studies in mothbean

Tissue specificity of tobacco peroxidase isozymes and their induction by wounding and tobacco mosaic virus infection

Tissue tropism and target cells of bluetongue virus in the chicken embryo

Titratable acidity to estimate ammonia retention

Titrimetric determination of nonesterified fatty acids in intravenous fat emulsions

Tobacco mosaic virus inoculum increase in tobacco infected at flower removal

Tobacco quality as affected by fan cycling during different stages of tobacco curing

Tocopherol distribution and intracellular localization in human adipose tissue

Tocopherol efficacy and safety for preventing retinopathy of prematurity: a randomized, controlled, double-masked trial

Tolerance of Sitopas crosses for ragged stunt virus RSV

Tolerance of bentgrass to dates and frequency of preemergence herbicide treatments

Tolerance of fat emulsions in very-low-birth-weight neonates

Tolerance of overseeded perennial ryegrass to selected tricalcium arsenate treatments

Tolerance of perennial ryegrass and tall fescue seedlings to fenoxaprop

Tolerance of rice (Oryza sativa) to acifluorfen and triclopyr applied alone or in mixtures with propanil

Tolerance of rice cultivars to iron toxicity

Tolerance of some rice varieties for gall midge GM Orseolia oryzae Wood-Mason

Tolerance of tomato strains to phosphorus deficiency in root culture

Tolerance of wheat seed to repeated fumigation

Tomato fruit properties affecting consistency of concentrated product

Tomato fruit temperature before chilling influences ripening after chilling

Tomato response to trickle irrigation and black polyethylene mulch

Tomato seed development and quality as influenced by preharvest treatment with ethephon

Tomato yield and consumptive use under different water stress using plastic mulch

Tool forces and edge recession from cutting medium density fiberboard

Tooth wear by food limitation and its life history consequences in wild reindeer

Topically applied cyclosporin for modulation of induced immunogenic uveitis in rabbits

Topically applied furazolidone or parenterally administered oxytetracycline for the treatment of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis

Topographic localization of gastric lesions and key role of plasma bicarbonate concentration in dogs with experimentally induced gastric dilatation

Topographical and conformational epitopes of bovine papillomavirus type 1 defined by monoclonal antibodies

Topographical rearrangements of visna virus envelope glycoprotein during antigenic drift

Topographical studies of two digenetic trematodes of buffalo by scanning electron microscopy

Total and phytate phosphorus content of some feed ingredients derived from grains

Total blood plasma protein in cows in different phases of reproduction cycle and fed summer and winter feed rations

Total body water measurement by tritiated water in growing animals

Total cholesterol and high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in populations differing in fat and carbohydrate intake

Total denervation of the pancreas does not alter the pancreatic polypeptide response to food intake

Total fatty acid composition of serum lipids in employees of a university

Total laryngectomy for laryngeal mast cell tumor in a dog

Total nitrogen and electrolyte levels in colostrum and transition human milk

Total nitrogen and protein content determination in colostrum and mature human milk by different methods

Total parenteral nutrition in pregnancy complicated by Crohn's disease

Total parenteral nutrition in pregnancy: a case report

Total parenteral nutrition in pregnancy: conception to delivery

Total parenteral nutrition in severe episodes of inflammatory bowel disease

Total parenteral nutrition prevents further nutritional deterioration in patients with cancer cachexia

Toward an expert system for development of pest simulation models

Towards a new perspective on food and nutrition education

Towards insect control by electric fields

Townsville stylo for deferred dry season grazing

Toxic effects of cyclopiazonic acid in the early phase of pregnancy in mice

Toxic lead exposure in the urban rock dove

Toxicity and hypoxia of three petroleum hydrocarbons and cottonseed oil to adult boll weevils and larvae of tobacco budworms

Toxicity and site of uptake of soil-applied imazaquin in yellow and purple nutsedges (Cyperus esculentus and C. rotundus)

Toxicity of different serotypes and toxins of Bacillus thuringiensis to resistant and susceptible Indianmeal moths (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Toxicity of high doses of griseofulvin in cats

Toxicity of paraquat to microorganisms

Toxicity reduction at municipal wastewater treatment plants

Toxicologic evaluation of chlorpyrifos in cats

Toxicosis in newborn pigs associated with cutaneous application of an aerosol spray containing chlorpyrifos

Toxoplasma antibodies by indirect latex agglutination tests in zoo animals

Toxoplasma antibodies in local domestic animals

Toxoplasma gondii antigens recognized by sequential samples of serum obtained from congenitally infected infants

Toxoplasma gondii cysts in placentas of experimentally infected sheep

Toxoplasma peritonitis in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Toxoplasma seropositivity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Toxoplasmosis in pigs and public health

Toya spp. planthopper incidence on Brachiaria mutica

Trace element availability from the human diet

Trace element nutriture of Nigerians

Trace element status of children with PKU and normal children

Trace element status of the human diet

Trace elements during the development of hypertension in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Trace elements in bulk collected goat milk

Trace elements in human health with special reference to selenium

Trace mineral supplementation of burn patients: a national survey

Tracking the development of adiposity from one month of age to adulthood

Traditional preserved foods in Thailand and their significance for nutrition intervention: a preliminary assessment

Traffic and proliferative responses of recirculating lymphocytes in fetal calves

Training weed scientists for extension

Training weed scientists for industry

Training weed scientists for teaching

Transactivation of human immunodeficiency virus by herpesviruses

Transcriptional mapping of the coat protein gene of tomato golden mosaic virus

Transepithelial electric potential difference in newborns undergoing phototherapy

Transepithelial transport of glutathione in vascularly perfused small intestine of rat

Transfer and occurrence of large mercury resistance plasmids in river epilithon

Transfer from long to short days reduces the frequency of pulsatile luteinizing hormone release in intact but not in castrated male golden hamsters

Transfer of antibiotics into maternal milk

Transfer of functional immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody into the gastrointestinal tract accounts for IgG clearance in calves

Transfer of granulomatous inflammation with nonviable preparations of schistosome granulomas in naive mice

Transfer of plasmids between Bacillus subtilis and Streptococcus lactis

Transfer of tuberculin immunity from mother to infant

Transferability of lysimeter results to actual field situations

Transformation of applied potassium in relation to its availability in calcareous soil

Transformation of purine nucleotides in soils

Transformation of raw plant material by anaerobic microorganisms

Transformation of toluene and benzene by mixed methanogenic cultures

Transformation of zinc fractions in rice soils

Transforming genes of canine adenovirus type 2

Transient development and function of rabbit corpora lutea after hypophysectomy

Transitions in health status: implications for dietary recommendations

Transjugular liver biopsy in the dog

Transketolase abnormality in cultured fibroblasts from familial chronic alcoholic men and their male offspring

Translation of dietary recommendations into food selection: a dietitian's viewpoint

Translational diffusion coefficient of tobacco mosaic virus particles

Translocation of benomyl in the pineapple inflorescence

Transmission characteristics of the beet leafhopper transmitted virescence agent

Transmission of human immunodeficiency virus from parents to only one dizygotic twin

Transmission of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus from carrier striped bass to brook trout

Transmural coronary vasodilator reserve and flow distribution during maximal exercise in normal and splenectomized ponies

Transpiration and carbon acquisition in root hemiparasitic angiosperms

Transplanted aman-potato-maize cropping pattern in Bangladesh

Transplasmalemma redox reactions and ion transport in photosynthetic and heterotrophic plant cells

Transport and ion exchange of calcium and magnesium in an aggregated soil

Transport and metabolism of extracellular free fatty acids in adipose tissue of fed and fasted mice

Transport and metabolism of pyridoxine and pyridoxal in mice

Transport of methionine hydroxy analog across the brush border membrane of rat jejunum

Transport of nitrate and calcium into legume root nodules

Transport properties of bean vesicles in the presence of fungal components

Transposon Tn5-generated Bradyrhizobium japonicum mutants unable to grow chemoautotrophically with H2

Transsphenoidal hypophysectomy in the clinically normal dog

Trap crop for green leafhopper GLH and tungro RTV management

Traumatic avulsion of the proximal femoral articular cartilage as a cause of hip dislocation in broiler chickens

Traumatic cataract following bee sting

Treated straw for poultry feeding

Treatment and reutilization of contaminated sites

Treatment effects of parenteral vitamins in total parenteral nutrition patients

Treatment of ascites by continuous ultrafiltration and reinfusion of protein concentrate

Treatment of clinically normal and cystinuric dogs with 2-mercaptopropionylglycine

Treatment of external gastrointestinal fistulas by a combination of total parenteral nutrition and somatostatin

Treatment of feline giardiasis with metronidazole

Treatment of hypogalactia in recently calved buffaloes

Treatment of nonspecific diarrhea with metronidazole in rhesus macaques

Treatment of nutritional rickets in malnourished children

Treatment of piggery effluent by an aquatic plant filter

Treatment of pityriasis versicolor with itraconazole

Treatment of systemic candidiasis in neutropenic dogs with ketoconazole

Treatment of tinea pedis with econazole nitrate cream

Treatment of vaginal candidosis with oral ketoconazole

Treatment of wheat straw with alkaline solutions prepared from wood ashes to improve fiber utilization by ruminants

Treatment regimens for insecticidal control of wireworms on potato

Treatment with iron increases weight gain and psychomotor development

Treatment with ketoconazole in diabetic patients with vaginal candidiasis

Tree death as an ecological process

Tree life tables

Tree volume and taper of loblolly pine varies by stand origin

Trees as monitors of tritium in soil water

Trenching and soil dating of Holocene faulting for a water filtration plant site, Sylmar, California

Trends and interrelationships in boreal wetland vegetation

Trends in fatty acid intakes of 10-year-old children, 1973 to 1982

Trends in genetic parameters with stand development and their influence on early selection for volume growth in loblolly pine

Trials of miticides against twospotted mite and broad mite on fuchsias with comments on phytotoxicity

Trials to enhance salt tolerance of tomato cultivars at germination stage using choline chloride

Trichloroethylene biodegradation by a methane-oxidizing bacterium

Trichloroethylene metabolism by microorganisms that degrade aromatic compounds

Trichoderma in Philippine ricefield soils

Trichothecenes in food

Triglyceride fatty acids of abdominal adipose tissue in two lines of chickens selected for low or high adiposity

Triiodothyronine improves the primary antibody response to sheep red blood cells in severely undernourished weanling mice

Triple plaque purified strains of duck hepatitis virus and their potential as vaccines

Triticale grain during grinding and baking processes

Tropism of border disease virus for oligodendrocytes in ovine fetal brain cell cultures

True ileal digestibility of crude protein and amino acids in protein sources as determined by a regression method for growing pigs

Trypanosoma cruzi infection inhibited by peptides modeled from a fibronectin cell attachment domain

Trypanosome hybrids generated in tsetse flies by nuclear fusion

Tryptophan availability of some feedstuffs determined by pig growth assay

Tryptophan content of feedstuffs as determined from three procedures using chromatography of barytic hydrolysates

Tube feeding utilization: a quality of care review

Tufted apple budmoth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae): simulation of postdiapause development and prediction of spring adult emergence in North Carolina

Tufted apple budmoth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae): simulation of within-season phenology in North Carolina

Tungro RTV development in rice

Tungro RTV incidence in Andhra Pradesh in 1984

Tungro RTV transmission and mode of green leafhopper GLH feeding

Turfgrass performance when underirrigated

Turfgrass species response to herbicides applied postemergence

Turning and walking by gilts in modified gestation crates

Turnover and tissue sites of degradation of glucosylated low density lipoprotein in normal and immunized rabbits

Turnover of organic nitrogen in agricultural soils and the effects of management practices on soil fertility

Twenty cycles of divergent mass selection for seed size in corn

Twenty four hour manometric recording of colonic motor activity in healthy man

Two artificial larval diets for rearing Dacus latifrons (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Two autonomous myc oncogenes in avian carcinoma virus OK10

Two distinct antigens on chicken thymocytes defined by monoclonal antibodies

Two functional estrogen response elements are located upstream of the major chicken vitellogenin gene

Two high-yielding varieties for southern Andhra Pradesh wet season

Two indirect methods for detecting ureide synthesis by nodulated legumes

Two medium to early-maturing rice varieties for northwest India

Two new varieties from segregation material of IR36

Two promising scented rice varieties for the Mekong Delta

Two types of attachment of leptospiras

Two types of phosphorylase from etiolated soybean cotyledons

Two types of rhabdovirus in strawberry

Two upland rice varieties recommended for release in Nigeria

Two vasopressin-like peptides in the pig testis?

Two-hour lactose breath hydrogen test

Two-year follow-up of patients treated with a very-low-calorie diet and exercise training

Type of dietary fiber and fecal steroid excretion

Type of gene action in the resistance to maize chlorotic dwarf virus in corn

Typhula phacorrhiza on winter wheat

Tyramine content of some Nigerian foods

Tzanck smear in diagnosing genital herpes

U.S. soybean yields: estimation and forecasting with nonsymmetric disturbances

Ulcerative keratitis in bovines

Ulex europaeus agglutinin 1 lectin histochemical staining of dog kidney and bile duct epithelial cells

Ultrasonic assessment of body composition in obese adults: overcoming the limitations of the skinfold caliper

Ultrasonic echography for early pregnancy diagnosis in the sow

Ultrasonic homogenization of expressed human milk to prevent fat loss during tube feeding

Ultrasonographic appearance of the bovine conceptus from days 10 through 20

Ultrasonographic appearance of the bovine conceptus from days 20 through 60

Ultrasonographic appearance of the bovine uterus during the estrous cycle

Ultrasonographic diagnosis of portacaval shunts in young dogs

Ultrasonographic evaluation of normal boar testicles

Ultrasound diagnosis of liver hydatid disease

Ultrastructural and immunocytochemical changes of prolactin cells of grafted pituitary after the injection of dopamine in the albino rat

Ultrastructural and immunogenic changes in the formation of mycetoma grains

Ultrastructural and microprobe analysis of simian lung mite pigments

Ultrastructural and protein analysis of albino of rice and wheat by pollen culture

Ultrastructural aspects of tomato golden mosaic virus infection in tobacco

Ultrastructural changes in pathogenic fungi treated in vitro with chlorpromazine

Ultrastructural changes in the interactions between rice leaf parenchymatous tissue and incompatible bacteria

Ultrastructural distribution of the major capsid proteins within bluetongue virus and infected cells

Ultrastructural evidence for oxytocin in the rat anterior pituitary gland

Ultrastructural in situ evidence for the role of glyceollin in the expression of soybean resistance to fungal infection

Ultrastructural studies of the portal transport of fat in chickens

Ultrastructural studies on the degeneration processes in wheat nucellar cells

Ultrastructural studies on white adipocyte differentiation in the mouse mammary gland following estrogen and relaxin

Ultrastructural study on visna virus in sheep plexus choroid cells

Ultrastructure and activity of some enzymes of energy metabolism of skeletal muscle in experimental energy deficiency

Ultrastructure and arrangement of hepatocyte cords in the duckling's liver

Ultrastructure of bovine articular cartilage between weeks 8 and 23 of prenatal development

Ultrastructure of equine endothelial cells exposed to endotoxin and flunixin meglumine and equine neutrophils

Ultrastructure of glomerulopathy in swine

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