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Natural Sciences Repository Index 39

Index 39 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Effect of freezing temperature on the efficacy of wild oat herbicides

Effect of frequent cultivation on Rottboellia cochinchinensis density

Effect of frontal hypothalamic deafferentation on duration of breeding season and melatonin secretion in the ewe

Effect of fruit removal on net gas exchange of avocado leaves

Effect of fungicidal sprays on the incidence of leaf spot disease of pear

Effect of fungicidal treatment of casing soil on yield of white button mushroom

Effect of fungicidal treatments on coffee seed germination

Effect of gamma-radiation on germination and seedling growth

Effect of garlic on serum cholesterol and electrocardiogram of rabbit consuming normal diet

Effect of gentamicin sulfate and sodium bicarbonate on the synovium of clinically normal equine antebrachiocarpal joints

Effect of gibberellic acid and green stable on meiosis in tobacco

Effect of ginger on metabolic rate

Effect of gizzerosine on acid secretion by isolated mucosal cells of chicken proventriculus

Effect of gluten supplementation in healthy siblings of children with celiac disease

Effect of glyphosate on the level of free and bound auxins in maize seedlings

Effect of graded doses of erythorbic acid on ascorbic acid content of tissues of guinea pigs

Effect of grain spotting on rice quality

Effect of green manure on yield

Effect of ground straw particle size on fattening calves

Effect of growth rate on internode elongation in rice

Effect of growth rate on the growth of bacteria in freshly moistened soil

Effect of growth retardants on seed yield of birdsfoot trefoil

Effect of gypsum and pressmud application on zinc diffusion in alkali soils

Effect of gypsum doses on the growth and yield of ragi grown on sodic soil

Effect of harvest time and drying method on quality and grade of winter rye

Effect of heat and chemical treatment of lucerne forage and barley grain on protein and dry matter degradability in the rumen of sheep

Effect of heat and cold stress on rice seedlings

Effect of heat or chemical treatment on leptospiral antigens

Effect of heat stress on early embryonic development in the beef cow

Effect of heifer size at mating and calving on milk production during first lactation

Effect of helminthosporiose infection on certain biochemical constituents in the resistant and susceptible varieties of sorghum

Effect of high calcium intake on pressor responsivity in hypertensive rats

Effect of high levels of monensin during the growing period on subsequent breeding performance of adult broiler breeders

Effect of high rates of phosphate fertilizers on crop yields and on balance and content of available phosphorus in the soil

Effect of high-fat diet on cholesterol distribution in plasma lipoproteins, cholesterol esterifying activity in leucocytes, and erythrocyte membrane components studied: importance of body weight

Effect of high-temperature drying on bending strength and load duration of Douglas-fir 2 by 4's

Effect of hormones and sucrose on prolonging the vase life of narcissus cut flower

Effect of horn fly larval density on methoprene toxicity

Effect of hot environmental temperature on major mineral balance in dry cows

Effect of hot environmental temperature on major mineral balance in lactating cows

Effect of hot water treatments on the quality of rice seed destined for international exchange

Effect of human chorionic gonadotropin on luteinizing hormone and prolactin binding by testes of bilaterally cryptorchid rats

Effect of hydroelutriation on nonstructural carbohydrates in fibrous roots

Effect of hydrogen peroxide on some constituents and microflora of milk

Effect of hydrolytic enzymes of storage fungi on seed deterioration

Effect of hydrophobicity on utilization of peptides by ruminal bacteria in vitro

Effect of hypothyroidism during gestation and in the suckling period on cholesterol and carnitine metabolism in the rat

Effect of ileal exclusion on plant sterol metabolism in familial hypercholesterolemia

Effect of immature body weight on laying performance

Effect of incubator aging on soybean seeds during the ripening period of seed development

Effect of individual amino acids on plasma cholesterol level in rats fed a high cholesterol diet

Effect of infant cereals on zinc and copper absorption during weaning

Effect of infectious stunting syndrome on the immunocompetence of broilers

Effect of inhabitation by rumen protozoa on the nutritive value of protein in rumen contents

Effect of inhibitors on sodium and chloride transport in brush border vesicles from human jejunum and ileum

Effect of initial fat level and cooking method cholesterol content and caloric value of ground beef patties

Effect of insecticide application at different growth stages on rice yield components and rice straw

Effect of insecticides on eggs of Brevennia rehi Lindinger

Effect of insecticides on four foliar pathogens of cotton

Effect of insecticides on rice leaffolder LF eggs

Effect of insulin and glucocorticoids on glucose transporters in rat adipocytes

Effect of insulin on in vivo glucose utilization in individual tissues of anesthetized lactating rats

Effect of insulin on leucine kinetics in maple syrup urine disease

Effect of intercropping of annual grain legumes on the productivity of anjan grass

Effect of intercropping of short duration kharif legumes with pigeonpea on nitrogen requirement of succeeding wheat

Effect of intermittent lighting on performance and energy metabolism of broilers

Effect of internal air filtration on the performance of broilers and the aerial concentrations of dust and bacteria

Effect of intragastric infusions of ethanol and wine on serum gastrin concentration and gastric acid secretion

Effect of intraperitoneal administration of amino acids on the food intake of chickens in the first month after hatching

Effect of ionic strength and anions on zinc adsorption by two soils

Effect of ionophores on the accumulation of copper in the livers of sheep

Effect of iron applied through the leaves or soil on the growth and nutrient content of rice plants

Effect of iron chelators on placental uptake and transfer of iron in rat

Effect of iron fertilization on fruit quality of date palm

Effect of iron on rice anther culture

Effect of iron on the nature of precipitation products of aluminum

Effect of iron therapy on phagocytosis and bactericidal activity in neutrophils of iron-deficient infants

Effect of irrigated agriculture on groundwater

Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on wheat

Effect of irrigation frequencies and nitrogen rates on the yield and protein contents of maize

Effect of irrigation on late season plantains

Effect of irrigation on the growth and yield of okra

Effect of isoalantolactone on germination of selected weeds and crop plants

Effect of ivermectin on performance of cattle treated at housing

Effect of ivermectin on the reproductive potential of breeding rams

Effect of ketone bodies on the mitogenic response of bovine milk lymphocytes

Effect of ketone bodies on the phagocytic activity of bovine milk macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Effect of land preparation on control of Paspalum distichum

Effect of larval density and plant age on size and biochemical composition of adult migrant moths, Anticarsia gemmatalis Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Effect of lead and niacin on growth and serotonin metabolism in chicks

Effect of lead contamination on the biological properties of alluvial meadow soil

Effect of lead on growth characteristics and chlorophyll content in barley seedlings

Effect of leaf water potential and air humidity on photosynthetic rate and diffusive conductance in rice plants

Effect of lectins on salivary and pancreatic amylase activities and the rate of starch digestion

Effect of legumes on blood sugar in diabetes mellitus

Effect of levamisole on immune function and reproductive performance in first-litter gilts

Effect of level and placement of nitrogen on the seed production of radish

Effect of level of food intake at mating on the reproductive performance of ewes passively immunized against testosterone

Effect of level of protein on the bacterial production rates in the rumen of buffalo calves

Effect of light on dark respiration in albino and green areas of the barley leaf

Effect of light quality on egg production of caged turkey hens

Effect of linecross and delayed castration on growth and carcass traits in boars and barrows

Effect of lipoproteins and luteinizing hormone on progesterone production by large and small luteal cells throughout the porcine estrous cycle

Effect of lithium ingestion on digestive and absorptive function of rat intestine

Effect of location within the nest on acceptance of queen cells in honeybee colonies

Effect of low carbohydrate diets during pregnancy on embryogenesis and fetal growth and development in rats

Effect of low carbohydrate diets during pregnancy on parturition and postnatal survival of the newborn rat pup

Effect of low light intensity on growth and yield of rainfed cotton

Effect of low light stress on growth and yield of rice

Effect of low temperature on selected rice varieties in Tanzania

Effect of lowering water temperature on hatching time and survival of lake trout eggs

Effect of luminal or circulating nitrite on colonic ion movement in the rat

Effect of luteinizing hormone and human chorionic gonadotropin on cell populations in the ovine corpus luteum

Effect of male reproductive tract fluids and proteins on the metabolism and motility of ram spermatozoa

Effect of manure and nitrogen fertilization on the phosphorus uptake and grain yield of paddy

Effect of manure handling on air quality and pig performance in partially slatted floor barns

Effect of maternal food restriction on circulating insulin and glucagon levels and on liver insulin and glucagon binding sites of fetal and suckling rats

Effect of maternal hyperalimentation on intrauterine growth retardation

Effect of matric and osmotic suction on the emergence of wheat and barley

Effect of maturation on gastrointestinal absorption of epidermal growth factor in rats

Effect of melatonin on induction of estrous cycles in anestrous ewes

Effect of mixed plantings of susceptible and resistant rice cultivars on leaf blast development

Effect of mixing cereal varieties on yield and disease development

Effect of moderate exercise on salt and water transport in the human jejunum

Effect of moisture content of wood on corona treatment

Effect of monensin on rumen ciliate protozoa in sheep

Effect of monosodium methane arsonate and aminotriazole on biosynthesis of epicuticular wax in some semiarid shrubs

Effect of mulches on soil temperature and sprouting of sugarcane ratoons

Effect of multiple vitamin-mineral supplements on vitamin B12 status

Effect of municipal solid waste leachate composition on zinc migration through soils

Effect of must oxidation on quality of white wines

Effect of mustard grown as a mixed or intercrop on the yield of wheat

Effect of muzzling on rumination in sheep

Effect of mycorrhizae of pine seedlings on the utilization of different mineral phosphorus sources

Effect of naloxone on oxytocin and vasopressin release during vaginocervical stimulation in the goat

Effect of naloxone on the antral motor response to solid food in man

Effect of naturally occurring nif reiterations on symbiotic effectiveness in Rhizobium phaseoli

Effect of nature of forage on spontaneous lipolysis in milk from cows in late lactation

Effect of neem leaf application on nitrogen efficiency in lowland rice

Effect of neem oil on germination and sporulation of the entomogenous fungus Metarhizium anisopliae

Effect of neem product foliar sprays on rice pests

Effect of neem seed bitters NSB on green leafhopper GLH feeding

Effect of neem seed bitters NSB on green leafhopper GLH survival and rice tungro virus RTV transmission

Effect of neem seed treatment on rice seedling vigor and survival of brown planthopper and green leafhopper GLH

Effect of nematode control on fiber properties of upland cotton

Effect of neurophysin on enzymatic maturation of oxytocin from its precursor

Effect of neurotoxic organophosphorus compounds in turkeys

Effect of nitrapyrin rate on nitrification in soils having different organic matter contents

Effect of nitrate and ammonium on long distance transport in cucumber plants

Effect of nitrate and its reduction products on the growth and activity of the rumen microbial population

Effect of nitrate on the organic acid and amino acid composition of legume nodules

Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on growth of pine tree

Effect of nitrogen and plant population levels on the growth and yield of maize cultivars

Effect of nitrogen fertilization levels and seeding rates on growth and yield of wheat

Effect of nitrogen fertilization on the protein value of grass silage for dairy cows and on the quality of milk

Effect of nitrogen fertilizer and some micronutrients as foliar application on wheat

Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on the agronomic performance and seed quality of annual canarygrass

Effect of nitrogen nutrition on endosperm protein synthesis in wild and cultivated barley grown in spike culture

Effect of nitrogen nutrition on its accumulation and utilization by wheat

Effect of nitrogen nutrition on the water relations of wheat flag leaf

Effect of nitrogen on nitrogen and phosphorus uptake of fingermillet

Effect of nitrogen source and insect control on growth of a ratoon crop

Effect of nitrogen source, rate, and placement method on growth and yield

Effect of nitrogen sources and method of application on sugar beet

Effect of nitrogen starvation and recovery on carbon fluxes in photosynthetic carbon reduction and oxidation cycles in young barley leaves

Effect of nitrogen starvation and recovery on gas exchange characteristics of young barley leaves

Effect of nonadrenal illness on adrenal function in the cat

Effect of nongenetic factors on the performance of crossbred cows

Effect of nutrient application on rainfed soybean

Effect of nutrition and hormone application on seed production in hybrid cotton

Effect of nutritional rehabilitation on the development of intestinal brush border disaccharidases of postnatally malnourished weanling rats

Effect of nutritional state and allopurinol on purine metabolism in the rat small intestine

Effect of organic manuring on zinc diffusion in soils of varying texture

Effect of osmotic potential on soil micromycetes

Effect of ovulation and oviposition on feeding and drinking activities in the laying hen

Effect of oxamniquine and praziquantel on intrasplenic pressure and portal vein diameter in hepatosplenic schistosomiasis

Effect of oxygen exposure on newborn rabbit lung and liver retinol stores

Effect of oxygen on lactose metabolism in lactic streptococci

Effect of ozone toxicity in the drinking behavior of rats

Effect of paclobutrazol on accumulation of carbohydrates in apple wood

Effect of papain digestion on the specificity of fluorescein-labeled immunoglobulins

Effect of paper mill effluent on groundnut genotypes in sand culture

Effect of partial replacement of concentrate protein by urea on the growth rate of heifers

Effect of partial submergence on the levels of endogenous growth hormones in stem of rice cultivars

Effect of pasmo disease on flower production and yield components of flax

Effect of paternal alcohol ingestion on fetal growth in rats

Effect of pectic substances on prolactin and growth hormone secretion in the ewe and on the induction of casein synthesis in the rat

Effect of pectin on gastric emptying and gastroduodenal motility in normal subjects

Effect of peptide chain length on absorption of egg protein hydrolysates in the normal human jejunum

Effect of perinatal motivation on breastfeeding in educated mothers

Effect of permanent access to operant heating on energy balance of growing pigs

Effect of phase and straight feeding regimes on production of laying hens under arid conditions

Effect of phenolic tar on the work of activated sludge

Effect of phenylphosphorodiamidate on ammonia volatilization as affected by soil temperature and rates and distribution of urea

Effect of phosphate and lime in alleviating damage to barley grown on excessively moist saline soil

Effect of phosphate and potash application on pod yield and uptake of macronutrients by groundnut

Effect of phosphates on flooded rice

Effect of phosphonoacetic acid on the in vitro replication of the herpesvirus of malignant catarrhal fever

Effect of phosphorus and farmyard manure on soybean and their residual effect on succeeding winter maize

Effect of phosphorus on bacterial blight BB

Effect of phosphorus on lowland rice yield

Effect of photoperiod and temperature on prolactin secretion in ovariectomized gilts

Effect of photosynthetic photon flux density on carboxylation efficiency

Effect of physical restraint on seed growth in soybean

Effect of plane of nutrition from starting to and through the breeder period on reproductive performance of hen turkeys

Effect of plane of nutrition on the concentration and yield of whey proteins in bovine milk

Effect of plant age on rice susceptibility to yellow stem borer YSB Scirpophaga incertulas Walker

Effect of plant and leaf age on susceptibility of soybean to soybean rust

Effect of plant density on development and yield of rapeseed and its significance to recovery from hail injury

Effect of plant density on yield and components of yield of faba bean

Effect of plant density on yield and protein content of malting barley

Effect of plant derivatives on green leafhopper GLH and rice tungro RTV transmission

Effect of plant extracts on brown planthopper BPH oviposition

Effect of plant height and flowering date on seed yield of determinate soybean

Effect of plant population and row spacing on light interception and grain yield of chickpea under late sown conditions

Effect of plant roots on chemical and biochemical properties of surrounding discrete soil zones

Effect of planting date and fertilizer level on grain yield and protein content of rice

Effect of planting date and growth stage on secondary and micronutrient content of soybean tissue

Effect of planting date on tungro virus RTV incidence

Effect of planting dates and associated weather factors on staghead phase of white rust and downy mildew of rapeseed and mustard

Effect of plasma concentrations of ovarian steroids on their passage into uterine lumen in rabbits

Effect of plasmid incompatibility on DNA transfer to Streptococcus cremoris

Effect of pollen development stage on callus induction and its relation to auricle distance in two rice varieties

Effect of postharvest heat treatments for insect control on the quality and market life of avocados

Effect of potassium chloride fertilization on two barley cultivars differing in common root rot reaction

Effect of potassium concentration and ouabain on the renal adaptation to potassium depletion in isolated perfused rat kidney

Effect of potassium depletion and protein intake in vivo on renal tubular bicarbonate transport in vitro

Effect of potassium fertilization and soil moisture regimes on the response of alfalfa and timothy to potassium

Effect of potassium removal by crops on transformation of illitic clay minerals

Effect of praziquantel on the cardiotonic action of cardiac glycosides

Effect of preceding crops on nitrogen management for rainfed sorghum in black soil

Effect of pregnancy on clinical manifestation of bovine trypanosomiasis

Effect of prenatal iron deficiency on myelination in rat pups

Effect of pretransplanting submergence and green manure on yield and sodic soil improvement

Effect of pretreatment of seed on the growth and yield of wheat

Effect of pretreatment with hepatic microsomal enzyme inducers on the toxicity of diazinon in calves

Effect of prevailing temperature and humidity on rice armyworm reproduction during upland crop season

Effect of progesterone on the testosterone and estradiol levels in the hypothalamus of neonatal rats

Effect of propylene glycol on feed digestibility and the growth and physiological response of rainbow trout

Effect of protein and lysine levels in the diet on body gain composition and energy utilization in growing pigs

Effect of protein dose on serum glucose and insulin response to sugars

Effect of protein malnutrition and maternal caffeine intake on the growth of fetal rat brain

Effect of protein malnutrition on glycoprotein synthesis in rat cerebral cortex slices during the period of brain growth spurt

Effect of protein on glomerular filtration rate and prostanoid synthesis in normal and uremic rats

Effect of protein restriction in insulin dependent diabetics at risk of nephropathy

Effect of psychological stress on salt and water transport in the human jejunum

Effect of psyllium gum and wheat bran on spontaneous energy intake

Effect of pure zinc deficiency on glucose tolerance and insulin and glucagon levels

Effect of pyridoxine deficiency in the neuronally mature rat

Effect of pyrite and fertilizer on rice protein quality

Effect of pyrites on the transformation of rock phosphate and triple superphosphate during decomposition of cattle dung

Effect of qualities and feeding levels of food on retention time in the alimentary tract in pigs

Effect of rainfall on pedogenesis in a climosequence of soils near Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Effect of ranitidine on gastric acid secretion in young male horses

Effect of rapid sodium load on circulating atrial natriuretic polypeptide

Effect of rapid warming of bull and rabbit semen

Effect of ratoon rice crop on populations of green leafhopper Nephotettix virescens, brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens, whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera, and their predators

Effect of red pepper and black pepper on the stomach

Effect of reduced feed intake on zearalenone metabolism and toxicity in the rat

Effect of repeated implantation with zeranol from birth or weaning on growth and reproduction in beef heifers

Effect of replacing maize with tamarind seed or rice polish on the performance characteristics and nutrients utilization by desi pigs

Effect of respiratory infections caused by bovine herpesvirus-1 or parainfluenza-3 virus on bovine alveolar macrophage functions

Effect of restricting a balanced diet on rat intestinal disaccharidase activity and intestinal architecture

Effect of root pruning at different growth stages on growth and fruiting of apple trees

Effect of root temperature on the rate of water and nutrient absorption in cucumber cultivars and figleaf gourd

Effect of roxithromycin on acute toxoplasmosis in mice

Effect of saline adaptation and renal portal sodium infusion on glomerular size distributions and kidney function in domestic fowl

Effect of saline irrigation water on yield

Effect of salinity on net assimilation and rice grain yield

Effect of salt on grain and forage intake in cattle

Effect of sample preparation methods on the activities of tobacco foliar enzymes

Effect of sample pretreatment on extractable soil potassium

Effect of season on rice response, production efficiency, and recovery of applied N

Effect of seasonal soil waterlogging on vegetative growth and fruiting of apple trees

Effect of secretory particles in bovine seminal vesicle secretion on sperm motility and acrosome reaction

Effect of seed and fertilizer rate on yield of spring wheat grown on fallow and stubble

Effect of seed irradiation on yield and chemical constituents of onion bulbs

Effect of seed size and seed treatments on fruiting characters and chemical constituents of cotton plants

Effect of seed treatment and planting method on tabasco pepper

Effect of seeding date and seedling age on dry season yield

Effect of seeding rate and harvest method on agronomic characteristics of white bean

Effect of seedling root dip and main field treatment on Hirschmanniella mucronata and rice yield

Effect of selected soil properties on cadmium content of tobacco

Effect of selecting for downy mildew resistance in alfalfa on saponin content

Effect of selection for large litter size at weaning on litter size at birth and preweaning mortality in mice

Effect of selection for large litter size on body weight in rabbits

Effect of selection for litter size on body weight in mice

Effect of selenium deficiency on the chronic toxicity of adriamycin in rats

Effect of selenium on sheep lymphocyte responses to mitogens

Effect of selenium supplementation on copper metabolism in dairy cows

Effect of selenium supplementation on the distribution of selenium in plasma proteins of healthy subjects

Effect of semidwarf stature, head number, and kernel number on grain yield in barley in Morocco

Effect of sesbania green manure on water management and yield of lowland rice

Effect of several variables on specific gravity in different zones of blue pine

Effect of sex and age on the activities of lactate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase in the lungs of rats

Effect of shallow submergence on agronomic characters

Effect of short fasts on the development of tibial dyschondroplasia in chickens

Effect of silicate materials in rice crop pests

Effect of simulated rain on head rice yields of varieties under delayed harvest

Effect of single plant selection in commercial pea cultivars on bloom dates and on green pea yield for processing

Effect of sink level on root and stalk quality in maize

Effect of size of nutritional area on the growth and yield of maize grown at different fertility levels

Effect of slow release fertilizer nitrogen and neem products in the control of stemborer of rice

Effect of sodicity and pretransplanting submergence on rice yield

Effect of sodium balance and calcium channel blocking drugs on blood pressure responses

Effect of sodium chloride and zinc on the growth of tomato

Effect of sodium chloride toxicity on chlorophyll breakdown in rice

Effect of sodium depletion on peripheral vascular responses to heat stress in baboons

Effect of sodium nitrate and gypsum on infiltration and erosion of a highly weathered soil

Effect of soil acidity on germination of rice

Effect of soil alkalinity on yield of genotypes in Kanpur

Effect of soil covers and soil moisture regimes on nematode population in soil and in root of banana

Effect of soil moisture regime and straw incorporation on root growth and yield of rice

Effect of soil potassium availability on soybean root and shoot growth under unrestrained rooting conditions

Effect of soil properties on different chemical pools of zinc in calcareous soils

Effect of soil surface sealing on splash from a single waterdrop

Effect of solution composition on the rate and mechanism of gibbsite dissolution in acid solutions

Effect of somatostatin on nonesterified fatty acid levels modifies glucose homeostasis during fasting

Effect of somatostatin on salivary secretion in man

Effect of some benzodiazepines on the secretion of thyrotropic hormone and prolactin under conditions of experimental stress

Effect of some fungi on nematode hatching and larval root penetration

Effect of some metabolic inhibitors on cation exchange capacity of plant roots

Effect of some organophosphorus pesticides on crossing over in tomatoes

Effect of some soil applied pesticides on availability of phosphorus in soil

Effect of source manipulation on photosynthetic activity in groundnut

Effect of sowing dates and fertilizers on the grain yield of black gram

Effect of sowing dates on incidence of sucking pests and bollworms in arboreum cotton

Effect of sowing dates on rapeseed varieties

Effect of sowing time and planting method on rice yield per day

Effect of soy protein on the small bowel mucosa of young infants recovering from acute gastroenteritis

Effect of soybean and sesame addition on the nutritional value of maize and decorticated sorghum tortillas produced by extrusion cooking

Effect of spatial arrangement in mustard under rainfed conditions

Effect of species and cultivar of cereal straws on response to ammoniation as measured by a cellulase digestibility technique

Effect of splenectomy on exercise-induced pulmonary and systemic hypertension in ponies

Effect of square planting on yield and its components of soybean under different levels of planting density

Effect of stable bleaching powder on soil microorganisms and seed germination

Effect of stage of lactation and diet on serum insulin level and mononuclear leukocyte insulin receptor characteristics in dairy cows

Effect of starch and protein diets on the energy metabolism of chicks

Effect of starvation on biochemical indices of renal function in the rat

Effect of stocking rate on the location of storage carbohydrates in the stubble of tropical grasses

Effect of storage and insect infestation on thiamine and niacin content in different varieties of rice, sorghum, and legumes

Effect of storage and reinstatement procedures on earthworm populations in soils affected by opencast coal mining

Effect of storage duration and temperature on cut anthurium flowers

Effect of storage longevity on the response of rice seed to hot water treatment

Effect of storage of loblolly and slash pine cones on seed quality

Effect of storage on the creamatocrit and total energy content of human milk

Effect of storage temperature of milk fat on ice cream quality

Effect of sucrose solution drinking option on body weight and urinary components in rats

Effect of sugar fatty acid esters on rumen fermentation in vitro

Effect of sugarcane ratooning on variability in bulk density of soil

Effect of sulfate and organic matter on the hydrogen sulfide formation in biofilms of filled sanitary sewers

Effect of sulfur additions on soil and the nutrition of wheat

Effect of sulfur amino acid supplementation of raw soy flour on the growth and pancreatic weights of rats

Effect of sulfur dioxide on water yield intensity in plants

Effect of summer cyclic temperatures vs. moderate temperature on laying hen performance

Effect of superfused insulin on cerebral cortical glucose utilization in awake goats

Effect of supplementary lighting on transplant growth and yield of greenhouse tomato

Effect of sweep-net sampling at rice crop reproductive stage on yield

Effect of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides on green leafhopper GLH and tungro RTV

Effect of synthetic pyrethroids on tungro RTV incidence and vector control

Effect of tannins on soil microorganisms

Effect of taurine and homotaurine on bile acid metabolism in dietary hyperlipidemic rats

Effect of temperature and moisture on growth and aflatoxin formation by fungi cultured on corn

Effect of temperature and soil moisture on time of emergence of tomatoes and four weed species

Effect of temperature on nematode (Steinernema feltiae ) treatment of soil for control of lesser mealworm (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in turkey houses

Effect of temperature on spatial and temporal aspects of growth in the primary maize root

Effect of temperature on tan spot development in spring wheat cultivars differing in resistance

Effect of temperature, moisture, and soil texture on DCPA degradation

Effect of temperature, relative humidity, and amount and concentration of trypticase soy broth on regurgitation by female face flies (Diptera: Muscidae)

Effect of temperature, relative humidity, and free water on the number and normalcy of Trichogramma pretiosum Riley (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) emerging from eggs of Heliothis zea (Boddie) (Lepid

Effect of temperature, sustenance and mating on rice armyworm reproduction

Effect of temporary flooding on cotton growth and nitrogen nutrition in soils with different organic matter levels

Effect of temporary food or water deprivation on milk secretion and milk composition in the goat

Effect of testosterone on growth hormone secretion in female rats during a continuous infusion of growth hormone releasing factor

Effect of the menstrual cycle on gastric emptying

Effect of the molecular nature of mutation on the efficiency of intrachromosomal gene conversion in mouse cells

Effect of the novel ionophore tetronasin (ICI 139603) on ruminal microorganisms

Effect of the preceding day's energy intake on the energy costs of rest, arm and leg exercise

Effect of the source of fiber in bread on intestinal responses and nutrient digestibilities

Effect of the trichothecene deoxynivalenol on brain biogenic monoamines concentrations in rats and chickens

Effect of thermal treatment on the agronomic efficiency of nepheline sienite

Effect of thinning on the growth of young beech stands

Effect of thiolactomycin on fatty acid synthesis in higher plants

Effect of thiolactomycin on lipid synthesis in higher plants

Effect of three different levels of concentrate in late pregnancy on ewe and lamb performance

Effect of three insecticides on green leafhopper GLH population and tungro RTV incidence

Effect of three neem products on brown planthopper BPH oviposition

Effect of threshing on seed quality characters in finger millet

Effect of thyroid hormone on steroidogenic enzyme induction in porcine granulosa cells cultured in vitro

Effect of thyroid hormone on turnover of tissue proteins in rats

Effect of thyroid hormones and high carbohydrate feeding on gene expression in rat epididymal adipose tissue

Effect of thyroxine injection on bone growth in malnourished rats at different growth stages

Effect of tillage on corn response to potassium fertility

Effect of tillage on residual nitrogen availability from alfalfa to succeeding corn crops

Effect of tillage on soybean growth and seed production

Effect of tillage on stem borer SB larvae carry-over in a rice-wheat rotation

Effect of time and amount of first irrigation on the root distribution and fodder yield of oats

Effect of time and dose of indomethacin on follicular prostaglandins and ovulation in the rabbit

Effect of time of lodging on rice productivity

Effect of time of nitrogen application in niger

Effect of time of phosphorus application on fodder and seed production in berseem

Effect of titanium on the activity of lipoxygenase

Effect of topical phenylephrine on the equine pupil

Effect of tortilla production on proteins in sorghum and maize

Effect of total parenteral nutrition on lipase activity in the stomach of very low birth weight infants

Effect of total starvation and very low calorie diets on intestinal permeability in man

Effect of transplanting date on leaffolder LF Cnaphalocrocis medinalis and rice bug RB Leptocorisa oratorius infestation at Kuningan, West Java

Effect of transport on feeder calves

Effect of transportation stress on bronchoalveolar lavage fluid analysis in female horses

Effect of trap placement on detection of Cochliomyia hominivorax (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Effect of treating neonatal rabbits with cholestyramine on the response to dietary casein in adult rabbits

Effect of treating single superphosphate with cowdung

Effect of tree canopy and nitrogen application on forage production of oats

Effect of triadimefon on development of mycorrhizae from natural inoculum in loblolly pine nursery beds

Effect of tryptophan on livers of pregnant and lactating rats and their fetuses and pups

Effect of turkey spermatozoa of a frothy fluid derived from the cloaca of a male turkey

Effect of two acids and formalin in calves milk on feed consumption and performance

Effect of two soil applied pesticides on nitrification in red soil

Effect of ultra-high-temperature processing and storage on dairy food flavor

Effect of urea and ammonium nitrate on yields and nitrogen concentration of timothy and bromegrass and loss of ammonia from urea surface applications

Effect of vanadate on amino acid transport in rat jejunum

Effect of various additives on the preservation of carnation mottle virus

Effect of various biostimulators on clinical wound healing in bovines

Effect of various concentrations of potassium on the growth of sorghum plant

Effect of various light intensities on photosynthesis and nodulation in soybean

Effect of varying ascorbic acid intakes on copper absorption and ceruloplasmin levels of young men

Effect of varying fertility levels and bacterial inoculants on genotypic performance for seed yield in soybean

Effect of varying levels of phosphorus and live yeast culture in caged layer diets

Effect of vegetable oil on rice leaffolder LF feeding behavior

Effect of vegetation covers on the nutrient status of soils

Effect of vegetative cover, tillage and planting system on run-off, soil erosion and other soil physical properties

Effect of vehicular volume on the early pulmonary injury and inflammatory response in rats inoculated intratracheally with silica

Effect of voluntary exercise and dietary protein level on lactation performance in mice

Effect of voluntary exercise of dams on the starvation resistance of their pups in mice

Effect of walking while grazing on rumen digestion

Effect of water deficit on vegetative growth and fruit development in jojoba

Effect of water quality on dissolution of gypsum fragments

Effect of water stress on grain weight in bread wheat

Effect of water stress on stomatal and photosynthetic responses in subalpine plants to cloud patterns

Effect of waterlogging in barley during the seedling stage

Effect of waxy gene on rice yield components

Effect of weaning on accuracy of doubly labeled water method in infants

Effect of weaning on different diets on hepatic gluconeogenesis in the rat

Effect of weaning on the capacity of pig intestinal villi to digest and absorb nutrients

Effect of weight at castration on steer performance in the feedlot

Effect of wheat bran and pectin on bile acid and cholesterol excretion in ileostomy patients

Effect of zearalenone on days 7 to 10 postmating on intrauterine environment and migration of embryos in sows

Effect of zinc and phosphorus on rice-wheat yields in semi-reclaimed alkali soil

Effect of zinc deficiency on the accumulation of boron and other mineral nutrients in barley

Effect of zinc deficiency on the disposition of cadmium and essential metals in rats

Effect of zinc source and picolinic acid on pig performance and zinc balance in rats

Effect of zinc status on the binding of prostaglandins to ovarian membranes and intact platelets of pregnant rats

Effect on fertility of low numbers of fowl spermatozoa inseminated in aqueous diluent or semen components of the fowl and turkey

Effect on lipoproteinemia in rats fed diets containing either olive oil or a solid vegetable fat

Effect on milk production of adding bentonite and reactive limestone to maize grain supplements for grazing cows

Effect on shell strength of feeding supplemental sources of calcium to adult laying hens given insoluble grit during the rearing period

Effective aeration of methyl bromide desorbed from fumigated wheat

Effective lipid lowering diets including lean meat

Effective use of marine algal products in the management of plant parasitic nematodes

Effectiveness and nutritional consequences of amino acid-based vs glucose-based dialysis solutions in infants and children receiving CAPD

Effectiveness of blue tilapia as a weed control agent in ponds

Effectiveness of calcium cyanamide as a nitrogen source and nitrification inhibitor in a tropical soil

Effectiveness of different chemotherapeutic agents for controlling bacterial fish diseases

Effectiveness of different estrogen pulses in plasma for accelerating ovum transport and their relation to estradiol levels in the rat oviduct

Effectiveness of ediphenphos in reducing blast disease in upland rice

Effectiveness of fenoxycarb for control of red imported fire ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Effectiveness of propionic acid for preserving alfalfa hay in large round bales

Effectiveness of pyridoxine hydrochloride treatment on carpal tunnel syndrome patients

Effects of anorexia on appetitive and consummatory behavior

Effects of 6 granular insecticides on rice rhizosphere microflora in India

Effects of a bovine herpesvirus-1 isolate on reproductive function in heifers: classification as a type-2 (infectious pustular vulvovaginitis) virus by restriction endonuclease analysis of viral DNA

Effects of a fraction of thermally oxidized soy bean oil on growing rats

Effects of a high fat or high carbohydrate diet at early weaning on serum cholesterol and lipogenesis in the liver and adipose tissue of adult rats

Effects of a high potassium diet on electrical properties of cortical collecting ducts from adrenalectomized rabbits

Effects of a high-protein and low-fat diet vs a low-protein and high-fat diet on blood glucose, serum lipoproteins, and cholesterol metabolism in noninsulin-dependent diabetics

Effects of a low carbohydrate isoenergetic diet on sleep behavior and pulmonary functions in healthy female adult humans

Effects of a low-energy diet associated with egg supplementation on plasma cholesterol and lipoprotein levels in normal subjects: results of a cross-over study

Effects of a nitrification inhibitor on efficiency of nitrogen utilization by wheat and millet

Effects of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus on foliage consumption by the velvetbean caterpillar

Effects of acid rain on corn silks and pollen germination

Effects of acid soil infertility factors on growth and nodulation of soybean

Effects of active immunization against gonadotropin releasing hormone on gonadotropin secretion after ovariectomy and testosterone propionate administration to mares

Effects of acute heat stress on changes in the rate of liquid flow from the rumen and turnover of body water of swamp buffalo

Effects of acute pancreatitis on circulating lipids in dogs

Effects of ad libitum versus restricted feeding on body composition and egg production of broiler breeders

Effects of adjuvants on behavior of metribuzin in soil and soybean injury

Effects of adrenalectomy and glucocorticoids on puberty in gilts reared in confinement

Effects of adrenergic agonists and insulin on porcine adipose tissue lipid metabolism in vitro

Effects of aerial detection schedules on the age of southern pine beetle infestations

Effects of age and live weight on the sexual development of gilts and boars fed two planes of nutrition

Effects of age and nutritional status on surgical outcomes in head and neck cancer

Effects of aging and long term dietary intervention on protein turnover and growth of ventricular muscle in the rat heart

Effects of aging on prolactin release after stress in female and male rats

Effects of air temperature and water stress on apex development in spring wheat

Effects of alfalfa saponin on chick performance and plasma cholesterol level

Effects of alkaline hydrogen peroxide treatment on in vitro degradation of cellulosic substrates by mixed ruminal microorganisms and Bacteroides succinogenes S85

Effects of alkalosis on skeletal muscle metabolism and performance during exercise

Effects of alterations in bolus viscosity on esophageal peristalsis in humans

Effects of alternate and simultaneous administrations of calcium and phosphorus on calcium metabolism in children receiving total parenteral nutrition

Effects of aluminum chelates in nutrient solution on the growth and composition of ryegrass

Effects of ammoniation on the 'carry-over' of aflatoxins into bovine milk

Effects of an abbreviated pecan disease control program on pecan scab disease increase and crop yield

Effects of an abrupt diet change from hay to concentrate on microbial numbers and physical environment in the cecum of the pony

Effects of angiotensins injected into various brain areas on luteinizing hormone release in female rats

Effects of antibiotics and medium supplements on steroidogenesis in cultured cow luteal cells

Effects of antimalarial agents on plasma levels of chlorpromazine and its metabolites in schizophrenic patients

Effects of application variables on glyphosate phytotoxicity

Effects of applied calcium on growth and ammonium utilization by corn

Effects of artificial illumination on turkey sperm viability

Effects of bacterial colonization on mucosal structure of the large bowel of neonatal rats

Effects of bark on soil physical properties and cereal yield on clay soils

Effects of barley intracoleoptilar internode length and effective xylem radius on water use and dry matter production

Effects of barley yellow dwarf virus infection and low temperature flooding on cold stress tolerance of winter cereals

Effects of beak trimming and floor type on feed consumption and body weight of pullets during rearing

Effects of between and within row spacings on growth and production of soybean

Effects of biotin deficiency on serum fatty acid composition: evidence for abnormalities in humans

Effects of body size on kinetics of glucose metabolism and on nitrogen balance in growing cattle

Effects of bovine follicular fluid on gonadotrophin secretion in intact and chronically ovariectomized ewes before and after desensitization of pituitary gonadotrophs to gonadotrophin-releasing hormon

Effects of breed and condition of pasture on forage intake in beef cattle

Effects of breeds and nutritional planes on intramuscular lipid deposition of fattening steers

Effects of brief exposure to nitrogenous compounds on floral initiation in apple trees

Effects of bromocriptine and ectopic pituitary transplants on pituitary and hypothalamic nuclear androgen receptors in the male hamster

Effects of brown rice on apparent digestibility and balance of nutrients in young men on low protein diets

Effects of cadmium on canine renal cortical adenylate cyclase

Effects of caffeine on simple reaction time and movement time

Effects of caffeoylglycosides on arachidonate metabolism in leukocytes

Effects of canola meal on absorption and tissue levels of trace minerals in rats

Effects of canola meal on tissue trace mineral concentrations in growing pigs

Effects of caponization on broiler growth

Effects of carbohydrates on insulin release from the isolated islets

Effects of carrageenan on fecal mucinase activity and serum cholesterol level in rats

Effects of carrot developmental stages on feeding and oviposition of carrot weevil, Listronotus oregonensis (Le Conte) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Effects of caryophyllene, caryophyllene oxide, and their interaction with gossypol on the growth and development of Heliothis virescens (F.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Effects of casein or soybean protein on plasma cholesterol level in jejunectomized or ileectomized rats

Effects of castration and exogenous estradiol or testosterone on limb bone growth and some performance traits in young male pigs

Effects of cattle grazing upon chemical constituents within important forages for elk

Effects of changes in infusion rate versus glucose concentration on absorption in infant miniature pig small intestine

Effects of cheese on experimental caries in human subjects

Effects of chemotherapy on the immunological characteristics of patients with primary destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

Effects of chronic administration of slaframine on production and digestive function in broiler chicks

Effects of chronic dietary beer and ethanol consumption on experimental colonic carcinogenesis by azoxymethane in rats

Effects of chronic infusion of porcine relaxin on oxytocin release in lactating rats

Effects of climatological variation on the cardiac output and related heart functions in buffalo calves

Effects of combinations of triple superphosphate and a reactive phosphate rock on yield and phosphorus uptake by corn

Effects of compensatory growth on milk protein gene expression and mammary differentiation

Effects of constant environmental temperatures on the performance of laying pullets

Effects of container volume and fertility rate on growth of two woody ornamentals

Effects of correlation between means and variances on generation means analysis

Effects of cotton leaf crumple virus on cotton inoculated at different growth stages

Effects of crop management practices on common root rot of winter wheat

Effects of crop rotation on common root rot of barley

Effects of crown scorch on survival and diameter growth of slash pines

Effects of cultural methods and herbicides on yield of cotton and its economics under rainfed conditions

Effects of cultural systems and harvesting techniques on the production of strawberries for processing

Effects of cyclocryotherapy on aqueous humor dynamics in cats

Effects of cytokinin and light on polyamines during the greening response of cucumber cotyledons

Effects of daily ozone exposure duration and concentration fluctuation on yield of tobacco

Effects of date of weaning on postweaning performance of bull calves of three breed groups

Effects of defatting and desalting on heat stability of whey protein concentrate

Effects of density and extinction coefficient on size variability in plant populations

Effects of diet on growth depensation and cannibalism among intensively cultured larval striped bass

Effects of diet on the function of sarcoplasmic reticulum

Effects of dietary and parenteral estrogens on bobwhite reproduction

Effects of dietary animal and plant proteins on the cholesterol metabolism in immature and mature rats

Effects of dietary biotin and linoleate on polyunsaturated fatty acids in tissue phospholipids

Effects of dietary clenbuterol on metabolism of the hindquarters in steers

Effects of dietary copper and zinc on serum lipid parameters of young male rats

Effects of dietary dilution with sand on broiler performance to 8 weeks of age

Effects of dietary energy level and supplemental protein source on performance of growing steers and nutrient digestibility and nitrogen balance in lambs

Effects of dietary fat types on the thermogenesis of brown adipocytes isolated from rat

Effects of dietary fish oil on cardiac responsiveness to adrenoceptor stimulation

Effects of dietary fish oil on lung phospholipid fatty acid composition and intrinsic pulmonary vascular reactivity

Effects of dietary linoleic acid on blood pressure and renal function in subtotally nephrectomized rats

Effects of dietary methionine and cystine on endogenous hypercholesterolemia in hypothyroid rats

Effects of dietary nucleotides on the fatty acid composition of erythrocyte membrane lipids in term infants

Effects of dietary propionate and heat exposure on insulin response to feeding in sheep

Effects of dietary protein concentration and feeding level on the performance of weaned lambs

Effects of dietary protein on renal function and on the progression of renal disease

Effects of dietary sugar and of dietary fat on food intake and body fat content in rats

Effects of different methods of purification on aggregation of scrapie infectivity

Effects of different rinsing regimen on totally implantable vascular access after 70 days infusion of total parenteral nutrition in vitro

Effects of dissolved organic carbon and sulfate on aluminum mobilization in forest soil columns

Effects of dose and duration of therapy on gentamicin tissue residues in sheep

Effects of drainage and fertilization on nitrogen and phosphorus contents of mosses in two drained peatland forests

Effects of drainage and severe defoliation on the rawfiber content of balsam fir needles and growth of the spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Effects of drainage on the botanical richness of peat grassland

Effects of drought on primary photosynthetic processes of cotton leaves

Effects of ear type and weather on the hospital prevalence of canine otitis externa

Effects of early season waterlogging on maize growth and yield

Effects of eating on cardiac performance in congestive heart failure

Effects of energy deprivation on sex hormone patterns in healthy menstruating women

Effects of energy source and feed access on abdominal adipose tissue in chickens of two broiler strains

Effects of engineering controls on methane fermentation toxicity response

Effects of environmental temperature on the physiological responses of piglets

Effects of epinephrine and norepinephrine on lipid mobilization from coho salmon liver incubated in vitro

Effects of establishment method and a rapeseed companion crop on alfalfa seed yield

Effects of estradiol administration on the follicular tissue of hypophysectomized hens

Effects of ethanol ingestion on blood pressure reactivity

Effects of ethanol on gastrointestinal transit in mice

Effects of ethephon on macadamia racemes

Effects of ethylene on the quality of fruits and vegetables

Effects of etomidate on adrenocortical function in canine surgical patients

Effects of excess soil manganese on stomatal function in two soybean cultivars

Effects of exercise and carbohydrate composition on gastric emptying

Effects of exercise training and a vegetarian diet on mineral status and plasma lipids in female runners

Effects of exercise training on energy balance of ovariectomized rats

Effects of exercise training on resting energy expenditure during caloric restriction

Effects of experimental duodenal occlusion on electrical activity of the proximal duodenum in cattle

Effects of experimental pseudorabies virus infection on vaccinated pregnant sows

Effects of external ethylene on the production of endogenous ethylene in olive leaf tissue

Effects of extraction technique on concentrations of soluble salts in soil saturation extracts

Effects of fasting and refeeding on somatostatin concentration and binding to cytosol from rabbit gastric mucosa

Effects of fasting in Ramadan on tropical Asiatic Moslems

Effects of fasting on ketone body concentrations in healthy men of different ages

Effects of fat intake on body composition and hepatic lipogenic enzyme activities of hamsters shortly after exercise cessation

Effects of feed and water restriction and receiving diet crude protein on feeder pig performance

Effects of feed composition and feeding schedule on growth and development of broiler breeder males

Effects of feed deprivation and force feeding on the feeding behavior of laying hens

Effects of feed intake and fasting duration upon body temperature and survival of thermostressed broilers

Effects of feeder space on body weight uniformity of broiler breeder pullets during an alternate day feeding program

Effects of feeding and fasting on wolf blood and urine characteristics

Effects of feeding broilers with rapeseed meals containing different levels of total glucosinolate and progoitrin

Effects of feeding extruded grain amaranth to laying hens

Effects of feeding frequency on the feeding behavior of laying hens

Effects of feeding systems on social and feeding behavior and performance of finishing pigs

Effects of feline leukemia virus infection on neutrophil chemotaxis in vitro

Effects of fish oil on postburn metabolism and immunity

Effects of five insecticides on the probing, walking, and settling behavior of the green peach aphid and the buckthorn aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) on potato

Effects of flavonoids on xanthine oxidation as well as on cytochrome c reduction by milk xanthine oxidase

Effects of flooding and soil phosphorus levels on pecan seedlings

Effects of flooding at early growth stages and mechanical damage of foliage on common root rot of spring wheat and spring barley

Effects of flooding on insect pests and spiders in a rainfed rice environment

Effects of floor area allowance on performance of growing pigs kept on fully slatted floors

Effects of flotation salt solutions on spore germination of four decay fungi and on side rot of pear

Effects of flunixin meglumine and dexamethasone on aqueous protein values after intraocular surgery in the dog

Effects of flunixin meglumine in dogs following experimentally induced endotoxemia

Effects of flunixin meglumine on jejunal blood flow, motility, and oxygen consumption in ponies

Effects of fluoride and caffeine on the metabolism and motility of ejaculated bovine spermatozoa

Effects of foliar applied nickel on tomato plants

Effects of food and light on norepinephrine turnover

Effects of food components and additives on the formation of nitrosamides

Effects of food quality on isopod population dynamics

Effects of food restriction and restoration on gonadotropin and growth hormone secretion in immature male rats

Effects of food restriction on lactate production from glucose by rat adipocytes

Effects of food, temperature, and breeding conditions on the life span of adults of three cohabitating bark beetle (Scolytidae) parasitoids (Hymenoptera)

Effects of forage legumes on yield and nitrogen uptake by a succeeding barley crop

Effects of forest fuel smoke on dwarf mistletoe seed germination

Effects of freezing stresses in physiological functions in excised winter rape leaves

Effects of frequency and airway pressure on gas exchange during interrupted high-frequency, positive-pressure ventilation in ponies

Effects of fruit size on juice content and chemical composition of tangerine

Effects of fumigating rice plants with sulfur dioxide on photosynthetic pigments and nonstructural carbohydrates

Effects of furrow dikes on water conservation and dryland crop yields

Effects of gamma radiation on some morphological characters of sweet potato

Effects of gelatin sponge implantation in cancellous bone defects in dogs

Effects of germination on the nutritional quality of sorghum grain with contrasting kernel characteristics

Effects of gibberellin on the arrangement and the cold stability of cortical microtubules in epidermal cells of pea internodes

Effects of gluconeogenic precursor flux alterations on glycogen resynthesis after prolonged exercise

Effects of glucose and amino acid depletions on protein synthetic parameters in liver and skeletal muscle of rats during parenteral nutrition

Effects of glucose and glucose polymers on calcium absorption in healthy subjects

Effects of glucose infusion in exercising rats

Effects of glucose or fructose feeding on glycogen repletion in muscle and liver after exercise or fasting

Effects of graded sucrose additions on taste preference, acceptability, glycemic index, and insulin response to butter beans

Effects of grazing management on establishment and productivity of aeschynomene overseeded in limpograss pastures

Effects of green leaf manure on soil fertility and rice yield

Effects of growth hormone on the adult canine thymus

Effects of haemodialysis on taste for salt in relation to changes in blood constituents

Effects of hay and straw mulches on the establishment of seeded grasses and legumes on rangeland and a coal strip mine

Effects of heat and alcohol treatments of soybean meal on nitrogen utilization by sheep

Effects of herbaceous weed control using herbicides on a young loblolly pine plantation

Effects of herbicide antidotes on sorghum downy mildew

Effects of herbicides and their application time on alfalfa forage production

Effects of high dose supplementation of ascorbic acid on chicks

Effects of high fiber energy supplements on fermentation characteristics and in vivo and in situ digestibilities of low quality fescue hay

Effects of high glycine diets on serum and liver lipids in rats

Effects of high temperature on lateral shoot growth of salvia and impatiens after pruning

Effects of high temperatures and starter nitrogen on the growth and nodulation of soybean

Effects of hot environmental temperatures on trace element balance in lactating cows

Effects of humic substances on nitrate uptake and assimilation in barley seedlings

Effects of hypertonic saline infusion and water drinking on atrial peptide

Effects of hypoglycemia and diabetes on fuel metabolism by rat brain microvessels

Effects of in vivo cadmium administration to rats on certain functional parameters of isolated erythrocytes

Effects of income distribution on meat demand

Effects of increased dietary calcium intake upon the calcium and bone mineral status of lactating adolescent and adult women

Effects of increasing glucose intake on nitrogen balance and energy expenditure in malnourished adult patients receiving parenteral nutrition

Effects of indigestible dietary bulk and short chain fatty acids on the tissue weight and epithelial cell proliferation rate of the digestive tract in rats

Effects of induced parturition and early obstetrical assistance in beef cattle

Effects of infection on growth in Sudanese children

Effects of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus infection on bovine airway reactivity

Effects of infused intralipids on neutrophil chemotaxis during total parenteral nutrition

Effects of ingesting glucose and some of its polymers on serum glucose and insulin levels in men and women

Effects of ingestion of high protein or excess methionine diets by rats for two years

Effects of inoculant strains applied over two seasons on nodulation of groundnuts by indigenous rhizobia

Effects of inoculation rate, rhizobial strain competition, and nitrogen fixation in chickpea

Effects of intrauterine and postnatal malnutrition on the ontogeny of gut function

Effects of intrauterine dilute iodine solution infusion on the incidence of retained placenta and endometritis in dairy cows

Effects of ion activity and sugar polyalcohol osmotica on ion uptake

Effects of irrigation frequencies on growth and yield of summer groundnut

Effects of irrigation regimes on powdery scab disease and yield of potatoes

Effects of irrigation timing on seedling establishment and productivity of subterranean clover pastures

Effects of lack of exercise on insulin secretion and action in trained subjects

Effects of lactation on the reproduction of dairy cattle

Effects of land clearing and subsequent management on soil physical properties

Effects of land preparation and postplanting tillage on weed control and cassava yield

Effects of late summer fire on tallgrass prairie microclimate and community composition

Effects of leukotrienes on gastric acid and alkaline secretions

Effects of level and saturation of fat and iron level and type in the diet on iron absorption and utilization by the rat

Effects of light spectral quality on nutrient uptake by tomato

Effects of lime cooking on energy and protein digestibilities of maize and sorghum

Effects of lime type on yields and leaf concentrations of several vegetable crops as related to soil test levels

Effects of liquid medium on callus induction and plant regeneration in rice anther culture

Effects of loperamide hydrochloride on experimental diarrhea and gastrointestinal myoelectrical activity in calves

Effects of low sodium intake on magnesium metabolism of sheep

Effects of male accessory sex gland secretions on early embryonic development in the golden hamster

Effects of malnutrition and chronic reserpine treatment on pancreatic exocrine function

Effects of management on the nitrogen content of poultry manure

Effects of maneb fungicide on seed yield and protein content of oat cultivars

Effects of manganese deficiency and dietary composition on rat pancreatic enzyme content

Effects of mannose on the growth of N2-fixing Azotobacter vinelandii

Effects of maternal caffeine ingestion on the perinatal cerebrum

Effects of maternal hypocaloric diet feeding on neonatal rat brown adipose tissue

Effects of maternal nutritional status on fetal and placental growth and on fetal urea synthesis in sheep

Effects of maturity and harvest methods on storage and quality of onions

Effects of megestrol acetate on glucose tolerance and growth hormone secretion in the cat

Effects of metals on 3-acetyldeoxynivalenol production by Fusarium graminearum R2118 in submerged cultures

Effects of methionine and related compounds on plasma cholesterol level in rats fed a high cholesterol diet

Effects of methionine deficiency and ethanol ingestion on acetaminophen metabolism in mice

Effects of mezerein and diglycerides on ornithine decarboxylase activity in mouse mammary gland explants

Effects of milk protein genetic variants and composition on heat stability of milk

Effects of mizoribine on canine renal allograft recipients

Effects of moderate iron supplementation on the iron status of runners with low serum ferritin

Effects of monensin feeding and withdrawal time on growth and carcass composition in broiler chickens

Effects of monensin on milk casein secretion in lactating rabbit mammary gland fragments

Effects of mother's smoking on their infants' body composition as determined by total body potassium

Effects of mutagens on rose pigments

Effects of mycotoxins on cell membranes of higher plant roots

Effects of napropamide on growth and anatomy of corn, Zea mays, roots

Effects of natamycin and potassium sorbate on growth and aflatoxin production in olives

Effects of night enclosure and extensive walking on the productivity of zebu cattle

Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus applications on pasture growth and composition on a recent alluvial soil with low phosphorus retention

Effects of nitrogen fertilization on a Chinese cabbage hybrid

Effects of nitrogen fertilization on production of mechanically harvested snap beans

Effects of nitrogen fertilizer applied to seed crops on seed yields and regrowth of progeny tubers in potatoes

Effects of nonadherent dressing materials on the healing of open wounds in dogs

Effects of nutrient availability and subsoil bulk density on corn yield and nutrient absorption

Effects of nutrients and inhibitors in olives on aflatoxigenic molds

Effects of nutrition on age determination using eye lens weights

Effects of nutritional status on exercise performance in advanced cystic fibrosis

Effects of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on growth and tissue fatty acid compositions of maternal rats and their progeny

Effects of organic acids on blood ethanol concentrations in rats

Effects of organic amendments on soil phosphorus

Effects of oxamniquine on chick isolated esophagus

Effects of ozone and peroxyacetyl nitrate on polar lipids and fatty acids in leaves of morning glory and kidney bean

Effects of ozone and simulated acid rain on birch seedling growth and formation of ectomycorrhizae

Effects of ozone and sulfur dioxide on yield of winter wheat

Effects of pantethine supplementation to diets with different energy cereals on hepatic lipogenesis of laying hens

Effects of parenteral and enteral nutrition on postnatal development of the small intestine and pancreas in the rabbit

Effects of parthenocarpy on fruit quality in tomato

Effects of particle size on digestion of hay by sheep

Effects of permeant buffers on the initiation of photosynchronous phosphorylation and postillumination phosphorylation in chloroplasts

Effects of pesticide application on chironomid larvae and ostracods in rice fields

Effects of phenolic acids and ragweed parthenium (Parthenium hysterophorus) extracts on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) growth and nutrient and chlorophyll content

Effects of phenology on translocation patterns of several herbicides in quackgrass, Agropyron repens

Effects of phorbol esters and a diacylglycerol on the mouse sperm acrosome reaction induced by the zona pellucida

Effects of phorbol esters on sodium and chloride transport in rat colon

Effects of phosphate loading on leg power and high intensity treadmill exercise

Effects of photoinhibition on photosynthetic carbon metabolism in intact isolated spinach chloroplasts

Effects of photosynthate manipulation on biological nitrogen fixation in common bean plants

Effects of physiologic and pharmacologic agents on serum prolactin concentrations in the nonpregnant mare

Effects of physiological age of seed tubers on seed yield and regrowth of progeny tubers in potatoes

Effects of plant type and population density on growth and yield of chickpea

Effects of planting and harvest date on betalain pigment concentrations in three table beet genotypes

Effects of polysulfated glycosaminoglycan on chemical and physical defects in equine articular cartilage

Effects of polyunsaturated fats on plasma and liver cholesteryl ester composition in hypercholesterolemic rat

Effects of potassium ion concentrations on the antimicrobial activities of ionophores against ruminal anaerobes

Effects of prairie dogs on mound soils

Effects of preceding break crops on winter wheat and influence of cultural practices

Effects of pregnancy and lactation on the metabolism of bovine adipose tissue

Effects of preoptic microinjection of neurotensin on luteinizing hormone secretion in unanesthetized ovariectomized rats with or without estrogen priming

Effects of prepartum energy intake on steroids during late gestation and on cow and calf performance

Effects of prepartum protein nutrition and birth weight on basal metabolism in bovine neonates

Effects of previous and current anthelmintic treatments on productivity in merino hogget sheep

Effects of previous tillage system and nitrogen rates on yield and nitrogen concentration and recovery by turnip

Effects of preweaning nutritional deprivation on basal metabolism and thermoregulatory thermogenesis in the rat

Effects of prolactin on the adrenal medulla in mice and hamsters

Effects of prolonged ethanol feeding on methionine metabolism in rat liver

Effects of prolonged fasting on lipid and lipoprotein concentrations in markedly obese patients

Effects of prolonged flooding on soybeans during early vegetative growth

Effects of pyrethroid insecticides on eggs and larvae of resistant and susceptible populations of spotted tentiform leafminer

Effects of pyrite used as fertilizer on normal soils

Effects of quality and quantity of dietary proteins on the glycosylation of plasma lipoproteins in rats

Effects of rainfall on foliar herbicides applied to rhizome johnsongrass

Effects of ram preexposure and ram breed on fertility of ewes in summer breeding

Effects of redox processes on soil acidity

Effects of relocation on production in caged layers

Effects of restricted feeding during the rearing period and of induced molting during the laying period on the economical profit in the laying hens

Effects of row spacings and seeding rates of peanut on nematodes and incidence of southern stem rot

Effects of ruminal exposure on the amino acid profile of feeds

Effects of saffan on cardiopulmonary function in healthy cats

Effects of salinity on growth and accumulation of organic and inorganic ions in cultivated and wild tomato species

Effects of salt loading during exercise in a hot dry climate

Effects of saltwater on the progress of proliferative kidney disease (PKD) in chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Effects of scrubber sludge on soil and dredged sediment aggregation and porosity

Effects of seaweed concentrate on grain yield in barley

Effects of seed coating and osmotic priming on the germination of lettuce seeds

Effects of seed preconditioning treatments on emergence of cucumber populations

Effects of seed predation by a tropical ant on competition among weeds

Effects of seed soaking with chemicals on yield and nutrient uptake by sunflower

Effects of selection for high and low plasma glucose concentration in chickens

Effects of selection for rapid postweaning gain on maturing patterns of fat depots in mice

Effects of selection parameters on effective population sizes for mass selection

Effects of seminal vesicle fluid components on sperm motility in the house mouse

Effects of seminal vesicle removal on fertility and uterine sperm motility in the house mouse

Effects of severity of surgical trauma on whole body protein turnover in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition

Effects of sex ratio on milkweed beetle emigration from host plant patches

Effects of short-term phenological changes in leaf suitability on the survivorship, growth, and development of gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) larvae

Effects of simulated acid rain on cadmium mobilization in soils and subsequent uptake and accumulation in poplar and sunflower

Effects of simulated insect injury on net photosynthesis of potted grapevines

Effects of simulated winter browsing by moose on morphology and biomass of two birch species

Effects of site of seed production on seed yields and regrowth of progeny tubers in potatoes

Effects of sludge application sequence on carbon and nitrogen mineralization in soil

Effects of social competition for feed on growth of farmed raccoon dogs

Effects of social stress on the toxicity of malathion in young chickens

Effects of soil acidification on chemical and mineralogical properties of a limed soil

Effects of soil compaction on nutrient status of oxisol and yield of rice

Effects of soil flooding on leaf gas exchange of seedling pecan trees

Effects of soil heat extraction on different ornamental plants

Effects of soil water supply and temperature on the photosynthesis of white clover and paspalum in irrigated pastures

Effects of soluble organic matter and sewage sludge amendments on cadmium sorption by soils at low cadmium concentrations

Effects of somatostatin on gallbladder emptying

Effects of some alkyl phenols on methanogenic degradation of phenol

Effects of some sugar beet herbicides on heterotrophic nitrogen fixation and respiration in soil

Effects of source and washing of erythrocytes on growth of bacterial pathogens from the bovine mammary gland

Effects of soy formulas on mineral metabolism in term infants

Effects of soy polysaccharide on postprandial plasma glucose, insulin, glucagon, pancreatic polypeptide, somatostatin, and triglyceride in obese diabetic patients

Effects of soybean and corn residue decomposition on soil strength and splash detachment

Effects of spore introduction and ratio of adult bees to brood on chalkbrood disease in honeybee colonies

Effects of starter cultures on coagulase positive staphylococci in white pickled cheese

Effects of stimulus frequency and potassium channel blockade on the secretion of vasopressin and oxytocin from the neurohypophysis

Effects of stirring and hydrogen on fermentation products of Clostridium thermocellum

Effects of stock differences in the acceleration of puberty in female mice

Effects of stone removal on harvesting of potatoes and sugar beets

Effects of sucrose concentration on the photosynthetic ability of rose shoots in vitro

Effects of sugary and shrunken mutant genes on carbohydrates in rice endosperm during ripening period

Effects of supplementary lighting on the growth and flowering of clematis

Effects of tallow level in late gestation and lactation on sow reproductive performance

Effects of temperature and light on photosynthesis of dominant species of a northern hardwood forest

Effects of temperature on diapause induction in the codling moth, Cydia pomonella (L.) (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae)

Effects of temperature on premature nut drop in macadamia

Effects of temperature on the deep supercooling characteristics of dormant and deacclimating sweet cherry flower buds

Effects of temporary food or water deprivation in the lactating goat

Effects of terpenoid compounds on growth of symbiotic fungi associated with the southern pine beetle

Effects of the addition of vegetable oil or animal tallow to broiler diets containing cassava root meal

Effects of the amount and quality of dietary protein on nitrogen metabolism and heat production in growing pigs

Effects of the amount and quality of dietary protein on nitrogen metabolism and protein turnover of pigs

Effects of the anabolic steroid stanozolol on growth and protein metabolism in the rat

Effects of the application of wastewater from olive processing on soil nitrogen transformation

Effects of the pathway of bile flow on the digestion of fat and the release of gastrointestinal hormones

Effects of the pesticides maneb and carbaryl on the phylloplane microflora of lettuce

Effects of three foliar diseases on biomass and seed yield for 11 cultivars of subterranean clover

Effects of three soil types on potato early dying disease and associated yield reduction

Effects of tillage practices on cotton double cropped with wheat

Effects of tiller removal on spring barley

Effects of timing of nitrogen fertilization and a fungicide on soft red winter wheat

Effects of timing of nutrient addition on competition within and between two annual plant species

Effects of treatment with cobra venom factor on experimentally induced feline leukemia

Effects of treatments with human chorionic gonadotropin after successive administrations of porcine follicular fluid on the ovulation rate and plasma concentration of progesterone in rabbits

Effects of trichostrongyle larval challenge on the reproductive performance of immune ewes

Effects of two foliar pathogens on seed yield of sunflower

Effects of type and amount of dietary fat on rabbit and rat lymphocyte proliferation in vitro

Effects of vaccination of calves against induced Haemophilus somnus pneumonia

Effects of various combinations of omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fats with saturated fat on serum lipid levels and eicosanoid production in rats

Effects of various dietary oils and cholesterol on yolk weight and egg cholesterol in the laying hen

Effects of various manurial treatments on earthworm activity in grassland

Effects of various plant growth regulators on the nutritive value and yield of alfalfa

Effects of various sedatives on air cystometry in dogs

Effects of various soyasaponins on liver tyrosine aminotransferase activity induced by cortisone in adrenalectomized rats

Effects of varying phosphorus additions on aluminum in solutions

Effects of varying zinc concentrations on quality of alfalfa for lambs

Effects of vasoactive intestinal peptide on steroid secretion and plasminogen activator activity in granulosa cells of the hen

Effects of vegetation on spectral irradiance at the soil surface

Effects of ventriculectomy, prosthetic laryngoplasty, and exercise on upper airway function in horses with induced left laryngeal hemiplegia

Effects of water content and light intensity on riboflavin photodegradation in dairy products

Effects of wheat bran on exocrine pancreas secretion in the pig

Effects of white lupine in diets of growing turkeys

Effects of wing campaniform sensilla lesions on stridulation in crickets

Effects of wounding and fungus inoculation on terpene producing systems of maritime pine

Effects of wounding on cytokinin activity in cucumber cotyledons

Effects of xylazine on cecal mechanical activity and cecal blood flow in healthy horses

Effects of xylitol on gastric emptying and food intake

Effects of zearalenone on various components of rabbit uterine tubal fluid

Effects of zero to four copies of chromosome 15 on mouse embryonic development

Effects of zinc depletion and repletion during lactation on rat dams and their offspring

Effects on human plasma lipids of substituting soybean protein isolate for milk protein in the diet

Effects on milk production of feeding wheat supplements to grazing dairy cows in early lactation

Effects on productivity and aggressive behavior of laying hens of solid versus wire cage partitions and bird density

Efficacies of mixtures of disinfectants and insecticides

Efficacy and specificity of monoclonal antibodies to progesterone in preventing the establishment of pregnancy in the mouse

Efficacy comparison of oral rehydration solutions containing either 90 or 75 millimoles of sodium per liter

Efficacy of Azospirillum brasilense in increasing rice yield

Efficacy of acaricides against chorioptic mange of goats

Efficacy of amoxicillin trihydrate for the treatment of experimentally induced foot rot in cattle

Efficacy of an intramammary nifuroquine dry cow product in the elimination and prevention of udder infections

Efficacy of certain fungicides and disinfectants for the control of white muscardine disease in mulberry silkworm

Efficacy of chemical dosing methods for isolating nontuberculous mycobacteria from water supplies of dialysis centers

Efficacy of chlorothalonil for control of spring black stem and common leaf spot of alfalfa

Efficacy of clexon in clinical cases of theileriasis

Efficacy of deltamethrin against insect infestation in wheat stored under rural storage system

Efficacy of different herbicides for control of weeds in maize under rainfed conditions

Efficacy of different herbicides in muskmelon

Efficacy of diphacinone for control of orchard voles

Efficacy of halofuginone as a coccidiostat for turkeys

Efficacy of infectious bronchitis virus vaccines against heterologous challenge

Efficacy of iodophor and sodium hypochlorite used in dairy farm on total and lactic acid bacterial counts in raw milk

Efficacy of killed vaccine in immunization of cattle against anaplasmosis

Efficacy of newer insecticides against bollworms in cotton

Efficacy of oral rehydration solutions in a rat model of secretory diarrhea

Efficacy of polycaprolactone in maintenance of bone defects in ulnar ostectomies

Efficacy of praziquantel against cestodes of dogs and sheep

Efficacy of rock phosphate as a source of phosphorus to sweet potato

Efficacy of rodenticides for control of orchard voles

Efficacy of selected fungicides against chalkbrood of the leafcutting bee

Efficacy of some insecticides against bollworm on cotton

Efficacy of some systemic insecticides used as seed dressers in protecting safflower crop from the aphid

Efficacy of the anticoccidial maduramicin ammonium under experimental and field conditions

Efficacy of various soil phosphate tests for predicting phosphate responsiveness and requirements of clover pastures on acidic tableland soils

Efficacy of water vapor-saturated air in the treatment of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage in Thoroughbred racehorses

Efficiency of capture of a predacious pentatomid against its common prey and relationship between temperature and predator's efficiency of capture

Efficiency of four selection methods to improve level of bacterial wilt resistance in eggplant

Efficiency of insecticides for greasy cutworm control

Efficiency of maize dry matter production during periods of complete leaf area expansion

Efficiency of nodule initiation in cowpea and soybean

Efficiency of piglet bone marrow to form erythroid colonies in vitro after weaning at different ages

Efficiency of urea-based fertilizer in coastal rice

Efficient method for determination of deoxynivalenol and nivalenol in wheat and barley by gas chromatography

Efficient nitrogen use as affected by urea application and irrigation sequence

Effluent quality variations in relation to water reuse for irrigation

Egg parasites of Scirpophaga incertulas Walker in Sri Lanka

Egg production efficiency in dwarf lines selected for high and low body weight as influenced by feed restriction

Egg production of the citrus red mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) on lemon and mandarin orange

Eggshell quality and hatchability in broiler breeder eggs

Eicosapentaenoic acid in mosquito tissues: differences between wild and laboratory-reared adults

Eight calves of cervical ectopia cordis and their sternums

Electrical conductance and physical softness of entire potato tubers

Electrical conductivity as a measure of planting seed quality in cotton

Electrical energy consumption in refrigerated produce storages

Electrical evidence for turgor inhibition of proton extrusion in sugar beet taproot

Electrogenic sodium absorption in rabbit cecum in vitro

Electromyographic evaluation of conduction time and velocity of the recurrent laryngeal nerves of clinically normal dogs

Electromyographic properties of the myometrium of the pony mare during pregnancy

Electron microscopic demonstration of electric field pulse induced membrane fusion of tomato protoplasts

Electron microscopic evidence for bridges between bovine respiratory syncytial virus particles

Electron microscopy in the diagnosis of enteritis in cats

Electron microscopy in the diagnosis of feline enteritis

Electron microscopy of the adsorption of bacteriophages to lactic acid streptococci

Electronic grape black rot predictor for scheduling fungicides with curative activity

Electronically recorded waveforms associated with brown planthopper BPH feeding activity

Electropherotypic analysis of rotaviruses isolated from turkeys

Electrophoretic and immunoelectrophoretic analysis of feline serum proteins

Electrophoretic characteristics of boar epididymal fluid proteins

Electrophoretic characterization of the proteins of boar spermatozoa during maturation in the epididymis

Electrophoretic patterns of reserve seed proteins with reference to the taxonomic comparison of bean cultivars

Electrophoretic separation of a severe from mild strains of potato spindle tuber viroid

Electrophysiological evidence for a sex difference in neural regulation of prolactin secretion in rats

Electrorotation of oat protoplasts before and after fusion

Elemental diet stimulates gallbladder contraction and secretion of cholecystokinin and pancreatic polypeptide in man

Elevated lead levels in children with nonorganic failure to thrive

Elevated protein requirements in cirrhosis of the liver investigated by whole body protein turnover studies

Elevated serum ferritin concentrations in master runners after a marathon race

Elevated serum iron concentration in adolescent alcohol users

Elevation of serum alkaline phosphatase values during total parenteral nutrition

Eleven-year follow-up of changes in individuals' food consumption patterns

Elicitation of diacetylenic compounds in suspension cultured cells of eggplant

Elimination of antibiotics from the udder

Elite lines for rainfed lowlands in north Bihar, India

Ellice barley

Elophila sp.? africalis Hampson Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: a new pest of azolla in Sierra Leone

Embryo transfer in sheep

Embryonic development of the turkey male genitalia

Emergence failure and top decay in white spruce germinants due to three fungi

Emergence of wheat may be reduced by seed weather damage and azole fungicides and is related to coleoptile length

Emergence trap and collecting apparatus for capture of insects emerging from soil

Emission of carbon monoxide from submerged rice fields into the atmosphere

Empirical therapy for the management of acute proctitis in homosexual men

Employed problem drinkers: a nutritional risk group?

End products of anaerobic chitin degradation by salt marsh bacteria as substrates for dissimilatory sulfate reduction and methanogenesis

Endocrine changes before and after weaning in response to boar exposure and altered suckling in sows

Endocrine changes from birth to puberty in the heifer

Endocrine mechanisms regulating sodium excretion during water deprivation in dogs

Endocrine pancreatic morphology and function in exocrine insufficiency in rats

Endocrine profile and semen characteristics in men with bilharzial hepatic fibrosis

Endocrine responses in relation to compensatory testicular growth after neonatal hemicastration in boars

Endocytosis of erythrocytes in vivo and particulate substances in vitro by feline neoplastic mast cells

Endogenous and exogenous cholecystokinin may reduce food intake by different mechanisms

Endogenous cholecystokinin drives gallbladder emptying in dogs

Endogenous ethylene levels in leaf sheath and panicle of rice plant

Endogenous ethylene production is a potential problem in the measurement of nitrogenase activity associated with excised corn and sorghum roots

Endogenous opioid actions and effects of environmental disturbance on parturition and oxytocin secretion in rats

Endogenous opioid peptide regulation of pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion during pregnancy in the rat

Endogenous opioid peptides inhibit oxytocin release in the lactating rat after dehydration and urethane

Endoscopic comparison of the effect of two formulations of potassium chloride and placebo on gastric mucosa

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