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Natural Sciences Repository Index 34

Index 34 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Similarity of chloropeptide to phalloidin in toxicity to isolated hepatocytes

Simple and rapid method for the determination of lead in milk by potentiometric stripping analysis without sample pretreatment

Simple beta distribution representation of leaf orientation in vegetation canopies

Simple hemagglutination inhibition test for the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

Simple indices of subcutaneous fat patterning

Simple partitioning of anions and dissolved organic carbon in a forest soil

Simple rapid determination of thiamin by a HPLC method in foods, body fluids, urine and faeces

Simple technique for examining lymphocyte blastogenesis in whole blood cultures for neonatal calves

Simplified bioassay method for measurement of flucytosine or ketoconazole

Simplified cleanup and capillary gas chromatographic analysis of residues of aldicarb and its oxidation products in chrysanthemum leaves

Simplified method for rooting apple cultivars in vitro

Simplified subcutaneous fat biopsy for nutritional surveys

Simulated regional variations in pesticide runoff

Simulation of heavy broiler production in areas of high or moderate summer temperature

Simulation of normal protein accretion in rats

Simulation of stand geometry in photosynthetic models based on hemispherical photographs

Simulation of the conditions necessary for the evolution of species by reinforcement

Simulation of the effect of forage cutting on subsequent grain yields of temperate cereals

Simultaneous analysis of riboflavin and its decomposition products in various milks by high-performance liquid chromatography

Simultaneous determination of calcite surface area and content in soils

Simultaneous determination of dispersion coefficients and retardation factors for a low level radioactive waste burial site

Simultaneous determination of epinephrine and norepinephrine in urine by derivative synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy

Simultaneous determination of ketone bodies in biological samples by gas chromatographic headspace analysis

Simultaneous estimation of additive and dominance genetic variance in heterozygous and homozygous populations

Simultaneous gas chromatographic determination of carboxylic acids in soft drinks and jams

Simultaneous isolation of anaerobic bacteria from udder abscesses and mastitic milk in lactating dairy cows

Simultaneous occurrence of babesiosis and Lyme disease

Simultaneous operation for hydatid cysts of right lung and liver

Simultaneous radioimmunoassay for luteinizing hormone and prolactin

Single cell protein production from beet molasses

Single daily dosage treatment with tinidazole in intestinal amoebiasis and giardiasis

Single gene inheritance of occurrence of head spots in mice

Single intravenous and multiple intramuscular dose pharmacokinetics and tissue residue profile of gentamicin in sheep

Single waterdrop splash detachment and mechanical properties of soils

Sites and mechanisms of uptake and degradation of high density and low density lipoproteins

Size distribution and hormonal responsiveness of dispersed rabbit luteal cells during pseudopregnancy

Skeletal economy in certain herbivorous beetles as an adaptation to a poor dietary supply of nitrogen

Skeletal muscle protein turnover in young male pigs

Skidder and tire size effects on soil compaction

Skin reactivity in atopic patients with dermatophytosis

Skinfold assessment as an intervention technique: one aspect of a nutrition education program

Skinfold thickness in rural pre-school children

Slab fractures of the fourth and intermediate carpal bones in five horses

Sleeve and casing lysimeters for soil pore water sampling

Sludge age and substrate effects on nitrification kinetics

Sludge dewatering and disposal in the pulp and paper industry

Small grain response to potassium fertilizers as related to soil and site characteristics

Small intestinal motility and transit by electromyography and radiology in the fasted and fed pig

Small intestinal permeability in dermatological disease

Small intestine transit time and lactose absorption during phototherapy

Smaller inflorescence height and diameter with daminozide in 9 cultivars of spray chrysanthemum

Social and biocultural determinants of food selection

Social and economic environment of black farmers

Social customs and beliefs regarding breast feeding

Social factors and puberty in female rats

Social status and agricultural innovation: a meta-analysis

Socio-economic conditions, diet and nutrient intake of working and non-working lactating mothers attending maternity and child health (MCH) centres

Socio-religious factors affecting the breast-feeding performance of women in the Yemen Arab Republic

Socioeconomic impact during one decade on food consumption patterns in a rural Thai community

Sodicity levels of soils equilibrated with wastewaters

Sodium and potassium distribution in the lactating mouse mammary gland in vivo

Sodium and potassium intake and balance in adults consuming self-selected diets

Sodium and potassium intake measurements: dietary methodology problems

Sodium and potassium intakes in a representative population sample: estimation from 24 h urine collections known to be complete in a Cambridgeshire village

Sodium and water balance in chronic congestive heart failure

Sodium balance and aldosterone during dehydration and rehydration in the dog

Sodium bicarbonate in seminal plasma stimulates the motility of mammalian spermatozoa through direct activation of adenylate cyclase

Sodium bioavailability from phosphate sources

Sodium chloride and pathogenic bacteria in a vacuum-packed minced-meat product

Sodium content of potable water: dietary significance

Sodium depletion enhances salt palatability in rats

Sodium homeostasis in infants with biliary drainage procedures

Sodium requirement of the turkey hen

Soft drink consumption patterns of the U.S. population

Soil acidity in relation to soil properties and lime requirement

Soil aggregation by cryptogams of a sand prairie

Soil amoebas as biological markers to estimate the quality of swimming pool waters

Soil and needle analyses as indicators of tree growth

Soil and stand characteristics and elemental concentration of tall shrub twigs

Soil and water losses as affected by tillage and manure application

Soil characteristics and nutrient indexing of wheat in alkali fields under reclamation

Soil cohesion as affected by time and water content

Soil cultivation and incorporation effects on the edaphic properties of turfgrass thatch

Soil development in low bogs

Soil equilibration with minimal solution loss

Soil fertility status under different tropical pine plantations

Soil management with winter cover crops

Soil microorganism populations on kaolin spoil with different vegetative covers

Soil moisture reduces belowground heat flux and soil temperatures under a burning fuel pile

Soil nitrogen transformations as affected by salinity

Soil organic matter in biomass determinations

Soil particle size analysis with the gamma attenuation technique

Soil phosphorus

Soil phosphorus supplying capacity evaluated by plant removal and available phosphorus extraction

Soil physical properties as influenced by cropping and residue management

Soil potassium characteristics in relation to potassium applied to tobacco crop in alluvial soil

Soil properties and nematode population as influenced by cropping sequence and irrigation methods

Soil properties and pine growth affected by site preparation after clearcutting

Soil properties in interrows of apple orchard as related to soil management

Soil resources and their energetics

Soil respiration and numbers of bacteria in soil under pasture 5 years after removal of topsoil

Soil solution and mobility characterization of imazaquin

Soil structure as influenced by simulated tillage

Soil temperature in a row crop with incomplete surface cover

Soil test phosphorus as a regionalized variable in leveled land

Soil tests to determine application rates for polymeric soil conditioners

Soil water evaporation suppression by sand mulches

Soil wedges on Spitsbergen

Soil-water diffusivity of unsaturated soils at subzero temperatures


Soils under beech forest in an experimental catchment area near Nelson, New Zealand

Solid phase radioimmunoassay for direct measurement of human plasma oxytocin

Solubility and adsorption of zinc in a sodic soil

Solubility of ferrous and ferric iron as affected by constituents of the maize tortilla

Solubility relationships of fluorine minerals in soils

Solubilization of iron in cereals by milk and milk fractions

Soluble aluminum in acidified organic horizons of forest soils

Soluble nitrogen fraction of commonly fed energy feedstuffs

Soluble protein patterns and esterase isoenzyme patterns in high lysine sorghums and their crosses

Soluble seminal fluid proteins from various animal species

Solution aluminum anomalies resulting from various filtering materials

Solution of heat flow equation for calculation of thermal conductivity of soil from heat flux measurements

Somaclonal variation in the gliadin patterns of grains of regenerated wheat plants

Somatic cell abnormalities induced by dye manufacturing industry waste water

Somatic chromosomes from intercalary meristems of grasses

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from callus cultures of nonbulbing onions

Somatostatin and the dumping syndrome

Somatostatin immunization and growth of lambs

Somatostatin induces ectopic activity fronts via a local intestinal mechanism during fed state or pentagastrin

Some acute biochemical and pathological changes in chicks after oral administration of sterigmatocystin

Some aspect of body image and nutrient intakes in self-catering students undergoing voluntary slimming

Some aspects of maternal metabolism throughout pregnancy in the conscious rabbit

Some aspects of murine experimental listeriosis

Some aspects of renal energy and lipid metabolism in newborn rats

Some aspects of selection indices with constraints

Some aspects of the inhibition of bean common mosaic virus by ornamental plants

Some aspects of the structure of starch

Some characteristics of core temperature signals in the conscious goat

Some dietary beliefs and practices influencing growth in preschool children of a backward community

Some distribution effects of changing price levels on farm level wealth

Some dynamic aspects of rural poverty in India

Some econometric problems in the measurement of utility

Some economic issues and trends in production and export marketing of vegetables in Turkey

Some economical aspects of hay and silage making

Some effects of air and root temperatures on the yield and quality of glasshouse tomatoes

Some epidemiological features of bovine demodecosis

Some epidemiological studies on rice wilted stunt

Some immunological phenomena in normal pregnant and embryo transferred cows

Some indices of nitrate metabolism in lettuce grown by the nutrient film technique on varying nutrient solutions

Some influences on the measurement of food intake during a dietary survey of adolescents

Some physical aspects of aerated milk products

Some physicochemical properties and composition of adipose tissue of goats fed with different diets

Some physiological studies on rice grown on manganese-deficient soil

Some practical considerations of the Jewish dietary laws

Some properties of two isolates of tobacco rattle virus

Some quantitative changes in iodothyronine distribution and metabolism in mild obesity and aging

Some recent advances in the management of inherited metabolic diseases

Some reproductive and clinical aspects of endotoxins in cows with special emphasis on the role of prostaglandins

Some social and anthropometric predictors of energy intake by residents in homes for the elderly

Some trematodes and cestodes from amphibians and reptiles in Egypt

Sorbitol intolerance in adults

Sorbitol versus sucrose as photosynthesis and translocation products in developing apricot leaves

Sorption of carbon and phosphorus from liquid poultry manure by soil aggregates of differing size

Sorption of organic substances by soils and sediments

Sorption of phenol vapors and influence of ring substitution

Sorption of potassium and phosphorus in rendzina from various chemical compounds

Soup consumption as a behavioral weight loss strategy

Source areas of storm runoff in a pasture catchment

Source control of photosynthesis in wheat after spike emergence

Source of nitrous acid volatilized from upland soils

Source of the honey protein responsible for apple juice clarification

Sources and methods of N application for drilled, rainfed lowland rice

Sources of resistance to rough leaf spot disease in sweet sorghum

Sources of variance in milk and caloric intakes in breast-fed infants: implications for lactation study design and interpretation

South Korea: an export market profile

Southern adolescent girls' consumption of energy, energy-supplying nutrients, cholesterol and sodium

Soviet prophylactic nutrition for workers in toxic chemical occupational environments

Sowing date for photoperiod-sensitive Caribe 7

Sowing time and sowing rate in winter wheat and winter barley

Soy protein products and heme iron absorption in humans

Soybean protein crispbread as additional dietetic measure in hypercholesterolaemia

Spacing of conceptuses in the uterine horn and local effects on fetal and placental weights throughout gestation in the rat

Spatial and temporal relationships among selected U.S. grain markets

Spatial autocorrelation of individual tree characteristics in loblolly pine stands

Spatial distribution of biochemical parameters indicating biomass and community composition of microbial assemblies in estuarine mud flat sediments

Spatial estimates of soil temperature

Spatial variability of a cultivated soil as affected by past and present microtopography

Spatial variability of soil phosphorus as influenced by soil texture and management

Spatial variability of soil water tension in an irrigated soil

Special calcium appetite in laying hens

Specialized formulas and feedings for infants with malabsorption or formula intolerance

Specialized formulas for enteral nutrition support

Speciation of metals in soils

Species frequency distribution as a function of the surface area

Specific antibodies in vitreous humor in ocular toxoplasmosis

Specific antibody in the equine genital tract following systemic and local immunization

Specific mechanisms of immunity to parasitic protozoa

Specific response of sugar beet cultivars to different nitrogen forms

Specificity of human milk bile salt-stimulated lipase

Specificity of marine microbial surface interactions

Specificity of mycoparasite attachment to the host cell surface

Spectral analysis of micropenetrometer data to characterize soil structure

Spectral and kinetic properties of a cationic peroxidase secreted by cultured peanut cells

Spectral ratio of reflectance for estimating chlorophyll content of leaf

Spectrophotometric determination of nitrate in soil extracts without chemical reduction

Spectrophotometric determination of oxalate in urine and plasma with oxalate oxidase

Spectrophotometric investigation of sensitive complexing agents for the determination of zinc in serum

Spectrum of naturally occurring disease associated with herpesvirus infections of goats and sheep

Sperm losses during deep freeze processing of bull semen

Spermiophagy in vitro

Spider mortality implicated in insecticide-induced resurgence of whitebacked planthopper WBPH and brown planthopper BPH in Kedah, Malaysia

Spinal fluid concentrations of mepivacaine in horses and procaine in cows after thoracolumbar subarachnoid analgesia

Splanchnic and peripheral uptake of amino acids in relation to the gut

Splanchnic substrate balance in malnourished patients during parenteral nutrition

Spleen cell responses in experimental murine toxocariasis

Splenic red cell sequestration and blood volume measurements in conscious pigs

Splinting device for hindlimb fractures in horses

Spontaneous aortic atherosclerosis in goats

Spore germination of some fungi under different soil conditions in relation to fungistasis

Sporidesmin and gliotoxin induce cell detachment and perturb microfilament structure in cultured liver cells

Sporotrichosis masquerading as pyoderma gangrenosum

Spray schedule decision model for rust management in groundnut

Spraying of crops with selenium

Spread mechanism of bacterial soft rot of onions in a field

Spread of IR42 and IR3273-P339-2 in irrigated areas of Ghana

Spread of bovine syncytial virus in a dairy herd over a two year period

Spread of rice tungro spherical virus RTSV in Bicol, Philippines

Spread of viruses by recirculated nutrient solutions in soilless cultures

Stability analysis in sugarcane

Stability and storage characteristics of enzymes in cattle blood

Stability and storage characteristics of enzymes in sheep blood

Stability of prothrombin times in sheep dosed with natural and synthetic anticoagulants

Stabilization of sludge from an oxidation ditch

Stable isotope studies of zinc absorption and retention in young and elderly men

Stable isotopes of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen in the contemporary North American human food web

Stage efficiency in continuous countercurrent casein washing systems

Standardization of detergent method in determining fibrous residue and structural carbohydrates of tropical forages

Standardized test tube inoculation for bakanae disease Bak

Staphylococcus aureus growth and thermostable nuclease and enterotoxin production in canned salmon and sardines

Starch gel electrophoretic patterns of esterases and nonspecific proteins in 11 different species of meliponine bees

Starch gelatinization at different temperatures as measured by enzymic digestion method

State of the immune system in children with opisthorchiasis before and after treatment

Statistical analyses on the pattern of food consumption and digestive-tract cancers in Japan

Statistical analysis of fertilization trials on peatlands

Statistical comparison of weighted overlap measures

Statistical evaluation of nutritional, neurochemical and behavioural data: a case study

Statistical procedure for validating a simple population model

Statistical relationship between apparent dielectric constant and water content in porous media

Statistical remarks concerning the limiting dilution test used for the bacteriological testing of milk and milk products

Statistics in taxonomic descriptions

Status of the U.S. ethanol market

Steady absorption from spheroidal cavities

Steady infiltration from spherical cavities

Steady state capillary rise in some soil profiles

Steel making slag as a source of dietary calcium for the laying hen

Stem borer infestation on hybrid rice

Stem cell deficiencies and thymic abnormalities in fetal mouse trisomy 16

Stem injury in deep water rice as a guide for determining stem borer SB infestation at different growth stages

Stemphylium leaf spot of sugar beet

Stereospecificity of the glucose carrier in sugar beet suspension cells

Sterility caused by high temperature at flowering in rice plants

Steroid hormones and prolactin in porcine follicular fluid in estrous cycle and early pregnancy

Steroid metabolism by endometrial and conceptus tissues during early pregnancy and pseudopregnancy in gilts

Steroid secretion by mouse testes perfused in vitro

Steroidogenic and morphological characteristics of granulosa and thecal compartments of the differentiating rabbit corpus luteum in culture

Steroidogenic and morphological responses of hen granulosa cells to luteinizing hormone in vitro

Steroids alter ion transport and absorptive capacity in proximal and distal colon

Sterol composition of dermatophytes as a taxonomic tool

Sterol excretion and cholesterol absorption in diabetics and nondiabetics with and without hyperlipidemia

Sterols and fatty acids in seafood

Sterols in cocoa butter

Sticky board sampling of leafhoppers in 3 apple orchards under different management regimes

Stimulation and inhibition of bean plant vegetative growth by unsubstituted and substituted cyclohexylcarboxylic acids

Stimulation by leumorphin of prolactin secretion from the pituitary in rats

Stimulation of absorption of volatile fatty acids and minerals in the cecum of rats adapted to a very high fiber diet

Stimulation of chenodeoxycholic acid excretion in hypercholesterolemic mice by dietary taurine

Stimulation of colonic goblet cells by cecal filtrates from rabbits with experimental mucoid enteropathy

Stimulation of intestinal cytokinetics and mucin turnover in rats fed wheat bran or cellulose

Stimulation of mucosal growth by a dietary amine

Stimulatory action of follicular fluid components on maturation of granulosa cells from small porcine follicles

Stimulatory and inhibitory effects of the opioids on gonadotropin secretion

Stochastic analysis of soil moisture measurement series

Stochastic simulation of buffer-stock stabilization policies in the world cocoa market

Stoichiometry of proton translocation coupled to substrate oxidation in plant mitochondria

Stomatal resistance of rice leaves as influenced by radiation intensity and air humidity

Storage conditions of imported raw shelled peanuts and production of aflatoxins

Storage of lyophilized dermatophyte cultures

Storage stability of some bovine plasma enzymes

Storage studies on full fat soyflour

Stored wheat insect infestation related to uric acid as determined by liquid chromatography

Storied structure of the secondary phloem

Strain differences among broiler chickens in the utilization of dietary methionine plus cystine

Strand receptors associated with the femoral chordotonal organs of locust legs

Strategies for increasing productivity

Strategies for the control of human trichinosis transmitted by pork

Straw, lime and manganese dioxide amendments for iron-toxic rice soils

Strawberry vegetative and fruit growth response to paclobutrazol

Strengthening developing-country institutions concerned with food and nutrition

Streptococcosis in rainbow trout in South Africa

Streptokinase treatment of cats with experimentally induced aortic thrombosis

Structural and functional properties of trichomes of xeromorphic leaves

Structural changes in agriculture important to public policy

Structural characteristics of a fungal melanin and a soil humic acid

Structural characterization of the avian retrovirus reverse transcriptase and endonuclease domains

Structural comparison of xylem occlusions in the trunks of citrus trees with blight and other decline diseases

Structural organization and polypeptide composition of the avian adenovirus core

Structural properties of timber from two poplar varieties

Structural requirements for the binding of phenylglycosides to the surface of protoplasts

Structure and biology of a new hyphomycete parasitic on rotifers

Structure and function of tarsal sensilla of the gamasid mites

Structure and operating characteristics of the North Dakota grain elevator industry

Structure and possible ureide degrading function of the ubiquitous urease of soybean

Structure formation in acid milk gels

Structure of goat casein micelles

Structure of myosin heavy chain in avian muscular dystrophy

Structure, composition and physical properties of legume starches

Stubble management for summer lowland rice

Studies concerning possible explanations for the varying response of different phosphorus levels on eggshell quality

Studies of carnitine metabolism in relation to intestinal absorption

Studies of cucumber mosaic virus on bean and alfalfa

Studies of de novo flower initiation from thin cell layers of tobacco

Studies of growth of Australian infants

Studies of hypothyroidism in patients with high iodine intake

Studies of nitrogen balance in male highlanders in Papua New Guinea

Studies of the accuracy of measurements of serum high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels

Studies of the comparative response of some kharif crops to zinc application

Studies of the fungistatic activity of antifungal compounds in mash and pelleted feeds

Studies of the renal excretion of the hydroxyl analogue of methionine by the chick

Studies of zinc metabolism in pregnant and lactating rats

Studies on amylolytic ability of some plant pathogens

Studies on aphid transmission of papaya ringspot virus

Studies on blood calcium relationships in the turkey

Studies on bovine summer mastitis

Studies on changes in soil properties under different vegetations

Studies on clinical application of ultrasonic pulse velocity measurement in racehorses

Studies on combining ability for grain yield and panicle components in sorghum

Studies on complex formation between clays and humic acid of different molecular weights

Studies on dermatomycosis in crossbred calves

Studies on developmental potentials of bisected mouse embryos in vitro and in vivo

Studies on essential fatty acid in chick nutrition

Studies on esterase isoenzyme pattern in anthers and seeds of male sterile wheats

Studies on fertilizer application in intercropping of sorghum and groundnut

Studies on field evaluation of insecticides on rainfed groundnut

Studies on genotype environment interactions for gum content in clusterbean

Studies on host range and symptomatology of raspberry bushy dwarf virus

Studies on incidence of anestrus in village buffaloes

Studies on insect growth regulating substances with insect cell cultures

Studies on iron availability in man, using stable isotope techniques

Studies on kurdies prepared from different cultivars of wheat

Studies on larval stages of digenetic trematodes of Melanopsis praemorsa L. snail from Azraq Oasis, Jordan

Studies on mortality pattern in rabbits

Studies on onion storage

Studies on ovarian dysfunction in rural bovines

Studies on ovarian prostaglandin production in relation to ovulation in the rat

Studies on pollination in pear cultivars

Studies on postpartum fertility in buffaloes

Studies on prolactin in human milk

Studies on proteins and carboxylic acid in royal jelly

Studies on pyrites as amendment for sodic soil and as nutrients

Studies on quality evaluation of stored shrimp

Studies on quantitative determination of caseins using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Studies on rat liver hexokinase during cyclopiazonic acid toxicosis

Studies on reaction products of tetraammonium pyrophosphate formed in soils

Studies on rumen physiology of buffalo bulls receiving different nitrogen sources with sugarcane pith

Studies on seed dormancy in spreading groundnut

Studies on serum protein of pigs

Studies on soil microfungi in relation to edaphic factors

Studies on soil pupation in some phytophagous thrips

Studies on the action of pectin in depressing the growth of chicks

Studies on the action of rennin on casein

Studies on the allergic principle of lacquer

Studies on the arthropod fauna of a winter wheat crop and its response to the pesticide methiocarb

Studies on the conservation of the face of slopes of forest roads

Studies on the cytogenetic effect of some mercuric fungicides

Studies on the economics of intercropping of soybean and hybrid sorghum

Studies on the effects of catecholestrogens on prolactin secretion by cultured normal rat anterior pituitary cells

Studies on the estimation of the genetic parameters and the utilization of egg production curve in layer

Studies on the factors affecting superovulation induction in cattle

Studies on the hormonal regulation of plasminogen activator production in the rat ovary

Studies on the hydrolase zymograms during the metamorphosis of insects

Studies on the iron content in goat milk

Studies on the leaching of urea in sodic soils

Studies on the lipid metabolism of ewes in the periparturient period

Studies on the localization of secretin release from canine intestine

Studies on the multivariate statistics oriented genetic parameters and their uses

Studies on the nutritive value of sorghum grain for growing chicken

Studies on the occurrence of cryptococcal meningitis in small animals

Studies on the pathogenesis of eosinophilic myocarditis in pigs

Studies on the pathogenesis of heart lesions in dogs infected with pseudorabies virus

Studies on the preventive and curative action of ascorbic acid on the neurological toxicity of monosodium glutamate

Studies on the probable sources of fungal infection and the control measures in a fish seed farm

Studies on the reduction of nitrosamines in tobacco

Studies on the rooting pattern of citrus cultivars by root excavation

Studies on the shearing of housed pregnant ewes

Studies on the suitability of triticale for starch production

Studies on the urinary excretion of xanthurenic acid in diabetics

Studies on tryptophan metabolism of histidinemia

Studies on weed control in maize fodder

Studies on yield potential and the interrelationships of sink components in rice

Studies on yield potential of some rice varieties with and without chemical protection and economics of insecticide application

Studies on zinc content of goat's milk

Study of growth hormone in spontaneous dwarf rat

Study of macro and micro mineral nutrient contents of some cultivars of ragi (Eleusine coracana Gaertn)

Study of renal function in the different stages of schistosomal hepatic fibrosis

Study of some natural and synthetic compounds inhibiting the electron transfer in plant mitochondria

Study on characteristics relating to lodging resistance in leading varieties and promising lines of naked barley

Study on eating behavior and physical activities in overweight subjects

Study on effect of seasoning with potassium salts by sensory test

Study on microbicidal efficiency of chlorine dioxide for fouling harmful microbes in desalting water systems

Study on mineral intake of patients on maintenance hemodialysis

Study on the etiologic role of bovine respiratory syncytial virus in pneumonia of dairy calves

Study on the possibility to influence breakfast habits in school children

Subcellular compartmentation of prolactin in rat lactotrophs

Subcellular localization of enzymes involved in lecithin biosynthesis in maize roots

Subcellular localization of oxytocin in the ovine corpus luteum

Subcellular location of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in hepatocytes from fed and starved rats

Subclinical trace element deficiency in children with undue susceptibility to infections

Subethnic variation in the diets of Moslem, Sikh and Hindu pregnant women at Sorrento Maternity Hospital, Birmingham

Subjective assessment of lactational performance in Gambian mothers

Subjective evaluation of treatment methods by patients treated for bulimia

Subpopulations of lactotropes detected with the reverse hemolytic plaque assay show differential responsiveness to dopamine

Substitution analysis of the frost resistance and winter hardiness of wheat under natural and artificial conditions

Substitution of cotton cytoplasms from wild diploid species for cotton germplasm improvement

Substrate specificities of the enzymes of the oleate desaturase system from photosynthetic tissue

Substrate usage during prolonged exercise following a preexercise meal

Subsurface lateral water flow under sloping conditions

Subtotal colectomy for treatment of acquired megacolon in the dog and cat

Successful management of potato spindle tuber viroid in seed potato crop

Successful treatment of Capillaria hepatica infection in an acutely ill adult

Succession after elimination of buried seeds from a recently plowed field

Succession and activity of microarthropods and enchytraeids during barley straw decomposition

Succinylcholine and halothane as a field test for the heterozygote at the halothane locus in pigs

Sucrose inversion by osmophilic fusaria

Sudan: policy reforms and prospects for agricultural recovery after the drought

Sugar beet haploids obtained in the in vitro culture

Sugar intolerance complicating acute gastroenteritis

Sugar pine and its hybrids

Sugar regulation of plastid interconversions in epicarp of citrus fruit

Sugar, fat, and the risk of colorectal cancer

Suitability of some soil conditioners and waste substances for decreasing soil susceptibility to erosion

Sulfate reduction in freshwater sediments receiving acid mine drainage

Sulfide alleviation of the acetylene inhibition of nitrous oxide reduction in soil

Sulfur fertilization of winter wheat grown on deep sandy soils

Summary of a report on assessment of the iron nutritional status of the United States population

Sunflower meals in pullet developer diets

Superior cervical ganglionectomy prevents gonadal regression and increased plasma prolactin concentrations induced by long days in goats

Superior developmental stability of heterozygotes at enzyme loci in salmonid fishes

Superovulation and egg transfer in the ewe

Superovulation and embryo transfer in the dairy goat

Superovulatory response and changes in hormonal profiles associated with prostaglandin and pregnant mare serum gonadotropin administration in goats

Superoxide dismutase activity and lipid peroxidation in relation to senescence of rice leaves

Supplemental grain feeding and magnesium additions to cattle grazing wheat

Supplemental thyroid hormones and hatchability of turkey eggs

Supplementation with human milk protein improves growth of small premature infants fed human milk

Supply response and investment in the Canadian food processing industry

Suppression of antibody response by excess dietary zinc exposure during certain stages of ontogeny

Suppression of apple bloom by fungicides that inhibit sterol synthesis

Suppression of corn head smut with seed and soil treatments

Suppression of gamma interferon production by inactivated feline leukemia virus

Suppression of the intratesticular testosterone is associated with quantitative changes in spermatogonial populations in intact adult rats

Suppressive effect of inflammation and other forms of stress on the binding of prolactin by rat liver

Suppressor lymphocyte activity in normal and immunodeficient horses

Supracondylar and distal epiphyseal femur fractures in the dog and cat

Surface markers on lymphocytes leaving pig lymph nodes

Surfactant inhibition and reconstitution of the water splitting system in chloroplasts

Surgical management of umbilical masses with associated umbilical cord remnant infections in calves

Surgical repair of rhegmatogenous retinal detachments in dogs

Surgical therapy of pulmonary thrombosis due to candidiasis in a premature infant

Surgical treatment of mastitis in sheep

Survey for zearalenone in imported corn

Survey of 200 cases of sporotrichosis

Survey of antimicrobial resistance in lactic streptococci

Survey of the prevalence and types of infertility in beef cows and heifers

Survey on occurrence of diseases in dairy goat

Survey on the eating out habits of patients on long term hemodialysis

Survival and growth of Campylobacter jejuni in egg yolk and albumen

Survival and growth of outplanted pine seedlings after mycorrhizae were inhibited by use of triadimefon in the nursery

Survival and growth of pines with specific ectomycorrhizae after 3 years on a highly eroded site

Survival of Clostridium perfringens and aerobic bacteria in ground beef patties during microwave and conventional cookery

Survival of rice stem rot pathogen in soil

Susceptibility of agricultural soils to interrill erosion

Susceptibility of apple cultivars to bark canker diseases

Susceptibility of psychrotrophic pseudomonads of milk origin to psychrotrophic bacteriophages

Susceptibility of small mammals to nonvirulent spotted fever group rickettsiae

Susceptibility of some avian species other than chickens to infectious laryngotracheitis virus

Susceptibility to berry splitting in several grape cultivars

Susceptibility to disease in the dairy cow and its relationship with occurrences of other diseases in the current or preceding lactation

Suspension culture technique for the culture of orchid embryos

Swallowing food without chewing; a simple way to reduce postprandial glycaemia

Sweetened plain and flavored carbonated yoghurt beverages

Swimbladder inflammation and kidney sphaerosporosis in carp, (Cyprinus carpio L.) in Israel: first report

Symptom expression enhanced and low concentrations of potato spindle tuber viroid amplified in tomato with high light intensity and temperature

Synchrony of heading in relation to earliness of rice varieties

Synergistic improvement of glucose tolerance by sucrose feeding and exercise training

Synergistic insecticidal activity of urea and ammonium nitrate

Synergistic stimulation of food intake by simultaneous insulin and cold

Synergists as research tools and control agents in agriculture

Synthase activation is not a prerequisite for glycogen synthesis in the starved liver

Synthesis and characterization of lansfordite and nesquehonite

Synthesis and fungicidal properties of phosphorodiamidates

Synthesis and processing of bovine herpesvirus 1 glycoproteins

Synthesis and release of glycosylated prolactin by human decidua in vitro

Synthesis of primary octoploid triticales

Synthesis of some substituted azothiazoles as antiviral agents

Systemic absorption of miconazole from the vagina

T cell receptor gene expression in autoimmune mice

T cell subsets in human colostrum


TKM9 is resistant to rice-root nematode

Tabanus Diptera: Tabanidae eggs, an alternative host of rice stem borer SB egg parasite Telenomus dignus Hymenoptera: Scelionidae

Tailoring of the diet for the individual in maple syrup urine disease: long-term home dietary treatment of an adult patient with MSUD by monitoring of daily intake with a personal computer. A case rep

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University TNAU releases a brown planthopper BPH-resistant variety

Tannins degradation by yeasts from decaying barks

Taste perception of children with chronic renal failure

Taste responses to saltiness among hypertensive subjects under different therapeutic regimens

Taurine and other free amino acids in human milk

Taurine concentrations in plasma and blood cells of patients undergoing long-term parenteral nutrition

Taurine concentrations in the diet, plasma, urine and breast milk of vegans compared with omnivores

Tauroursodeoxycholate prevents biliary protein excretion induced by other bile salts in the rat

Technique for arthroscopic repair of third carpal bone slab fractures in horses

Technique for evaluating residual toxicity of pesticides to motile insects

Technique for percutaneous pulmonary arterial catheterization in conscious dogs

Techniques and applications of transabdominal ultrasonography in the pregnant mare

Techniques and problems in small scale production of flour from sweet potato

Techniques for establishing grass and clover in existing hill country pastures for evaluation purposes

Techniques for evaluating predators for control of insect pests

Techniques for measuring intercepted and absorbed photosynthetically active radiation in corn canopies

Techniques for preparation and examination of plant parasitic nematodes in the scanning electron microscope

Techniques for testing and evaluating plant pathogens for weed control

Technological change and the productivity slowdown in field crops: United States, 1939-78

Technological evaluation of wheat mutants

Technological trends in the dairy industry

Temperature and bacteriological quality of milk samples as influenced by the time delay between sampling and testing

Temperature and time in storage influence the efficacy of selected isolates of fungi in commercially produced ectomycorrhizal inoculum

Temperature dependence of soil hydraulic properties

Temperature dependence of soil water retention curves

Temperature effects on ethephon thinning of apples

Temperature effects on pollen germination and pollen tube growth in maize

Temperature response of caryopsis elongation in relation to grain notching of rice

Temperature threshold for the development of diapausing horn flies

Temporal pattern of pulmonary gas exchange during exercise in ponies

Temporal response of soil denitrification rates to rainfall and irrigation

Temporal sequence of prolactin actions on phospholipid biosynthesis in mouse mammary gland explants

Temporal stability of spatially measured soil water probability density function

Tendon lesions in broiler fowls

Tensile strength of unsaturated soils

Tensional stress in the cambium and its developmental significance

Tentative preparation of an inactivated virus vaccine for equine viral arteritis

Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase activity in thymocytes of kittens

Termites (Isoptera) from the Tokar Delta and Red Sea coastal areas of the Sudan

Tertiary trisomics and their use in pearl millet improvement

Testicular biometry and its relation to other productivity traits in boars

Testing for field resistance in rice under induced brown planthopper BPH outbreaks

Testing for trichinosis

Testing the efficiency of cleaning units for milking installations

Testing the significance of summary response functions

Tests of ultrasonic emissions on mosquito attraction to hosts in a flight chamber

The Army Weight Control Program: a comprehensive mandated approach to weight control

The Brazilian soybean industry: economic structure and policy interventions

The British market for U.S. food exports

The Food Security Act of 1985: major provisions affecting commodities

The GenBank nucleic acid sequence database

The HPLC analysis of vitamin A isomers in dairy products and their significance in biopotency estimations

The Na-K ratio as index of salt stress in rice cultures

The SEQANAL and SEQTALK programs: a new method of access to high-resolution nucleotide sequence comparison and analysis programs from a remote laboratory mini- or microcomputer

The U.S. beef cow-calf industry

The U.S. farm sector in the mid-1980's

The U.S. turkey industry

The absence from the oocyte secretory apparatus of a protein kinase capable of phosphorylating sequestered caseins

The absolute abundance of leaf miners on plants of different successional stages

The absorption of zinc from a standardized meal in alcoholics and in normal volunteers

The accuracy of children's self-reports of diet: Family Health Project

The acute effects of high cholesterol and saturated fat diet on plasma lipoproteins and on platelet aggregation in normolipidemic subjects

The adaptation of the small intestine after resection in response to free fatty acids

The adjustment of product and factor markets: an application to the Pacific Northwest forest products industry

The adoption of reduced tillage: the role of human capital and other variables

The adsorption of inorganic phosphate by a sandy soil as influenced by dissolved organic compounds

The alleviation of chronic copper toxicity in sheep by ciliate protozoa

The alteration in cholesterol synthesis in hypercholesterolemic animals

The amino acid composition of cassava leaves, foliage, root tissues and whole-root chips

The analysis of pollutant migration in a non-homogeneous soil

The annual pattern and spatial distribution of aquatic oxygen metabolism in boreal forest watersheds

The antibody response to specific immune complexes is under genetic control and correlates with the expression of a recurrent idiotype

The assimilation of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen by different wheat cultivars from nutrient solution

The association of protein agglutinating activity with some physical properties and chemical constituents in boar seminal plasma and secretions of accessory reproductive glands

The autoxidative stability of anhydrous milk fat with and without antioxidants

The availability to the rat of energy from various diet ingredients

The basic phage set for typing bovine staphylococci

The basipetal auxin transport system and the control of cell elongation in hypocotyls

The behavior of copper deposits from low and ultralow volume sprays on tomato foliage and their control of early blight

The binding of dietary protein by sorghum tannins in the digestive tract of pigs

The bioavailability of supplementary lysine and its effect on the energy and nitrogen excretion of adult cockerels fed diets diluted with cellulose

The biocellular effect of thyroid hormone on functional differentiation of porcine granulosa cells in culture

The calcium dependence of insulin degradation by rat skeletal muscle

The calcium ion activity and the standardized excretion rate of calcium in urine of healthy adults

The canine vomeronasal organ

The cariostatic effect of betel nut chewing

The cell surface proteoglycan from mouse mammary epithelial cells bears chondroitin sulfate and heparan sulfate glycosaminoglycans

The cellular response of sheep to challenge with cultivated allogeneic tumor cells derived from naturally occurring ovine squamous cell carcinomata

The changes in skin temperatures of periparturient sows

The changes of the dissemination spectra during the epiphytic lichen succession

The changing distribution of farms by size: a Markov analysis

The changing structure of female agricultural land ownership, 1946 and 1978

The characterization and energetic potential of brown adipose tissue in man

The choices of irrigation technologies in California

The choledochoduodenal junction in sheep and goat

The coexistence of multiple bluetongue virus electropherotypes in individual cattle during natural infection

The cohesive population genetics of molecular drive

The combined effects of dietary protein and fat on prolactin in female rats

The compaction pattern of the chromatin of trypanosomes

The complete sequence of the chicken delta 1 crystallin gene and its 5' flanking region

The components of production respiration in photosynthesizing tissues of plants

The composition of fatty acids of the serum and erythrocytes after an alimentary cholesterol load

The composition of plasma and interstitial fluid of goats with swelling disease

The composition of preterm milk in relation to the degree of prematurity

The concept of productive adaptability of domestic animals in tropical and subtropical regions

The concerted effects of thyroid function and dietary protein on growth and protein metabolism in mice at different growth stages

The conservation and feeding value of high dry matter big bale silage

The content of protein nitrogen in humic acids from rusty and podzolic soils

The contribution of a capsule to survival of staphylococci within bovine neutrophils

The contribution of intestinal creatine kinase to serum creatine kinase activity and its isoenzymes in dogs

The contribution of salivary amylase to glucose polymer hydrolysis in premature infants

The correct name of the African rice stem-boring Diopsidae stalk-eyed fly

The decline in the availability to plants of applied copper fertilizer

The defecation pattern and diet in patients with an ileum reservoir and anal anastomosis with a long efferent leg

The deformational behavior of alfalfa silage

The degradation and bioactivity of metolachlor in the soil

The degradation of guar gum by a faecal incubation system

The demand for irrigation water in the High Plains of Texas, 1957-80

The deoxyuridine suppression test identifies subtle cobalamin deficiency in patients without typical megaloblastic anemia

The design and conduct of experiments to measure animal and herbage production responses to fertilizer nitrogen under cutting and grazing managements

The detection of rotaviruses in products of wastewater treatment

The determination of vitamin D in fortified milk powders and infant formulas by HPLC

The development and control of surface soil acidity under conservation tillage

The development of a solid phase radioimmunoassay for the detection of leishmanial parasites in the sand fly

The development of afternoon minisurges of luteinizing hormone secretion in prepubertal female rats is ovary dependent

The development of glucose metabolism in infants of diabetic mothers

The development of landslides by retrogressive failure in varved clays

The development of lateral root primordia in rice plants

The development of methane production in childhood and adolescence

The diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary aspergillosis

The diagnostic significance of a positive direct antiglobulin test in anemic cats

The dietary challenge of propionicacidaemia in an Asian girl

The dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism

The differential growth of virulent and avirulent strains of rinderpest virus in bovine lymphocytes and macrophages

The digestibility by sheep and goats of five roughages offered alone or with concentrates

The digestibility of fibrous residues left after the extraction of leaf protein concentrates in cows

The digestion of protein in young pigs and the utilization of dietary methionine

The dissociation of the extracellular hemoglobin of Lumbricus terrestris at acid pH and its reassociation at neutral pH. A new model of its quaternary structure

The distribution and content of ubiquinone in foods

The distribution of chlorophyll in rumen contents and the onset of bloat in cattle

The distribution of nutrient intake within families

The distribution of peptidase activity in the small intestine of sheep

The distributional pattern of timothy in a pasture

The drying characteristics of conditioned hay in field curing

The early anaemia of the premature infant: is there a place for vitamin E supplementation?

The early selection of grapevine rootstocks for resistance to drought conditions

The ecology of pasteurized metalworking fluids

The effect of a phenylalanine and tyrosine restricted diet on elemental balance studies and plasma aminograms of patients with disseminated malignant melanoma

The effect of active and passive immunization against oxytocin on ovarian cyclicity in ewes

The effect of acute alcohol withdrawal on the serum potassium and total body potassium in heavy drinkers

The effect of adding essential amino acids and vitamins to the rations of broilers

The effect of adjuvants and prior immunization on the rate and mode of uptake of antigen into afferent popliteal lymph from sheep

The effect of aflatoxin on complement activity in broiler chickens

The effect of age on manganese uptake and retention from milk and infant formulas in rats

The effect of age, sex and level of intake of dietary fibre from wheat on large-bowel function in thirty healthy subjects

The effect of ambient temperature and activity on the daily variation in heat production of growing pigs kept in groups

The effect of ammonia treatment on the intake of straw and hay when offered with rations of concentrates to ewes in late pregnancy

The effect of anhydrous ammonia and sodium hydroxide treatment on the improvement of nutritive value of rice straw

The effect of anhydrous ammonia applications on the solubility of soil organic carbon

The effect of antacids on the absorption of simultaneously ingested iron

The effect of ascorbic acid on the seasonal variations in serum cholesterol levels

The effect of avoparcin on cellulolytic bacteria of the ovine rumen

The effect of both powdered and liquid rubber additives on the growth of soil microorganisms

The effect of breed of sire on the urinary excretion of phosphorus and magnesium in lambs

The effect of cadmium chloride on the immune response in mice

The effect of calcium and phosphorus on the incidence of tibial dyschondroplasia in young chicks

The effect of catabolic doses of corticosterone on heat production in the growing rat

The effect of cecectomy on the metabolism of protected nitrogen at different levels in the ovine

The effect of cement kiln dust on tissue accumulation of trace minerals in steers

The effect of changes in the complexly defined thermal environment on body and skin temperature and energy metabolism in piglets

The effect of citric acid on the availability of tetracyclines in calves

The effect of cysteine-containing peptides released during meat digestion on iron absorption in humans

The effect of daylength and fertilizer level on the growth of warm season grass species under chilling temperatures

The effect of decreasing soil osmotic and soil matric water potential in the rhizosphere of a loamy and a sandy soil on the water uptake rate of wheat roots

The effect of dehydroepiandrosterone on liver metabolites

The effect of depot parenteral zinc on copper metabolism in the rat

The effect of diet on bile acid kinetics and biliary lipid secretion in gallstone patients treated with ursodeoxycholic acid

The effect of diet on retention by the rat of iron from a radiolabeled casein test meal

The effect of diet on the amount and source of weight lost by beef steers during transit or fasting

The effect of dietary bagasse on the activities of some key enzymes of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in mouse liver

The effect of dietary fat saturation on plasma and hepatic lipoproteins in the rat

The effect of dietary fibre isolates on gastric secretion, acidity and emptying

The effect of dietary guar gum on the activities of some key enzymes of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in mouse liver

The effect of dietary levels of calcium and phosphorus on performance and retention of these nutrients by laying hens

The effect of dietary protein and pectin on the body composition of growing rats

The effect of dietary protein on the clearance of allopurinol and oxypurinol

The effect of dietary protein on the metabolism of vitamin B-6 in humans

The effect of dietary protein quality and feeding level on milk secretion and mammary protein synthesis in the rat

The effect of dietary sodium on urinary calcium and potassium excretion in normotensive men with different calcium intakes

The effect of different levels of selenium in mineral mixtures and salt licks on selenium status in sheep

The effect of different routes of antigen administration on the humoral immune response of the chick

The effect of different totals and ratios of dietary calcium and phosphorus on the performance and incidence of leg abnormalities of male and female broiler chickens

The effect of different types of Finnish bread on postprandial glucose response in diabetic patients

The effect of digestibility and forage species on the removal of digesta from the rumen and the voluntary intake of hay by sheep

The effect of dinitrophenol on magnesium transport across an isolated preparation of sheep rumen epithelium

The effect of dried and fresh eggs on plasma cholesterol and atherosclerosis in chickens

The effect of early feeding on the onset of symptoms in celiac disease

The effect of electrolyte solutions on the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of a sodic clay soil

The effect of energy intake during rearing on reproductive traits in gilts

The effect of energy intake on age at puberty in gilts

The effect of energy intake on development and reproduction of gilts

The effect of enteral feedings supplemented with pectin on the healing of colonic anastomoses in the rat

The effect of environmental temperature during pregnancy on thermoregulation in the newborn lamb

The effect of estrogens and progestins on monkey prolactin synthesis

The effect of exogenous testosterone on homospermic and heterospermic fertility in the cock

The effect of experimental schistosomiasis mansoni on some endocrine glands and growth of hamsters

The effect of extreme conditions of manganese and boron feeding on the uptake of these elements by the grapevine

The effect of fat added to the feed of dairy cows on the composition of milk fat

The effect of feeding diets containing avoparcin on the excretion of salmonellas by chickens experimentally infected with natural sources of salmonella organisms

The effect of feeding on pancreatic exocrine secretion in sheep

The effect of feeding programs on reproductive traits and selected blood chemistries of caged broiler breeder males

The effect of feeding route (IV or oral) on the protein metabolism of the neonate

The effect of field drying on the concentrations of some major elements in herbage

The effect of field wilting and mechanical treatment on the feeding value of grass silage for beef cattle and on beef output per hectare

The effect of flushing on fertility and body weight of sows

The effect of food restriction during rearing on fasting heat production of layer strain pullets and hens

The effect of forage species and stage of harvest on the processes of digestion occurring in the rumen of cattle

The effect of formulation and moisture level on the persistence of carbofuran in a soil containing biological systems adapted to its degradation

The effect of frequency of milking on milk production of various stages of lactation for dairy cow

The effect of furrow irrigation erosion on crop productivity

The effect of genotype and metabolizable energy intake on protein and fat gain in veal calves

The effect of guar gum and level and source of dietary fat on glucose tolerance in growing pigs

The effect of heat stress on wheat leaf and ear photosynthesis

The effect of heating on the state of the emulsion in homogenized cream

The effect of herbicidal ureas on the photooxidation of chlorophyll in vivo and in vitro

The effect of high and low dietary proteins on growth and serum biochemical changes in rats

The effect of high dietary potassium intake on the organs of calves

The effect of high dietary thiamin on copper metabolism in rats

The effect of human serum transferrin and milk lactoferrin on hydroxyl radical formation from superoxide and hydrogen peroxide

The effect of humidity and broiler strain on egg weight losses during incubation

The effect of hydrology on ground freezing in a watershed with organic terrain

The effect of hypercapnic sea water on growth and mineralization in penaeid prawns

The effect of increased dosage of wheat chromosomes on chromosome pairing and an analysis of the chiasma frequencies of individual wheat bivalents

The effect of indigestible particles on digestive transit time and colonic motility in dogs and pigs

The effect of insulin infusion on whole-body protein metabolism in patients with gastrointestinal disease fed parenterally

The effect of integral pelleted diets with different levels of forage meal on the performance of calves

The effect of intraluminal tryptophan and phenylalanine on small intestinal motility in the conscious dog

The effect of iron dose on iron absorption in neonatal and weanling rats

The effect of iron dose on manganese absorption in neonatal and weanling rats

The effect of ketone bodies and fatty acid on intestinal glucose metabolism during development

The effect of lactation on peak adult shaft and ultra-distal forearm bone mass in women

The effect of level of feeding on the response of lactating ewes to dietary supplements of fish meal

The effect of light color on egg quality of turkey hens in cages

The effect of light duration on turkey poult performance and adrenal function

The effect of light regime on growth and pattern of body fat accretion of broiler chickens

The effect of lumen conditions on oxygen uptake in perfused omasal laminae

The effect of maceration on filamentous algae used for the testing of algicidal compounds

The effect of magnesium depletion on thyroid function in rats

The effect of manipulating growth in sheep by diet or anabolic agents on plasma cortisol and muscle glucocorticoid receptors

The effect of maternal water deprivation on ovine fetal blood volume

The effect of mechanical treatment of silage on intake and production of sheep

The effect of methanethiol and methionine toxicity on the activities of cytochrome c oxidase and enzymes involved in protection from peroxidative damage

The effect of milk supplements on calcium metabolism, bone metabolism and calcium balance

The effect of monensin on blood carbohydrates and body condition of pregnant ewes

The effect of nutrient density of the diet and of a change in nutrient density on the performance of pigs fed ad libitum for bacon

The effect of nutrients on shoot biomass and species composition of wetland and hayfield communities

The effect of nutritional rehabilitation on whole body protein metabolism of children with cystic fibrosis

The effect of oral phenylbutazone on whole blood platelet aggregation in the dog

The effect of oviduct size on the body weight x egg weight relationship

The effect of pancreatectomy on the uptake of metabolites by the sheep fetus

The effect of paraffin wax embedding procedures on the ability of the fluorescent antibody test to demonstrate bluetongue virus antigen in insect tissue

The effect of partial replacement of maize with cassava peel meal on layer performance

The effect of pelleting feed supplemented with lysine on its utilization by young pigs

The effect of phosphorus on endogenous fecal calcium excretion in man

The effect of physical form of concentrated feeds on nutrient digestibility in feed rations in cows

The effect of physical shock on the survival of coho salmon embryos during advanced development

The effect of physical stress on gastric secretion and pancreatic polypeptide levels in man

The effect of phytate and fiber source on phytate hydrolysis and mineral availability in rats

The effect of plant growth regulators and other compounds in gel on the emergence and growth of tomato seedlings in a cool potting medium

The effect of protein and energy deficiency on skin glycosaminoglycan levels in the rat

The effect of protein levels on the response of weanling rats to dietary pectin

The effect of protein source on the poststress performance of steer and heifer calves

The effect of purified pectins with and without saponins in the diet on selected lipid parameters in liver and blood plasma of rats

The effect of putrescible domestic waste separates on selected soil characteristics

The effect of racetrack design on gait symmetry of the pacer

The effect of ranitidine on the absorption of food cobalamins

The effect of raw wheat bran, alfalfa meal and alpha-cellulose on iron ascorbate chelate and ferric chloride in three binding solutions

The effect of restraint stress in early pregnancy in mice

The effect of restricted energy and nutrient intake after mating on reproductive performance of multiparous sows

The effect of reverse osmosis concentration and subsequent storage on the microflora of raw milk

The effect of ribbing site on fat thickness measurements and the prediction of beef carcass composition

The effect of rice polishings diets on the rate of passage and intestinal disaccharidase activity of broilers

The effect of salt concentration on auxin stability in culture media

The effect of salt stress on the betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase in spinach

The effect of selection for increased body weight on the growth of bones in mice

The effect of six herbicides on the longevity of Schistosoma mansoni miracidia

The effect of sodium humate on the content of different types of phosphorus compounds and on the activity of acid phosphatases in tomato seedlings

The effect of sodium restriction in renovascular hypertension

The effect of some environmental factors on the oocyst output of suckling rabbits

The effect of some organic acids on phosphorus solubility in soils

The effect of stress history and container ventilation on avocado fruit polyphenol oxidase activity

The effect of successive crops of wheat on the availability of copper fertilizers to plants

The effect of sulfate on the availability of cadmium

The effect of temperature and relative humidity on the gastrointestinal motility of young broilers

The effect of temperature change on leakage from pea seeds

The effect of tephra deposition and planting treatment on soil oxygen levels and water relations of newly planted seedlings

The effect of the amount of urea in the diet on the contents of amino acids and other components of duodenal digesta in young bulls

The effect of the polysaccharide composition and structure of dietary fibers on cecal fermentation and fecal excretion

The effect of the removal of seed coat and sowing depth on the germination of weeds

The effect of thiosulfate on phosphorus availability and uptake by plants

The effect of time of defoliation on yield and quality of potatoes

The effect of titanium and gallium on photosynthetic rate of algae

The effect of topical application of thyrocalcitonin on healing of the jaw defects

The effect of transfer factor on lymph node morphology in murine toxoplasmosis

The effect of triamcinolone on glucose metabolism in ketotic sheep

The effect of two kinds of rapeseed meal and of thyroxine upon milk quality

The effect of undernutrition on thermoregulation in the elderly

The effect of vegetarian diets on plasma lipid and platelet levels

The effect of wet soil conditions on the fruit quality of apples

The effect of white wine upon pulmonary function of asthmatic subjects

The effect of yeast culture on the poststress performance of feeder calves

The effect of zinc deficiency on prostaglandin synthesis in rat testes

The effect on yield distribution of early generation selection for quality

The effectiveness of morpholine fungicides in the control of apple powdery mildew

The effectiveness of oral iodized oil in the treatment and prophylaxis of endemic goiter

The effects of a commercial dietary supplement on human performance

The effects of a dietary zinc supplement during lactation on longitudinal changes in maternal zinc status and milk zinc concentrations

The effects of a high-animal- and a high-vegetable-protein diet on mineral balance and bowel function of young men

The effects of a known family size distribution on the estimation of genetic parameters

The effects of androgens and gonadotropins on testicular development in the prepubertal rat

The effects of anhydrous ammonia treatment of rice straw on intake and performance of beef cattle

The effects of budding height on the field performance of two apple cultivars on three rootstocks

The effects of caffeine on psychological functioning

The effects of carbohydrate supplements on ruminal concentrations of ammonia in animals given diets of grass silage

The effects of cashing out food stamps on food expenditures

The effects of clear polythene cloches on conifer seedling growth and shoot morphology

The effects of conditioning on probands to correct for multiple ascertainment

The effects of coprophagy in the adult rat on rate of passage of digesta and on digestibility of food fed ad libitum and in restricted amounts

The effects of dietary acid stress on bone metabolism in young ovariectomized and intact rats

The effects of dietary minerals and electrolytes on the growth and physiology of the young chick

The effects of dietary monensin sodium upon superovulation and embryo viability from mature cows

The effects of dietary sand on the usage of diets containing brewer's dried grains by growing chicks

The effects of feed and water withdrawal and holding shed treatments on broiler yield parameters

The effects of feeding weather damaged wheats to laying hens

The effects of fitness-type exercise on iron status in adult women

The effects of food and maternal conditions on fetal growth and size in wild reindeer

The effects of food restriction and hypophysectomy on numbers of primordial follicles and concentrations of hormones in rats

The effects of foraging ants on arboreal insect herbivores in an undisturbed woodland savanna

The effects of gypsum on macroporosity and crusting of two red duplex soils

The effects of increased levels of niacin supplementation on growth rate and carcass composition of broiler chickens

The effects of inorganic chromium and brewer's yeast on glucose tolerance, plasma lipids, and plasma chromium in elderly subjects

The effects of intermittent starvation on lung development in suckling rats

The effects of ketoconazole on testosterone production and normal and malignant androgen dependent tissues of the adult rat

The effects of lactation on the relationship between metabolic rate and ambient temperature in the rat

The effects of leaf removal on the development and yield of glasshouse tomatoes

The effects of level of maize gluten feed in the diet on pig performance and carcass quality

The effects of litter type and elevation on colonization of mixed coniferous litterbags by oribatid mites

The effects of monensin on the pool size and turnover rate of protozoa in the rumen of sheep

The effects of morphine sulfate on ovulation in the immature rat treated with pregnant mares serum gonadotropin

The effects of neomycin and oxytetracycline alone or combined upon the incidence of salmonellosis in broiler chickens

The effects of porcine follicular fluid inhibin on gonadotropin secretion in the rabbit

The effects of processing methods and cholesterol addition on the nutritive value of leaf protein concentrates in chicks

The effects of recessive white and dominant white genotypes on early growth rate

The effects of reducing the remating interval after parturition on the reproductive performance of the commercial doe rabbit

The effects of salinity on dry matter partitioning and fruit growth in tomatoes grown in nutrient film culture

The effects of season and stage of pregnancy on 25-hydroxy-vitamin D levels in pregnant women in Madrid

The effects of sensory manipulation upon interlimb coordination during fast walking in the cockroach

The effects of silicon on cucumber plants grown in recirculating nutrient solution

The effects of soil properties on nitrification and nitrification inhibition

The effects of some polyamine biosynthetic inhibitors on growth and morphology of phytopathogenic fungi

The effects of surgery on the nitrogen metabolism of parenterally fed human neonates

The effects of tailing dam profiles on relative wind erosion rates

The effects of threshing and conditioning carrot seeds harvested at different times on subsequent seed performance

The effects of two different water management regimes on flooding and mosquito production in a salt marsh impoundment

The effects of various naturally-occurring substances on the survival of Schistosoma mansoni miracidia

The effects of vincristine on milk secretion and milk composition in the goat

The effects of xylitol on gastric emptying and secretion of gastric inhibitory polypeptide in the rat

The efficacy of glucose and electrolyte solutions in preserving the structure of fowl spermatozoa after freezing and thawing

The efficacy of hay from selenized soil as a source of selenium in ruminant nutrition

The efficacy of hyperimmune serum in the treatment of sweating sickness

The ejection of a frothy fluid from the cloacal region of rooster during manual semen collection

The endogenous secretion rate of human calcitonin in normal conditions

The energy content of fat and protein in chicks and adult cockerels

The energy cost of aerobic exercise in fed and fasted normal subjects

The epizootic process in sheep monieziosis

The equilibration of reducing equivalents within milk xanthine oxidase

The error taxadjunct and its application in soil taxonomic assignment

The estate tax provision of the 1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act: which farmers benefit?

The estimation of drug residue in pig kidney by repeated biopsy

The estimation of pig carcass composition from different measurements with special reference to classification and grading

The evolution of habitat preference in subdivided populations

The excreta energy and nitrogen losses of adult cockerels during a fast

The excretion of inorganic bromide into milk of dairy cows after oral administration

The excretion of rosaramicin in breast milk

The expression of major histocompatibility antigens under metallothionein gene promoter control

The extraction of a tissue collagenase associated with ovulation in the rat

The fat content of meals provided by catering establishments

The fate of methoxychlor in soils and transformation by soil microorganisms

The feasibility of preparing high quality composts from fish scrap and peat with seaweeds or crab scrap

The fine structure of the brain of Gastrocotyle trachuri (Monogenea: Platyhelminthes)

The first isolation of Yersinia ruckeri from farmed Norwegian salmon

The fixation of nitrogen in urea ammoniated wheat straw by means of different acids

The foliar absorption of potassium from organic and inorganic potassium carriers

The frequency and some characteristics of anaerobic bacteria isolated from various forms of bovine mastitis

The frequency of salmonellae on duck eggs

The genetic basis of diversity in malaria parasites

The genetics of bone marrow transplantation in the rat

The glycoalkaloid content of potato varieties

The growth of young oak trees in shelters

The growth performance and carcass composition of ram and ewe lambs fed on pasture or in confinement and slaughtered at similar fatness

The herbicide glyphosate

The high mannose oligosaccharide of phytohemagglutinin is attached to asparagine 12 and the modified oligosaccharide to asparagine 60

The hired farm working force of 1983: a statistical profile

The history of enthusiasm for protein

The homozygosity test after a change in population size

The hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus has a pivotal role in regulation of prolactin release in lactating rats

The impact of alternative payment arrangements on the performance of Florida sugarcane cooperatives

The impact of monetary policy on agriculture, agribusiness and related activities

The importance of cestodes in animal pathology and in public health

The importance of diet composition in ultratrace element research

The importance of equilibration time to glycerol prior to freezing in the cryopreservation of mouse embryos

The importance of lipid type in the diet after burn injury

The importance of some vitamins in the nutrition of cyprinid fish

The importance of the peripeduncular nucleus in the neuroendocrine control of sexual behavior and milk ejection in the rat

The in sacco protein degradability vs. protein solubility of concentrate ingredients

The in vitro effect of some pesticides on the nitrogen fixing bacteria isolated from the phyllosphere of some crop plants

The incidence of cystic ovaries in dairy cattle housed in a total confinement system

The influence of age on glucose tolerance during pregnancy

The influence of antineoplastic agents on experimental candidosis in mice

The influence of archaeological soil temperatures on obsidian dating in New Zealand

The influence of ascorbic acid on the occurrence of tibial dyschondroplasia in young broiler chickens

The influence of avian pancreatic polypeptide on gastric secretion and motility in laying hens

The influence of calcium on growth of selected vegetable species in the presence of ammonium nitrogen

The influence of chromosome number and species on wheat hardness

The influence of chronic naltrexone infusions on energy metabolism in pregnant rats

The influence of desiccation and root pruning on the survival and growth of broadleaved seedlings

The influence of diet and dimethylhydrazine on the small and large intestine of vervet monkeys

The influence of diet on nitrogen and amino acid content of mixed rumen bacteria

The influence of dieting on the menstrual cycle of healthy young women

The influence of different moisture regimes on leaching of nitrate in soil columns

The influence of farm size on vegetation condition in an arid area

The influence of fruiting and shading of spurs and shoots on spur performance

The influence of genetic increases in body weight and shank width on the abdominal fat pad and carcass composition of turkeys

The influence of genetic increases in egg production and body weight on egg mass production and biological efficiency of turkey hens

The influence of glucose concentration on its mineralization rate in soil

The influence of improved socio-economic development on health and nutritional status

The influence of intermittent lighting on broiler performance

The influence of intestinal infusion of fats on small intestinal motility and digesta transit in pigs

The influence of level of valine on nitrogen status and plasma free amino acid levels in infused sheep

The influence of light on egg yolk pigmentation

The influence of light quality on initiation of egg laying by hens

The influence of minerals in drinking water on egg shell quality

The influence of perennial ryegrass cultivars and method of establishment on the performance of swards sown on an upland site

The influence of phenolic compounds on the preference of winter wheat cultivars by cereal aphids

The influence of phosphorus fertilization on the seed yield of meadow fescue

The influence of physical exercise on growth and sexual maturation in young female rats

The influence of plane of nutrition and diet composition on the performance of dairy cows

The influence of plant residues on denitrification rates in conventional and zero tilled soils

The influence of postovulatory age on the rate of cleavage in in vitro fertilized rat oocytes

The influence of prolactin on food intake of turkey hens

The influence of prolonged lactation on secretion disorders in cattle

The influence of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on the vitamin status of cancer patients

The influence of riboflavin deficiency on absorption and liver storage of iron in the growing rat

The influence of soil aggregation on the hysteresis effect of the relationship between soil water potential and moisture

The influence of soil structure on movement rate of salts through soils

The influence of somatic cells of milk on the growth of staphylococci and streptococci in whey and serum

The influence of sowing depth and seed press wheel weighting on seedling emergence of crisp lettuce

The influence of species diversity on sward yield and quality

The influence of staining techniques and examiners on evaluation of the morphology of fowl spermatozoa

The influence of temperature and osmotic stress on the development and eclosion of hookworm eggs

The influence of the grower diet and fat in the layer diet on performance of turkey hens

The influence of the system of management and certain environmental factors on the course of disease in milk fever in dairy cows

The influence of time of application of broody hen treatments on egg production of turkeys

The influence of topography on the nature and distribution of soil sulfur across a narrow environmental gradient

The influence of urea diet supplemented with protected protein on metabolism and wool growth in sheep

The influence of watershed geology and forest roads on the composition of salmon spawning gravel

The influence of wilting on wheat silage

The influx of ascorbic acid into the rat's brain

The intensity of experimental schistosome infections modulates hepatic pathology

The interaction of plants and microorganisms of spermatosphere and rhizosphere after the treatment of wheat seeds with thiram

The interactive effect of glycerol and starch or sucrose on rat tissue lipids

The intrusion of clonal growth patterns on plant breeding systems

The involvement of calcium in the intestinal response to secretagogues in the rat

The irreversible loss of alanine and of glycine in fetal and sucking lambs

The isolation and characterization of a hydrocolloidal fraction from grape pomace

The isolation and identification of microorganisms that can use some agricultural wastes resistant to enzymatic degradation

The lack of effect of a pyridoxine deficiency on the utilization of the hydroxyl analogue of methionine by the chick

The latex cast of cistern and duct system of dairy cow's udder

The level of lambda 1 light chain expression in the mouse reflects the probability of rearrangement of the relevant gene

The liberation of water soluble nitrogen during cheese ripening

The link between supply response and production elasticities

The lysine requirement of young growing male guinea pigs

The maintenance energy requirement for children: an estimate based on a study of children with infection associated underfeeding

The maintenance of polygenic variation through a balance between mutation and stabilizing selection

The market value of ingress rights for white-tailed deer hunting in Texas

The maternal to fetal transfer of immunoglobulins associated with placental lesions in sheep

The meaning of zoning in the management of natural resource lands

The measurement of labile phosphorus by the isotopic dilution and anion resin methods

The measurement of liver blood flow in conscious calves

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