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Natural Sciences Repository Index 11

Index 11 indexes the Natural Sciences Repository.

Errors arising from rapid water loss in the measurement of leaf water potential by the pressure chamber technique

Errors in estimating mean weight and other statistics from mean length

Errors in potassium balance

Erythema annulare centrifugum associated with ascariasis

Erythema nodosum and kerion of the scalp

Erythrocyte destruction mechanisms in malaria

Erythrocytic enzymes and amino acids related to glutamic acid metabolism in childhood hypoproteinemic states

Erythropoietin in premature infants

Essential fatty acid deficiency and evidence for arachidonate synthesis in the cat

Essential fatty acid deficiency during total parenteral nutrition

Essential fatty acid deficiency in malnourished children

Essential fatty acid requirements, especially in relation to prostaglandin biosynthesis

Essential fatty acid status in adult patients receiving soybean-base formula

Essential fatty acids in chronic alcoholism

Establishing and maintaining a lettuce drop nursery

Establishment and long-term survival of Romanomermis culicivorax in mosquito habitats, Tokelau Islands

Establishment and persistence of Salmonella typhimurium infection stimulated by Eimeria tenella in chickens

Establishment of Babesia equi-infected lymphoblastoid cell lines

Establishment of an attenuated strain of porcine parvovirus by serial passage at low temperature

Establishment of bioassay methods for the evaluation of acute toxicity of pesticides to aquatic organisms

Establishment of rate of dark induced leaf senescence as an important varietal character

Esterases and malathion resistance in brown planthopper

Estimated 1981 budgets for Michigan crops and livestock

Estimated costs of pheasant production in Columbia Basin irrigated agriculture

Estimated water and forage intakes in nursing range calves

Estimated water depletion allowance for irrigated farms on the Texas High Plains

Estimates of Soviet grain imports in 1980-85: alternative approaches

Estimates of genetic variance for several agronomic characters in lucerne

Estimates of malaria vectorial capacity for Anopheles culicifacies and Anopheles stephensi in rural Punjab Province, Pakistan

Estimating bird damage from damage incidence in wine grape vineyards

Estimating critical stress in unsaturated soils from changes in pore water pressure during confined compression

Estimating solute travel times through a crop root zone

Estimating the duration of latency and survival time of snails with schistosomiasis

Estimating the effect of government programs on the supply of wheat in the United States

Estimating the sorptivity of soils

Estimating understory biomass

Estimation and analysis of beef gain roughage-concentrate production functions

Estimation and optimal control of an uncertain production process

Estimation of carcass lipid deposition through incorporation of dietary margaric acid in chicks fed lard diet

Estimation of coccinellid numbers and movement in the field

Estimation of dietary iodine intake of Americans in recent years

Estimation of energy values of compounded concentrated feeds for ruminants

Estimation of energy values of mixed feeds for pigs

Estimation of environmental and genetic components of quantitative traits with application to serum cholesterol levels

Estimation of essential fatty acid requirements in pregnancy and lactation

Estimation of gene effects for components of yield in wheat

Estimation of gene frequencies by the determinant method

Estimation of heat production from heart rate measurements in lactating dairy cows

Estimation of individual tree competition from horizontal point sample data

Estimation of infection rates in populations of organisms using pools of variable size

Estimation of lactose hydrolysis by freezing point measurement in milk and whey substrates treated with lactases from various microorganisms

Estimation of liver mass in sheep

Estimation of maintenance fertilizer needs

Estimation of plasma histidine flux in cows

Estimation of probability of beef cows being culled and calculation of expected herd life

Estimation of soil moisture using a simple pan evaporimeter

Estimation of the amounts of allophane and other materials in the clay fraction of an Egmont loam profile and other volcanic ash soils, New Zealand

Estimation of the area of chicory leaves

Estimation of the homogeneity index of the soil through random block experiments

Estimation of the plant available water capacity of a soil profile

Estimation of the salt burden of irrigation drainage waters

Estimation of variance components in diallel crosses

Estimation of variances and covariances for use in a multiple trait beef sire evaluation model

Estimation of viability of bovine granulosa cells

Estimation of wilderness use functions for California: an analysis of covariance approach

Estimation of yield losses of tolerant and susceptible rice varieties to blast disease in Maharashtra State, India

Estradiol binding in different parts of the rabbit oviduct during egg transport

Estradiol regulation of the frequency and site of origin of uterine contractions in ewes

Estrogen alters the responsiveness of the anterior pituitary gland to the actions of dopamine on lysosomal enzyme activity and prolactin release

Estrogen and progesterone secretion by isolated cultured porcine thecal and granulosa cells

Estrogen induction of progestin receptors in the hypothalamus of male and female rats which differ in their ability to exhibit cyclic gonadotropin secretion and female sexual behavior

Estrogen receptors in canine mammary tumors

Estrogen receptors in the nidatory sites of the rat endometrium

Estrous cycle dynamics in different strains of mice

Estrus synchronization in cattle

Ethnic differences in the distribution of subcutaneous fat

Ethylene glycol intoxication in ducks

Ethylene utilization by soil bacteria

Etiological studies on the sterility of rice plant and its control

Etiology and epidemiology of verminous encephalitis in an emu

Etiology and therapy of angulus infectiosus in old age

Etiology of phony peach and plum leaf scald diseases

Euparal as a permanent mounting medium for helminth eggs and proglottids

European Community agriculture and the world market

Euscyrtus concinnus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) - a new rice pest in the Philippines

Evagination of Cysticercus tenuicollis in vitro without pepsic treatment

Evaluating determination of water needs for some crops

Evaluating economic losses caused by pathogens of fruit and nut crops

Evaluating hardwood and pinebark media for container grown woody ornamentals

Evaluating parasitism of fall cankerworm eggs after emergence

Evaluating price stabilization schemes with mathematical programming

Evaluation and component analysis of a comprehensive weight control program

Evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis serotype H-14 formulations as larvicides for Anopheles arabiensis (species B of the An. gambiae complex)

Evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis and Bacillus sphaericus 1593 on Sri Lankan strains of larval Culex quinquefasciatus

Evaluation of a diet history questionnaire for epidemiologic studies

Evaluation of a food supplement to school children

Evaluation of a method for determination of true metabolizable energy of feed ingredients

Evaluation of a rapid test of dark adaptation

Evaluation of a screening technique for manganese toxicity in relation to leaf manganese distribution and interaction with silicon

Evaluation of a supplementary feeding programme through take home system

Evaluation of absorption and secretory function of the small intestine in chronic alcoholism

Evaluation of acid insoluble ash as an internal marker in digestibility studies

Evaluation of acridine orange stain for detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in vaginal specimens

Evaluation of actual and relative measurements used in the description of Metorchis conjunctus (Cobbold, 1860) Looss, 1899 (Trematoda: Opisthorchiidae)

Evaluation of albendazole in cattle naturally infected with nematodes

Evaluation of an electronic mosquito repeller

Evaluation of an ultrasonic amplitude depth analysis technique for pregnancy diagnosis in the cow

Evaluation of anorexia as the cause of altered protein synthesis in skeletal muscles from nongrowing mice with sarcoma

Evaluation of bee sting allergy by skin tests and serum antibody assays

Evaluation of candle rapeseed meal as a protein supplement for swine

Evaluation of chemotherapy in the control of Schistosoma mansoni in Marquis Valley, Saint Lucia. I. Results in humans

Evaluation of citrus rootstocks and their reaction to important diseases

Evaluation of coagulase tests for pathogenic staphylococci

Evaluation of commercial and coded insecticides to control brown planthopper and green leafhopper

Evaluation of competitive ability in soybean varieties

Evaluation of crushed poultry bone as a dietary ingredient for the growing chick

Evaluation of current soil conservation strategies

Evaluation of damage to vegetation in polluted areas

Evaluation of depth and effective zone of placement of carbofuran for brown planthopper control

Evaluation of dietary management in the diabetic patient

Evaluation of diets of preschool children in Juarez, Mexico

Evaluation of different shapes and color intensities of yellow traps for use in population monitoring of dipterous leaf miners

Evaluation of different trap designs for trapping pink bollworm males

Evaluation of emergence traps in assessing the impact of a macrophyte on the production of chironomid midges

Evaluation of enhanced glucagon sensitivity as the cause of glucose intolerance in acutely uremic rats

Evaluation of fenthion dermal application in heartworm-infected dogs

Evaluation of foliar insecticides to control rice caseworm Nymphula depunctalis in the field

Evaluation of glyphosate and paraquat as substitutes for seedbed preparation by tillage in a hoe farming system

Evaluation of grading experiments by automated fruit counting

Evaluation of granular insecticides to control rice root weevil

Evaluation of hazards of pesticides used in forest spraying to the aquatic environment

Evaluation of heat flux and thermal characteristics of black soil in relation to soil moisture content during drying

Evaluation of herbicide interactions using linear regression modeling

Evaluation of hypocholesterolemic effect of faba bean protein concentrate on rats fed a high-fat-high-cholesterol diet

Evaluation of isoquant forms in beef production

Evaluation of lactational performance of Navajo women

Evaluation of lactic acid streptococci for the preparation of frozen concentrated starter cultures

Evaluation of lasalocid in salt against ovine coccidia

Evaluation of lethal concentration of different insecticides against the brown planthopper

Evaluation of methods used to detect antibiotic residues in milk

Evaluation of modified Baermann apparatus for the recovery of infective trichostrongylid larvae from herbage samples

Evaluation of mortality factors in insect life table analysis

Evaluation of mung bean cultivars under monoculture and intercropping systems

Evaluation of optimum irrigation requirements under conditions of drought uncertainty

Evaluation of personal protection methods against phlebotomine sand flies including vectors of leishmaniasis in Panama

Evaluation of possible factors affecting degree of ear canker and numbers of psoroptic mites in rabbits

Evaluation of rabbit excreta as an ingredient in broiler diets

Evaluation of ratoon stunting disease resistance by water flow of sugarcane stalks

Evaluation of resistance to rice blast in observation plots of Bagua

Evaluation of rice cultures for submergence tolerance and grain yield under lowland conditions at Tripura

Evaluation of rice mutants resistance to thrip

Evaluation of rooting ability of rice in puddled soil in low temperature

Evaluation of selected hedging strategies for cattle feeders

Evaluation of selected processes controlling nitrogen loss in a flooded soil

Evaluation of single and double artificial insemination regimes as methods of shortening calving intervals in dairy cows treated with dinoprost

Evaluation of sunflowers for the degree of resistance to downy mildew

Evaluation of techniques for distinguishing normal and irradiated male screwworm flies

Evaluation of techniques for screening for drought resistance in wheat

Evaluation of temephos as a larvicide against Simulium ochraceum (Diptera: Simuliidae) in Guatemala

Evaluation of tests for randomness of infected plants

Evaluation of the axial ratio of soil clays from gray lowland soils based on viscosity measurements

Evaluation of the biological properties of different classes of human antibodies in relation to cholera

Evaluation of the dietary intake of the Israeli population, 1949-1977

Evaluation of the efficacy of salinomycin in the control of coccidiosis in chicks

Evaluation of the fattening and beef performance of the progeny of hypertrophied bulls

Evaluation of the gel diffusion technique in the diagnosis of amoebiasis

Evaluation of the impact of Public Law 480 on prices and production within selected recipient countries

Evaluation of the indirect haemagglutination test (IHA) in diagnosis of Taenia saginata cysticercosis (Cysticercus bovis) infection in cattle

Evaluation of the intradermal allergy test in normal dogs

Evaluation of the microbial control potential of a Helicosporidium sp. (Protozoa: Helicosporida) from Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus from Thailand

Evaluation of the nutritive content of five varieties of papaya in different stages of ripening

Evaluation of the potential of systemic slow release chemical treatments for control of the cattle tick (Boophilus microplus) using ivermectin

Evaluation of the protein quality of practical type chick rations using chick bioassay and laboratory indices

Evaluation of the purity of boar sperm plasma membranes prepared by nitrogen cavitation

Evaluation of three immunodiagnostic procedures for porcine strongyloidiasis

Evaluation of treatment for pancreatic exocrine insufficiency in dogs with ligated pancreatic ducts

Evaluation of wall deposits in phloem cells to detect little cherry disease in sweet cherry trees

Evaporative cooling with overhead sprinkling for rest termination of peach trees

Evidence against the hypothesis that the plerocercoid larva of Ligula intestinalis (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea) produces a sex steroid that interferes with host reproduction

Evidence and mechanism for pectin-reduced intestinal inorganic iron absorption in idiopathic hemochromatosis

Evidence for a physiological regulation of food selection and nutrient intake in twins

Evidence for a raised concentration of a circulating sodium transport inhibitor in essential hypertension

Evidence for a role of free fatty acids in the regulation of somatostatin secretion in normal and alloxan diabetic dogs

Evidence for direct neural control of ovarian steroidogenesis in rats

Evidence for independent genetic control of the multiple forms of maize endosperm branching enzymes and starch synthases

Evidence for nonmicrobial oxidation of manganese in soil

Evidence for noradrenergic involvement in episodic prolactin and growth hormone release in ovariectomized rats

Evidence for papillomaviruses in ocular lesions in cattle

Evidence for relaxin in corpora lutea of late pregnant cows

Evidence for the common origin of viral and cellular sequences involved in sarcomagenic transformation

Evidence for the inclusion of controlling elements within the structural gene at the waxy locus in maize

Evidence for the secretion of gastrin into human gastric juice

Evidence for three respiratory terminals in Trypanosoma cruzi epimastigotes

Evidence of altered copper metabolism in patients with chronic pancreatitis

Evidence of circulating antibodies against Frenkelia glareoli (Apicomplexa)

Evidence of haplodiploidy in pharyngodonid (Nematoda: Oxyuroidea) parasites of Testudo graeca

Evidence of membrane changes during regression in the bovine corpus luteum

Evidence regarding the minimal daily requirement of dietary vitamin B12

Evidence that adhesive sites on the tips of oviduct cilia membranes are required for ovum pickup in situ

Evidence that human growth hormone is a potent lactogen in primates

Evidence that the depletion and release phases of prolactin secretion in the lactating rat have different activation thresholds in response to exteroceptive stimulation from rat pups

Evidence that the toxic effect of rishitin may be due to membrane damage

Evidence that thyrotropin and prolactin are not secreted by the posterior pituitary of the rat

Evidence, nature, and implications of the constitutive resistance to Trichinella spiralis in gallinaceous birds

Evolution of schistosomal hepatic vascular lesions after specific chemotherapy

Evolutionary biology

Examination of the conventional method and a proposal for a new method of determining inositol phosphate in the humic acid fraction

Examining the nutritive value of basic foods as a tool for the study of diets in poor countries

Excretion of hippuric acid depending on circadian rhythm and nutritional effects

Excretion of methoxychlor in cow milk following dermal application

Excretion of rabies virus in the saliva of dogs

Excretion rates of antibiotics in milk of sheep and their effect on yoghurt production

Excursions along the interface between disruptive and stabilizing selection

Exercise effect on certain biochemical factors in the plasma in untrained subjects and in systematically trained cyclists

Exercise in the dog with Dirofilaria immitis infection

Exflagellation of malarial parasites in human peripheral blood

Exhaust fume anesthetizer for use with wind-oriented screwworm traps

Exocrine pancreatic enzyme and calcium secretion in health and pancreatitis

Exocrine pancreatic function after total gastrectomy

Exocrine pancreatic function test by a synthetic peptide

Exogenous lactate is essential for metabolic activities in isolated rat spermatocytes and spermatids

Expanding dairy beef production in the Northeast: the price effect of reduced calf slaughter

Expected benefits from nonchemical methods of alfalfa weevil control

Expected profit, price change, and risk aversion

Experience in changing food habits of hyperlipidemic men and women

Experience with sham feeding as a test for vagotomy

Experiences with our techniques for the recovery of nematode larvae from herbage

Experimental Trichinella spiralis infection in the ferret, Mustela putorius furo

Experimental alimentary toxic aleukia in cats

Experimental and mathematical description of nonadsorbed solute transfer by diffusion in spherical aggregates

Experimental and natural transplacental transmission of Trypanosoma theileri and its possible effects on the bovine fetus

Experimental anemia induced by excess iron excretion

Experimental atrophic rhinitis in gnotobiotic pigs

Experimental canine parvovirus infection in dogs

Experimental chemotherapy of mammalian coccidiosis with Bay g 7183

Experimental chronic rabies in the cat

Experimental completion of the life cycle of the lung fluke, Paragonimus westermani, in the laboratory

Experimental development of resistance to amprolium or dinitolmide in Eimeria acervulina and its effect on inhibition of sporulation of oocysts

Experimental encephalitozoonosis in the blue fox. Clinical and serological examinations of affected pups

Experimental encephalitozoonosis in the blue fox. Clinical, serological and pathological examinations of vixens after oral and intrauterine inoculation

Experimental epidemiology of schistosomiasis. II. Prepatency of Schistosoma mansoni in Biomphalaria glabrata at diurnally fluctuating temperatures

Experimental feline toxoplasmosis

Experimental genital infection of heifers with ureaplasmas

Experimental hemorrhage in splenectomized and nonsplenectomized dogs

Experimental host range of rice tungro virus and its vectors

Experimental in vivo studies on the degree of penetration of microorganisms in acrylic prostheses

Experimental inbreeding depression

Experimental infection of Semisulcospira libertina with Paragonimus westermani (triploid type)

Experimental infection of conventional dogs with canine parvovirus

Experimental infection of dogs with Cystoisospora canis and C. ohioensis

Experimental infection of mongrel dogs with Giardia lamblia cysts and cultured trophozoites

Experimental infection of piglets with cryptosporidium

Experimental infection of pregnant sows with porcine enteroviruses

Experimental infection with Ancylostoma caninum larvae in mice. VII. Role of promethazine hydrochloride in the rejection of worm burden from the intestine

Experimental infections of laboratory rodents with recently isolated stocks of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense. 2. Histopathological investigations

Experimental infections with Dictyocaulus viviparus in vaccinated and unvaccinated red deer

Experimental leptospiral infections in pregnant cattle with organisms of the hebdomadis serogroup

Experimental model for in vivo determination of dietary fibre and its effect on the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine

Experimental mycetoma infection in the goat

Experimental observations on rice sheath rot disease

Experimental ocular toxoplasmosis in primates

Experimental parvovirus infection in dogs

Experimental production of EVI antibodies

Experimental production of growth retardation in the sheep fetus after exposure to alcohol

Experimental salmon poisoning disease in juvenile coyotes (Canis latrans)

Experimental studies of apospory in ferns

Experimental studies on hypertension as an angiopathic risk factor in miniature swine

Experimental studies on new subsurface drainage method by the use of negative pressure

Experimental studies on the development of Thelazia rhodesi larvae in the intermediate and definitive hosts.

Experimental transformation of right gonads of female fowl into fertile testes

Experimental transmission by mosquitoes of Plasmodium hermani between domestic turkeys and pen-reared bobwhites

Experimental transmission of Cytauxzoon felis from bobcats (Lynx rufus) to domestic cats (Felis domesticus)

Experimental transmission of subperiodic Wuchereria bancrofti to the leaf monkey (Presbytis melalophos), and its periodicity

Experimental treatment of cysticercosis with metrifonate

Experimental zinc depletion and altered taste perception for NaCl in young adult males

Experimentally induced Fasciola hepatica infection in young calves

Experimentally induced encapsulation of Diplostomum phoxini (Faust) in the fish host

Experiments in vitro with Litomosoides carinii (Nematoda: Filarioidea). II. Influence of different sera on the release of microfilariae and experiments on the readiness for copulation of the worms

Experiments with a combined vaccine for poultry

Experiments with fungicides and insecticides in agricultural crops 1978

Experiments with mixed infections of Ostertagia ostertagi and Fasciola hepatica in calves

Exploiting the waters of Lake Chad

Expression of bovine leukemia virus genome is blocked by a nonimmunoglobulin protein in plasma from infected cattle

Expression of endogenous avian myeloblastosis virus information in different chicken cells

Extenders for preservation of boar semen

Extensive destruction of newly synthesized casein in mammary explants in organ culture

Extensive myiasis from tumbu fly larvae in Ghana, West Africa

Extent and duration of small intestinal mucosal injury in intractable diarrhea of infancy

Extent of the glycogen body and the glycogen content of the chicken spinal cord

External versus internal damage estimates of stalk boring by Diatraea saccharalis (F) in two tropical maize populations in Mexico

Extracellular zinc concentration and water metabolism in chicks

Extractability of phosphorus from phosphate minerals common in soils and sediments

Extraction and spectrophotometric determination of lead in the environment

Extraction of phosphate from some phosphatic compounds

Facilitative effect of rainfall on the transmission of the pathogen and the development of angular leaf spot of cucumber

Factor analysis of grain yield in triticale

Factors affecting adoption of artificial insemination in buffaloes

Factors affecting kid mortality in dairy goats

Factors affecting the absorption of iron from Fe(III)EDTA

Factors affecting the acquisition of resistance against Schistosoma mansoni in the mouse. Evidence that the mechanisms which mediate resistance during early patent infections may lack immunological sp

Factors affecting the intake and digestion of roughage by sheep fed maize straw supplemented with maize grain

Factors affecting the quality of boar semen stored by means of dialysis

Factors affecting transformation of rock phosphate in soils

Factors associated with the variation of copper and zinc in plasma of lactating cows

Factors controlling phosphate fixation and release in selected soils under rubber cultivation

Factors determining flag leaf curvature in wheat

Factors determining peripheral vein tolerance to amino acid infusions

Factors determining the preservation of protein status during dietary protein deprivation

Factors determining weight loss in obese patients in a metabolic ward

Factors influencing calving performance in range beef cattle

Factors influencing energetic efficiency of beef production

Factors influencing fleece rot in sheep

Factors influencing oxygen consumption rates in flooded soils

Factors influencing plate waste by the hospitalized patient

Factors influencing the assessment of the availability of choline in feedstuffs

Factors influencing the composition of the weight lost by obese patients on a reducing diet

Factors influencing the positive feedback action of estrogen upon the luteinizing hormone surge in the ovariectomized guinea pig

Factors influencing the stability of milk dialysate

Factors influencing the survival of pathogenic bacteria in soils

Factors influencing uptake of nematode larvae in adult dairy cattle during the grazing season and sources of pasture contamination

Factors regulating germination of trifoliate maple seeds

Factors that interfere in evaluation of ratoon stunting disease resistance by water flow in sugarcane stalks

Factors that modulate clearance and ultimate fate of a specific schistosome antigen (GASP) in schistosome infections

Faecal markers in metabolic balance studies

Failure of a large dose of vitamin A to enhance the antibody response to tetanus toxoid in children

Failure of a subunit bovine herpesvirus 1 vaccine to protect against experimental respiratory disease in calves

Failure of chloroquine prophylaxis in Plasmodium falciparum from East Africa

Failure of conventional treatment to prevent relapse of hepatic amoebiasis

Failure of furazolidone in the treatment of onchocerciasis

Failure of hamster macrophages to discriminate between infective and noninfective promastigotes of Leishmania donovani during attachment in vitro

Failure of ketoconazole in cryptococcal meningitis

Failure of mammalian prolactin to induce incubation behavior in chickens and turkeys

Failure of prostaglandin inhibition to attenuate the tolerance to hemorrhage in domestic chicken

False positive and negative hemoccult reactions on a normal diet and effect of diet restriction

False smut and bunt diseases in IRON entries

False-negative serologic tests for Toxoplasma in birds

Familial pseudohypoparathyroidism without somatic anomalies

Farm income recipients and their families: a socioeconomic profile

Farm pesticide economic evaluation, 1981

Farm size and rural community welfare: an interdisciplinary approach

Farmers' alternatives to debt financing

Farmers' and ranchers' guide to borrowing money

Farmers' credit risks and liquidity management

Farming systems research: a critical appraisal

Farmland leasing arrangements in Whitman County, Washington, 1980

Fasting heat production as a function of growth rate in the chicken

Fasting motor activity occurs during a day of normal meals in healthy subjects

Fat areas as estimates of total body fat

Fat changes in breeding sows

Fat levels in rabbit diets

Fat metabolism in heavy exercise

Fat utilization in relation to intestinal fatty acid binding protein and bile salts in chicks of different ages and different genetic sources

Fatal CNS trichinosis

Fatal Pneumocystis pneumonia, cryptococcosis, and Kaposi sarcoma in a homosexual man

Fatal childhood pulmonary aspergillosis from contact with pigeons

Fatal falciparum malaria and the availability of parenteral antimalarial drugs in hospitals

Fatal toxoplasmosis in a tree hyrax (Dendrohyrax arboreus)

Fate and efficacy of sulprofos against certain insects associated with cotton

Fats in the diet: Why and where?

Fatty acid composition and chlorophyll content of epiphytic lichens and a possible relation to their sensitivity to air pollution

Fatty acid composition of equine erythrocytes

Fatty acid composition of equine plasma

Fatty acid composition of human colostrum and mature breast milk

Fatty acid composition of infant formulae

Fatty acid content and composition of infant formulas and cereals

Fatty acid content of rice leaves affected by bronzing disease

Fatty acid contents in erythrocytes of various mammalian species

Fatty acid synthesis from lactate in growing cattle

Faunal changes and potential pests associated with direct drilling

Feasibility of gasification for drying as related to energy availability in corn biomass

Feasibility of measuring free and total bilirubin electrochemically in serum

Features of small intestinal pathology (epithelial cell kinetics, intraepithelial lymphocytes, disaccharidases) in a primary Giardia muris infection

Fecal occult blood tests in cattle

Fecundity and seed dispersal of a tropical tree

Federal crop insurance: an expanded program for risk management

Feed efficiency and profitability of sheep and suckler cows on landscape conservation areas

Feed grain prices and slaughter beef composition

Feed intake of dairy cows as affected by milk yield

Feed quality of hay containing perennial broadleaf weeds

Feed requirements for egg production

Feed restriction in laying hens

Feed restriction of laying hens using different dietary protein levels

Feed texture effects on the performance of turkey broilers

Feedback inhibition of nitrogenase

Feeding and drinking response of young chicks to injections of serotonin into the lateral ventricle of the brain

Feeding frequency and energy balance in adult males

Feeding of Psoroptes ovis (Acari: Psoroptidae) on cattle

Feeding of various hydrogenated marine oil products to the dairy cow

Feeding standards during lay and reproductive performance of broiler breeders

Feeding the Vietnamese in the UK

Feeding value of rations containing dried cattle manure

Feeding value of sunflower meal as a replacement for soybean meal in lactating cows

Feline giardiasis (a case report)

Female fat distribution - a photographic and cellularity study

Female promiscuity and male reproductive success in social birds and mammals

Female-dependency of circulating anodic antigen level in Schistosoma japonicum infection

Fenbendazole for the treatment of pulmonary and gastrointestinal helminths in pygmy goats

Fenfluramine, vitamin C and weight loss

Fenthion poisoning of wading birds

Fenvalerate and stirofos ear tags for control of horn flies on range cattle

Fertility and hatchability as influenced by claw removal of broiler breeder males

Fertility characteristics of ewes with differing ovulatory patterns

Fertility of chickens from lines divergently selected for mating frequency

Fertility of different mire type groups

Fertilizability of ova from young or old hamsters after spontaneous or induced ovulation

Fertilizability of ova ovulated and recovered from rabbit ovaries perfused in vitro

Fertilization and early development of cow ova

Fertilization in vitro of rabbit eggs by epididymal spermatozoa capacitated in a chemically defined medium

Fertilizer and weed management of aus rice in Bangladesh

Fertilizer application and ground water pollution

Fertilizer phosphorus requirement of rice and wheat grown on sodic soils

Fertilizer zinc efficiency in flooded calcareous soils

Fertilizing trees in the landscape: a 9-year evaluation

Fetal alcohol syndrome revisited

Fetal and maternal hormonal response to starvation in the ewe

Fetal and maternal serum copper levels before and during labor in normal and complicated pregnancies

Fetal female rats are masculinized by male littermates located caudally in the uterus

Fetal infection with porcine parvovirus in herds with reproductive failure

Fiber effects on iron utilization by human adolescents

Fibre and bowel transit times

Fibrin-degradation products in falciparum malaria

Field amelioration of an acid sulfate soil for rice with manganese dioxide and lime

Field comparison of soil solution samplers

Field control of rice caseworm with foliar insecticides

Field determinations of soil hydraulic properties for statistical analyses

Field efficacy of acaricides for control of the lone star tick on cattle in southeastern Oklahoma

Field evaluation of the entomogenous nematode, Neoaplectana carpocapsae, as a biological control agent of black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Field experience with a bovine lungworm vaccine

Field experiments on the effectiveness of various insecticides for control of climbing cutworms on grapes

Field measurements of the loss of fertilizer nitrogen into the atmosphere as nitrous oxide

Field observations on the antimalarial piperaquine

Field observations on the incidence of bovine clinical mastitis and teat diseases

Field performance and processed quality of calabrese varieties

Field spectral reflectance measurements of small grain crops

Field studies on the growth and development of winter wheat

Field studies with convalescent serum and infectious bursal disease vaccine to control turkey coryza

Field study of coccidial and rotaviral diarrhoea in unweaned piglets

Field test evaluation of pyrantel pamoate paste against strongyle infections in horses

Field test of an irrigation scheduling computer model

Field testing of repellents against anopheline mosquitoes

Field tests of an electronic apple scab alarm

Field tests of antidesiccants to extend the infection period of an entomogenous nematode, Neoaplectana carpocapsae, against the Colorado potato beetle

Field trial of praziquantel in human opisthorchiasis in Thailand

Field trial to evaluate the use of antigens from Taenia hydatigena oncospheres to prevent infection with Taenia saginata in cattle grazing on sewage-irrigated pasture

Filarial enzymes by the horizontal starch-gel electrophoresis technique

Filarial nematodes of white-tailed deer



Filaricidal properties of a wild herb, Andrographis paniculata

Filtering out food debris before microbiological analysis

Final host specificity of Sarcocystis species transmitted by dogs

Final results of the Helsinki Dietary Prevention Study

Financial control and variable amortization under uncertainty: an application to Texas rice farms

Financing capital investments on New York poultry farms

Finding of sowbane mosaic virus in sugar beet

Fine structural study of Eimeria truncata from the domestic goose (Anser anser dom.)

Fine structural study of Sarcocystis sp. from Egyptian camels (Camelus dromedarius)

Fine structural study of a Toxoplasma strain from the roe deer

Fine structure of blood leukocytes and electron optical demonstration of peroxidase and acid phosphatase in sheep granulocytes

Fine structure of nuclear division and microgametogony of Eimeria nieschulzi Dieben, 1924

Fine structure of the bovine parotid gland

Finite difference calculation of unsaturated permeability

Finnish entomological literature published in 1980

First isolations of Barur virus (Rhabdoviridae) from ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) in Africa

First stage marketing of beef cattle produced in Georgia

First stage marketing of swine raised in Georgia

Fitting and genetic analysis of growth curves for young bulls

Fixation of molecular nitrogen in the phyllosphere of plants

Fixation of phosphorus in a dark red latosol

Fixed drug eruption to griseofulvin

Flavor constituents of forage crops

Fleas as vectors of tularemia in Alaska

Flehmen in the domestic pig

Flock infection and transport as sources of salmonellae in broiler chickens and carcasses

Flow calculations for household effluent disposal in elevated sand mounds

Flower seed production

Flowering and yield response of late-maturing varieties under normal and waterlogged conditions

Flubendazole and mebendazole in the treatment of trichuriasis and other helminthiases

Flubendazole versus mebendazole in intestinal helminthic infections

Fluctuation of yellow stem borer moths in Tirur, India

Flue-cured tobacco production costs

Fluid retention by the rabbit oviduct

Fluorescence excitation spectra and viscosity behavior of a fulvic acid and its copper and iron complexes

Fluorescence excitation spectra of humic substances

Fluorescent antibody study of the post-cysticercoid development of Moniezia expansa

Fluorescent antibody technique used in the diagnosis of echinococcosis

Fluoride concentrations in saliva in relation to chewing of various supplementary fluoride preparations

Fluoride metabolism in patients with chronic renal failure

Fluorometry of selenium in serum or urine

Fluorometry of selenium in urine

Fluorosis in dairy cattle due to high fluoride rock phosphate supplements

Fly ash as a medium amendment for container grown ornamentals

Focusing field research on future constraints to rice production

Fodder quality in sorghum

Folacin and iron status in low-income pregnant adolescents and mature women

Folate antagonists. 19. Synthesis and antimalarial effects of 6-(arylthio)-2,4-pteridinediamines

Folate deficiency in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases

Foliar fertilization in tomato

Foliar retention and leachability of submicron plutonium and americium particles

Foliar uptake and injury from saline aerosol

Folic acid and mental symptoms in children with epilepsy

Follicle cell regulation of protein synthesis and developmental competence in sheep oocytes

Follicular control of meiosis in the porcine oocyte

Follicular steroidogenesis and gonadotropin binding to ovine follicles during the estrous cycle

Food allergy - material and ethereal

Food and agriculture in the 1980s: the implied research priorities

Food and nutrient distribution in Filipino urban households

Food and nutrient intake of infants in the first fifteen months

Food choice and the U.S. dietary goals

Food crop marketing in Atebubu District, Ghana

Food demand and savings in a complete, extended, linear expenditure system

Food habit changes of Chinese persons living in Lincoln, Nebraska

Food habits and food preferences of Vietnamese refugees living in northern Florida

Food intake and energy expenditure of male and female farmers from Upper-Volta

Food intakes and nutritional status - implications for the formulation of development policies for Zambia

Food intakes and pattern of consumption among elderly Nigerians with a low income

Food intolerance in humans

Food need and fertilizer policy

Food patterns and physical characteristics of Moroccan and American adolescents

Food practices, attitudes, and dietary adequacy of legume-consuming populations in Lahore, Pakistan

Food preferences of patients with cancer

Food preferences of sheep

Food price reporting: evaluation and opportunities for consumers

Food prices in perspective

Food prices, expectations, and inflation

Food product proliferation: a market structure analysis

Food security and the international wheat agreements

Food security in the Sahel: variable import levy, grain reserves, and foreign exchange assistance

Food selection by skylarks and grazing damage to sugar beet seedlings

Food supplementation and growth rates in preschool children

Food way changes of Iranian students at an American university

Food web of the rice brown planthopper in the Philippines

Food-plants and natural enemies of Heliothis spp. in the cotton-growing region of the Department of Tolima, Colombia

Foods and nutrition 1981

Foraging strategy of honey bee colonies in a temperate deciduous forest

Forecasting South Carolina tomato prices prior to planting

Forecasting U.S. pork production using a random coefficient model

Forecasting onion white rot disease

Forecasting the spread of migrant insect pests

Foreign investment in the U.S. food and agricultural system: an overview

Forest malaria in Bangladesh. I. Parasitology

Forest malaria in Bangladesh. II. Transmission by Anopheles dirus

Forest malaria in Bangladesh. III. Breeding habits of Anopheles dirus

Formate oxidation and oxygen reduction by leaf mitochondria

Formation and role of capillary water in forest soils

Formation of gizzard erosion inducing substance in heated casein histidine mixture

Formation of organic acids, sugars and lipids from acetate-14C in coffee leaves

Formation of silica grains in wood as a function of growth rate

Formula manufacture and infant feeding

Formula pricing in five commodity marketing systems

Formulation of supplementary infant foods at the home and village level in Thailand

Four types of occult Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogs

Fourier series and response curves

Fractionation of Pneumocystis carinii antigens used in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for antibodies and in the production of antiserum for detecting Pneumocystis carinii antigenemia

Fractionation of Schistosoma japonicum soluble egg antigen glycoproteins by hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Fractionation of rapeseed meal into flour and hull components

Fractioning barley proteins by computer factor analysis

Frame size and muscling effects on cattle performance and carcass characteristics

Free amino acids in psoroptic mites

Frequency distributions of mean daily intakes of food energy and selected nutrients obtained during nutrition surveys of different groups of people in Great Britain between 1968 and 1971

Frequency of Giardia lamblia in certain allergic syndromes

Frequency of coprophilic fungi in bird droppings and laboratory animal feces

Frequency of selection of food groups by low-income families in southwestern Mississippi

Frequency studies and clinical observations in bovine laminitis

Fruit russeting in apple as affected by various gibberellins

Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis and ocular toxoplasmosis

Fumarase activity in Moniliformis dubius (Acanthocephala)

Fumigation experiments with methyl bromide on oak wood

Functional differentiation of epithelial cells of the small intestine

Functional properties of a simple metabolism cage for rats

Functional status of cell mediated immunity in amoebiasis

Fundic inhibition of acid secretion and gastrin release in the dog

Funding for agricultural economics: needs and strategies for the 1980s

Fungal fluids induce rice seedling resistance to brown spot disease

Fungal tremorgens

Fungi associated with wheat in the field

Fungibility and the design and evaluation of agricultural credit projects

Fungicidal control of sheath blight

Fungicidal spray schedule for the control of brown and black rusts of wheat

Fungicide control of rice grain infection

Further attempts to rear coccinellids on drone powder with field observation

Further characterization of the in vitro binding of phytochrome to a membrane fraction enriched for mitochondria

Further clinical observations on the pulmonary effects of paraquat ingestion

Further clinical trials on strongyle control with some contemporary anthelmintics

Further evidence suggesting the hormonal stimulation of hamster sperm acrosome reactions by catecholamines in vitro

Further investigation into the expression of pigmentation of the aleurone layer of barley

Further light microscopic studies on morphology and development of Pneumocystis carinii

Further observations on a bucephalid trematode infection in scallops (Pecten alba) in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

Further observations on the in vitro development of Hymenolepis microstoma in relation to the lipid and cholesterol content of the serum

Further studies of naturally occurring latent bovine herpesvirus infection

Further studies on difluoromethylornithine in African trypanosomes

Further studies on pearl millet mosaic virus

Further studies on the effect of the recessive white genotype on early growth rate and body size

Further studies on the improvement of the nutritive value of rapeseed meal

Further studies on the incidence and genetics of rust resistance in sorghum

Further studies on the susceptibility of new Taiwan foci of Oncomelania hupensis to geographic strains of Schistosoma japonicum

Further studies on trypanosomes in game animals in Wyoming. II

Further study on maintenance requirements during pregnancy in the rat

Further validation of the plasma isotope ratio method for measurement of cholesterol absorption in man

Furuncular myiasis caused by Wohlfahrtia vigil (Walker). First case reported in Nebraska

Fusarium infection in burned patients

Fusarium solani infection of a hypertensive leg ulcer in a diabetic

Future demand for beef

Gall dwarf - a new rice virus disease in Thailand

Gall midge infestation in a monthly-planted trial

Gall midge life-cycle and plant injury in South China

Gall midge occurrence in Uttar Pradesh, India

Gamma ray inactivation of some animal viruses

Gas chromatographic determination of fluridone aquatic herbicide and its major metabolite in fish

Gas chromatographic separation and identification of organic acids in beet molasses and date syrup

Gas transport through rice

Gaseous requirements for postparasitic development of Romanomermis culicivorax

Gastric amebiasis in a proboscic monkey (Nasalis larvatus)

Gastric basal secretion during exercise and restitution in patients with chronic duodenal ulcer

Gastric bypass in morbid obesity

Gastric emptying in infants fed human milk or infant formula

Gastric emptying in infants with congenital heart disease

Gastric emptying in infants with cystic fibrosis

Gastric pepsin and acid secretion following various operations for gastric and duodenal ulcer

Gastrin release in pigs during intestinal pouch stimulation with meat extract

Gastrin response to protein test meal in gastric diseases

Gastrin secretion before and after gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity

Gastro-duodenal motor and transit disturbances associated with Haemonchus contortus infection in sheep

Gastro-intestinal helminthiasis in young cattle in the Central African Republic

Gastrointestinal infections in the compromised host

Gastrointestinal nematodes

Gel filtration pattern of axenic Entamoeba histolytica and characterisation of immunological specificities of various fractions

Gel permeation chromatography of polymers from wood

Gel permeation system for removal of fats during analysis of foods for residues of pesticides and herbicides

Gene analysis for blast resistance

Gene analysis of the degree of vernalization requirement in winter wheat

Gene dosage effects on catalase expression in maize

Gene flow and the homogeneity of species populations

General and specific combining ability estimates in barley

General characteristics of bud dormancy in the vine

Generation of cell-mediated cytotoxicity to Theileria parva (East Coast fever) after inoculation of cattle with parasitized lymphoblasts

Generation of transforming viruses in cultures of chicken fibroblasts infected with an avian leukosis virus

Generic advertising, FOB price promotion, and FOB revenue: a case study of the Florida grapefruit juice industry

Genetic analysis of maroon eye in Anopheles stephensi

Genetic and financial consequences of progeny testing in buffaloes

Genetic and morphological studies on congenital cataract and microphthalmia in mice

Genetic architecture of ear emergence in wheat

Genetic architecture of yield and its components in pearl millet

Genetic aspects of multiple pregnancy in cattle

Genetic basis of susceptibility to splenic lipofuscinosis in mice

Genetic changes with generations of artificial selection

Genetic control of Propionibacterium acnes-induced protection of mice against Babesia microti

Genetic control of a shared idiotype among antibodies directed to distinct specificities

Genetic control of chloroplast pigment development in soybeans as a function of leaf and plant maturity

Genetic control of equilibrium maintenance efficiency in cattle

Genetic control of submergence tolerance in rice

Genetic correlation between length of wattles and female body weight at sexual maturity in the fowl

Genetic determination of amylase synthesis in the mouse

Genetic differences in digestibility of forage maize hybrids

Genetic distance in plant breeding

Genetic divergence among some brown planthopper resistant rice varieties

Genetic divergence in indigenous varieties of rice grown in Mirzapur district, U.P., India

Genetic divergence in pearl millet

Genetic divergence in sorghum hybrids

Genetic diversity for some quantitative characters in barley

Genetic diversity of rice varieties in Tamil Nadu

Genetic drift and estimation of effective population size

Genetic evaluation of animals for traits with categorical responses

Genetic inheritance of susceptibility to tinea imbricata

Genetic interactions in the spontaneous production of endogenous murine leukemia virus in low leukemic mouse strains

Genetic relationships of brown planthopper resistance to dwarf disease and stripe disease resistance in rice

Genetic studies on sexual dimorphism in broiler strains of chicken

Genetic variability and correlation studies in muskmelon

Genetic variability and rate of gene substitution in a finite population under mutation and fluctuating selection

Genetic variability for leaf orientation in jute

Genetic variance for endosperm characteristics in sorghum

Genetic variation among South American populations of tetraploid Chenopodium sect. Chenopodium subsect. Cellulata

Genetic variation and phenotypic correlations of food consumption of laying hens corrected for body weight and production

Genetic variation and progressive evolution

Genetic variation in packed cell volume associated with variation in response to cold temperature

Genetic variation in varying environments

Genetics of cross-resistance between antifolate drugs in Plasmodium yoelii

Genetics of murine resistance to Trypanosoma cruzi

Genetics of natural resistance to thermal injury

Genetics of performance in the horse

Genetics of scoliosis in chickens

Genetics of the buttercup plumage pattern

Genetics of whitebacked planthopper resistance

Genetics of yield and developmental traits in bread wheat

Genital neoplasms of hens

Genotypic and phenotypic parameters of egg production and egg quality traits of desi fowl

Genotypic and phenotypic parameters of growth and carcass yield of desi chickens

Genotypic variation in seed dormancy of paddy and simple methods to break it

Gentamicin in the treatment of bovine mastitis

Gentamicin tissue concentration in various avian species following recommended dosage therapy

Geographic range and temporal patterns of parasitization of Musca autumnalis (Diptera: Muscidae) by Thelazia sp. (Nematoda: Spirurata) in Massachusetts, with observations on Musca domestica (Diptera:

Germinable seeds and periodicity of germination in annual grasslands

Germination and emergence of citrus and tomato seeds in relation to temperature

Germination and growth of grasses and legumes from seeds treated with glyphosate and paraquat

Germination characteristics of several grass species as affected by limiting water potentials imposed through a cracking black clay soil

Giardia lamblia in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid


Giardiasis and ulcerative colitis in an infant

Giardiasis in pregnancy

Gibberellin response of japonica-indica hybrids in Korean rice cultivars

Global food assessment, 1980

Glomerular accumulation of monocytes and macrophages in experimental glomerulonephritis associated with Trypanosoma rhodesiense infection

Glucagon effect on glycogen content of chicken liver and muscles

Glucan as an adjuvant for a murine Babesia microti immunization trial

Glucanases in fruits and vegetables

Gluconeogenesis from glycerol by ketotic sheep pregnant with twins

Gluconeogenesis in meal-fed, vitamin B-6-deficient rats

Glucose and fructose utilization by rat spermatozoa within the uterine lumen

Glucose and lactate absorption and metabolic interrelationships in steers changed from low to high concentrate diets

Glucose dissimilation in Entamoeba histolytica

Glucose homeostasis in rats bearing a transplantable sarcoma

Glucose ingestion before and during intense exercise

Glucose intolerance in the elderly with special reference to insulin and glucagon responses

Glucose metabolism in uremia

Glucose polymer tolerance in premature infants

Glucose tolerance in pustulosis palmaris et plantaris

Glucose transfer from male to female schistosomes

Glutamate synthase activity in symbiotic cyanobacteria

Glutamine production rate and its contribution to urinary ammonia in normal man

Glutathione peroxidase and selenium in the blood of healthy horses and foals affected by muscular dystrophy

Glutathione utilization by lactating bovine mammary secretory tissue in vitro

Glycogen and fat in the developmental cycle of helminths

Glycogen and nonspecific adaptation to cold

Glycogen metabolism in muscle in uremia

Glycogen metabolism in rat liver during transition from the fed to fasted states

Glycogen repletion following continuous and intermittent exercise to exhaustion

Glycolytic enzymes in juvenile and adult Angiostrongylus cantonensis

Glyphosate and paraquat effectiveness in woody nursery stock

Gnathostomiasis in Southeast Asia

Goal conflicts in rural economic development

Gonad maturation and dynamics of crude lipid content in the body of yellowtail during the spawning season

Gonadotropin receptors in rat during altered testicular function

Government expenditures on agriculture in Latin America

Government policy and food imports: the case of wheat in Egypt

Grafted tomatoes escape fusarium foot and root rot

Grain firms and grain movements in Alabama in 1977

Granulocyte functions during treatment of obesity

Granulomatous myositis in association with Sarcocystis sp. infection in wild ducks

Grape marc as a substitute for barley grain in diets of fattening lambs

Grassland management practices and bird communities

Gravity feed application of insecticide concentrate to wheat in a commercial silo

Grazing cow and calf responses to zinc supplementation

Green area parameters in relation to grain yield of different wheat genotypes

Green leafhopper resistance and tungro infection in IR varieties

Green manuring in combination with fertilizer nitrogen on rice under double cropping system in an alluvial soil

Green rice leafhopper resistance to malathion, methyl parathion, carbaryl, permethrin and fenvalerate in Taiwan

Greenhouse evaluation of techlofthalam as a rice bacterial leaf blight control agent

Greenhouse selection for drought resistance in rice

Gross anatomy of the ovine cervix

Gross and microscopic lesions of middle and inner ear infections in swine

Ground beetle abundance in organic and conventional corn fields

Ground dried whole mussels as a calcium supplement for chicken rations

Group lending experiences in reaching small farmers

Group lending to the rural poor in the Dominican Republic: a stunted innovation

Group rearing of dairy calves on an automatic whole milk feeder

Grower diets and their effects upon subsequent performance of layer type pullets

Grower preference for crops and implications for plant breeders

Growing season analyses for rainfed wetland fields

Growth analysis of red pepper varieties

Growth and development in postnatally zinc-deprived mice

Growth and development of bush tomatoes in relation to temperature

Growth and development of children in different ecological settings

Growth and development of two Trypanosoma cruzi clones in the arthropod Dipetalogaster maximus

Growth and food intake of broilers under various lighting regimes

Growth and free amino acids in uremic hyperphagic rats

Growth and hormonal response of heifers to various photoperiods

Growth and infectivity titration of virulent infectious bursal disease virus in established cell lines from lymphoid leukosis tumors

Growth and nitrogen fixation of some leguminous forages grown under acidic soil conditions

Growth and phenology of cabbage in a winter production area

Growth and yield in pure and mixed crops of potato cultivars

Growth and yield of Tilapia nilotica fish and rice in irrigated paddies

Growth and yield of determinate and indeterminate cowpeas in dryland agriculture

Growth and yield of sorghum as influenced by green manure and soil organic matter content

Growth behavior of the cells isolated from the hyphal apical filaments of some soil pathogenic fungi

Growth characteristics of feline panleukopenia virus in synchronized kitten kidney cells

Growth characteristics of herpesviruses isolated from free living small rodents

Growth deficits in rats exposed to alcohol in utero

Growth depression of chicks fed a crude rye extract containing pectic substances

Growth factors modulate gonadotropin receptor induction in granulosa cell cultures

Growth function of stand volume after thinning

Growth hormone stimulation of glucose transport in isolated rat hepatocyte suspensions and primary cultures

Growth of a group of low income infants in the first year of life

Growth of azolla with rice and its effect on rice yield

Growth of hebdomadis group of leptospires in solid medium

Growth of human mammary epithelial cells on collagen gel surfaces

Growth of limb bones in pigs

Growth of normal and malignant human mammary epithelial cells in culture

Growth of selected bacteria in processed human milks

Growth of some lactic acid bacteria in milk containing sulfadiazine

Growth pattern and its effect on feed utilization of sheep

Growth patterns of body and abdominal fat weights in male broiler chickens

Growth patterns of highland children and some possible implications for assessment of nutritional status

Growth performance and metabolic changes in lambs and steers after mild nutritional restriction

Growth rate and composition of skeletal muscle of chickens fed different raw legume diets

Growth rate and water relations of citrus leaf flushes

Growth regulators induced changes in the chemical composition of potato plants

Growth response of foliage plants to night and water temperatures

Growth response of height isogenic barley to cultural treatments

Growth response of rats fed a diet containing nondialyzable melanoidin

Growth responses to high energy feeding in young buffalo calves

Growth, fatness, and leanness in Mexican-American children

Gryon nixoni Masner (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae): a new egg parasite of Leptocorisa oratorius in the Philippines

Guidelines for measuring and reporting environmental factors in controlled environment facilities

Guidelines on policies and procedures for community action and family nutrition programmes

Gut hormone responses in the irritable bowel syndrome

Gut propulsion in mice infected with Trichinella spiralis

Gynecomastia with ketoconazole

Habitable pore space and microbial trophic interactions

Haemagglutinating antibodies in experimental giardiasis in normal and thymectomised mice

Haemaphysalis punctata Canestrini and Fanzago 1877, a tick of pastured seadunes on the island of Texel (The Netherlands)

Haematological profile in patients with Giardia lamblia infection

Haemoglobin and haematocrit levels in breast-fed and bottle-fed babies

Haemoglobinuria after a single dose treatment with dapsone and pyrimethamine for falciparum malaria in a patient with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Hair and urine chromium content in 30 hospitalized female psychogeriatric patients and mentally healthy controls

Hair copper in primary biliary cirrhosis

Hair mercury value and fish-eating habit

Hair zinc levels and nutritional status in urban children from Ilheus, Bahia, Brazil

Hair zinc levels in rural Costa Rican infants and preschool children

Halothane anesthesia and respiratory mechanics in dogs lying supine

Handbook of food expenditures, prices and consumption

Hansenula polymorpha infection in a child with chronic granulomatous disease

Haplosporidia and their role in the pathogenesis of gill disease

Hard ticks Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum and Boophilus microplus as possible vectors of filarioid nematode of cattle in India

Hardwood density and species composition in bottomland areas treated for regeneration

Harvest IR36 in 75 days by transplanting 40-day-old seedlings

Hastening drying rate of cut alfalfa with chemical treatment

Hastening ripening phase of rice

Hatchability of chicken eggs as affected by dietary phosphorus and calcium

Hatchability of chicken embryos exposed to acute high temperature stress at various ages

Health and nutrition impact of potable water in rural Bolivia

Health of Nigerian rural school children

Health, laxation, and food habit influences on fiber intake of older women

Healthiest babies possible

Heart rate response of fetal and adult sheep to hemorrhage stress

Heat detection in dairy cattle

Heat stability and the voluminosity and hydration of casein micelles from milks of different species

Heat stability of buffalo milk as affected by processing

Heat stability of subunits of casein micelles from buffalo milk

Heat treatment for certain chronic granulomatous skin infections

Heavy metals in soil of a sewage sludge experimental field

Height, weight and creatinine excretion of Nigerian children from distinct socio-economic groups

Helminth and arthropod parasites of some domestic animals in Wisconsin

Helminth parasitism in raccoons, Procyon lotor hirtus Nelson and Goldman, in Saskatchewan

Helminthological survey of cats in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Helminths from the short-tail shrew, Blarina brevicauda, in Connecticut with reference to the histopathology of Capillaria

Helminths recovered from the white-necked raven (Corvus cryptoleucus Couch) in eastern New Mexico

Hematologic study of effects of levamisole on stressed cattle

Hemolytic complement activity in broiler chickens and turkeys

Hemolytic plaque formation by cellular and noncellular elements of human colostrum

Hepatic abscesses in beagle puppies

Hepatic calcification in schistosomiasis japonica

Hepatic failure following mebendazole administration to a dog

Hepatic folate metabolism in the chronic alcoholic monkey

Hepatozoon infection in a wild fox (Vulpes vulpes schrencki Kishida) in Japan

Herbicidal effects on peach seedling growth and weed control

Herbicide antidotes with triallate

Herbicide programs for weed control in rice

Herbicide residues in some herbs

Herbicides in plant disease control

Heterogeneity among dog red blood cells

Heterosis and combining ability studies in grain sorghum

Heterosis for dry matter yield and related characters in forage oats

High barium levels in public drinking water and its association with elevated blood pressure

High dietary fibre in routine Bengalee diet - a check to diabetes mellitus?

High fat diet induced fluorescence and increased resistance of collagen to proteolytic cleavage

High milk lipase activity associated with breast milk jaundice

High performance liquid chromatographic determination of lactose in milk

High performance liquid chromatography of thiabendazole residues in banana and citrus fruits

High pressure liquid chromatographic determination of cholesterol in foods

High pressure liquid chromatographic determination of difenzoquat in formulations

High pressure liquid chromatographic determination of penicillic acid in chicken tissues

High pressure liquid chromatographic determination of phenol in honey

High pressure liquid chromatographic determination of sulfamethazine residues in beef tissues

High pressure liquid chromatography of zearalenone and zearalenols in rat urine and liver

High-carbohydrate, high-fibre diets for diabetics

High-protein feeding

Highly active nitro-aromatic antiparasitic drugs

Hippasa holmerae Thorell (Araneae: Lycosidae): a new predator of rice leafhoppers and planthoppers

Histamine content in the canned red meat fish

Histamine content of fish meal

Histamine content of tick attachment sites and the effects of H1 and H2 histamine antagonists on the expression of resistance

Histochemical and electrophoretic studies on phosphatases of some Indian trematodes

Histochemical differentiation of filarial larvae found in Simulium damnosum s.l. in West Africa

Histochemical studies on bovine filariid, Setaria cervi

Histochemistry of the cysticercoid of Hymenolepis erinacei (Gmelin, 1789)

Histogenesis of alcoholic fibrosis and cirrhosis in the baboon

Histological analysis of the overlapping effect of hypophyseal hormones on the cockerels testes

Histological and histochemical changes in the anthers of some diseased vegetable crops

Histological and ultrastructural findings of regressing canine transmissible venereal tumor after repeated transplantation

Histological observations on the adrenal medulla of domestic animals

Histological studies of the elimination of Leishmania enriettii from skin lesions in the guinea-pig

Histological studies on mango malformation

Histological study in tinea capitis

Histology of artificial cryptorchid testes followed by orchiopexy in pubertal rats

Histology of mandibular bone from normal protein deficient and calorie deficient pigs

Histopathological lesions associated with Encephalitozoon cuniculi (nosematosis) infection in a colony of Wistar rats

Histopathology of lesions in stephanofilariasis and onchocerciasis in buffalo and cattle

Histoplasma capsulatum epididymitis

Histoplasmin skin test sensitivity in exudative maculopathy


Historical and evolutionary preconditions for the formation of landscape epidemiology of helminthoses

History and current status of infant formulas

Holographic interferometry to differentiate the morphology of various cereal crops

Home enteral tube feeding with a liquid diet in the long term management of inflammatory bowel disease and intestinal failure

Home parenteral nutrition

Homeostatic function of ecdysteroids in ecdysis and oviposition

Homologous 3'-terminal regions of mRNAs for surface antigens of different antigenic variants of Trypanosoma brucei

Honeydew excretion, feeding activity, and insect weight gain as criteria in determining levels of varietal resistance to the green leafhopper

Hormonal abnormalities of the pancreas and gut in cystic fibrosis

Hormonal and follicular relationships in ewes of high and low ovulation rates

Hormonal changes during the rooting of hardwood cuttings of grapevine rootstocks

Hormonal control of casein synthesis in organ culture of the bovine lactating mammary gland

Hormonal control of the gonadal regression and recovery observed in short days in male and female doves

Hormonal effects on rat mammary gland in vitro

Hormonal influences during the ontogeny of maternal behavior in female rats

Hormonal interrelationships and physiological responses of lactating dairy cows to a shade management system in a subtropical environment

Hormonal profiles in children with progressively worsening nutritional status

Hormonal regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis during physical activity

Hormonal regulation of canine intestinal cholesterol synthesis

Hormonal regulation of testicular luteinizing hormone and prolactin receptors

Host and site specificity

Host heme biosynthesis and degradation in schistosomiasis

Host immune responses

Host parasite relationships in Trypanosoma (duttonella) vivax with special reference to the influence of antigenic variation

Host preference, sessility and mating behaviour of Leptopsylla segnis reared in captivity

Host range and host specificity of Sarcocystis

Host range of Pyricularia oryzae and Thanatephorus cucumeris in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta

Host range of rice ragged stunt virus

Host reaction to Sarcocystis in goats

Host specificity and the distribution of the helminth parasites of sheep, cattle, impala and blesbok according to climate

Host susceptibility experiments on a new fish trypanosome in India

Host-parasite relationship of Angiostrongylus cantonensis. 2. Angiotropic behaviour and abnormal site development

Hosts of sandfly vectors of Leishmania braziliensis guyanensis in the central Amazon of Brazil

Hot water treatment of crucifer seed

Household expenditure on meat versus nonmeat sources of protein in the United States

How bloodsucking insects perforate the skin of their hosts

How many drinks a day?

How soil map units and delineations change with survey intensity and map scale

Human chorionic gonadotropin enhances the ability of gonadotropic hormones to stimulate aromatization in the testis of the rat

Human cutaneous leishmaniasis in West Africa

Human echinococcosis in Saudi Arabia

Human fascioliasis in Corozal, Puerto Rico

Human oral protozoa. Epidemiological correlations and pathogenic possibilities

Human plasma lipid responses to red meat, poultry, fish, and eggs

Human prolactin secreting adenoma cells maintained on extracellular matrix

Human pulmonary dirofilariasis mimicking metastatic disease

Human requirements of essential amino acids and the composition of fresh and processed meats

Human serum and the growth of human mammary cells

Human toxocariasis in a rural community

Humoral immune reactivity to feline leukemia virus and associated antigens in cats naturally infected with feline leukemia virus

Humoral immune response of cats to Paragonimus infection

Humoral immune responses in mice immunized with soluble and particulate fractions of Toxoplasma gondii.

Humus fraction ratios as a means of discriminating between horizon types

Hybrid vigor found in some characters of maize seedlings

Hybridization of Anopheles minimus and Anopheles aconitus (Diptera: Culicidae) in Thailand

Hybridoma-derived antibodies and immunodiagnosis of parasitic infection

Hydatid cyst of the heart presenting as cerebral and cerebellar infarction

Hydatid cyst of the kidney

Hydatid cyst of the liver with intrathoracic rupture

Hydatid cysts of the spine

Hydatid disease in children and adolescents

Hydatidosis in sheep in Bangladesh

Hydrocephalus in cerebral cysticercosis. Pathogenic and therapeutic considerations

Hydrocolloid interactions useful in food systems

Hydrodynamic dispersion during constant rate absorption of water by soil

Hydrogenase in actinorhizal root nodules and root nodule homogenates

Hydrologic data for experimental agricultural watersheds in the United States, 1971

Hydrolysis of milk proteins by microbial enzymes

Hyperinfection syndrome with Strongyloides stercoralis

Hyperkalemia in patients on enteral feeding

Hyperlipoproteinemia in rats due to copper deficiency

Hypernatraemia after treatment of hydatid

Hypernatremia in hepatic failure

Hypersensitive reaction induced by Xanthomonas oryzae in the cowpea leaf

Hypertrophy of acridine orange granules in Toxoplasma gondii

Hyperuricemia in rats due to copper deficiency

Hypolipidemic effect of substituting soybean protein isolate for all meat and dairy protein in the diets of hypercholesterolemic men

Hypotheses on the inheritance of protein in rye kernels and conclusions resulting for breeding

Hypothetical calculations of ascorbic acid synthesis based on estimates in vitro

IR4422-98-3-6-1, a promising variety for irrigated systems in Bihar, India

IR5178-1-1-4, an outstanding drought-tolerant line

Ia antigens in serum during different murine infections

Iatrogenic kwashiorkor in infants

Identification and characterization of excretory-secretory products of Brugia malayi, adult filarial parasites

Identification and control of psoroptic scabies in bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis mexicana)

Identification and partial characterization of an extracellular acid phosphatase activity of Leishmania donovani promastigotes

Identification and structure of two types of allophane from volcanic ash soils and tephra

Identification of Diplostomum spp. from the eyes of lake whitefish, Coregonus clupeaformis (Mitchell), based on experimental infection of herring gull chicks, Larus argentatus Pontoppidan

Identification of a strain of infectious bursal disease virus isolated from mosquitoes

Identification of common weeds of tillage crops

Identification of iron toxicity in Brazil

Identification of leuconostoc strains

Identification of long-duration semidwarf rice cultivars for low-lying situations in different agroclimatic zones of West Bengal

Identification of lower coastal plain sites of low soil fertility

Identification of metazoan parasites in tissue sections

Identification of races of P. oryzae in Argentina

Identification of resistance to cowpea severe mosaic virus

Identification of some common infective filarial larvae in Malaysia

Identification of stable sources of resistance to blast in Nepal

Identification of yeasts from infected bovine mammary glands and their experimental infectivity in cattle

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